Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Two Big Buddies

Some guys nick named me Rod, which I got when I was in grade 7 -

I was kind of a runt - and a real geek - which big asshole boys made fun of me and did some bully tactics too.

 But I figured how to get two bigger boys to liking me - I make a deal to blow them - that made it okay for them and easier on me. The good part was they protect me, which was nice.

Some times they play with my hard dick - while I sucked them off,  it was a kind of a fair trade. Both them guys are about 15, and didn't let anybody mess with me.

 They don't ever say nothing - or made noise when getting a suck. Except I made mistake- the only time was I kept blowing them more after they cum. I just keep on sucking on their dick and go down on it still more. they grab hold of my head and saying, "OKAY STOP IT"

 Them guys - they was nice to me - and being that I like to play with their dicks, it got me then all hard. I jack off some big shots... unless they all ready done it for me,  which was nice of them.


Monday, August 29, 2016

The Semi Private Room

A cousin of mine enlisted in the army right out of high school. His basic training took place at an army post in the city where we lived. When he finally got a pass, we picked him up and brought him to our house where he spent a couple of days and nights with us. It's been so long now that I can't tell you how old I was, but I do know that I was a few years younger than him and already into masturbation.

 There was a twin bed and a futon in my room. We hung out just talking about his time away and where he might get stationed. He pondered about getting laid by exotic girls. I joked he better have lots of money to pay them. We had a few more laughs about stupid junk we dreamed about doing. After we quit talking and turned out the light, a few minutes went by and then my cousin rolled onto his back. I saw a big raised up hump in the covers. I was playing possum, but of course tuned-in to what was happening.

 At first he just seemed to be playing with himself, but soon I knew he was beating his meat, apparently taking his time and not rushing. But that didn't last long. Soon he was pounding away and after a couple of minutes he began making noises which were a lot of E sounds. The longer he jerked, the more audible the noises became. I can still hear them, a constant repetition of E's with moments of silence between. They got faster and faster and sounded almost like he was crying, constantly going,
 "E, E, E, E."

 I laid on my side to watch him and (you better believe it!) I was jacking my stubby chub right along with him. All of a sudden he whispered,
 "Oh God, oh God, oh God."

There was silence for a second and then a very obvious final high-pitched,

His climax triggered mine and I shot like hell right into my covers.

The second night he jacked off again but this time was a lot quieter about it. I remembered one of the things he told us about basic training, was that the guys had very little privacy. In my youthful logic I decided that he had not jacked off for weeks and weeks, which explained the sound track combined with the apparent need when he finally had a chance to relieve his massive pressure.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Sounds at Orgasm

The story about the guy humming while he jacked-off reminded me of the noises some of my buddies made during masturbation. Most guys were pretty quiet because we all had a deathly fear of somebody hearing us and discovering what we were doing. But I remember two of my friends who may not have been aware of the noises they were making.

 One of those dudes often spent the night with me. We felt each other real good as we prepared to masturbate, but when it came time for genuine jacking we each took care of our own boners. As my friend got close to his climax he let out a strange syllable. Not a word, just a sound. I always knew when the really good sensations hit him. "Hig," he would say, sort of like the breath being forced out of him. At the same time he got stiffer in the bed while he pumped. After a few seconds it came out again, "Hig!" And then as he homed in on an ejaculation the whispers blurred together: "Hig! Higga! Higga-higga-oh-higga-ee-higga, Hhhhh!"

The other guy whose noises I remember was a daytime partner. We usually jacked in the restroom at a fast-food place on the way home from school. With the door locked we stood together over the single toilet and helped each other get to where we needed to go. He would try to tell me when he was about to ejaculate, trying to say the simple words "I'm going to cum." But when he was in the grip of anxious pumping and sexual arousal it never quite came out that way. Whether he was stroking himself or letting me do it for him, he would only get ragged parts of the statement out. "I gon. Gonna. I. I. It. Cum. Gonna. Gonna. Now, now, it... CUM!"

Maybe you or one of your pals did the same thing?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Humming and Singing Praises

I had one of those experiences. Growing up, my family was Pentecostal, a branch of Christianity marked by speaking in tongues, strict morals and frequent revivals. I might also add that my people were classic Southern rednecks constantly living on the edge of economic collapse.

The evangelist who was conducting one of those week-long revivals brought along a teenage boy who sang solos at the nightly services. That kid was the tallest, skinniest guy I'd ever seen. He was 16 or 17 but acted weirdly like a saintly adult. He could quote the Bible from memory, talk in King James language, play the piano, and make people cry when he sang. However, he seemed out of touch with the real world.

 As my family's contribution to the revival, the singer stayed at our ramshackle house for the week. I was 13 and the only boy among three sisters, so I had a room to myself. To accommodate the visitor I slept on a pallet on the floor and the holy-wonder singer got my bed.

Not long after we turned the lights out the first night, the kid started humming to himself. And then my little Pentecostal mind was blown away: As he hummed he started jiggling around in the bed. And soon he was fully masturbating right there in my bed. What the hell? Wasn't that a sin? Shouldn't he be denying himself the pleasures of the flesh? But he was clearly jacking with me as an audience.

His humming continued but after a few minutes of wanking the sound became kind of fragmented, an "Mmm" tone punctuated with jerky interruptions. Sometimes he seemed to be pounding his dick frantically. At other moments he was apparently giving himself the slow treatment.

Although it seemed like an eternity to me, he reached fulfillment fairly fast, leading into his climax with a series of soft hums that grew choppier and more intense as he approached the culmination of his act. These noises were followed by a brief silence that culminated in the bed quaking as the orgasm hit his body. Then he exhaled several huge sighs. After another silence the barely audible whisper "Thank you, Jesus!" ended everything.

Apparently not satisfied with his nighttime wank, the singing boy masturbated again when he woke up the next morning, once more humming and thanking Jesus. I quickly realized that he was on a two-a-day schedule, ejaculating at bedtime and dawn no matter where he was. Hiding my actions in my covers, I kept pace with him, although I'm sure he never knew it. He was apparently so lacking in common sense that he had no idea he was communicating his sexual act to the kid on the floor.

