Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How I Met Christopher

 AJ asked if we could stay at his grandmother's house one night instead of mine. It must have been seemed as a strange request although I don't remember either of our grandparents saying anything in particular.  I always preferred my room at my grandmother's house was fully stocked with entertainment.

 It wasn't quite the same way at AJ's grandmother, the room that AJ slept in had a full size mattress on the floor and a television set that didn't get all the channels clearly. Why would two preteen boys want to leave a room stocked with entertainment for one with barely anything. On the good side, what he lacked in toys and games, he made up for in privacy. We had previously tried to do things in my grandmother's house. But I never felt fully comfortable, especially after I almost got caught with my pants down. I remember that I was maybe 2 seconds from dropping my pants down when my grandmother opened the door. It was too close for comfort, I felt more comfortable in the movie theater when we fooled around than I did in my grandmother's house. I knew what we were doing was not an adult approved activity and I never wanted to disappoint her.

 AJ and I would touch each other here and there whenever it seemed safe, but at his grandmother's he had total privacy. For one thing his grandmother no longer climbed stairs, she stayed on the lower floor of her house. We were guaranteed to be left alone upstairs his grandmother slept in what had been a dining room but it was being used as her bedroom nightstand with pills and all.We got close to AJ's grandmother's house we saw his neighbor a couple of houses down the street. He introduced me to Christopher a 13 year old black boy. We talked as we walked, then stopped outside the house for a while. AJ looked at me and  said that Christopher could come up and hang out with us but he had to sneak in because his grandmother didn't like him so much. It was never discussed why she didn't like Christopher. I wondered if it was because of his race? Did she think he was too old to hang with her grandson? Had he done something bad? I honestly didn't know the reason, but Chris and AJ were both certain that she didn't like him. We easily snuck Christopher into the upstairs room. He looked at me tilting his head back like he was not too sure about me,  AJ quickly said "He's cool".
 I decided what AJ meant was that I was cool in knowing what they sometimes did together. Also that I was likely to join in. I think in order to prove that I was cool, AJ was a proper host and the first to break the ice....he exposed himself wiggling his penis up and down. Christopher followed soon after. He had a thick, curly and jet black bush of hair and a seemingly oversized dick that looked like it belonged on an adult. I'm not trying to make this into a stereotypical black guys have big dicks story, I'm just saying that he was actually a bit more advanced in puberty than we were.

 It was mesmerizing, he shook his dick around a bit and stroked it until it grew out long, stiff and pulsating. I could smell it, he had a very distinctive smell not a good or bad smell, just an odor that became stronger as he played with it. Christopher took off all of his clothes displaying his chocolatey brown body. Christopher was up there completely nude and erect, his penis bopping around. He told me to feel it and I did, it was warm and moist his soft brown skin seemed to cover a very hard internal penis or whatever it's called. He reached down and swiftly pulled the front of my shorts down. He touched it a bit and then smashed the head of his penis right into the side of my genitals. It was then that I could see the real difference in size.

Christopher laid down on the mattress and said "This is how you have sex". AJ and I were watching in amazement as he humped the pillow his brown butt going in the air as he slid his penis back and forth across the pillowcase. We laughed a bit, but then he turned onto his back playing with himself and shot a load that looked like Vesuvius. It just kept coming out of his penis. AJ reached down and touched the weird white stuff. I had shot something out of my dick before, but it was clear not white and maybe just a drop or two.  I swear it looked like Chris could have filled a small glass. AJ told me to touch some of it, so I hesitantly put my hand where it landed on his leg. Chris was beaming with pride. I was a nervous little kid seeing what seemed like a science experiment. It was strange, it felt warm but since I had no clue what it was I just wanted to get it off of my hand as quickly as possible.
With AJ acting as a decoy by distracting his Gramma, Chris was able to get out of the house without being noticed. 

Afterwards I quizzed AJ about Chris and how he made all that white stuff shoot out.... Did he do that all the time?


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Get a Nut n Run, or Stay and Play

When I was in my teens. I wanted to hug and kiss and make-out, then take each other's clothes off. Finally we would look and feel each others thing and compare to see who had the biggest one before we got down to business.

