Sunday, July 30, 2017

Get Michael!

When I was in junior high, several of us guys regularly hung out with a boy who had access to his family car. I don't remember him being much older than us; maybe he had an early license. Anyway, it seemed we were always out late on Friday or Saturday nights after a movie or a high school game, driving around town and acting crazy. We never did anything really bad, just drove around after we should have been home in bed. Sometimes we waved at police cars and occasionally they stopped us to make sure we weren't drinking. To a carload of seventh graders, all of that was funny beyond description.

The guy who drove had a wicked sense of humor. He would lean toward the boy next to him and whisper, "Get Michael!" Or John or David or some other guy in the car. The word spread among us immediately that "Michael" was our target. We would gang up on him, try to hold him still, and strip off all his clothes except his underpants. Summer or winter, the car would come to a sudden halt and "Michael" would be thrown out wearing nothing but his whitie-tighties.

We might circle the block just once or stay gone for as much as ten minutes. Sometimes we threw the victim's clothes out along the way. Then we'd finally swing by and let him climb into the car. If we'd tossed his clothes, he had to get out of the car at every stop and pick up his own stuff. The driver might take advantage of that and speed off again.

Every Saturday night one of us would be chosen. Never more than one. We'd see the driver lean over and whisper. Sometimes he said "Get Marty!" and I would try to keep at least my pants while they stripped me. But I always lost that battle and ended up in the street in my underwear.

This was hilarious fun to us. None of us drank or did drugs or even smoked. We just laughed our butts off as we left some poor boy standing in a front yard or on a business corner at midnight, wearing nothing but his briefs.

After I learned how to pump my dick, I realized that the boy who drove the car was secretly jacking off with one hand and steering the car with the other while the chosen boy was stripped. But I never mentioned it to any of the others. I got boners from knowing what he was doing but kept that part to myself, waiting until I got home to take care of my horny situation.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tag You're it

There is a crazy little happening that I keep remembering. Standing at a pisser in school, side by side with another boy. And seeing him wiggle his dick which I knew, was nasty to watch. He reached over and squeezed my dick and said,
"Tag you're it!"

 Nothing like that ever happened to me before. He was still standing next to me. In a challenge he said, 
"Go ahead and get me."

So then quickly,  I squeezed his dick. Right away we were both touching the other guy's dick. Pulling and extending them out of our undies. He wanted to know if it felt good. "Well Yeah!!"

I had to be in seventh grade by then but didn't know about stuff like that yet. He totally shocked me but I kept feeling him while I had the chance. It was my very first time for anything like that.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Body Tingle

Do you guys remember what its like for your foot to tingle all over. We said our foot had went to sleep if we cut off the blood circulation on accident. That is how I felt all over, my whole body when my first climax was about to happen. Yes I was pumping my dick but no, had not a clue what I was doing. It was like getting fever and at the same time vision became dim and sort of seeing double and your head and body and legs get this enormous going-to-sleep prickly feeling and your breathing funny. I am dying. This is what it feels like to die. Then the climax came and also the cum spews out! Staring at cum on the shower curtain and heart pounding. What just happened? Is that death? Did I change into an angel or something!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Special Fluid

Like the writer of the Year Long Wait , when I was age 12, I also enjoyed my time sitting on the toilet admiring and touching my erection.

This is when and how I discovered my pre-cum. I'd play with it and squeeze the head, and it just felt so nice. After a couple of minutes a few drops of a special clear slippery fluid would ooze out. I never gave a thought to wrapping my fingers around my shaft and rubbing it up and down. But this odd an slippery fluid was so handy to smear all around my penis head.

 At age 12 this was as far as my dick playtime went. I was so naive. Rubbing that slippery fluid all over my penis head felt so nice, it seemed that the production of this heaven-sent fluid lasted entirely too short. Things dried up before I encountered the most special feelings ever, so I never took it any further (until I turned 13, and that amazing event happened).


Friday, July 14, 2017

Our Luscious Week-ends

Similar to Farm Boy in his Milk House story I had a friend that I used to suck off. although not in the country.

