Thursday, January 31, 2019

My Time with the Star of the Team

When I first read this submission, I knew clearly the author did not use English as a first language. I found a number of instances where the grammar was not quite right. So as I considered my changes, it suddenly seemed evident that the author's delivery exhibited more than just his rough words on his perspective, but it also represented a bit of his world and culture. So instead of sterilizing the impact away from the story, you guys get to read it as he wrote it, with very minor spelling corrections applied. Please comment to let him know what you think.


 I will try some story please?

 When I am the grade 7 of my country, already do I know of the jack for to make sum cum of my penes, it is a good feeling if do that to get the cum.

Some day the boy in a shower that he is big more than me and saying,

 "Look mine how big".

The penes of him it has the hard and so bigger, when I look how big.

 "You will feeling it of me? "

  "Yes only for you."

 Why? because he is play the football of our school (that America say soccer). I hand to boys their uniforms. Okay. For me it is nice to do it on that boy, feeling him the penes that it gets big, he says he cames . You can do another day. Okay many jacks for him. Some time is later, it is very good he tells me,

 "What you do for me so many days, maybe I will do for you that thing too."

 A few more times of do the jack. Then he says that want to do a very nice thing and do not get worry. To me, he gives the mouth, it make me have the cum. No body ever do it on me. The boy giving me the mouth lots of times, says it make him more ready. Then he like to do the jack after do me the mouth.

 It is good and I like it, I get the mouth of the football player around my penes and making me cum. Also he is like some football star, people clap him and it is me that I get to do him the jack.

The end.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Max's Journey Sleep-over Part II ( I Blamed Carl)

 Carl was now the disappointed one, and he didn’t hide it as much as I did, but we agreed to watch Popeye before we resumed our new activity.  Once it was over, I was still hesitant to kiss him again, even though I wanted to, god knows I wanted to.  He playfully threatened me by saying “I won’t be your friend” in a sing-song like voice.  Today, I find what he said very erotic, and a turn-on, even though at the time it was just a childish ultimatum to get me to do something for him.  So, I agreed to kiss him again, but this time he wanted to move into the fort.  As I got up to move into the fort, he locked the door to his room, explaining that he didn’t want us to getting caught.  We both knew what we were doing wasn’t right, but that only seemed to make it so much more tempting.  We got in the fort, laying side-by side, and we kissed again, and by now, any hesitation I had was completely gone.  Like before, we took our time with our mouths touching each other, but this time, Carl decided to cup a feel or two with me.  As we kissed, at first, he just touched the back of my head, caressing it like a lover, while my hand was touching his back as if to hug him again, but then he moved his hand down to my waist, and the sly devil put his hand under my shirt and gently rubbed at my exposed waist, just above my butt. 
MY. GOD. That felt good…

Before I knew it, I moved myself on top of him, and continued to kiss him.  I couldn’t get enough of him now, I was kissing him more passionately, stopping only to breath, before I dug myself into his mouth again.  And then, just when I thought it couldn’t feel any better than this, he moved both his hands, which were on my back, down to my waist, and buried them under my pants and underwear, and grabbed my butt.
OH…… MY….. GOD……..

That felt SO fucking good….

 I think I even moaned a bit when he did that.  He continued to massage and rub my butt as I continued to give him mouth-to-mouth.  I remember how he would gently squeeze, and then rub both cheeks, like he was taking good care of them.  If he learned this from his friend, then Carl had become an expert by now, and I DID NOT want him to stop!  I tried to do the same to him, I wanted to, NEEDED to grab his butt too.  However, I was on top, so it made it harder for me.  He could tell what I wanted to do, so he suggested we roll over and switch places.  We didn’t have much room in our fort, but that didn’t matter.   

After an awkward couple of seconds, he was on top of me now, but before we continued, he said he wanted to take off his clothes.  I asked why, and he said that it was too warm, but that also it would make what we’re doing feel so much better, and that he particularly liked how it felt when our exposed tummies touched.  I was reluctant to take off my clothes, but he managed to convince me to life up my shirt and lower my shorts.  A couple more seconds later, my stomach and legs are mostly stripped, with only my underwear remaining on, while Carl was giving me an unrestricted VIP view of his birthday suit.  Finally, we were ready to resume, and when he laid on top of me, and I felt his soft, smooth, and warm chest and tummy on top of mine…..


He felt SOOOO GOOD on top of me!