I have come to believe that the whisper of "Thank you, Jesus!" with which he ended every wank was a heartfelt thanks for a specific blessing, the blessing of masturbation.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Nice Compliment from Someone Special

Okay Guys I gotta beat on my chest a a little. My sweetie sent me this heart-felt note last night.  I certainly enjoyed reading it about the recent story below. But he went on to talk about the blog in a general manner.
I asked his approval to post it. serving as his insight on the work behind the blog. So Guys sorry to indulge, but I take a nice compliment very dearly from someone I value and trust so well. Also kind thanks to Carlo for his dilligent work on the Tripoli series.  There is more coming soon.

The comments below are from MG:

In the Tripoli stories, I especially liked Marek, the Polish buddy he first met there. He says he was 15. I liked the pic you posted with part 1 of Marek. The slighter, tanned boy in the water. I pictured Marek looking just like the boy in that picture. That's where the pictures really compliment the stories as only the Author knows what the boys in their stories really looked like in real life, the readers have to try and come up with an image in their own head of what the boys would potentially look like. Posting the pics with the story kinda does that part for you in giving you an image of the story characters straight away at the beginning so you can picture them looking that way immediately.

 I think it's especially great that you take great care to select the right picture for each story. You don't want to just post any one picture on any story. The effectiveness is in the details, such as matching up the ages, skin colour, hair colour and the background scene (such as a beach, swimming, playing, on a bed etc.) it's great that you try and select pics that match the character descriptions in the story.


Monday, August 22, 2016

The Last Guy You'd Expect.....

I can't write a long detailed story. But I want to tell about a funny thing that happened when I was growing up.

 It was a small town. During the summer I went to the swimming pool a lot. I was about 14 when this happened. I'd been shooting my stuff since seventh grade.  Always alone and never really thought much bout if other guys did too.

In the locker room at the pool house, was a boy whose father was the high school principal. He was a couple of grades below me. We just happened to be changing at the same time, but we were not friends. I take a quick look at him. He is facing away from me but I can see something he is doing, seemed kinda strange. The kid is unwrapping toilet paper off of his dick! No lie! A long strip of paper doubled or tripled up toilet paper, he unrolled all this off his dick. He wadded it up and threw in his locker..... with his clothes!!

  Then, when he starts to put on his jock and I get a fast peek at his dick. It's got shreds of paper stuck all around the head! It it was like glued-on,  and I knew for sure what he had been doing! So he got his jock on real fast leaving all the remaining paper on his dick! He slammed the locker shut and ducked outta there like a lil' bandit.

I realized that younger boy jacked off, which was so funny because his father was our principal. Then the Lil Shit, having to wrap toilet paper around his dick so he wouldn't get cum all in his underpants. Even though he was kind of a taboo person that you  might never think horny stuff about because of his Dad. He was suddenly interesting to me. Instead of a stern rigid face like his Dad, he actually had a soft smooth face, and he even smiled sometimes. I had now seen his dick, and knew what he does with it. There were a few night alone in bed that his face would pop into my last thoughts of the day. My hand on my dick as it rose up, dangerously remembering that kid had done the same thing...... just like I was bout to do.

 That was the beginning of me realizing and thinking about what other boys sometimes did. Those thoughts could get me horny enough that I would get all hard and have to jack off. Also, it was the start of checking out guys to see if they might become "that kind" of buddy. The mental picture has stayed with me all my life, the principal's boy unrolling a coil of spermy toilet paper off his innocent dick.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Experiences in Libya (Part Two)

Laying naked we talked again. He wanted me to tell him again about me fucking girls, so I did

I continued instructing Marek about girls, but after only a minute he interrupted me.
“How was it you knew that your classmates wouldn’t tag you as gay when you spoke to them about it at school, like when you proposed to wank together?”
I told him that we knew each other since first grade and done a lot of foolish things together, and no one ever betrayed the trust. When we grew up and were 14-15yo we were kind of talking about wanking one day. We were so excited that we had to ease ourselves and without speaking we dropped our pants and jerked-off sitting close to each other.

“Did you guys do it more later, or it was one time only?” he asked.
“Since then we kept on jerking off together two, three times a week for at least one year”
“Wow! I always wanted to try with my classmates, but was too afraid and ashamed. We never see each other naked” he said.
“Now you are fully naked lying on my bed and you are not shy anymore?”
“No. It’s fun to be naked with other naked boys and just talking. And you were right. Seeing you jerking off excited my more and more. Hope we could repeat it some time”.
“Any time you wish” I said with a grin and added
“You know, with my wanking buddy, after fifth or sixth time we did something more”
“We jerked off each other”
“What?!Each other?How?” – I saw my new friend looking shocked.
“Very simple.Just like that” I said and grabbed his soft dick. He tensed, but said nothing. I made some moves and his dick rise a bit. But he was still tense, holding his breath.
“Shall I stop?”
He lunged all the air out of his lungs
“No! Don’t stop! Go ahead!”

With one hand I stroke slowly his dick, with other caressed his balls. He watched my hands on his dick and moaned. I moved my hands slowly to prolong the pleasure. Keeping a smooth path on his dick, with my left hand I moved up, caressing his belly, and then squeezing his nipples. He breathed heavily and moaned louder.
“Faster. Faster please”
“No my friend. This is not a race. You have to feel every single move, and the pleasure has to last forever” my left hand returned to his balls. He laid back, closed his eyes breathing loudly. Soon his body commenced trembling, muscles tensed, so I grabbed his dick a bit stronger. Soon he reached orgasm, shooting cum all over and screamed
“Oh yeeh! Man! Yeeeeeh!” Although he finished shooting, I still stroked his dick, faster and harder. He wriggled, moaned loudly, finally cried
“Oh! Please stop! I can’t resist anymore!”
I left him to relax, seeing him still trembling.
“Are you OK?” I asked.
“I don’t know. My head's spinning, the whole world’s moving around in circles. But yes! I am OK. It was fantastic! Thank you buddy!”

  He went to bathroom to have another shower, and I prepared cold drinks with lot of ice. Then we relaxed on my bed and talked. I noticed that he fixed his eyes on my dick.
“Go ahead, buddy. If you want, touch it. It won’t bite you. And I don’t mind at all” – I smiled. Slowly he reached my dick with his hand, but he didn’t grab it, just caressed like one would caress a cat. He lowered his hand and caressed my balls. Which was a nice feeling, so my peter responded with nice boner. The touch of his young, fresh hands excited me strongly. Finally he grabbed my dick and gave me slow, but fantastic hand job.
“You are learning fast, buddy” I smiled few minutes later after that immense orgasm.
“I have a good teacher” he smiled, “but I have to go. My parents are returning shortly and I want to be at home when they come back”.
He dressed up and before leaving asked
“Can I come tomorrow again?”
“Sure you can. But don’t jerk off any more today. Leave it for tomorrow”
“I won’t” he smiled and left.

