Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Your Turn

Our family was eating at a fast-food place along with some people that my parents knew. I was 11 or 12. The other people had a boy a year or two older than me. He seemed very cool. I felt like I was big stuff for hanging with the older dude, because I usually kept away from bigger guys. I sat next to him, ordered what he did, joked with him, really felt big.

He told his parents he was going to the restroom. Right away I said I would go with him. What I expected was a restroom with stalls and privacy. I also thought we would both go to urinals and piss. Well, it was a room without stalls. Toilet, urinal and lavatory all in the open. You could lock the outside door but there was no privacy inside.

He unfastens his pants and plops his butt down on the toilet seat. With both hands he makes a kind of tent over his junk to hide it. He just sits there for a minute. Then he kind of whispers "Hey, look." Look at what? For a split second he removes his hands. Holy shit. He has got a bunch of hair. Plus his dick is big and sticking way up. Then he hides everything with his hands again.

I felt like I had just received the most wonderful gift ever. That big boy liked me enough to let me see his peter! For all I knew, that must be a secret sign of friendship among older boys. I kept glancing toward his crotch in hopes of getting another look. Now he is rubbing his dick with one hand and halfway hiding it with the other. After a minute or so he stood up and reached down for his underwear and pants. His dick was still sticking out. He fixed his underwear around his dick. Then he said to me that it was my turn.

There was no doubt what he meant. I backed up to the toilet and dropped my pants, revealing my little weenie as I sat. I tried to hide it like the other guy had hidden his, but I didn't really want to hide it. I wanted him to see every little inch of it.

I suppose my weenie got hard. Really don't remember that part. The important thing for me was knowing that the other guy was seeing me like I saw him. Almost immediately he said "Nice." Then after a brief moment of him still staring at my peter, he said that we better get back to the table.

That was all that ever happened with that guy, but later after I found out how to jack off, I would sometimes pretend that we were looking at each other while I stroked my little stiffie.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Feather Feelies

Sudden memory from my childhood:

 I was fortunate to have a very good friend at the years of about 10 to 12. He had a big plastic above-ground swimming pool in his back yard. If his mother was home, we wore bathing suits to swim. But if she was gone and only his dad was watching us, we would ask him if we could skinny-dip. He would let us do it as long as nobody else was around.

So we got used to seeing each other naked. After we skinny-dipped we would sometimes stay bare for a while in his room, playing and talking and also feeling our tight little balls but not messing around with each other.

One day we're in his room after swimming bare, he showed me a huge feather he had bought at an amusement park. He laid on his bed and then started to tickle his crotch with the feather. He said it feels real funny and gives him goose-bumps "down there." I had to try it too, and right away we both had stiffies, only we just didn't know what to do with them.

That was my first initiation to making my balls and peter feel good. We began "trading places" as we called it, meaning one of us would use the feather to tickle the other guy's junk. After a few minutes of arousing each other's little peters with the feather we would compare our stiffies and give each other a bunch of squeezes and snicker about what we were doing. But we had no idea that there might be another way to play with our dicks, so after a few minutes we got dressed and found other things to do.

I think if we'd had just one more summer together, then we would have learned how to "really" make ourselves feel good. But my parents divorced and I had to move away before my friend and I made the big leap.

When I think about our tickling feather arousing my immature dick, I get a little tingle in my private parts even now.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Club Car Cutie (Photo only)

This story has been removed. It was reported as plagiarism by one of our readers. I don't mind reprinting photos found on the web. However I feel a published story carries a measure of copyright entitlement. I like to think other bloggers would respect our works just the same. 

You all may enjoy the picture as that's all that remains.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Drunk Undie Buddies

This is not something of which to be proud of but here goes. Because it was funny thing, but it got us to thinking about dicks. The event is not really doing sexy stuff like many of the stories here describe, but I sure got a look at this dude's Junk one time.