 I had NEVER felt this good in my life, there was no way my little mind could comprehend what I was feeling!  “See?” he said in a gasped voice.  “Doesn’t that feel good?”  “Yes” I said, in a dazed state.  And then he kissed me, as passionately as ever.  I grabbed his bare butt faster than Popeye could chug down his spinach.  I was a was a little rougher than Carl was with me at first, since I was still in a state of ecstasy with him on top of me while we were breathing into each other’s mouths.  But it didn’t take long to copy what he did; gently squeeze his perfectly round butt, followed by rubbing all over his cheeks.  I wanted to feel EVERY INCH of his butt, there was NOTHING I didn’t leave unexplored, I even let a finger or two slip in between the crack, as if to see which cheek was curvier than the other.  Meanwhile we’re mouthing each other off so much, we started breathing hard, and loudly, as if we forgot that we had to breath in the first place, and even when we did, it was just quick gasps of air.  We couldn’t wait to link our mouths again and again, as if we had prioritized each other’s mouths over our basic human need of oxygen.

 I proceeded to kick off my shorts so that I could wrap my legs around him, there was NO WAY I was gonna him go anywhere else, not that he was planning to anytime soon.  I squeezed his butt tighter, and he thrusted his exposed pelvis harder into mine, our little erect penises embracing each other just as we were, Carl slowly rubbed his body on mine in slow up-and-down movements, and our kissing got so intense that I thought our mouths would meld into one.  But eventually we stopped for a few seconds to catch our breath.  At this point I asked him if we could change back, as much as I loved taking possession of his butt, I felt that he was better at doing it to me.  So, we switched back, and without even bothering to ask if he was ready, I pounced my mouth to his.  I didn’t want to breath air from anywhere else but him.  He grabbed my butt again, and it was just as intoxicating as ever.  He always started at my back, before sliding his hands down to my butt, never once taking them off my body.  And as before, he would start with a gentle squeeze, followed by rhythmic massage-like rubs.  I don’t know how long we were at it, but I don’t remember getting much sleep that night…

Interestingly, neither of us orgasmed, at least I didn’t.  You’d think we would, after something like that, but we were focused more on exploring each other’s bodies as a whole than we were getting each other off with our penises.  They were hard, and on instinct we rubbed our bodies together, but it never got to that point.  When we were finally done, we just laid there, side-by-side.  We didn’t talk, but we looked at each other for a bit.  I was still too dazed to say anything, and too tired, so we fell asleep, together.  I wish I could say the night ended like that, and that we would continue seeing each other on a regular basis, but, to my greatest regret, that’s not happened.

The next day started innocently enough.  We woke up, put on our clothes, but the door was still locked.  Carl’s mom tried opening the door and asked why it was locked, so we looked each other in mild panic before he opened the door for her.  She asked us what we were doing in the room, and Carl said “Nothing, we were just playing a game”.  “Well then why was the door locked?” she asked.  I quickly replied that we had made a mess, and that we didn’t want her to see it, so we tried to clean it up quickly before she saw, but forget to unlock the door afterwards.  Not the most logical or convincing lie, but she didn’t ask us anything else.  Eventually my mother came to pick me up, and I went home.  I don’t know why I did what I was about to do, I swear my conscience was it’s own entity, but later that day I ended up…. Telling my parents.  NOW, hold up, I didn’t tell them exactly what Carl and I did, instead I did something worse.  I lied, and told them that Carl tried to kiss me, even though I said I didn’t want to.  My mother was angry when I said that, and said that I should never hang around with Carl again.  Why in the hell did I do that?  First off, why would I mention anything at all?  What Carl and did was between him and me, no one else.  And second, why make HIM out to be the bad-guy when I was the one who initiated things, regardless if Carl had done this sort of stuff before?!  Because…… because part of me, the Catholic part of me, knew that what I did was wrong, that there’s a reason my parents wouldn’t let me see sex scenes in movies.  I didn’t entirely understand that reason, but I knew enough that it was taboo, and now that I wasn’t with Carl, the taboo didn’t feel seductive.  But I was a coward, I didn’t tell them the whole story, I only told them a story that would make sure I wouldn’t do this sort of thing again (heh, for all the good THAT did…)

 Later that year, at another Embassy party, this time a Halloween one, I saw Carl again, with some other boys.  He was wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume, and I gotta say he filled out the suit quite well….  I went up to him to say hi, as if everything was normal, but when he looked at me, he looked… concerned, and hesitant, like he was uncomfortable and wanted to get away from me.  We didn’t say much, but I got the impression he didn’t want to be near me, so I left him to be with other friends of mine at the party, and I never saw him again…..

