Friday, November 30, 2018

Earning Extra Points at Camp

Wow does this story bring back memories.

 The event I want to tell was when I was at a summer sports camp. I did not have enough points to advance to the next level. I asked one of the instructors how I could earn extra points. The instructors were high school boys. I was about 14. He said yes there was a way but I might not want to make a deal. He beat around the bush for a while and said it was very private.

 It ended up that he offered to give me a blow job in exchange for adding points on my archery card. It was the first BJ I ever had and I really didn't know what to expect.

 He told me later in the week if I wanted any more points to meet him in the First-Aid shack. So he blew me again. I came in his mouth both times. He jacked himself while blowing me. He also said it was a pleasure doing business with me.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

That's Disgusting! or Not?

 My very first time to experience a blowie, was with a jerk-off buddy. It was when I was 13, and I had no idea that people did such things. We were on my bed, both with boners and playing with each other. Then he sat up and put my erect dick in his mouth. I was shocked and immediately thought, what is he doing?? That's disgusting!!

  But before I could even say anything that might have stopped him,  the fantastic feeling of a warm, wet mouth and tongue on my penis just felt so amazing! So I let him continue and didn't say anything to him.


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Manning The Fire Watch Tower

 After I finished the tenth grade in Mexico my parents felt that I needed to complete my high school education in the States. I tried to change their minds because I liked the academy that I attended. By then I was also fluent in Spanish and had some really great Mexican buds to hang out with. But my parents went ahead with their own decision and early in August I was shipped off to el norte. I enrolled at a huge suburban high school and lived with an empty-nest aunt and uncle. It was okay, but I constantly felt like a guest in somebody else's home.

 Toward the end of my junior year a notice appeared on the bulletin boards at school. The state parks department was looking for reliable young "Fire Spotters" who would spend their summer in the mountains watching for lightning, smoke, and forest fires.

 Skipping a lot of red tape and indecision on the part of both sets of adults, I cleared a bunch of hurdles, qualified for the low-wage summer job, and reported for duty.

 I was assigned to an old tower that had been constructed as a WPA project during the Depression. We spotters (both sexes) slept and ate and entertained each other in a bunkhouse that must have been as old as the towers. The shifts were eight hours. We generally drove partway to our towers and hiked the rest of the way. The spotter we were relieving would give us an update before heading back to the bunkhouse.

 One of the first questions we had for the forest ranger who supervised us was this: "What do we wear up in those towers?" That triggered a discussion of mountain weather among those who had previously served as spotters. The ranger summed up with this statement: "I don't care if you're up there buck naked, as long as you've got your eyes glued to the horizon and your binoculars at hand." Of course we all laughed.

 Several days went by and all of us settled into a routine. One morning I had a 6 AM shift. As the sun gradually lit up my tower I could see that it was going to be a fantastic day. Above me the skies were richly blue. Below me the forest canopy was the deepest of green. The sun was a hot ball of flame. A light breeze stirred the trees. I loved it.

 When I left the bunk house around 5:30, it had been cold. Now that nature's furnace beamed at me I took off my jacket. A little later my long-sleeve flannel shirt came off, and by late morning I'd also shed my t-shirt. My torso was bare, absorbing the solar rays that surrounded me.

 And something else was happening. The gentle breeze stirred my chest hair and tickled my bare skin. Nature's fingertips were caressing me! The sun's heat warmed my legs and I took off my pants. Now I was standing on the walkway of my tower clad in nothing but shoes, socks and boxers.

  And then - perhaps I knew all along that it was going to happen - my neglected peter began growing.

 I had been there nearly a week. The bunk house offered scant privacy and there had just not been an opportunity to release the pressure. But now I stood on what seemed like the top of the world, growing a rapid erection. Stiffer and stiffer my dick became and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

  Walking to the railing that surrounded the platform, I allowed the sun to shine on my rising peter, let the breeze tingle my balls, felt my leg hair stirring. I was ready for action.

