Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Blushing Swim Suit

I had a similar experience as this kid getting all embarrassed because of your clothes.

When I was 12 or 13 at summer camp. Us guys were all swimming in the lake on a warm summer afternoon. I was unsure why I was getting a lot of stares whenever I stood up out of the water very much. I had been to this camp before, and I knew a lot of these kids from previous years, so I was not a strange new kid. I kind of ignored it for as long as I could. Finally when we had to go get dressed for dinner I wrapped up in a towel. But back in the cabin I stopped in front of the mirror, and Oh Crap!! was I embarrassed.

 I'd never seen myself in my swim suit when it was wet. There were 3 different colors, a band of black, light blue in the middle and red at the outer edges. When wet, the middle section wasn't transparent but was way more revealing than any 12 year old boy wants. The fact that wet fabric clung to skin.... only made it worse.

 I didn't have another pair and we swam more days than not. For the two weeks I was there when we swam I spent as much time underwater as possible and otherwise tried to either cover up.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Desk Set

Where I went to school, we had a single yearbook that included junior high as well as high school.

One of the full-page pictures shows a junior high class with several students standing around the teacher's desk. The photo was snapped from the teacher's side of the desk, looking out into the room. One of the guys stands at the very corner of the desk. His crotch straddles the corner, his balls rest right on top of the corner, and a slightly tubular shadow points off toward one side. There is no way to escape the emphasis on his junk. How the picture ever passed inspection and ended up in the yearbook is beyond imagination.

That seventh or eighth grade boy is now a respected middle-aged doctor. But all these years later, anybody who happens to page through the yearbook will see him unconsciously displaying his his assets on the corner of the teacher's desk.


Friday, March 24, 2017

The Day I was Strangely Popular

I remember one morning when I was 14 years old and getting ready for school. It was the first warm day of the season. Too hot to wear my long school trousers, shorts were the order of the day. I had not ordered a new pair of school shorts yet for the year and only had my old school shorts from last year.

Well in just one year I didn't realise how much more I had grown as soon as I hit 13 years old! I put last years' shorts on and they fitted very very tightly to say the least! I usually wore looser clothing and these tight cotton shorts that kind of stretched out over my dick felt nice. I didn't have time to pose in front of the mirror as I was already running late and needed to get to school.

As I walked inside the school gate I started passing other students and I got the feeling that something was a miss as a few other boys had quickly glanced at my groin area when walking by. I didn't think much of it until I was walking down the hallway and there were more eyes darting at the front of my shorts then back. Ignorant to my sudden popularity, I put my satchel in my locker and grabbed the books for my first class of the day. As I was walking to my class, I passed 2 girls in the hall, one girl pokes the other in the ribs and whispered something, then they both sort of snickered quietly to each other and I saw their eyes looking at my crotch?

  I quickly decided to stop past the boys room on the way to class for a check-out of myself in the mirror and see what everyone I'd walked past was looking at. When I finally looked in the mirror I felt an immense shadow of embarrassment come over me! It turns out that it was not only my height that had increased over the last year but also the size of my penis! Grown in length and girth. Then with me urgently throwing on last years shorts, pulling them on tight to get them to fit my waist.....it left the effect that I had an unripe banana stuck down the front of my shorts! This unplanned display was to be on show all through my unfortunate day.

My dick wasn't hard, but the tightness kept it pointing to the side and up at an angle. I wanted to go home immediately to change, but knew I'd have to fully explain to administration why. Instead, I just decided to hold my shirt out and over my crotch whenever I walked around for the rest of the day so as to avoid those awkward stares from my schoolmates, all probably wondering what it is I've shoved down my pants?

When I got home that night, I told my Mom that I needed some new school shorts as my old ones don't really fit me (it?) anymore....


Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Shared Story from BS Blog

The following story has notes that fit on either of the partner blogs.  E-

The little sightings posted here all seem to be fresh, meaning it seems like they "just now" happened. This small observation happened a few years ago when I was 16.

I was driving my mother's car to the store. There were some people visiting at our house and one of the boys wanted to hang with me, kid was probably in seventh grade. I am driving, and out of the corner of my eye this young dude is sitting there in the passenger seat, digging around on the front of his pants. Continued

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Raucous Road Trip Challenge

During Spring Break I was one of the chaperones or sponsors (or whatever you want to call it) for three busloads of middle-school kids who built a clinic building from scratch in a little town across the border from Arizona.

Coming home everybody was exhausted. People were sort of testy, and also there was that depression that sets in when a project comes to an end and kids who have had a week of semi-freedom realize they're on the way back to mama. It was the typical bus scene: Some guys talking, some busy with their phones, some keeping to themselves. There was even a little arguing and squabbling. A few guys were sound asleep.

