Monday, February 29, 2016

That was the very first time I ever touched one

In reference to Paul and Me Part II

 My first experience was quite similar, except we were both 11 and I hadn't started puberty at all yet.

Like these two, once in bed and in the dark, we decided to take our pajamas off. My friend confided in me that his "wiener got hard". I remember how it surprised me because I never realized that this was something that happened to other boys' wieners too, and not just mine. I confided in him that mine had gotten hard too, and then we decided to touch each others.

 That was the very first time I ever touched one, or had mine touched. I remember I was extremely ticklish, and also that holding his erection seemed surprisingly warm. After a while we got tired, put our pajamas back on, and went to sleep.

Another surprising thing, we never actually ever saw each other naked, even though we repeated this in-the-dark activity on at least a couple more sleepovers. We'd put our pajamas on together, but we always still wore our underpants to bed underneath them.


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Paul and Me - Part 2

Continued from  Paul and Me - Part 1

We were both highly aroused. Paul moved his hand back to his own crotch and began rapidly jiggling
up and down on his weenie. "Kleenex!" he gasped. "Under the nightstand!"

I got a handful and passed them to Paul. "Do you do this?" Paul whispered.

"Yeah.” But then I thought, he might decide that I’m nasty with other guys all the time. So I added a little more to my answer: “Only by myself," I told him.

He thought about that for a moment. Then he said "Pretend I'm not here. Go on and do it like you'd do by yourself."

Deciding his suggestion was a good plan, I got another handful of tissues and squirmed back close to Paul. We were both jacking our little weenies now. Although I tried to pretend that Paul wasn’t there like he had suggested, I was acutely aware of his body, his erect dick, his jerking hand. I was becoming super horny, past the point of no return, almost ready to climax.

"I'm cumming!" I whispered.

"Let me see? Please? I want to watch. I won't tell anybody!" This from the boy who wanted me to pretend he wasn’t there.

Paul rolled back our covers and raised up on one elbow to watch me give my stiffie its final strokes. "Are you- Are you-" He quit trying to talk and resumed jacking himself.

I was in the middle of the most awesome pre-ejacuation feelings. "I'm cumming," I told Paul again.

"Me too! Cumming! Can I do you while you cum? I like to be doing a guy when he fires."

"Who else do you do it with?"

"Nobody special. I like it with you. Never thought about you before."

 He wrapped one hand around my straining erection and the other around his own, trying to jack both of us at the same time.

 "It's cumming!" I whispered "It's already on the way! It’s doing it now! Watch out!"

Paul quit pounding himself and pumped me while staring at my dick. I ejaculated into the tissues. Paul was sort of gasping. He gave himself three or four more strokes and told me "Look! Watch it cum! It- It-"

He spurted into his Kleenex. Both of us lay side by side, getting our breath.

"Will you do it with me again sometime?" Paul asked. "I love to make somebody’s peter feel good. Never thought you could cum. "Do you do it a lot?"

We whispered way into the night and celebrated dawn with a matched set of highly productive wanks.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Paul and Me - Part 1

Love this site.

I am fascinated by all the different ways guys got started. I was an early bloomer in two ways, first because of becoming fully functional at age twelve and second because I had read a book and knew what was happening to me. I was small for my age, quiet, and wore glasses. Not exactly your picture of a kid with a fully operational reproductive system.

I was stimulating my little peter around once a week, not yet addicted to masturbation but thoroughly enjoying myself when I did do the deed. One thing that had certainly not crossed my mind was doing it together with anybody.

I spent the night with friends from time to time. I was staying over with "Paul" one night and we were getting ready for bed. Paul goes, "Did you ever sleep naked? It's kind of funny."

I have no idea whether Paul had slept naked with anybody else. It was just something that he brought up. We joked about it and decided we would get under the covers first and then take our pajamas off so we wouldn't embarrass each other.

He was right, it did feel funny to be in bed in the all-together. Not only did it feel funny, but something about the experience gave me a stiff little boner. After a few minutes Paul said "You want to feel something funny?"

I asked him what he wanted me to feel. He answered, "Don't get mad, but my private thing is sticking up real stiff. You can check it out if you want to."

We kind of laughed and made little statements about our private things without either one of us actually touching the other one. I could feel Paul's arm wiggling which gave me strange thoughts about what he was doing. After a minute I asked, "Do you really want me to?"

"Please? You could make it feel good."

"You first," I told him, holding the covers up a little and inching closer to Paul.

What happened next was a defining moment in my sexuality. When Paul's fingers located my extended little erection, my whole body went into sexual fever. "Ooh!" I said, shaking all over without intending to.

"What? What? Did I hurt you?"

"No, no, it feels good. Tickles. Nice. You can do it again."

This time Paul touched my balls, causing them to instantly tighten up. "Was that okay?" he asked. I couldn't get a coherent reply out due to being so amazed at what we were doing and so damn horny because of it. Instead of saying something stupid, I reached toward Paul's crotch.

"Yes," he whispered as I explored with my fingers. “Nice. You make it feel good.”

We had probably been in bed for only five minutes. Yet I was already in a condition of extreme sexual urgency. Paul was now tickling and feeling of me full-time while I did the same for him.

to be continued-

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After effects of NJ

                                                           Alta Vista! I'm sure it was Alta Vista that found Nudist John for me.

