Author's Bio - Carlo

 I was born when Poland was under heavy Soviet domination. A time in which people were deprived of basic rights. There was no manner of democracy, certainly no political or economic freedom for Polish citizens.

  When I hit puberty, sexual education didn’t exist (almost), as the communist treated any sex subject as taboo. Thankfully, my mom was a gynecologist, and sex was not taboo in our family. With my brother, who was three years older, we were brought up without prudery, but with a lot of independence and resourcefulness. It was a unique family setting compared to our friends.

 Still as a kids we were allowed to go by ourselves by bus or tram to visit friends. The only parents request was to leave their names and home phone numbers, and to call upon arrival there and before departure back home. This was for security reasons, as there was no mobile phone in my country.

  The educational system at that time was eight grades of primary school (ages 7 up to 15 yo), then four grades of high school (or five years technical high school). This culminated with so called Maturity Exams. Only the candidates of ME were allowed to take the entering exams needed to qualify for study at Universities.

 At 11-15 years years I used to spend free time (May - October) at the big public swimming pool area, also where my buddies and I spent many secretive expeditions in the locker room. The adjoining cabin for the girls had several small holes, so we spied on the girls changing naked J Often the view aroused us horny guys, then it was usually five or six boys jerking-off together and later doing each other in this small cabin.

 I knew that fooling around with boys would just disgust my parents, so I kept it secret. I never fell in love with any boy, all my experiences with them was just for fun, curiosity, or sexual tension release. I had crushes on several girls, but nothing happen, until I was 16. Then I had luck with a few willing girls. Each one I sent to my mother who prescribed birth control pills! The same went for my brother and his girlfriends, so you can deduct that we were not forbidden sexual relations with girls.

 I did love two girls, I had other girls, but never married again.

As far as I know, I have the only one child, my daughter.

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