Friday, May 31, 2019

Max's Journey - Denny Without His Clothes (Part V)


 Oh Denny…. We actually met at the behest of my parents, my fourth-grade homeroom teacher, and his parents.  My parents and teacher noticed how depressed I was, and I guess somehow my parents new ahead of time that Denny was coming, and since he wouldn’t have any friends, they all set us up.  It was a little awkward at first, we were both aware that we were forced into this, but we figured we’d talk and get to know each other, and wouldn’t you know it, we liked many of the same things; superheroes, Pok√©mon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Smash Bros, etc. We became best friends quickly, and he wasn’t that bad looking either, before I saw just how GOOD-looking he was (more on that soon), I could tell he was more attractive than my last best friend, so much so that I actually tried coming onto him, but, to my biggest disappointment ever, he made it very clear to me that he wasn’t into that at all.  I should make it clear that by “coming onto him” I did so by mentioning that another friend and I (in my head I was referring to Carl) did some stuff, and Denny said to “please not do any of that to me”.
 But, to my biggest surprise (and my biggest resentment to this day for not taking advantage of it), a few months later, when I was at his house again, he would tell me a rather kinky fantasy of his.  He told me that, in addition to valuing a girl’s boobs over her ass, he would love to chain her up and do naughty things to her.  I didn’t get the sense that he meant this in a rape-y way, he gave off the impression that it would be consensual, but man, that was his biggest fantasy at the time.  Yet that wasn’t what surprised me; he then said that he wished I was a girl (or that I was the girl?) so that he could chain my hands to his bed and do stuff to me….. He didn’t seem like he was joking around with me either, at least not entirely.  He seemed sincere, and at that point I could’ve obliged him, would’ve obliged him even, and I actually think I could’ve succeeded too, my conscience was at the wheel up to this point…. but unfortunately, his younger brother (who we had not too long ago forced out the room with the door locked) was listening in, or trying to, and he was threatening to kick the door down (he was Denny’s younger and somewhat shorter brother, but he was very strong for his age, and not bad-looking himself) or at least call their mom to let him in, that I don’t think I could’ve gotten very far in seducing Denny in his moment of weakness.  But…. if his brother wasn’t there, and it was just me and Denny…. maybe……I mean, Denny was my best friend now, not just some crazy boy like Alex who I only hang with in class, and I was quite attracted to Denny, and I had told him a certain secret of my own…..

 No, I won’t dwell on that anymore.  I’m already pissed off I didn’t start things with Mark, Patrick, or even Alex, I can’t dwell on what-ifs with Denny either, but oh god…. When we were in the locker room….
Not long after that, Denny and I started to drift apart.  No real reason, we just started making friends with other people, and we hung out with other people more.  But one day, we were in the locker room getting ready for gym class, and I approached him and told him how we weren’t hanging out as much anymore, and that I missed him.  He said it was all cool, and that if I wanted to, we could just hang out again sometime, like it was no big deal.  I remember how happy I was, and offered for him to either come to my house or I go to his that upcoming weekend, to which he said “sure!”  I realized that we didn’t have the same gym class before, I forget if it was on different days or at different times or something, I don’t know, but today we were changing together for the first time….. and then he took off his clothes, all of his clothes, and stood in front of me, and I saw him naked for the very first time…..

To Be Continued


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Max's Journey - Missed Every Opportunity (Part IV)

Earlier this year we began a series of posts derived from a manuscript story submitted by Max. The story seemed to get interrupted by other posts, and sadly we failed to resume the story. We now continue Max's Story,  and include catch-up links below so that you may re-acquaint yourselves with the twists and turns of his saga of discovery and personal definition with  random youthful partners.

Max's Journey: From a Dream to a “Bare” Hug (Part I)

Max's Journey - The Greatest Day of My Life (Part II Segment A)

Max's Journey Sleep-over - I Blamed Carl (Part II Segment B)

Max's Journey Lesson Learned – Be More Discreet (Part III Segment A)

Max's Journey - Transition from Emmet to Mark (Part III Segment B)


 My memories in the country where I met Carl and Emmett would be one of the most impactful memories of my life, but surprisingly, they weren’t the memories I’d dream about most, as much as I wanted to.  No, the memories that were most recurring in my dreams were based in the next country we moved to.  Half of the memories would be happy, just my family and I living there (or randomly moved back there) and no troubles.  It was a beautiful country, European, our house-like apartment complex was on the top of a mountain, the snow was beautiful every winter, and I think I had the most close-friends in this country.  But the other half of my memories would be ones that reminded me how all of the boys I came on to rejected my advances, particularly one boy, probably the most attractive boy I’d ever had for a friend, but more on him in a bit.  Not even in my dreams could I get them to just try something with me, and sometimes those dreams would take a turn for the worse, becoming scary and nightmarish.  But thankfully, reality wasn’t quite so bad at the time, and like I said, I actually had more opportunities than my dreams would imply, but of course, my irritating conscience got in the way most of the time, though I think I knew why this time.

