Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Adventures of Mark Part I (Francis My Dream Boy)

Hi, this is Mark! As promised, I will explain my first experience with a boy.

At the time, I was 14 and my brother was 15,and we went to the same school. Of course, since we both were gay, we didn't mind whispering to each other about the cutest boys there. But there was one that I liked the most.

His name was Francis, and he was in most of my classes. Unlike most, he was confident in his feminine features, with a cute slim waist, and a noticeably plump rear and thighs. He had gentle caramel skin and the most beautiful green eyes you had ever seen. I almost drooled sometimes when I watched his bouncy and curly brown hair. He was slightly shorter than me also. He was very smart, which is something I always sought for in a boyfriend.

But the best part about him was that he loved to hug and be touched.Sometimes in our Physical Education classes, when we played games and his team would win, he would hug the boy closest to them. And mostly, the boy he hugged would simply hug back.Most of his best friends were girls, but there were two boys he enjoyed talking to: Me and my older brother.

One day, as my brother and I grabbed our lunch from the cafeteria and sat down, Francis had sat beside us and smiled, "Hi Mark! Hey Sam!" He gave my older brother a big hug, then came to me. As he wrapped his arms around my neck, I wrapped mine around his waist.

I started with the usual small talk between my brother and Francis, such as how he was doing,if he did well on the recent test or quiz, or just talking about the recent news.

Finally, I blurted out, somewhat loud and nervous, "Do you want to sleepover with us this weekend? " I felt heat rise in my cheeks. Why did I say that? I really did like him, and that made me nervous he would say no.

So it came to my surprise and excitement when a chipper, "Sure! What time?" came from Francis' soft voice. Sam and I silently high-fived under the table. It was like we scored a date to us. We took the same school bus home, and we lived in the same neighborhood, so it wasn't hard. And similar to my parents, his parents didn't really care if he hung out with other friends, as long as he got good grades, which he told me a while back.

Sam replied for me, "What about after school, you go to your house and get clothes, then come over as soon as you can?" He nodded at us both and said, "Deal!"

Time to skip to after school and on the school bus, my brother and I smiled to see Francis enter the school bus with his backpack, wanting to sit beside us. The bus seat was big enough to have room for all three of us. Sam scooted out and let Francis sit in the middle, between us. We talked, laughed, and occasionally made jabs at each other. Once the bus reached Francis' stop, he said, "I'll see you guys soon!" I was sad to see him go, but happy I would see him later. My brother and I hugged him and he left, jogging into his house. Sam and I then began discussing in whispers as the bus rolled into motion again.

"He's cute, isn't he?"
"Yeah. You liiiiike hiiiim!"
"Shut up! You like him too!"
"Well, you've got me there.

Once we got to our house, we began planning snacks and movies for the weekend.

 ..To be continued! Also, Happy New Year!


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  1. just waiting for the next part. wondering what will take place at the sleep over.