Friday, January 11, 2019

Adventures of Mark Part II (Frances Comes to Sleep-over)

 Frances was due to arrive any minute, I was just placing the snacks on the bedroom table in the room that I shared with my brother. Popcorn, candy, a little soda with some cups. I wasn't sure what he liked, so I got what I could. I heard the doorbell ring followed by my brother Sam calling out from another room, "Someone is at the door!"

 I smiled and got excited, already guessing who it could be. As soon as I unlocked and opened the door, I was met with what I expected; a cheerful "Hi!" followed by two arms around my neck. I hugged back and felt my cheeks warm up.
"H-Hey, Francis..."

 My crush was here. As he broke from the hug, I gotta better view of what he was wearing. It was relatively warm at the time, so he wore a gorgeous purple tank top that hugged his slim form. In addition, he had slim jeans to cover his legs. Finally, a magenta hoodie was tied around his waist by the sleeves. If I didn't have such good composure, I might've kissed him right then and there. But I remembered that I have to take things slowly.

 With a smile, I motioned him to come in. He walks in with that same charming grin and ran to Sam, hugging him as well. I notice a purple suitcase at the porch and pull it in, since I knew it was his clothes for the weekend. Francis thanked me and grabbed his suitcase from me, "You're so polite~"

 Damn it, how cute he is! I felt so flustered from his comment. He then asked, "So, where are we hanging out?" I reply, "We're gonna watch TV and movies, if that's fine with you.

 Francis agreed with a nod, as he took the hoodie off of his waist and placed it on a nearby chair. He also slipped off his shoes and socks. "C'mon" I said and we all raced upstairs, Sam and I leading the way to the bedroom. As we entered, Sam ran to the closet to grab our box of movies while Francis and I plopped on the bed. I said to him, "I didn't know what you liked, so I kind of got everything..." I gestured toward the table of soda, candy, crackers, and other snacks. Francis gave me a hug and replied, "Well, you're nice enough to care." As Sam placed the box of movies on the bed, he said to Francis, "Hey, Mark and I are going to change to get ready for the movie night. You're free to do the same if you'd like."

 Francis smiled, "No problem, I can wait!"

 Now, for those who haven't read some of my stories that I have posted here before (which is more than likely most of you), Sam and I's way of changing to relax is really just...well...being in underwear.

 Francis' face seemed to turn red a bit when he noticed us taking off our shirts, then our pants. I was wearing red briefs while Sam wore blue boxers. Francis said with a slight smile, still looking flustered, "Well um...should I do the same?" Sam replied, patting his shoulder, "We won't judge."

 Francis nodded, first taking off his shirt. "Now is not the time for springing!", my mind screamed to my slowly growing bulge. He had a smooth, beautiful body. Next, he took off his pants and I was so surprised to see him wearing pink tanga briefs. I felt my mouth involuntarily gape. The only reason I knew this was because Sam had lifted my chin so my mouth closed again, looking out for me.

 We chose a movie and inserted it in the DVD player. We sat down together and I leaned on Francis' shoulder, while Sam leaned on his other shoulder.

 And so, the night began...

(To be continued).



  1. all three of you in bed in your underwear watching movies. wonder what is next!!!

  2. Bummer man about your other sight. I wanted to ask at that sight, if new stories will be accepted. It has that crazy robot protecter. The pictures are way little and some look maybe yes and maybe no. Even when you make the page bigger you are not sure. About the pictures. Bummer for all us and sorry for you.

    1. Thanks, that one probably endured much longer than it had a right to, lol!!
      Sorry bout that excessive authentication format. I'll adjust that tomorrow. It will be easier to submit after I fix that.

  3. You and your brother seem close, to be doing stuff like this and admit you both like Frances.

    I'm close with my brother, we were basically each other's first best friend, but I don't think I could casually hang out with him in my underwear, let alone trust myself not to get a boner when I see a cute boy strip down XD

    I'm excited and nervous to read what happens next!

  4. I have thanked you before and I thank you again. Some of the stories reveal boys in a humorously uninformed state. Others show them at the moment of awareness. still others show the delight of sharing mutual experiencs. I have enjoyed stories about PE locker rooms, about coming of age, about hilarious slip-ups, about the tenuous process of making friends. For all of these and more, I thank you. If you are looking for validation, you have it from me. There is only one type of story that pains me, the unpleasant accounts of more powerful persons boasting about abusing younger individuals. Stick to the main road and please keep the forum active.

  5. Suggestion: enable the blog to show ongoing click history again. Yes, the numbers will be low right now. But it will be fun to watch them grow as people discover the site.

    1. Yeah, I was just thinking about that today. Soon.