Alex and Patrick

 My biggest opportunity (and unfortunately my last opportunity ever) was this boy called Alex.  I wasn’t close friends with him, but I knew him, and he knew me, and sometimes we’d hang out together, though not because we wanted to, but because we shared classes together.  Alex was a hyperactive boy, and very sexually active too.  By now I’d be 10, and my family wouldn’t move again till I was 13 or 14, so still plenty of time before all (or most) of the boys made up their minds on their sexuality, and weren’t into fooling around with other boys anymore, not for me anyway.

 Alex was like the universe handing me opportunities on a silver platter, shoving it into my face, and just begging me to take it.  All the boys and girls knew how Alex was, and yet he was popular in the school, in a sort of class-clown/class-hottie hybrid sort of way.  He was at is craziest when we were in the gym locker room, getting ready for swim class, and he’d just hump away at anyone who was close to him, and boy did he HUMP, I’m convinced now that he was into it, and it wasn’t just him joking around.  I pretended to be disgusted by this, or otherwise laugh at the other boy’s “unfortunate” circumstance like the other boys in the locker room, but secretly, I wanted him to do that to me, in fact I craved that kind of physical contact again, but whenever he approached me (which was a lot, and not just in the locker room, but whenever we happened to be alone together), I’d fake my fear and disgust, and beg him not to do anything, though I mustn’t have been very convincing since he would often smile and me and laugh off what I said, almost as if he could tell I wasn’t serious, but for all his rambunctiousness, he surprisingly respected my wishes and would eventually back down if I persisted.  I was such a dumbass, I should’ve mounted him when I had the chance, with all my repressed urges I could’ve surprised him at how crazy I could be as well.

 There was another opportunity as well, another boy I was best friends with when we first moved to this European country, though it was a very specific opportunity, and had I taken it, I think I could’ve gotten him into it, despite that he implied he wasn’t into that kind of stuff.  For this boy, “Patrick”, it was when I was at his house for a sleepover, and he’d tell me that he believed in vampires and was afraid of them coming to get him at night, so he’d ask me to hide under the covers with him.  Even before reading other stories of two boys snuggling together under the blankets during a sleepover and feeling each other up, I knew that I could’ve done so with my friend.  I replay the what-if scenario a lot, I could’ve told him I was there for him and hug him, and I’m convinced he would’ve let me.  As I hug him, I’d offer to stay on top of him to protect him, and he’d let me.  Then, once I had him where I wanted him, I’d start moving myself up and down his body, all clever and stealth-like.  I wouldn’t try to kiss him, I felt that he wouldn’t like that, but he would have let me hug him and lay on top of him in his fearful and vulnerable state.  I’d rub my pelvis along his, and eventually he’d point out how good that felt.  I’d then start rubbing a little harder, and he’d rub his hands along my back.  And then, I’d ask if he wanted to trade places, and tell him he could rub on me to.  I’d convince him that I would still protect him from the vampire, no matter what.  Once he was convinced, he’d move on top of me, and he’d start rubbing on me.  I’d help him along, in case he was a little nervous, and I’d do so by sliding my hands down to his butt.  I’d be careful at first by not digging under his pajamas and underwear, I’d only grab his butt on the outside, but once he indicated he was ok with that, then, while I was helping him move up and down my body, I’d cunningly slide into his PJs and grab that trophy ass of his.  And we’d do that every night that we had a sleepover….

 But that never happened, because I was a fool, trying to convince myself I was a good boy who didn’t do those things anymore.  Eventually Patrick moved away, and I was quite upset at that, even cried in front of my parents.  That was the first time I cried over a friend, though that was probably because he was the only real friend I had at the time, unlike in the last country where I had many.   But nothing would test my celibate-like conviction more than when I become best friends with a new boy who would move into the country and attend my school.  Oh, this boy would go down as the hottest guy I’d ever make friends with, and it’s true even today.  I’m friends with him online, and he is as hot as ever… His name was “Denny”

 to be continued - with Details of "Denny"


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My Early Vision of Sin

When I was younger, maybe 12.  I remember some bigger boys had been looking at a porn magazine near a football field. All of us huddled around the glossy pages with the naughtiest things we'd ever seen in our lives. The big boys made comments about it, saying "nice ass" or "huge tits", as if they had a refined expertise on the images. We all knew this tattered book of teen dreams was the closest thing any of us had been to a naked beauty.

I caught a glimpse of one of their boners and was amazed at the size. It was easily doubled my prod size at full point. They must have already been wanking, as the pages were full of fresh teen cum. I remember being fascinated by the cum when they showed me, I had never seen it in real life.

 Later on I rode back there alone just to see the cum covered magazine again. Alas the cum was gone with just some damp pages where the gooey mess had been.

That was the first ever man sized boner I saw and I wanted so badly to see more. It was several years later until that would happen again.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"That slimy stuff scared the daylights out of me!"

I get reminded by this Picture of the guy in red shorts laying on his bed: I don't know how many hours I spent laying on my bed just like that and trying to put up with a throbbing boner. That was before I learned how to jack off. Often I would be reading in bed. At the same time my dick would be super-hard. I would try not to touch it because that seemed nasty. Finally I would give it some attention. The slightest touch made it harder and gave me crazy feelings. I tucked my jock around it and squeezed. Or let its head poke out above my waistband. Mashed it, tickled it. Tickled my entire chest. Everything I would do, it would make me feel strange.