 I did have friends that liked to kiss & hug and slowly take each others clothes off before the sex part. Then after we each shot our load we would lay beside each other to hug and talk about what just happened. Such as what parts we liked, and how it felt really good.

 I also had friends all they wanted to do was pull their jeans and undies down and then straight-away  take care of business, no caressing or affection. Just get their nut and done. There was no talking after wards on what had just happened. They would get dressed and leave. I was alright with that way of doing business.

Farm Boy

The Horror of a Bedtime Surprise

This isn't quite a Halloween story, but this author sure had a shock one fateful night.

 Been looking thru your stories. Sounds like you got a ritual for a guy to describe his first cum.

 I liked to read a lot as a kid. My lil' bro had top bunk and me, I slept down below. At the time he must of been about 10 and me 13. So at nights I read with the lamp my dad put on the bed-frame for me.  Up to now it's just normal stuff any kid might do while winding down the day at near bed-time. Except my hands seemed like they needed something to do.

 Why was I doing things to my dick? Don't know..... Busy reading I guess. So my dick, it sticks up out of my PJs. It is real hard. I keep feeling it. In a while I got the book in my left hand and just with one finger, the other hand, it makes a lot of circles on my dick which is so hard. I keep doing the circles cos it feels really wild. Then felt like I had to do the circles faster. All of a freaking sudden I am having the jacking-off feelings. Only I never had that before in all my life!

 My book must of fell out of my hand and I am watching my dick and finger when my cum goes off all over my hand and wet the bajeezzis onto my PJs. It was a hell of a surprise.

 It was mostly a thin little spray (not like regular cum yet). I said, "Day-umn!" out loud. My brother goes , "What?" I told him, "Oh..nothing." I stayed awake all night scared of what else could happen with my dick.


Friday, October 26, 2018

My Years of Trading "Good Feelings"

I have to say this writers summary of his experiences seems to be the most prevalent level of engagement involving other dudes..... at least according to what I gather from our readers. I'd like to know if that's how you guys felt as well. Comment or send us your summary through the years.

This Story is similar to my experience. At the age of 8, I was at a birthday party sleepover and before the night was over we showed each other our dicks. It was just us being funny I suppose. "Hey, you have wiener? I have one too." There was little if any sexual feelings behind it for me. It was interesting to know that "Little Johnnie" who sits behind me in class has a long thin weenie with an extra long foreskin and "Little Tyler" has a short stubby wiener.

At age 11-12 my body was just starting to change, I was knocking at liberty's door. I have all these new feelings, more erections and things are getting interesting "down there". It was all about discovery. I could discover with my friend the way it felt to be touched down there. I could compare sizes and eventually we would show each other our first pubes. I started shooting out a watery "gel" around age 11.5 and it was exciting to show my friend. He was excited to show me when the same thing happened to him.

At age 13-14, we were pretty familiar with our bodies and it was about the physical feelings. You could have a girlfriend and a jack buddy. You could claim 100 per cent straight and have a jack buddy. It didn't matter because no feelings were involved it was all about the orgasm. I had one friend where we only talked if one of us was horny. We didn't even hang in the same crowd. I had a friend that was closer too and we also jacked each other off, sucked dicks but never talked about it after it was over.

At age 16 though things started to change for the worst. At that age the only ones willing to fool around are too often open homosexuals or those who may not be out but everybody knows. Also, people were not willing to just get the orgasm and let that be it. Everybody wanted something deeper. One guy wanted to cuddle, another guy wanted to kiss. I missed him, we were 16 years old. The kiss felt awkward yet sucking a dick didn't feel that way. I gave oral sex to another 16 year old and he said that he loves me and wanted a real relationship. All I wanted to do was trade blowjobs and handjobs get a good feeling and go on with my life.

 I realized in my early years of college that the discovery and awe we had at 11-12 and the casual approach we had at 13-14 years old was gone forever. I just did not enjoy anything sexual nearly as much after age 16. Later teen years just didn't offer as much fun.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Fort Will Protect Us

Hey guys! Here is Part Two of No One Can Get us!

