Monday, July 30, 2018

Boys, their naughty Deeds..... and Parents

I selected a few recent comments to feature that came through on different posts. However they all shared the common issue of how parents might have perceived their budding sexuality and activities related to. I think it's a hella topic to discuss. Feel free to address each comment topic as you like, or comment on all 3. I have them linked to their original post if you care to follow that string.
Cheers, Eric~

Comment #1 - 
 It is funny how we think what's happening to us is unique and no one else knows. I would've have died knowing my parents knew what I was doing, meanwhile they knew all about it whether they caught me or not. There was a point when I was having wet dreams often. I figured my sperm was water, so it would dry completely. Little did I know it made the front of my underwear crusty. My mother must've had a chuckle at that when she did the laundry. Now I can just laugh at it all!

Comment #2-
 Growing up I was totally ignorant about my body or anything about sex. I know I grew pubic hair before shooting because every night before going to sleep I would rub against my mattress to get the good feelings. Knowing nothing about ‘thrusting’, I would rub from side to side with my underwear down, that produced the desired feelings. When I started getting hair there that became uncomfortable because the hair would wind around my shaft from it rolling, pulling it. I then learned I could move fore and aft without that happening so I changed to that method.

Sometime later my mother said something about spots on my bed sheets. I went and looked and sure enough something was happening, stuff was coming out when I got the good feelings. I hadn’t realized that and I was mortified at what she was seeing. She never saw that again because I used something to catch the results from then on so it wouldn’t get on the sheets.

It was probably a long time after that before I found out I could produce the feelings and the results by using my hand.
 I wish I had had some prior knowledge before these things happened. Kids today are a lot better off information-wise that I was back then.

Comment #3-
 It's funny how aware, and concerned Moms are with there sons doing things that hint at homosexuality.

I'm reminded of the time, as little kids, my friend and I decided to play house in our yard. He quickly wanted to be the man going off to work and it didn't phase me to be the "woman" at home. My mother must've heard us talking about this because suddenly from the window we heard my mother firmly demand for us "not" to play that game! Haha!

In the PE Locker Rooms

My comment on this story is two years late, but I just stumbled onto the baby boomer picture and had fun looking at those 1950's boys.

 Here's something to think about. Those boys, so nicely dressed and combed, were the generation that stripped together, showered together and dressed together in PE locker rooms. They were certainly aware of every aspect of their peers. It would be a safe bet that the majority of the boys in that picture took their situation in hand on a regular basis and also shared the urge with special buddies.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

"You want to see where I do it?"

Can I throw in a somewhat different response to my first sexual explosion? The writer on this first time says he now had a secret and that nobody knew about it, not even his friends.

When I shot my first freakin' load it was such a big deal with me that I knew I had to tell somebody. Not my best friend, because I might gross him out. Not any of the other good friends, because they might talk about me or even tell on me to adults. So I picked a boy that was definitely a friend, but not at the top of the list, so to speak. I went to his house to show off my scooter. At least that was the excuse.

After while we were hanging out on his back patio and drinking cokes. I started off, "Want to hear something freaky that happened yesterday?" He said "What?"

I told him he might think it was nasty but he said to go ahead.

I barely got started, nervously telling him about rubbing my hand back and forth on my thing while it was stiff. Right away he interrupted and asked "Did the stuff happen?"

He knew exactly what I was talking about! I was so relieved. He didn't look down on me, he didn't act shocked. For a while we just sat at the picnic table talking about the way it had happened for both of us.

Then he said, "You want to see where I do it?"

We went to a narrow place in the back yard between the fence and the woodpile (for the fireplace). We could see the back door from between the logs, so it was very safe.

Without saying anything more we did the job right there together. When it was over we made each other promise not to tell.

That guy went on to be my regular jerking bud. My best friend was still my best friend in a non-sexual way, but the other guy was a much different kind of friend.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Ol' Swimming Hole

Back on the farm we had  our own version of the "Squeeze it" game.
I had a swimming hole that was pretty far away from everything. You could not see it from the neighbors fence-line or the county road. All us guys including the neighbor boys at that time we were age 10 on up to 15. On a hot summer day a coo-off swim was just the thing us boys liked to do. We always swam naked. Not to show-off or anything, it just seemed like the thing us boys should do out in the summer sun together. 

