Monday, January 29, 2018

Sizing up Jordan

I posted this in a longer from years ago on the old First Experiences (Raw) blog. I won't try to tell the whole story again, but it does apply to the post about two boys of different races.

 When I was in junior high we had very few African-American boys in our school. One of them was in the same PE class with me. Our coach assigned "Jordan" to change and shower in a separate restroom, not the regular locker room.

My guess is that the coach didn't want Jordan to have to put up with all the white boys staring at him. I was sort of impulsive back then, not to mention curious. One day I walked in where Jordan was showering and told him it was too crowded in the big locker room. He said I could share the single shower if I wanted to.

 Final outcome: after a few more showers we became frequent jack buddies and good friends as well.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Halloween Treat - A New Friend

 I remember the day that Kweisi came into my 1st period math class in 7th grade, because it was on Halloween, way back in 1994. Kweisi had two parents from Africa, a father from Nigeria and a mother from Ghana. I found out later that both of his parents were highly educated, his father a doctor and his mother was a medical researcher. Kweisi was brilliant at math he tutored me in a few sections, as well as other students.

 As smart as he was, Kweisi still faced a lot of racism in my mostly white school. In fact on his first day, while being introduced in the class a kid named Bradley yelled out Kunta Kinte. I didn't think it was funny but it got a big enough laugh from the most of the class. Bradley was scolded, Kweisi looked visibly uncomfortable. I felt the need to let him know that I did not laugh at the joke. As soon as I could talk to him,  I saw him at his locker and introduced myself.

The two of us became friends and I lost friendships with a few other people that I thought were friends all for hanging out with Kweisi. He was super cute, smooth skin, good facial features and structure, he was very fit. He was also intelligent, as I said he tutored people in math.

 One day a boy called him a monkey and with his quick wit he said, "I helped you in math so if I am a monkey what does that make you?" I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember exactly how it was said but it was a great comeback that left the other person speechless because they couldn't come up with a response.

 I developed a crush on Kweisi but never let on to him. I did follow him into the restroom a few times, because he didn't seem to notice or care that I was peeking. I am circumcised so it was interesting to see his chocolate colored cock, but the head of it was more intriguing. I got a glimpse of  his glans, one time when he rolled his foreskin back the head was almost pink. It was a shaped like a big mushroom too, I was so turned on, but Kweisi and I never did anything sexual.

 I did see him in class one day fighting to keep his erection down and the more he'd try to hide it the more I noticed. I fantasized that he'd get up in the middle of class and walk over to me and jack off and spray his cum all over my desk. I had an ejaculation in the middle of class because I was so caught up in that fantasy and rubbing my cock through my jeans but luckily we were watching a movie with the lights down, so nobody noticed.

It remember since that day that nothing was better to me than seeing a cute black boy.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Boy Boobs

There was a boy in PE, around ninth or maybe tenth grade. For a dude, he had very large breasts. Not in the sense of female boobs like Madonna or Marilyn Monroe. But they were real noticeable and seemed to flap up and down when he ran. One of the constant jokes was to tell him he forgot his brassiere. Another was to ask him the dairy slogan, "Got milk?"

 I saw him at a reunion sometime ago and he's straight as an arrow. But we wondered otherwise when we watched his man-boobs bounce while he dribbled a basketball. He was the subject of much incorrect gossip.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Some Guys are NOT Who they Seem to be

 My parents became convinced that I was gay in part because of my best friend Timothy. We met in 6th grade and became very close from the first day we met. Tim was effeminate, he was into ballet and tap dancing, spoke in a high girlish voice but I got along with him better than anyone else and I enjoyed his company. My parents were very conservative in every way and did not like my friendship with Tim.

 He still got to sleepover once and that may have further convinced my parents that I was gay or at least "struggling" with that issue. We got caught in the same sleeping bag and my mom made us sleep across the room from each other and keep the door open and the light on. We were in the same sleeping bag but nothing sexual was going on, the both of us were fully dressed not even in pajamas but jeans and a t shirt, we were acting silly not touching each other. My dad gave me a weird, vague talk about resisting certain urges.