I was 14 and my eyes popped out at those naked dudes. They were a little older and a little more mature than me. My viewing sessions were extremely short because my pole immediately got super hard. I had a secret jacking place (storeroom off the garage) where I would literally beat my poor stiffie to death with my hand banging up and down like fury! When I climaxed I shook all over and shot my loads into a little paint can. I hammered the lid back on the can, put the can back on the shelf, and usually went and laid down on the bed to get my breath back and quit shaking.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Revelation in Print

  I came of age years before the internet, when almost all of our sex education came from friends whispering or whatever horny stuff we happened to be able to get our hands onto to for our wanking. I remember I was barely 14 years old, masturbating at least once a day, and had recently acquired my first jack-off friend when I found an article on “teen sexuality” in a magazine my parents had signed me up for. It was a magazine for teens and young men featuring outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping as well as articles on cars and car repair. But it had a Q&A column in each issue geared towards teenage boys. It wasn’t a sex column, but had info topics on things like locker room etiquette and hygiene, getting along with other guys, the risks of alcohol and tobacco use, etc.

This issue, however, was responding to the question, “How far is it safe to go with a girl?” At that point in my life, girls were still a curiosity. I had not yet developed any sexual desires toward them. But I knew how babies were made, so I knew when I grew up and wanted to have kids, this was something I would definitely need to know bout doing. I intently read the article. I remember reading it with as much focus and intensity as anything I had ever read in my life. It hinted about various make-out activities involving different parts of the male and female bodies, and the benefit of secure privacy and comfortable surroundings. But then I hit this one sentence: “For guys, making-out can lead to an almost uncontrollable desire for intercourse.” As soon as I read those words I began feeling that special tingling feeling in my pants. The erectile process had begun, and I knew that within a minute’s time I’d be adjusting my rock-hard fully erect dick inside my shorts.

I read that one line over and over. It hit me hard because for several months I had been dealing with my Catholic schoolboy guilt over the incessant masturbation habit I knew I had developed. This one line was my realization that I already had already developed “an almost uncontrollable desire for masturbation”.

The article in this special issue became as prized of a whack-off aid as any girly magazine could ever be. Re-reading that article was the stimulus for at least a few dozen very satisfying wank sessions, with each one, I was imagining what it was that my body was supposedly really trying to do. (BTW, the article concluded that, “only you can decide how far it is safe to go”. But in the fantasy world of my bedroom at age 14, I was always deciding to go “all the way!”)


I was too young to even think of looking for smut

Author's Note-
I know this is not a forum for the history of internet searches, but maybe the owner will indulge me for a sentence or two. 

Sure thing, lot's of guys have memories how they first discovered "interesting" things online.


My parents started out with a computer that even my dad's professional programmer friend was impressed with. I think it was a "286" although possibly a "386" (go ahead and laugh!). Internet service was more a toy than anything else. We could get on the internet only occasionally and often lost the connection while browsing. I was too young to even think of looking for smut.

Then we upgraded to a new computer around the time I found my balls. "Windows 95" was the OS and Netscape was the browser. And I discovered Alta Vista. The service was still dial-up, but with a set-up like that I was in heaven. When nobody was around I milked Alta Vista for all it was worth. I entered phrases like "first masturbation" or "best friend" plus "jacking off." Not sure whether we could download pictures or not at that time, but what I remember best is the stories. They were the beginning of many a fantasy that accompanied my hand wanking away on my ramped-up stiffie.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

I Loved Good Stories

  I was frightened of picture sites because I thought the pictures were saved into the computer somehow and that my dad or brother would stumble across them (my mother would not go near the computer). And yes, pictures took a lot of time to load because of slow dial-up.

 So I mostly visited story sites. I don't know if it's still around, but there was a site with the word "nifty" in its name which I would visit regularly after school. I would read several stories while getting more and more erect. Sometimes I would pace myself, saying "just one more story," or "just five more minutes." While reading the stories I kept my pants closed but squeezed and wiggled and mashed my boner constantly.

 Finally I would shut down the computer and hurry to the bathroom for my daily wank. I stretched out on the toilet with my feet propped against the bathtub, trying to go slow and make the feelings last. Occasionally I went to the room I shared with my brother and jacked on my bed, but I was always scared somebody would come home without me hearing them, so the locked bathroom was my usual venue. I shot my stuff into a wad of toilet paper, put the toilet paper in a little bathroom paper cup, then folded and squashed the cup before putting it down in the wastebasket beneath other stuff. All of that was to prevent anybody from knowing what I did.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Talking to an Older Girl Online

Interesting topic! I too had someone take advantage of my internet naivety when I was a kid. I didn't have the internet yet at my place but my best friend did and I was sleeping over at his house one night when he told me about this girl he had been chatting to on ICQ (if anyone remembered what ICQ was lol)! It was about 2003 and we were 12 years old.

 He showed me some pictures that she had sent him and they were of a hot 16 year old looking girl who was naked lying by a swimming pool. That was the first time I saw a vagina! Later my friend exclaimed "she's online!" He started chatting to her and told her that he had a friend (me) sleeping over. The conversation quickly changed to include me in the conversation and she was asking me what I look like and then more personal questions like how big my dick is and how do I like to wank. The truth is I hadn't even started wanking yet so I was trying to make stuff up to not sound immature or inexperienced.