Our version of Squeeze it was when we would dive under water and grab each others peter to try to make them hard. Sometimes it worked. If enough guys got their peter hard we'd get out of the water and we would stand around facing each other taking turns grabbing each others peter. Of course it was a challenge to see who was biggest. After everyone was hard, it was a group feel-up then try to see who could cum first. Some guys if they had to pee, they would try to squirt on someone or even everyone. Then it was a ruckus of naked butt boys racing into the water to wash off.
 Nothing about this time seemed naughty or dirty to us. I am sure some boys told their parents how we swam naked in that swimming hole, but no grown-ups ever came to stop us. Everyone knew we were just boys, feeling safe and free in our world with all of natures gifts around us to enjoy. You gotta think how sad that boys today just don't get this amazing sort of life like we did on the farm.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why are You So Nervous?

In this one the author gets that dreaded question from a friend. I think most of us have endured and feared the question would present itself, but you're never fully prepared to answer it. Kudos to the friend for his return answer. That.....could have been an interesting conversation, or more.

 At age 15 I was friends with this other boy who was 12. He was African American and sort of nerdy, dark skin, tall and thin. I was nervous every time we were together and I realized that i had a crush on him. I would try not to be nervous around him but the more I tried the more nervous I was. I would actually shake around him. The main thing was that I didn't want him to notice but one day he asked me why I was always so nervous. I responded by saying very loudly which I didn't mean to but it came out "I'M NOT NERVOUS!!!" not in an angry way just very loud. There was a lot of sexual tension on my part because he was so cute and often liked to hang around with no shirt. How far below his bellybutton is his dick?

"Are you gay?" he asked me one day. I responded with an exaggerated laugh. "I think

I could be" he said.

 I quickly changed my tune and said "Well, that's okay."

I was even more nervous around him after that. I didn't know how to capitalize on his very frank admission that he was questioning his sexuality so the moment passed.

The closest I came to anything sexy with him was sneakily seeing his dick at public urinals. He had a great looking circumcised dick, good size for his age. I think the last time I saw it he knew I was looking and let me get a better look because his dick was already out of his pants and he unbuttoned them and exposed the pubes and balls to me as well. I think that was on purpose but I never capitalized on it.

 I was just always a ball of nerves when I was around him hoping he'd start something up but he never did. I think he was open to it though but I could never make the first move.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Spunk Sleuthing A Sunday Stroker

When I was around sixteen I had to dump a load at church one Sunday. There was a restroom on the same floor with the "Student" classes, meaning those in middle school and high school. So I entered a stall to take care of business. One wall of the cubicle was unmistakably decorated with a load of cum. I went ahead and produced some turds but my mind was on the cum. Somebody had jacked off in here! It got me so hard that I had to bang my own drum. And I couldn't quit wondering: WHO?

Every Sunday I made a trip to that restroom. Sometimes there was cum on the wall and sometimes there wasn't. If the cum was there, it was always located on the right-hand wall of the last stall. I began making several quick trips before and after my class, trying to pin down who was responsible for the beautiful squirts. Sometimes I sat on the middle pot for a few minutes in hopes of catching my unknown jacker at work. Or I might just glance into the critical stall to see if anything had been deposited.

If you have ever been in my situation, you know that it can become an obsession. You must find out who is jerking in that restroom. You must! You realize that you can never stir up a prick party with a fellow church boy, but still it is imperative to know WHO!

So, on a certain Sunday I was sitting on the pot in the middle stall which a kid entered the last stall. I bent down and watched under the wall. After several minutes of just sitting there, the boy stood up, slid his underwear and nice pants down to his ankles, and proceeded to turn toward the wall and shuffle right up against it.

He began shaking. His shadow bounced around. He stepped back ever so slightly from the wall, jiggling all over. He jerked a few more strokes, and it was over. With amazing speed he pulled up his clothes and bolted out of the restroom. As soon as he was gone I took a look. the pattern of squirts was clearly the same as those I'd seen over the past several weeks. I'd found my boy.

Matching his shoes and pants with the actual kid was easy. He was a seventh-grader, immaculately dressed and apparently very inexperienced. His hair was light brown, carefully combed. He wore a white dress shirt and was unfailingly polite to the teachers.

