Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Was Sitting There in a Dreamscape

This is for the guy that wanted stories about people’s first cum. I was 14 when my first load shot
out of my dick and scared the everlasting hell out of me.

A friend of mine, sometimes after school we pissed together in his backyard. Also we compared dicks. Mine always got hard when he felt of it. One day it got freaky hard if you know what I mean. The more he touched my dick, the harder and more funny-feeling it got. It made me feel strange all over, sort of scared. What I was experiencing for the first time was the sensations of sexual arousal which lead to a climax and ejaculation. But I was totally uninformed and didn’t know what was happening to me.

After a few minutes we quit feeling each other and started shooting hoops in his driveway. My dick was still hard. I remember mashing the basketball against my stiff hard-on. My dick had never stayed hard that long before. It felt massive in my pants and I was constantly thinking about its condition. I told my friend I had to go home.

When I got home I went straight to the basement where me and my brother had a room. He was not there. I closed the door and locked it (my brother put a simple screen-door hook on the door for privacy). Over to one side was a card table where the two of us had been working on a big jigsaw puzzle. I sat down and stared at the puzzle, thinking I would put some pieces in. But my poor, aching penis was still horribly stiff.

While I sat looking at the puzzle, I unfastened my school pants (khakis) and spread them wide apart. Then I fished in my underwear and with great difficulty brought my stubborn penis out through the fly. For several minutes I tried to fit pieces into the puzzle, but at the same time I was constantly touching my penis in various ways and trying to make it get soft.

Finally, without knowing that anything at all might happen, I leaned back in the chair and started rapidly agitating my penis by sliding my fingers back and forth around it real fast.

I guess my dick had been stiff for at least an hour. The instant that I began playing with my stiffie, all hell broke loose. The crazy feelings came back much worse than before. At first I thought I was getting sick, maybe running a fever. Then the weirdest feeling of all grabbed me. It felt like the breath was being sucked out of my lungs. My head got dizzy. Maybe I was going to pass out. Meanwhile I kept doing my fingers back and forth on my erection, masturbating myself by subconscious-control without knowing what I was doing.

Suddenly the whole world came to a standstill. I flinched all over, absolutely shaking. The awful feeling grew and grew. I was scared out of my freaking mind! And then I convulsed. My body shook. My head felt like it had come loose from my body and was drifting around the ceiling like a balloon on a string.

I felt my penis enlarge and stiffen, although it didn’t seem possible that it could get any bigger or harder than it already was.

Then there was kind of a chemical reaction inside me, like an experiment that you know is going wrong in science class and about to blow up a flask. Along with the overpowering feeling came the ejaculation which I had never heard of nor read about nor ever imagined. The explosive cramp shook me. Great slugs and squirts of strange stuff sprayed out of my dick and flew all over the place. On the table, on the puzzle, on the wall and on me.

And then I was sitting there in a dreamscape, still holding onto my penis and staring at all the gooey stuff.

I thought I was dead, but somehow I didn’t die. “I’ll be damned if I ever do that again,” I resolved.

But several days later, faced with another demanding erection, I had a peculiar thought: “Maybe I’ll go downstairs and do that weirdo thing to my peter just a little and see what happens.”


Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Sonny and I" - Under the Wide open Sky

Sometimes a story comes in, and I am awestruck at the incredible stories of events that you guys have lived. I presume and state, that life is indeed a blessing although completely unscripted. There are often mysteries and questions that seldom make sense, yet muted words beget enchanted movements of the heart. The body then follows unrestrained....... skilfully seeking the finesse of warm touch from another .

Read this fine composition and celebrate the joy this seasoned writer found on a treacherous night, in  a daring chance he found something rare with a treasured friend.

I've written a number of stories about my horny adventures in the various places that my Air Force father was stationed when I was growing up. What I haven't mentioned is my crazy summers. You see, my dad was one-quarter Native American ("Indian," if you prefer). His father (my grandfather) was half Apache, making me one-eighth. My Apache Grandpa was the one who nicknamed me Thunder Cloud.

My dad thought I should pick up on my native heritage, so beginning when I was eight he sent me to spend a few days every summer with the old man. I enjoyed it so much that it grew to a couple of weeks and later most of the summer. I loved it primarily because it freed me from all supervision. I essentially ran wild, not accountable to anybody.

Grandpa lived in eastern Arizona, the beautiful paradise of the White Mountains: clear streams, lush green meadows, tree-covered rocky slopes.

I started driving the summer I was eleven because Grandpa -- well, let's just say he was not always able to follow the curves in the road. By the time I crossed into puberty and found myself back in Arizona the summer after I began jacking off, I already had an old rusty pickup of "mine" in Grandpa's shed. The truck and I were perfectly matched: It had no plates and I had no license. It was held together with rope and duct tape. The first couple of days every summer, the old man and I would get my truck running again. And then he would mellow-out and I was pretty much on my own.

I'd drive into the forest and mountains in my truck and revert to nature for days at a time, enjoying both the wilderness and my own changing body, sometimes driving absolutely naked with my erect peter sticking up in my lap.

