Sunday, December 9, 2018

You Should Probably Know About This

I remember the first time I saw someone else cum? I was like 9 or 10 years old at at a family party.

We're outside playing in the yard when my 13 year old favorite cousin tells me to come with him because he has something "cool" to show me. He said it was important but we had to hide ourselves away from all the adults and other kids. My cousin let his dick out, it was bigger than mine and had hair so I said something like "wow, it's like a grownup. cool."

 I thought that was the cool thing he wanted to show me, but he said that wasn't what he wanted me to see. He spit on his hand and started sliding back and forth on his dick saying "watch" over and over with an increasingly breathless voice. I had no clue what he was trying to do. "Here it comes" he announced slowing his pace and holding his other hand out to catch the white liquid that shot out of his dick.

  I guessed that he felt relieved based on his moaning as the strange juice squirted from his cock and partially filled the cupped palm of his hand. He moved his hand over towards me and said "That's my sperm, if it goes in a girl she'll have a baby. This is the stuff that makes babies. I bet you thought it was the stork."

 He then wiped the goo onto a rag he had in his pocket and put it back.
 "Don't tell anyone okay?"

I agreed not to.

 "It's just that I thought you should know about this".  He added with confidence.

I foolishly thought I could do it too but gave up before an orgasm was achieved. The funny thing was that when I was old enough and actually started jacking off this same cousin wouldn't do it with me. It was a one time event but one that I remember until this very day over 25 years later.


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