At about 14 the only thing me and this other kid could think about was finding a way to get drunk.  I guess we thought it was a big thing to do and we had never done it yet. We dared each other, then he stole a six pack off his old man. We hid out in the garage and we each chugged one, him a can, me a can. I got sick at my stomach real bad but did not throw up, I just got the belly ache. The other guy he chugs one more and in a little while goes like stumbling a round. I tried to get up then I'm falling down every which way. He thinks it is funny and laughs his ass off. I laugh a little too, but upset with my belly-ache.

He goes and chugs number three. I guess that topped his bladder, so he goes "I got to piss". Right out loud in the back yard yelling and laying on the dirt trying to get up, and every time he just falls down yelling God! I got to piss. He works and yanks at his zipper..... it won't come down. I got to laughing so hard and couldn't quit. He says f--- it and just pulls down his whole pants and shorts. He's tryin' to piss.... only can't stand up. I can see his whole junk, tryin' to stand up then falls down on his ass. Then the finally spray launches, he goes piss all over the place. Laying on his back and pissing three cans of beer everywhere. He's not even holding it, he covers his body and it goes all over his clothes.

 All the time I'm looking straight at him pissing and his whole junk is naked just right there. When his sprinkler goes dry,  I pull him in the garage. Then I go in the house to get his dry under wear,  which I had to pull onto his dunk ass. After that day we were both sick a while. We quit talking any more about wanting to get drunk. However we got a new hobby, we sort of started to jerk our dicks together.  I guess it's because of me putting his under wear on him when he was all wet from pissin' himself. That day I had to touch his pisser, which somehow made us bigger friends with each other. Wanking off sure was a lit less risky than drinking Beer at our age, plus there was no side effects, only good feelings after shooting our young horny loads.


Boys ice bucket challenge

Boys-Beauty: They are really beautiful......: They are really silly. The ice bucket challenge by Allyoungs

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ultimate Embarrassment Redux

That's not the ultimate embarrassment as in this story claims.

The ultimate embarrassment is being 14 and getting caught masturbating whilst watching the supposedly hidden porn of the parents whose infant you are babysitting. It rose to chaos stats when they surprise me by coming home early.

I managed to get my pecker back in my pants before they entered the room but I am sure they knew. There were red faces all round and it was the most awkward ride home EVER.

 To make it worse it was the daughter of my mums best friend, so I had the double embarrassment of my mum finding out. I never got asked to babysit again (thank God).


Secret Storeroom Stains

I guess I was sort of like this writer (The Fear of Getting Caught).

Every time I jacked off I checked around first to see what I would do with the cum. Toilet or rag or tissue or paper cup, what would it be? Mustn't leave any clues! One place where I jacked more often than anywhere else from 13 on into high school, was a storeroom at the back of our house. You could only get into it from the back yard. The inside of it was bare studs and framing without wall board. When I jacked in the storeroom I had a good place to shoot into. In one corner a couple of vertical 2x4's came together at right angles to each other. There was a gap of less than 1/4" between the two boards. I stood in that corner to tweak my tool. When I was close to cumming I stuck the tip of my dick up against the narrow opening and slowed down to shoot my loads into the gap. If I got my dick aligned just right, all the cum squirted into the void behind the 2x4's, never to be seen. I had some outstanding masturbations standing in the corner of that storeroom despite steamy heat or freezing cold. I'd like to go back now just for old time's sake and see if there are any "stains" on the 2x4's in my corner.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Novice Lesson

It was crazy how I learned to jack off. That's because it was a boy who was younger than me, showed me how.

 We were playing Frisbee in my back yard. He caught the Frisbee and then came over to me and said he had a bone on. What did that mean? I didn't know. Then he said he had to get it out because it was tangled in his underpants. Then I knew he was talking about his dick. He said he would go behind some bushes and get it out. Right away he called to me and said we ought to do it together so he would not be alone. His little dick pointing straight out while he wiggled it up and down. He said to go ahead and get mine out.