 That is a crazy time, after puberty but before learning how to get relief. If I had continued playing with my stiffie long enough, I would have creamed my jock. But I didn't know that. The sexual sensations warned me to stop before "something happens." I just made myself miserable over a period of several months. Every week or so there would be an involuntary load in my jock some morning. That slimy stuff scared the daylights out of me and I would resolve once more not to play with my dick.


Monday, May 27, 2019

The Curse of Pirates Hideaway - Something Revealed (Part III)

 So in the middle of August my parents took me on vacation. My mom had inadvertently packed only an old pair of my swim trunks that were missing the tie string. That unfortunately meant that they didn’t stay on really well when I’d be getting out of the water. The second day on vacation, I went swimming in the hotel’s outdoor pool, and my mom accompanied me to relax in the sun on one of the lounges. I found a friend there my age and we started to have a lot of fun and horse around in and out of the pool. I got distracted by the fact that every time I got out of the pool my swim trunks would slip down a little bit exposing a few inches of my butt and butt crack. I would of course quickly pull them back up, but what I didn’t realize was that my mom noticed each time that my swim trunks slipped down that my exposed bare butt cheeks were as tanned as the rest of my body.

 That created BIG trouble to the extent that I did not yet realize. Leaving the pool and going back to our room my mom seemed unusually silent. She didn’t say anything at all to me. When we got back to our room and my dad was there, my mom sternly said to me, “Take your swim trunks off! Now!” I said to her, “What!??” My mom repeated, “Take your swim trunks off now!” There I was in the room, 14 years old and with my mom and dad, and my mom ordering me to strip naked in front of them! I reluctantly complied. My mom then said to my dad, “Look at him!” My dad was kind of confused and said, “Look at what? He’s a developed boy. So what?” My mom almost yelled, “He doesn’t have any tan lines! Your son’s butt is just as tan as the rest of him, and so is his front!”

 My dad seemed a little amused and not concerned, and he just said, “So what?” Then mom yelled, “You son has apparently been completely nude out in the sun! And apparently completely nude in the sun a lot because his ass is as dark as his back!” Then she looked at me and yelled, “You have a lot of explaining to do, mister! What have you been doing?? How did you get your whole body so tan??”

 I really got scared and there was no way I could think up a quick plausible lie for how by whole body got tan, so I told them the truth. (All except the mutual masturbation parts, of course.) I told them that me and Jason were swimming out to that island a lot, and “We’d hang out there on the island ‘with nothing on’.” My mom yelled, “Why?? Why would you want to do that??” I sheepishly responded, “Cuz it felt nice?”
It sort of ruined the rest of the vacation, but my dad later pulled me aside and told me he thought what we did was cool and he wished he could have done something like that when he was a kid. He told me as long as we were sure nobody could see us, he didn’t have a problem with what we had done.

 The End


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Pirate's Hideaway Island (Part II)

(Part II of III)

We named our island “Pirate’s Hideaway”. That summer we swam out there probably 3 or 4 times a week depending on the weather. Most of the days when we didn’t go, it was because it was either cold or raining. And we both tried to “not do it and save up” on those days, so our cumshots would be “extra big” when we next did it together on our island.

 Over our next several visits to Pirates Hideaway we realized more and more how completely private it was, and I think that made us get bolder and bolder. We even checked and found out that the park police didn’t even own a boat, so there was no possible way that we could be discovered and “visited” by the police. And there was never any boat or rowboat on the lake, and we never saw anyone else ever try to swim out to our island. We quickly became two horny young teenage nudists. As soon as we’d climb on shore we would strip off our swim trunks and stay completely naked the entire time we were on our island. Often times, we’d be there two or more hours, and every day admittedly included at least one major jerk off session. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t leave the island with less semen in us than what we hid inside of us when we had arrived.

 There was one area on the shoreline of the island that we named “Hidden Cove”. It was a horseshoe-shaped indent with trees on both sides that actually made a little sunny beach and an area that was easy to walk out into the water and swim. This quickly became our nude sunbathing and swimming area. I remember so many relaxing days where we would just sit or lie in the sun, completely naked. At Hidden Cove I explored and pleasured every speck of his genitals with my hands and my mouth, and he’d do the same to me. We loved making it last to the point the other would beg to let him cum, and then those orgasms were among the very best I have ever had in my life! I don’t know whether being a young nudist on that island was more sensual or sexual, but it was definitely a combination of both.

