Friday, December 25, 2015

Boys that Share Christmas Toys

I enjoy this site very much. Here it is, Christmas day, and based on what has happened in my house in the past 24 hours I’m finding myself compelled to contribute a story. 

I have a cousin who is visiting this Christmas from out of town. We both have two children, a boy and a girl. My son is 13 and his son is 14, about 7 months older than my son. We both also have 11 year old daughters. My cousin and I, 25 years ago, were very active wanking buddies, almost exactly at the same age as our two boys are now. My cousin’s family spent Christmas Eve with us, and it was obvious our two boys hit it off together fabulously, excusing themselves after dinner to go up to my son’s room and hang out. (Out of curiosity, after about an hour I went upstairs to check on them. My son’s door was shut and it seemed strangely silent in the room, but there was music playing.) 

It was late this past spring when I noticed some subtle behavior changes in my son. Things like when he’d go into the bathroom to shower and it would be 10 minutes with the door shut before we’d hear the shower water start running. Or, 10 minutes after the shower water stopped running before the door would open. Subtle signs like these made me conclude he had discovered how to “do it”, and that he also was “doing it” quite often.  

The boys finally came back downstairs when it was time for them to leave, and my son excitedly asked if his cousin could stay and spend the night. Everyone seemed agreeable, and the boys excitedly ran right back upstairs. When the two boys came down for breakfast this morning, I saw that my cousin’s boy was now wearing sweats and a shirt that were my son’s. So I knew that they must have at least been stripped down to their underwear together at some point last night. Thoughts ran through my head about how horny and sexual my cousin and I had been together that that age, even trying to sneak away at family gatherings so we could have a quick wank together. 

Now I was wondering if our boys were following in our footsteps, with perhaps the older boy teaching my son a new technique or two. Obviously, I will never know. But it sure brought back memories of two young oversexed teenage boys who could hardly wait to get together and mess around with their pants pulled down, a quarter of a century ago. 



  1. Nice! A great Christmas story. I take issue with one word, though: "Oversexed." You and your cousin were not oversexed, and neither are your son and your nephew. All of you were/are absolutely normal.

    I am curious as to whether your cousin caught the same vibes that you did, and whether the two of you ever refer to what you did when you were that age.

  2. I bet they unwrapped there presents as soon as they got behind close doors again. thank you for sharing such a great story about your son and his cousin.