Once the clock struck 11, our parents left to their rooms, saying, "Boys, it's bed-time, turn off all of the lights." Both me and my brother gasped a bit, but then we nodded and stood up. We obediently turned off the lights and last to dim was the calming blue glow of the TV. Naturally we began to construct a fort from couch pillows, creating a wall. Next, we grabbed a slightly tall lamp which served as our only beacon of salvation. It was draped with a large blanket from our room. By letting the sides fall cozily within the pillow walls our security was formed. My brother lifted the blanket and let me in first, then he went in after. The fractured light shadowed by fabric feinted a womb of warmth, shared by two brothers less than a year apart.

I whimpered more, and looked at my brother, "Is the monster going to get us? Is it?" I was panicking. My brother then did the sweetest thing. He pulled my skinny little body into his lap, and laid back. Keep in mind that we only had underwear on. I think this may have been the point where we both realized we liked the male body, as we both had an erection.

 He began to gently rub his hands on my butt, which surprisingly gave me comfort. As he said, "It's fine. We'll be alright..." I began to settle my  nerves. I don't know how long we stayed there, snuggled tightly together, but we eventually fell asleep.

 My parents likely woke up to find an elaborate pillow fort in the living room. They probably walked past un-phased, since me and my brother always did odd things (as you will see in my next story. Foreshadowing!) But within the fort was me, being held and caressed by my protective big brother.

The End

Next time, I'll be talking about the many attempts me and my brother made to do friendship flips!


Monday, October 22, 2018

The Roller Boner Results

For two summers as a late teen I worked at a theme park. My favorite was the big roller coaster. The best part of the job was at the end of the ride where you help people get out. Lots of people were dizzy and couldn't stand very well, or even some looked like they were going to Yak! The strange reason that I liked that job? Was because boys about middle school or junior high that sometimes had a boner when the coaster stopped. It happened a lot. You could see the tent in their pants. Or see them clearly trying to mash it down.

 One of my friends noticed the Boner Boys too. We called them roller boners. During off-loads if One of us would say RB ALERT, then you could see which way the other dude was looking to spot where a boy getting out of a car with a boner.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Readers Contemplates his Later Teen Era

I recently made a suggestion to our readers that if they have older teen stories to share, it may offer a different perspective for our readers to think about. One long-time reader had this to share and asked that he remain anonymous.

May I privately comment on the proposal to post stories about "later" teen relationships? This is simply a reaction to reading the Blog News posted on 10/14/18. I remember my early teens with a sense of awe. The years of discovery and youthful delight were my "wonder years." I enjoy recapturing those days through OOTS and often through the BS Blog.

The later teen years were not the same. I remember my older-teen sexuality as a time of stress. I had realized by then that I would never be hetero. My intimate contacts were brief and short-lived. My partners sometimes seemed frightened at what they were doing and in a hurry to get it over with. I was often afraid that my momentary partner was really a spy who would "out" me to everybody else.

Stories about older teens (especially when the older guys take advantage of younger boys) make me nervous. As an example, the story about Sasha (translated from Russian) put me into days of depression.

I guess that's all. Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Adventures with My Brother - No One Can Get Us

Hey, I decided to do another interesting story about the adventures with me and my brother. Now, the experience I want to share is something I remembered thanks to the Halloween that is coming soon.

Similar to the age of the last event I shared, I was about to turn 13 while my brother was working on 14. Despite our teenage ages, there was something that scared us both - the dark.

Whenever it was night and there were no lights on, we always got paranoid. All of our sibling rivalries burned away and we clung to each other. On school nights, we would simply cuddle next to each other in bed, wearing a tank top and underwear. However, Friday and Saturday nights were much different. My brother and I LOVED to stay up at night and play games or watch TV, and our parents were okay with it. Our parents had an early bedtime of 9 pm, so when they slept, we usually wore simply underwear, with maybe a tank top. It gave us a sense of freedom. But there were always those dreadful words we didn't want to hear from our parents before they retired to their bedrooms.

"Make sure you turn off the lights at 11 o'clock."

We HATED those words. What if we turn the lights off and an intruder comes in? Or a monster? However, my older brother whispered to me a plan, like always.

"Okay, so here's what we gotta do. We'll turn off the lights, but we'll make a fort and keep a lamp in there. Then no one can get us!"

I whimpered and asked,"But what if we fall asleep and an intruder get us?"

My brother replied, happy as ever, "We'll take shifts. Tonight, I'll stay up to watch and you sleep. Tomorrow, I'll sleep and you watch. Okay?"

