Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bopping in the Bushes

Did anybody else go to a lot of trouble to hide their cum? To me, the cum was the evidence of playing with my dick. If I could keep anybody from discovering my cum they would never know that I liked to do a certain nasty thing. Which was to zip my hand up and down on my dick a lot until the freakin feelings made me feel funny all over.

We lived in apartments. One place we lived, a big garden of bushes and small trees was planted in a corner where the laundry building and the office came together. I would go behind the bushes to jack off. It was very safe. Nobody could see that I was in there unless they crawled in themselves.

When I wanted to jack my little stiffie (this was the years I was about 12-1/2 to 14-1/2) I got a stick and dug a hole in the ground. I knelt over the hole while doing that secret fun thing to my dick. When it was time to cum I aimed the cumshots into the hole. My cum stayed white-looking laying in the dirt so I used the stick to mix it up into mud. Then I raked loose dirt over the hole. I would stand up and while zipping my pants I stomped the dirt down where my cum was buried. That way nobody would ever find my stuff.

I don't know how many times I did that. Maybe 3 or 4 times a week for a couple years. I bet 300 squirts of cum (maybe more) got buried behind those bushes.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Just a Little Tickle Powder

There was a friend of mine that lived on the same block. When we were little, around 7 and 8, we made up a game where we pretended we were babies. This got started because my friend had a baby brother at his house. In our game we had to change the other guy's diaper. This was just a way to get each other's pants down and look at our little peters.

We got started using baby powder on our junk. The feeling of the powder sprinkling onto our crotches is hard to explain, kind of like tickling, but like a whole different feeling came over our peters and balls. I have been trying to remember whether we got stiffies at that young age. I think we did. We kept on doing the diaper thing as we got older.

I know that we definitely were having boners by 12 when we were in seventh grade because part of the fun was watching our peters get hard while sprinkling powder on each other. A lot of times, we had already got hard before starting the game. If that happened we shook the powder on each other's boner. Neither one of us had any idea what the purpose of an erection was. We just got hard together and then played with our dicks.

It was after a diaper/powder game at 13 that I shot my first wad. My stiffie wouldn't go down. After my friend left I went and sat in the bathroom. I wiggled my dick like hell, wishing it would get soft and leave me alone. While I was wiggling, I went funky all over. I caught a climax. A spray of stuff went onto my legs and hand. I was kind of in shock, sitting there trying to get my head together. Then I saw more of the stuff running down the shower curtain. I was scared to death. I didn't have a clue what had happened.

I played with my thing a few times by myself. It took weeks to feel okay about doing it. Then I showed my friend. That was the start of us jacking off. We liked to get our good feelings together and try to shoot at exactly the same time. We still sometimes sprinkled powder to help our dicks get real hard.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Technical Difficulties-(updated)

Apparently some of the enhancements that Blogger recently deployed, has caused an undesired effect upon OOTS4U2. What we notice is - there are only the most recent posts displayed on page 1. I assure you that all stories are in tact and available, you can choose "Older Posts" to continue browsing them by pages, or by using the "Blog Archive", for individual selections.

There is no threat or concern with our blog's standing, and we have not changed our format in any such way that should yield this result. It is surely related to recent code changes Blogger has implemented to improve user and blogger experience. Obviously there is a wrinkle in their plan. I feel that in-time as posts continue, page 1 will appear as you guys are accustomed to viewing it.

E Sincerely,
OOTS Admin

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Thanks to Regi and his Pink Washcloth Story for the reminder that some jerks were really more awesome than others.

 For the first few months after I learned to jack off, I just "did it." No idea you could have some good ones and some poor ones. Then I was playing with a friend which we had done it together. I was surprised that he said he would not do it that day. He said, he was letting the cum build up over a couple days to have a real good one.

I never thought of that. It started me on paying attention to how good was each time? How to have better ones. I started grading myself every time I jacked off, using letter grades like school. "A" was excellent, way better than the usual everyday load. My "B" grade would be a somewhat  good but not spectacular climax. Doing a "C" was just kind of so what? "D" was disappointing and "F" was real bad like when I did it too many times close together, or some other reason that it just ended up not so good.

 Jacking together with a bud was nearly always "A" graded but sometimes B if we didn't play around enough before firing a load. Before wanking, even just general guy stuff like wrestling around on the bed, or comparing abs brought up the final grade levels. Then horny stuff like looking at sexy pics together then comparing our ideas on what or who was hot pushed up early boners sure to gain extra credit later on.