That boy never knew that he'd been caught. About every second or third Sunday he would fire a load in the students' restroom, unloading thick bursts of cum that slowly ran down the wall and puddled on the floor.

He was my trigger on those days. While he jerked I become harder and harder. As soon as he completed his mission he hurried away and I was generally left alone in the middle stall, holding an enlarged and fully-loaded erection in my hands. I'd bend down and look at his cum. I'd remember his well-combed hair and his jiggling shadow. And within seconds I would fire load after load into the toilet.

I never stared at him, but from time to time exchanged smiles with the kid who had no clue how he delighted me.


More Undie Comments

From Xanos -

1. Boxers can be better than briefs. Yes,a nicely fitted pair of briefs offer that wonderful view of the bulge but a poorly fitted pair of boxers can offer a view of something much more exciting. I first experienced this with my cousin we were 12 and when he sat down the hole opened and boys made an appearance he of course jumped up and fixed it but I had already seen. Another time a buddy of mine back in 9th grade fell asleep in a pair and by morning his erection rather than straining against cotton and making a tent had freed itself from the hole in the boxers. A lot of boxers have that little button to keep that portion closed but it's not foolproof and a lot of boxers don't have that little button. Aesthetically though I prefer boxer briefs to tighty whiteys and boxers.

2. I bought a pair of underwear when I was a teenager just for the picture of the boy on the package. I got the underwear from a discount clothing store. It was an off brand but on the package there was a smiling blonde boy in briefs. I don't know how old the model was in the photo maybe 12. If you looked closely like I did you could tell the direction his dick was positioned in his underwear. The boy didn't look that old but his package on the package of underwear looked substantial for a kid his age and size. I used to fantasize about it knowing I'd probably never meet the model in the picture. I've long since lost that picture and the underwear too, but I can see it pretty clearly.


 From Anon -

  You guys are exactly right. During the time that I was an impressionable young stud around 14, I had an older cousin that was up in high school or maybe even college. One time we changed together at his house. He was wearing light blue bikini briefs. I didn't know the name for them, but they got my attention. I pestered my mother to get me a pair. I think she had to buy three different colors in a package. I couldn't wait to get those bikinis on! However, like the other guys said, they felt strange as if they were constantly sliding down off my butt. It was a real insecure feeling. I don't think I wore them more than once.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Undie Wrestle Party

The blog has been on an underwear kick lately. I actually don't mind though because I have my own related story.

 When I was growing up I was a tremendous wrestling fan of both WCW and WWF. I watched all of the pay per views that came out WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Bash at the Beach, Survivor Series and the list goes on. I always had a party with a few other die hard wrestling friends whenever I watched a pay per view special. Our attention was rapt as we watched the actual event, but before and after we would throw-down and wrestle.

 I decided that my underwear looked like tights so I took off my shirt and pants and wrestled like that. My friends all followed suit and when my Mom opened the door there were four of us 9 and 10 year old boys with no shirts and just underwear wrestling and rolling around on the floor. We didn't really get in trouble but my Mom made us put on shorts to wrestle in.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fashion Undies and Fitting In

Growing up I wore white briefs until I was 12. The world of Boy's Underwear seemed completely changed. Jockey introduced a line of boys sized "Fashion" underwear. The new choices included  "Low Rise Briefs" and "Bikini Briefs" what's more, they were available in various colors.

 I begged my Mom to buy me some. My logic was reasonable as some of the boys on my swim team started wearing them. How could a boy be left behind dressing out in plain white undies after Swim class, when almost the whole team wore fashionable undies.

Indeed the begging achieved results.  I was now like the rest of the boys, and really liked wearing them, but in spite of that I always went back to traditional white briefs.


Splatting the Undie Ads

I'm another one who kept an eye open for underwear ads. I sat at the dining room table in my briefs to eat breakfast and leaf through the newspaper spread out in front of me. If I found a tantalizing ad I would be very careful that nobody knew I was staring at the boys in the ad and thinking naughty things about them. I wore whitie tighties myself, so tickling my dick was easy through the tight-fitting fabric. It didn't take me long to get stiff while looking at the white crotches and fingering my peter.

