Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year - 2017

2. Ginger George

1. Tommy Tongue Sprinkles

It's been a great year at OOTS4U2, and we hope you each have a Fun and Happy New Year ringing in 2017.

I am sharing these smiling faces in hopes it will bring some joy to you as well. Pick your fave(s) and comment.


3. Twice Treats Twins

4. Silly Surprise Stevie
5. Prince QT Pye

6. Strawberry Sam

7. Rollie Stonie
9. Mad Cap Mitch

8. All Day Sonny

11. Tiny-Tot B-Dead
10. Benja Big Bites

13. Randy Rainbows
12. Junior Hero Jeremy

14. Ivan The Huggable

Soaping-Off with Bro

 Reading this person write about “soaping off” brought back some special memories for me. I first heard that term in early 7th grade when I was first required to take showers with other boys in school. Sometimes there would be 8th grade boys in the showers with us, and I heard some boys saying that they were “soaping off” or some boys would seem to say that other boys were “soaping off” in the shower, but they would deny it. For me, I hadn’t even started masturbating yet and I didn’t even know what it was. I honestly concluded that I thought the phrase “soaping off” meant that you were rinsing the soap off. I thought that “soaping off” must mean the same thing as “rinsing off” at the end of your shower.

  Not too long after that, I was home taking a shower and my mother was upset that it seemed to be taking me a very long time. (I wasn’t doing anything special in the shower, I was just being slow.) My 14-year-old brother was also nearby in his bedroom. My mom yelled through the door “What’s taking you so long? When are you going to be done?” I then yelled back from the shower, “I’m soaping off! I’ll be finished in a minute or two!” When I then left the bathroom and went into my room wrapped in a towel, my brother met me and was hysterically laughing. I remember he said to me, “Dude, what are you doing telling mom that you’re jerking off in the shower?!?” (This was even more confusing to me because I didn’t know what “jerking off” meant, either.)

My brother then had a very special discussion with me, explaining to me all about masturbation. He assumed by what I had said in the shower that I not only already knew about it, but that I was already doing it. He then seemed surprised that I was so clueless. He explained to me that “soaping off” was a way to masturbate using a bar of soap and a soapy hand to, as he put it, “get the job done”. He of course got me very curious as to what jerking off was all about, and what it felt like. I later tried to do it to myself, but was not successful. I asked my brother for more advice as to how to do it, and he showed me. First on himself (I remember my shock and amazement at his big spurts of strange new stuff shot out of him), and then doing it on my dick. Wow! What a feeling! Only about three little drops came out, but that was my discovery of what "soaping off" really meant.

Mash... Unwrap... Squeeze... Unwrap

 I'm a little late reporting this, but it really made my Christmas. We were opening presents at my grandmother's house before dinner. I've got a young second nephew or somesuch (son of one of my remote cousins). In my ignorance I thought he was maybe in fourth grade. Obviously I haven't been properly aware of him.

While sitting on the floor and leaning against the end of the couch, he was in the second row of kids around the tree. Most eyes were fastened on the squealing little girls jumping around in the front row. Maybe that's the way he wanted it, because he was quite busy in private. Every few moments he would reach for his crotch and mash his goods. Maybe he was excited about his presents or maybe his body had simply picked this moment to demand attention. He would unwrap a package. While holding it in one hand and admiring it, his right hand invariably slipped down between his thighs to perform a few quick mashes or squeezes. Once I caught him straightening onto both knees and kneeling tall so that he could grab his fly with both hands and make a genuine adjustment to its linear contents.

 The lil' guy appears totally undeveloped and yet from what I picked up, it turns out he is in seventh grade already. Soon Mother Nature will visit him with her own bagful of surprises, if she hasn't already.

 I wish him well and hope his hidden bit of manhood gives him great pleasure in the highly private moments that lie ahead. I had the passing idea that he would excuse himself and go to the bathroom for a few secret moments, but he just remained where he was, preoccupied with his compulsive mash-mash, squeeze-squeeze routine.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Junior Assistant

I had this friend my own age, but he did not start making cum till later than me.

He would want to jack me off whenever we got a chance. Even though he could not do it himself. He always wanted to do it by dragging one finger back and forth on my boner real easy. I guess so he could see it better? I get real close to cumming. But he was doing it slow with his one finger.  Sometimes playing with my balls too.