My mom returned from hospital half past four, and we had a lunch, or dinner, don’t know how to name it, any way it was a main hot meal of the day. Later she took me for shopping.  (That time back home,  Poland was under communist regime, the food supply was scarce, mostly bad quality. If we wanted anything better we had to stay in hour-long ques. OK, we had delicious fruits produced in Poland, but oranges were available in shops only in December, before Christmas. To buy oranges, or bananas, you had to wait in a que even longer, usually two hours. To make the matters even worse they staff were not friendly or helpful at all.)

 We went into to a local Tripoli shop. Then I felt shocked I just as we entered into the shop.
“Salam Aleykum! Kefhalikya doctor?” said the owner
“Maleykum Salam! Queis, Hamdullah. Kefhalik anta? – answered my mom, making my eyes big.
“What you are saying?” I asked.
“This is mister Mustafa, the owner of this shop. He said peace be with you, doctor, How are you? And I answered peace be with you too, thank you, I am well, thanks God, and how are you? This are traditional, daily greetings” she explained to me then she turned to English and presented me.
“Mister Mustafa, this is my younger son, Carlo. He will stay with me and will study at Tripoli University”
“Welcome, young man. Hope you’ll have a nice time in Libya” said Mr. Mustafa.
“Thank you, sir” I was able to answer. Fuck! I never heard good morning or something like that in polish shop!
Mom took a shopping trolley and told me to take another one.
“We have to do a bigger shopping today”. It was a first shopping trolley I ever saw!
The shop was average size, three, four hundred square meters, but except pork and  alcohol, forbidden at all in Libya, there was everything! I saw strawberry jam. OK, we had it in Poland too. But here there were at least dozen different marks, from Italy, Greece, even from Australia! All shelves full of everything in good quality. Two dozens types of macaroni! Mostly Italian brands. Butter from five countries! Real Kleenex and dozen other brands.
I felt like a cat on a desert. Crazy of luck, to find the biggest cat’s WC in the world!
I followed mom and saw her trolley full.
“Take two boxes of Bengashir”
“What’s that?”
“Local mineral water with gas. Good and cheap” Two boxes meant two dozens 1,5 liter bottles.
“You can take Pepsi or Mirinda, whatever you want” she said. I thought I can take two, three bottles, but had to take again a box, mean dozen bottles. Fuck again! Coca-cola just started production in Poland, but you were happy to get two bottles 33 cc. I hoped not to be shocked again. I was wrong. We have reached a specific shelves.
“Choose what you want. White, pink, yellow, green, plain or with design, but take a dozen pack. She was talking about toilet paper! Soft one! In Poland we had just one type, gray-brown, and we use to call it a sandpaper. It wasn’t soft at all.

Our two trolleys were more than full. The owner registered our shopping, pushing each item to the young boy, who packed it into a plastic bags! Free of charge!
Mom paid, owner thanked her loudly and invited again. I tried to keep calm, but then I heard the owner
“Ibrahim go with the doctor, help to pack shopping into her car and bring back empty bottles”.
As soon as my mom opened a trunk, Ibrahim took out boxes with empty bottles for exchange and packed all our shopping.
“Shukran Ibrahim”
“Malesh” boy grin and took trolleys and boxes back to the shop. I looked at mom with big question mark in my eyes.
“Shukran means thank you. Malesh means you are welcome, don't mention it!”.
I thought that our shopping was over. I was wrong. Within few minutes we parked at vegetables and fruits market. We bought one sack of oranges, the red one, one sack of grapefruits, also red, different kind of tomatoes, and other vegetables. Finally we headed home.

 On the street I saw five young boys waving their hands and smiling.
“Who they are?” I asked
“They are our neighbors from the ground level. Sweet kids, from five to ten years old”.

I started to remove our shopping from the trunk, putting it on the ground outside the car. When I finished, I found nothing! All our shopping was gone! I looked about and there was mother handing out a big box of candies to those children. They smiled and shouted constantly, 
“Shukran, shukran”.

“Mom, were is our shopping?”
“Already upstairs. Those kids always help me, and I give them candies. Good exchange” she smiled. All bags and boxes were nicely placed at our door. I took them inside and started to unpack bags. With big surprise I saw my mom cutting in half oranges and grapefruits and squeezing out juice into a big jug.
“It’s called spremuta. It’s Italian word, means freshly squeezed orange juice. Libya for years was an Italian colony, and many older Libyans speak Italian quite well. You can add a bit of sugar, if you wish. Put it for a while into the fridge. It’s much better than any other drink” she said. She was absolutely right. We bought one sack of oranges and one of grapefruits. Each sack was five kilo, and I wandered who would eat it. We won’t eat, we would drink! Since that day I became a great fan of spremuta and I am still drinking it these days too. Much better than those fizzy, artificial soft drinks. 