I nodded and we hugged.

And so, until 11, we did the usual. Eat chips, watch TV, play board games. By 10:30 pm, I had my head rested on my brother's lap om the couch. My brother was sitting upright, rubbing my shoulder as we watched a really bad Godzilla movie.

"Chip me", my voice said happily. Without looking, my brother dropped a chip into my mouth.

Then the clock struck 11...


To be continued.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Summer 2018 - History Repeats Itself (Introduction)

Summer 2018 - history repeats itself
By Carlo 

Here is the beginning excerpt from a story submitted by CARLO. It is linked below for the full story however you can get warmed-up with this start.

Terrible hot summer, my tenant left for holiday, the same my clients, my girlfriend Monica left Poland for good, so I had nothing to do in in a hot and airless city, but I did not have enough money for any trip, even to Polish lakes.
My depression deepened and I was angry. Furthermore the bookshelf fell almost on my head because the fixing was loose. Having nothing else to do, I went to the mall to search for new pins. Air conditioning works there, but I think it was just striking, so it was even worse than on the street. I walked between Leroy Merlin’ shelves, angry at everything and everyone. In the end, I found my pins and went to checkout.
At first, I did not pay attention to someone's call
“Uncle Carlo!”
It took me a moment to look around and see two teenage boys waving at me in the passage. Andrew and Mark waited until I paid for shopping, then they greeted me warmly.
“Do you remember us?”
“Of course. How could I forget two of the five horny fourteen-year-olds that I looked after for two weeks”.
“We're seventeen now - Mark said, a little shaken.
“And you're probably even more horny than three years ago”  I joked.
“What are you doing in the city during the holidays?”
“We are waiting for the mom who went to the hairdresser, and in a week we are going to Italy”  Andrew said with a big smile.
“Are you going alone?”
“No, with mom, but she is already grown up enough to be cool, and understands the needs of seventeen-year-olds”  Mark grinned.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Deadly Giggle or Squeal

I have a very nice story I'd like to share and I hope you enjoy! When I was younger, me and my brother always tried new and fun things to do, even if it was just made up. But I'll talk about one specific game we played that I laugh about now.
  I was 12 at the time, and my brother was about a year older, at 13. When our parents weren't home, we created a game to pass the time. Each of us had to put on the same amount of clothing (usually a tank top, underwear, pajama pants). Next, we had to feel each other's bodies and searched for ticklish spots. If either of us flinched, giggled, or squealed, we had to take one article of clothing off. If we got to only our underwear, we would lose and the winner could tickle the loser for the rest of the day as much as they wanted.

 I remember one day we played this game. We both noodled and felt each other, rubbing backs, feeling each other's sides, even pulling our bodies close together like a hug, then feeling all over trying to make the other divulge his tickles. Finally, I flinched as he gently grazed my ribs. My older brother smiled mockingly, as I took off my shirt. But that was not the end of the game. We continued, and I managed to locate a ticklish spot on his hips. He giggled, then took off his shirt. We kept on, now tied in the game. 

 Looking back on it, it was very adorable. Two slim, smooth skinned, shirtless brothers pulling each other close and rubbing each other.
 Finally, I arched my back as he touched a sensitive spot just below my spine. I whined and took off my pants in defeat. He then smiled and pinned me to the couch, tickling away. I raised my arms up and laughed uncontrollably, squirming and trying to escape my certain defeat. 

I find that I enjoyed telling my story! I may tell more things about my childhood later!  