In the midst of the general background noise a boy yelled out, "Look at that sign!"

We were literally in the middle of nowhere, nothing but desert hills on all sides. What the boy saw was a large billboard alongside the highway.

Everybody looked. Some saw what it said and others missed it. Some of the guys caught the hidden meaning right away and started laughing in an innocently smutty way. Then there were those whose minds didn't immediately pull them in that direction. They looked kind of blank.
The ones who "got" the joke looked at each other with a sort of "Hmmm!" expression on their faces. Conversation sprang up, laughter began, and soon the guys were going nuts, acting silly, razzing each other and making pointed remarks. Even the youngest, most immature little dudes soon got into the slight naughtiness of the moment..

The trigger for all of this was a Wienerschnitzel billboard displaying the statement, "World's Most Wanted Wiener."

For the next hour or more, our load of twelve- and thirteen-year-olds were announcing 
"I have the world's most wanted wiener." Or they were asking other boys,
 "Do YOU have the world's most wanted wiener?" And even, 
 "Who wants to see the world's most wanted wiener?"
 One kid was scribbling on a pad, and I can only guess what the art form might have been.

 They threatened (good naturedly) to strip other guys in their zealous search of the world's most wanted wiener. One boy yelled, 
"Nominations!..... Let's get 'em out and vote on Who's got the most wanted wiener!"
That resulted with even more explosive laughter throughout the bus. Everybody was so worn out that this unexpected entertainment just sent them into a level of hilarious catharsis. "The world's most wanted wiener" brought everybody back to life.

And me? I kept quiet, secretly enjoying the double entendre. Sensibly, I determined you just don't mess with a mass movement like a busload of middle-school boys trash-talking about the world's most wanted wiener!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Beginners (Part II)

This is a continuation of The Beginners

After the boys were done hugging each other, they stood with their lingering arms around each other like in a Bro-hug. Right away Robbie asked me why I never woke them up to go to the barn and help milk, and with the morning chores?

“I decided that I would let you both sleep-in this morning, since we have a big day planned ahead of us.” “You and Mark come over here and sit down so we can go over with what you both will be doing now that you are both in ballet.”

“Robbie your chores will change from morning chores to night chores.”“You and Mark will be feeding the calves. Cleaning out their pens and putting in fresh bedding.”

“When Mark stays the weekend you both will be getting up at five in the morning to help me with the morning chores.”

“Is that agreeable with you guys?”

“You had better believe it is agreeable.” “How will we be getting home after practice?” Asked Robbie.

“I will be picking you both up after practice.” “When the chores are all done with for the night and everyone has showered, I’ll take Mark home.”

Mark protested that he takes a shower each morning.

I explained that he and Robbie are now young men and beside the sweat just the barn smells alone would shroud him in an aroma that his Mom would not like.

“But Uncle Jim, why would we be taking Mark home?” Robbie asked “Why can't he just stay the night with me, after showers?

”I already explained to Mark’s mom why he couldn't spend the night with you on school nights Rob.” “When you have buddies sleep-over, you guys are goofing around in bed, and it’s always after midnight before all the ruckus ends.” “Then you are too tired to go to school the next day.”

All right guys, it’s 14 miles to town and if you guys don’t give too much fuss in the store, we can go have Pizza for our Dinner at that great Italian place.

They both beamed a big smile and darted out the door screaming Yesss Pizz-zah!!
Off to town we went.

Once inside the store, I asked the clerk where the tights or leotards for boys ballet. Since I have never picked out ballet clothes I asked her for her help in picking out the right clothes. She told me she would be more than happy to help pick out the tights, and suggested a few other items. She also had a son in Ballet.

 “OK boys pick out what color tights you want?”

“We want black ones.”

“OK then black ones it is.” “You had better make that ten pairs.”

Robbie looked at me and said, “No! uncle Jim, one pair is all she said to get.”

“I don't want either of you wearing the same tights every day.” “You both will be wearing a clean pair everyday.”

“Ok! If you say so. “

“Yes” I said, “No nephew of mind is going to practice stinking, and that goes for you as well Mark.”

We selected T Shirts, Socks, and she suggested we get some special socks called Releve which helps support their balance and prevents blisters on the toes.

I wrote out a check for all the clothes. The boys grabbed all the bags, and we headed out.

When we got to the car, Mark came up to me and grabbed me around the waist. He hugged me and thanked me. I reached down and rub his head.

“Your such a good boy and very polite.” “I am so glad that i could help you out.”

He keep on hugging me. Then he looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

“What are the tears for?”

“They’re happy tears Jim.” “You made me so happy.” “Thank you again!” and he gave me another hug.

Robbie came up to me, “Thank you for helping Mark out.” “This means so much to me that he will be able to be in ballet with me.” He reached around me and gave me a hug around my waist. I reach down and started to rub his head.