 I think I know why he acted that way, or at least I suspected, years later.  My mother must have talked to his mother, as any concerned parent would.  Then Carl must have gotten an earful from his own mother.  I don’t know what he said to her, but he must have not said anything about me, since I never got an earful from my mother after that.  Hell, I don’t know if Carl even got to spend time with his other special friend after that….  Regardless, I felt like shit.  I betrayed Carl, and framed him.   I wasn’t until years later that, under unrelated events that caused me to spill my guts to my parents, where I told them what really happened.  Again, I didn’t go into detail, but to summarize, I said that Carl did nothing wrong, that I was the one that came onto him, and that because I felt bad about what I did afterwards, I lied about what happened in a poor attempt to ensure I never did anything like that again.  That day I had that intense conversation with my parents is a day I wish I COULD forget, as it was day I came out about a lot of things, and they ended up seeing me in a new light.  They still love and support me, don’t misunderstand that, but…. Let’s just say I’d rather have taken many of those previously-held secrets to the grave with me, except the one about Carl.  Clearing his name was LONG overdue.

 But, despite my poor excuse for efforts, it was not the last time I would do sexual things with a friend.  Now that I had gotten a feel for it, I wanted more, I NEEDED more, and so I fished around my closer friends, until one finally, I caught one who would be willing to do those things with me….


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Max's Journey - The Greatest Day of My Llife

The greatest day of my life – A “sleep-over”

Carl - Part I

Sorry guys, this is kind of a long one, so Eric is splitting it into two parts,  but you’ll see why it had to be.   This is the big one for me, the one that confused me, affected me, and shaped me for the rest of my life, so I had to do this story justice.

Several years later, I’m about 9 or 10 years old now, and my family and I have moved countries.  By now I’ve already made many friends, I’m sociable that way, but one night at an Embassy party, I met a boy that I will NEVER forget, no matter how hard I try.  We’ll call him Carl….. oh god Carl….. So, we met at the party as I said, and we hit it off quite well.  We liked the same shows, the same games, and by the end of the party he invited me to stay at his house for a sleep-over the following weekend, to which our parents agreed.  Before we departed, I hugged him, and he hugged me back, and of course our parents all said “aww” (I don’t know why that reaction embarrasses me now, but it does).  Skip to next weekend, and I’m at is house.  Later that night, we’ve eaten dinner, and his family is about to turn in for the night.  Carl and I are in his room, and after we were done playing with toys, we decided to watch some cartoons before going to bed.  I remember this night in the most perfect detail, it was a night I’ll never forget, a night that I consider both the best night of my life…. and in some ways, the worst…

  Carl and I were laying on the floor in sleeping blankets, since the TV was on the opposite end of the room where the beds were.  By this point, we had also built a fort out of chairs, a desk, and some spare blankets.  The first cartoon we watched was Casper the Friendly Ghost, it was the episode when he befriended a fox cub.  Towards the end the fox was shot by hunters, and I was rather upset at that, but Carl told met to wait till the end.  Casper, crying over his friend, buried the fox (after scaring away the hunters), and not too long after that, the ghost of the fox came out of the grave, much to Casper’s surprise and relief.  Before we watched the next cartoon, I was feeling that feeling again, so I looked over to Carl and asked “Hey, you wanna hug?”  “Sure”, Carl said, amused but cooperative.  After that, I said “Do you wanna kiss?”  And Carl looked at me and said “Nooo!” in a playfully disgusted manner.  In my head I was torn, but I laughed and pretended I was joking.  Carl got up to put in the next cartoon, an episode of Popeye The Sailor Man, but before he played it, he said to me “Ok, we can kiss”.  I looked over to him, surprised that he changed his mind.  He told me that he actually tried something like this with another friend of his, but whatever conscience told him to initially say no to me had clearly dissipated, as he was clearly as curious as I was.

 By now, I had seen many Disney movies, some PG 13 movies, and a few rated R movies.  My parents would cover my eyes whenever there was a sex scene, but I understood that people wouldn’t just kiss, but take their clothes off too.  I didn’t understand why they did that, but, since I had previously done minor things with a friend before, and had a dream before that, all I know was that I wanted to do it with Carl.  Also, I wanted to note that, many of the stories on Out of th’ Shadows involved the authors mentioning their penises, noting their first erection, the first time they masturbated or otherwise began touching their penis in a manner that caused them to feel certain sensations, but for me, I rarely paid attention to my penis in that way until I was a teenager.  Sure, during this experience it likely may have been erect, and I felt good down there during this whole situation that I’m about to go over, but strangely enough, I never really focused on my penis until years after this, despite the fact that it was definitely involved in the sensations I felt throughout.