 I discovered that I really enjoyed the relaxed, free feeling of being completely naked outside in the sun, and feeling the warm breeze on my dick and through my bush. It was a pleasure and a calmness and relaxation that was so indescribably good that I can’t even find words for it. Hidden Cove became our favorite place to masturbate each other, slowly giving each other pleasure and doing some 69 while we lied completely naked and relaxed in the warm sun. It was an absolutely fabulous secret summer, and we never ran into any problems or were discovered by anyone. That really surprised us, but we had also made a pact to each other that we would never tell anyone about our private island.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Naked on Our Secret Island (Part I)

Guys we've not had a multi-part story in quite a while. Here we go with an outdoor adventurous pair, perfect for the onset of Summer. 
 Segment 1 of  3

 I grew up in a small town, and was a young teenager in the late 1970s. My best friend was a boy named Jason who was in my grade and lived just a few doors up the street from me. We became great friends in 5th grade, and our friendship grew even closer in 7th grade when we also became jerk off buddies. In our town there was a small oval shaped 60-acre lake bordered on one end by a park that included a small public beach and swimming area. The lake was nowhere near big enough for anyone to build a house or a cottage along the shore nor were there ever any boats or watercraft on this little lake. There was also a small, about 3 acre, island almost right in the middle of the lake. Jason and I wondered what the island was like, and we enjoyed making up stories about things like murders and the dead bodies being hidden on that island. Jason and I would ride our bikes down to the park almost daily during the summer, having loads of fun at the activities at the park and swimming at the beach.4

 The summer when we were both 14, we were both pretty good swimmers and we decided to try secretly swimming out to the island to see what it was like and to explore it. We knew we couldn’t swim out from the public swimming area because we’d surely get whistled back and reprimanded by the lifeguard. So we hiked well past the park area into an undeveloped part of the shoreline where we knew that once in the water we couldn’t be seen from the beach or by the lifeguard. We climbed into the water and it was a fairly easy swim for us out to the island.

 We were both so excited when we got out of the water onto the island. We felt like we were at a secret place where we weren’t supposed to be, and for young teenage boys that was quite thrilling. We immediately started to explore the island. Some areas had trees and brush and were well hidden from view from anywhere, and other areas were out in the open sunlight.

 After maybe a half-hour of general exploring, Jason suggested we go back to one of the hidden areas and completely take off our swim trunks off and jack off naked together. I’ll admit the thought of it was pretty exciting because I hadn’t masturbated outside too many times, and I had never masturbated outside completely naked. So we hiked back into a hidden area, pulled off our swim trunks and we both already had throbbing super-stiff boners. We stood there next to each other, doing what we had done many times in the past. We spent some time stroking our own then also stroking each other’s. We ended up that day each finishing off ourselves, and I remember it was an absolutely fantastic climax for me. My cum squirted at least a couple of feet. I then started to put back on my swim trunks, but Jason suggested we both just stay naked and walk around like that for a while.

 I will admit that I was nervous walking around completely nude, especially because we went and walked around some of the edge of the island, both in and out of the water, where it was possible that maybe we could be seen. But then we both realized there was nothing around the shoreline of this lake where anyone could possibly see us. After maybe an hour and a half we decided to put our trunks back on and swim back to shore. We then got on our bikes and went back to my house for the rest of the afternoon. We were so excited talking about the secret and forbidden things we had done that day, what we thought about different parts of the island, and how much fun and how great it felt to jack off completely naked outside. We then decided that the next day we were definitely going to swim back to spend some more time on “our island”.


Let's Play Tickle-Dickle

Change of subject. Did anybody out there play "Tickle-Dickle" when you were young?

 I first learned about it when I was maybe 8. Me and two friends were at the neighborhood swimming pool. Afterwards we went into the changing room and I guess we all got bare at the same time. One of my friends reached down and gave my junk a touch, saying "Tickle-Dickle!"

That sent us into hilarious laughter and we all had a go at doing the tickle-dickle thing on each other. After while some other people came in and we hurried to get our clothes on. But we now had a taste of our first little sexual adventure. I knew it was "wrong" (we all knew that) but it was irresistible. we went to the pool every time our parents would let us, and watched for moments when the changing room was vacant. We pulled down our suits and gave each other's business a few little fingertip touches. The game expanded beyond the pool. Before long, whenever we could get alone in any safe place, we dropped our pants and played a few rounds of tickle-dickle on each other's crotch.

It was during these fun tickle-dickle games that we noticed things like erections and shriveled balls. We outgrew the silly game around the time we were in fifth grade, but later it popped up again when the three of us learned to wank. Tickle-Dickle became secret code for three best buds to jack off together.


Friday, May 24, 2019

The Trouble With Eagles

 I have a theory about boys like this Eagle scout. I think they get harder and hornier than normal dudes because they resist the normal everyday opportunities to be earthy.

 For instance, a "good" boy would resist cursing and dirty jokes and other things. So as a subconscious reward to himself he urgently jacks his ramrod and loves every stroke on the way to a healthy cumshot.

The boy in this story probably could not wait to hop in bed every night and enjoy his stiff peter.


Shared Spunk

 When I was very young, me and a friend were standing facing each other and jerking each other off with our pants pulled all the way down. I didn't realize until we were done and I pulled my pants back up that lots of my friend's cum landed IN my pulled-down underpants.

  I spent the rest of the day with the feeling of this yucky dampness against by balls, from HIS cum in my pants.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Discreet Indulgence

The thing that I liked to do when I was younger from ages 13 to 16 was to jack off in the same room as a friend but only when they were asleep. I never did anything nefarious like trying to cum on their body or make them touch me. I only would jack off in the same room while they slept. I'd have this crazy orgasm, cum would be spraying out of my dick and meanwhile my friend would be snoring away. I only did this at my own house when a friend slept over, could never get the nerve to do it at their houses and to me it didn't feel right. It was a step too far for me.

