Monday, May 30, 2016

Predictable Boys Fun

I’ve been a long-time reader of this blog but I have never submitted anything until today.

Thanks Author, for following the blog, and for taking some time to share with us this story.

 I remember all the fun I had with a couple of my friends when I was middle-school age, in the ways that are often written about in this blog. They were very fun and exciting times in my life and in my development. I am now married and have a 13-year-old son of my own. He and my sister’s son are the same age and they have been great friends all the time growing up. Like I remember doing when I was his age, these two boys have loved having Friday night sleepovers after school.

 They are both good kids, and we have given them the courtesy of letting them keep his bedroom door shut if they want to. I will admit I have wondered during this past year if any of the same kind of “funny business” has started taking place during their sleepovers, just like it did when I was a boy.

Yesterday marked the last day of seventh grade, and to celebrate they not only arranged for a sleepover at our house but also invited two other friends in their class. So there were four boys in total spending the night here in his room last night. They now all left the house a couple of hours ago to spend the rest of the day at one of the other boy’s homes. I happened to go into his room just a little while ago and I noticed his waste can apparently didn’t get emptied this week on trash day, so I decided to take care of it and empty it myself. When I tipped it over to put all of his trash into a larger garbage bag.

 I couldn’t help but notice the substantial number of very damp tissues that there apparently were at the bottom of his waste can. I also couldn’t help but notice the very distinct and characteristic aroma coming off of all these wet tissues. It was the unmistakable aroma of semen. I couldn’t help but smile, now realizing that these four boys must have had one heck of a big jerk off session in his room last night or this morning.

This being a holiday weekend along with school just ending, I think I heard plans that they are planning another sleepover tonight at one of the other boys houses. In an odd way, I find it rather satisfying to realize that my son is having some of the same exciting and pleasurable forms of young discovery with his friends that I did when I was also his age.

Anonymous Dad

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Bigger Pal

Speaking of boys who are too young to know what's up, I was several years younger than a boy that I considered my best friend (he probably thought I was nothing more than a pest).

 The thing that impressed me about him was that he could urinate with a lot of force. We pee'd in different places, most often behind the bushes in a flower bed. His flow of piss was so strong that he drilled holes in the dirt. I admired his dick as a result. I was always ready to pop my little weenie out and piss with him. I thought dicks became larger as boys grew up only so they could do a better job of pissing.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What I learned after School

The last class of the day was the eighth grade class. When Billy walked by my desk he smiled and rub his crotch. Then he handed me a note. The note said wait for us after school. The thought of meeting all four of them at once was making my peter hard. I have seen each one of there peters before. When they had to go to the outhouse by their self. I would follow him to the outhouse. Then I would do what ever he wanted me to do to him. But I had never seen all four of them naked together. I wasn't for sure if they were going to be naked but I sure was hoping they would be. I was thinking what are they going to do to me. The more I thought about the note the harder I was getting.

We waited until everyone has left the school house. The teacher was the very last one to leave. She said goodbye and left in her car. We walked up to the outhouse and stood behind the outhouse and took our clothes off. We were naked and standing in a circle. All of our peters were hard and sticking straight out in front of us. Billy said we have something plan for you. We all know how much you like to suck our peters and swallow our cum.
"Yes! I really like to suck on each one of your peters and your cum taste so good."

 Jack said, "We want you to get in the middle of the circle and you will suck on each one of our peters. You will suck just a little bit on each peter at a time. You will keep sucking until we all have cum. If we all happen to cum at once we will shoot our cum all over you."

 I got on my knees and started to suck on their peters. It didn't take them long for all four of them to cum. I was getting cum all over my face and chest. There was cum running down my chest to my hard peter and on down to my balls. Sam said lay on the ground so I can suck on your peter. I laid down on my back. Billy and Jack laid beside me and licked all the cum off my chest. Then they started to lick and suck on my tits. Dam that felt so good. Mark moved my legs apart so he could lick the cum off my balls. Once he cleaned all that, he started to suck on my balls. While he was sucking on my balls, Sam was sucking on my peter. I started to shake like I have never shocked before, My legs stiffened up. I yelled out
"I am going to cum." and again I yelled out, "I am cumming."

Sam took my peter deep into his throat, I shot my cum deep into his throat he swallowed and swallowed. He took every last drop of cum. I then laid back to catch my breath. Sam pulled off of my peter and Mark looked up at me, he just smiled. Sam looked at me and told me I had a very nice load of cum. I looked at all four of them and told them I have never ever cum like that before.