 Tim and I went to school together so aside from taking me out of school, there wasn't much my parents could do to stop our friendship but they could undermine it in other ways. On my 14th birthday my parents made me un-invite Tim from my birthday party, I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I told him it was cancelled. You can guess how that turned out when Tim found out the truth from someone else.

 As my parents took steps to weaken my bond with Tim they also attempted to provide me with a new friend. Jacob was the opposite of Tim physically and in personality, whereas Tim was kind of short and thin for his age Jacob (16) was around 6 ft tall and muscular. Jacob played football, baseball and was on a wrestling team. We got along when we met but the connection with him was not like it was with Tim.

 I think somehow it got out to Jacob that my parents thought I was dealing with homosexuality. It wouldn't have been that hard for that to happen, my dad spoke to his dad about everything, I think his dad might have spoken with his son about me.

 I couldn't do sleepovers with Tim anymore but my parents arranged for me to go to Jacob's house and spend the night. I really didn't want to go.... but my parents had made up their minds, and I went. As soon as Jacob and I were alone, he stood in front of his door and took out his erect penis and said that I could "suck it if I wanted to" and he wouldn't tell. There was absolutely nothing leading up to this, it just happened and that's why I think Jacob knew that my parents thought I was gay.

 I declined to suck him, Jacob then offered to suck me, I declined for him to do it to me. He asked again later that night, if I was sure. I'm pretty sure he started jacking off that night around midnight in the same room with me and then asked if I was awake. I was but pretended to be asleep. Timothy never ever tried to get me to do anything sexual with him, never exposed himself to me so it was ironic that the friend my parents wanted to replace Timothy with Jacob because he was a better example of how I should be...but he ended up being gay himself.


Friday, January 19, 2018

The Rare Breed of Boy

There is a rare breed of boy that many may think stopped existing as far back as the 70's but I can testify that although rare they still exist. It was near the end of Summer 2017, my friend asked me if I would take her son and his best friend to the waterpark because she had 3 tickets she wanted to use before summer was over. She will take her son to a waterpark but does not enjoy it herself so she bribed me with a free ticket and money to buy food. I accepted and took her son who was transitioning between 6th and 7th grade and his best buddy who was 7th going into 8th.

It was a hot day in August but the waterpark was not very crowded, we went on every slide at least once. The slides we really liked we were able to get in line over and over yet not wait for very long. We ate, rested, played in the kiddie pool, lazy river, did a few more slides and then exhausted finally decided we had enough. It was an all day thing, we came a couple hours after it opened and were about to leave pretty close to closing time.

The boys had came already dressed in swim trunks and had regular clothes in folded in plastic bags that we put in the locker. We all came into the locker area the boys were nonstop talking about every thing we did that day, the scary water slide, the fast water slide, the dark water slide, the racing slide, etc. As we walked into the changing area I expected that the boys would either wrap the towel around themselves to get undressed or use the stall where the toilets were. Instead without ever dropping the conversation and with no hesitation whatsoever my friend's son pulled off his shorts and so did his older friend. They showed no sign of shame, they didn't attempt to cover themselves even though I was right there with them they just chattered away. The only time they stopped is when Austin asked should I take a shower? I said that they should and they picked up the conversation again and walked to the shower area naked as the day they were born and took a shower.

After the shower they walked out and dried themselves and argued over a can of AXE Body Spray before getting dressed. I always wonder about boys between the ages of 10-18 that are not hung up about nudity. How were they raised? How did they not let this culture influence them? I've seen this rare breed sometimes and I have always wondered how they ended up that way in this day and age. It doesn't bother me but it is a curiosity.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lookie in the Loo

 When I was in grade 6 I had a pee-pal who was in the same grade but a different classroom. The way we became buds was from riding the same bus. At school he or I would ask to be excused from our room and would walk past the door of the other guy's class, or loiter in the hall until being noticed. Sometimes a teacher or janitor would see one of us hanging around in the hall and send the guy back to his room. But maybe three times a week it worked.