Friday, October 12, 2018

In the Almost Empty Library

I know this boy and his family only well enough that when I see them around town we usually greet each other but that is the extent of it. I don't see them inviting me to their home for dinner anytime soon. I do know that the middle child in the family is 13 years old, he has down syndrome but please don't let that turn you away from this story. He seems fairly high functioning and unlike many kids with down syndrome he is thin. He dresses very stylishly and his blonde hair swoops down over his forehead I often see him wearing a hat cocked to the side. I think his mom buys him the most expensive clothes and shoes because I have never seen him in anything less than Nike's or some expensive skater shoe brand. I have seen them before shopping in Tilly's and Zumiez buying a ridiculous amount of clothes. He wears braces which I like because it really fits his overall look.
 One day in the library very early in the day because he attends school at home he came in with his little sister.  While mom and his little sister were working at a table he was supposed to be reading in the empty reading section of the library. I saw him reach down and touch the front of his shorts several times, look around and then touch the front of his shorts again. He was sitting down. I have a feeling that he was looking to see if his mom was around because I was close by standing near the bookshelves not exactly hidden but he didn't seem to care about me. He'd just look around and squeeze the front of his shorts. I didn't immediately think that he was doing anything other than adjusting himself, maybe even scratching an itch but he kept doing it. I thought about walking away because I wanted to sneak back and see what he'd do if he thought the coast was totally clear but I didn't have to. After he was sure that nobody from his family was around he began a rhythmic stroking on the outside of his shorts. He went very fast and then he'd stop and  look around. I was pretending to be reading a book so I don't think I registered in his mind, he is still a child with special needs. I thought I'd die when he stuck his hands in his shorts stroked briskly and stopped looked around yet again. He continued doing this, stroke, stop, look around and repeat.
 I decided that I would leave after all, I went to the other side of the library but thought the show was over when I saw him walking over to his mom and sister. He went back to the reading section and sat down and again he started with touching and looking around and then quick stroking and looking around but eventually he just went for it by this time I was on the other side of the bookshelf pretending not to be seeing him as he continuously stroked he was definitely being cautious looking out but I really think that he was only looking out for his mom or sister. He stretched his legs out and they moved back and forth in a scissor like motion and I knew he had achieved orgasm right there in the library. He rolled up the side of his shorts and I got a very quick glimpse of his penis. He wiped whatever came out, I say that because I thought I read somewhere that people with down syndrome could not ejaculate but that could be wrong because he definitely wiped something off of his hand on the chair next to him which is unfortunately a light color so I could not exam the evidence the way I could if the chairs were a dark color.
 I have so many questions like, has he done this before? I for one do not want him to get caught, should I tell his mom so maybe he is more cautious like going into the bathroom instead? It is amazing and it is hot but I am worried about the little guy. Anyone other than me probably would have raised a big stink about a teenager jacking off in the library even if he did have down syndrome.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We Start To Fool Around

 Back when I was just twelve, I was going to a one room school. It had all the grades in this one school. We had a whopping total of 14 boys in the classroom. I had something of a secret, but actually every boy in school knew that I  would play with a guy's penis just for fun.

 While teacher was up writing all the lessons on the chalkboard, I was busy thinking about all my buddies in the class. You see, I sat in back with the bigger boys. Which they were always quick to signal their need for attention. They would rub their crotch under there desk and smile at me, I knew what they wanted. So I smiled back. Then it's off to the outside bathroom..... they followed. That was how it happened in school. Some of you remember I've written about those days in the one room School, and the naughty deeds in the out-house..

 But I want to tell you about what happened at home with a very special friend at a sleep over. It is bed-time we are relaxing in bed in just our undies. I didn't have separate beds, so we had to share my bed, and we're laying there beside each other......So my hand would rest on his leg, then recklessly move up to his undies. Oh then just a bit higher than his leg-band, here is a nice warm spot. Whaddya-know my derelict hand is resting on his penis. And just kind of busy rubbing it. It's no surprise to me that his penis gets hard. He giggles quietly and just lays there. I move to his waist-band. The giggles are gone, but he glows with an inviting smile. My hand goes under his waist band. His eyes close and he momentarily stops breathing. I feel his hard penis. A long exhale as his head dips to his chest. With my free hand I stroke across his forehead then over his dark brown hair. He stretches his neck up, he looks me in the eye then smiles his listless submission to me.

I nod my head and smile back.

We start to fool around.....

Farm Boy

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pretend Wrestling to Real Stroking

 Pretend Wrestling, that's how I started with my first touching of someone my own age. But eventually we dropped the pretense of a wrestling match after we started "accidentally" squeezing too much, "accidentally" stroking for a few seconds, "accidentally" slipping our hands into each other's underwear and finally "accidentally" pulling down the each other's underwear.