 My friend eventually got bored and went to go watch TV. As this online chat was all new to me I was still enjoying talking to what I thought was a sexy 16yo girl who was talking sexy talk to me! She then asked for me to send some pictures of my penis through the chat site. I didn't want to at first but then she said she would send me more of her if I did. I pulled my pants down and took a few pics with a webcam. She was tells me I was cute and had a nice dick.

 I was feeling so horny! But then she didn't send me any more pictures and she disappeared or logged off. It wasn't until years later that I figured that it probably wasn't a 16yo girl. Obvious I know but when I was a horny little 12 year old I was just sitting there with a rock hard penis talking to a sexy, older girl!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Felt So Boss

hey, i read ing 1 of tha storie (dustin an a poket brats), which remine me how nasty i was a bowt grade 6. i bet me be the only boy in that grade that jack off (years a go). i did tht 2 are 3 time all days, one place near allways in liberry class b-coz of sitting at tabblies not desks, stick my legs a way under a tabble and got a stif little wenie hid under there putt my hand in the poket that is all tore to hell and got my fingers a round my stify. o boy go right to jacking and love to come. it so boss to do all tha time in my pants and it goes spert!!! i all ways did it look in tha otha boys think ing you otha boys so dumm, you do not no! thinking this so good, it gone come gone come get tha good feel an in a minit it do come which feelt so boss. 

Okay guys I clearly left this comment exactly as the writer scripted it. If you will read it with the apparent voicing and  pronunciation as the vernacular alludes, I thing you will join me when I get a fun breeze of refreshment in the authors tone and delivery. I am reminded our blog has international presence, which I can only guess this fine reader might be from some place across the pond. Honestly I relish every word describing this account from days long ago.  

My Early days, On-Line

I think the story about Naughty Stuff on the Web reminded me of my early days too. 

Back in "those days", it was dial-up modem so it took forever for even one pic to come up. And, parents would get pissed because not only did every minute on the computer tie up the one-and-only family phone line, but some sites charged you extra after so many hours a month connected.

I was a young teen myself, and except for wanking inside my pants I pretty much did the same thing these guys did. The stuff we could find even on AOL back then would get it shut down in a heartbeat today. It was also my first shocking discovery that people sometimes lied online about who they were.

One of my on-line "friends" who I thought was another 13 year-old boy like me started asking me to take a few Polaroids (instant pictures) of my junk and mail them to him! I never did, but I started to get the feeling this person might not be a kid, but a sicko adult. I remember the AOL topic link was named something like "Yngmen4yngmen".


You wanna see something dirty I found on the computer?

This happened a number of years ago when a lot of people were just beginning to get into the internet. Friend at school asks me kind of confidential-like, "You wanna see something dirty I found on the computer?"

Of course I did - - - every boy, even the ones that don't think of themselves as "that kind of person" wants to know what the sinners are looking at.

At my friend's house his parents would not get home for an hour or more and we were alone. They had the computer in a corner of the living room. The guy sat down in a swivel steno chair and told me to bring a chair from the dining room table.

The site that he had found is no longer in operation and I'm not going to call its name. It was a picture blog with teen boys completely naked. Many of the images were taken outdoors such as wading in a lake or sunning on a big rock or pier. Some were shots at a nudist camp. Genitals were fully visible in the pictures, although none of the guys were aroused.

We spent most of an hour that first time, clicking back and forth to see what had been posted on previous days. We talked about the pictures and wondered if the shots were posed or candid. As time went on, I felt my dick waking up and coming to attention. Soon I popped a real boner.

I was sitting in a straight-back dining room chair which I slid as far under the computer table as I could. Why? So I could rub my prong without my friend knowing.

The point arrived where I had rubbed and mashed myself too much. I tried to play it as cool as possible, but my fingers were scraping back and forth on my lap at the same time we were going from picture to picture.

Shortly I knew I was going to cum. There was nothing I could about it by then, so I kept rubbing myself. The stuff shot inside my clothes and I was real mad at myself. However, I felt like I had kept my predicament hidden from my friend.

That was not true, however. My friend, who I had never exchanged a sexual word with until he offered to show me the blog, immediately said "Did you just fire a load in your pants?"

"Yeah," I admitted, not feeling very proud of myself.

"You should have got it out. I don't care of you get your nuts off. I would have got you a rag."

While he was telling me that, he rolled backward a few inches and used his hands to scrape his pants around and emphasize his own boner for me.

"I gotta do it," he said. "You can watch if you want to. But since you already did it- - -"

"I'll watch," I told him.

He told me to come up to his room. Right away he had his pants down and his weenie sticking up. "Here goes," he said, and started jacking off right in front of me.

He shot a load real quick and then - - - would you believe - - - I had to do it again.

We watched that blog time after time, looking for new pics, getting hard, feeling of the lump in each other's pants and kind of tickling around. I would rub him and he would say "Not too much!" We would get as stiff as rebar, shut the computer down, head for his room, and have a great time jigging each other's dicks until we came.