 We walked separately to avoid suspicions, and we ended up at the boys room a few minutes apart. We watched each other pee, but didn't think about touching one another. You could guess that young guys want to compare, but certainly with someone you trust showing your most private self to. It could be many reasons. However, It was the high spot of my day, going to the restroom and knowing that my friend and I would expose ourselves to each other.

 It is very interesting to me that we got such a charge of just showing and looking without doing anything else. I don't even know if we got stiffies. The fun lasted up until my teacher sent a note home asking if I had a urinary infection because I went to the restroom so much. I just said to my parents that I liked to get out of the room and walk a little bit.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Shower Time Monitors

 We lived for a short time in a small town that had only three schools: elementary, intermediate, and high. That year I was at the intermediate campus, which was for grades 6-9. There were only two coaches for the whole school system, one male and one female. They ran all the sports teams and all the PE classes.When I was in seventh grade our PE class was last period, very end of the day. Which was also when the high school teams began their practice. The male coach supervised us getting changed at the beginning of PE and then he hustled over to the high school group to run the drills. The female coach directed our PE activities. But then came time to undress and shower, which (no matter how far "equality" has come) the female coach could not command that role.

So three ninth-grade boys were selected by the two coaches to supervise us seventh graders at the end of the period. Those boys joined in with our class in whatever work-outs the lady coach assigned us. So the "big" boys needed showers also, in addition to keeping order in the shower room.

At the same time we seventh graders were stripping and lathering up, the three ninth grade dudes did exactly the same thing, right in front of us, no pretense of modesty. They undressed with us, showered with us, and put their street clothes back-on with us.

A few comments have been posted here about the difference in development between boys of various ages. We were seventh graders, most of us were around 12. The shower room monitors were ninth graders, 14 or 15. I guarantee we got an eye-full. The bigger boys walked casually through the locker room in total nudity. They showered in front of us and walked naked to their lockers. They stood around naked while talking.

We knew they did it on purpose to show off their goods. Now, being ninth graders, their junk was not fully man-size grown yet. But they let all of us see what they did have. And we all looked! We talked about their crotches in whispered conversations. They had hair - half-grown patches of pubes, but still it was hair. They had baggy balls - genuine cojones, not little marble bags. Their dicks were an inch or so longer than ours and bigger around. Their pricks kind of swung back and forth when the boys walked. Instead of a spritely wiggle that ours did as we scampered from the showers to our lockers.

 We also learned a whole new vocabulary, and a way of talking that was never heard at home sort of like an insult, but gobs funnier. It was Big Guys Speak....something in-between accusation and approval to us littler dudes.

And what we heard was "Hey, shorty! Did you get your nuts off last night? Don't wait too long between jerks or you'll get blue balls!"

"Hey You, Green plaid boxers! Wanna try on one of the high school cheerleaders tonight? I'll put in a good word for you....... when I'm finished with her."

"Hey Kid, drying your butt! I need a good blow job! Are you open for business?"

"Clifford! Quit rubbing the front of your shorts. Your firecracker might go off and we'd have to drag you back to the showers and clean you up."

 Besides joshing us they played off each other like a trio of comedians: "Watch out for Randy, here. He's horny today. Needs a volunteer to help him shoot a good load. Anybody got a warm hand?"

To which Randy would answer, "Shut your nasty mouth. You can suck me later."

"You lil' dudes ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till Deshaun does a hula dance with a boner going!"

"Well, that would be most any time 'cuz I've always got a boner!"