I told him,
"I needed to cum. Can you do more..."

He always said,
 "Just a minute!"

 Finally after more finger fiddling,  I would shoot a load.

He would bend down real close to my dick and watch the cum squirt out. He always wanted to know, "How was that?"

 The next time there was a chance I wanted do it,  he was ready again.

 "Can I make you feel good?"
 Are you cumming yet?

 I always like him to do it but he got me so hard it hurt.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Six Heads for the Soap Commandant

After reading and making comments on all of the other story's about showers, I decided to write about my experience in the shower room after physical Ed. class. 

At our school, everyone had to take a shower. There were no exceptions ever allowed for not taking a shower.

When it came to stripping off our gym clothes. No one ever tried to cover up their dick. It was no big deal if other boys saw your dick....ESPECIALLY if it was getting bigger. Everyone had to go inside the shower room at the same time. No guy was allowed to hang out by his locker and try to be alone and go last.

We had to walk by the towel room to get inside the shower room. Which the towel room was the coach's command station, watching everyone so to makes sure all guys took their shower. He constantly instructed that everyone also had to use soap. If the coach caught you not using soap he yelled at you to use the soap. He said that if you don't use soap,

"You'll just go back to class smelly and wet!"

Apparently, the soap took care of our body odor, which young guys are kind of clueless about I reckon, and Coach seemed to be at war on smelly boys..

So in our showers, there was one single shower pole, which had only six shower heads mounted circular of the center and sprayed outwards. Since there was not enough shower heads for all of us boys to use at the same time, some of us boys would have to stand by the wall and wait our turn to take our shower. While standing by the wall..... our Dicks would start to get bigger, because of seeing all the other boys dicks.

No one ever covered up there dick. To pass the time, we all just stood there talking about what the other boys dicks looked like. It seemed that some of the bigger guys took an extra long shower to wash off their big guy odor, I think it was like "Show and Tell" to give some of us younger dudes a nice long look. Which made for a few more random boners at the  looking wall.  I always stood back by the wall and made sure I was always the very last boy to take my shower. I just stood there admiring all the cocks. I always liked looking at the variety of nut-sacks and balls. How some were tight up against their shafts. and some others balls  hung low.

It never even bothered any of us that the coach was on soap watch. But some days us young studs were rowdy, he'd begin telling us us to stop playing around. When he really got tired of our horsing around, he would yell out,
"Boys! get your asses dressed it is time for you to get to your next class."

Farm Boy

Monday, December 26, 2016

Spotting that "Perfect Spcimen"

When I was a pre-teen and young teen. me and a friend would go to a local public pool a lot and we'd change into and out of our trunks in the big changing room. I remember that riding our bikes to and from the pool in wet suits felt really lousy, so it was easier to change in the public changing room.

I always rushed to get changed,  so as to get with our fun of swimming or to blast on home on our bikes to play video games. My friend seemed to never be in a hurry. He didn't mind hanging out in the change room naked for a while. He would shower off under the shower head and scrub his hair, saying it prevented his hair from turning weird colors from the pool chems. He always took longer if there were older kids or grown-ups in there changing. Since we never brought towels he would leisurely Air-Dry before putting on his dry undies and shorts.

I was too naive to realize what he was actually talking about, but he'd ask me after we changed if I had noticed "that Perfect specimen" in the locker room. Then he'd describe some guy who was in there changing with us. Indicated by the direction he was looking, it almost always a much order teen or young adult. I was clueless, but my friend really liked looking at older guy's dicks starting when we were about 12. (He turned out to be gay, BTW).


"Higher Ed" P.E.

We had a Physical Ed coach at school who always insisted us boys shower. When we were 9th graders we just went along with it with a chuckle as we all tried to hide our bits from each other.

As we got older and started developing we thought it was a bit odd that coach stood and watched all bits enter the shower, we had to wash! When I left school after 11th grade I bumped into an old school friend who told me our gym teacher got caught in the gym after school with a boy from my class (that stayed on for "Higher Ed") doing naughty business. Needless to say coach got sacked. I don't know what ever happened to him, but it probably was bad for him.


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hide the Undies

Christmas... did anybody ever get underwear for Christmas? All our extended family went to my grandparents on Christmas morning. It was a big family-style breakfast and then we all opened our gifts, one at a time. As long as I could remember there was a tradition that everybody had to show off what they received. One of my younger cousins, that was about 9 or 10, he tried to hide one of his presents.