 I tried to pump slowly, tried to make the moment linger. But I was becoming harder and harder while sliding my hand back and forth while my shooter aimed upward and outward at full tilt.

 The pre-ejaculatory sensations grew strong. My body luxurated in the sun and breeze. I was in masturbation heaven. And then, even though I tried to make the anticipation last, the supreme tingle began somewhere behind my balls and - even with the tiniest strokes - I was horny, horny, so horny, so aroused by nature. I was on the verge of cumming already and there was no way to stop it, no way to slow it down.

 The moment of ejaculation shook my whole body. Streams of cum flew from the tower, momentarily making an upward arc due to the angle of my erection but then allowing the breeze to catch them and drive them outward, away from the tower, into empty space. Finally they began settling, down, down, slowly down. Where did my load hit? I never knew. Perhaps in the top of a verdant tree. Perhaps all the way to the undergrowth, to enrich the soil. Or maybe the breeze dried it and it blew away in a mist of desiccated dust.

 When the moment was past I told myself that I was loony. No sane, self-respecting person peeled to their underwear and jacked off from the top of a fire-spotting tower.

 Despite what I told myself, that was just the first of many tower ejaculations that summer. I jacked early in the morning with my dick sticking out of my thermal suit. I jacked at twilight with the setting sun glowing on my crotch. I jacked toward the north, the south. I jacked totally nude, jacked while tickling my boy-tits. And I fired my loads into nature's receptive beauty.

My favorite shot, and then I'm through: It was a prematurely dark, damp evening: heavy clouds and a steadily misting rain. To jack or not to jack? Nah, I told myself. You'd get all wet out on the platform. Forget it.

 But I did it anyway. Stripped off every stitch to keep my clothing dry, and went out into the rain for the wank. Nude as a newborn, pumping my stiff peter, wiggling it, shaking it, letting the rain tingle my balls and draw them up like a shrunken prune! Meanwhile my entire body became thoroughly soaked and incredibly aroused. And then, suddenly, almost without warning I shot a jet-propelled series of loads off the tower. It was incredible, a ball-draining climax that fired again and again as if from a high-pressure nozzle. It made my dick itch, made my balls pull into my abdomen. Made that peculiar muscle ache, the mysterious muscle that flings your cum at high velocity out of your dick. It gave me the orgasm of a lifetime.

 My seed joined the rain falling to the ground.

 I got dressed, pulling my clothes over my wet body. The next guy was on the way, the guy who would relieve me. Soon I'd hear and feel his steps as he climbed the old stairs. He'd say, "How's it going?"

I'd answer, "All routine. Nothing happening."

 While down below my tiny contribution of horny ejaculate soaked into the darkness of the mountainside.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

I Saw the Wierdest Thing

This author felt I might have reservations about posting this story due to certain conditions. I believe his observations led up to other discovery points that are completely valid here. 

In 1998 when I was 12 years old my 16 year old cousin came to visit from Vegas. His parents both worked in Casinos on the Vegas Strip. He was a big city boy in my small town, rough around the edges from spending a lot of time unsupervised in a destination known primarily for gambling and scantily clad women. At 12, I had still not even begun the initial outward stages of puberty not a hair to be seen and no real growth "down there". It didn't bother me because I never thought about it. I was just a kid, I was just 12.

 My cousin came from Vegas and within a few days he had a girl he had just met interested in him. I suppose it was his looks tall and lean yet muscular, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, his cool and that overall vibe that he put out. One day my parents left us alone and left him in charge. He really wanted me to go outside and play, he was trying to get me out of the house but I didn't think of it that way. I just wondered why it was so important to him that I ride my bike.

 I did eventually go out and knock on a few doors but nobody was available. I came back to the house and the front door was locked. I knocked but no answer so I came around to the sliding glass door which was rarely locked. It was open and I slid in only to see my cousin with his pants lowered and a girl sucking his penis. They didn't notice me, I stood there silently, stunned at what I was seeing. I had no clue what was going on or why she would do that or even why my cousin would want that done to him.