We loved it. They put on a real show for us. Not only that, but we learned something new every day and couldn't wait to have a private conversation and secret jerk with our besties.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Secret Invitations

  When I was in the seventh grade I always sat by the door. That way, when I had to go to the bathroom it would not interrupt the class when I left the room. Since the teacher's knew that I had very little holding power,and that I went often, they let me choose a seat near the door. The Boy's bathroom was in the basement of the antebellum brick schoolhouse. The urinals were these huge oddities that went all the way to the floor. They probably had enough porcelain in them to make a whole bath tub. So anyway, when you are taking a whiz you couldn''t stand too close or your feet would be standing in the basin getting soaked in unpleasantness. I self assigned myself the task of assuring no boy went to the pisser unaccompanied. Provided he knew to indicate so.

  Whenever we were doing seat-work at our desks, it was the best time to go. So when a boy had to use the bathroom and he wanted me to go too, he would walk by my desk and wink at me. Which meant "Follow me to the bathroom". After the wink, I would wait a casual minute, then just get up quietly for my secret invitation.

  The pissing fellowship events rarely varied, he would be standing in front of the urinal, I'd walk up and stand beside him, then pull my dick through the fly of my jeans. Some guys would wait and pull their dick out of their jeans after I get there. Without any eye-contact, I would then reach over and hold his dick while he pee'd. I love the feeling of guys pee running through their dick.

 Most guys would return the favor and reach over to take a hold of my dick while I'd pee. It was impossible for anyone to sneak into the bathroom, since the wooden steps always creaked when you'd step on them. If we heard someone coming down the stairs, we would move over a urinal apart, and pretend that nothing was going on. Unless it was another boy that wanted to join in with what we were doing. Most all of the boys knew that I would hold their dick while they were peeing. So after they pee'd..... if they wanted me to..... I would play with their dick until they shot their stuff into the urinal. I always thought of that as my reward for holding their dick while they'd pee.

Farm Boy

Saturday, January 13, 2018

When I Learned it was Normal to Jack

 I couldn't sleep one night when I was 12 years old. My penis remained stiff and engorged for a long time with only short periods of flaccid rest before erecting again. It was as if it was begging for attention so I turned on my light and locked my door. I laid on my back staring at my penis that seemed to pulsate with every beat of my heart. The magenta colored head of my penis stuck out of my foreskin, it was swollen up and looked bigger than usual.

  I wasn't jacking off in the classic way that everybody imagines it, a fist moving quick and furiously up and down or slowly depending on your preference. I was touching it lightly, doing more investigation than anything else and like a jeweler looking at a diamond I was noticing the size, hardness and color. I felt a feeling that I had never felt before but I knew what was happening. I've read a lot of stories where people said it felt like they were going to pee and for me the feeling that I had was entirely different. It did not feel like I had to pee, it started deep in my gut and radiated outward towards my toes. It felt as if I had momentarily loss control of my body.

  I was scared, I had read about sperm and how babies were made but I didn't feel ready to see it. Yet, ready or not it came out like a volcano. The first couple squirts landed on my stomach filling my navel like a pool of milky water. The rest of it flowed out of me like lava rolling down my shaft onto my pubic mound. The pubic hair that I did have was covered in this substance like hair gel, my hand did not escape clean either. I picked up some dirty laundry from my floor, a t shirt if I remember correctly and cleaned the goop from my hands and stomach. My hands were still sticky, my pubic hair was still spiky. I also noticed the smell of it and thought that it would travel through the house.

  I managed to take a shower that night without waking anyone, if I did happen to have awakened anyone, then nothing was ever said to me. The first time was fascinating and scary but I got over my fear and masturbation was a regular activity for me. I limited myself to 2 days a week because I reasoned that the less I did it the better it would feel. I also felt bad about it, I felt as if I was doing something perverted and wondered if other people could tell that I masturbated.

  I liked to masturbate but felt horrible that I enjoyed something so perverted. I also did not think that my other friends in Middle School ever did what I did. I couldn't imagine them doing it. The only time jacking off was ever discussed was if it was a joke. People teased each other about it and liked to accuse kids of doing it and the kid being accused would sharply deny it and turn the accusation back around to the accuser who would of course deny it.