 One time I was 14 or so my friend and I were sleeping and I checked to see that he was asleep.All clear, so I started jacking away and just as I came to a gasping climax with cum shooting out of my dick! My friend shot up in bed. "Dude, what are you doing?" I tried to come up with an explanation but before I could he laid back down, snoring and seemingly fast asleep. The next morning I wasn't sure if he had actually seen me but he never mentioned it. I think he was sleep talking.

The close call put me off of doing this for a while but as it became clear he had no memory of my climax I started doing it again. I guess I just grew out of it but it was a fun way to spice up my normal private time.


Making History on the Observation Deck

I've got a little story to tell you. It happened a long time ago. Why I didn't tell it before now, anybody can figure how old I am when I start telling it. Which is a private thing with me. But yeah, I got to thinking, nobody knows me, and if you think I'm an old fart that's your privilege.

All right here is the topic. People jerk their gherkin in funny places. Agreed. And eveyrbody knows the Space Needle right? Big world's fair tower in Seattle. My family, we went up there for the fair. Big vacation, you know, Mom and Pop and three kids in a 1957 DeSoto without air conditioning. And I tell you straight out it was 1962, now you know. I was 13 and getting into the swing of pumping my pole real regular. Yes, I was a boomer. Yes, I was good at getting one out when the need came up. We knew what it was all about back then.

That fair, it was a gas. I loved it and still remember it through the eyes of a 13-year-old. Of course we had to go up that tower. It was a little scary. And I don't know if it was fear or height or just a unexplained boner. I got good and hard going up the elevator which made me keep moving my dick around. Wearing shorts and out on the deck the wind is whipping around and ever so oftan a puff of wind goes up the leg of my shorts. I invite you to understand that we got just as horny back in the day. Like you do now.

Well here is this boner still in my pants up on the high deck. All the rest of them was ready to go back down. I said go right ahead. I want to stay up here a while. Will meet you later. Big fuss with mom. My dad said, he is a boy and wants to see how it is put together and how everything works. Let him stay. Off they go, down the elevator.

I did not care a whit about how it was put together. I walk around and look it over. A bench went all around the center of the tower and out past the bench was the places to stand and look way off in the distance. Now I got my plan. I sit on the bench and pull my t shirt out some and lean forward and go to whacking my bone real slow with my fingers under the shirt. Have to stop a lot if people walk past. After some time I feel ready. Stand up and go to the viewing place which has wire fence all around so people don't fall off. My bone is ready. I go to scratching my biggie from side to side on the fence!

In a minute it feels just right. The stuff is on the way. I think God, how boss I am for doing this! Still doing it back and forth on the fence wire. People around but they don't know! I guess they think just a boy leaning up against the fence.

I was ready. Then it came making me feel good. The stuff shot inside my underpants. I loved it no matter the mess. Went down the elevator and found my family. Said I had to go to the bathroom. Went in and cleaned my self up sort of half-assed with butt paper.

Maybe I was the only boy to ever shoot a load up on the space needle? And for you who would laugh at an old guy, I still can remember how good that shot felt way back many years ago.

I wish you all a well and happy life.

Space Needle Spunker

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Wierd Guy and My First Shot

 This story tells how I woke up as while my very first ejaculation was taking place when I was twelve.

While playing in the city park I went into the restroom and stood at the long trough urinal to piss. Another boy was also at the urinal. I recognized him from school; he was a grade ahead of me. While I pissed he stood very still. But something was going on. He was steadily moving his hand back and forth on his dick, something I had never seen before. The other boy stopped jacking for a moment and let his bare dick stick up. I was sure he did that that to show me how big it was. He wiggled it a little and then resumed moving his hand back and forth.

I felt very self-conscious but was also strangely rooted to the spot. At last I overcame my inertia. I put my dick away and was zipping my fly when the other guy spoke.

"You don't have to leave," he said in a soft voice.

I was in a state of nervous excitement, wanting to watch the boy play with his dick but knowing that it wasn't nice.

His hand constantly slid back and forth. Suddenly he said, "It's coming." A spray of opaque liquid shot onto the wall above the trough. Now I was definitely puzzled, wondering what had just happened.

The other guy left without saying another word.

My own dick had turned into a stubborn stiffie. Even into the evening the memory of what I'd seen made my boner randomly rise up in my pants. By bedtime I was so concentrated on my boner that I couldn't think of anything else. I got into bed wearing my briefs and lay there aware of nothing but my erection.

Somehow I fell asleep, but in the middle of the night I woke up still erect and very worried. My dick was not only hard, it was kind of jumping around, having spasms every few seconds.

And then the cum came. No bells or whistles, no feeling of ecstasy, no climax, just a warm puddle spreading all over my groin and whities.

That initial cumshot was the result of the boy in the park restroom wanting me to watch what he was doing.

There's a little more to the story. It took me months before I tried the pumping procedure myself. When I began jacking off I thought it would be cool to show the other guy what I could do. But then I realized that he was a very strange person. I didn't know there was such a concept as "effeminate," but the dude was prissy and weird. As far as I could tell, he was the one person that the whole school laughed at. We could probably have become jack partners, but his strangeness set off alarms in my head and I never went near him, never showed him what I'd learned from him that day in the park.