Well the funny thing, mine was way bigger. He said,"Let me feel it for you."
 He touched it a lot then told me he has got to do it. I didn't know what he had to do. He was zipping his fingers back and forth telling me he was going to come. It was all crazy to me. He says "Don't you want to do it too?"
But I was scared. So he shot stuff and says to me,
 " I needed that. My dick was real hard."
He wanted me to do it but I didn't know what would happen.

After he went home I got my boner out and played with it and pretty soon started feeling all crazy and in a minute the stuff comes shooting out. Next time we played I told him I needed to get my thing out and we did it a lot after that. He was littler than me but knew how already.

I HAD to do it Again!

Ditto on the "keep doing it" concept, except I didn't know what to expect.

 I will not bore with certain details but on the first time that I actually produced an ejaculation I was kind of aimlessly jacking a boner and reached the point where all the feelings gang up on you. I told myself, stop! That's enough of that! You've gone too far and you're gonna hurt yourself! I kept ordering myself: stop! stop! stop! But my hand kept moving until I climaxed. I was so scared about what I'd done that I was very careful how I touched my dick over the next few days, worried that I would accidentally make that crazy thing happen again and do some kind of permanent damage to myself.

But then one day I felt like I HAD to do it again, and the rest is history.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Ultimate Embarrassment

A few times as a kid I'd be mortified because I'd discover that I had inadvertently left "evidence". Like, one of my soak-up tissues on the side of my waste can, or still sitting by the side of my bed. Or when I was a little older, leaving my jerk-off towel on my bed instead of pushing it back under the bed.

But my absolute worst was when I was 15 and a friend gave me a Trojan to "practice" with. A big enough piece of the distinctive blue wrapper fell on the floor behind my bed and weeks later, my mom found it!!!

Ultimate embarrassment for a young dude.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Our Very Special Relationship

In the summer I was thirteen we moved to the farm that my parents had bought by Bear Valley. The town had one tavern, a cheese factory, and a mechanic shop with a body shop around back. One afternoon right after lunch, I had to take the tractor and trailer to pick up more milk cans for the evening milking.

 When I arrived at the cheese factory, they told me it will be at least four hours before the milk cans would be ready for me to pick up. Damn! Now what!
 I don't know any one in town. I guess I will just have sit on the tractor and wait.

 My fit of annoyance soon changed, I looked across the street and there sat a boy in cut offs and no shirt on. I walked up to him and stood right in front of him.

“I am Jim, thirteen.”  I looked him in the eye to show good manners, but I was also noticing his pecker. Which I swear was hard, by the bulge in his cut offs. Before he could reply, I was already getting hard from just looking at that bulge.

“I am Toby.... Fourteen!”

Then I asked him if I could join him on the wall.

“Sure get your ass up here.”  He patted a spot for me to sit right by him. I liked that he was friendly and hopped up on the wall sitting right beside him. He asked me what I was doing here riding in on the tractor.

“Oh, I have to pick up some milk cans and thy will not be ready for four hours.”

He asked me were I lived.

I told him on our farm five miles from here.

I asked him were he lived.

“I live right here in this house by the tavern.” “My parents own the tavern.”
He asked me, “Do you like model cars?” “I put model cars  together, and I have a huge collection of cars and trucks.”
“Would you like to see my collection?” He asked.

“I sure would.”

He jumped down and motioned. “Follow me to my bedroom.” “Just don’t mind that my bedroom is a total mess.”

“That is alright, yours can’t be any worse than my bedroom is.” We both grinned at each other.

When I walked into his bedroom, there on the wall was three rows of shelves just full of model cars and trucks. I scanned each row, describing every model I knew of. He pointed out and named a few I missed, so I approved eagerly. I sat on his bed still looking at all the model cars, and he sat down beside me. Without a warning, he put his hand on my leg.
“I saw you looking at my pecker while you were standing in front of me.” “I also was looking at your pecker.”