That nudie site was nuked, so we stirred around on the web until we found other places that turned us on. It was several years later that one of my searches took me to FE-RAW and from there to OOTS.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Best Buds

My mother always liked to tell the story of how Jeff and I met. I was not more than three years old, playing in the front yard. I knew not to talk to strangers and not to leave my own yard. According to Mom, I came running into the house and told her, "There's a little boy out there and he wants to play with me!"

The little boy was Jeff whose family was moving into the house two doors away. Jeff's father came with him. Jeff had seen me playing in my yard and told his father, "I'm going to have a friend."

And it was true. We were the best of buds starting from that very moment.

Our friendship included some naughty stuff. We let each other watch us peeing. We changed clothes together and looked very carefully at each other's immature little junk. One day in about the fourth grade we were peeing behind some bushes when Jeff reached over and shook my little peter. He said "Shake it off. Shake it ALL off!"

Of course I shook his peter too, and we entered a touchy-feely relationship that got better as we became aware of boners.
In seventh grade "it" happened. We were hanging out in my room. Jeff asked me (very seriously) "Did you ever play with your weenie and something came out?" I had no idea what he was talking about. He went on, still in the serious vein: "I was just messing with it and something weird happened."

Jeff had masturbated exactly one time and now he was telling me about it. After a short bit of conversation he said, "I'll show you."

 We locked the bedroom door. Jeff opened his zipper and pulled out his stiff dick. "Feel it," he said.

We had felt of each other's boners many times, so I didn't hesitate to touch Jeff's hard-on.

"Here goes," he told me. He put his thumb and a few fingers on his stiffie and began rubbing back and forth. The sight of him stroking his weenie made me want to do exactly the same thing. I got mine out and wiggled it around, wondering whether I ought to do what Jeff was doing.

"It gets a funny feeling," he said. "Real crazy like maybe you've got a chill or a fever. I thought--" Jeff stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked frightened. "It's gonna happen!" he warned me. "It's happening!"

We were so dumb that we weren't prepared to catch our cum. Jeff's shot sprayed on the carpet and the bed. When he saw the wet stuff on my bed he acted like he was going to cry. "I'm sorry!" he told me. "I didn't know it would go that far!"

I was doing my own job and not paying attention to what Jeff said. He claimed that I said "We're all gonna die!" but I think he made that up from us watching an animated movie that had an old lady who kept saying "We're all gonna die."

Anyway, my dick exploded. It felt like the end of it blew away. I was facing a different direction from Jeff. My cumshot (my very first one!) struck the front of my chest of drawers, making dozens of drops that started running down and dripping on the carpet.

We stood there looking at each other. "Are you okay?" Jeff wanted to know. "I think so," I told him.

That was the start of a masturbation relationship that grew and flourished until Jeff drifted over the line and got curious about girls. When that happened I suddenly hated him, hated the guy who had been my one and only best friend. But time takes care of things like that and as we've grown older we've reconnected as platonic friends.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Country Neighbor Boy (Part two)

See Country Neighbor Boy (part one)

 As soon as we arrived at the Farm House, I showed Larry around.

 I told him that i only have one bed for right now. So you will either have to sleep on the sofa or if you like you can sleep with me. Until I can get to town to buy you a bed. Larry looked at me and said he would sleep with me and I wouldn't have to spend the money on anther bed just for him. He threw his work clothes on the sofa.

  I showed him were the bathroom was. Do you have any question about the bathroom? Nope none at all. I think I can figure everything out in here. Your a smart ass aren't you? Smart ass! He looked behind him at his ass. Nope it's not a smart ass. I patted his ass your right it's not a smart ass. Just a nice ass.  He smiled Yes it is a nice ass. I smiled back at him and I didn't say a word. This is my bedroom. This is were we will be sleeping. I heard him mumble something under his breath. Sounded like yes we will be. Then he stopped right there and shut up. I never asked him what he was mumbling about.

   He said he needed to change into work clothes, and he asked me to go out on the sofa and bring them. When I return to the bedroom There he stood in his white undies. By the bulge in his undies he had a nice size dick. Every so often his dick would move like it was saying come on over here and let me out of these undies and suck me.  It was very tempting for me to go over and grab his undies and pull them down so I could suck on his hard dick. The more I stared at his semi-hard dick pushing up against his undies.  The hardier my dick was getting. I felt sure he had noticed the rise in my jeans.  He never once let on that he might have noticed the bulge in my jeans. He smiled at me and asked for his work clothes.

 I was still standing there holding onto his work clothes...... Staring at that bulge and thinking  how big his dick was and how I wanted to pull down his undies and start to suck on his boner.

 He asked me once again for his work clothes.

 Oh yea! I am sorry here you are.

 He smiled and said it was okay. He then reached inside his undies to adjust his dick. How I wanted to reach inside his undies and adjust it for him.

 Then he asked me if there was something wrong with him.

 No there is nothing wrong with you at all. It's just that I had never seen you just in your undies. I was admiring you on how handsome you are. How cute you are standing there in your undies.  How I want to......

 You want to do what? I looked at him oh nothing at all. He just smiled and thanked me for the complement. Not once did he ever ask me what I was staring at. I am sure he knew that I was looking at his hard dick in his undies. I am sure he had this all planned out before I even walked into the bedroom with his expertly forgotten work clothes.