The door ring waked me up the next morning at ten minutes past eight. I dragged myself out of the bed and totally naked opened door. I knew it could only be Marek, and nobody else.
“You are early bird” I said
“Your peter is also early bird” Marek laughed seeing my morning boner.
“Oh, I just have to piss” I went to the bathroom and pissed, without even bothering to close a door. I washed my hands and went to the kitchen.
“What are you doing?” Mark joined me there. By this point he was nude too.
“Spremuta” I explained what I was doing. With big jug of fresh juice and two glasses we reached my bed. My bedclothes were still there, but we didn’t care. We sit on two opposite sites of bed, with our legs at the middle. We talked about our first experiences shopping in Libya. I noticed again that Mark looked mostly on my dick, not into my eyes. Frankly, I did the same. Still talking, I touched his dick with my bare foot. He didn’t mind, so I caressed his soft dick and balls, seeing a bit later a nice boner.
“Hey man! Is it your another trick? Strange, but feels nice” he said.
“I call it a foot job” I smiled and joined my second foot. With both of them I started to stroke his lovely, young peter.
“Mmmm ..nice. Now I see how a greenhorn I was. You are teaching me some nice tricks”
“I will teach you more, if you want” I said “but I wat to set our relationship straight from the beginning”
“What you mean?”
“I like you very much, you are my buddy, I like to fool around with you, but I don’t want to harm you”.
“I don’t understand”
“I like you your dick, your balls and your whole fucking body, I really like to jerk you off and to be jerked off by you, but I don’t want you to fall in love with me. I fooled around with several boys, but it was just fun, sex, relief, nothing more. I would never fall in love with boy”.
“That’s good of you, putting the matters clearly straight away. But don’t worry. I like you too, you are my best buddy ever had, but everything I feel to you is just friendship. I would never fall in love with a boy either. To be honest, when you jerked me off yesterday, I closed my eyes and dreamed that was one of those girls I kissed, not you. Hope you are not offended”.
“Oh contrary, I am happy that we both know the rules. Where we stopped?” I took again his dick between my feet and gave Mark a nice jerk off.
“That was great! Now my turn” he said and used his fantastic, young feet to bring me to huge orgasm. We cleaned ourselves under the shower, I made another jug of fresh juice, and we laid on bed, head to head, closely as a good buddies.
“Do you believe that a month ago, I was ashamed to change in front of my best buddy after the swimming pool? He was ashamed too. Now I am lying nude with you and I feel I would never be ashamed to strip in front of other boys.”
Then I told him about my vacations with Peter and his two friends, skinny dipping together, and wanking each other. I felt it was too early to mention that we sucked each other.
“It had to be a great fun! I wish I could fool around with more boys”.
“Don’t worry. One day you’ll find more boys to have fun with them. And girls to fuck”.

For a while there was a silence between us, then Mark turned his head, looked at my eyes, and wanted to say something, but gave up.
 “Go ahead. Say want you want, ask what you want. I won’t laugh.”
“You said that you would teach me more..those girls said that I don’t know… I thought you could…....No,  no it’s stupid”
“What do you want? Tell me? The most I could do I would say no”.
With big shame finally he said,
“The girls I kissed , well that’s not true..... I don’t really know kissing. Can you teach me?”
Uff! That was something new to me. I kissed and fucked few girls, I sucked few boys, but I never kissed a single boy. I looked at his young, sweet face, and suddenly fuck yeah! I wanted to kiss him!
“Close your eyes” I whispered. Then I touched his lips with mine. They were so soft!

I licked them gently and with my tongue I opened his mouth. Slowly pushed my tongue into his and touched his tongue. Then I sucked it. With one hand I kept his head and pushed my lips and tongue harder. Kissing him excited me so much, that I turned myself on my back rolled him on top of me. Now he was kissing me. His hands on my cheeks, he pushed his tongue into my mouth.  I caressed his shoulders, moving down, softly clasped his ass cheeks, then  squeezed them. He moved his hips up and down several times. I felt his hard dick on my belly and my dick touching his. A bit of boy sticky juice seeping out of the foreskin.  I turned us opposite, putting him on his beck, parted our lips, and moved slowly with my mouth and tongue down. I licked and sucked his nipples, lolling my tongue down his belly.

 Marek instinctively spread his legs wide, giving me full access to his dick and balls. First I licked his balls, then licked my finger, while sucking his dick I pushed the tip of my finger into his ass. My finger remained as I kissed his pink head, licked it and sucked more of his hard-in. Until finally I took his whole dick into my mouth, I continues to lick and suck him into highly erotic state. I felt his ass relaxed so I pushed my whole finger in. Marek was moaning and succumbed to my control. Licking and sucking his dick I moved my finger inside him and with other hand caressed his balls. When I felt he was close, I withdraw my finger, and laid on top of him. We were again kissing passionately, and I moved my hips hardly up and down. It only took a minute for both of us to explode. Our cum mixed on our bellies, and I slowed my hips hardly moving as we still kissed. Finally I rolled on my back and laid without movement. We were breathing deeply and were exhausted. Later he gave me a soft kiss and said
He smiled with a little giggle, “Thank you professor, you are fantastic teacher, sir”
“And you are very clever pupil, young man” we laughed and went to bathroom to take a shower. I made us some snacks and hot tea.

Carlo57 (Poland)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shared blog Story

A reader submitted this cute Junior High check-in, but it kind of fits best at the BS blog. Link to read.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Experiences in Libya (Part I)

After I graduated from High School in Poland, I went to Tripoli in Libya, to visit my mother, who worked there as a doctor. It was beginning of June, so the summer was in its peak.
 As soon as the airplane door opened, I’ve felt boiled. 40oC (104oF), was much more than anytime in Poland. My mom picked me up and drove home. Most of the cars at that time in Libya had no air conditioning, so I had to survive almost an hour drive feeling heat like coming straight from hell. The sweat flooded my eyes, so bad that I was not able to see much of anything, just praying to get into the house as soon as possible. 

  The first thing I dreamed of was a cold shower, but I was told to wait until night. The water pressure in the pipeline system was very weak during daytime. So each apartment had it’s own water tank on the terrace, which was usually full by night-time. But the tank was exposed to the sun, so even the “cold” water during a day was rather hot!
  I reached into the refrigerator to get some cold water. I was surprised to see one shelf completely full of towels!
 “Help yourself” said mom and gave me one towel, taking another for her.
 The chilled towel was damp and lovely cold!
 “ You should patent your idea!” I exclaimed as I covered up my shoulders and arms, feeling the new wonderful relief from the heat.
 I had to learn quickly many things to survive there, despite the fact that it was not a desert, but actually a normal city. And I learnt quickly.

 The first night I slept naked as usual, without any cover, and I slept quite well, till one hour before sunrise. I was awaked by a loud chanting voice! It was muezzin, from the nearby mosque, calling out the first prayer. I looked to see that he used four big loudspeakers! Within two weeks I got used to it, and it did not wake me anymore.

 I began to feel bad over the next two days. Each day  I felt worse and worse. The third day, It was Friday, Muslim day off,  I woke up and rushed to toilet and vomited half an hour. I was scared, but my mom assured me that it was nothing serious.
 “ You  just got sunstroke” she said and gave me plastic bag with ice cubes.
 “Put it on your head, and be ready to go to the beach within half an hour”
 “ You are kidding! What a beach? I am dying!” I replied.
 “Don’t be a sissy boy! You will feel better when you jump into the sea”.
 I wanted to hide myself into the refrigerator but my mom insisted.