 I watched they never noticed he was looking down at her with his hands on her head. His penis compared to mine of course looked very big. I made note of that. My own dick became stiff but I didn't relate it to what I was seeing. I backed out slowly not wanting to be seen. I was thankful that I left the sliding door slightly open as it already was when I came in.

 I got on my bike riding around trying to understand what I had just seen. About 15 minutes later my friend arrives home and sees me. We start hanging out and I tell him "I just saw the weirdest thing" "what?" "A girl had her mouth on my cousin's wiener. Just now." He is in disbelief I suppose just as innocent as I am. "That's gross, why?" "I don't know."

  About 20 minutes later our other friend comes. He is 13. "Tell him what you saw?" "Okay, I just saw the weirdest thing..." "Oh" replies the 13 year old "that's called a blowjob. I've had one before. That's how teenagers do sex so they don't get pregnant." I have no clue what he's talking about. "I have had girls do that to me lots of times" he says. In retrospect it was probably a lie but I believed it. "Girls do that to you?" I ask."Yeah, all the time. You guys never had a blowjob?" My friend who had just asked moments earlier why anyone would want to do that was now claiming that he had blowjobs before. So I didn't want to feel left out so I said that I had a blowjob before as well. I'm sure we were all lying. I know I was.

 I never mentioned to my cousin that I had seen him that day and never really knew the point of a blowjob until I started masturbating at age 14. I reasoned that if a hand with lotion felt as good as it did a mouth would feel that much better. At 15 and 16 I got to experiment with a boy and later a girl. The boy was a 19 year old who gave me my first blowjob. The second his mouth wrapped around...well that is a whole new story.


Understanding the Dick Bone

When I was young I had an erroneous idea of how my penis worked. Having read many of the personal accounts on this site, I know that I must have had erections beginning at birth. However, I my first memory of a stiffie was at age 12. I was standing at a urinal in a large store, moving my erect penis around and wondering what was going on with it. I wiggled it in various ways and noticed that it always sprang back to a certain position.

Because my mother was waiting for me I had to quit examining my erection. It remained hard for a while. Then I forgot about it. Hours later (at home) I remembered how stiff it had been - but it had become "normal" again
I now noticed frequent erections and developed a theory. There must be a bone behind my penis, and at certain times the bone would swivel into the loose organ and make it hard. One day while trying to examine how my penis-bone worked, I triggered my first ejaculation. Cum went all over me and nearly gave me a heart attack. As many of you have said, that discovery scared the holy shit out of me. But I was now fascinated about this new development and allowed myself to take the risk and shoot a load once a week (every Saturday)

I refined my penis-bone theory. It seemed to me that whenever the bone pivoted into my dick, the bone then remained stationary. When I moved the fleshy part of my dick back and forth, I was causing something to take place inside my dick. I felt like the bone had bumps or ridges on it, and when I moved the fleshy outer part of my dick back and forth on the bumpy bone, I set up some kind of chain reaction. The ridges on my bone would arouse some sort of reservoir which would then spray an unknown fluid out of my pee hole. It felt excellent, but it was still frightening.

I believed in my penis-bone theory into eighth grade until another boy laughed at me when I mentioned my "dick bone."


Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Adventures of Mark - Friendship Flips and a Successful Lick

I have a story or two in queue, however Mark sent this one just in time to appreciate some silly reminiscent family antics just in time for Thanksgiving.  

I didn't expect to be so busy since my last story, so sorry this took so long, everyone!

So, of course I have many stories about the adventures me and my brother had while our parents were away, some sexual, some non-sexual. But this one is about my brother and I's endless attempts to succeed in one thing; "friendship flips".

If you don't know what this is, let me explain. One person has to lay on their back and put their legs up. The second person has to let the first person grab their legs, then has to reach and grab their legs. Next, maintaining a hold, they have to roll forward together across the floor continuously.