 He took his work clothes and just stood there for just a moment before he finished getting dressed.

 All I could say was! Lets get going we have lots of work to get done.

 We worked all day at getting some of the machinery ready for the field work.  Then it was time to do the evening chores. Larry fed the cattle, and I did the milking. When we had finished with the evening chores Larry asked if we were going to do any more work with the machinery. I decided we had done enough for the day. It was time to relax.  When we got into the house. I said I have to take a shower before I go to bed. If you want you can take a shower after I am done with my shower.

 Yes that will be fine I will take my shower after you're all done. He gave me that smile that he had on his face this morning in the bedroom.

 I was in the shower when Larry walked in stark naked. This is the first time I ever saw Larry naked. His dick was uncut and sticking straight out in front of him.  His dick was long and skinny, His balls were tight up ageist his dick.

 I want to take a shower with you, If it is alright with you.

Yes!  it is alright with me come on in.

  He climbs into the shower with me. He grab me around my waist and looked me in the eyes. He then grabs my face and started to kiss me. While we were kissing we started to play with each others dick. Then he did something that really surprised  me. He knelt down in front of me and started to suck on my dick and playing with my balls at the same time.  He sucked on the head and then worked his way down the shaft. I started to breath heavier and heavier. I could fill my balls tightening up. I knew I was about to cum. I am going to cum. He took one long hard suck and held my dick deep into his throat. I am  going to Cum. I could feel his throat muscles sucking every last drop of cum out of my balls. After he had drain every last drop of cum out of my balls. He let loose of my dick  I took a hold of him and he stood up. I drop to my knees and took his hard throbbing dick deep into my throat. I started to play with his balls. He was moaning and breathing heavier. He reached down and grab my head and held his dick deep into my throat. He gave his dick a little push.......... I am going to cum..

 I felt the first drop of his cum  sliding down my throat. I swallowed every last drop of cum he had in his tight balls.
  When I had every last drop of his cum. I let loose of his dick and stood up. We finished our shower and dried each other off.  I asked Larry were he had learn to suck dick like that.  He told me that he and his cousin were sucking and swallowing each others cum every since he was thirteen years old.

 When we tasted each others cum for the first time we wanted more. Every time we would suck each others dick we also would swallow each others cum.

 He asked me when was the first time I swallowed cum.

 I explain to him that I started with my cousins also. I was only six when I first sucked my first dick. I swallowed my first cum when I was eleven. It was a older boy in school. I will never forget that day in the outhouse. He told me I would like it. I sure did like it.

 Now I want more. I reached down and started to jerk on his dick. He did the same to my dick we both got hard right away.  We just smiled at each other and we gave each other a hug and went to bed.

-Farm Boy

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Country Neighbor Boy (Part one)

 I had quit school when I was a freshman in high school to operate the family farm. Because dad had to leave the farm to go and work road construction. I was eventually supposed to buy the farm when I turned eighteen. That never did happen. That is all I am going to say about that. Not very good memories.
 I was operating a one thousand acre farm. Milking one head of cows. I also had over one hundred head of young stock and fifty pigs to care for. I also had chickens but mom took care of the chickens.

 Other than Mom helping with the chickens, it was just me, so I went down to the neighbors to see  if their boy Larry would want to help me out on the farm. Larry is the same age as I was. He was tall and medium built. 

 Since Larry already knew how to drive the tractor and how to help out in the barn, he was a fine choice for a helper. He also knew all about the long hours and the hard work that was involved with farming, so he wouldn’t shy away from all the various chores.

  I talked to Larry's Dad before I asked if Larry would want to help me out on the farm. I explained to Larry's dad why I needed the help, that my dad was gone on the road to  work. That there was no way that I was going to be able to do all the work by myself.
 He put his hand on my shoulder. I do understand, and you have taken on a huge reasonability.

Yes I have but I can handle it. Was my reply, he just nodded his head in silence.

 I turned to Larry and asked him if he wanted to come and help me out on the farm.

 Before I could say anything else he agreed to help out on the farm.

  Wouldn't you like to know how much I will be paying you and what you will have to do?

 “No! Besides you have already been giving us milk and butter and cheese and meat, and eggs. So I don't want any money. When can I start?” Larry replied dutifully.

 “I could use you today, as we have to get the machinery ready for field work. We have to wash and grease, oil and fix anything that will need fixing.” 

I also explained, “During the week when you have school. You can get off the school bus at the farm. Then on the weekends you can stay with me if it is ok with your mom and dad. You will be putting in real long hours. I know from helping out last summer how long the days are.”
 He came over to me and gave me a hug.  “Thank you for asking me to help you on the farm. “
Then his dad said it was ok for him to help me out and that he can stay over when ever he wants to. Larry gave his dad a hug and thanked him.
“Lets get going we have lots of work to do. We will be working late.” I instructed.
 Larry smiled and said, “That's ok! I will spend the night with you.”

Farm Boy

(to be continued)

Farm Boy has sent us several stories in the past. This one sure starts off very well. I am sure you all are interested in Part 2 soon.


Looking all Nice and Innocent

Quick little tale. I had forgotten it until I took my car in for service yesterday.