 Europeans never use a city beach, all crowded to the last foot. We would drive hundred kilometers out of town to find the wild remote beaches. Although it was early morning, the heat was killing me already. Mom drove and I vomited five times through the car’s window. She never stopped the car. I don’t know how I managed to walk hundred meters from the car to our place on the beach, carrying a big umbrella, a cooler full of food and drink, and beach mat. As soon as I fixed that big ass umbrella, I lay down on the mat in the shade but ready to die. But, you remember, my mom was a doctor, and of course she wouldn’t let my die. However, she forced me to walk another fucking fifteen meters to the sea.

 As soon my feet reached water, I fell down, head and all into the sea. Small waves bathed my body for a while. Then I rose to me feet. OMG! I am alive! No headache, no vomiting! I felt like I was born anew!
 “Mom! You are the best doctor in whole Universe” – I shouted.
 “You did not know that already?”  She smiled and just asked me not to swim too far. But then she added,  
  “This is the sea, not a lake in Poland. So be careful of the sharks!”
Fuck! First heatstroke, now sharks. Two weeks before I came to Libya I saw the hit movie “Jaws”, and my Mom knew it. Later I learned that the sharks in this area were very, very seldom, and if they appeared, they were small, only up to one meter long. Absolutely not dangerous to humans. Mom knew that, but didn’t tell me the truth in the beginning. She achieved her goal and I kept swimming close to the sea shore.
 A big shocker was that, during first two weeks in Africa I forgot about jerking off? Ok, I didn’t forget, but it was too hot, I had to learn a lot, like how to get acclimatized.
 Then I missed also girls back home in Poland, or at least, my wanking buddies.
  One night lying in bed, my body all sweaty, I closed eyes and tried to remember my “good” times. Very soon I got nice boner and I moved my hand down. I felt my balls, hanging low out of the body and a hot really hard dick. I took only few moves to explode. My cum covered my belly, chest, cheeks, hair and…wall.  Ah, What a relief!

 After cleaning myself and removing my wall art, I try to rest, but a sudden thought frightened me.
Few days before, I visited a local University, very modern, and best of all it offered  absolutely free-of-charge study. With an elevated promise, that after the first year, I could apply for scholarship at any British university, including Oxford and Cambridge. All fully paid by the Libyan government. Insh Allach!  So I enrolled without any hesitation. Later I learned the exact meaning of Insh Allach, I heard hundred times a day. It meant God willing. But it seemed to me that God was on some long, long vacation…

 Anyway, the thought that frightened me was – I could maybe survive in that climate, but how I am going to survive without a hand job, licking, a blow job, to me it was no matter if a girl or boy, but in this oven of a country I was to exist  without fucking!  So in this plan, I had to stay there at least one year, to complete that first year of studies. I knew that Arab girls were out of the question, and only a dream. I knew no Libyan boys, and didn’t know if they are eager to fool-around with boys, or not. Fuck! The whole year alone, just with my hand and memories! That conclusion made me really sad.

 At that time in Libya there were thirty thousand Poles, ten thousand in Tripoli and others spread out around the country, all were working there under travel Visa’s. But they were almost all adults,  having young children. I didn’t hear about any Polish teenagers, girl or boy, around. But shortly, luck smiled on me.

 Coming Friday, as usual, Mom and I we went to the remote beach, where quite a lot of Europeans spent their days off. Mom introduced to me a Polish couple she knew from work.
 “Oh! So nice!” said the lady “our Mareczekwould have a new friend in you”.
 Mareczek” – I winced. That was diminutive of Marek (Mark) a name used for a small boy. The last thing I wanted was babysitting a five year old boy. 

 But then I saw Mareczek, and my thoughts changed in one second. “Perhaps I could babysit Mareczek” twenty four hours a day, Insh Allach! He was so nice! In his swim suit, I could see not only his smiling face, but whole tanned body! He shook my hand and asked,
 “ Are you bored the whole day like me?”
 “Yeah”  “Fuck, there is nothing to do. I can’t even watch TV, that shit is in Arabic”.
 “ So, why don’t you drop by, we can be bored together” I laughed.
 “With pleasure……. So, I heard from my parents, that you were coming to Libya, but they said that you are much older, and was afraid that you wouldn’t be eager to talk to a younger teen” he said.
 “How old are you?”
 “I am seventeen. No big difference. And I am really glad to talk to you” I said and explained him where my house was. We discover that he was almost my neighbor, just two streets away.

 “Let’s go swim a bit. It’s so hot” I said mostly to cool down, as my peter was ready to jump out of swimming trunks.

 He came to see me the next day at ten. I opened the door in briefs only. He looked at me and asked
  “I see that you are comfy, can I take of my shirt and jeans? It’s so hot”
  “You can strip naked, if you wish. It’s OK with me” I said.
 Without a word he and stripped to his briefs. I offered him a cold drink, then we reclined on my bed and talked for a while. He was from small city south of Poland, no siblings, and was rather a bit shy. I asked him if he was missing his girlfriend. He blushed a bit and admitted that he was too shy to get a girlfriend, just kissed two or three times.
 “And what about you? Did you had a girlfriend in Poland?” – he asked.
 “I had a few, but not dating only one in a  forever relationship”
 “What have you done with them?” he asked. I told him that I did everything, kissing, hand job, licking a pussy, blow job and also fucking.
 “Wow! Do you have any girlfriend here already?
 “No I don’t, no girl, and shit …..not even a wanking buddy” I answered
 “Uh, a Wanking buddy?” I could tell he was surprised.
 “You never jerked off together with a school buddy?”
 “Never. And you?”
 I told him about some wanking with other boys, but without telling him anything more. I was afraid to scare him off at the beginning.
 “How often you wank?” I asked instead.
 He looked at me with a bit of shame and answered “I am so bored here, that up to five times a day”.
 “I see that you peter is ready for a ride” I smiled looking on his briefs. His dick was hard and tip of it’s head slipped out of his briefs “If you want, we can wank together”
 “Are you sure? But you strip first” he said. Without any shame I removed my briefs and made myself comfortable on the bed. He stripped and we started to caress our own dicks. I noticed that he looked for few seconds at my dick. Then turned his eyes with shame.
 “Don’t be ashamed. If you want you can look at my dick, because I am looking at yours. Seeing other boys jacking makes me more excited” I said. 