Jack asked me were did I learn to suck like I do? I said I had started playing and sucking with my cousins when I was a little guy. There are ten boys and they lived on my grandparents other farm up the hill where I was staying. I learnt a lot more than just sucking.

What else have you learn Billy asked. I learned how to stick my peter up another boys hole. I used to do that to the older boys. You all know that I like to play with pee. Yes we do! and we all like it Sam said. Where did you guys learn to suck like that. We just learn it from doing it to each other, No one ever showed us. One of us would think of something and we would try it on each other that's how we learned.

  We decided that we have to do something special to you. For all the fun times you do to us in the outhouse. Did you enjoy it?

 "I sure did, Looking forward to more."

"There will be more", Jack said. I gave them each a hug. We all got dressed and walked on home.

Farm Boy

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I do you, You do me?

When I read stories about another guy jacking somebody off, I think back to those times and l wonder if the one that was getting jacked had as good a masturbation as he would have by doing it to himself.

I had only two friends that I jacked with while growing up. If one of them wanted to jack me I let him do it if he wanted to. But then I was not in control of speed or intensity. It seems in remembering those days, that I was not as hard and did not have as good a cum-shot when somebody else was doing me. I liked to slow down when the feelings got good, and force myself to barely move my hand which would make the feeling last longer and it would get more awesome. Also, it felt like my dick got harder and bigger if I barely jacked it while I was about to cum. When one of the others jacked me they would keep going fast to the end.

I think my best wanks were side by side with one of those buddies, stopping to feel and caress both our junk, but getting to a climax while in control of my own jacking. When I jacked one of them I tried to sense whether to change up the way I was doing it, but it was hard to tell what he was feeling. I guess he never had any complaints.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

What We Shared with Brendan

The Christmas holiday when I was 13, my dad’s brother’s family came to visit us from out of town is and stay with us for a few days. They had a boy, my cousin Jason, who was just a few months older than me. We got along really well, and the very first night that he spent with me in my bedroom turned into an exciting mutual wanking session. That four days that we spent together found us taking every opportunity that we could to sneak off, pull our pants down, and have some fun together.

 I did not see Jason again until that summer when our families met out of town to attend a family wedding. The day after the wedding, we had a family outdoor picnic at what you might call the host family’s house. They also had one boy, Brendan, who was also one of my cousins, but he wasn’t quite yet 12 years old. They also had a nice backyard swimming pool. The three of us boys were the only ones there in our age group. Jason and I had already whispered to each other how we wished we could both just sneak off somewhere and shoot our loads, but it looked like that was going to be impossible. But when our parents suggested all three of us go in the pool, Jason and I just smiled at each other both thinking at least this opened up some possibilities. The family found Jason and I some swim trunks that would fit. Brendan said we could all change separately in the bathroom, but Jason suggested since we were all guys, why don’t we just all change in Brendan’s room. He seemed a little hesitant, but he reluctantly agreed.

Jason and I both knew that at least this was a chance to see each other’s dicks again, even if we couldn’t do any more about it. Brendan seemed a little reluctant to pull off his shorts with the two of us there, and when he did we could see that he still had a tiny little hairless thing inside his pants. It was obvious that Brendan felt a little embarrassed and awkward, and then sort of staring at us he said, “You guys are both huge! And hairy!” Jason and I laughed it off and assured him that he was perfectly fine, and that his would start getting “big and hairy” pretty soon, too, just like ours had done.

When we got in the pool, we were having a good time splashing around, and then Jason yelled to us, “Look at this!” Jason then took his right hand, spread his thumb far from his fingers, put his hand almost up onto his neck and started shaking his arm and hand up and down in front of his neck quite quickly. After a few seconds he started squirting several small spurts of pool water out of his mouth. (It was obvious to me what he was imitating, but Brendan was so young he was completely clueless as to what Jason was doing.) I then started doing the same thing, as it became sort of a secret signal that both Jason and I wished we could go jack off together. And then Brendan decided to imitate whatever it was that the two of us were doing, and he started doing it too.

