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My first name is James (farm boy).
 I was raised on a dairy farm. Each day as a young kid, I had to do the morning barn chores before I went to school. The school was a one room school house, which was about three miles from the farm. I walked to that school from  first grade through the fifth grade. 

When I was in the sixth grade, my dad bought the thousand acre farm which I had to help operate. By age thirteen, I  was already operating this family farm, and also going to school. In the spring when I was fourteen, is when my dad asked me to quit school so I could operate the farm full-time, while he went out to work road construction. The agreement was, I would move into the other ranch-house house, and when I turned eighteen,  I would  buy the farm. I moved into the other house and that was when my sister and my nephew (a toddler at two years old) moved in with me.

 While my sister worked in town,  I took care of my nephew.  Since I was supposed to buy the farm, I had all my life plans wrapped in that promise when I'd turn eighteen and the farm would be mine. Unfortunately that never did happen. When I was seventeen, just six months away from my eighteenth birthday, my dad sold the farm. 

 I worked out until I was drafted in military at nineteen. after the military I worked out at different jobs.
Raising my nephew was a a very proud achievement for me. We had a very close relationship with a great degree of trust. He was taken from us as a young man while out on an evening with friends. 
I like to write about my youth on the farm and school, also sharing my thoughts on raising my Nephew in a parental role.

James (Farm Boy)

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