 I would hurry from breakfast to the bathroom and jack out a load before dressing for school. If the ads were in a supplement that wouldn't be missed by my parents, I sometimes stole that part of the paper and hid it for later examination and enjoyment. If time and circumstances were right and I was really horny, I would kneel on the floor with the pictures spread out in front of me. In that position I shot my spunk on the most delightful page. Then I wadded it up and took it to the big trashcan on the back porch.

As you can imagine, all this was done with the utmost secrecy and care. Those were the days!


Friday, July 20, 2018

The Pit Hair Quotient

I didn't see my classmates naked like the rest of you since we did not have PE classes at my school.

 However, I learned from reading books about puberty, that the underarm hair and the pubic hair came in at about the same time. Some boys would take off their shirts when playing in warm weather. Other boys wore undershirts with no sleeves. Sometimes we would choose up sides and have two teams, the shirts versus the skins. In this way a person could see boys armpits.

 You could tell how much hair they had, if any. In that way I secretly judged whether a boy probably had hair around his you-know-what. This was a private mental game for me.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

His Tuft of Delicate Golden Fibers (A Vision)

These summer days with the mercury stuck at 100 degrees remind me of an incident when we were stationed in Arizona. There was a swimming pool on-base, and boy was it crowded in mid-summer. Not just the pool itself, but also the changing stalls and restroom facilities.

I was waiting in line to change back into my street clothes. The guy behind me said he was in a hurry. He wanted to know if I would mind sharing my stall with him when it was my turn. I told him "Sure."

I was around nine or ten. The other guy was somewhat older. When we got into the little stall, both carrying our locker baskets, there was not an inch of spare room. The other kid slid his bathing suit down with no hesitation, revealing his entire crotch.  I suddenly wondered if changing together might not be a nice thing to do. But I went ahead and pulled down my trunks, followed by my soggy briefs that my mother made me wear under my bathing suit.

The big guy was all business, dropping his wet outfit on the floor and then toweling off his back, his butt, his hair and so forth. At the same time, his dick flopped around right in front of my wide eyes, a dick that put my shriveled little peter to shame.

And then I noticed his pubic hair: light blond and glistening with dampness. It made a curly fringe above his dangling peter.

Now the older guy dried his crotch. When he was through there his fringe of blond hair had become sort of airy. It was even lighter than the rest of the mass, billowing above the rest. He gave his dick a little special attention with the towel. Two or three times he cracked his legs apart, reached down under and dried his balls. Those actions were interesting. But what I couldn't keep my eyes off of was the golden poof of hair.

I had a certain friend my same age who traded looks, feels and tickles with me (See "Best Friends" on this blog), but neither of us had any hair in the critical location. The only person I'd ever seen with pubic hair was my dad. But here was this somewhat bigger boy displaying a magical tuft of delicate golden fibers above his penis.

He stepped into a jock, pulled it up, and tucked his equipment into position. The show was over.

"Thanks," he said as he grabbed his basket and trotted out. I was still half-naked, having spent all my time staring at the free show the guy had given me.

At our first chance I tried to describe that delicate bush of glistening blond hair to Connor, my touchy-feely friend. We quickly slid down our pants and began examining each other for hair of our own, but found nothing.
 The boy with the lovely blond pubes entered my life for perhaps five brief minutes, yet he remains a powerful memory, one of those special moments that you never forget.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mad about Undie Ads

I know we are kind of binging on undies lately, but there is a lot to cover in this topic. (Pun intended, LOL)

A Long-time reader sent me this, expressing a slight reservation in regards to a racial tone. I felt that it is more complimentary than degrading to anyone, so I think it is fine. and is presented un-edited. 

 I was also happy to read about a common activity that he and his cousin shared, which was a secret hobby of my own when I was 12-14. Read-on to know the details.


Referencing whitie-tighties: Several years ago on this blog we were discussing visual turn-ons before the age of the internet. Someone mentioned newspaper ads that showed boys modeling pajamas and underwear.

When I was a young jacker I watched the paper every day for such ads. IIRC, one writer spoke of hiding underwear ads under his mattress. In my case I kept certain ads in my zippered school notebook. My cousin and I (we lived with our grandparents) would sometimes share ads we'd found. The ads with their smiling, relaxed dudes in pure white briefs would be brought out and stared at while we pumped our young peckers!