Then the really embarrassing moment happened. Brendan yelled over to his dad and got his attention. “Hey dad! Look at this!” With that he began doing this obvious masturbation imitation for his father to see. His dad then asked, “Who taught you that??” With a big beaming smile, Brendan said, “Jason and Robbie did!” Brendan’s dad looked at us, gave us a stern look, and told us that Brendan was probably ‘still a little young’ for that kind of play. For the rest of time that we were there, I did everything I could to avoid Brendan’s dad. But when we were all leaving we had to politely thank him for hosting the backyard party.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Billy's Personal Attention

What is it about cousins that makes them safe in our early years? My only sexy friend through elementary and into junior hi was my cousin Billy. We lived in different towns and only got together on holidays or vacations or special trips like for a funeral. We showed each other our boy parts every chance. His sister had a baby boy. Billy learned how to change the baby's diaper. That lead to us playing a diaper game with each other. One of us lay on the bed going goo-goo or crying. The other one took the pretend-baby's clothes off including underwear and everything. No help from the one that was pretending to be the baby. We got a damp washcloth and cleaned up his wiener and balls, which was an excuse to touch his forbidden parts. Usually we got sidetracked feeling and tickling each other. Then got a fresh pair of undershorts which we pretended was a diaper. We would get the other guy dressed as well as possible with him rolling around and not helping.

That went on for two or three years every time could get privacy when we saw each other. Then we got big enough that we must have been embarrassed by our junk for a while. We seemed to keep our distance when we were together. But when we were 13 Billy suddenly asked me if I remembered playing diaper. I said yeah. He said, if you want to diaper me I'll show you something. Then, like he was playing a trump, he added, I've got hair down there now!

When I got Billy bare he sure did have some little wispy pubes, but also had a very stiff boner. I felt of it and also knew that the same thing was going on in my pants too. Billy asked if I wanted to do something crazy for him. Take hold of it, he said. Then make your fingers go up and down all the time and see what will happen.

I did that for a little while. He told me, it's getting good. Watch and see what happens. He started shaking. I stopped playing with his dick. Don't stop he said. Keep doing it until I tell you.

Well he really got into it, bumping his butt around and wiggling his whole body and saying oh a lot of times. Me still pumping his dick. All of a sudden he said Watch! He is breathing funny! His cum-shot squirted on his chest. I thought I killed him! No, it's good, he told me.

I was scared what I did but he told me I had to learn how to do it so we could do it together. My first time was after we got in bed that night and Billy talked me through it. Helping me jack myself and also part of the time doing it for me. If I discovered it by myself I would of freaked. But Billy made it a good time for me.


Monday, May 16, 2016

My Hot Firing Ginger

I was thinking today about a friend of mine that was one of my jacking buddies at around 14 and 15. Did anybody else ever know a guy that came almost instantly?

 My quick firing friend was red-headed but had almost nothing in the way of pubes. That made his crotch look naked. He had more hair on his arm than around his dick. He always jacked while laying on his back with his pants shoved around his knees. I don't think I ever once saw him soft. When he got ready to jack, he was stiff in milli-seconds. His shaft was not very wide and maybe only three or four inches long. The dickhead was broader than his shaft, reminded me of a mushroom on top of his dick. He jacked only with his thumb and middle finger. From the time he began until he shot one, it took only seconds.

When we jacked together he would not touch himself or let me touch him until he was ready to cum. But he was all over my junk with both hands. After he came, his dick looked like it stayed hard. He shot big loads onto his stomach making white puddles. Sometimes the stuff collected in his belly button.

That was my Red Hot friend, anyone else?


The Door Watcher

When I was in grade school I went to a one room school house. There was only one teacher for all eight grades. The way the seating went was the boys had to set in the back of the class. The older boys at the far rear, then the younger boys sat in front of them. My desk was by the wall and by the door facing the older boys. The reason I was sitting there was because I had very little holding power when it came to going the bathroom. I have to admit I used this to my advantage. Right across from me sat Billy, Sam, Jack and Mark.

I was sitting there watching all four of them rubbing there peter through their jeans. The more they rub their peter the bigger there bulge was getting in there jeans. Then they would stop rubbing their peter and let the bulge go back down. They never did cum inside there jeans. They would look at me to see if I was rubbing my peter. My peter was rock hard from watching them rubbing their peter. I stop rubbing my peter because I knew if I keep on rubbing it I would cum. I looked back at them and smiled back.

There was also one more good thing about setting were I did.  When a boy had to go to the bathroom he had to pass by my desk. I always look to see if there was a bulge in there jeans. If they wanted me to follow them to the bathroom. They would smile and give their bulge a little rub. That meant follow me to the bathroom. The bathroom was outside and away from the school. So it made it very convenient to whatever secret things we would be doing inside the bathroom.
More to come.