Back when I was at prime jerking age, I went with my grandparents to look at new cars. I considered myself an expert (everybody's an expert at 14!) I read Car magazines and knew loads about the best models. I'm sure they did not expect this from a kid who kept asking the salesman questions. He was probably mad as hell about having to deal with me. While we were looking around and talking I became aware of a full urinary bladder and asked the man, "Do you have a bathroom?"

He immediately directed me to a restroom at the customers' lounge of the service shop.

When I went in, another guy was standing at the urinal so I went into the stall. I was standing up to pee into the toilet, so able to see crazy reflections in the tile wall. I think the blood instantly drained from my head when I realized what I was seeing: The other dude was hard at work jacking off! I stood there in shock, holding onto my dick while it quickly sprang up and the guy kept pumping.

The jacking boy finished his job and left. I felt like I was in a crazy movie. I had jacked off with a friend or two but had never imagined seeing a stranger masturbate. It seemed impossible that people might jack off at a place of business, but it had just happened. And to top it off, my dick was so hard that I couldn't stand it. Did I dare shoot a load right here at the car dealership?

That's exactly what I did, jerking my hand furiously back and forth on my aching hard-on and urging myself to get it over with as fast as possible before anybody came in. I was so turned-on by what the other kid had done, until I came almost immediately.

When I left the restroom, he was sitting with a lady in the waiting room, looking all nice and innocent.

I'm sure he didn't knew I could see what he was doing, but he sure got me primed for an unexpected wank.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sleep-Over Kids

When I was a boy, many years ago, my only sibling was a sister who was five years older than me. She was often mean to me, and she also even used to call me “mistake” and tell me that our parents never intended on having me, and that I came along by accident. Our parents knew we didn’t get along, and I think this is what actually started what ended up to be a nice tradition starting when I was in fifth grade. One week when my sister and I were almost constantly at each other’s throats, my parents encouraged me to invite a friend over for Friday night to spend the night. I think they felt if I stayed occupied with a friend, the house might stay a lot more peaceful. And in fact, it did. I loved having a friend over, and it quickly became something I looked forward to every week. It soon became one boy in particular who I would always have spend the night. I guess you could say we clearly became best friends.

These Friday nights, preparing for bed and sleeping in the same bed together started out quite innocent but became much more intimate as we both approached adolescence. While still in fifth grade we began innocently enjoying taking a bath together before going to bed. The significance of this is that we quickly became very comfortable being naked around each other, and it did not start out with any sexual overtones whatsoever. Then one day, as we were drying off after our bath, my friend said he had something he wanted to show me. He sort of pushed his penis aside with one hand and stretch the skin with his other hand, and told me to look. There I saw what appeared to be a couple dozen tiny little hairs. He told me he had discovered them that week and could hardly wait to show me, and see if I had started to grow any hairs too. We did a quick examination of my area, and sadly, there was none to be found.

 It was less than two months later that I was excitedly able to show him that I was starting to grow hairs too. That seemed to mark the beginning of our regular sexual exploration together. We both quickly started getting erections during our manual examinations of each other, which became obvious that we both enjoyed. We seemed to discover that rubbing our erect penises in certain ways seem to be quite enjoyable, as well as grabbing onto each other’s little pole, pretending they were stick shifts as we would “go through all the gears”.

 Then during one of our sleepovers and about the middle of sixth grade while we were both rubbing ourselves rather intently, my friends seemed to start shaking and then he quickly stopped rubbing himself. I asked him if he was okay, and I remember he said to me, “I dunno. Something just happened.” He told me he didn’t know what happened to him, but that he suddenly started to feel “really weird”. Then he embarrassingly said to me, “And I think I accidentally peed a little bit, too”. We both looked at his stomach and T-shirt, and there did appear to be a nice spray of wet droplets. But we both agreed that whatever this was, it neither look nor smelled like pee. I got him some tissues to wipe it all up, and that seemed to awkwardly end our play together that night. We turned off the light and didn’t say anything more to each other. Saturday morning when we woke up, we still seemed rather awkward about what had happened. We did not mention it at all to each other. It was like it never happened.

By the middle of the school week my friend excitedly told me that he had found out what happened to him. He confided in his older brother, who then explained to him that he had just “jerked off” for the first time. His brother apparently not only explained it to him, but “demonstrated” for my friend to watch, and then helped him successfully do himself another time. Needless to say, that Friday night my friend couldn’t wait to let me watch while he demonstrated how he jerked himself off. That night, try as we might to see if I could jerk off, we couldn’t seem to make anything happen.

Of course after that night, I was intent on trying to make it happen to me. It didn’t take me too many days for me to figure out how to make that feeling happen, but nothing came out of me at first. Then after about a month, a few little droplets started squirting out of me, too.

Throughout seventh and eighth grade the two of us became regular jerk off buddies. It was a wonderful time of my life. Now, I have two sons of my own, ages 8 and 11. They both now look forward to their Friday nights because my wife and I encourage them to invite friends over. My 11-year-old is now almost exactly at the age I was when all of this special activity started with my best friend. I will admit I have been wondering if he and his friends are following along the same wonderful path that I did at that age.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Now it's YOUR turn!"