  One day I went to my friends house, I always used to just knock on his window instead of going to the front door. I came to knock and noticed through the glass...him with headphones on attached to his computer he was standing up. He had lowered his pants and his penis was curved up, he was touching it. I had never seen another boys penis in this state.

 I was mesmerized looking through the gap in his curtain, he was masturbating..... just like I did. He held out his hand and caught the cum in his hand and wiped it on his pants. He was a kid that I thought of as cool and if he did this too, well then perhaps it couldn't be that bad after all. I felt good to know that I wasn't the only middle school kid who jacked off. I now knew at least one other person in my school enjoyed the same activity that I did.

 Instead of knocking on the window, right after he finished I just went back home. (I didn't jack off, I just had to mention that because it was less of a turn on than it was validation that I wasn't a pervert.) I went home and watched a TV show and came back to his house an hour later. I knocked on the window, he saw me and came around and let me in. It was like nothing happened, I didn't mention anything and he didn't act any differently than usual. He was wearing different clothes than I had saw him in when he masturbated, I saw the pants in the hamper in the corner of his room.

  The first chance that I got when he was out of the room I picked out the pants and examined them. I saw the cum dried up where he had wiped it earlier. The goo reminded me of a giant snail trail. I sniffed the dried area but couldn't tell if I was smelling the fabric itself or the dried cum. I put the pants back before he came in again. The next time I masturbated, I didn't feel bad about it at all.

Anonymous Guerrillamail user

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Flash update on Nine Meals from Chaos – a Film by Noel Films -

The film is now released for video download. Anyone can contribute to future film releases by Noel films when they purchase the  NMFC download file from Noel Films. Ivan has stressed to me that the financial support for his work is the primary means that he can continue to fund his projects. There are no major production companies funding his works, although he has consistently received critical acclaim from many independent film festivals and reviewers globally.  He has been somewhat disheartened by the low sales volume of previous works. The public is hastened for unknown reasons in purchases of the films. He is weighing various possibilities to assure Piracy is squelched, and I also agree it is quite unfair that he has worked so diligently to create these fine films, yet he receives very little financial reward for his craft.

 I understand those persons who participated in funding NMFC will be receiving their Physical copies (if they committed to that support package). I expect mine will be coming soon, although I also bought an electronic version. For which, it was very easy to conduct the on-line purchase and download the file along with English sub-title file.

 I offered Ivan my support in posting announcements and reviews on the blog about the NMFC release, yet he only asked me to generate interest for upcoming projects. I will await his green-light on any future projects. He has stated he is beginning the script for the next project already.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Bully's Secrets

 I was bullied in Middle School for no particular reason other than  because I was a fat, poor kid. I'd wear shoes until they were coming apart and then with a pass or two of duct tape, it helped wear them another month. On top of that, my interests didn't line up with typical middle school social stand-out kids. For example most kids in my school either liked rap or rock...... this was mid the 90's but I enjoyed Country. I wasn't into sports either, but I was into Professional Wrestling, which many of my classmates had labeled as fake and stupid.

 One particular bully named Michael used to sneak up on me and grind himself into my leg and say,
  "You like that Faggot?" and then laugh at me.

  If it was after P.E. I could actually feel his penis, because the shorts we wore were pretty thin. I never thought of this as sexual, or any kind of a Come-on,  just as more hazing that I was compelled to get used to. But one day I swear that when nobody was around, well.... he did it a few seconds longer than usual and he made more of an effort for me to feel his grinding penis.This was a special accentuated dick pressure day. I was repulsed as usual, but oddly confused why he leveraged his groin against me so long. But then, he asked as usual,
 "Do you like that faggot?"

 One day, I had enough of this teasing and I decided to shoot back. Perhaps it was a dead-on target blow. He had a good friend named Jake that he was always hanging around with. I said to him

"You're the faggot, I saw what you and Jake do on your way home from school."