Hrmm, I wonder how many of us met a Femme guy and was a bit confused, but also slightly interested in knowing about him. I did but he was a Freshman, and I was a Sophomore in HS.
Eric ~

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Incredible Discovery at the Museum

This story was submitted anonymously as a bare bones description of the event primarily in noun and verb format. I enhanced it slightly for publication's sake, but adhering to the author's described actions which took place.

So, on a Field trip in eighth grade to a Museum. Lots of display cases with boring crap in each one. But we're supposed to take in what we see, or the teacher will make you write a report. I'm cruising along, behind a row of kids all pretending to care about the trinkets and doo-dads with labels of dates and scientific names. I'm wishing I had played sick and stayed on the bus, but strange as hell,  I discover the display cases are at just the right height for an intriguing yet pleasurable dick massage.

  So me with my typical 13 year old's random boner, it just begins popping-up all random as shit. Thankfully the lights go off for a video. Like any dude in this condition,  I'm instantly rub-a-dub-dub on the edge of a case! OOH! Feelin' good. I'm really not thinking bout the video, or not even the nice legs I'd seen on the bus earlier, just focused on the delight of my dick and it's encounter with a cool metal edge making a new kind of history.

  Then, Shit! Damn  lights come beck on. I'm not even finished yet! All primed to climax. The squawking Museum lady starts rambling on again. What the hell!! Screw-it, I keep doing my dong revolving back and forth on the case. Thinking what an idiot I am. Edging and getting there. I can't believe I am doing it in a room full of people.

 Now! SPRITZ goes the seed of life. Mindless little pervert me, I end up all messy in my junk! Fuggin' hate it in my boxers, and some dripped down the leg of my jeans for ultimate discomfort. Wet gooey nasty mess. But I came and how the Fuck nobody knew??

Whew, I guess this counts as my Museum report.Did I get and "A"?


Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Year-Long Wait

From some of the stories it sounds like most boys went to a lot of camps. Not me.

 My only camp was when I was 12. I still remember it for one reason, it was the first time I noticed that I got erections. Until that camp I didn't even know that I would like to see other  guys dicks. But that very quickly became the main thing that I liked about that camp. It was so easy to see dicks when we all took a shower. And then some boys just let their dick show when they changed clothes in the cabin. I was always secretly peeking!

 One day I had to sit on the toilet. I was feeling my dick and it was "different." It was hard. I could not let it alone because it was so strange. I wiggled it and played with it. After that it would get hard every time I took a dump. I think looking at dicks made it hard (but that was many years ago).

After the camp it still got hard. Sometimes when I did not need to shit. So I went and sat on the toilet anyway......mostly because of wanting to play with my hard dick. It would get funny feeling and stay hard even after I left the bathroom. I was not yet making cum, but always playing with my boner.

It was the next summer, about a year after that camp. One day I was playing with it and felt like I could not stop. It got more and more crazy. Then I got a fantastic climax and made my first cum-shot. It was scary! But also felt so excellent. Strange how it took so long to discover that fine orgasmic feeling. For over a year  before learning to cum I just had a blast playing with my hard-on.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dealing with My Reputation

 You people with your dweeb stories, you are dragging up bad memories for me. I don't think I was a dweeb. I acted very masculine and went out for football starting in middle school. However I had a secret life getting my jollies by playing with other boys' dicks. Just playing with stiffies at first and then discovering how delightful masturbation was.

 Like these other guys have said, word got around and ruined my life. I was bullied and laughed at and shamed. One of the counselors heard about my secret. He was not at all understanding. Told me I brought it on myself and would just have to live with it.

 My parents realized that something was wrong, although I don't think they guessed at that time that I was gay. Bless their long-departed souls, in the middle of ninth grade they moved me from public school to a Catholic boys school. There was just as much masturbation and sexual exploration at that school, probably even more, but it was more hidden because the boys were under pressure not to be caught doing anything sinful. I played dumb and pretended not to understand what people were talking about. I went into the closet and slammed the door. Stayed there the rest of my school years. It was my choice, my conscious search for self-preservation even though I knew who and what I really was.

 The up-side of this story is that I developed a strong sense of gaydar while pretending to be straight. That was a valuable resource when I finally unlocked the closet and moved into a freshman dorm at a large university.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Increased Traffic Detected in Blog Hit Counter

One of our long-time authors contacted me recently with the following note regarding this blog-

Eric, Ever so often the "engineering" part of me takes over. I did a little math yesterday. From 6 AM on Sunday the 5th until 6 AM on Sunday the 12th the OOTS4ever blog received 9,522 page-views. That's 9.5K visits in the course of a week. Continuing to break it down, it figures at 1,360 visits per day or 56.67 per hour. And get this: Rounding just a tad, that's one page-view every minute!

One-page-view-every-honkin'-minute!!! Outstanding, my friend!

But why aren't the readers commenting? Good stories get posted one after another and nobody has anything to say? We loved the conversations about junior high showers, about first experiences, about camp, about whitie tighties. Surely the current stories ought to spark the same sort of debate - so why is it nothing but crickets out there?

I pondered his words for a day then replied.