“You are such a good boy.” “You’re very welcome.” “I love you so much.”

“Now, how about we all go and have pizza for dinner.” Over dinner they chattered about what they would learn in Dance and I could see their Ballet Brotherhood was forming.

Later that evening, While they were taking their showers I over heard them laughing and talking. I knew they were in there together. So I listen a little closer to what they were saying to each other. I overheard Robbie saying this is so much more fun playing with each other than in bed.

I heard Mark say, “Yes this is SO much more fun than what we do on each other in bed.”

After hearing them talking in the shower. That did get me to thinking about when I saw Robbie walking back to his bedroom with no undies in the morning. I wonder if they were also playing in bed and he had to go and take a wiz. He didn't take time to slip on his undies.

I walked by the bathroom and the door was open about half way. I looked through the opening and I saw both of them kissing.

When they came out of the bathroom in their underwear, I asked if they put the towels on the racks. They didn’t hesitate, with a “Yes Sir”. I could see they both had little tents in their underwear. But they quickly beat feet to Robbie’s room. I snickered at both of them thinking I didn’t see. Instead of embarrassing them, I instructed them both to hurry and get ready so we can take Mark home.

Farm Boy

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Beginners

On a Fall Friday afternoon, I was in the kitchen waiting for Robbie to get home from school. Eventually he came running into the house all excited.  

  “Why Are you so excited?”

 “I want to join the ballet at school” he told me.  “Is it ok….can I….  I really want to join the ballet.”
 “Sure you can Robbie.” “Is there anything that I have to do for you in order to get started?”

  He stated, “You have to sign this piece of paper saying it is alright.”As he handed me  the piece of paper.  “Will you sign it Uncle Jim?”
“Yeah Rob,  I’ll sign you up.”  “Is there anything else I need to get for you?”

  “Yes, there is.” “We have to go and buy all the stuff on this piece of paper she gave me.”

 I started to read everything that was on the paper.-  
“Three pairs of shoes!”

“Yes three pairs, she said one has to white and one has to black. The third one didn't matter what color as they will only be used for practice.”

 “Two half tights or leotards. They can be any color. Use those only for practice.”
  “Three full length leotards or tights. One has to be White and one has to blue (Blue) and one has to be Black.”
 “T-Shirts for practice. They have to be white (Nothing at all on them pure white only)”
 “When do you need to have all of this stuff?”

“By Monday she told me.”

 “We will go tomorrow to get everything you need for the ballet.”

 He asked me if Mark could come and spend the night with him.

 “Sure he can spend the night with you.”

 He rushed off to call Mark if he could come and spend the night.

In less than an hour Mark showed up at the door. His Mom waved from the car. I gave a thumbs-up that the boys would be fine in my care. For an uncle, it was never any trouble caring for Robbie or his guests. They had a good dinner and slipped off to Robbie’s room to entertain themselves as teen boys would normally do. I never heard a noise at all after 10:00 o’clock.

In the morning, the boys laid up in bed until about 9:00. I heard one of them in the bathroom. I crept down the hall to the kitchen. Behind me the bathroom door opened, a figure emerged. It was Robbie, he stumbled back to his room in a t-shirt and apparently no undies.

So I continued on my mission, started Breakfast. Robbie always liked Oatmeal with Cinnamon toast. So I knew he would want us to treat Mark to a nice hearty breakfast of Robbie’s faves, with fresh farm milk and Juice.
They timed it perfectly arriving at the table the instant it was all hot from the stove. They were quiet as they devoured every plate I sat before them. I said, “Fellas you sure slept up an appetite, I can put you guys out in the garden to harvest the Fall crops with all the energy you guys will be having.”

Robbie and Marks eyes met, and I think I saw a wink. Rob said they were up a bit late, and didn’t fall asleep until 1:00 AM. I didn’t challenge the reason since it was a week-end, but I was puzzled what they could find to entertain themselves with since Robbie didn’t have a TV, or Game console in his room.

I told ‘em it was fine, and they could do what-ever they wanted today. I turned to start washing the pans and dishes. Robbie reminded me that we needed to go shopping for his Ballet stuff. I heard some feet shuffling and then muttering quietly between themselves. Mark excused himself to go to the rest-room.

As soon as Mark was out of the room. Robbie blurts out, “Uncle Jim Mark’s Mom is poor and she said he can’t join Ballet because they can’t afford all the Ballet stuff”. Can you hire him to do some work here at the farm, and help pay for his things. I just want him to be with me in Ballet more than anything in the world Uncle Jim……Please. Mark can’t help it that his Daddy up and left them.