So, my brother and I tried this numerous times. To make it easier to grab each other's legs, we wore long socks, with no shirt, and athletic shorts. Our attempts went a lot like:

"Wait, stop! Get your foot out of my face!"

"Well, get your leg off of my neck! I can barely breathe!"

But there was one attempt I will never forget. We tried one last time, with me standing and him on the floor. We almost succeeded, but then - a loss of balance. I lose my grip and turn as I fall, my rear landing right in his private area.

"Owwww!" He yelped, holding his privates as he squirmed on the floor. I stood up and watched him, asking meekly, "Are you okay?" He gave me an angry glare - the same glare he gives whenever I accidentally hurt him in our adventures.

As a response, I start running up the stairs as he chases me.  Halfway up the stairs, he  manages to grab me, giving me a very tight bear hug, restricting my arms. He knew that was the one thing I hated.

"Heyyyyy! Stop it!" I whined, my legs dangling as he lifts me in the crushing hug.

He responds, "Never!" I smile and lean my head down, giving his arm a lick.

"Ewwwwww!" He whined, wiping his arm against the stair railing, and letting go as I laugh and run away. I can hear him chasing after me. Even though at that time, we were simply playing, it was our sibling rivalry and fights that brought us closer together.

(That's it for now! Next time, I'll talk about my brother and me and our first experience with a boy!)


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Farm Boy Tells his Truth (In two Parts)

I know who I am -
 When I was in my teens. Guys never came-out like they do today. Everything was secretly done behind closed doors. No one ever said a word about what was going on behind those closed doors. I was lucky to have my own house on the farm which made it a lot less trouble to enjoy the company of another boy. Like I pointed out in my reply to anonymous November 11 @ 4:34, I was very lucky to have grandparents and a mother that respected my life-style while I was growing up.

 For me at the age of thirteen, and even sometimes at an earlier age,  you just know what you like and it never changes. There is no deciding if your gay or not. If you are gay.... you are gay. You can not make a straight boy go gay or you can not make a gay boy go straight. that is my opinion. I can only speak for myself. I do respect everyone's opinion.

When another guy accepts it -
 This has happened to me when I was fifteen and on the farm. This one neighbor boy would always come up to help me out on the farm. He was fourteen. We had been friends for over four years. But if he had to take a leak, he always went behind something to do it, so I could not see him. He knew that I was gay (Nobody called it "Gay" back then) he also knew that I liked to do things "with"or "to" other boys. Up to this point I had only saw his thing once, that was by accident.

 I was in the barn gathering some rope, when he came in and stood by me. He reached down and started to unzip his jeans. Cautiously he reached inside and pulled out his stiff thing.
His eyes gazing only at his erection, he mustered these words.
  "I - I want you to take care of this.... and umm make me cum.... like you do on some other boys."

 I asked him,
 "Are you sure,  you never wanted me to even see your dick before.""I thought you liked only girls?"

He answered simply,
 "Well! I do like girls, but not this way."

 From that day on I was the one to take care of his dick. He never admitted that he liked boys, but I figured he did,  and I never did ask him if he liked boys. It was just between us, until now.

Farm Boy

Monday, November 19, 2018

Draining the Donkey

 I have a brother that's a few years older than me. Also a cousin that's about halfway between my brother and me. So I was the little kid in the family. The other two used a secret code based on street slang to keep me from knowing what they were up to. For instance, they spoke of "cutting logs" and "watering the flowers" to keep me from knowing that they were talking about crapping or pissing. "Buttering your corncob" took me a while; it meant having sex with a girl. It took me a long time to figure out their code. One line that they often used was "Draining the Donkey," as in "Your donkey need draining?" The answer was always yes, and they would send me away on foolish errands.

 I went a long time without understanding that one. At first I thought it just meant pissing, but there seemed to be more to it than that. Finally I figured out that they were talking about playing with their dicks, although I couldn't fully understand why anybody would want to play with their dick.