I gulped from his boldness. Immediately I stared down at the floor,  but I admitted that I was looking.
“So, Umm....If you want me to leave I'll go.”

“Hell! No!” “I don't want you to leave.” He exclaimed.

Then his hand started moving more up my leg, sliding softly towards my cut-offs. He asked me if I ever saw another boy’s hard pecker before?

“I sure have.” “I’ve seen lots of boners on them other boys in my school.” “What about you?” I asked him.

“Yes, but up-close, just two other boys.” He asked me if I ever did anything else to other boys. He moved that wandering hand away and started to rub his pecker.
I reached over, pushed his hand away so I could rub his beginning boner.
He slid his hand back and started to rub on mine.
“Yup! I have.” “I have sucked on their peckers, and the older boys would let me swallow their sperm.” I testified. “Have you ever done anything to another boy?” I asked him.

“Yes, I've also sucked on both of them two guys, but they didn’t squirt nothing out.” “You want to suck on me?” He asked.

 “I sure would.”

 “Can I suck on yours also?” his eyes beamed.

  “You sure can.” a grin grew on my face, then he did the same.

 “We can suck on each others at the same time.” He told me anxiously. “I know how to do that also.”

For the next few hours we sucked and played with each other peckers. When it was time for me to leave, we hugged each other and he told me we will get along just fine.

“We sure will."

We exchanged phone numbers. That was the beginning of a very special relationship.

Farm Boy

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Nudist Punishment

I'm going to post something here but it doesn't have anything to do with swimming, or pretty much unlike anything else I have ever read here..

One year I went to a school where the Gym coach used nudity as discipline. It was a ninth grade campus.
Coach had a whistle. If things got out of hand he blew the whistle and said something like

 "All right, Jones, you get to show us your beauty today."

Which meant,  if a guy got in trouble in Gym, he had to hand out towels buck-ass naked at shower time to everyone after their shower. The bundles of towels were stacked on a table near the showers. The guy would stand there with his junk hanging out and give out towels to everybody. Then he was last in the showers. I never heard of that discipline method anywhere else.


The Late Starter

I was a late 14 year old before I discovered masturbation and had my first self caused ejaculation.

My balls were plump, heavy and full of cum and my dick would stiffen up with the slightest touch or dirty thought. My penis and testicles must have been screaming-out for me to work this whole masturbation thing out, so then they could be emptied at least twice daily from that day onwards. Even at twice a day, the amount of ejaculate that I would squirt out was huge due to the high volume of cum that my teen balls were producing and the high number count of squirts also. I seemed to be a factory in full swing operation.


The Fear of Getting Caught

The subject of guilt is mentioned in this story above.

Along with the author's fear that he was masturbating too much. I had a healthy case of fear when I was a young jacker. But it had nothing to do with religious guilt or over-stimulation.

 My fear was the fear of getting caught. This made every act of masturbation a nerve-wracking experience. Was I alone? Had anyone returned to the apartment without me hearing them? Would the lock on the bathroom door hold? Should I do it in the bedroom instead? Did I leave evidence of anything? Could I be heard jacking or breathing? If I was doing it in a public loo, what were the chances that the door would suddenly open? A thousand little fears accompanied each indulgence.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mile High Masher Graduates

For me some recent stories got me to thinking about my early days. I got to remembering what I did in the little bathroom on a Southwest Airlines plane. I went to piss and my dick got hard. There was a mirror above the sink. What if I look at my dick in the mirror? I stand looking at my dick while playing with it. It felt funny and I thought, that is real cool, like even better than whenever I think about some sexy things, my thing is hard so I am mashin' it. It felt really good this time, so I went to jacking it. Only I did not know what I was doing.