Farm Boy

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Horny Drummer (P3)

(Part 3 of 3)
See Part1 or Part 2

I gave him the sort of gentle strokes that are intended to keep a boner stiff but not yet lead to a climax. We stood right up next to each other, the guy’s dyed hair tickling my bare chest and nipples. It sent goosebumps all over me. Drums played with my balls and then moved upward to stroke my intensely erect boner. It was astounding how horny he made me feel. The guy had definite talent, and I don’t mean the musical kind.

“Keep doing...” I started to say, but couldn’t finish. His hand knew just how to pump me and keep me at the brink without triggering the culmination. He would concentrate for a while on the rim of my dickhead. Then he’d tickle up and down my shaft with one hand while softly stirring up my balls with the other. Drums was the best partner I’d ever had.

I sped up the strokes I was giving his big boner. He reciprocated. We were jacking each other more rapidly now, more purposefully, feeling a mutual need to climax - yet wishing it wasn’t going to happen yet.

“You are so cool,” he told me, brushing hair out of his eyes with a dramatic flip of his hand. “So excellently damn cool! Stand still a minute, okay?”

He stepped right up against me, crotch against crotch and dick against dick. He humped his boner up and down against my groin and pressed himself tightly against my hard-on.

“You’re awesome, you know that? Excellent. I wish I could take you on the road. Every gig. We’d have a room together, bed together, all day together. You could maybe cruise the bathrooms at a concert and find us a horny fan-boy or two to bring along and make it really awesome. Fanboys-- some of ‘em jack off in the audience! During the show! Guys with their hands in their pants! You can tell! Some of ‘em’ll blow you if you get ‘em alone, y’know. I get boners onstage just thinking about ‘em.”

Drums stepped away, both of us now facing the trench, our hands jacking as we stood side-by-side.

I climaxed in an insane burst of orgasmic sensations and multiple shots of juice that massaged the inside of my boner while they shot through it on the way to freedom. It was possibly the best ejaculation I’d had up until then. Drums produced huge loads and said it was totally awesome. We tiptoed away after making a date to meet in the pee tent the next night for another session.

At some early hour before daybreak there was a lot of yelling and screaming at the girls’ end of the camp. By dawn the band had been fired. They loaded up their van and hauled ass before breakfast. The adults were silent about what had happened, but the girls had a juicy story: It seemed that a guitar player was caught naked in a tent containing a couple of interested female campers.

So my crush on the outrageous drummer with the dyed hair went nowhere. However, one nice thing came out of it. The skinny blond dude and I recognized each other in the daylight. We were careful about it, but there was a fleeting instant of realization. I guess we kind of felt that we had something in common after our escapade with the horny drummer. I made a trip to the pee tent at about the same time I’d gone there the previous night. Skinny was there waiting. Waiting for me and squeezing the front of his boxers.

The two of us nodded at each other, got our stiffies out as if we were old pals, and went right to work on a mutual-assistance project. We were buddies through the remainder of the camp. Low-key buddies without the wild hair, without the awesome/excellent vocabulary and without the campy strut, but quietly reliable buddies nonetheless.

The End


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Horny Drummer (P2)

(Part 2 of 3) See Part 1

That must have satisfied the nervous guy. He apparently bared his own dick; the two of them quickly became very busy with each other. I suspected they had already been playing around before I interrupted their party by walking into the pee tent. Now they were resuming what I’d disturbed. I played with my hard-on while watching them feel each other.

After a minute Drums again stepped away from the shadowy dude on his other side and sidled close to me.

“I see you wiggling yours over here,” he whispered with a little laugh. “Go ahead and do it, man.
The whole enchilada. Make your volcano erupt. I’m cool with you if you’re cool with me.”

He remained beside me, now jacking himself at a relaxed pace while the other boy stared at our
crotches and pumped his erection. While the skinny guy watched Drums and me check each other out, he sped into an increasingly rapid jacking speed that made his body shake. As he pumped himself his glasses would slide slowly down his nose and he’d push them back up. He stared and wanked. Within seconds he was seriously banging on his dick at the frantic speed of somebody whose masturbation is completely out of control.

