Monday, November 30, 2015

Jacking with Pals or Besties

While reading these stories I had an interesting thought. I don't know if it was this way with the rest of you, but I had two very separate varieties of masturbation partners.

With some of my jacking friends, there was really no emotional element. We were just a couple of boys who happened to get stiffies, so as a practical solution we jacked off together. I'm pretty sure we just masturbated primarily to relieve the pressure rather than to express our friendship.

But with the other type of friend, masturbation was an important part of any close boy/boy relationship, even an expression of "Love" if you'll let me use that word. We each made sure the other guy received maximum pleasure. We helped each other get aroused. If we were each jacking our own dick at the same time, we picked up signs of the other guy's approaching climax and tried to time things so that we would cum together. And if one of us was jacking the other one, we experienced a strange thing -- at least I did. If I was jacking a really close pal, the feeling of his stiff boner in my moving hand, got me harder and harder. Watching his face, hearing his breath, listening to his vocalizations -- it all took me beyond simple arousal and into the realm of subconsciously "bonding" with the other guy. It was important to me that my friend received pleasure. Sometimes I had an unexpected emission of sperm due to getting so horny while I brought the other guy to a climax. But usually before that could happen, the other guy would take hold of my stiff boner and make sure I had a good orgasm of my own.

One of my friends was such a close pal in the sexual sense, that we made "Dates" to get together. When we spent the night with each other we were stiff before ever getting in bed. We would tickle and rub and feel and tantalize each other so lightly that we finally arrived at absolutely unbearable erections and barely had time to exchange a few strokes until we ejaculated in grand bursts of young adolescent cum.

I can still feel myself becoming harder and harder every second while working a good friend's dick to the point of sensory explosion.

I'm glad I had both kinds of pals. The "casual" jackers were important because sometimes all you needed (or had time for) was a quick cumshot. But it was the other ones that helped me learn intimacy and mutual fulfillment.

Viva jacking buddies!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Thankful of our New Discovery

It is Thanksgiving Holidays which reminded me of a memory about my cousin that is almost my exact age (couple months difference).

Growing up we lived a long distance apart (different states) and we would only see each other at Holidays, but not always every year. I can't think what started it, but we got raunchy like boys will do. Playing with each others dong in secret and sometimes if we got to share a bed, it got really fun under the covers.

Well time rocked along and it was about two years that we didn't see each other. I had learned how to jack off and with Thanksgiving coming, I started thinking about those times, so I was really glad he got tome come visit us that year.

 As soon as we saw each other I told him,
“I got something to show you, you won't believe.”

 We sneaked in the upstairs bathroom together and both dropped our pants. I thought I would show him something he never knew about, how to jack off. Guess what, he had already found it out too and figured to show me. We wiggled down our white undies and out pops 2 boners, each with a little spray of dark hairs at the base. He told me my dick sure grew bigger (we both had boners, real hard ones) so I told him well so did yours. His felt a lot better and harder than when we were little.

We had some fun that Thanksgiving, helping shoot one out when ever there was a chance……


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Damp Spots on my Pajamas

 I was 13 and in 7th grade. Somehow, I seemed to start getting erections after going to bed, and I'd slip my erect penis out of the slit in my pajama bottoms and start squeezing the tip. This seemed to make my penis "flex" just as a reflex to my squeezing of the tip, and then my penis would relax on its own just as it had clamped up on its own. It seemed to feel pretty good when I squeezed it and released it like that, so every night I'd do that, maybe a couple dozen times. Then I'd put my erection back in my pajamas and drift off to sleep.

But I remember one night I just seemed compelled to keep squeezing it, over and over. It seemed to feel really good, especially when I'd squeeze-and-release fast and repeatedly. I then began to notice that my penis seemed to be staying "flexed" a split second longer each time, and it was feeling real nice so I kept doing it, Then, all of a sudden, after one squeeze, my penis flexed and relaxed, but then on its own it flexed again! And then it rhythmically flexed and relaxed all by itself maybe about a dozen times. It never did that before, and I also had this strange feeling that came over my whole body, and I was breathing real hard, too.

