Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Odd New Boy

I am writing to tell about a boy that moved into town and started in my class when I was in parochial school.

 It was a very regimented Catholic school, and a couple times a day all the kids in the class were sent to the boys and girls rooms to use the facilities. This new boy became the secret talk of all of us because his dick was different than all of ours. Some of us had noticed him at the urinal trough. We whispered how it looked ragged on the end, like the head was missing! (All of us were circumcised, and none of us had ever seen an uncircumcised boy.) Of course we never treated him with any disrespect for being different at all....(Wink).

 I'm writing this here because I now wonder if this new boy intentionally stood not-too-close to the urinal so that we could in fact all see him peeing with his uncircumcised penis?


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Double Shot of Show-offs

We received two similar Comments that seemed suitable to post together here.

Leading off with -
Begging for a Buddy-Wank:

 Some boys wanted you to see their peter. Other boys wanted to do the looking. And it was not based on the size of their dicks. I remember one kid that still had a tiny dick. He was uncircumcised too, which emphasized the smallness of his tool. He would take every opportunity (swimming, sleepovers) to get naked. It's hard to describe, but you could tell he wanted you to see his dick.

 Later, not long after we all started jacking off, he spent the night with me. Before it was ever bedtime he asked if he could close the door. Then he stripped to his underpants and lay on the bed with a point sticking up where his little dick was stiff. He kept touching it, letting me know he had a boner.

Finally he said "My shorts are hurting my dick. Can I take them off?"

 I told him okay, wondering if this was going the way I thought it was. I pretended to be dumb. There he was, bare as the day he was born, with his little uncut peter pointing up into the air for me to see, even though I was fully dressed.
After lights-out we were soon jacking together. But the picture that remains in my mind, which I don't completely understand, is him wanting me (and other guys) to see his peter when it was smaller than anybody else's.


And next up,
Giving a lesson on Wanking:

Prollaby all of us knew some boy, that like to show his weenie to other boys.

It was a boy like that, at a pisser in 6 grade, when I saw my first wank. When he saw me looking, he let me see it more and even more by turning his self half way to me, and he keeps doing his fingers back and forth on his stiffie. Then he moves closer to me, standing right by me with his hand wanking that boner. All of a sudden he said "I am comming."
 What did that mean? But then I saw it - The white stuff went shooting on the wall, some dripping to the floor between the pissers. Then suddenly, he was in a big hurry to leave. I was lost for words.....Looking at his comming stuff everywhere. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

I told my big brother what I saw. I told him everything, just like it was. He wants to know, did I know that kid, No! Did that dude stuff squirt. I say yes. He says for me not to try it until I get older. Well, OK.

But I watched the other boy comming lots more times...... which he ALWAYS let me look. (Grin)


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Showing it off

 This is not a case of pissing out in the middle of the restroom, but there was a boy when I was in sixth grade that had a very well-developed dick for his age. He use to let other guys look at it while standing at the piss trough. I thought it was weird that he moved his hand back and forth on his dick. Little did I know I would be doing the exact same thing as I got bigger. I think he was like the boys that let somebody else watch them piss in that hole in the floor. He got cred if somebody watched him. And so did the guys who looked.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Worn-out Jock

A follow up to How do you wear this thing, previously posted here on OOTS4U2.

One Saturday morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table when Robbie came out of his bedroom. He was in just his underwear and a t-shirt that he sleeps in.

“Why are you crying? What do you have behind your back?” I said

He held out his jock strap, busted with one strap hanging towards the floor.
I told him, “Come over here and tell me what happened.”

He stood in front of me and started to tell me what had happened to his jock strap.
”I was trying to put my jock on. When my damn foot got tangled in the straps and I pulled to free my foot and the strap broke.”

”Let me take a look at it and see if I can fix it.” “Sorry I can not fix it.” “This  must have been a weak strap, and that is why it broke so easy.” Before I could say anything more about the strap.

He started to cry again, I took him into my arms and held him.”Now boy why are you so upset they are not expensive.”

He looked me right in the eyes with tears running down his face. As I was wiping his tears away, he began telling me he wouldn't be able to play in the game tonight because he doesn't have a jock strap to wear. The coach had told the team, that if you don't have your cup or a jock strap you will not be playing in the game.
”I guess I will not be playing in the game tonight.”