 Thanks, I am pleased that you take that sort of interest in the blog and it's success. Indeed lately there has been an increase in daily traffic. After the nukage in December we quickly gained a good stride of about 1,000 hits daily. I was pleased with that, although it was lower numbers than before OOTS4U2 got choked by blogger. At that stage we were clocking about 1,500 daily. Even when we were cruising with that lofty volume of readers and potential authors, we still received a low  rate of comments, or stories submitted. It was indeed better involvement than our old days of 250 hits daily, and about 3 comments per week.

 However lately it is a continued trend with few readers conversing or generating an open dialogue about given stories. I can assure you it is not ME deleting the comments or failing to post them. I rarely censor. The only reasons I do would be if there is blatant and improper interest in minors, or insulting to an author. Most readers review our FAQ, and have a general sense that they should behave here.

 So that brings me to my assumption. I can't honestly validate it but here is my thought. I feel that guys are too shy, or too worried that somehow their comments could be traced directly back to them. I believe it is fear of reproach for viewing a site that deals with intimate issues of our youth. I reckon that even our anonymous comment ability might still seem too frightening for some. However let me assure these guys,  there is nothing I can detect in a digital aspect about our anonymous comment users. Provided they are reporting events from their own youth with others of like-age,  there is no harm-no foul. So let it out and tell us your thoughts. 

 To encourage more involvement from readers, I suppose I could be more pro-active, perhaps inserting a short lead-in on select stories. Describing some bullet points about the story to pique the reader's interest, perhaps they might be more inclined to share their thoughts?.

 Perhaps some of our shy ones might offer up the reason they feel reserved about commenting, we would like to know your thoughts.


**Remember my email address is "outofthshadowsstory(at symbol)"**

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Summer Pool Partners

When I was a teen, specifically the summer when I was 14, I went swimming almost every day at a local public pool. I could easily ride my bike there so it was easy to get to. I friended-up with another boy there who went to a different school than me. His name was Jason.

We both rode our bikes, and soon it got to the point we were arriving at the same time every day . I always brought clothes to change into but he didn’t. Then one day he brought clothes to change into, instead of wearing his trunks under his pants and then just riding home in his wet trunks. Also, it seemed, when I decided to leave, he decided to go at the same time, too. So we both hit the locker room at the same time.

 The locker room had toilet stalls (where the shy guys changed) but there were open areas near the showers where you could also change. I actually usually changed out in the open but with Jason there and us guys  just building a friendship It felt weird to change in front of him. All the stalls were in use at the moment that day so I told him I was going to wait for one to open. But he started joking with me that ‘we were both guys’, and he didn’t mind changing in the open and kind of tried to embarrass me about being modest about my body (which I really wasn’t).

With that he pulled off his trunks and started drying himself off, of course he's standing there naked. So now I felt like a moron standing there waiting. So I pulled off my trunks, too. He's taking ages to dry himself off, whisking every droplet of water from each nook of his body.  I couldn’t help but notice, maybe I was wrong, but he seemed to be staring at my dick. I didn’t say anything to him, because maybe I was just actually being a little modest, but that’s what he seemed to be doing.

For the next few days, the same thing happened. When I decided to leave, he decided to leave, too. If I dropped my trunks with my back to him, he moved around so he was facing my front. I was getting to feel like I knew why. It never bothered me since he was cool to me, and I reckon I kinda liked the attention. 

 At that point in my life I had never yet jerked off with anyone. I always did that alone. But I heard of some boys that  did sometimes do it together. I was now pretty sure he had an interest in my dick. So one day when we went to the locker room I decided to test it out. I walked to the back where the lockers pretty much away from open view. I had decided I was going to give him a little show and see how he responded.

  I was an awful tease. I started to drop my trunks, but suddenly slapped my leg like a bug bit me. So I am standing there with my rear exposed, and my front still covered. I asked him to look and see if he thought it was a spider bite. He leaned in close to the front of my thighs. But he said all he could see was a hand print. I asked him to check again when the slap mark subsides. He agreed, but I knew I had his eyes focused and close to where he wanted to look. I turned away and proceed to pull off my trunks. I started drying my privates in a way that would stimulate myself a little bit. As usual he found himself facing my front. So then when I pulled my towel away I had maybe about 60 % of a full boner going on. He then looked at it and said to me, “Wow, dude, look at your dick!” I pretended to be embarrassed and said that sometimes it gets stiff on its own for no reason, and I said, “Doesn’t yours??” too. He offered to look at my bug bitten leg again. I complied with his interest. Which placed his face about 6 inches from my dangling boner. I'm sure he saw every wrinkle on my sac and maybe even memorized the shape of my glans. But he sure did not see any bug bite.

The next day at the pool, right away he asked me if I “took care of that boner” when I got home, which was admittedly really embarrassing that he even mentioned it. He then told me that he had “jacked off twice” that afternoon after we left. So our friendship seemed to now be taking a turn toward talking about boners and wanking habits. That day he walked right back to the same isolated place in the locker room and his mind must have really been going because that day, when he pulled down his trunks he already had pretty much a full erection going on. I pulled down my trunks and I was, like usual, completely soft. He then said to me that he thought maybe my boner was bigger than his, and he asked me to try to stiffen it up so we could compare. (Remember that this was in a public pool locker room.) We were in that that secluded area, but there were other boys coming in and out of the locker room all the time while we were in there. There was no way we could inspect each other there.
After dressing, when we were about to get on our bikes and leave he asked me if I wanted to come to his house. This was before cell phones so I said okay as long as I could call my mom as soon as we got there to let her know where I was.