 I just laid there for a while, sort of catching my breath, and then I went to put my penis back inside my pajamas. That's when I noticed what felt like dampness or wet spots on my pajamas. I turned on the light and sure enough, I discovered damp spots on my pajamas. Oh my gosh! I guess I peed a little bit when that happened! (I had no idea that it was my cum.)

 I did this again the next night, and the same thing happened, and I thought I felt wetness again. So again I turned on my light, but this time I also noticed a strange, gooey, cloudy liquid was still oozing out of my penis. This was definitely not piss. That was when I first started to put together what some of the kids at school were saying about doing this thing they called "jacking off", and realized this was maybe what I had just done.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Dressed up Boys- Play Lady

This may not match the aims of your blog. If it doesn't, just dump it.

I believe this is an OOTS First. I have known a few guys who played with dressing up as kids, I think it's amusing, even entertaining. But, ummm not for me.

When I was around 8 and 9 years old I sometimes went in my mother's closet and put on one of her dresses. I liked to play "lady" and clomp around the house in high heels. For Halloween one year I decided to dress as a woman, specifically my grandmother because she was very small. I borrowed one of her dresses and hats, got my mom's high heels and a big beaded purse. Also I wore a veil over my face. I thought I was really going to have fun. But my mother informed me that my father did not like for me to play "lady," so the plan fell through(he never mentioned it to me himself).

That was the end of playing "lady" until a peculiar party in the sixth grade. It was at the end of the school year and the PTA ladies sponsored what they called a Switch party where boys dressed like women and girls dressed like men. It may have been a dance - I don't remember all the details. What I do remember is the ladies getting all us boys ready. Not only did we dress like women, but many of us wore wigs. Those that did not have a wig got their hair powdered so they looked like old gray-headed women. Plus, we went through a makeup room where we were painted with lipstick, rouge, powder, eye shadow, etc. I thought it was a hoot. The main thing I remember was looking in the mirror and discovering that I looked like my mother. I doubt if that kind of party would be condoned in a public school today.

When I was in college, some of us went to New Orleans on Spring Break. I was intrigued by the female impersonators in the clubs - they were better-looking than the real women! I envied them getting all dolled up in women's clothes.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Just a Single Squeeze

The accounts of first climaxes and ejaculations are wonderful because every experience is different, even if only in a small way. As I read each story I become personally involved in your experience and draw strength from knowing that all of us - TODOS! - share certain wonderful things despite language or skin color. My thanks to everyone who writes for this blog.

I've never talked with anyone who had a "first" like mine. I was in the sixth grade, late spring, not long after my twelfth birthday. My circumcised dick was still small, except that its head seemed to be larger in diameter than its shaft. But none of my junk was actually mature yet.

 I was swimming with a group of friends at a public pool. Needing to urinate, I left the pool and went into the shower building. I stood at the long urinal to piss, producing a perfectly normal tank of pee.

By the time I had finished pissing, though, my dick felt really odd. I felt of it and discovered that it had gotten bigger during urination and in fact was still growing, becoming longer and more solid as I examined it. This is my first remembrance of an erection, although I must have already been having them.

My dick became tightly erect while I stared at it and felt of it. I took my hand off of it and stood there a minute doing nothing, my head bent over to stare at my penis, wondering what had happened to my dick and whether I ought to grab my stuff and run home. The erection absolutely scared me. With no thought at all of what might happen, I put my right hand around my stiff peter and gave the organ a hard squeeze. Just a single squeeze.

Instantly my body spasmed as if all my nerves and muscles cramped at the same time. Simultaneously a stream of peculiar liquid shot explosively out of my little penis and splattered on the wall. At the second that the cum-shot blasted out, I felt like the breath had been sucked out of me and my heart had quit beating. I believed I was about to die.

"HIJOLE!" I thought, frightened out of my mind. "You somehow ruined your PENE!" (Spanish was my first language, but by this time I was totally proficient in English. And yet my mind reached back at that moment of crisis for two Spanish words from my very early years.)

Notice that I never pumped or wiggled or played with my dick. I gave it nothing but one squeeze, and my immature body immediately climaxed and ejaculated a spray of cum all over the wall above the trough.

