Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nostalgia of Friday Night Lights

I often go with a couple of buddies to high school football games in our area.

 Last week we were having a few beers after the game, and one of my friends got very nostalgic and introspective. He admitted that one of his biggest pleasures in watching high school football was that he felt the absolute best times and memories in his life was when he was a boy  himself on that field playing high school football. He described that watching these boys on the field takes him back to those most memorable experiences, apparently this was both on the field and in the locker room. He said these kids are probably building memories like he once did. In closing, he described his team as “the best and closest friends I ever had.”

As a regular reader of this blog, what he said made me realize the reason I enjoy reading about private encounters that your readers had with other boys when they were young, also brings me back to those exciting experiences I had as a boy. Like my friend, we are sort of re-living those great times long past in our lives by watching (or in my case, reading about) other boys having those same experiences.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Was it Hormones Leading us on, or Something Else?

So in "Are we Gonna be Friends",
He wrote: "When the next morning arrived and it was time to get up, I felt too mortified to look at the other boy. People just didn't do that thing together that we had done last night."

When I was a kid, a sleepover early in a budding friendship where we ended-up touching each other and watching each other masturbate, then felt extremely awkward the next morning when we woke up. Even though not a word would be said as to what we had done. It destroyed our friendship, as he just started avoiding me at school right after that.

 So, these things can be risky. And what we did we both seemed comfortable with at the time. No pressure on the the other. But I guess it was the hormones leading us on.


I think this is a good discussion topic if anyone else wants to weigh-in.


Monday, September 18, 2017

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gobble Gobble??

I first heard of blowjobs in the seventh grade, before I ever shot a load.

 The act was called "gobbling" at my school. If you were out in the mall or somewhere similar and encountered a boy who was known to give head to other guys, you would lean over close to him and say in a soft voice, "Gobble, gobble, gobble?"

It was always phrased as a question. It did not mean we wanted the guy to blow us, it was just kind of a taunt.  The facial expression was tantamount in determining truth or fallacy on such rumours.

Also there was graffiti written in restroom stalls such as "Smitty gobbles."Imagine seeing your name spattered in a condemning broadcast for all to warrant their conviction and surely to deliver an exacting social ruin. This was a cannon shot blasting you whether you simply made the incorrect response, or perhaps your secret was revealed for evermore.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

At What Age do you Know?

Here is one that may get some people digging deep into their thoughts.

I have been thinking back on the ages of guys that were my friends or buddies over the years. One in particular seems really strange to me, and makes me worry about myself.

Did anybody else go through a period of liking somebody who was (to be blunt) old and unattractive, and feeling perfectly at ease with them for a while?

Here is how things have worked for me so far:

Age 10 - my friend who lived in the house behind us was the first guy I did nasty things with.

Age 14 - I learned how to jack off. The same friend was my buddy for a while but he started liking girls. Grrr..

Age 18 - Graduated from HS (private school, all grades) with few friends an no sex partners of my own age. During HS I had "masturbation encounters" only with boys younger than me (boys from school and church who had not discovered girls). My best friend during high school was a middle-age elementary teacher at my school, an overweight and effeminate single man. We hung out together a lot but there was no sexual element.

College - tried to make buddies with young teens (as before, the ones who were not quite at the age of discovering heterosexuality). Not comfortable about the age difference and was basically a sexual loner.

Age 20 - Came home for the summer and ran into my friend the fat old elementary teacher. We hung out together and surprisingly became intimate (I initiated it). We had a relaxed on-and-off relationship for several years whenever I would come back to town, despite the fact that he was getting into his late fifties.

Age 22 - Discovered "cruising" at public restrooms. I tricked with the youngest guys possible - nobody my own age or beyond.

Age 30 - Deeply resented old men who showed up at the places where I cruised.

Age 35 - the old elementary teacher died, in his sixties by then. When I went to his funeral and looked at him in the coffin, I was totally nauseated about having messed with an old troll - despite the fact that we had been very good friends.

Today - I live alone but have a "friend" who is about 20 years younger than me.

Was something wrong with me for having an old man as my partner for several years when I was young? Why does the thought of getting old freak me out so bad?

Call me "X"