 In the final wrestling battle before it became just straight out "let's touch each other on the privates" my friend knelt over my face, my arms pinned back which wasn't so hard because I didn't struggle and threatened to take his dick out. "You won't do it" I said taunting him except I was pretty sure he would and he did. It went from wrestling to "accidental" touched to a penis being rubbed back and forth across my face while he laughed.

  I loved it and after that the words "do you want to wrestle" took on a whole new meaning.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

How Do We Match at Wrestling

 I stuttered on this author's description of "innocently" touching other guys undies,  in attempt to see if the guy was interested. If not for the young age, it would seem pretty aggressive. Anyway, I leave it to our readers to decide.

Around the time that I was 11 and 12 I had a way to innocently touch those whitie tighties and watch to see if the other guy developed a hard-on. We would strip to our underpants and play like we were wrestling. We would be struggling with each other and I would put a knee or elbow or anything (but not my hands) onto his crotch. It nearly always made the other guy's dick get long inside his briefs. I would see a definite ridge. And I could also see the shape of what you call his helmet. It was educational and made me get hard too.

  One of my friends would squeeze or rub my hard pecker when we wrestled and say "Is everything okay in there?" He was a little older and got a real obvious bone in his underwear. I bet he knew how to shoot his wad. That was before I ever knew anything about jerking.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Makin' Deliveries in Whitie-Tighties

A long-time contributing Author for OOTS4U Regi sent me this recently. It shall serve as a little fun treat for our readers and a triumphant jubilation as the blog has just today passed 500,000 hits(page-views). Thanks to All!

My cousin Ben and I lived with our grandparents during a time when both of us were dealing with disruption in our families. Ben was two or three years older than me, but we got along real well.

Ben got a job as a newspaper carrier as soon as he was old enough to drive. He had to get up around 3 or 4 AM and first go to a warehouse to roll and load the papers. Then he drove his route and threw the papers while he drove. He would get home in time to eat breakfast and go to school.

Early one morning Ben woke me out of a sound sleep and told me he was running way late and needed my help. He was in a panic. If he got complaints from his customers he would have to pay a "gripe fee" out of the money he collected. He wouldn't let me take time to dress or put on shoes, just shoved me down the hall and out the front door in nothing but my Hanes briefs!

Ben drove a scurvy old compact pickup with a bad muffler, sort of a cab-and-a-half style. Not a crew cab, just a small rear area with jump seats facing sideways. It was a Sunday, which meant it was the day of largest circulation and biggest papers. We piled into the truck with me in that little rear area, literally laying almost to the ceiling on a mountain of stacked papers. We couldn't put them in the bed of the truck because they would blow out when they were flat like that.

I rolled and bagged while Ben drove and pitched. Sometimes I would get a few papers ahead, and sometimes he would be yelling at me to roll faster.

One of the local cops watched out for Ben and Ben would give him a free paper. After we'd been running the route for a few minutes Ben told me to hand him a flat paper so he could give it to the cop. The policeman got out of his patrol car and called out something like "Everything okay tonight, Ben?"

Ben said "Yeah, my cousin's helping me. I'm running late."

The policeman walked to the truck while Ben held his paper out the driver's window. When the cop got to the truck he shined his flashlight through the side window, right at me wearing nothing but my whitie-tighties and sitting on a pile of newspapers.

"Hi," I said, not knowing what else to do.The cop stood there staring at me in my underwear. I thought we were dead meat - there was probably a law against wearing underpants in public.

"Gotta go!" Ben said. The truck picked up speed and groaned away from the policeman, leaving the man standing in the middle of an intersection, holding his newspaper, shaking his head and laughing.

Every time the subject of whitie-tighties comes up in this blog I remember that night.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Getting a Better Look At It

This author points out something each of us have done at some time in our youth.....taking a concise self examination. Tell me if I am wrong....Or what you discovered?

As a young boy I never realized my own penis-head was helmet-shaped until probably age 11.

 It happened when me and a friend were showing each other our dicks and I got to examine a penis from different angles. For the very first time. I saw how his was much bigger on the top and curled around to just like a line or seam on the bottom. I thought the placement of his piss-hole was all wrong, too.

 It wasn't until I went home and examined mine with my mom's hand mirror and spun my dick around to look at it from The sides and bottom that I realized for the first time that mine was shaped like a helmet, too. (And my piss hole was actually "misplaced" just like his, too.)