I was already driving but we were both in School, although I was a couple of years ahead. Our week-ends was the time we enjoyed most. It's like we had saved up all our energy for the week-ends. As soon as I could get over to his house to pick him up we blazed outta there heading to my house. My Mom always had plans to go out with either her friends or her Man friend. It's like we were so super horny in the car. I would unbuckle his pants and he would do a coy kind of "Oh no" in a high voice while I was reaching into his jeans to touch his cock. In seconds he was hard, and well so was I. It was crazy distracting for a teen trying to drive with a hard on and a handful of another cock. Fortunately it was only about 2 miles to my house.The temptation was incredible. I remember in winter-time to warm my hands I would shove them under his legs. The slightly taught muscles of his thighs felt warm and inviting. I couldn't wait to get my hands around them, and slide up over his round ass.

We both hurried into my room, shucking off our shirts and shoes then dropping everything on the floor in my room. I liked to slide down his pants, and undies to expose his young prize. Immediately after,  he flopped on the bed and I draped myself between his legs to devour his sweet cock.

He had just a spray of pubes above it then soft smooth skin up his flat belly. His balls still smooth too with no hairs, only bumpy taught skin surrounding those young developing balls. Our first of the week--end was always the fastest until orgasm. Since we didn't know how to 69, we took turns delivering our spunk to each other.

 Of course we headed out to grab a fast food dinner or pizza when we finished. At bed-time and in the morning it was a repeat. I suppose we would cum up to 8 or 10 each in a week-end.  Those times were amazing, I know we were lucky to have each other then. I still love Friday's, and smile when remembering our week-ends of bliss together.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Taste at the Milk house

This is a new contribution following the story The Beginning of a Very Special Relationship

I was in the milk house ordering out supply's when Mom called out from the back door of the house. She said "Toby called and asked if he could come up." "I told him you were in the Milk House, and to come on over, we're having Fried Chicken for lunch."
I smiled knowing secretly he was probably ready for a wank or something, and was bored by himself. I told her thanks, and I could use his help with the chores and mowing later. With that "smoke screen" of us working together, it assured that she would not bother us in the barn. I hurried with the last few items, strawing the pens, and filling the water troughs.

When Toby walked into the milk house I notice he had a bulge in his cut offs. I felt a tingle in my own pants and instructed him, "Set your ass down by me." "You have a boner."
He reached over, "So do you, Mr Peter Inspector!" We both laughed.
I asked him if he wanted me to suck on it?
"Well, only if I can suck on your dick." He replied.
We both stood up and took off our jeans and underwear.
"Get up here on this box, so I can suck on your dick while I stand here in front of you."
He stood on top of the box. He was pale from his thighs on up to where his cut-offs gave way top his belly. But every place else was tan from the summer sun like a any country boy's body. I laid my head softly against the ripple rows of his muscled lower abdomen. The slid my hand round his back and rested on his firm bum cheeks.
I took his boner in one gulp right down to the base. I was in charge so that meant feeling his balls all the while I was sucking on his dick. Some of the guys I had known before really didn't like anyone playing with their balls. I reckon they had been racked too many times and didn't trust nobody. Toby was not like that at all. He let me touch him any place on his body that I ever wanted. I stroked the area under his balls as I sucked him. His balls tightened up and were shaped like half an onion bulb. It didn't take him long before he was yelling out,  "I'm ready to blow my stuff."

I sucked his dick deep into my throat and held his dick there while he filled my throat full of his sweet stuff.
He gasped a bit then kind of whispered,  it was my turn to get sucked. I was boned up and ready after the thrill of his ejaculation. He took all of my dick in one gulp. As soon a he started to play with my balls I was ready to shoot my stuff. I held his head and yelled out, I'm going to fill your tummy full of my stuff.
He swallowed every bit of my cum.

We both pulled up our undies and cutoffs and sat back down. He looked at me and asked me where I leaned how to suck dick so good.
"I got lots of practice." "I was sucking dicks with my cousins when I lived at my grandparents other Farm".

 He says, "Oh, I see.... I wished my cousins had lived near me."

I snickered and continued my tale,  "Well, I was also sucking dicks when I went to the one room school house." "The bathroom was outside so I never had to worry about getting caught sucking on other boys dick."

"Dern, No wonder you are so good at sucking."

I smiled and rubbed  the back of his head...."You are good at sucking dick also."
I put up the shovel and tools away and we left for the field to mow down hay and maybe have some more fun after lunch.

Farm Boy