I have another story about David (my wanking buddy from my previous story), I think maybe your readers will enjoy. The story about 2 Dudes wanking in a restroom reminded me of this one time.  It happened at a McDonald's near us. He and I used to go to alone a lot because it was walking distance from his house.

So this is how our random stuff would occur..... David was always thrilled by doing crazy and risky things. He loved issuing and receiving "Dares". His face would totally light up whenever he'd say,
 "I dare you to ______", or "Do you dare me to________?"

 On a double-dare we had both wanked into the urinals side-by-side a couple of times there already, but this one day he wanted to take it one step further. We were eating our burgers when he said to me,
 "Dare me to go jerk off and squirt it on the sink?"

 I think I repeated those exact words,
"Dude you are CRAZY!".

 We were sitting near the restroom and there weren't many people in the place at the time. I agreed to sit there and watch for anyone walking toward the restroom. I'd loudly cough or clear my throat to warn him if anyone was coming close. Well luckily, no one did, and after not too many minutes he walked out of the restroom with a big smile on his face and told me,
 "Go look."

 I find that on the counter between the two sinks was loads of fresh cum! It was still cloudy and clumpy because it was still so fresh, and there was lots of it, gobs in small puddles and more in straight lines.
 When I walked back out, his dare then came to me.
 "Now it's YOUR turn!"

 I objected and told him, "No way!"

Then I insisted it was not gonna happen, we quickly get the heck out of there.

 Well, the dares to me continued, and on our next visit to that McDonald's..... I did complete that dare.


The Klondike Derby

This story, made me remember a very difficult Boy Scout camping experience. I also just saw a story in our local newspaper about the recent Boy Scout "Klondike Derby" that is always held this time of year. This is a big Scouts competition camp-out between troops. The experience I was remembering happened at my Klondike Derby that year when I was 13.

With great regularity, at that time in my life I was waking up virtually every morning with rock hard morning wood. On school days, I'd get up, go pee, and slowly it would go away on its own. But my weekend routine was to give that morning woody a good wank before I even got out of bed.

So, here I was, Saturday morning at Klondike, and I'm in a cabin full of bunk beds with about 20 other Scouts. I wake up, and of course, rock hard morning wood. I couldn't figure out how I was going to be able to get up and put more clothes on so I could go outside to the outhouse to pee, without my 5-inch stiffy being obvious to at least some of the other Scouts! Somehow, I think I did it, but I was so worried someone would see my big tent pole that was so obvious to me.

Well, Sunday morning, same darn thing. Rock hard morning wood again. Also, having gone all of Saturday without whacking off I could tell I really needed it bad. So I decided to quietly try to jerk myself off inside my sleeping bag. Ah, success! (But then when I got home my mom asked me what I spilled inside my sleeping bag, that left a lot of dried "stiff spots" on the inside lining.)


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can't Stop!

I was fifteen and in 10th grade. At that moment in life I had no understanding of the concept of sexual identity. I knew what I enjoyed, which was the secret companionship of certain specific boys (three of them out of all the boys I knew), guys who shared my interest in the fellowship of the mutual wank. There had been more of them a couple of years earlier, but in a way that I didn't fully understand, some of my pals had outgrown our happy arousal of each other.

Those few boys who liked sharing orgasmic relief with me were not my only friends, of course. I had non-sexual buddies also, equally great pals that my intuition told me were not "that kind" of boys. If I had thought about it, I think I would have found that I divided my friends into two different categories, "plain" and "jacking."

That fall my brother was a junior at a university about an hour's drive from our hometown. He had a great idea which went like this: On Homecoming weekend he would drive home Friday afternoon and pick me up along with a friend of my choice. We'd go back with him and bunk at his apartment, have a lazy Saturday exploring the campus together, and all go to the homecoming game, a big rivalry against a major opponent. Then we'd sleep in on Sunday and head home late that afternoon.

I loved the idea. My parents liked that my brother was taking an interest in me. I picked Nick to share the experience with, a guy who was a very good pal but happened  >not<  to be a sexual buddy. In other words, one of the "plain" type.

Everything rocked along perfectly. After the game and a few victory laps up and down the town's main street along with thousands of other triumphant students, my brother delivered Nick and me to his apartment and took off with some of his own friends.

At this point, you've gotta picture that apartment. It was in a grundgy old house that had been sliced up into three flats. It was cheap lodging with an emphasis on "cheap." My brother had the center section. When you walked in the front door you were in the old living room which my bro used for study and TV. Next, through a big arch was a room that used to be the dining room but was now his bedroom. From that room you walked out the back door onto a closed-in porch where a bathroom and kitchenette had been added in kind of a half-assed way.

If you jumped on the floor, the whole house shook. You could hear people talking in the other rooms. There were plenty of doors that used to connect the house together, but they were now nailed shut to keep the apartments separate.

Up into the night, with my brother still gone, Nick and I were watching movies and just hanging out. Suddenly there was a noise, a female vocalization that sounded like a soft, well-mannered (but completely audible) exclamation. It was a combination of a sigh and a gentle scream.