His parents both worked so we were alone in the house. As soon as we got there he took me to his bedroom and told me he has something special to show me. From deep within  his closet he pulled out a box, at the bottom of the box were about a dozen well-worn Penthouse and Hustler magazines. He told me he wanted to show me a few of the “really hot babes” that were his favorites. This all led up to him getting me to agree to get on his bed with him and both of us pull our pants down and touch each other, imaging or pretending that it was one of those girls playing with our dicks because it wasn’t our own hands touching ourselves.  I had never done anything like that with another boy. Nobody had ever touched my dick, and I had never touched anybody else’s dick either. But apparently my body liked it because I did get a nice erection pretty quick, and his got hard quickly too.
 I was very reluctant to do what we were now doing, but when he put some lotion on his hand and wrapped it around my stiff penis, the feeling was absolutely amazing. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed what he was doing to me. After not too long I began to feel like I was close to cumming and I told him or warned him. He just started rubbing me faster and harder. I told him I better take my shirt off if I was going to cum. It only took seconds to shed the unwanted clothing.

He then started stroking me again and I quickly exploded a huge load all over myself. I have to admit it felt amazing having someone else for the first time bring my dick to orgasm. He then told me I needed to then do him. Of course this was the first time I ever stroked another boy’s erect penis, but that was enjoyable, too, and he shot a big load, too.
That summer we quickly became almost daily jerk-off buddies. It was a summer I’ll never forget.


Our Scouts Secret

I came across an old photo of me and a friend at Boy Scout camp, a very, very long time ago. Thje memories of that camp-out came rushing forward and these are the details.

We were barely 13 at the time. I was maybe 3 months older than Wade when we tented together for the first time on a weekend camp-out. Wade and I went to the same school, and were in the same Scout troop. He was blonde and had an Irish sounding last name.

 By that time I had already developed a pretty much every-night-before-bed wanking habit, and in that tent on the first night I so badly wanted to (or needed to) jerk myself off. But crappers I wasn’t alone. So then after lights-out, Wade struck up a quiet conversation with me about girls, and which ones in school that we thought were cute. I hinted at it until eventually Wade admitted that he, too sometimes “did things” to relieve himself when he got too horny.  We ended up deciding that we were both too horny to be able to get to sleep, and it would be okay if we each took care of ourselves in the tent together. And of course in our special Scouts Honor, this is something we’d never tell anybody else that we each did it together in the tent.

Like a V-Twin we were pumping ourselves separately inside our sleeping bags. It was feeling  great, but then I said to him that I didn’t want to get “that stuff” onto the inside of my bag. Maybe I should unzip it and go with-it.  He said that was okay with him. So I was the first to expose my bare erect penis. I started stroking it clearly in his view if he wanted to see it. Pretty soon he said that he didn’t want to get “that stuff” in the inside of his sleeping bag either, so he opened up his sleeping bag too.

 Now I act like I've got my eyes to myself, but I was actually doing everything I could to watch him yanking his stiff peter. I started getting real close. I ask him to watch me cum so he could see if I accidentally squirted any onto my sleeping bag. So as I got very close, he stopped and kneeled over me to watch where my cum landed. I had a fantastic cum. He told me he didn’t see any of it go astray, but commented that I had shot some of it several inches above my belly button. I wiped-up with tissues, then I offered to watch him when, to make sure none landed on his sleeping bag either. He snickered and said well sure, but he never shot above his navel, but I should watch for sleeping bag splatter. He had a terrific cum, too.

The next night, we were both pretty much okay with doing it together again, but he asked me if I wanted to compare our dicks and then have a contest to see who shoots the farthest. I agreed to both. This was my first discovery at how different boy’s cocks and erect penises can look. His shaft was quite a bit thinner than mine and his erection pointed almost straight out when he was kneeling in the tent. My shaft was a lot fatter than his, and when stiff pointed almost straight up. But his glans looked like a huge knob on the end of his thin shaft, where my glans was not tat all much wider than my shaft. Also, his testicles seemed to hang down a lot lower than mine, it seemed like his scrotum was a lot bigger than mine. Mysteriously, we both decided it was okay to feel each other’s penis, because  they looked so different, we should know if they felt different too.
We both wanked ourselves that second night, too, but we spent a lot of time intentionally watching each other jerking off. I let him cum first that night, since I came first the night before.
Sunday morning, as we were taking our tent down, he quietly asked me if I agreed we were never going to ever tell anyone about “doin- it" together” those two times. I assured him I would never tell anyone.

Well, today, I suppose I just broke my Secret Scout's promise. (He and I never wanked together again, but I saw him naked in the shower house many times after that, and I’d always take a look at his junk and think that other than my own and my cousin’s, that was the only other boy’s dick that I had ever seen with an erection and squirting cum. 

The once Silent Scout