The rest of us kids (particularly a couple of rough older troublemakers) all made a big deal of it. Somebody wrestled the present away from him and held it up for everybody to see. It was a package of plain white briefs. One of the big guys said "Peter Heaters!" The kid ran out of the room. By the following year it was no longer a rule to show off everything you got.

It was my good fortune to become familiar with what lay inside his briefs after we reached wanking age.


Friday, December 23, 2016

The Plenty O' Peter Parade

I remember one day when the sewer line stopped up. It was during showers at the end of 8 th grade gym. The showers overflowed into the locker room and up through the drains all over the bottom floor. Coach was running through the water yelling "Turn 'em off! Turn 'em off!"

He made us grab our clothes and walk through the flood out into the gym which was still dry. Guys that were not dressed were trying to hide their dicks because Coach kept saying he would take this whole parade of us naked butts past the Home-Ec room if we didn't shut up. Most of us thought it was funny heck, and teased the bashful ones for their modesty, and accused them of being undersized of course.

So anyway everybody got dressed in the gym and had to go outside and around the building to get back to classes. This one guy that was kind of a loud mouth about everything hollered out "See what happens when you pump it in the shower?"


Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Casual Counselor

We had a counselor at computer camp one time, that was a young army guy doing some kind of outreach to kids.

He wore fatigues at all times, but when he showered or changed, he undressed right in front of all us boys.

 It caused a lot of us to go off and have secret whispered conversations together. "Did you see the size of his balls?" "Balls, hell, his dick must be 8" long." "Do you think he - y'know? - PLAYS with it?" "Is he married?" "See if he's wearing a ring." "What if it got hard!" "Do you think it's normal, the way his skin hides the end of it?" "Turd! He's uncircumcised. Let's have a look at you and see if you're normal!"


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Invasion of Coach Peeps-a-Lot

My school had a gym teacher who would hang in the boys shower / change rooms after our every gym class, and I mean EVERY class!

 He'd try and act like he was on his phone or not interested in all the nakedness passing him by. He would always sit in the same spot too which directly faced the showers. Our gym showers were not separated by cubicles or walls, it was basically just a large open area with a shower head and taps every couple of meters apart (kind of like prison I guess). The sparseness deprived us boys of any glimmer of modesty. Guys who were friends, strangers, and even enemies, all showered together baring their private parts in open forum. Coach watching at his strategic point made sure everyone showered. This further enhanced the prison experience.

Despite the seemingly oppressed condition, I have to say that each time I enjoyed watching the hottest boys in our P.E. class. So I didn't mind being one of the group and displaying my hang-down when showering and changing. One day I started getting a bit hard from watching this one hot boy soaping his dick in the shower. It began creeping slightly left, then more upward. Jeez, if other guys woulda seen me, it would mean total social suicide. You betcha, I quickly covered up!


Meeting Manuel in the Showers

This is a quickie, one of those passing occurrences that seems unexplainable before your epiphany, but perfectly logical once you've taken your own plunge.

It was sixth grade. I was attending a middle school on an Air Force base. This was my first year to take PT. Civilians called it PE (for Physical Education), but military families called it PT (Physical Training). The concept of PT was rooted in the rigors of Basic Training.)

One of the boys in PT with me was a little Hispanic dude named Manuel, also a sixth-grader, but a somewhat quieter and gentler kid than the majority of us Air Force brats. I had no clue about how boys progressed into maturity at different rates, so Manuel was a novelty to me. Unlike any of the rest of us in sixth grade, he had a hint of soft, wispy whiskers on his upper lip. The rumor around school was that he'd had that proto-mustache since first grade. Not only that, but he had real sideburns growing from his cheeks.

I was late getting to the showers one day. Everybody had finished except Manuel, who at first glance (and based on the position of his arms) was apparently scrubbing his penis when I arrived, It seemed that he tried to turn away the second he saw me, which was strange because we had all adapted comfortably to seeing each other in the nude. Everybody soaped and rinsed their crotches in front of everybody else. Manuel had quit washing his dick and was now busy soaping his armpits.

But I was lucky. As Manuel washed his underarms, his dick sort of bounced back and forth sideways, into and out of view. It was in a peculiar state, sticking out and up in a very stiff manner but also covered in foamy soapsuds. It reminded me of a coat hook fastened to a wall, protruding up into space.