”I will go and buy you a new jock today and drop it off at school so you can play in the game tonight.” “ Just think you will be the only player on your team that already wore out your jock strap and had to get a new one.”

Shyly, he said, “I have something else to tell you about what happens when I put on the jock.”

I looked at him,  “What happens to you?”

”Well!..... Just like you said….. if my peter gets hard it still will fit inside the jock.” “And you see, it does fit inside and it don’t hurt either.” “I was scared if it did get hard it would hurt.”

 I started to laugh when he told me that.

“I also pee’ed a little in it a couple of times cos I couldn't get my peter out in-time when I had to pee real bad.“

I noticed the yellow spot. I figured that is what that yellow spot was from. I said, “That happened to me when I was your age and had to wear a jock.”
Then he gave me a huge smile and big hug.

“You had better go and get dressed for school.” He turns around, I gave him a pat on his butt, “Now get going.”

When he came back out of his room dressed for school. He sat beside me while he ate his breakfast. He was telling me all about the position he was going to be playing and how all the boys would be taking turns at caching. There was no more tears just lots of smiles. We gave each other a hug and off he went to catch the school bus.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pissin' for Cred

The boys room at my school had a drain in the middle of the floor. Certain boys bragged about pissing into the drain instead of in the urinals or toilets. If a guy let anybody watch him do it, he had a witness and his cred really picked up, along with the watcher's cred. People would whisper like "Junior let Alton watch him pee in the hole! No lie! Alton saw his prick and everything!" You gotta figure at that age, this was a very big deal to us guys.

I pee'd in the drain by myself a couple times but never was really comfortable about it. I did not ask anybody to watch either. The few times I tried it..... I was worried, what if some Rat-Fink kid comes in then he snitches, or worse if a teacher walks in right in the middle of me standing here over the drain!

I reckon gaining Cred for being a hole pisser slipped by me, but I imagined a few times what it would be like having some other kid staring at me while I dangerously whizzed publicly in that drain hole.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Giggles and Wiggles

I had a sort of semi-buddy that I met on the morning bus route in fifth grade. He started it when we were sitting together one day by asking if I wanted to see something funny. He raised the leg of his shorts and there was his peter laying on his leg right where I could see it. This blew me away.

After that, we both got daring. We would meet in the boys' room during the day (sometimes several times a day) and show our peters to each other. That was all we did, but also too,  it was all we knew how to do at the time. Far as I can remember, we never had boners. We just flopped 'em around and laughed ourselves silly.

 We were in different classrooms at various times of the day. One of us would ask to go to the restroom, then go to the wing where the other guy was and sort of hang out in the hall until the other one noticed him. As soon as he (or I) got noticed, we would hurry to the restroom and flop it out while waiting for the other buddy.

We usually pretended doing goofy stuff. Sometimes we wiggled our dicks like we were operating a tire jack or painting a picture or swinging a bat or conducting an orchestra - all with funny sound effects. Dozens of ways to wiggle our peters and get all goofy with our pre-adolescent  giggles. We generally pissed while we were in the restroom, the pisser being careful to give the other guy a clear view the entire act of urination.

As far as I can remember we didn't touch, just looked. Too young to get stiffies, too repressed to feel, yet totally into each other's soft little weenies.


Friday, April 15, 2016

The Added Purpose Jock

What a hilarious video of the little guy buying his first Jock. Thank you to whoever discovered it.

(It was my partner MG)

I remember clearly putting on a jock strap for the first time. It was required for a neighborhood soccer league when I was about 14. Up until that time I'd never had a jock.

At the time, I was living with my grandparents. My grandfather came home from shopping one day and reached into a bag. He handed me the jock in its plastic package then mumbled,
 "Try this on,"

I took it to my room, unwrapped it, and held it up. I didn't like it. It looked like a coarsely woven pair of underpants, but holy cow.... without any rear panel. I determined that it was not attractive and looked really uncomfortable. After examining it for a minute or two I took off my pants and briefs, gathered my courage together, and stepped into that mess of ugly elastic nut capturing strap.

Despite my expectation of discomfort and pre-planned rejection the result was quite the opposite. Once my young man-hood was stowed inside the contraption, Voila! Instant erection. My dick rapidly elongated in a diagonal direction inside the curious pouch of that strap! I think maybe it was the feeling of the elastic pouch in a guided envelopment strategically tightening all around my boy parts.

