Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Ejaculation Anniversary to Me!

I have been waiting for today, planning to post this. It's December 28, 2015. Just another day for everybody else. But I invite you to celebrate with me the thirtieth anniversary of my first climax and ejaculation.

For Christmas that year one of my gifts was a game in which you put plastic tubes and funnels and mill-wheels together. You build a big construct out of those things and then you drop marbles into the top and watch the marbles work their way through the maze that you made.

Three days after Christmas I was playing with the marble game in my bedroom when I realized my dick had stuck out with a boner. It was just the right size to poke into one of the tubes from the marble game. That seemed real funny to me. I entertained myself by "trying on" various pieces of the marble maze. I stuck my boner into tubes of different colors and different lengths. 

All of this seemed to make my dick feel funny. I kept doing it, putting on or taking off pieces of the game. As my game continued I guess my dick became more erect. After a few minutes I realized that it fit more tightly into the tubes, so tight that I couldn't easily pull a tube off of my erection. 

I was so amused by what I was doing, that I wiggled and shook and played with my dick in its tube, just being real silly, thinking "Wiggle, wiggle, how do you like that!"

But then I started feeling weirdly strange, sort of dizzy, like maybe I was going to throw up or something. I quit playing with my dick (which was tightly wedged in a tube). I went over and lay down on the bed because I felt so weird. 

Because of feeling kind of sick, I had no intention of playing with my dick any more. But it felt like it needed more attention, as if it liked what I had been doing to it.

I lifted the tube and wiggled it a little, just a tiny lift-and-wiggle motion.

GOD! I thought I was having a stroke! My whole body was shaking. My good judgment told me to leave my dick alone, not to touch it again. Maybe I was hurting it by letting it get so hard inside the plastic tube. 

It was impossible to keep my hand away from it. I couldn't leave it alone. It felt enormous, longer and thicker than ever, and it had warmed up the plastic tube which now felt hot in my hand. I argued with my judgment: Just one more little wiggle and I'll quit doing this.

But when I wiggled the plastic tube that encased my rigid erection, instead of making me feel better, the whole world exploded. My body shook like it had chills. I am dying, I thought! At the same time, stuff that I'd never seen before came spewing out of the tube and got all over my clothes.

That was the first time, and it was exactly thirty years ago today. It was not a particularly satisfactory climax because I was frightened so bad. But each time I dared to try it again, it got better and better.

Have a little celebration with me today. A coke, a Starbucks, a piece of cake. Or a nice wank. It's my thirtieth anniversary! 


Okay I'll celebrate, but you owe me a beer for this one. Please no head on it!!



  1. I can just picture what you must have looked like, Playing with all those tubes. and laying in bed. then finishing it off. Happy thirteen. enjoy your beer. maybe you should get some tubes out and play that game again. thanks for sharing such a wonderful time you had.

  2. I'm curious if you were good at washing those tubes after you "dampened" them, or if perhaps mom got curious just what it was that had gotten into those toys and dried, leaving some of the tubes all crusty. (Happy anniversary!!)

  3. My brother's kids have one of those marble games and sometimes they want me to help them put it together in funny ways. Now that I've read this story I'll never be able to play with it again without thinking of the guy with his dick jammed into a tube.

  4. "I am dying," you wrote. Exactly what I thought also. And I had another fear too, more than just thinking of death, I was afraid they would find me with a hard-on. My parents or the EMS would examine me and immediately see that my dick was stiff. I prayed my dick would get back to normal before my heart stopped. Crazy, huh?

    1. My thoughts the first time I ejaculated was sheer terror as to what it was and what I had done! Likewise, I was terrified I'd need to tell my parents, and have to see a doctor and tell him what I had done! I dunno if I was afraid of dying, but I definitely felt I had seriously injured myself or I had a terrible illness that would require a trip to a doctor or hospital!

    2. I don't remember whether it was on this blog or another one, but a guy once wrote that he was rehearsing in his mind how to very casually say "Hey, Dad, I was playing with my penis and broke it. Will you take me to Emergency?"