 At about 12 I learned how to jack off, completely independent from my brother and cousin. One night the Cuz stayed over. He and my brother were horsing around in the bottom bunk and I had the top one to myself. Since the other two were busy down below, I thought it would be a safe time to jerk one out. After a few minutes of wanking I realized that everything had got still in the bottom bunk. "What the hell are you doing up there?" my brother asked. I didn't say anything.

 But they knew exactly what I was doing. The cat was out of the bag now, and the final piece of their "code" fit into place:when they said,  "The little dude's draining his donkey!"M y cousin announced it, sounding kind of shocked. "I can feel him doing it!" My brother didn't believe it, but they jumped up and pulled my covers back to take a look at my stiffie. "I guess it's possible," my brother told Cuz, shaking his head. Soon we were all giving each other a demonstration. When I climaxed my brother said "I still don't believe it!"

 They would always be older than me, but now we were all members of the same club and I was often included when they drained their donkeys.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

"You can touch mine."

 I had a similar experience to the writer in this story, but I was 14 at the time and had been jacking off and squirting for about a year.

 My parents had some friends come to visit us for the weekend. They had a 12 year old son. He was small for his age but cute as hell with ash blonde hair and a nice tan. Our parents went out for the evening leaving the two us on our own. We made popcorn and watched a Spiderman video.

 When it was over we began to wrestle and we both got boners. He noticed I was hard and asked if he could see it. So being the horny teenager that I was, I pulled down my pants and underwear and let him have a good look. "Wow, yours is big and you've got hair!" he exclaimed. "Want to see mine?" Before I had a chance to answer, he yanked his pants and underwear down to his knees. His stiff little dick was lots smaller than mind and there was no sign of pubic hair. "Can I touch it?" he asked. "You can touch mine." So the two of us sat on the floor feeling each other up. It felt wonderful. I showed how to stroke mine while I played with his. Suddenly I felt that wonderful feeling and I squirted my load all over my groin and his hand. "Ew!" was all he said. "You make a lot more than my cousin."

 The little bugger had set me up. He knew all along about jacking-off, having done it with his older cousin for the past few months. Despite my upset, I ended up jacking him off to a lovely dry cum. It wasn't his first but he enjoyed it saying I did it better than his cousin. We did it to each other once more that weekend. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw him.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Besties in the Balcony Back Row

 This Anon author introduced the option for us to share this on the BS Blog or here. I feel it is valid here since he is sharing a story with his very direct feelings on the events from his past. I would entertain a few opinions on your assessment.

 My relationship with guys got turned up a notch in the restroom of a movie theater. I was 14 and horny. I went to the restroom for the specific purpose of jacking off. It was a Thursday night which the theater called Student night. Kids and college students could get in for 50 cents and watch old "G" and "PG" features.

 While I was in the restroom a guy came in. Somehow, over a period of several minutes, the two of us started playing kind of coy and got careless about hiding our erect dicks. I didn't know him from my school, although he looked High School age. So I was guessing he might be just starting college.

 Actually the college was a small and conservative church-run school. Some of the boys were studying to be preachers. The students were religious and moral and “nice.” So what this guy and I were doing was quite surprising.

 I guess he got tired of just standing at a urinal. He put his dick away and started for the door. On
the way out of the restroom he whispered, “Back row of the balcony.”

 Should I? Or shouldn’t I? You know the answer. I’d never had a sexual “date” with another guy although I did have some mutual jacking experience from church camp. This possible college guy looked completely “safe.” I let him get a head start and then followed.

 When he saw me climbing the steps past the empty rows of balcony seats he gave me a little wave and patted the seat right next to him. Almost immediately we pulled out our boners and took turns examining and playing with each other. I was seriously stiff as a result. My unknown friend began pumping me, moving slow and taking his time. He brought me almost to the sensation of a climax approaching, when I decided I should return the favor. I leaned against the armrest and began jacking him.

 Within seconds he spread his knees, pulled his feet under his seat and slid forward. “Coming!” he
whispered urgently. “I’m coming!”