Skinny was the first to cum. His glasses had gradually slid down to the tip of his nose but he
ignored them while beating his dick to death. Drums and I were tickling and feeling each other.
Skinny leaned around, shoved his glasses up and peered through them in the darkness to get a better look at what we were doing. His mouth hung halfway open as he stared at our dicks. He whammed back and forth on himself. Abruptly he exhaled the word “Cum” three times with increasing force. I think he was trying to say “I’m cumming,” but all he got out was a hoarse, shaky whisper: “Cum - Cum -CUM!!!”

His stomach jerked forward and he ejaculated a spray of shots onto the canvas wall, breathing in
gasping bursts with each squirt. As soon as he had cum, he rapidly stowed his dick in his boxers,
pushed his glasses back toward the top of his nose, and left the pee tent so fast that he was nearly

“Dude needed to cum real bad,” Drums observed, whispering in my ear. “Scared, though. Maybe it was his first time with another dude. Naw, he flopped it out too quick. Glad I could help him. You see him staring at us and whipping his mule?”

The drummer’s long, straight neon hair jiggled against my shoulder while he felt my boner and cupped my balls in his hand. We stood feeling of each other in an intense silence.

“Your hair’s cool,” I told him in a whisper, feeling really dumb but needing to say something.

“Mm-hm. Dude, you’ve got something really cool here yourself. And I love the excellent way you touch me. Musicians get real horny. Our lead guitar? He jacks off before performances. If he doesn’t, he shoots in his pants during a set. Bass guitar screws girls. If he can get ‘em, ha-ha! Me, I hold it until I find some awesome dude that will watch me jerk or maybe help. That would be you, man. What do you like? You want to see me do a solo jerk? Just for you? Or you want to, you know, help with the job? Or be pals together?”

“Somebody might come in.”

“But we’ll hear them opening the flap. You sure you’re cool?”


“Do me a little, okay?”

(To be Continued)


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Horny Drummer (P1)

(Part 1 of 3)

I went to a nature-type religious camp when I was 14. It was sometimes a rugged place. We hiked away from the main camp for several days and slept in tents, climbed mountains, forded rapids, and cooked in a fire pit. Also there was Churchy stuff  we did out in the woods. 

There was a student acoustic band which was pretty cool. I was trying to play guitar myself at that age and kept my eyes on the band the whole time they played. The drummer particularly got my attention because of his hair and the way he got into his music. He leaned his head way back and twisted around to the beat. He shook his hair in a kind of wild way. His hair was already attention-getting because it was real long and dyed four different bright colors, orange, yellow, blue and green. The guy couldn’t be more than a year or two older than me, yet he was in a touring band! He exuded a sort of cocky self-confidence as he played or strutted around the camp.

For a restroom we boys had a tent large enough for three or four guys to stand in. You went in and found a trench dug along one side. You pissed into the trench. If you had to crap, you squatted over the trench and then shoveled dirt over your turds.

There was no light inside the pee tent. However, lanterns hanging on posts around the camp made a funky brown glow through the canvas. After dark you could sort of tell if somebody else was in there with you, but you couldn’t really see who they were.

Sometime during the first night I had to piss and went to the tent. Somebody else was already there, and I was sure from what I could see of his hair in the dark, it had to be the drummer. Imagine being 14, absolutely fascinated by somebody so outrageously cool, then discovering you are standing close to him, both of you with your dicks out, both of you in your underwear and both of you pissin in the dark.

At least I was pissing. The guy with the hair stood very still while I directed my stream into the
trench. As I pee’d, I became more accustomed to the dark. I realized that “Drums” and I were not
alone. There was another guy standing in the darkness on the drummer’s opposite side, standing
extremely close to him. A skinny boy with light-colored hair and wearing glasses. This dude appeared quite nervous. Drums himself had slightly turned toward me, apparently sizing me up. He stepped sideways toward me and spoke in a whisper:

“How’s it goin’?”

“Good,” I told him.

“Cool,” he replied.

Not another word was spoken. Drums positioned himself halfway between me and the other guy. In the near-darkness I saw that he was displaying his treasure, showing off his hard dick. He was not masturbating, just fingering a fairly large boner and allowing Skinny and me both to watch. From time to time he would strike a pose, hands behind his neck and hard dick sticking up nearly vertical for our appreciation. After a minute the skinny boy edged up against the drummer and helped himself to a feel. They exchanged a few whispered words.

Drums leaned toward me. “Sure you’re cool?” he asked.

