Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dude you are CRAZY!

This nice essay is another proof that masturbation is a vital necessity in a boy's life. Not a matter of flawed character, sinning or weak will power!

I was SOOO horny from about 14 to 16 that a few times I actually did it twice in a row. Not like hours later, but RIGHT AWAY!

The first time that happened, I just had my very first wank with another guy (totally random at a video arcade). I can't explain how it came to happen, but we were both in the restroom of this arcade, maybe we both stayed there wigglin' it,  longer than just doing a piss. Soon we were wanking our boners. It looked to me like we were both bout the same size, and I guess both needed a cum. It's not like there should be any rules for restroom wanking. Only, just don't really make eye-contact.

Sometimes at school restrooms it was a guys hair or how smooth his arms were, did the trick for when I was wanking alone at home. But here seeing a dude feeling what I was. Then Oh-Uh-Mmm-Gah, I launched a long white cum stream into the urinal. I guess seeing that helped this dude, he cummed right after me. Our arms touched when he shook the last drops. That was not much contact, but the warmth and softness of his skin seemed electric. I felt a little inner glow out of that wickedly chanced bodily connection.

 Within seconds of leaving the bathroom I was still sexually high and mega horny like I had never done it. I went back into a stall and jacked myself again. Not sure if it was me thinking of that other dudes cum shot, or how random it was for us both. I just needed to shoot again. Well, I got a nice climax and good shot the second time too.

 All the while telling myself, Dude you are CRAZY, you know that? You are completely DEE-mented!

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  2. oh yea the restroom waking. this sure does bring back some great times I had in the restrooms. thanks for sharing your experience's in the restrooms.