 He did exactly that, blasting a big load onto the back of the seat ahead of him. I started banging my own pecker. “I’ll do you,” he said, reaching over to pump me even though he’d already shot.

 The result of this chance meeting was that we both had the pleasure of getting our nuts off with a companion. And it became a regular habit, mutually seeking relief in the dark balcony. Sometimes we dropped our pants so we could do a more thorough job of tickling and arousing each other.

 I was there watching for him the next Thursday, and he was there watching for me. It was a relief
to see him because I was afraid it had been just a fluke happening. His name was Jeff. He was real nice to me.

 I never never picked up the slightest hint of danger or abuse. We were simply two guys on the same frequency. After we shot our loads Jeff would go downstairs to get popcorn and cokes for us and we sat together watching the movie. Sometimes he’d take me for ice cream after the show.

 We were jacking pals all the rest of that year. If somebody was hanging out in the balcony we’d find another place to fire our loads. Whenever we parted Jeff would say “See you next week, stud.”

 I remember Jeff very fondly. I have said before on here that I disliked grown men. But the age difference between Jeff and me (five or six years) was completely meaningless. He was just another horny guy.

Faithful Reader Choosing to Remain Anonymous

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Bus Pissing

 Bus number 56 was the "Holy bus" that I rode home in through 8th grade. No kidding, only you should spell it as "holey" instead of "holy." About 3/4 of the way back there was a hole in the floor where a bolt was missing. It was between rows of seats on the right-hand side of the bus. We would keep the girls away and some of the boys would get on the floor and try to piss right into the hole.It was about 1/2 inch of a hole.

 The bus was real bumpy there would be piss running along the floor all the way to the front steps and also back to the rear. Some boys let their dick show to anybody looking,  but others that were shy told everybody to keep away. One day a boy brought a funnel in his book bag. After that all the piss went through the funnel and into the hole. We said the holy bus was pissing, if anyone following us might see the trickling stream.

  Some of the big boys would not do it. I guess they felt too old. They would pick a little boy to piss for them and tell him to get his dick ready and wait his turn with his dick hanging out. I think the driver knew what we were doing but he never said anything.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

G,B or T at Eight?

So here is a question for you guys. I will hold my opinion until some folks have weighed-in. But please help-out this author/reader with a reply.

  My friend's son is 8 and everybody thinks that he is gay. I mean he acts and behaves in the stereotypical "gay" ways as far as his mannerisms, but again he is only 8 so how can we know who he will be attracted to at 18.

  His mother has already told him that she will love him whether he is gay or straight but by introducing this concept to him it could be a bit confusing for an 8 year old. Also it is heavily implied that he is gay by many of the adults in his life and I wonder if he will have pressure on him to conform to that standard.

 What if he isn't gay but just happens to not be the average rough and tumble 8 year old boy. I highly doubt he thinks about other boys in any type of sexual way. I'm saying this because I happen to know him and he is more interested in Fortnight and Lego than he is in his mom's social justice warrior bullcrap.

 I suppose it could be worse though, his parents could think he was transgender.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

An Embarrassing First Shot

I've had occasional requests from a few readers suggesting posts here without a related photo. So here is a post without one. Let us know how you feel about this format, but don't forget to comment on this author's story too.

 My very first cum was very embarrassing. It happened back in 1980 when I was 12 ½.  I knew very little about puberty and nothing about masturbating or ejaculating.

 I was excited that my cousin’s family was coming to visit and my cousin, almost exactly a year younger than me, was going to be staying with me in my room. When night-time came and we were going to bed and changing into our pajamas he said to me, “Wanna see my dick? I’m starting to grow hair around it!” I said, “sure!”, And he quickly pulled off his underpants and showed me his couple little tufts of tiny hairs. Then he asked me if he could see mine. I pulled off my underpants and he was shocked how much bigger mine was that his and I had quite a bit of hair down there, too. As we got into bed he seems really fascinated with my dick and he asked me if he could touch it. I felt a little awkward because I had never done that with anyone but I said he could. Very quickly after he started wiggling my dick around it got super stiff. He showed me that his dick was stiff too, and I could touch his if I wanted to. But he kept touching mine and rubbing it and wiggling it back and forth, and I have to admit that it felt really good. Then as he was still moving my dick around my whole body started to feel extremely strange and all of a sudden I started what I thought was peeing all over myself! He pulled his hand away rather shocked and said, “You just pissed all over my hand!”

