Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Always Wanted Him

 Before I get to me story, I want you all to know that I went to a one room school house for my first six years of schooling.

 There were 18 of us boys from first grade through the eighth grade. The bathroom was an outhouse that sat up on the hill away from the school house. I remember when I was in the fourth grade. I had already sucked just about every boy in school. Except this one boy Jerry who was in the eighth grade. I always wanted to suck his pecker. By the looks in his jeans it looked really big. Every time he would catch me looking at his pecker pouch, he would start to rub it, to making it all hard.... and then he would just smile at me. Like he was proud.

It was the end of school one day. I had to take a pee, so off I went to the outhouse.I was standing there taking a pee and in walked Jerry. He stood beside me rubbing his pecker, just teasing me like he always did in school. With out him saying anything he undid his jeans and pulled his underwear down over his hard-on. I stood there looking at how big and long he was.

I hear you like to swallow guy’s cum. Is that true?
 -Yes it is.
Well, how bout you to suck me and swallow my cum. I reckon I kind of nodded in agreement.

He hops up on top of the toilet seat. With his boner bouncing around teasing me.
I started to suck on his pecker. After a few times sucking up and down,  I felt him getting a little harder. He reached down and took hold of my head and held it on his pecker.
-I'm going to cum.

  He jerked a little and I felt his cum starting to flow in my mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as I could. I didn't want to spill any of the cum. He was still holding onto my head, as his pecker was slowly going soft….. He didn't let go of my head until he was fully soft.
He hopped down off the toilet seat, looked at me.
Then he said,
-We will be doing this more often.

Farm Boy

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