“Cool,” I answered. Having a couple of jack-off buddies back home, I was pretty sure what Drums was really asking. I was also extremely erect, certain that I was about to enjoy a very good wank as a result of this unexpected encounter.

The drummer leaned back toward the other boy and I heard him whisper “He’s cool.”

To be Continued-


Friday, May 6, 2016

The Elusive Power of Nat's Lap Play

I have a funny memory from grade 7. In one of our classes we had a study day. Some of the kids had been called out for special testing and the rest of us were just sitting around in half-empty rooms. Everybody had to be quiet and read or do their work. In the row right next to me was a little shrimp named Nat.

Nat was reading a book. I had never paid much attention to Nat, but I just happened to notice that he was slightly moving his fingers back and forth in his lap while he read. This was very entertaining to me. I didn’t want him (or anybody else) to know that I was watching, but my full attention was immediately focused on what Nat was doing. I shifted around and rested my elbow on the tablet arm. Then I leaned my forehead against my hand and hoped that it looked like I was staring only at my own book. But I was really looking sideways at Nat’s lap where his fingers were lightly going back and forth on a place in the front of his khaki pants.

It only took a couple of seconds for me to pop a boner. Being that I had only recently discovered “jiggle and squirt,” I was very much interested in the male organ’s capabilities. I couldn’t take my eyes off Nat’s lap.

After a moment Nat looked around, stuck his other hand under the desktop, and used both hands to adjust the front of his pants.

I was hardly breathing, heart thumping, fantasizing about what would happen next if Nat continued to mess with himself. I had a stiffie in my pants that had poked out real long.

A minute went by. I was now completely erect and horny as can be, but determined not to touch myself even though my situation was seriously uncomfortable. Nat had a definite boner in his lap. Any minute now I figured Nat would start rubbing himself and I would be treated to the sight of his hand working back and forth on the lump in his pants.

He did reach down and adjust his pants again. “Start rubbing it,” I thought, trying to send him a message by ESP. But as soon as he adjusted his boner he returned both hands to the top of his desk and sat reading his book.

I was anxious for Nat to cut to the chase. He would rub his dick. It would get harder and have to be adjusted again. Then he would rub it faster. He would tense up, maybe cross his ankles. He would carefully look around to make sure nobody was watching. He would rub like crazy! And then, suddenly, his body would shake all over and I would know he had cum in his pants. “Just do it, Nat!”

I couldn’t stand it much longer. Surely Nat must need to shoot a load, and I would enjoy a silent, mental laugh at the moment that the little shrimp fouled his pants. “Do it, Nat, do it!”

What actually happened was that Nat left his dick alone and continued reading while I sensed my hugely hard boner becoming more and more primed. I rationalized what I was going to do: Just mash it a couple of times. No funny business. Just let it know that I understand its condition. Meanwhile I was still sending Nat ESP messages to rub his pants so I could laugh at him when he messed himself. He would fire inside his underpants and I would laugh. Silently laugh, but laugh all the same when the little dweeb climaxed.

Nat’s ridge was so obvious in his pants. But he wasn’t doing anything to it. He was ignoring his stiffie and reading his book. Dammit! Rub yourself! You’re hard! You’re stiff! Do it!

And while I was thinking all of that and mashing my loaded boner, well, you can guess. It was not Nat who climaxed. It was me. Sitting next to the little jerk and willing him to treat himself to an ejaculation pushed me over the line and when I reached down again with both hands clasped together and gave my volatile hard-on a healthy mash, GOOSH!

The stuff oozed throughout my pants like warm syrup over hotcakes. Had to go to the restroom to clean up and line my briefs with layers of toilet paper.

Damn Nat, anyway! As far as I know he never climaxed, just sat there with a boner visible in his lap.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Tree top Pisser

Great story on boys Clubhouses.

You remind me of a similar urinal we had that was way up in a tree in one guy's backyard. We were going to build a fort in the tree, but the idea of the urinal was so tempting that we assembled it first. The boy that lived there told his dad what we wanted to do. The dad thought it was funny and gave us a roll of copper tubing to work with.