So we looked at each other’s dicks and wanked slowly, then faster and faster. He moaned and shot his load, spraying up a cum-loaded belly and chest. Almost the same moment I delivered my load all over my body.
“Uff! That was great. What a relief” he said and asked for Kleenex.

 “I have better idea. Let’s take a shower. 

 We went into the bathroom, and entered together into shower. I was clever enough to buy after my first week in Libya three large buckets and had them filled them in with water. This way I could have a quick shower during the day without being scalded with hot terrace water. I used a one liter mug to splash water on our bodies.

  “Turn around, I will help you to wash your back” I said and slowly washed his shoulders, using only soap and my hands. Going down I reached his lovely ass cheeks, which I washed them too. Then I turned him and soaped his chest and belly.

 His dick was semi hard when I touched it. He moaned and stepped back a bit.
 “You have to wash your peter carefully in this climate after masturbation, otherwise you can easily get infection” I said and reached again for his dick and balls.
He didn’t withdraw, but I noticed he was very tense, so I just washed his jewels quickly.  Then he washed my back and front, omitting my dick. I could tell that he was not ready yet. I cleaned my dick and balls myself, rinsed our bodies with water and without drying we returned to my bed. Laying naked we talked again. He wanted me to tell him again about me fucking girls, so I did. 

End Part I of III

Carlo57 (Poland)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Double Thrill Ride

Hello! On one day that I was then a14 year old, I enjoyed and thrilled to ride the most biggest roller-coaster at any theme park in Germany. While it goes way up high and down very fast. I discover my penis is grown in the erection state, so much hard with how I was riding and bouncing so much. I had to think about how I will later do some jacking to it.

 So fast and scarey goes the car, that all people must hold tightly in afraid condition. Also it's always bumpy while swinging from this side and to that side. To me it was great fun and more action for this growing erection, it becomes much more hard for me. That all happened- motion continued and such jiggling was of great excitement for my penis.

What can you guess next? Of course the sex liquid flow so much its made all gooey inside my clothes. So very much is in my pants. All of the wet juice. When it finished over and done, I decide. It was two of the best feelings for a boy to know, this thrill ride, and such superb feelings in vibrations to the Penis this whole time together.When a boys get the excited penis, you can't stop it..... that is what I discovered that day. That is still so nice!


Monday, August 15, 2016

A Reader's Suggested Topic

Even further back...Roman boys were notorious masturbaters.

In one of his Satires the poet Juvenal discusses the futility of following the learned professions. He ends with the schoolmaster. After complaining about how parents want the master to stuff their sons' heads with arcane mythological trivia, the poet goes on to say that they also demand that the teacher be a sort of second father to the whole class, and keep them from shameful activities.

 But, says Juvenal, "it's hard to keep your eyes on the hands of so many boys at the same time!"


Friday, August 12, 2016

Every Boys Fear - Discovery

My mother visited us this summer, and I was shocked and embarrassed to find out how much of my adolescent sexuality he knew about.

It came apparent when the following occurred just last month-

 We were getting ready to go out for a family dinner and my 13 year old son was showering. We were waiting and waiting and then I said innocently to my mom now that he’s 13 it seems to take him a whole lot longer to shower. I was implying but not openly stating my suspicion that perhaps he jerks off in the shower quite frequently now. Or maybe she would assume that puberty has made him a bit more smelly.

  Then she said to me,
  “Doesn’t he just masturbate into his socks like you used to do?”

 I was shocked! I said,

 She responded,
  “Oh come on, once you turned 13 I don’t think I ever washed a white crew sock of yours that you apparently hadn’t tried to get pregnant.”

 (My mom was right, I did masturbate into my dirty white gym socks and then throw them into the hamper, but I had no idea that she knew I did. She also told me that she knew about “Jennifer, in the basement” when I was 15. (She was my first, I did confide in my uncle who then bought me my first condoms, but apparently he also told my dad who then told my mom.)

  What I was then worried she was going to mention was if she knew about any of the three long-time jerk-off buddies I had at various times during 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Sometimes after swimming at the pool or other times after playing basketball, we would be so horny and needed to jerk so urgently. I guess it just felt right to share the pressure release with a buddy. (Truth be told, probably about a quarter of the cum-soaked socks that went into the hamper were not soaked with my cum, but with the cum of one of my jacking friends.)

 I certainly was not going to ask, but I’m assuming that she did not know about how active I was in masturbating with my friends in those wonderful years.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Best Summer

Our extended family was pretty large. We had big cookouts together on holidays, as well as parties for everybody’s birthdays. In the summertime these events usually happened at Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe’s place because they had a big house and a swimming pool.

When it was time to swim, guys changed in the upstairs bathroom, girls downstairs. It was very informal for the guys. Grown men changed one at a time but boys would change together, maybe three or four guys of various ages in the bathroom at once, all talking and carrying on and thinking nothing of “letting it all hang out” in front of each other.

I had been part of this family locker-room mentality forever, beginning with my father peeling off my street clothes in front of other little boys and pulling a bathing suit over my butt when I was barely a toddler. Then I got big enough to proudly join the other boys without any help. My cousins and I had been naked in front of each other all our lives.

The summer that I was 12 I shared the bathroom one day with Curt, slightly older than me, a tallish, skinny, dark-haired dude. Just the two of us were changing together. As Curt pulled down his boxers, his tan line became visible. And then his peter came into view, highlighted against the stark whiteness of untanned crotch skin. Remember, I had been seeing all the cousins’ peters for years. I didn’t stare at them, you understand, yet I was aware of how everybody’s dick looked. So I was well acquainted with Curt’s crotch.

Curt’s bare penis swung around as he wrestled with his jock strap. But there was something different. What I saw this year stunned me. I was absolutely amazed to see that Curt had hair! It had happened since last summer. There was a small snarl of black wispy stuff right above his dick. And his dick itself looked longer and thicker than it used to.

Seeing what had happened to Curt astonished me. I could not keep my eyes off the swinging penis, the little bush of curly hair, the black patches in his armpits.

I think Curt knew what was going on in my head. He stepped to the commode and pissed, aiming a forceful stream into the bowl. “Ah, the pause that refreshes!” he said as he shook the final drops off his penis. He turned my direction and stood facing me a little longer than necessary, watching me as I tried not to stare. Then he finished changing.