I remember examining those advertising supplements and skipping hurriedly past the useless boxer photos in search of the delightful white briefs.

When I first became aware of those ads, only white people were used as models. Just when I was a year or so into puberty the advertising industry caught up with the times and presented models whose skin was a variety of interesting shades. How I stared at the handsome dark-skinned boys who gave an additional and slightly mysterious perspective to the underwear ads. Sometimes two or three boys would be shown as a group, modeling briefs and undershirts. I would think, "Wow! they're hanging out together in their underwear!"
 I remember the biggest "wish books" coming from Sears and Montgomery-Ward. Besides their big books, they published multi-page ad flyers throughout the year, particularly at Christmas. Besides those biggest chains, I also enjoyed K-Mart supplements.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Pair of Comments on Undie Pairs

1.) A boy once in gym. He must of got a boner. Real sudden I see him standing still at his locker. And rubbing the door back and forth on the front of his tightey whiteys. I think he saw that I was watching, so right away he quit it. Then I can see his under pants which was whitey's got a bump in them. It was wicked funny. watching him put on his pants over his hard boner
  Anon 1

 2.) I remember one time when me and a friend traded underwear. Not because of anything sexy but to compare the difference. I hardly could wait to get my briefs back from him. The boxers did not hold my junk. Everything flopped all around. It was not fun. He said he did not like my briefs because they did not have any freedom. Different strokes.

Anon 2

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Briefs Always Win over Boxers

I caught myself appreciating boys in tighty-whities when in School Phys Ed (seventh and eighth grades). In the locker room, I chanced some random sly looks at the boys that wore plain white briefs. I found that boys who wore boxers did not draw my attention. It was a very basic rejection, they gave no hint of what hung inside the loose folds of cloth. But those stunning bright white briefs presented a tantalizing interplay of light, shadow and curvature.

While settling into a pair after a shower, slightly wet skin and moisture absorbing fabric with elastic bands created a bit of a struggle for fitment. Usually the briefs-wearer needed to make several small adjustments until he had things just right. I found that a properly-packed pair of whitie tighties was somehow more tantalizing than nakedness itself.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sporting a Brand New Pair

This Author of this little story captures one the finest pleasures I can remember as young 11 to13er. This goes back to a time when a kid wasn't spoiled or treated to nice things often, aside from a maybe a bike and perhaps a skateboard. The clothes we wore were just essentials to protect us at play, or something required for school. If a boy finds himself satisfied in an intimate article of clothing, the feeling is surely genuine. Read how this youngster felt.

New underwear was a luxury item when I was a kid. I wore my old ones until they were too tight. Or else there would be holes all in them. And of course, stains. Finally my mother would come home from a shopping trip and hand me a package of new briefs.

We were a modest family, so I could not show off my underpants to anybody, but wearing them made me very proud. Sometimes I would think about my new white briefs while I was at school or out playing. They were a big deal and I felt very fortunate to have them on.

When I was got to be 12 and 13 and on into 14 new underwear did something crazy for me. They gave me a boner. I would open the package and throw the wrapper away. I believe there were three pairs in a package. Two went into my drawer and I held up the third pair, admiring their immaculate whiteness. I shook the wrinkles out of them and grooved on their perfectly white, unstained softness. After showering I began putting my brand-new undies on. As I stepped into them and carefully slid them upwards, my dick would start feeling funky. I pulled them up my legs and in a minute there was a genuine stiffie in my new whitie-tighties.

I bumped my hard dick against things in the bathroom. I moved my dick around, usually putting it at a diagonal angle behind the fly. I looked at the outline of my hard-on in the mirror. Sometimes I tickled my stiffie. There was something magical about the fabric when it was new. The fit was correct around the leg-openings, my stuff didn't peek out anywhere, and it seems everything stayed arranged just as they were meant to. The fabric was soft yet taut all at the same time, which ever way I arranged my junk, new undies seemed to hold my favored placement. New undies also made for random boners too.

In seconds I could get fully hard. Not wanting to get my new underpants dirty, I slid them down and wrapped toilet paper or kleenex around my dick just in case a drop of hard-dick-goo might ooze out. Then I pulled the soft white undies up again, mashing and rubbing the bulge they contained. I never spent much time in front of mirrors, but with a nice bright white pair on, I couldn't help but marvel at the remarkable prize they awarded.