 But I digress, we kissed, and it wasn’t just a quick pec on the lips.  We kept our lips glued together, at first in a “smooch” like shape like what we’d give our parents, but after that, I opened my mouth entirely, and so did he.  At this point, all I know about kisses were how they appeared in cartoon movies, that’s how I kissed Carl; my mouth wide open, touching his mouth that was wide open too.  We didn’t use our tongues, we just adjusted how wide our mouths were, as if we were doing CPR.  Eventually we stopped, but he wanted to continue.  While I liked it, I clearly wasn’t quite as horny as he was, not yet anyway.

  I wanted to get onto the next cartoon, but also, a part of me felt like what I did was wrong.  I was raised a Catholic, and I still am, but from that moment on, I would be in a fierce battle with my own conscience.

to be continued.....


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Max's Journey: From a Dream to a “Bare” Hug (Part I)

Upon occasion an author brings up a few points, that myself and probably many of you find exactly matches our history and sentiment. We have a new Author Max whose outlook probably speaks close to the way much of our audience feels in their hearts.  So before I spoil his delivery, lets move on to his introduction, and his first story on OOTS4EVER.

 Like many of you, I had some amazing experiences with other boys my age when I was young, and they were some of the most wonderful indulgences  I’ve ever had.  But, like the author`s who’ve contemplated their teen years compared to College age events,  I also find  It’s just not the same with guys when you get older.

 When you’re a kid, nothing is really expected of you.  You could be as intimate as possible with a friend, and then go on as if nothing happened.  A guy could like a girl in a special way, and still do things with a friend when our parents weren’t watching.  There was no expectation of “moving forward” and “getting serious”, no need to make it official by telling others we were “dating” or something, and waiting for the other person to say “I love you”.  We were just two boys fooling around, in our own, special, secret way.  Sure, in public, we pretended to be disgusted whenever we saw a couple kiss in real life or in movies, we pretended to ratify the whole “cootie” thing, but really, we didn’t mind all that much, or at least I didn’t.  In secret, we did all that stuff that grownups did, or most of the stuff anyway.  But for my friends, it was just a phase, and they grew out of it.  For me, it was more than a phase.  As an extroverted person, I loved making friends, I need to connect to people.  I mean, I’m able to be by myself, I didn’t think I would die without social contact, but I LOVED meeting new people, and hanging out with them, or at least I did….

I recall that teenage boys would do silly things to one another when in the locker room or otherwise un-supervised, but at that age, usually other boys made it clear they weren’t into the gay stuff, not even a little bit, and keep in mind this in the early 2000s, back when we were allowed to make fun of gay people.  Back then gay boys weren’t nearly as open, but neither were many boys willing to fool around the way I wanted to.  But even then, today, now that more gay or bi guys are opening up to flings or whatever, it’s just not the same.  They end up either wanting something serious, or, it just wasn’t the same at all.  These are strangers, they mean nothing to me, where as when I was a kid, I was fooling around with friends, people I knew, people I liked, people I trusted……

 I don’t know what I am.  I know I’m not gay, since I’m attracted to women as well.  In fact, I’m physically and emotionally attracted to women, where as I’m only physically attracted to guys.  Even then, I never cared for penises, not their length, girth, nothing like that, and NEVER was I ok with the thought of someone penetrating me.  I’m all too aware of the limits of our bodies, no matter how “creative” some guys have gotten to get around that (to arguable success).  I also never saw myself marrying a guy and having kids with him.  If I were to get married, I’d want it to be with a woman, and I want my own biological kids with her.  I get infuriatingly jealous whenever I see guys with hot girls, especially when the guys aren’t that much more attractive than me.  I’m an average size, average weight guy; I’m not that skinny, but I’m definitely not Brad Pitt either.  Also, I don’t advocate for LGBT rights, and if you ask me, I preferred the days of “don’t ask, don’t tell” over the modern trend of “accept me or go down as a bigot”; you mind your own business, I’ll mind mine, and if it turns out we have something in common, then, well, let’s hang out and see where it goes…. So, does that make me bisexual?  Or just a horny guy who’s struggled to get girlfriend, and who only has memories of childhood experimentation with other boys to go by whenever I’m feeling lonely and horny?  Hell, there are days where it gets so bad that I can’t even fantasize about anyone else, so I have to rely on said memories if I wanna finish whenever I masturbate, only for me to feel even worse afterwards.  Well, after you read all my stories that I post on this blog website, you tell me what you think I am.