Those mountains are full of unpaved private logging roads up the slopes, and one-lane dirt tracks through the meadows. City people get hopelessly lost or bogged in the deep mud. Cops are unheard of and nobody cared whether a boy had a driver's permit or not because everybody outside of the towns lived close to the earth. I bounced that rattling pickup up and down logging trails and rocky outcrops, exchanging waves with the loggers and fishing guides.

I jacked off wherever and whenever I pleased.The old truck vibrated on a frequency that  stirred up my prostate and made my balls tingle. I'd retreat into the solitude of dense trees or other magical places. I'd find a grove of tall trees or a patch of sunlight where I could have a meaningful session with my always-ready right hand.

It was during those woodsy masturbations that I learned to give my balls due attention as well as my dick. My scrotum would draw up and become highly sensitive, covered in tightly wrinkled ridges which I tickled and massaged to a state of itchy anticipation while my young boner got stiffer and stiffer. Then the slow strokes, sometimes massaging my zingy-feeling nutsack at the same time that I pumped my happy-stick. The climactic results spurted explosively onto tree trunks or across clearings.

I fully enjoyed my outdoor jacking sessions. The mountains made me horny as all get-out and I would spring boners like you wouldn't believe. I often sat on the very edge of a high rocky cliff with the setting sun shining on me while I shot a load of jet-propelled ejaculate off into space. I have also laid buck nude in the long grass and played with myself while the breeze blew softly across my body and I tickled my sides and chest. I have taken my time and enjoyed myself so slow and gentle until I couldn't prolong it any longer. Before I was finished enjoying what I was doing, the lumps and streams of cum would assert themselves, force my system to climax, and blast out of my unbendable erection like the juice was launched by atomic pressure.  I reveled in amazing orgasms. I even jerked while driving.

There was a guy that lived near Grandpa's, a summer friend of mine, also part Apache. We were a contrast. I was chunky and dark-haired while Sonny was a light-weight with sort of sandy brownish hair. I was kind of earthy. Sonny on the other hand was polite and restrained. He wore a cap all the time and the ends of his hair flipped upward around the edge of the hat. A lot of times he'd come along with me. We were both kind of loners, sitting on rocks for hours without saying a word while we fished the river. We hiked into the mountains, marked our trails and easily found our way back to the truck. As for the needs of nature, we stepped behind bushes to piss and went completely out of each other's sight to crap so as not to embarrass either of us. Being together was great because of the companionship and our unspoken bond with nature and each other. But it was inhibiting in one way because I didn't masturbate around him. If he was with me I might get only one wank over a period of several days. To get that relief I would go off privately by myself, telling him I was going to dump a load, when I actually intended to take care of my boyish need by pumping one out.

One night we were sitting on the tailgate in a little clearing, laughing, eating fish that we'd filleted and broiled on sticks, spooning cold beans out of a can, and just enjoying being together without saying much. That's the kind of friends that we were.

It had been a cloudy, gray day. As we ate, mist started falling. Then suddenly we were in a pelting rain. Shoot, I had a tent along but it was behind the seat and still packed up. The rain cut our dinner short and we just piled into the old truck and sat there while the elements worked up to a serious mountain thunderstorm. It poured like fury and drummed on the truck until we were nearly deaf. The night turned cold too, and we got drenched jumping out to grab our sleeping bags from the bed of the truck. Then we had a dickens of a time getting the bags unrolled and climbing into them right there in the cab. We sat shivering on the bench seat, knowing the black-earth lane had turned to deep mud and we were going to have to sleep in damp sleeping bags all night inside that truck.

After while Sonny said he had to piss. We decided it would be better to piss into a coke can than open a door and let the rain in. So he unzipped his sleeping bag and dropped his cargo shorts and a jock. He got up on his knees on the seat, grabbed the can from me and turned to face the door for privacy. I switched on the dome light to help him aim into the can. And then I thought, You asshole. Sonny will think you've got the light on so you can look at his doo-dad. So I flipped it off. But Sonny goes "Wait! Wait! Light! I'm missing the hole and pissing on my hand!"

That set us off. We started laughing and couldn't stop. While we were laughing Sonny set the can on the dashboard and pulled up his jock and pants. I was alert to the possibilities and got a fleeting glimpse of a limp, floppy ying-yang bouncing around while he was wrestling with the jock.

Right away he asked me if I didn't need to piss too, since we had the can handy. So we snickered some more. It was a big operation for me, getting the sleeping bag open while under the steering wheel and then unzipping my jeans and pulling my dong out. Sonny handed me the can. It was nice and warm, being half full of his pee. It was the only warm thing that I'd felt since the rain started.

I was peering at the can in the dark, feeling of it to find the hole, when Sonny asked if I wasn't going to turn on the light. Okay, I said, and turned the switch. The light flashed on and I grinned to myself because Sonny was carefully "not" looking at my dick which was right there out in the open. But at the same time I knew he was totally seeing it, if you know what I mean. I took it as a compliment to our friendship that he would try to get better informed about what I had between my legs.