When bedtime came around I was on a hair-trigger, having been on edge ever since putting on the new shorts. Laying in bed with my beautifully white new undies tugged down around my knees (where they were out of the line of fire), I began to delight my touchy stiffie, fingering and squeezing and tickling my paralyzed dick. Before long I was giving myself that much-needed wank.

After blowing my load into a handful of kleenex, I once again wrapped more tissues around my softening dick to eliminate the slightest chance of getting the undies dirty. Then I pulled the new underpants up to enclose my crotch.

I was so careful with new underwear. But inevitably I would dirty them with a wet fart or some stray specks of piss, or even a tell-tale drop of cum that had got out of control.

The shorts would eventually become old and lose their effect. The elastic became loose, the fly was yellowed, there were signs of improperly shielded ejaculations.The leg openings now allowed more air, and occasionally one of the boys would find it's way out, and if I was in jeans the experience was morbidly painful if it got pinched by the crotch grabbing power of denim.

But then, some special day, my mom would hand me a new package of pristine undies that would brighten my eyes, then of course immediately stiffen my delighted dick as soon as I unwrapped them in my room.


Monday, July 9, 2018

Doing Your Daily Task

Anyone who was ever a Boy Scout undoubtedly knows “Scout Vespers”. It is a reverent hymn sung at the end of a meeting or around the campfire as the very last event of the day before lights out. The first few lines are “Softly falls the light of day as our campfire fades away. Silently each Scout should ask have I done my daily task”.
 At my first summer camp, 11 years old, me and my friends noticed that when that last line was sung, several of the slightly older Scouts would both sing it extra loud and start to snicker. Us younger Scouts had no idea why this line seemed to be so funny. 

Finally, one of my friends bravely asked one of the older Scouts why they all seemed to laugh when we sing, "Have I done my daily task?" The older Scout responded something like, "It’s whackin-off you little dork!" "But you wouldn’t know anything about that yet!"

And he was right. We still had no idea what was so funny about - doing your daily task.

Anonymous Scout

Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Boy and Me Play "Squeeze It"

 In sixth grade there was a boy I knew that was all tall and skinny. He says one day,
 "Does your dick get hard?"

I did not know what that means. So he goes to feel of mine, showing me what he wanted. So I put my hand on his pants. He asks if I can  feel it.

 "Yes I can."

 Then he says,
  "Sqeeze it."

I did and.he says for  me to keep doing it. After I squeezed it a lot. He says,
  "Okay,  stop now."

 On another day he asks me if I want to feel it again today. He said he likes it when I squeeze his pants. For a good while I squeezed his pants then he goes,
 " That is enuff."

 One day after now in seven grade we're alone, and he gets it out and lets me see. It is sticking out in a big straight hard-on. It was long and thin just like him.  He says this is what you was squeezing last year.
  "Now you can do it for me like this."

 I wrap my fingers around it until they touch to my thumb. He said I can squeeze hard and soft it all feels good to him. He likes me to squeeze it a lot in different ways.He tells me to jack it. I was confused, he said I can move my hand up and down some, and to relax my grip when I go up. I got the rhythm of it going quickly and he is looking up moaning some nice noises.  In a little while he says,
 "It's coming!"

I did not know what he means. He says look. He goes to jacking it himself. He keeps telling me several times to look. Then some stuff comes out his piss hole, but it sure is not piss. He took a breath and said,
 "Aaah.... that was good."

 I got to be his friend, and he liked me to jack him all the time. One day he played with mine. It made me cum like him but not so much and not as milky. We found ways for him and me do it all the time in secret. He finally told me that I had  been making cum in his pants back in six grade while I was squeezing him.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Watching Giovanni Grow up

Part II, to catch-up  see part I

Well, I did come back and eventually it was a weekly routine that I'd come on Fridays as a reward for Giovanni having a good week. Only a few times did his mom call and say to not come over because Giovanni had been naughty. I'd hear him in the background screaming out that it was no fair. I also started to come on many Saturdays I'd take Giovanni to car shows, movies, sporting events and whatever else I felt that he might enjoy. His mom felt that I was a positive male role model because she did not have many relatives living nearby including male relatives.