You could say that I made an ass out of myself the rest of the summer. I made sure that I changed with Curt every time we went to Aunt Sue’s and Uncle Joe’s. When we were in the pool all I could think about was the black hair that I personally knew was hidden above his dick. Whenever Curt decided to get out and dry off, I was right behind him, trailing him to the bathroom. When he stood completely naked in the bathroom I was there beside him. He could not take a step without me following. If Curt noticed my constant attention, he apparently didn’t mind.

Meanwhile, I was at the stage in my own development where my dick was aggravating me. It would get hard at inconvenient times and places, like in church or sitting at the table for a meal. I would enter restrooms when I didn’t need to “go,” just so I could pop my little erection out of my pants, wiggle it around and wish it would get soft. I went to sleep at night with one hand stuck into my briefs, holding onto my stiff peter.

Late that summer Curt made his move. I’d been looking at him all this time but was unaware that apparently he’d been looking at me also. The two of us were in the bathroom, drying off. Suddenly he pointed to my dick and told me, “Your dingle is poking out.”

 My which? It’s doing what? Suddenly I realized that my peter was rising, becoming harder every second and elevating from its resting position. I was already halfway stiff, right in front of Curt.

Curt touched his own dick while looking straight at mine. I tried to shield my crotch, holding both hands in front of my boner.

“Don’t hide it,” Curt said. “Hell, I get hard too. Everybody does.”

There was kind of an awkward silence while we looked at each other. Then Curt told me, “It’s just getting hard because your stuff is cold after swimming. Here. I’ll warm everything up for you.”

He extended one hand toward me, sort of offering his fingers. In a second his warm hand was wrapped around my ball sack. “That’s better, huh?” Curt asked me. He gave my balls a few gentle squeezes and tickled them for a second. His fingers moved upward to touch my stiff little prod for an instant.

“Was that okay?” he asked.

Okay? It was awesome. My dick became mega erect. My balls tingled from the touch of his hand. And to top it off, Curt was now jiggling his own stiffening equipment, wiggling himself right in front of me.

“That’s a nice hard dingle you’ve got there,” he told me. “Real nice.”

“Thanks,” I mumbled, wondering if I might be lucky enough that he would touch me again.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he continued after a pause, “but your thingy started it. Want to feel mine to make us even?”

His dick had risen dramatically. It was seriously hard, completely inflexible, extending out from his body, beyond horizontal and halfway toward vertical. I gave it a few nervous touches, awesomely honored at what he was letting me do.

“Okay,” he announced. “Enough of that. We don’t want to clean up a mess.”

Mess? I had no idea how we had gotten from the subject of hard peters to the subject of making a mess.

In the weeks that followed I had something new to occupy my thoughts whenever my dick got hard. Every time I had a hard-on I remembered Curt tickling my balls and stiffie. At night I fantasized that he was touching me ever so lightly while I tried to go to sleep. My scrotum tingled and my erection pulsed.

Finally it was time for another pool party. I had been looking forward to this day forever. It seemed to me that things were reversed and Curt was sort of following me this time. He was the one who made sure we changed together. Before I ever unsnapped my pants I knew I was already hard. Was Curt? I hoped so.

“How’s your little pecker?” he asked.

“Good,” I answered. “How’s yours?”

“Stiff as a board. Here, feel it.” He stepped a little closer and slid his boxers down.

For several minutes we stood together silently while we felt and touched and caressed each other’s erections. My peter was so stiff I thought it would burst.

There were voices outside the door. “We better get out of here,” Curt whispered. “I think people are waiting. Let’s do this again after we swim.”

So we hauled our bathing trunks on, grabbed our towels, and headed for the pool. How long did we swim with the rest of the crowd? An hour? Maybe two? I have no idea. All I could think about was what Curt and I were going to do afterwards.

I’ve had years to think about all of this and I realize Curt already knew how to jack off, a skill I had not yet learned. But he didn’t lead us into a pump session. We just stood together in the bathroom, hip-to-hip, fondling our boy organs and tickling everything we could reach. It was my first experience with sexual intimacy and I was in heaven.

That was Labor Day, the end of summer parties. I was in seventh grade that term, taking a year of PE, besides other classes, and secretly peeking at all the bare bodies on display in the locker room. Some of the guys had pubes, and I mentally compared them to Curt’s little fringe, illogically hating boys who had more hair than Curt. He and I saw each other at occasional Fall and Winter gatherings and managed to use the bathroom together at one of them. But we didn’t actually do anything. Since it wasn’t a swim party, we didn’t have any justification for stripping bare in each other’s presence.

Early in April I was lying in bed and trying to go to sleep one night. The fantasy of Curt touching my body overwhelmed me. I was 13 now, intensely hard at school, constantly feeling of myself at night. My squeezes and wiggles that night turned to strokes as I lay on my back and messed with my dick. Before long I was in the grip of mysterious feelings that told me to immediately quit what I was doing - and yet also encouraged me to continue. I couldn’t stop; as a matter of fact, I seemed to pump faster and faster until my banging hand was out of control, whamming back and forth on my erect penis.

I climaxed for the first time in a frightened panic, feeling my body shake and shooting a blast of unknown stuff into my covers and all over my pajamas. Then I lay gasping for breath and trying to figure out what the blankety-blank had just happened. I was scared to death.

By the time of our first Summer party at Sue and Joe’s on Memorial Day, I’d had several weeks to deal with my fright and had settled into a comfortable schedule of pumping my stiffie two or three times a week. I kept a roll of toilet paper in my dresser and took a handful to bed whenever I agreed with myself that “tonight’s the night.”

Curt and I looked at each other. Was he still interested? Or was he embarrassed about what we did last summer? What if he didn’t want to do things like that any more?

I shouldn’t have worried. We ran some little boys out of the upstairs bathroom and locked ourselves in, immediately unfastening our pants and then standing there in our underwear. Curt had a silly grin on his face. “Drop ‘em,” he told me, pointing a finger at me in imitation of a gun. Both of us bared our crotches at the same time.

Curt was a lot further along than he’d been the previous summer. His little fluff of black hair had become a full bush of curly manhood above his thicker, heavier peter. I was about to comment on his pubes, but Curt spoke first, in a hushed whisper: “You’ve got hair! You didn’t have any last year! You’ve been a busy boy!”