I pissed. Then quick as I could, opened the door, dropped the can full of piss out into the storm, and shut the door again, both of us laughing the whole time and my dick completely in view.

After we calmed down from laughing and pissing we started feeling the mountain chill again and got zipped back into our bags. I was halfway sitting up, halfway leaning against the driver's door, and at the same time trying to stick the foot end of my sleeping bag someplace that wouldn't bother Sonny. I was also thinking about accidentally seeing Sonny's dick and him looking at mine, which seemed like a natural thing to happen between the two of us, only I wasn't sure what to do about it.

I could tell Sonny was shivering, even in the sleeping bag. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Freezing my butt off," he answered. Although I couldn't see much in the dark, it seemed to me that Sonny had both hands inside the sleeping bag, probably clamped on his crotch and maybe stuck into the jock. Either he was using his hands to warm his balls or using his balls to warm his hands. I wasn't sure which.

"Start the truck," he suggested. "Turn on the heater."

"Heater doesn't work," I answered. "And the carbon mono would get us."

After a few more minutes of wiggling around while we tried to get comfortable, Sonny said, "What if we zipped our sleeping bags together? It would be warmer."

So we unzipped and crawled together and fumbled around quite a while with the zippers. Finally we were kind of sacked-up together in a big, uncomfortable pile and trying to get into some kind of coordinated position inside the combined bags.

Minutes went by. We were definitely warmer like that. Not sure how to explain what happened next, but I guess you could say we became more intimately aware of each other. I was thinking about Sonny looking at me, about him having his hands in his crotch and about me holding the can of Sonny's warm piss.

"I wish I had that warm can in my hands right now," I joked.

"I've got my hands in a warm place," he told me.

 What I said next was a stupid comment that I don't think I really meant, but it came rushing out anyway: "Well, you're gonna have to share your warm place for a while."

"Oh yeah?" Sonny answered. "See if you can find it."

That set us off laughing again. At the same time, we were twisting around in the sleeping bags, finally mashed side by side with our hips and thighs touching. And then Sonny started moving his hand around on his crotch. He wasn't jacking off and he may not have been fully hard. But he was clearly touching himself. I guessed he was sort of massaging his dick without actually pumping it.

Of course I had to say something crazy. "Are you getting your warm spot ready for me?" I asked.

"Just keeping my hands warm," he told me.

We sat in a sort of self-conscious silence, neither one of us saying anything, me wondering if by any little chance we might end up checking each other out.

And then Sonny started lightly rubbing back and forth on himself. Right up against me! No longer just rolling his hand around on his dick, but a sort of secret sexual sensation now. Based on my knowledge of myself and a few other boys, I was pretty sure Sonny would soon become seriously horny and progress to full-fledged masturbation using his whole hand. Him being the quiet and nice boy that he was, he would try to keep it secret from me. Or then again, he might be one of the type who would try to find out if I wanted to do the same thing.

My dick, which had been slowly thickening, became harder while Sonny jiggled himself.

"I'm gonna let my jeans down some," I told Sonny. "They're kind of in the way."

"In the way of what?" Sonny asked, but I didn't answer.

Still inside the sleeping bag with my jeans down around my thighs and my stiffening pecker sticking out through the slit in my underwear, I raised the bag a few inches and felt around to see how hard I'd become. Every little squeeze or touch made me stiffer. While Sonny rubbed his dick, I took a few slow up-and-down strokes on mine.

We seemed to draw energy from each other. I could feel Sonny playing with himself. I was now fully jacking, very stoked, keeping the bag lifted so I didn't bump it, and trying not to let Sonny know what I was doing.

 Soon I reached the compulsive horny state that most of us are familiar with, the state in which you are so dad-blamed erect that you lose your inhibitions. In other words, you are so aroused that you don't give a damn what happens. It was a dangerous moment that would either cement our friendship or destroy it. Getting my courage together, I opened my mouth and spoke the words that would take us down the path of no return, one way or another: "Do you need any help?"

No answer. Sonny quit playing with himself. We sat in total silence, total stillness. Crap, I thought, I've ruined it.

But after a few seconds Sonny gave me an answer, or part of an answer: "Do you?"

We didn't say any more, but our hands began exploring the space between us, sort of fingering each other's thighs. And then Sonny's fingers extended a few inches further and brushed my boner. It immediately sprang to a new level of hardness. "Oops," he said."Excuse me!"

"No, go ahead," I told him.

He explored my crotch with fingers that seemed sort of shaky. Even though he'd had his hands busy with his own dick, they hadn't become warm at all. His fingertips were downright cold. He zeroed in on my balls. Each time the cold fingers touched my testicles my nuts drew up a little tighter. Soon they were tight as could be, all wrinkled and leathery-feeling and highly sensitive. I don't know whether he was trying to tickle my nuts or just exploring, but the chilly fingers made my shrunken balls tingle which in turn made my dick even more erect.