We knew that a girl rented one of the other apartments. As the minutes ticked on and the sounds grew, it became obvious that she was entertaining a -- shall we say -- Gentleman. Entertaining him in her bed, as a matter of fact. That soft little noise must have been her response at the instant her lover penetrated her..
 We were two totally inexperienced na├»ve teeners, yet we couldn't mistake what was happening. The house itself vibrated as the couple's copulation got underway. Their rhythm was transmitted from the bed to the floor. Also to the thin wall and nailed door that separated her bedroom from the living room we occupied.

Not only were we treated to the vibrations of their activity, but also to added sound effects. The bed knocked against the wall with each thrust and squeaked with each retraction. The girl produced a repetitious chorus of whispered high-pitched groaning along the lines of Eee... Eee... Eee..." while her paramour supplied an accompanying bass grunt: "Uhh... Uhh... Uhh..."

All of those noises were constantly repeated in the next room, just inches from where we sat on the couch. I tried to ignore it at first, and I think Nick did too. But there was no getting around what was taking place with us as an unexpected audience. We looked at each other, both embarrassed. Perhaps a pair of more earthy boys would have said "Man, they're really getting with it," but the two of us were mortified at what we were hearing.

The action next door continued at a brisk pace. And then a sort of undefined growing tension crept into the couple's love-making. The beat increased in speed and noise. Their rhythm became a rapid compulsion, stewing the sounds together and shaking the wall and the couch and the floor at about 90 miles an hour while the girl insanely groaned her treble-pitched sighing without ever stopping for breath.

As I said in the beginning, I hadn't worked out the sexual identity thing. This was my very first exposure to intercourse. I was repulsed by the thought of what the couple was doing. Yet, at the same time, I was dealing with a picture in my mind, a picture -- not of an undraped female offering her body -- but a picture of an acutely erect college guy working toward a huge ejaculation. How big was his tool? How thick? Much bigger or harder than the ones my friends were equipped with? Why didn't he just jack off instead of involving a stupid girl?

Thoughts of the stiff penis reaming back and forth continued. My own dick became unbearably hard and my whole body developed an unexpected sexual need. My balls tingled and writhed around. I was horny, far hornier than I could ever remember, so aroused, so unimaginably erect, that I thought I might ejaculate without ever touching myself. I would have given anything to get a glimpse of that university man's erection pistoning in and out, if only I could have tuned out the presence of the female.

What's more, I was sitting right next to Nick, side-by-side on the couch, not daring to speak to him or look at him, frightened that he would perceive how horny I had become.

The event next door climaxed (pun intended) with a loud roar of OH, BABY! from the male voice, followed by a few soft squeaks and whispers. Then silence. They had finished, but I was still aroused beyond belief.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but sometime during the action Nick unfastened his pants and now sat with both hands rolling around inside his underwear. His entire body appeared stiff. His butt hung on the edge of the couch and his legs looked paralyzed, stretched tensely out in front of him and down to the floor. This further primed me, realizing that Nick was afflicted with the same problem I had.

When he saw me looking, Nick opened his mouth but apparently couldn't think of anything to say. His hands continued to fumble around inside his boxers. And then, as if he'd given up on every consideration of etiquette and restraint, the front of his underwear began bumping up and down.

He lamely said "Gotta" without completing the sentence. My erection, which was already unbearable, became painfully intense.

After a few seconds of pounding up and down on himself. Nick tried to speak again: "Can't stop," he apologized, his wanking fist threatening to tear the hell out of his boxers. Then he added: "Sorry."

By then I had opened my own fly in order to slide my jeans down and more efficiently squeeze the contents of my Fruit-of-the-Looms.

"You too?" he asked. "I didn't know whether you..."

Again an unfinished sentence as Nick stared at my lap. Then, having apparently decided that there was no use hiding anything, he shoved his underwear down and sat squeezing and wiggling himself, his fully extended organ on display right next to me. I felt that I shouldn't look at it since he wasn't "that kind" of friend. But there it was, right next to me, right where I couldn't help taking it in.

"You wouldn't believe how hard it is," Nick said defensively. "You really wouldn't believe it."

"Well, look at mine," I replied.

With the exchange of those two sentences our inhibitions collapsed. We were just two very horny fifteen-year-olds confronted with unbearable erections.

"Can I see?" he asked, extending a hand toward my crotch but not yet touching me.

"Yeah," I told him, reaching toward him like he was reaching toward me.

Not another word was spoken as we alternately jacked ourselves and one another.

A minute or two went by until Nick jumped up and said "Bathroom!" We ran through the apartment like a herd of cattle, dicks flopping stiffly in front of us, ending side-by-side at the toilet. And just in time, too. With only a few more strokes, both of us shot tremendous loads that splattered heavily into the bowl, simultaneously moaning the urgent noises of intense adolescent orgasm.

We fastened our pants and looked at each other as if we'd never met before. I didn't know what to say, what to do. I had just jacked off with Nick who had always been of the "plain" variety of friend, never the "jacking" variety.
We essentially said nothing to each other the rest of the trip, exchanging questioning looks from time to time but unable to put a conversation together. I figured my friendship with Nick was over and done with.

And then he came up to me at school about a week later and said, real self-consciously, totally nervous, "Um, do you ever sleep-over? My mom said I could ask you sometime. If you want to?"

For some reason we continued to be a little bashful around each other, real polite and sort of hesitant in every encounter, yet getting quickly down to business as soon as we turned the lights off and slid under the covers.