 I was extremely embarrassed, and I had absolutely no idea about what had just happened and why. But I was also breathing hard like I had been running. I got out of bed, quickly grabbed another pair of pajamas out of my drawer, and went into the bathroom to change. I noticed that what was on my pajamas neither looked nor smelled like piss, but I had no idea that anything else ever came out of there, and I was still freaking out because I had peed myself with no ability to control it. My cousin also came into the bathroom to wash off his hand, and he remarked to me that I had really strange piss and that it seemed a lot thicker than his piss.

 We both went back to bed, but I did not sleep well at all that night, confused and worried as to what had just happened to me. It wasn’t until a few months later that I learned from other boys in school about jacking off. From how they were explaining it, one day I went into the bathroom and tried it and sure enough, I came! Now it made sense what had actually happened to me that night with my young cousin.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

He Asked

 This little story was sent in to the BS Blog, I think it fits here nicely. It is quick and to the point but sure stirs a lot of thoughts for me, how bout you guys?

 I had a weird incident when I was 15. A 13 year old boy that I had just met, (the son of one of my father's friends) perceived that I was gay. He even got me to admit it somehow, he was the first person besides myself that I came out to.

After a short time I was sitting on the couch, he walked over and unzipped his pants and stuck his dick through the fly. "I'm not gay but you can suck it if you want" his exact words. To make a long story short, I sucked it.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Cumming in a Dyper

This is a bit of a new adventure for OOTS4YOU, I am going to run the post as told, including the unique spelling of Diaper. I think it adds character to the story.  Read-on, 

 I saw a bag of dypers on the bathroom shelf. The kind to throw away when messed up. One day while I was 13. I put on a dyper. It was tight. It made me get hard. Be cause of feeling soft around my wiener and nutsack. I rubbed it with my hand. My thing made a big boner be cause of feeling horney anyway. I kept it on a while and my weenie it stayed hard in the dyper. I wanted to jack off. I pulled my pants down and kept the dyper on. I rubbed up and down on the dyper. Where the boner was. In a minute it was time to cum. I cummed in the dyper real good. It felt real good to cum in the dyper. I did it with a dyper some more times.

 Also a friend of mine. He would do stuff too. We put on dypers and we rubbed them for each other til making our cum. It was good. Also it did not mess up my under wear when the cum happens. Some time I put on a dyper to go to bed in. And rub it til it cummed at night.


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Spider Streaking

I hate spiders but there is one specific spider that I managed to like. It gave it's life so that my curiosity could be quenched.

My cousin is not my blood relative but he is related through affinity I suppose you could say. Our mothers grew up like sisters, I've always known Helen which is not her real name as my aunt and Jake let's call him has always been my cousin. Jake got real cute as he got older, I was proud to tell people he was my cousin. I'll try to describe Jake at the age of 13. Height was about 5,3, weight was in the high average range, he was muscular for a young teen especially his arms. He had weights at his house and used them often. He had the beginnings of a six pack that he'd show just about anyone who asked. He had brown hair and dark skin. The dark skin came from the fact that his mother was Mexican. If Jake got any sun he'd darken into a rich, deep wonderful bronze color. I hope you can picture him.

Well, in all the years we grew up as cousins me being the older cousin by 4 years I had never seen him naked. I never saw his dick but as he got older I became more curious. I wanted to know some basic information Was he circumcised? Did he have pubes? What size is he? One day we were home alone and I saw him running up to me naked. Jake looked better naked than I could have imagined. He is not circumcised, he has pubes not only around the base of his dick but also some on his nut sack which is surprisingly big or more accurately the nuts inside the sack are big. He has a nice sized peck I guess about 4 inches flaccid as for girth it's not thin but it's not fat.