My little mind immediately concluded that Manuel had quit washing his dick out of consideration for me.  He must have switched his attention to his armpits so that his "swollen" dick would not embarrass either one of us. But that didn't explain the condition of the dick itself. The stiffness, vertical thrust and overall enlargement of Manuel's soapy organ were unusual to a neophyte like me.

Manuel quickly finished showering. He stood with his back to me while rinsing off. As far as I could tell, he gave his dick no unusual attention. As he walked out and grabbed his towel, I wondered whether his dick remained elongated and up-thrust.

It was the first erection I ever saw and I replayed it in my brain time after time.

My few fleeting views of Manuel's hard-on could not have lasted more than ten seconds. But days later his protruding boner was still consuming my thoughts and generating mysterious stiffies of my own. Later, many months later, after I discovered what dicks were made for, I somehow knew that Manuel had been enjoying a pleasant masturbation when I surprised him in the showers. Must have been a downer for him to be interrupted, but my fleeting glimpse of his stiff brown peter was the subject of my thoughts again and again.

After I found my own nuts I wished for a time machine so I could relive that moment and alter it to suit myself. I would have entered the showers sooner, would have been silent as a mouse and kept out of Manuel's peripheral vision. Then I would have wiggle and jiggled my own stiff little poker while watching quiet, gentle and horny Manuel stroke himself. Together, without him every being aware of it, we would both launch nice squirts of cum into the water foaming its way to the drain.

But time machines are no more than Sci Fi stuff, and I never had the pleasure of any further encounter with Manuel and his stiff brown peter -- except in my bedtime fantasies.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tales from our Disturbed Gym

I was in high school in the 1970's, so this was a pretty long time ago. And yes, at our school the coach's office (with windows) was right next to one of the two shower rooms! So ALL the boys using that shower would end up walking naked right by the coach's office, when going to and from their lockers! There is some incredible compunction drilled into Gym coaches, that dictate all boys MUST Shower at all costs.

You might take it that Gym coaches have some fantastical mission for compelling semi-public nudity upon youth. We dealt with it as best we could. Many guys turned their business away from coaches office when parading to or from the showers. It seemed a bit like the Nature Channel doing an expose on Human anatomy and male development.

Also, this same arrangement happened either at the beginning or the end of wrestling practice (I was not a wrestler). But I saw an even weirder situation when all the wrestlers stood in line for weigh-in,. and these dudes were all NAKED. This whole group of guys (literally) hanging-out.... waiting to be weighed. The coach did the weighing one guy at a time. I always wondered if he was to try to make the boys more relaxed with their nudity, because the coach doing the weighing would be naked as well. So, a room full of maybe thirty 14-18 y.o. naked boys and ONE naked adult. (I doubt that would even be allowed today.)


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Helping Hand

In seventh grade we had in class one boy, Andrew, who seemed to be very quiet and shy. He never played a soccer nor did he hang-out with us after school. Instead he was the best pupil in maths and always let us copy his homework, so we left him in peace, without teasing him.

One day everything changed when he became the local hero. Over one of the weekends he spent with his family at their cottage house. During the night a fire blew up and immediately broke out, blocking him and his two years old sister upstairs. He saved his sister by putting her in his backpack, climbed out of the window, then down with a rope he made out of bed sheets.

Unfortunately his both hands got both hands burned and for six weeks they were bandaged from the elbow down to the fingers. He still attended classes, but couldn’t write or even eat his lunch alone. All the girls would feed him like a baby, and one of us boys, in turn, escorted him home, staying there until his mom or dad returned.

One day it was my turn to take him home. He asked me to get us some soft drinks and cake from the kitchen. During our snack I joked that he became very popular among the girls from our class. He admitted that one of them was his secret love, but he was too shy before to speak to her. Now he was literally eating from her hands.

We talked about girls, a bit about school, and drank a lot of juice, as mid October was very hot that year. Later on I saw a grimace on his face and asked
- It harts you so much?
- No, hands are ok, it something else – he answered
- What?
- I drank three glasses of juice and now I need to pee, but…...and he lifted his hands up. I nodded my head recognizing his condition and in agreement to help him.

We went to toilet and I helped him by pulling his peter out and pointing it to the toilet bowl. He pissed with great relief. Begrudgingly, I made few moves to cast the last drops out. Almost immediately he got a boner.
- Sorry man – he said red-faced.

