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Growing up was different for me than for the typical American dude. My father was employed by a corporation with factories and offices not only in the US but also in Mexico. Most of my youthful experiences occurred in Mexico. I landed there at around eight years old knowing not one word of Spanish and completely unaware of cultural differences. However, I quickly learned two things. Number One, all a boy has to do to make friends is hang around outside the house and let nature take its course. And Number Two, you'll learn a language faster from playing with other guys than you will in Spanish class at school.

Speaking of school, when we were in Mexico I attended an English-speaking boys' Academy. My fellow students came from every country where English was the primary language. England, Ireland, India, the US, Canada, Australia. There was a lot of national rivalry among the various nationalities. The British kids in particular thought they were superior to everybody else, but we just ignored them. In a nutshell, my youth was a mini United Nations experience.

So that's my background. When we were in the US I was a (relatively!) normal middle-class boy living in a California suburb. When I was at the academy in Mexico many of my companions were extremely wealthy snobs. And when I hung out with the neighborhood Mexican guys I saw how that nation's economy trapped the lives of my friends.

As for secret encounters and horny situations, well, I had my share. Read my posts to Eric's forums for a sample

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