So I am stroking in ways that I never did, but it was  really hard. Then my dick got all weird feeling like the way your foot feels when it goes to sleep. In a minute got all scared because of feeling crazy, then the cum blasted out on the mirror and in the sink. I was falling down because of being scared. I wiped it up. I made myself act like nothing happened and went back to my seat. Thinking about what I did, it was my very first shot at age 14.  Which of course that night in the shower I tried again, same thing happens. Next day showed my best friend which we never saw each other dicks before. We got to doing it together all the time.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Young Shrinkel Exposed

This is a little hard to explain, but in those after-swimming situations taking off the wet trunks, very quickly it would be like a part of my shaft and my penis head would start puffing up, like maybe a 20% erection, but an area right behind the head (I'm circumcised) would stay like "purse-string tight". This is right where my circumcision scar is, and I think it might be where the prepuce ended up after my circumcision. The result would be a sensitive and pronounced glans or head considerably swollen at the end of the slightly enlarged shaft.

 But, oh as a kid how badly I usually wanted to masturbate after taking wet trunks off. Nice to now find out I was apparently not alone in getting super-sensitive because of my wet, cold, young dick.


It was purely coincidence this Anon Author submitted this short story at the same time Regie sent his story in.  Both of these stories followed What A Great Feeling.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Bad Case of Swimmer's Shrivel Balls

Talking about being horny after swimming, I had a memorable experience when I was 14. At that time I felt like I masturbated too much and was trying to discipline myself to five ejaculation a week, typically jacking off in bed just before going to sleep on school nights. I kept score. If I had an off-schedule "adventure" that resulted in shooting a load, I deprived myself of one of my bedtime wanks.

I had been swimming one day and by the time I got home and took off my wet things I was in a strangely horny condition. It was peculiar because it primarily affected my balls. My dick was quite sensitive but at that moment it was not really erect. My nuts, on the other hand, had drawn up so shriveled and so tight that my scrotum was about the size of half a rubber ball like girls use when playing jacks. My tight ballsack felt thick and unusually ribbed. 

My testicles were not only tight but also super-sensitive. I was in the bathroom, pulling off my wet suit and getting ready for a shower. Without really thinking about it, my hand went automatically to my cold, shriveled balls. I tickled them which started my dick rising.  Each time I touched my balls I felt really strange, like any second I might activate the sensations leading up to a climax.

I sat on the commode, totally focused on my horny condition. I touched my balls again and again with the tips of my fingers, not squeezing  the organs but definitely grooving on the crazy feelings I was giving myself.

While I stimulated my balls my dick reached total hardness. For some reason I ignored my erection and continued touching my nuts, now using the finger tips of both hands to apply a gentle and repetitious sequence of squeezes and tickles to my tightly shrunken scrotum. My dick was stretching as stiff as it could.

Within a couple of minutes at most, I told myself "You're gonna cum, man!" I was mad at myself. I didn't want to cum because it would mean giving up that night's bedtime wank which was the high spot of my life. But I was sort of hypnotized into continuing the pressure of my finger tips on my balls.

So my fingers were just doing a touch-touch-touch thing when the feelings reached their peak and I thought, "Here it comes, you dumb ass. You've wasted tonight's cumshot." 

But it was not wasted. The feelings started coming, kept coming, got deeper and deeper, headed unmistakably for the instant of blast-off. My whole body tingled with sexual anticipation. And then that momentary exquisite cramp at the base of my dick kicked in, a lot deeper than usual. It was the preface to an almighty ejaculation, which shot out with a fury in a sort of BLAM! explosion of liquid ammo.

Spew, spew, spew! It was humongous, the mother of all ejaculations. A combination of liquid ejaculate and wads of thicker bumps all shot forcefully up into the air and descended on my knees, feet and the floor.

I still remember it as one of my most major climaxes, coming from deep in my body. It sent multiple spurts of cum shooting out of my unjacked dick - which I had not even touched, much less pumped a single stroke.

I sat still for a few seconds, now thinking "Wow! I guess that was okay after all."