 This will have to be told in several parts to adhere to the site’s preferences, but that actually works for me since going through these phases of my life separately might give me some clarity or peace or…. something, I don’t know.

My First Tale -

John and Jamie

 I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I had my first erotic dream, but I was pretty young, since this was before my younger brother was born (we’re 4 years apart).  I don’t know why I had it, since I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything that would inspire it, but it was just me and my somewhat older cousin, let’s call him “John”, in a dark room.  We were only wearing underwear, and the room may have slightly resembled one of the bedrooms in the house I was living in at the time, but it was too dark to tell.  There was some light, but not much.  John was probably my favorite of my cousins, but I never had any feelings for him other than familial, yet in this dream, I remember he picked me up, like how a parent would pick up a child, with both hands under my legs.  He hugged me, and I hugged him back, and as if on instinct, I wrapped my legs around his waist until they locked together at his back.  He then moaned “Oh, Max….” in a rather sensual manner (as I now recognize).  His hands then moved to my back, rubbing it up and down, as I felt his warm skin on my own, and all I knew was that I didn’t want to stop hugging him.  But of course, I woke up.

 Some time after this, I went to a friend’s house, unfortunately I don’t remember his name, but we’ll call him “Jamie”.  Our mothers were good friends with each other, so they talked while Jamie and I would play together.  Jamie had a little sister, and while I don’t remember having any problem with her, I didn’t spend too much time with her, as Jamie was all I cared about.  On this visit, we were playing in the out-door garage in our bathing suits, while a hose was running water.  Eventually our mothers told us to go inside and change, since we were all gonna go shopping in a bit.  Jamie and I dried off and then went to his room.  Before we changed, though, he pulled out one of those little wind-up toys to show me.  I don’t know why he wanted to show me, but he did, maybe he liked it or something.  So, the toy played its tune, and we stood there, looking at each other, in our underwear, and nothing else.  I don’t know why, but at that moment, I felt this urge to hug him, it came out of nowhere but it was STRONG.  I essentially LUNGED at him and gripped him tight, and what did he do?  With movement almost as fast and sudden as mine, he gripped me and hugged my back, as if he was thinking the same thing.

  To this day, this is still one of the most vivid memories that I have, since this was possibly the first time I did feel something sexual for someone else.  I remember how we both basically thrusted towards each other, and I remember hearing our bare bodies smacking one another, and… for what felt like an eternity, we just stood there, in an embrace….

 His body was so warm…. and smooth……. I could’ve stayed that way forever, and he should no signs of wanting to let go either.  As the wind-up toy’s song continued, we stood there, two boys, alone, nearly naked, locked in each other’s arms…. But eventually the song stopped, and slowly we let go of each other.  After that, we ended up playing with toys like everything was normal, it was toys based on that Disney show Gargoyles, still one of the coolest shows ever.  We actually forgot to put on the rest of our clothes because of this, so it was a little while before our parents had to yell from out the room and remind us to hurry up and get changed, but… there it is, my first real-life experience (if it counts).  The first time I felt any sensual urge to physically be with someone else, someone I liked, someone who I was alone with, and almost naked with.  But this was NOTHING compared to what I did the next time I was alone with a boy…. 


Monday, January 21, 2019

The Adventures of Mark ( I want to try something!)

(This is where things get much more heated as I explain my first blowjob and jacking with Francis. Puberty sure made me do reckless things but none I regret, I'm sure many of you can relate, lol. Enjoy!)

Once Sam fell asleep, Francis and I began  talking, still remaining close to each other. The short boy was sitting on my lap, and had asked me,

"So, how long did you like me?"

I had replied, my cheeks heating, "A while, honestly. You're just really nice-looking to me." Francis let out a hum while I stroked his hair. It just felt so natural to have him in my arms.

Francis then asked another question, one that made me heat up. "So...have you ever jacked off to me?" When he turned and saw my silent reaction, he let out a giggle, "You have!"

I sigh, "Okay, yeah, I have." He gave yet another of those damn cute giggles, and kissed my lips. As I kissed back, I had pulled one of the blankets on the bed over us. Francis' slim body was now laying on mine.

When I broke from the kiss with a pant, I gained a confused look. Why was he asking these questions? When I asked this, he whispered something in my ear.

"Because I want to try something..."