His little heart was breaking, over his friend, and the misfortune of their broken family. “Robbie, I have some extra saved for things like this, we can make this work for Mark too”. Robbie looked up slowly from staring at his plate, and said although they are poor, his Momma is very proud and won’t take no charity.

“Well all right, If his Momma wants him to earn it…then you can show him how to milk in the mornings before School.” “That leaves afternoons all clear for Ballet practice, and you fellas can still relax and have fun on your week-ends.”  “Let’s see if he is up to it.?”

 Just then Marks little face peeked around the kitchen door with a huge smile on his face. He said “I’ll milk every day at Sun-up!!”

 Robbie saw him and they plowed into each others arms, Robbie hugged Mark tightly. I stood there and relished how much they appreciated each other at this sweet moment.

(To be continued.)  

Monday, March 6, 2017

Chris and the Miscreants of Wanking

In the neighborhood where I grew up, there were several of us boys around the same age. One of the guys was a real prick with no social sense. He would hang with us, but at every little thing he would run home to mama and tell her either that we were mean to him or that we were doing something bad.

One day we were all messing around. I guess we were about 14-15. One of the guys piped up and said, "I need to polish my pecker." He figured Christopher was terminally stupid and wouldn't know what he was talking about. I don't think he actually intended to jack off, he was just getting Christopher's goat.

The rest of us said we needed to polish our peckers too, and so Christopher says "Me too." We all figured he didn't have a clue but was just trying to act like one of the guys. We picked up on the idea of messing with Christopher and told him to go first. He just stood there.

We started talking with each other, stuff like "How long has it been since you did it?" and "Did you have a good shot?" right in front of the guy, really messing with him. Christopher was looking back and forth at us.

Somebody said, "Well, Chris, you better get busy polishing your pecker."

Christopher said he dared somebody else to go first.

One of the guys that was egging Christopher on unzipped his pants and brought out a good-sized boner. "You want to polish it for me?" he asked, wiggling it around and showing it off.

Christopher surprised the snot out of us. "Oh, I know how to do that," he said. "But I don't do it in front of people."

"I think you're lying," one of the guys said. "You won't do it in front of us? How do we know you can do it?"

Somebody else added, "You'll run home and tell your mother, won't you?"

I believe it hit Christopher for the first time that tattling to his mother was the reason he could never be one of the guys.

Soon everybody except Christopher had a stiffie on display.

"You just watch," Christopher said, almost like we'd challenged him to a fight.

He produced a thin, stiff, somewhat long erection that pointed upwards. "I've got one too," he yelled at us, almost crying.

Then he began pumping himself, moving his hand pretty fast, looking at the rest of the guys' dicks. One at a time we started our own procedures.

Before long Christopher stiffened and thrust his crotch forward. His mouth opened but he didn't say anything. Suddenly he climaxed. Several shots of cum squirted from his dick while the rest of us continued pumping. We stared at him. I had no idea he could do it, and I doubt if the other guys did either.

Christopher changed from that day on. He became one of the guys, the most sexual of us. He liked to feel our boners and help us jack off. He was always the first one to suggest "polishing our peckers." And he quit running home to mama.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Johnny Draws Judgment

Eric, I have been thinking about whether to post a comment. Now that this story is no longer the lead topic, I will mention something that happened to me.

A boy that I knew at church went with me into the restroom one day. I was still sexually naïve and about 13. The other boy was close to the same age. He came right into the stall with me (there was not a urinal in the little room). It was obvious to me that he wanted to see my dick. While I pissed he stood looking straight at my penis. I began to get a hard-on and he continued looking while I flopped my stiffie around. Nobody said anything. He kept staring at my growing boner.

This was before I learned about wanking, so I wasn't "doing" anything. I had a couple of other friends that I enjoyed peter-play with, but this boy was not one of them. My dick became completely erect and the other boy stood staring at it. I thought I had found another pal who would like to to play around. So I reached over and gave the front of his pants a little touch.

I completely misjudged him. The instant I put my fingers on him he yelled "THAT'S PRIVATE!" Then he went running out of the restroom, slamming the door behind him.

Several days later the boy's mother drew me aside and said "Johnny" had told her what I did to him. She said she wasn't going to tell my parents, but I had better leave other boys alone. This was a terrible rebuke to me, maybe the most embarrassing thing that I ever endured.

To me, this incident has an application to the story about the boy and his sleepover experiences. It says that some people have two different sets of rules, one for themselves and one for others. Johnny felt it was perfectly okay to watch me piss and stare at my erect penis, but he would not tolerate me showing interest in him.

I will also mention that as I grew older all of us kids at church learned something about this "Johnny." He was the kind of kid who would stir up a situation and get other people involved. Then he would disappear and when the mischief was discovered, the rest of us took the blame while Johnny ratted on us, always portraying himself as an innocent party or even a victim.