Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Showing off my Big Shot

In the Story where the bigger kid showed the younger one how, the older boy sounds like me, only I would still want to wank with the other guy later on when I got bigger.

 You see, I wanted to show a young guy the basics. If you want the truth, I probably mostly wanted the young guy to watch me. Which I knew from experience would give me a better shot when I came.

  But what happened kinda went all wrong and I remember it to this day. We were at an ice cream and hamburger place. It had a little restroom, only a toilet and sink. We went in there and I sat on the pot and started my demonstration. The other guy stood right across from me and watched with huge eyes. I strung it out because it was getting real good with him watching. Finally I came. It was a big time supercharged bunch of shots.

 But it turned into a disaster. My cum shot straight onto the other guy's clothes, all over him. I got soft in a hurry. He was trying to brush the cum off with his fingers and freaking. We cleaned him up as much as possible.

 He told his mother some big lie that is was a milk shake someone spilled on him. He did not like me much after that, but later-on he got over it, and we did some good jacking together.


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