Essentially this is a generic FAQ regarding this blog. We hope that you might find answers to questions about us, To help you gain  familiarity to our little blog. First you should all know this is a place to share your thoughts and memories, to umm "free your spirit and soul". Lets be straight up, how often does a guy get to talk about some stuff that kind of lingers in the corners of your mind from long ago. These stories are pretty much the things that don't come up at the water fountain, and you would not likely mention any of this to a spouse. Yet, in some of us there remains an enduring memory cloaked deeply in shadows of solemn secrecy. There are often too many reasons to deny it, or pretend it should just go away. I suggest there is no reason to elude them, since this is a chance to explore those memories, at least for the sake of resolve and closure. So get it off your chest and tell  us..... the people who know what you are talking about, free of judgment or rejection.

Reading blogs such as this, and the stories our readers share has helped me grow tremendously. I have learned to trust myself as much stronger than I ever  imagined. I am not a mentor nor a teacher, and certainly not a "Catcher in the Rye". I only hope to present you an opportunity to encounter and discover whatever you shyed away from. If you are willing to face it head on.

With all of that as a basis of this blog, you might find these FAQ of interest from a readers perspective.

1.) How did OOTS4U come about?

This is effectively our third effort in 7 years. The very first OOTS fell to a demise about 4 years ago. We returned  a couple of times undaunted.We have managed to archive our reader submitted stories, which today with OOTS4YOU2 we are proud to remain a pillar in this rare and unique community of loosely organized brethren.
I'll also mention now that although we run a tight ship here, it's always possible that a nukage could occur almost randomly. Save this link as our fail-over site if we ever have to rebuild. Don't ask questions just do it, I hope we never have to use it, but you never know.

2.) How did you decide to do the OOTS blogs?

 I  was a follower and contributing author on the blog "First Experiences". The administrator "Oddity" needed to take a month-long sabbatical,  I offered to fill his position. He graciously accepted, and shared with me the administrators password to his blog. After the month ended, he returned. I released  the helm, yet I felt I had a unique audience to appeal to. He supported my idea and promoted the first incarnation of OOTS. Now the FE-Raw blog is retired, but we are gladly still here.

3.) What's the deal with the stories, are they partly made-up, real or something imagined?

All of MY own stories are real, what the readers submit, I can only assume might be based on real events. Occasionally something comes across my desk that seems a bit out of the ordinary. I have no reason to censor, and presume if nothing else, it serves as entertainment for the readers. After all, most reality TV is staged to a degree as well. However I do not instrument concocted stories for the blog.

 4.) I have had some personal events and almost a story, my writing skills are not great, but I'd still like to let everyone read. Can I send in a rough draft?

Yes please do, preferably in your own words. Even if your spelling or sentences do not all work exactly right, I am happy to work it into a story based on the events you share. Let's face it I am not able to write up a  Screenplay as good as John Carpenter, Louis Malle, or as well as my idol Ivan Noel. However even a raw story has merit for shared experiences which many readers can relate to. Just send it in please.

5.) I kind of don't want anybody to know it's me, and I sure as hell don't want my friend from long ago to ever read what I really felt back then!

 First of all write your story up and paste as a comment to ANY story on OOTS4YOU2. The comment box story submit method should be less than 4,000 characters (with spaces) Split your story into parts if needed, and submit 2 or more separate comments with the individual parts. I approve / review every comment, I will recognize it has the potential of a story. I will then post it as an anonymous story and you will see it within days, and sometimes within hours.
 I also presume you will know to change the name of any partners who should remain anonymous. When you paste the story choose (Anonymous) and that is the end of it. I have no idea who sent it, it will print as Anonymous. I have recently discovered that Authors who send me '"Comment" stories using their logged credential shows that name, however no email address is displayed. Not even on my admin panel, so there are security features already in place by Blogger for you guys.

6.) I use a personal device (Phone) to view the blog mostly, but I noticed the full version on a PC looks different. What are the differences?

 Effectively no difference at all for the purpose of reading stories. I regularly compare full version to mobile device, to be sure nothing appears strange. however stories and pics should always be the same with a slightly different background as allowed by the blog host. There is an information column to the right which is visible on the full screen version and not displayed on the mobile version. There are occasions we run Polls, or other featured information that may not display on some mobile browsers. I regret we are not funded commercially and so there are some trade-offs. PC and tablet users will appreciate the best experience at OOTS4U2 with full screen display..

 7.) What are the demographics of this site?