So far it was only Sonny checking me out. He moved from my balls to my dick, feeling me with those icy fingers.

"Your thing is a little hard," he said.

I rested my hand on his thigh, hoping that I'd read the signs correctly. "What about yours?" I asked him.

In answer he rolled a little closer to me and I reached toward his crotch. Would you believe, he still had the jock covering his junk. I rubbed it, felt the stiffness that it contained, gave it a few squeezes -- but didn't connect with a bare dick.

"Ooh!" Sonny said. "You found my warm place!"

'Yeah. Can I use it to warm my hand for a minute?"

"What do you think?" he asked.

"Okay if I check it some?"

"Go ahead."

I curled my hand around the place in Sonny's jock where his bulge was, and gave it a bunch of slow squeezes. While I was doing that Sonny kept running the tips of his fingers up and down my stiff peter. "Use it to warm your hand," I told him, and in a second he wrapped his whole hand around my boner.

"Want me to make your warm thing feel really good?" I asked, knowing that we were either going to masturbate or call the whole thing off.

Sonny was quiet for a moment, like he was making a major decision. Then he said "Yes" in a very soft voice.

I started moving my hand back and forth on the jock's bulge. The more I massaged it, the more Sonny's hand moved on my dick. I wanted him to scoot the jock down so I could give him a better wank, but he left it in place.

We were not rushing things, just keeping to a steady pace, oblivious to the thunder and lightning and rain. The only things that mattered at this moment were two erect boys and two understanding hands.

"You're gonna make me..." Sonny said, then stopped. "Do you like to do this? A lot? I have to do it a lot."

"Me too. A lot. Are you getting the good feelings yet?"

"They're starting. You're doing it real good."

"You want to pull the jock down?"

"No, no! If the stuff shot inside my sleeping bag my mom would... I've gotta shoot in the jock. The jock will soak it up."

" Do you mind if I keep doing you? Are you really close?"

"Close. You?"

"Not long now."

 We both quit talking and concentrated on what we were doing for each other. A few more seconds went past. I could feel Sonny tightening various parts of his body, shifting around and bracing his feet tightly on the floorboard. My hand was curved around the lump in his jock and I was sliding it back and forth at jacking speed.

"Hey, what about the paper towels?" I asked. "Didn't we have a roll somewhere up here in the cab?"

"Maybe behind the seat. Hurry! See if you can find them."

"Okay. I'm gonna quit rubbing your thing for a second."


I opened the zipper between us and got up on my knees to turn around and feel behind the seat. My erect peter bobbed around while I located the towels.

"They're kind of damp," I told Sonny.

"I don't give a shit. Give 'em here!"

We settled back into a big pile of wet sleeping bags, half-down pants and hard boners. Each of us had a wad of paper towels now. Sonny said, "You wanted my jock down. Here goes." He bumped around and in a minute I was feeling the real thing, not a lump in the jock.

As soon as Sonny got his jock out of the way he concentrated on making my iron-hard dick even more erect. He gave it the soft-squeeze treatment, treating me to multiple little squeezes as his hand slid upward, and another set of pulsing squeezes on the way back down. His other hand held the paper towels in readiness.

"Are you getting there?" he wanted to know.

"Not long," I told him. "What about you? "Your thing is so hard. And hot too!"

"Pump me a little. Getting close. I don't want to cum yet."

Sonny's hard-on was skinny but a lot longer than I first thought. I got my whole hand around it and gave him some slow strokes.

"Turn on the light," he told me. "Get the paper towel ready. I can't get any of that stuff in the sleeping bag! You've gotta catch all of it. Promise me!"

"Are you cumming? Already?"

In answer all I got was "Oh! Oh!"

He was banging up and down on my dick at warp speed, meanwhile saying"Oh!" again and again until finally his entire body stiffened and he told me "I'm there! Cumming! Cumming!" He was writhing around on the seat, his whole body jerking and at the same time telling me "Catch it, man, catch... OH... Catch it all! ... More cumming! More..."

At last Sonny sat still. I had one hand still around his happy-stick and the other one full of gooey paper towels. He was holding onto my dick but not moving his hand.

"Did you cum too?" he asked me.

"Not yet. Almost there. So hard I can't stand it."

"I'm gonna do you. Finish the job for you. Okay?"

He resumed stroking my erection, laying halfway against me and the other half completely bare on the old truck's seat.

Before long I told him, "I'm cumming, Sonny. You got the towels?"

"Got some in my hand. Hey, turn on the light. Please? I want to see it happen."

So Sonny pumped me right to the brink of ejaculation. I told him I was ready. He bent down to see me cum, holding the towels in front of my cum-slot while he gently slowed down to help me prolong the sensations.

"How's that?" He asked.

"Good! Good!" I told him. "Keep it up! I'm....... "

I can't even express it, can't put it in words. Here was Sonny, my excellent friend and fellow Apache, masturbating me. I hadn't shot a load in two or three days. I was stoked like never before, and Sonny was manipulating me up to the final instant of gratification. When I shot the first squirt my entire being experienced an unprecedented climax. And then there was more. And more. It just kept spurting out. Every pulse gave me another charge.