We returned to the room, Andrew still ashamed.
- How often you jerk off?– I asked. His face became red like a tomato. He didn’t answer.
- C’mon man. Every boy our age jerks off. There is no shame about it. I am wanking at least once a day, and when I meet my friends at the swimming pool, we spy girls changing, then we all wank together. Damn were so horny its like four or even five times in a row.

- You wank together? In front of each other? – he didn’t seem to believe it.
- Not only in front of each other, but we wank each other – I replied.
- I never wanked in front of somebody. I wouldn’t….. I am too shy. Man, I’ve never seen another boy naked, he explained.

I saw a big bulge in his jeans.
- How many days since you did a wank? – I asked
- Since the fire. It’s been ten days already. I can’t do it myself with both hands bandaged. But to be honest, I’m going crazy.
- If you want, I can help you, buddy – I said with a big grin.
- Will you? But don’t say a word to anybody!
- Don’t worry – I reached for his belt and jeans zip and his dick bounced out.
- Wait! You saw my dick, now I want to see yours. I want you to strip first.

I pulled my jeans and briefs down, presenting my upwards facing, thirteen year old boner. Then I pulled down his trousers and underpants. His peter was hard, and looked the about same size as mine, but his pointed more outwards. With one hand I wanked him, with my free hand I worked on myself.

I believed him about going crazy. Ten days without a jerk off! He only lasted ten or twelve moves and exploded.
- Ohhh! What a relief! – he moaned and looked at my dick till I cum.
- Nice shot! – he said.
- Ok, yours was nicer. You shot a mark at the wall! – I said. We laughed then I brought toilet paper to clean the whole mess, but left our jeans still down.
He asked me to tell him more about me spying on girls and jerking off with other boys.

While I was talking, his peter woke up to present nice boner.
- Ready for the second ride? – I asked.
- Man! I am ready for another dozen rides! – he grinned.
- No problem, but when you finally drop the bandages, you owe me not one, but several helping hands – I said.
- Promise. I want to feel another dick in my hand to see how it is.

For the next three weeks I escorted him back from school two or three times a week. Always finished with at least two rides. The last time I accompanied him home he said
- Be ready for a long, long ride! Andrew smiled and held out his hands
- Take those bloody bandages off!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure. A Couple days ago the doctor said that today I can take them off. His hands were maybe a bit reddish, but smooth from the cream they were covered with.
- Now take your pants off. I owe you a lot of wanking, and I am gonna pay all the debts today. I am wanna make you blow your mind! – he said, now lets strip naked. Our dicks were hard before the jeans hit the floor.

That afternoon we gave each other five delicious jerk-offs, and became wanking buddies till the open swimming pool season started. Then Andrew joined me and other boys in Girl spying and the reciprocal group masturbation.


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Let the Goo Go

A couple of recent posts bring up the topic of wanking a load into undies.

 So maybe I was weak in character or something, but I did it inside my Hanes briefs. I remember when first becoming proficient at draining my dragon, it was a special thrill to trigger a climax without people realizing it. I agree, it was gooey and nasty and all those things. But I guess I felt like that was just the penalty I paid for enjoying a secret blast.

One time I made a cumshot with my hand in my pocket while I was waiting in line to buy a movie ticket. Then fired another load during the movie by rubbing my knuckles along the outside of my pants. That phase didn't last long but it was a major thing with me whenever I would get hard during the first few months of wanking. I was kind of proud of being able to hide what I was doing and do it quick: Wiggle, wiggle, SPLOIT! Hee-hee!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Perfect Scout Caper

I was in scouts with a very gung-ho boy. He made Eagle when we were in about ninth grade. I kind of idolized him but did not hang out with him because he was so much nicer and more serious than anybody else. He always came to meetings with all his badges on his sash and his uniform just right. He would volunteer to do anything. It seemed he was the perfect Scout, he beamed a broad smile with perfect teeth. Even his walk was disciplined and measured. He often remarked how many steps it was to the latrine from his tent, or how far to the Lunch tables. He seemed so regimented and fussy about almost everything. Kind of like a smaller adult.

On a particular fishing trip I drew "Curt" as a tent-mate. Because of that camp-out, I learned that indeed he was human. Even more than that, he was just as normal of a teen as any kid. Curt never knew, but I watched him jack off every night for three nights. Yes him, the highest achiever I ever knew of, the guy who was so "mature" and "nice".