 Honestly I could not answer that with concise information. I do not use any form of  user invasive polling software. My estimation would put us at a prime age of 30 to 45 as an overall predominant age, with minor audiences of  45-55 in second and 18-25 as third. There have never been a confirmed case of any under 18 readers following us.

8:) Are there any other associated or Sister blogs to OOTS4YOU2?

Share your BS Is our only affiliated site. It can be maneuvered quite similar to this one including story submission, and it offers top story preview, easy archive access, and a few other secret but fun features. The format there is fairly casual and allows readers to express a variety of thoughts with less restraint than here. Immediately you'd ask me why. It's fairly simple, I will not take big risks on OOTS4U considering how long we've been around and how much time we have all invested in assuring this site remains active for you guys. The BS blog could get nuked tomorrow and I'd feel no pain at all. So consider it a side project just for fun. *FYI to experienced Bloggers, the BS blog is held under a separate Admin account, so if indeed that user   got nuked, this site is autonomous from that admin, and would remain out of harm.

9.) Would you consider a CBox or a means for readers to chat?

 In the perfect world that would be so sweet! However inevitably someone will share something that should not be made public, and it makes a black mark on the blog as a whole. Thus it creates a risk that we could get nuked for reckless behavior. I suggest to try other sites and honestly I do not mind if people refer to us as a resource.

10.) Does the blog have regular contributing authors?

 Yes we have a small group of writers who randomly send us their own stories semi-regularly. Refer to the Authors of OOTS4YOU on the side-panel. Also there is no limit to the count of stories any reader/author can submit.
 It should be noted that about 80 % of our stories come in from random anonymous writers. I think everyone is okay with that.

11.) I notice that most of the stories are Male/Male. Is there a reason you don't feature hetero early experiences? 

 No particular reason other than it's my belief that you can turn just about anywhere or tell almost anyone about an early Hetero experience, and people won't even blink an eye. This is a place where you can explore thoughts that are more suppressed and private.

 12.) What are the Story Submission options?

A.) Type your story in a comment, and submit (See question & Answer # 5 above).

B.) Send an email to the Gmail account I have listed on the home page for stories. Your email address would be visible to me if you use a personal account. Do not use a business email account (Surely you already know that.)

C.) Send an email to the Gmail account I have listed on the home page for stories, using Guerrillamail.com account, or Protonmail.com. If you are security conscious, then either of these options increase your anonymity, and on-line security.  Bear in mind, it is not my responsibility to teach you on-line security, I am just offering some options for you. I hold our readers personal anonymity with high regards, and presume you do as well.

13.) I commented on a story and it said it would be visible after approval. How long does that take, and why? 

First off, I elect to approve all comments to be sure the integrity of the blog remains high. Second to assure something doesn't get posted which Gougle would nuke us over. Third, if a story gets sent in as a comment, it deserves to be featured as a post and not get lost out of obvious sight as a comment only.
A couple of examples for censoring are: Comments that lean Pedo-esque in content or hold excessive favor towards youth. Comments degrading to an author or the blog. Referring to or using certain terms or words that would draw attention by Gougle, and I refuse to print them. I admit there is no perfect balance, and no real insurance that the host would never nuke the site. I try to offer an enjoyable product for the guests and readers, but we have to try and remain in compliance with the ambiguous rules of the corporate giant "host".

*Edited 1/25/19


  1. Do you possibly have a basic or bare bones version of this site that can be loaded from low quality connections. Maybe without the pictures. It is such a pain in the butt when the site never loads due to our weak and slow signal.

    1. First of all, I regret you have such a slow connection that your experience with our blog is diminished. However we run a fairly low overhead for downloading a page of our blog. There is no Flash or Java, and certainly no Ads. I could possibly make some global adjustments affecting the overall appearance of the blog. However it might not be practical to implement generous changes for what may serve only a small portion of our audience.

      Instead I suggest you consider disabling images on your browser. Here is a link I quickly found when researching browser performance by disabling images.


      I also recommend clearing your browser history and cache, and if using a Windows operating system clear everything in %temp%,(This is performed by choosing Start, Run and enter %temp% in the Run dialogue box, hit enter or choose Okay. Select all in the Windows Explorer box, and choose delete. Likely you will have to choose Skip on a few of the items which are involved with processes currently running.

      As well, close any other apps when web browsing, and try to use only one tab, this might speed-up over-all machine performance during your session.

      Best Wishes,

  2. How often do you update? I keep checking every day.

    1. The short answer is, as often as we get material to print. We rely on reader's stories being submitted to produce and post. In the seven years I've been operating the blog, I depleted my own personal stories, therefore we really appreciate stories sent in by out guests and readers. Read up on story submission in the FAQ.