Sunday, December 30, 2018

Boys will be Boys

After reading the story's about shy boys having to take showers alone and being bullied in school, or threatened in the boys room. I think back, and I am sure glad I raised my nephew back in the days this sort of stuff rarely took place.

I recall that sometimes the boys would take another boy and throw him into the showers in just his underpants. I remember how my nephew came home with wet underpants and told me what had happen. He said it happens all the time, and it was a lot of fun getting shoved into the shower with just his underpants.

I understood that it just boys behaving like boys back then. Everyone still took there showers together. there was no actual bullying going on at all. To the guys, it was just fun playing around.

It seems now a days boys can not be boys. How sad it is that boys can not enjoy all the fun times like it was back then.

Farm Boy

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