You see, as soon as we killed the lantern he would be laying on his back on his cot. A few minutes would go by. Then he cautiously lifted up the front of the sleeping bag. Soon..... he was pumping himself.  I got instantly hard while secretly watching him. The temptation to wrestle into my undies for a wank was imminent, but I had the idea if I could tell what he was doing, he would also know what I might be doing. My own image could not be soiled or diminished, I did not want this Eagle scout to know that I wanked. So with punishing constraint, I just about died lying there every night, stiff as a board but not ever touching myself. Meanwhile this perfect specimen of a scout was freely wanking his boyhood, ignorant to the taunting he subjected my aching boner to.

From what I could tell he jerked himself very slow, maybe just thinking he was hiding it. After he got started, his slow strokes just kept going. He pumped himself inside his sleeping bag which would bump up and down a little bit while he was holding it up. My guess was that he had something to catch his cum. When he was through, he rolled over and comfortably went to sleep.

I still respected Curt and never teased him about jacking off. It was a private secret of mine, almost unbelievable, that the boy who was sometimes pointed out by Scout leaders as a good example for us all, was just as human as the rest of us and regularly took care of his boner after lights-out.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Stiff and Stuff (all in the Suit)

I want to tell about a guy I knew when we were 13. He was into wrestling, I was into wrestling suits. When we played at his house, sometimes he put on his wrestling suit. He didn't bother putting on a jock or underwear. The best part, you could see exactly where his dick was in that wrestling suit.

We messed around sometimes and he accidentally would bump me with his dick. He did it a few times and I got to thinking if maybe his dick was hard, because it kind of looked like it.

So one day he was laying on the floor and I am looking at him real careful. I can see just where his dick is. I reached over across him to pick up the game controller. I actually let my arm bump his dick only for a second. He starts moving it around, and ever so often he makes his dick bump into me.
Then he goes, "Can I ask you a question?"

 I say,  "What".

He says, "Have you got hair around your thing?"

I go, "Why, do you?"

 Before long he wants me to see his hair. He tells me,
 "Lift up the leg of my suit. You can look but only at the hair."

While I try an look at his hair he goes to mashing on his dick. It's real easy to see it in the wrestling suit. I ask him something stupid like is everything okay in there. He tells me to check it if I want to. I feel him but still with the suit on. Well we both got hard dicks. We go to rubbing the other guy. He says better stop or it will shoot. We stopped doing it but we both got bad hard-ons.

He lets me rub him some inside the wrestling suit. His dick's so hard but he's keeping it inside the suit. He says he going to cum. I ask do you want me to stop. He says f... that. Well, then he cums inside his wrestling suit because of me rubbing it and the stuff makes his suit all wet.

It is a a few more under-clothing sessions of feel-up before we finally got a good look at each others dicks. He always got real hard in that wrestling suit.

Anonymous Wrestling Fan

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Family Legacy

  I was 11 when a friend told me about jerking off. After a few weeks I had figured out that for me the most pleasurable way to do it was to rub my skinned-back stiffie against the bedsheet. So just about every night I would climb into bed, rub one out against the sheet, and fall asleep.

  Eventually, of course, I started to ejaculate, which caused me some concern until I realized that because I was completely responsible for stripping, washing, storing and replacing my own bedclothes, nobody would ever see the stains. So for several years I carelessly soaked the sheets.

  Fast-forward twenty years or so. My daughter has outgrown her crib, and my parents are giving us my old furniture. My wife and I are in my old bedroom - I am emptying the chest of drawers while she strips the bed. Suddenly she taps me on the shoulder, makes a face and points at the mattress. It is covered with brown stains that merge toward the center into one almost black discolored mass. I lift my eyebrows ans shrug my shoulders to convey the impression that I certainly have no idea what my parents did to make such a foul-looking mess.

  Later, as we are loading the rented truck, my wife thanks my parents again for the furniture, but says that we won't be taking the mattress. For a moment I am worried that my mother - for whom the word "ditzy" was invented - will blurt out something like "But why? It's only your husband's stains!" But all she says is, "Yes, that mattress is really old, you should get a new one for your little one.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bopping in the Bushes

Did anybody else go to a lot of trouble to hide their cum? To me, the cum was the evidence of playing with my dick. If I could keep anybody from discovering my cum they would never know that I liked to do a certain nasty thing. Which was to zip my hand up and down on my dick a lot until the freakin feelings made me feel funny all over.