 I had seen nothing, nor did I suspect anything gay. But the fuck-tard bully looked surprised and did not say another word to me right then...... or for the rest 8th grade. He didn't grind into me anymore, shit he didn't even join in when other people teased me. WTF!!!

 I have no clue what he and Jake actually did on the way home from school, but whatever it was he didn't want me mentioning a word about it. He and Jake both for that matter avoided me all through 8th grade. Needless to say life got a little easier without someone grinding their probably semi-erect penis into me two or three times a day in public view.

 In High School the teasing mostly stopped, as people matured and just left each other alone. I was still the awkward fat kid, but now nobody went out of their way to make me uncomfortable about it.

 The amazing part was that the bully Michael went to the High School on the other side of town. I found out years later that he had joined the LGBT club in his Senior year. It makes me wonder what he and Jake were really up to and his real motivation behind grinding into me.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bathing Boys

 Starting when we were just babies, there were two other boys in our block that were the same age as me. We were together all the time not only because we liked each other, but also because our mothers were good friends and hung out drinking coffee and gossiping while us kids played.

Among our adventures was communal bathing. When it was bath time the women would often  pop all three of us into the tub at one of the houses. Sometimes we played in the water and bubbles for a while. Other times the ladies were in a hurry and one of the moms would wash all three of us and hand us out one at a time to another mom for drying, and a third mom for dressing us. But the point is, from birth to maybe four or even five years old we were naked together nearly every day. It was not a big deal - we were three little nudists around each other time and time again as we grew from babies into boys.

 The bathing continued on a different level as we became big enough to take our own baths. My mom might say, "Well, we've got to go home so Regi can take his bath."

One of my buddies would protest, "Regi can take his bath with me," looking forward to the two of us getting undressed and playing around in the water. If two or three of us spent the night together, we would bathe in a group -- or shower after we outgrew tub baths. We gave special attention to each other's junk. We probably got little boners too, but that part of it is hazy. Showering was just another way to play. I remember one time that we must have been banging around in the shower and one of the mothers yelled through the door, "What's going on in there?"
Her son answered, "Regi and I are scrubbing each other." Apparently this was a satisfactory answer.
 Sadly, our family moved to a different neighborhood before us guys hit puberty. I have delightful memories of three boys soaping and lathering each other's balls and dicks and wearing each other's underpants. Occasionally we stood around tickling one another's exposed crotches just because it felt good. As we got to be about ten or eleven, we assisted each other in hunting pubic hair, looking at one another's groins through a magnifying glass. I do know that we popped some stiffies while touching each other during the hair-hunt. We didn't know anything about playing with our penises once they got hard, but we had a running bet on who would sprout hair first.

 For us three, being naked together was perfectly normal, an everyday aspect of our lives.


Sunday, January 7, 2018

When NOT to use the "F" Word

In Ned's Locker Room story, he mentions learning new bad words in his middle school locker room, I was in the eighth grade before ever hearing the f--- word. Or, more likely, I heard it but it meant nothing to me so I ignored it.

At any rate, the word sounded nasty when I became aware of boys using it, but it took days or maybe weeks for me to figure out exactly what it meant. Then it moved into my brain and I was constantly thinking about the literal meaning (a husband f---s his wife) versus the symbolic way my peers used it (f--- a class, f--- homework, f--- gym workouts). And the crazy thing was that I didn't want that word in my mind all the time. It made me feel like one of the troublemakers instead of a basically nice guy.

A few weeks after I learned that word we were studying lenses in science, like the lens in a camera or projector or magnifying glass. The teacher projected a real fuzzy picture on the screen and asked why it looked so bad. Various people said various things. I knew I had the answer, but instead of saying it to the teacher I turned to a kid next to me and said, "He needs to adjust the fuckus." The other's guy's eyes went wide and he stared at me.

"I mean FOCUS! FOCUS!. You know, FOCUS!"

In my mind I was dying! How did THAT come out of my mouth??? To think how near I came to yelling "fuckus" in science class completely creeped me out. I became so scared of accidentally saying the f--- word that I forced myself to slow down and examine every sentence before I said anything.

