Monday, November 23, 2015

Dressed up Boys- Play Lady

This may not match the aims of your blog. If it doesn't, just dump it.

I believe this is an OOTS First. I have known a few guys who played with dressing up as kids, I think it's amusing, even entertaining. But, ummm not for me.

When I was around 8 and 9 years old I sometimes went in my mother's closet and put on one of her dresses. I liked to play "lady" and clomp around the house in high heels. For Halloween one year I decided to dress as a woman, specifically my grandmother because she was very small. I borrowed one of her dresses and hats, got my mom's high heels and a big beaded purse. Also I wore a veil over my face. I thought I was really going to have fun. But my mother informed me that my father did not like for me to play "lady," so the plan fell through(he never mentioned it to me himself).

That was the end of playing "lady" until a peculiar party in the sixth grade. It was at the end of the school year and the PTA ladies sponsored what they called a Switch party where boys dressed like women and girls dressed like men. It may have been a dance - I don't remember all the details. What I do remember is the ladies getting all us boys ready. Not only did we dress like women, but many of us wore wigs. Those that did not have a wig got their hair powdered so they looked like old gray-headed women. Plus, we went through a makeup room where we were painted with lipstick, rouge, powder, eye shadow, etc. I thought it was a hoot. The main thing I remember was looking in the mirror and discovering that I looked like my mother. I doubt if that kind of party would be condoned in a public school today.

When I was in college, some of us went to New Orleans on Spring Break. I was intrigued by the female impersonators in the clubs - they were better-looking than the real women! I envied them getting all dolled up in women's clothes.


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  1. When in high school, one of the clubs raised funds by staging a Backwards Wedding. All the females were boys in drag. All the males were girls in butch. They did it several years and raised a lot of money from selling tickets.