We never did build the fort, but guys in the neighborhood climbed up into the tree many times to piss and to help each other piss... (meaning to look at each other's dicks). It was an inconvenient way to piss and yet loads of fun.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Gang of Four Club

When I was 10-12, us guys always had a clubhouse of some kind. For no particular reason we had a club, but the clubhouse held special purpose. Mostly we acted like everything we did was supposed to be secret and no Girls could ever come in, or know our secret codes, and lots of nerdy crap like that. In typical boys fashion, we passed gas and laughed like idiots. But our daily mission plan required that we spy on strangers walking their dogs, sometimes we calculated if the mail-man would be on time, or if he might have a mysterious package for any of our houses. Sometimes we hatched plans for retaliation if anyone dared to circumvent our mighty clubhouse fortress. Clubhouse security was always a prime topic at club meetings.We had little else to do during summer, so this was a harmless outlet for our creative energy and helped alleviate boredom.

  In the earlier days when we needed to piss, we just stepped outside to a bush or tree, either alone or maybe another kid might need to do the same. Nobody cared about looking or what the other dudes had in their undies. We had all changed in front of each other at the swimming locker room or after baths during sleep-overs. We had all known each other a couple of years so there were few secrets among pals.

Eventually in a flurry of  12 year old boy intelligence, we developed an idea for a Clubhouse pisser. It could be made of a funnel and a hose system, cleverly devised by our brilliant engineering minds. We secretly gathered sections of old garden hose. I located the ever so important funnel, and lastly we sort of borrowed a few of our Dad's tools for completing our handiwork. We promptly gathered the quad of geniuses and set into the design-build phase of the project.

Soon we were arguing if there should be a mount or wire to hang the funnel, then how high it should be set. How to fasten the hose to the funnel nipple puzzled us. So many quandaries, flamed our bewildered minds,  opinions, insults and near arguments continued.  The greatest design catastrophe would be the paramount importance of how to conceal the hose which had to penetrate our flimsy walls and lead stealthily to the ground. One guy sourced a section of smashed rain gutter and that lent a precise concealment of the piss discharge hose.

Eventually it was all complete the rain gutter was jammed into the dirt, and well the hose probably didn't reach the ground. However, inside the club we marveled at our accomplishment. Being that we were incredibly organized as a unit, we exercised parliamentary procedures, held nominations and a vote over who should be the first boy to Cristen our feat of plumbing technology. You might know it was Jon the kid who held office as President of the club. We gathered around Jon as he pulled out his thing and....... we all waited at least 13 seconds, but ZILCH. Guys started sneering and corrupting the Prez's proclaimed authority as first pisser. A virtual coup was staged as we all gathered around the funnel. With all four pale dicks flopped out, the excitement was high but our bladders were dry. One kid was verbally coaxing his hose, while others were impatiently squeezing their dry dingers. One boy was belly heaving, but sadly nary a drop of wee could be mustered between us all. Someone popped a boner from stroking, which erupted a group laughter. I reckon the lack of urine may have been the summer time side-effect of outdoor work and our bodies sweating. We acknowledged that the body loses fluid through sweat and not a one of us was prepared to flow test the Boy made urinal at present time.  Then evaluated if we could all manage boners, just for club unity, each guy managed one, but nobody really knew what was supposed to happen next, so we all zipped up and this was added to our super secret list of club activities. To be tabled for now but explored later in the name of science.

Within a few minutes the plan was hatched, we agreed to return after our dinner's. Us brainiacs all gathered back at the pre-determined time of 7:15 sharp. The assembly members systematically took a wizz with great pride. I triumphantly  looked over my shoulder to each kid, all nodded in approval of one-said Clubhouse pisser. The fitment of indoor plumbing was monstrously luxurious, clearly it helped us maintain higher security and secrecy in the clubhouse, as we rarely had to leave for a rest room breaks anymore. However when boredom set-in, we clamored to our bikes to find mayhem or a pool elsewhere in the neighborhood. Those were some great summers.          


Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Pissin Pipes

Around the time I was 10-11 there was a Church building under construction in our neighborhood. Some of us would sneak under the fence and explore the site as the building grew and came together. Up at third-floor level behind the balcony was a room that must have been the control room for lights and sound. It had dozens of aluminum conduits coming up through the floor and down from the ceiling.

We would take turns pissin' into the conduits! Never thinking anything about smell. If we had been older we might have shot our wads into those pipes, but at our age we really pushed our boundaries by whipping out our dicks and pissing in the pipes right in front of each other. One day we snuck in to evaluate progress, and found bundles of wire coming out of some of the pipes. Then more wires as days went by. We were scared to piss any more, thinking the wires might be hot and could shock our dicks!