We lived in apartments. One place we lived, a big garden of bushes and small trees was planted in a corner where the laundry building and the office came together. I would go behind the bushes to jack off. It was very safe. Nobody could see that I was in there unless they crawled in themselves.

When I wanted to jack my little stiffie (this was the years I was about 12-1/2 to 14-1/2) I got a stick and dug a hole in the ground. I knelt over the hole while doing that secret fun thing to my dick. When it was time to cum I aimed the cumshots into the hole. My cum stayed white-looking laying in the dirt so I used the stick to mix it up into mud. Then I raked loose dirt over the hole. I would stand up and while zipping my pants I stomped the dirt down where my cum was buried. That way nobody would ever find my stuff.

I don't know how many times I did that. Maybe 3 or 4 times a week for a couple years. I bet 300 squirts of cum (maybe more) got buried behind those bushes.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Just a Little Tickle Powder

There was a friend of mine that lived on the same block. When we were little, around 7 and 8, we made up a game where we pretended we were babies. This got started because my friend had a baby brother at his house. In our game we had to change the other guy's diaper. This was just a way to get each other's pants down and look at our little peters.

We got started using baby powder on our junk. The feeling of the powder sprinkling onto our crotches is hard to explain, kind of like tickling, but like a whole different feeling came over our peters and balls. I have been trying to remember whether we got stiffies at that young age. I think we did. We kept on doing the diaper thing as we got older.

I know that we definitely were having boners by 12 when we were in seventh grade because part of the fun was watching our peters get hard while sprinkling powder on each other. A lot of times, we had already got hard before starting the game. If that happened we shook the powder on each other's boner. Neither one of us had any idea what the purpose of an erection was. We just got hard together and then played with our dicks.

It was after a diaper/powder game at 13 that I shot my first wad. My stiffie wouldn't go down. After my friend left I went and sat in the bathroom. I wiggled my dick like hell, wishing it would get soft and leave me alone. While I was wiggling, I went funky all over. I caught a climax. A spray of stuff went onto my legs and hand. I was kind of in shock, sitting there trying to get my head together. Then I saw more of the stuff running down the shower curtain. I was scared to death. I didn't have a clue what had happened.

I played with my thing a few times by myself. It took weeks to feel okay about doing it. Then I showed my friend. That was the start of us jacking off. We liked to get our good feelings together and try to shoot at exactly the same time. We still sometimes sprinkled powder to help our dicks get real hard.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Technical Difficulties-(updated)

Apparently some of the enhancements that Blogger recently deployed, has caused an undesired effect upon OOTS4U2. What we notice is - there are only the most recent posts displayed on page 1. I assure you that all stories are in tact and available, you can choose "Older Posts" to continue browsing them by pages, or by using the "Blog Archive", for individual selections.

There is no threat or concern with our blog's standing, and we have not changed our format in any such way that should yield this result. It is surely related to recent code changes Blogger has implemented to improve user and blogger experience. Obviously there is a wrinkle in their plan. I feel that in-time as posts continue, page 1 will appear as you guys are accustomed to viewing it.

E Sincerely,
OOTS Admin

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Thanks to Regi and his Pink Washcloth Story for the reminder that some jerks were really more awesome than others.

 For the first few months after I learned to jack off, I just "did it." No idea you could have some good ones and some poor ones. Then I was playing with a friend which we had done it together. I was surprised that he said he would not do it that day. He said, he was letting the cum build up over a couple days to have a real good one.

I never thought of that. It started me on paying attention to how good was each time? How to have better ones. I started grading myself every time I jacked off, using letter grades like school. "A" was excellent, way better than the usual everyday load. My "B" grade would be a somewhat  good but not spectacular climax. Doing a "C" was just kind of so what? "D" was disappointing and "F" was real bad like when I did it too many times close together, or some other reason that it just ended up not so good.

 Jacking together with a bud was nearly always "A" graded but sometimes B if we didn't play around enough before firing a load. Before wanking, even just general guy stuff like wrestling around on the bed, or comparing abs brought up the final grade levels. Then horny stuff like looking at sexy pics together then comparing our ideas on what or who was hot pushed up early boners sure to gain extra credit later on.