We sat there in the dark, not saying a word. There was nothing that needed to be said. We'd discovered something important about each other. We just went to sleep laying against each other. When we woke up at dawn we were both horny again. Without saying a thing we filled two more handfuls of paper towels with the juice of life.

Once we started jacking together we kept it up, and discovered BJ's too. I was fifteen that year. Sonny was less than a year younger. I kept going back to Grandpa's every summer all the way through college, soaking up a little more of my Apache roots and gradually beginning to show Sonny how to take care of the old man's affairs for me.

I never jacked off alone when I went back because Sonny was always ready for a little jaunt into the boonies, a trip to a sun-lit cliff or a camp-out in a tent. He's the real reason why I kept going back. We kept it up into our twenties, delighting each other as if we were still a couple of post-pubertal besties.

Neither of us ever had girlfriends and neither of us married. We never talked about sexual orientation. We understood the truth about each other but never spoke of it. If we hadn't been so damn spooked by the danger of "our people" discovering what was going on with us, I think we would have settled down with each other.

We kind of lost touch, perhaps because we couldn't take that one big step.

As I close these paragraphs it's more or less a week since Orlando. When you find true love, I beg you to hold onto it fiercely. It may be your only chance to love completely.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Pair of Pleasuring Poles-II

The two Pleasuring Poles-II, continued from Part I
Stories of Carlo

On Sunday my parents were usually gone so I invited different friends and each time repeated the whole procedure, watch my porno on Dad's 8mm Projector, and wank. But this one time I invited Robert my Best friend. After watching the movie, we did dick measurements, followed by jerking each other off. We promised to keep it in secret.

I looked forward to this; jerk on Sunday with my friends when we watched the video. I invited, one by one, all my friends from my class to watch the movie, always finishing in jerking off each other. All of them wanted to see the movie again and again. So next time I invited two of them and again we finished in jerking each other...... all together.

At this time I was age of 16. I got to fuck my first girl, and had some luck to fuck other girls from time to time. I did solo jerk-offs daily and with friends a lot more than with any girl sex. The summer came and all of my friends including those few girls all went away for vacations, except Robert. I always wanted to try a blowjob, but was afraid to ask any boy, because it was too much risk of being considered Gay. That day we watched again the movie and jerked each other. 

In one moment he whispered,
 “Oh god! I would give anything for a good blow job”

 “What would you give for it?” I asked.

 “Fuck! I would blow you up, man!”

I took him to my bedroom, and started to play with his soft dick. I don’t know why, but like soft dicks, and it is more excitement when I get to make them hard. When I licked and sucked him, he moaned more and more. I liked doing a suck on him too. It lasted just a few minutes and when I felt he was on the edge. His cock was all tense and the head was swollen and getting firm. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and jerked that hard boner as he spurted his cum on his stomach and chest. (I never tried a taste of the cum, or even my own sperm. I don’t know why, but I feel that I would vomit).

Robert was in heaven! He cleaned himself with towel, and gave me a wonderful blowjob. (he also removed it from his mouth when I cummed). It was my first blowjob, as the girls I fucked, all refused to do it. In that time, the girls were not so eager to do it, as like today

I met with him several times a week. Finally he got his first girl, and we were fucking girls (separately) but we were still fooling around together quite often. 

One day after 69, I told him to turn face down. He said no, no way would he let me fuck him. I told him to trust me. Seeing his nice, teen ass, I got a huge boner. I spread his ass cheeks and placed my dick between, (but not into his ass hole) and lied flat on him. I moved my hips and my dick slide between those nice young ass cheeks and that was great. I finished on his ass and back. Later we changed places, and it was great to feel his teen cock between my ass cheeks. ( My ass hole is till virgin).

We were meeting up and fooling around until the end of school year. Later he moved to another city and we lost contact.

The End

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Pair of Pleasuring Poles

I read many stories presented here at your blog. That brought me to my memories from early puberty growing up in Poland.

Below is some of my own memories, stories, which truly happened to me with boys. 

Part I of II

When I was 13-14yo I used to run with may neighbor friends to the big swimming pool area, where we actually spent most of our time in one cabin at the locker rooms. This cabin joined with the girls cabin and had several small holes, So all of us curious horny guys could spy the girls changing naked.

A little history first, About of us 5-6 guys from the small cabin and how we jerked off together.  .

At the first grade of middle school (13yo), after P.E. we used to take showers; it was about 15 boys all naked. Nothing weird happened until one of our fiends, who during the shower started to telling us all with details how he felt up his first girl a few days before. Of course we all got immediate boners! We were ashamed bout having all these boners, but one guy laughed and said that we cannot return to the classroom with big tents in our pants. So we have to do something. And so he started to jerk off!  First we were shocked, then smiled, and finally we all started to jerk off together, but not each other. And since that day, after each P.E. we jerked under the shower twice a week!