Still today when I see binoculars or a magnifying glass I am transported back to eighth grade science and a near-disaster that would have got me suspended from school and seriously disciplined at home.


Friday, January 5, 2018

A Short but well Packaged Brother

I'm submitting my story through comment:

Cool thanks, it works just fine. Welcome to the blog Sir.

 I had a female friend when I was 16 years old she went to my High School we were both Juniors. She came from a short family, her dad was only like 5 ft,7 in give or take an inch and her mom was even shorter at 5 ft 2 in. Her family was not blessed with height and back then she may have been less than 5ft tall. Well, she had a younger brother and one day the three of us went to the mall just to hang out. In the food court she asked me to guess her brother's age, I guessed correctly that he was 13 years old which shocked the heck out of her.

 He looked about 9 or 10 to me and as I know now most other people guessed him to be 9 or 10 and sometimes as young as 8. I would have guessed wrong if it wasn't for one thing and it was that about an hour or so before she asked me that question we visited the restroom. Her brother and I stood side by side at the urinals and I observed that he had a good amount of pubic hair, a fat penis and good size testicles that I doubted would belong to a 9 or 10 year old boy.

 They wanted to know how I could guess correctly, I told my friend and her brother that I just made a silly guess and did not expect to be right. I couldn't say that it was because he had big balls or something like that but she accepted the answer.

The short gene may have kept him from reaching 6 feet but did nothing to slow down the growth of his hidden parts.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Towel Room Treats

I have a story about something peculiar that happened when I was was in grade seven PE.

The PE coach sent me to the locker room during class so I could get another basketball. At one corner of the locker room was a room with a window to pass things through. The room had a lot of shelves full of towels and sports equipment. I walked up to the counter and saw this boy who ran the equipment room was rubbing his crotch against one of the shelves. He jumped back in a hurry! Too Late!! I knew he was rubbing his dick.

I tried to sneak up on him a couple of  times after that. I never saw him doing that rubbing bit again. So one day I was trying to get horny with him, and I asked the stupid question "How's it hanging?" He up and flashed me by pulling down the front of his shorts for a second. It became our game after that, every time I went to the towel and equipment room he would play with the front of his shorts and then pull them out and show me that he had a hard-on. This kept going on until one day he pumped a load into a towel while I stood watching. I had an awful boner going, but was too shy to let him know.

That was the beginning of my first jack-off partnership.


A Boys Experiment

  Concerning left-behind cum. At first I thought the stuff would just evaporate without a trace. I shot my first load at home in the bathroom. Just went in to piss and got a boner which I started pumping. I was standing at the toilet and started feeling totally weird! Didn't know that anything was going to shoot out. When it did, I was so surprised that I shook all over and my stuff went on the toilet, the tank, the wall, everywhere! I cleaned it up because my mother was strict about taking care of our own mess. But I just figured if I didn't clean it up, it would evaporate like water.

  So, the next day was Wednesday and I went to youth meeting at church. I got my best bud off to a side and told him what happened to me the day before. He wanted to see me do it. Because of the way my cum went everywhere the first time, I thought I should have something to catch it in. We made up a story and "borrowed" a very small paper cup from the nursery. Then went to the boys room and I pumped a load into the paper cup for my bud to see. Only my second time and I was showing off! He was majorly impressed! All the stuff went into the cup. I don't know why we didn't throw the cup away. We opened the broom closet in the restroom and put the cup on a shelf.

 Well Sunday comes around and I think, I better throw that cup away. So I went to the restroom and got the cup. There was about one-eighth-inch to one-quarter-inch layer of dried stuff kind of curdled in the bottom of the cup, some of it smooth but also sort of lumpy looking too. It was gross looking, no longer white but a little darkish! I ran some water in the cup and swirled it around. Then I poured out the water and my dry cum was still in the cup! That was my lesson that cum did not evaporate. If you left it behind it would stay forever (or until somebody washed it off).