I remembered my confusion, and how naive I was. He sank into the blanket, and I couldn't see his beautiful face. I felt my underwear get pulled down under the blanket. When I started to speak again, the best feeling washed over me.

The feeling I now know to be lips around the head of my cock.


My hands squeezed the bed-sheets and I lolled my head back, feeling waves of pleasure as Francis sucked me off. I didn't know there was any feeling like this! I covered my mouth to mask a groan and prevent Sam from waking, feeling the pleasure travel down to the base of my then seven-inch (My brother kept yearly records of this,but that's a story for another time). I lifted the blanket to see what Francis was doing and found the deed, seeing the brunette sucking down to the base. I remembered my mix of shock and pleasure, clutching his sweet curly hair. How could he take it all like that?

Starting to get used to the feeling, I began lifting my hips a few times, thrusting. The biggest thing I remember about this night was our cohesiveness. It was like we understood each other, even when it was my first time being sucked. Grabbing his hair tighter, I wanted to thrust more, and so I asked, "Can I...?" Francis pulled out and let out loud breaths for air, much to my pleasure's dismay. A string of saliva connected my member and his lips.

He replied with a smile, short of breath, "Do...what" He took a few deep breaths, then pushed my dick back in his mouth. I grabbed his hair and began thrusting up and down, watching with wonder as my cock disappeared down his throat. As my orgasm was getting close, I began thrusting in overdrive. My vision became blurry, and I could only hear Francis' occasional choking and the sound of my package making contact with his chin. I finally let out an unrestrained groan, one I couldn't hold in.

It was the largest release of cum I felt, larger than any I experienced jacking off. I can remember around 8 to 10 spurts of cum, feeling my muscle expand and contract in Francis' mouth. The best part was hearing Francis swallow it all. He closed his eyes and gulped it down.

I looked at him as he laid on my sweaty heaving chest and asked, "Where did you kearn that...?"

Francis smiled and said to me, lips coated with white gel,"Tried it on myself one night. Was it...good?"

I nodded, "Y-yeah...let me help you in return..." I turned him over, so his back laid on my chest. I felt him squirm as his rear nudged my semi-hard dick. One arm around his waist, I placed the other hand on his smaller member. For about half an hour, we stayed under the covers, me ministering his crotch above his pink tanga briefs. It was a beautiful night, with him squirming on my chest and letting out cute moans while I kissed the back of his neck and jacked him off. When he finally let out a squeal and I felt wetness on his briefs, I knew what happened.

The rest of this night I don't remember much, but since I woke up Saturday morning with Francis still in my arms, I assume we eventually fell asleep. Saturday was filled with more fun and games with cuddling at night with Sam, along with Sunday. This one memorable Friday night however, made Francis and I frequent lovers - and eventual boyfriends.

(I hope you enjoyed! If it interests you all, I'm considering talking about my first time having intercourse as a teen.)


Sunday, January 20, 2019

What's it mean to be Young and Effiminate

This is a comment from the story  G,B or T at Eight? 
I think it brings forth a topic, worthy of discussion at anytime.

I was in third grade when I knew I was gay. I loved seeing my brother and dad in white briefs. Pro wrestling was my favorite....

 My aunts son is in 4th grade. They asked me if I think hes gay. He loves dancing, looks gay. He is also handsome. Talks bout underwear etc. Likes to be in his briefs grabbing himself.

I dont know if he is? He can grow out of having female mannerisms. Definitely not an age to tell him its ok to be gay etc. Let him decide and only he can decide.

A reader commenting as "What"

Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Long & Constant Jerker

For me, ninth grade was the first time I saw penises on display. I already knew how to jack-off. I loved shooting my load. Sometimes I looked at my dick in the mirror. It hung slightly to one side. I was afraid it was deformed because I wanked it every day.

 Then I went to high school and had to take PE. There were lots of peters that hung in different ways. Some were "normal" (what I thought was normal) and some hung at an angle. I was sure that I could tell whether a boy liked to jack by looking at his dick. If it hung straight down he did not jack off (I thought). The boy that blew my mind away had an unusual dick, long but not very thick. It hung down at a definite angle. And not only that, it was kind of twisted so that his pee slit was turned almost 90 degrees. I had that guy all figured out. He must be a constant jerker. I decided he was the champion masturbator of the whole class because of the unmistakable way his dick looked. I was flat-ass wrong, of course. Everybody's dick is different and those with curves and twists and angles are just as normal as those that hang straight down. But my "system" of peeking at dicks and grading jackers by the way their dicks dangled kept me horny that year of PE.