 Around the time I was 15, my father used to shoot our family movies during summer time with his 8mm camera. At home he had a projector to show all the rest of our family and neighbors what our summer was like. At that time there was no Camera-Phones, PC, Internet, and not even any video tapes. Also in Poland there was no sex shops, absolutely nothing, never even a Playboy. So it was very hard times for teen-age boys.

It so happens, that for two days I went to West Berlin in Germany. My first stop was to the sex shop! I bought one 15 minute 8mm movie with teen boys and girls, and I smuggled it into Poland ( I could face 5 years in prison!) but I had luck with me.

One Sunday I was alone home, so I called my best friend from the class and told him to come over, because I had something special to show him. He was from my new class, as I changed a course study profile. With my new friends we never used the showers together, so we had never seen each other naked.

I put the movie on. He was shocked and amazed! I saw a big tent in his trousers, he touched himself a bit slyly as if I did not see, but actually I did. When movie came to the end, he made a great UFF! I was glad that he asked to let’s see movie again. I agreed but under one condition. I said that I don’t want to cum into my pants, and that I am going to jerk off and place newspaper in front of me and him. He hesitated for a moment, then smiled and stripped naked in one second. I followed him and we watched movie and
jerked ourselves. I enjoyed to see his nice cock but was afraid to propose jerking each other. He jerked like a mad and exploded within two minutes. I needed one minute more.
We smiled with big relief and rested a bit, talking about fucking girls.
 He admitted to be still virgin. After a while I started movie from the beginning and as soon as we got boners I said that he had a nice big cock, probably bigger than mine. I saw him looking at mine and he was touching his and stroking his boner. Lets try together he said and stood up. I didn’t wait one second at all, I stood facing him with the wet tips of the dicks touching the other boy waist area. We applied our dicks to each other, and I grabbed both of them in one hand. He didn’t mind, so I started to jerk off our two dicks to see his reaction. He laughed, so I dropped mine and jerked only his dick. He laughed but then moaned and pushed his hips into my hand, and moaned,
 "Oh yeah it feels great!" With second hand I caressed his balls making him moaning more louder. He fired his load loudly moaning and collapsed on a chair.

“Oh man, it was the biggest orgasm I ever had”, he said. He relaxed a bit and returned me a favor. He said,
"Maan, you gave me my first hand job, and it was fantastic!" he said. "Now it's my turn to take care of yuor dick and balls".

I stood up and he grabbed my soft dick with one hand and with second he played with my balls. My dick hardened again and I felt a great pleasure while he began jerking me slowly. As I looked at my dick and his hand on it, I became even more excited. I moaned as he changed pace and moved his hand faster and faster, giving me frantic hand job. Within two minutes I screamed out loudly and shot another big load. My legs trembled so badly, that I had to sit down on the floor. We laughed and breathed heavily for a while.

 “Damn that was great! I am 100%, straight I don’t like gays. An hour ago, I would have hit in the face any guy who would touch my dick, but that was great!”

 Sitting naked and talking about girls, the movie and about jerking each other we got boners again, and this time we jerked each other at the same time, without watching a movie. We agreed to keep what happened in absolutely secret, as we were afraid to be labeled as gays.

End of Part I

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My First "Buddy"

I acquired my first “buddy” in seventh grade, a boy that came from India. We happened to be in the restroom between the gym and cafeteria at the same time. He was in a PE class and wearing a regulation gym outfit. I had just finished lunch. We were standing with a couple of empty urinals between us. All I planned on doing was pissing, although finding another boy within peeking range triggered my curiosity.

At that age I was already highly interested in other guys’ dicks. I kept my eyes secretly angled in his direction while peeing. Maybe I would get a look at his dick. But he didn’t seem to be doing anything at all. Possibly he was waiting for me to leave before he pissed. Maybe he was shy about that kind of thing.

Now, you need to think like a seventh-grader for a minute. I wanted to get a little look at the guy’s dick. So I came up with a plan. Having finished urination, I continued to stand at the pisser with my soft little pecker hanging loose out of my fly. I gave it a few wiggles as if waiting for it to produce more piss. The purpose of that maneuver was to let the other guy know that it was okay if anybody’s dick happened to be seen in a private situation like at the urinals. Maybe seeing that I was not hiding, would encourage him.

Masturbation had not entered my mind. I just wanted a look at his peter to see its general shape and find out if it was as dark as the rest of his body.

But then nature took its course. A strange thing came into my mind. Although the other guy still kept his dick hidden, his eyes were fixed on my crotch. I wanted to see him, but he was the one enjoying the view. He was looking at my dick. He was definitely watching me.

This had an unexpected effect. My dick began to rise, passing quickly through the squishy stage, then lengthening and soon progressing to a full erection. Now I was the one who was shy! Getting a boner in front of the other guy was embarrassing. How could I put my stiffie away without calling undue attention to it?