From that first day, there was always something electrifying about putting on a jock strap that instantly made me hard. Not just a lame squishy half-hard, but a genuine "Need to Wank it" stiffy. For years I looked for the most private places to put on a stimulating jock - whether in a locker room or camp cabin or anywhere - the mere acknowledgement that this masculine rite of passage was about to elevate my man-hood made me jiggy. I can't be sure if the blood rushed quicker to my head or my erection as I began to pull the strap up my legs. Then the gratifying firm fit, "whoops there it is", I  pop an erection.Usually I had to locate a place to relieve the tension of those boners, and roll one out.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

His First Jock - YT link

You guys will love this, be sure to watch until the end.

Eric & MG

Friday, April 8, 2016

How do you wear this thing?

The recent story about (The cup) sure did remind me of the time that my nephew went out for the very first time to play Base Ball.

His first day of practice was on a Saturday morning, when he would get his uniform and find out what position he would be playing, also whatever type of gear he would need to play on the team and so on.

I picked him up after his practice, then as soon as he got into the car he handed me this piece of paper. But before I could read it, he explained with great enthusiasm,

"The coach told all of us that we all had to have that thing called a strap."

"You mean a jock strap?"

" Yea that's it. He told all of us that we all needed one to keep our things down below in place. Then he showed us what a jock strap looks like. We all laugh when he showed it to us."
"Then he told all of us that we also needed a cup because we all would be catchers. He showed us what that looked like and told us if we would get hit down there with out wearing one of these cups. Your things down there would get smashed."

We went and picked up his jock strap and is cup. In those days there weren't all that many varieties or colors like it is today. We chose one for his waist size and headed home. When we got home he wanted to try everything on to make sure it all fit him right. Logically the first thing he did was to put on was his jock strap. He put in on right over his underpants. When he came out from his bedroom,  it was all I could do not to laugh when I saw the jock strap stretched over his bunched-up white undies. I realized he had never asked me how you wear one.

 "Come over here kid, I have to explain something to you. First you have to take off your underpants and then put the jock strap back on. You don't need to wear your underpants under your jock strap."

He went back into his room and came out with just his jock strap on. He had a puzzled look on his face and kept his backside covered by one hand. Meekly he states,
"It feels funny...... My ass is BARE."

"Yes that is how they are made. Now feel down there.... is everything tight inside your jock strap.

"Well yeah, everything is REALLY tight."
"So...What happens if my thing gets hard?"

"Oh, umm....It will be okay if that happens."

"Are you sure? he asks, even more puzzled.

"Yes I'm sure." I changed the subject,

"Here put the cup over top your jock strap, those straps are to keep it in place."

Once he was all assembled right, and without him even noticing, I hit his cup.
"See! That didn't hurt did it."

" I never felt a thing."

"That is what it is use for to protect all your stuff inside that cup."
"Your ready to play ball then?"

"Yes I am." He beamed, turned about bare-assed and strutted to his room.

There Is more to this story. 

Farm Boy-

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Rolling About

I was poking around in the junk at a driveway sale just a few minutes ago. There was a kid, probably barely into his teens, looking at the stuff along with his mother. He grabbed up a rolling pin and called out, "Hey, what is this?" His mother and the older lady that lived there both answered, "It's a rolling pin." Then the older woman cleared space on one of the tables and showed him how to use it, talking about pie crusts and cookie dough.

He put it back down, but in a minute walked over and picked it up again, examining it carefully and spinning the roller while holding the handles. Right away he asked his mother "Don't you need one of these?" She told him no, that she wasn't that kind of cook.

He kept holding it and looking at it - then with the fastest quick motions you can imagine, held it against his thighs and rolled it up and down twice against the front of his pants, slightly thrusting his fly against it.

It was all I could do to hurry to my car without breaking into laughter. I don't know whether they bought the rolling pin or not, but the kid had certainly thought up a use for it that the manufacturer never intended!


Friday, April 1, 2016

A Shared Link- Spring Training

Linked from the BS Blog,

Since it is the beginning of Spring Ball season. I think some of you may remember those fun times. I believe that team sports are some of the greatest times for a kid. It's more than winning or losing, we all learn things about ourselves, our team-mates, and a few things from the coaches.