After I cleaned up my cum I thoroughly enjoyed a warm shower. AND, I broke my rule that night and pumped another shot out in bed, telling myself what the hell -- I'll skip one later in the week.

Whatever it is about swimming and pulling off your wet suit and getting horny, it's real.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Don't Peek

This story brought back my memory of my first boy on boy fun.

It was August the summer before 7th grade. We always wore cutoff shorts and would change when we got home and Dale and I had been hanging out at the pool all afternoon.

He was one of those guys the girls always giggled around. He was just barely 5' tall but another friend of mine who had jerked off with him said he had 5 1/2" which wasn't as big as my almost 6" but was pretty big for a small guy and it made a nice bulge in his cutoffs. He was also a horn dog and really into jerking off and said he did it at least 5 times a day, but I had never done it with him.

Craig, another friend from another school was in the locker room changing to go home when we were leaving. I had seen Craig's uncut cock a few times before but as it happens during that age his little dink and grown quite a bit and he had a few hairs beginning to sprout as well. Dale and Craig were pretty good friends so I a good chance to check him out while they talked.

We left the pool and raced our bikes across town to Dale's house then dropped them at the back door. Nobody else was home and we went up to his room.

He grabbed a towel and tossed it on a chair for me to sit down and reached for the snap on his shorts, saying "Don't peek."

So I put my hands over my eyes and spread my fingers so he could see I was watching and we both were giggling as he peeled off his wet cutoffs and briefs. Damn he did look sweet naked. He asked me what I thought and I told him he looked cool. Then he put his hand over it until just a few hairs were showing and said "This is about all the pubes Craig has, but he's uncut and it's kind of cool." And I agreed.

Then he moved his hand away and exposed his growing semi said "I haven't jacked off since this morning and I feel the need. Wanna jack off with me?"

Of course I said yea and off came my cutoffs and briefs too. We were both standing there rubbing and stroking and staring at each others cock and he says mine looks cool too and can he feel it. Then for the very first time in my life I felt another boy's hard cock in my hand, and he was playing with mine too. He moved in closer and we held them side by side to compare sizes.

We continued stroking each other and took it up another level by laying on his bed on our sides with our heads at opposite ends so we could really get into stroking each other. And if felt AWESOME!!! Then I saw him bend his head over my boner and felt his warm wet tongue slurp across the head. The next thing I knew, I too was tasting, then sucking cock for the first time. It was fun but we really didn't know how to do it right so we continued to jerk each other until we squirted, then did it again, then did it again.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

What A Great Feeling

I know exactly what you mean! I remember as an early teen after I'd get home from swimming at the pool or the beach, I'd strip off my wet shorts and undies and my dick would experience almost a heightened level of sensitivity and alertness. I'd need to have a wank almost immediately after I got undressed. My dick was ALWAYS ready for it, pleading with me to make it cum after a long day being attached to a boy who spent all day long swimming, running and playing in the sun!

I thought it was only me after all this time! I wonder what brings on this effect?


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So That's how it Works....

I guess I was a little different than some guys, this story reminded me of my first.

One day I was just casually playing with my boner while sitting on the toilet. I did not know any of the mechanics of masturbation but I had heard the mysterious term "jack off" a few times and knew it somehow involved the penis and using your hand for something.

 I switched from wiggling my dick to pumping it (pure instinct I guess). Everything was feeling pretty nice, and I saw no need to stop. So here I am a goofy little twerp who stumbles into jerking. Mindlessly the strokes drew more pleasure as I learn to adjust hand pressure and loosen up on the down strokes. I guess a young guy can't remember if it's best working fast, slow, or anything in between, only that it feels good. Really good!! All of a sudden I felt like "Whoa, something's wrong with me!!" And immediately came my first huge squirt of an ejaculation.

For a few seconds I was worried about what happened. Then I realized what it was and thought, "So that's how that works."

Right away I started doing it every day. I NEVER even considered "not" doing it again.