Why did he come running naked? A big spider dropped into the shower and fell on him. He left the shower so fast he ripped the shower curtain down. I looked and the spider was a big one, now struggling to find a spot away from the still running shower water. I took the shower-head and put it on massage and finished the spider off as Jake stood there naked. I was kneeling down eye level to his ween taking in a good look as I dealt with the spider.

If it wasn't for that spider I never would have seen Jake that way.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Giving a Gift to Random Strangers

I reckon some are either very shy, or really proud, and just don't mind making "IT" a little show.

The day before my 13th birthday I went to the mall with my Aunt to pick out a gift.

I went in the restroom, there was a guy who was walking out. As he walked past me I could see that he looked at me up and down. Then when I went to the urinal I looked up and the same guy was standing next to me at his own urinal. I thought it was strange because he was leaving the restroom and now he was back. I quickly figured out that he was trying to spy on me. So I did the opposite of what most kids would do, instead of crowding the urinal,  I backed up and adjusted my pants with it hanging free so he could get a better view. I let him look for about 10 seconds and then tucked in zipped up then walked out.

Full Story found on Tell us Your BS

Did I Hurt It?

I grew up in the time when a teen boys' old cars could be made to backfire if you handled the ignition key just right while coasting down a hill.

 I envied my older brother's skill in getting his old six-cylinder Chevy to deliver loud bangs and causing great annoyance for anyone in earshot. Occasionally guys would ruin a head gasket by showing off like that.

The first time I shot a load I was real worried, Shit! My dick just backfired! Please tell me I didn't hurt it!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Those Bulges at Bedtime

 I can identify with the slightly older Camper Howard in this story.

 I successfully jacked off in my bunk at camp several nights without anybody ever knowing. It began at lights-out, when everyone was supposed to be brushing their teeth and getting into bed. It was like the biggest sleep-over any had ever been to. There were all these boys running around with bulges in their underpants snickering at each other. They made up random games just to get out of bed and parade in front of other boys in their undies. Some teased other boys, and some sang silly songs as they marched nearly naked to a giggling group of on-lookers.

I was so fired up that I was in danger of the juice oozing out without letting me have a climax. I did nothing but move my fingers back and forth real slow, barely moving. I got closer and closer until the shot blasted out with a body-shaking release.

 The first night was a nasty mess in my briefs. After that I took a wad of toilet paper to shoot into. When I was ready to cum I almost couldn't stand it. I would tell myself "Almost, almost, CUMMING!" And then it would happen. A glorious surge into the soft tissues.

The other boys did not have a clue. I am not sure they even knew how to do it, but they sure had obvious boners in their underpants. I got away with secretly jacking all four nights.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Taking the Camp Counselor's Advice

Cool. OK here goes. I was real naive, never had any idea what sex was about. At camp one year I got up in the night and whispered at my counselor that my peter hurt real bad and I couldn't go to sleep. He was an older teen probably still in High School, so I trusted him to tell me what was happening to me.

He asked some questions. I told him it was poking out and wouldn't get soft. He wanted to know, did I ever massage it. He made his hand into an empty fist and moved it up and down. He said, go in the bathroom and do that for a few minutes and then let him know what happened. I pumped until I got scared. Went back to the counselor and said I was afraid to do it any more because of feeling crazy and getting harder. He was very impatient. Said go back and keep doing it until something happens. I like to have had a stroke when I caught a climax. Sperm all over the place. Thought I ripped something inside of me.

 I went back to the counselor and said some stuff came out. He said fine, do it once a day. But the bitchin thing about it was seeing him squeeze the front of his underwear all the time while he laid in his bunk and talked to me. I didn't realize it then but I bet he shot one in his shorts after he got rid of me. I soon fell into a deep sleep.