But my unexpected hard-on triggered a surprise interest from the dark-skinned boy. While staring at my stiffie, he wraps his hand around a place in the front of his gym shorts and gave himself a bunch of firm little squeezes.

Then, at last, he did just what I wanted. He pulled the waistband of his shorts and jock down very slightly, just enough for me to get a tiny glimpse of the very tip of his dick. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I started pumping my extremely hard little middle-school pecker.

At first my buddy merely rubbed the hidden shaft of his dick. But as I kept jacking and he kept watching, he slowly revealed more of his boner. It didn’t take more than a few seconds until both of us were watching each other jack off, each of us operating a very busy hand.

He made kind of an “eeh” sound when he climaxed and his ejaculate splattered into the urinal. Before my stuff shot, he was already out of the restroom.

Having never jacked with anybody else, I figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something that just accidentally “happened” and would never happen again.

But the very next day I “happened” to enter the restroom right after finishing lunch, and my friend from the previous day “happened” to arrive a few minutes later. As you can guess, we “happened” to enjoy another session of pumping and watching, this time standing a lot closer to each other.

It was the beginning of a jacking friendship that lasted through the rest of seventh grade and all of eighth grade, right up to the last day of middle school.


Soaping-Off with Bro

 Reading this person write about “soaping off” brought back some special memories for me. I first heard that term in early 7th grade when I was first required to take showers with other boys in school. Sometimes there would be 8th grade boys in the showers with us, and I heard some boys saying that they were “soaping off” or some boys would seem to say that other boys were “soaping off” in the shower, but they would deny it. For me, I hadn’t even started masturbating yet and I didn’t even know what it was. I honestly concluded that I thought the phrase “soaping off” meant that you were rinsing the soap off. I thought that “soaping off” must mean the same thing as “rinsing off” at the end of your shower.

  Not too long after that, I was home taking a shower and my mother was upset that it seemed to be taking me a very long time. (I wasn’t doing anything special in the shower, I was just being slow.) My 14-year-old brother was also nearby in his bedroom. My mom yelled through the door “What’s taking you so long? When are you going to be done?” I then yelled back from the shower, “I’m soaping off! I’ll be finished in a minute or two!” When I then left the bathroom and went into my room wrapped in a towel, my brother met me and was hysterically laughing. I remember he said to me, “Dude, what are you doing telling mom that you’re jerking off in the shower?!?” (This was even more confusing to me because I didn’t know what “jerking off” meant, either.)

My brother then had a very special discussion with me, explaining to me all about masturbation. He assumed by what I had said in the shower that I not only already knew about it, but that I was already doing it. He then seemed surprised that I was so clueless. He explained to me that “soaping off” was a way to masturbate using a bar of soap and a soapy hand to, as he put it, “get the job done”. He of course got me very curious as to what jerking off was all about, and what it felt like. I later tried to do it to myself, but was not successful. I asked my brother for more advice as to how to do it, and he showed me. First on himself (I remember my shock and amazement at his big spurts of strange new stuff shot out of him), and then doing it on my dick. Wow! What a feeling! Only about three little drops came out, but that was my discovery of what "soaping off" really meant.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Process that Resembles Milking a Cow

Some of us are old enough to remember when any talk of masturbation was completely unspoken. No referenced it on TV, not the slightest hint ever spoken. It was a forbidden topic.

As a high school sophomore I did a biology project about the X and Y chromosomes and how the sex of a child was determined at conception. That was dangerous territory because it hinted at what the father and mother did to conceive a child. However, my teacher (a mature woman) kept a straight face and guided my research. The job took some library work to come up with articles to use as documentation in the bibliography.

I was standing between rows of shelves in the city library, speed-reading a scholarly paper in a collection of bound journals. It described how researchers examined semen to determine how many viable sperm were in a person's sample.

In reading those particular words which that have stuck with me for the rest of my life, the article stated, "Semen is obtained in a doctor's office by means of a procedure that resembles milking a cow."

I read that sentence again and again, and couldn't help snickering to myself. "Resembles milking a cow!" They mean JACKING OFF! The authors could not use the word "masturbation" or any similar term. But I had been jacking for a couple of years by then and knew exactly what they meant. I had a wicked picture in my mind of standing in my doctor's examining room with my boner poking out while jacking off to deposit a "sample" on a microscope slide!

I still get a laugh when I remember that silly statement printed in a scholarly journal. Needless to say, I could not use that quotation in my project!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Robbie Finds Out

    First of all Robbie's bedroom is right next to my bedroom.  We were living in a mobile home, the walls are only two sheets of thin paneling between the bedrooms. You can hear a lot that is going on in the next room without even trying to hear.
  I was laying in bed when I heard Robbie starting to breath really loud and heavy. Then he would sometimes let out loud groan and start to breath really deeply once again. I just laid there listening and thinking I wonder if he is playing with his stiffie. The more I listened the louder his breathing was getting. Then all of a sudden he let out a louder groan.  He was real quiet for a little while until I heard him saying to himself,
“ I have to get this stuff cleaned off me. Damn! There is some stuff on the sheets, Maybe Uncle Jim won’t see any of it.”