I attended all of Giovanni's events he would sing in church, be in plays and he was on a hockey team and I came to all of it. Giovanni became like a relative to me. I even took him to doctors appointments. 

In the summer I took him swimming a few times a week. The first time I saw him nude was when I took him swimming and we both changed clothes in the locker room and cleaned up in the open shower. I felt closer to him because we were nude together but it wasn't a big deal. At no time did I ever touch him or do anything weird but we had a relationship where we were not upset about each other's nudity. We used to use restrooms together and Giovanni often liked to relieve himself outside too. He'd show me how far his stream could go and I'd say that I was impressed. "If I pull this part back my pee goes far..."

I am circumcised and he is not, I had hair and he did not those were the only observations he made other than that nudity was just incidental and casual. That never really changed even has he got older. Another thing that didn't change were our excursions. The only difference might be that he liked some new things at age 11 and 12. Skateboarding became a huge thing for him, he got really into Underground Hip Hop.

His mom started dating a man when he was 11. At first he didn't like this man but grew to love him. I was not jealous because his soon to be step-dad actually afforded me more opportunities to spend with Giovanni. "Hey, I want to take Gio's mom out on Saturday can you stay with Giovanni all day?' The man that she was dating was starting his own business when they met and the business took off. It became very successful to the point where he was taking Giovanni and his mother on trips to amusement parks, buying her a new car and eventually moving her out of the small apartment. Now, he was cutting into my time with Giovanni. Giovanni's mom married this man when Giovanni was 13 years old.

At 13 Giovanni was a handsome to say the least young man. He still had the boyish attributes mixed in with the signs of adolescence deeper voice, a very light mustache that you had to be up close to see, a few muscles. He grew in other areas too. Giovanni and I were still making it a point to hang out. One day we were in the car and he was gushing over his new step father. He was telling me how much he liked him and about all the things they did. I was dying inside but I knew that I shouldn't have been because Giovanni was happy, he finally had a dad except he used to say that he wished I could be his dad. "He's my best friend that's a grown up" those words echoed in my ears. "Oh he is?" I asked incredulously "Well, 2nd best friend, my Mom is my first best".

I got it his parents are first surely I would be third. No, it was his Hockey coach and after that it was some guy from his church and I tied for 5th with a person that he had only met a few times. "Why is your Hockey Coach third?" He started listing off all the Trophy's he had and all the cool things his coach could do. The guy from church drove an expensive sports car and let him ride in it. I was crushed that 7 years of close friendship didn't rank higher.

I wanted a new young friend. He called me the next weekend and I told him that I was busy for the first time ever. I started taking my neighbors child out, a little round butterball with a big appetite. His mother spoke almost no English. He was a nice kid but I didn't connect with him the same way I did Giovanni. I got over my hurt feelings and reached out to Giovanni again.

We started hanging out once again, even going swimming quite a few times between his 8th grade and Freshman year. Once Giovanni was in High School, he really started getting into girls. He was so handsome that he was instantly popular and not really available as much but we still kept in contact on the phone. He'd tell me about his new girl friend or invite me out to see him in his basketball games. The only thing was that unlike his hockey games after his basketball games I didn't take him anywhere, he went off with his friends.

It was bittersweet to see him growing up. In 12th grade, he gave me an invite to his graduation and he said "they gave me five tickets but I only need three for my favorite people in the world." He was talking about me, his step dad and his mom. He wrote me a note that I still have:


[Thank you for always being there, you were like a father, brother and cool uncle and best friend all at the same time. I will never forget all of the places we went even when the car broke down and we were stuck in that scary place at night. We survived WOOT! Anyway, I have known you for so long that I consider you to be family. I don't have a big family just me, mom and (name omitted. You are an important part of my little family too. I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out much this past year but there was so much to do for Senior year. I'm going to come home to visit from College and I want to do like we used to except this time I'll pay for our food. I love you but not in a weird way lol. I love you like a father/brother/uncle/best friend.

Sincerely, Giovanni.

P.S. you still need to learn to roller skate better.]

Giovanni is a young man now and has cut his hair by choice but I enjoy a close relationship with him to this very day.

The End