Sunday, January 6, 2019

Normal Teen Boys

 I could focus on the mutual sessions I had with my friend but to be honest I don't see anything all that special about them. It was pretty tame as stories go, just a couple of 14 year old boys, both circumcised, both average sized, both white. He'd jack his and I'd jack mine and every now and then we'd help each other. We tried oral, I got "it" in his eye and he gave me a milk mustache (and goatee). So that's how it went  fir us,  we jacked off together when we were alone

We did it sometimes when he'd baby-siitting his sister but we could only do it if she was asleep.As long as we could get to go to sleep, we'd go do our thing together. to sleep.

 Well, one day I found out from EVERYBODY out that he got in trouble for doing some very messed up things to his sister. I had never done anything to his sister but because we were jackoff partners and had even done it in the same house when his sis was asleep I was scared that my name would somehow come up and I'd be implicated in the whole thing. Anytime someone brought it up it made me nervous but my name was never brought into it.

Just to be clear the only sexual activity for me happened only between he and I.



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  3. Eww, I even got uncomfortable reading that part of the story. It's bad enough that he did something apparently sexual with his little sister, but for it to then get out so that everybody knew about it, I feel doubly bad for that boy. (Did he turn out okay years after that?)

  4. I think 14 is a risky age sexually for all boys because our sex organs are suddenly a lot more developed than our brains at that age. Sounds like there was arousal over his sister but the restraint to not act on it just didn't kick in. Poor kid. I feel bad for him too.