I had hair? Somehow I hadn’t noticed. I looked down. Sure enough, a few little solitary filaments had sprouted without me knowing.

We wasted no time, immediately reaching toward each other’s crotch and trading feel jobs. I stepped back a little and wrapped my hand around my boner. “Do you ever do this?” I asked, giving myself a few back-and-forth pumps.

“You jack off too?” Curt asked, genuinely impressed. “I was pretty sure you didn’t know about doing that last year.”

“I didn’t. But now I do.”

We were both sliding our hands back and forth on our dicks, watching each other and thoroughly enjoying being guys.

“I’ve been thinking about this all year,” Curt told me.

“Me too,” I answered.

The little boys hammered on the door and pleaded with us to let them change. It took us less than five minutes to help each other fire incredible cumshots, wipe up the evidence, and finally let the little guys have the bathroom.

I was 13 and Curt was 14. It was the start of the summer that I have never forgotten.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fooling With Peter (Part 3)

This is the Final Chapter of Fooling with Peter from Carlo57, for previous stories Read-
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 -
We thanked Peter's Grandma and kissed her cheek for that delicious lunch she prepared, then we all scampered away to play. It was only a short jog then we reached the small lake. A shimmering stretch of cobalt blue in the belly of the rolling green meadow. The water was sparkling clean, and not very deep, at least for the first hundred meters.

 Before reaching the water Peter, Jack and Andrew had already thrown aside their briefs and jumped into the water naked. I didn't waste any time, and just did the same. We swam to about where the water was up to our chests and started fooling around, splashing water on each other, engulfing one another, and all that crazy staff. Including some wrestling, but it seemed to meet guy cred since the  water covered our waist and everything lower. However, all of the touching of body to body made for some special effects of us horny teen boys. We all appeared on the shore with nice boners jutting straight out. Jack, Andrew, Peter and I  awkwardly thrown suddenly into the somber moment of our full nudity. Peter submitted the ice-breaker with a brazen  smile then said “OK lads. So Carlo here,  is my same good friend..... almost the same as you guys are. But mebbe even better”.
“Better?” asked Andrew “in what way, is he any better?”
“Sit down on the grass and we will show you” instructs Peter...he looked towards me and smiled a go ahead command..

I sit in front of Andrew, and with my feet I'm starting to caress his dick and balls. Then so did Peter with Jack's glistening wet privates.

“Fuck! It feels good! Exclaimed Jack. Andrew said nothing, but begun moaning.
Both of them were really excited by our feet fondling. Playing with their balls and dicks gave me and Peter our own type of pleasure, we were as hard as them. First it was Andrew to blew his load onto his chest with the slower dribbles puddling onto the arches of my feet. Minutes later Jack sent his load blowing streams all over Peter's legs.

“UFF! Fuck! It was great” said Andrew “Carlo is really better than we were”.

We laughed and Peter said, “Now is you turn to "trample" our dick and balls!”

Without any hesitation Andrew reached my balls and dick with his feet and Jack did the same to Peter. They laughed seeing us moaning and soon shooting our big loads. We lay for a while on grass talking and laughing, and returned to the water to clean off and cool ourselves from the sun's heat. We played like fools in a water for an hour. Then rested back on the shore, cushioned by soft grass.

“Where did you learn that way?” Asked Jack
“‘From my school mate” I said “ and I learned something else”.
“What?” Jack and Andrew asked at the same moment.
“You really want to know? If I show you, you would have to do the same” I smiled.

“Don’t fuck around ! Just show us! We promise to do the same! – exclaimed Jack.

“OK, so..... Peter and Andrew, you  two sit on your hands and do nothing, just watch” I directed and then laid down on my belly between Jack's legs. His penis was still soft, balls hanging low from his body. To be honest it was a marvelous picture! I took his dick in one hand and started to caress it, with my other hand I softly cupped his balls. When his dick was semi hard I licked it along, then up to the pink head. Jack shivered and moaned. I took his whole dick into my mouth and sucked. His body was trembling and he was breathing heavily. His dick tasted differently than my school mate Robert, but still nicely. I enjoyed sucking it and slowly caressing his nice balls.

In the meantime I looked at Peter and Andrew. They did sit on their hands for a while, but couldn’t resist any longer. Andrew pushed Peter down and started to lick his dick and balls. It excited me even more, and I speed up my movement on Jack’s dick. Shortly I felt he was on edge, so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and just licked his balls. He shouted out and blew his massive load. He fell back on the grass, breathing heavily. I watched Andrew sucking Peter’s dick with furious in and out movement. Seeing that, I couldn’t resist. I rolled Andrew on his side and took his hard dick into my mouth. Jack was stunned watching Andrew sucking Peter, and me sucking Andrew. He reached for my dick and began to give my a blow job. We were moaning like four mad boys. I moved my hips to put my whole dick into Andrew's mouth. We accelerate our movements and shortly exploded. Jack covered my hands with large amount of cum. Peter exploded on Jack’s hands and his own belly. Andrew was too late to withdraw my dick from his mouth and I delivered my warm cum into his mouth. He just spit it out. We lay on the grass for at least half an hour, breathing heavily. Later we swim in the lake, then returned home for another fine supper.

“What have you done over there, that you are so tired?” asked grandma
“We swam a lot, grandma” answered Peter.

“Go to bed quickly. You have to rise up early tomorrow, to help Andrew’s Grandpa in fields.
Peter and I reached bed, lay naked, but we were so exhausted, that we did nothing more, just fell asleep.
Over the next days we were helping Andrew’s and Jack’s Grandpas in fields till the afternoon. We had always a two large containers with homemade lemonade, which we drank a lot, during the summer heat and heavy work. On one day, I wondered where I could piss, but I saw Robert just take his dick out of his pants and just openly pissing were he stood, without any shame at all. So I did the same.
 Many days  we worked until the mid afternoon until lunch break. often after lunch we all  four ran to the lake. Before reaching the water we were naked and sucking each other in the 69. Then we cooled down in the water, without speaking we would change partners and do 69 again with another guy. During those  incredible summer days I sucked and got sucked by three fantastic boys several times over. That was the most fantastic holiday of my life!

Unfortunately, Peter’s father was transferred again after two months, and we never met again.

The End