  Then I didn't hear anything more. In the morning, I went into his room like I always do to wake him for school.
“Hey big boy it's time to get up for school." I left his room and went out to fix him some breakfast.
As he finished the last bite, I offered the typical cadence,
“You had better get going the bus will be here any minute.” 
He hopped up and gave me a hug. I hugged him back, and off he went to catch the school bus.

  I walked into his bedroom to see what he was doing last night. I looked at his sheets. And sure enough, there was stuff on both sheets. I looked under his bed there was a pair of undies laying on the floor. I skillfully checked ‘em, and yup there was stuff on his undies  too. By the way his sheets and undies looked he sure did have a lot of stuff to clean up.

   I took his sheets and undies and ran them through the wash. I put them back on his bed and put his undies back in his dresser drawer. 

I was sitting on the couch when Robbie got home from school. He went right to his room as soon as he walked into the house. I knew why he went to his room to see if his undies were under his bed. As far as the sheets goes, that did not matter to him at all because I always make his bed. He just figured I just made his bed and never saw any of the stuff all over them. 

  He came back out of his room and sat beside me with his head hanging down to his knees.
 I put my arm around him. “Did something happen at school that you are so down about.”

He raised his head and said,  “No...nothing happened at school.”

“Well boy what's is it then?’

  He looked at me and asked me if I did the laundry. Yes I did why? Is there something wrong with the laundry? He looked at me and began to tell me what he had done last night.
 “I was just laying there with a stiff one and I was playing with it. I always play with my stiffie, but this time was so much different….. The more I rubbed it up and down the better it felt. Then I couldn't stop and all of sudden this stuff started shooting out of my stiffie. The stuff just flew all over me and all over the sheets. I wiped it all up with my undies the best I could, I was hoping all day long that you wouldn't find my undies and see the sheets before I got home.”
 He looked at me, “Did you did find my undies under the bed and the sheets still had some stuff on them.?”

Well, Yes I did but it’s all cleaned up now. I nodded with confidence and he looked  relieved.
“ That was my first time I ever did that, It really felt good.”
I hugged him and smiled.
“You’re not mad at me? “
“No! I am not  mad at you. I scruffed the hair on his head with my palm and said,  
“It was no trouble, and there is nothing wrong with what you did last night.”
“Though I have to admit, you sure did have a lot of stuff all over them sheets and undies Mister Studly.”“I would like you to use toilet paper to clean yourself up after you play like that again.” “Here is some Vaseline to use also.”
“There is one more thing, pull the sheet down, so the stuff will not get all over them.”

“ I promise I will pull the sheet off of me the next time.”
He grabbed me and hugged me.
“Thank you for being so understanding.”
 “You’re Welcome.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sneaking in a Wank Before Bed

My brother is not quite three years older than me. I discovered the wonderful process of stimulation and ejaculation at age 13 during the eighth grade. My constant problem was where and when to pump my stiffy without Larry finding out. Because he was older, his bedtime was an hour later than mine. I had an hour theoretically alone before he climbed into bed with me. That hour was my jack-off window. I lay in bed with my eyes glued to the door because Larry was in and out of the room during that hour.

My procedure was probably the same as thousands of other boys. First I slid my white briefs down and began feeling/wiggling myself. While becoming hard I held the covers up. I tickled my sides and played with my balls. When I was good and stiff I wiggled my little boner a few times and then, like a hunter sneaking up on his quarry, I gradually wrapped my hand around my erection and began light strokes interspersed with wiggling, mashing, and ball-tickling.

Whenever Larry opened the door I quit immediately and lay as still as possible. He would fumble around in the dark getting his clean underwear and socks ready before he showered, or maybe looking for something else. I would be sending him mental messages: "Get out! Get the hell out and shut the door! I've got something going on that can't wait!" This might happen several times during a single evening's masturbation.

At last the sexual sensations would grow and increase and I would begin to anticipate the unexplainable feelings that accompanied a climax. I'd get the tissues ready. This was the touchy time. If Larry came in during the seconds just before an ejaculation I had a problem. When that happened I would wrap the tissues around my dick and lay in bed with my whole body stiff as a board. Sometimes I couldn't help running my fingers back and forth on my hard dick. Occasionally I would be unable to stop rubbing my boner and the sperm would shoot into the tissues while I pretended to be sound asleep.

Usually, though, I was able to wait until Larry left, at which time I lifted the covers and resumed pumping myself, making up for lost time and anxious, so anxious, to reach the "almost there stage" which I would try to maintain as long as possible.

And then - then it all happened. The feelings reached a peak, the mysterious muscles in the base of my penis cramped, and a flood of cum was released into my handful of kleenex.

As far as I know Larry never caught me jacking off. He was so much more "mature" than me that I lived in fear of him finding out. Funny thing, I was aware many times of him doing his own job after climbing in next to me, which made me hard all over again. But I kept still about it. He was older and it was none of my business.