That night I couldn't sleep. I was scared to even urinate. I woke my oldest brother who was maybe 17. By then I was crying. I told him something was wrong with my PENE. It didn't take him long to get the story out of me. He had me pull down my pants so we could look at my little wisps of hair. Soon we were hugging the old Mexican way. He congratulated me that I was becoming a man.

For the next couple of years my body was on sort of a hair trigger. Whenever I needed to masturbate (which was frequent) I put only my thumb and two or three fingers on my waiting erection. With hardly any pressure at all, I jiggled my fingers up and down a few times and reached a climax within seconds. None of my jacking friends ever matched my speed.


A Friday Funny

A Joke provided by a Reader

Grandfather: Umm, question... why is there underwear in the freezer?

Grandmother: Nelson got gum stuck in his underpants. I'm freezing them so the gum will be easier to get out.

Grandfather: Ah, well, I was going to have an ice cream bar, but I've changed my mind.

What makes this so hilarious is trying to imagine what the kid was doing that resulted in having gum stuck in his underwear!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Always Wanted Him

 Before I get to me story, I want you all to know that I went to a one room school house for my first six years of schooling.

 There were 18 of us boys from first grade through the eighth grade. The bathroom was an outhouse that sat up on the hill away from the school house. I remember when I was in the fourth grade. I had already sucked just about every boy in school. Except this one boy Jerry who was in the eighth grade. I always wanted to suck his pecker. By the looks in his jeans it looked really big. Every time he would catch me looking at his pecker pouch, he would start to rub it, to making it all hard.... and then he would just smile at me. Like he was proud.

It was the end of school one day. I had to take a pee, so off I went to the outhouse.I was standing there taking a pee and in walked Jerry. He stood beside me rubbing his pecker, just teasing me like he always did in school. With out him saying anything he undid his jeans and pulled his underwear down over his hard-on. I stood there looking at how big and long he was.

I hear you like to swallow guy’s cum. Is that true?
 -Yes it is.
Well, how bout you to suck me and swallow my cum. I reckon I kind of nodded in agreement.

He hops up on top of the toilet seat. With his boner bouncing around teasing me.
I started to suck on his pecker. After a few times sucking up and down,  I felt him getting a little harder. He reached down and took hold of my head and held it on his pecker.
-I'm going to cum.

  He jerked a little and I felt his cum starting to flow in my mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as I could. I didn't want to spill any of the cum. He was still holding onto my head, as his pecker was slowly going soft….. He didn't let go of my head until he was fully soft.
He hopped down off the toilet seat, looked at me.
Then he said,
-We will be doing this more often.

Farm Boy

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Hip Pump Reflex

If the definition of masturbation is the manipulation of one’s genitals to produce sexual pleasure, then I suppose I started masturbating when I was 10 years old and in 5th grade. I seemed to discover while lying in bed on my tummy that moving my hips would rub the head penis against the bedsheet, and that seemed to feel really nice. I don’t remember which came first, the rubbing or the erection, but I soon realized that the combination of being stiff and rubbing it would give me the best feelings. This soon became a nightly activity almost as soon as I’d get in bed. I’d pull down my pajama bottoms, and most nights just the anticipation of doing this seemed to already get my little penis hard before I even began rubbing it. I then discovered that if I slid my pillow down between my legs, and even sliding my little erection between the pillow and the pillowcase seemed to feel even better. 

The significance of all this is that at 10 years old, long before any visible signs of puberty, my body already “knew” how to have sex. The penis gets erect, slide erect penis into something, and rhythmically thrust hips back and forth repeatedly for at least a couple of minutes. Wow that felt nice!

I never did experience an orgasm that way, nor do I recall anything ever squirting or leaking out of me, but at that age I never knew any of that was part of the package. I suppose after a few minutes I’d just get tired and stop. I do remember many times waking up during the night to find I still had my pajama bottoms pulled down. I guess as a little 5th grade boy I had already started masturbating myself to sleep.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Habit That I Just Couldn't Seem to Break

Our state has annual standardized tests for students in specific grades, from 3rd grade through 11th grade. The results for all the area school districts, the percentage of the kids in each of these grades who "passed", is published in our local newspaper every year. I've noticed that there seems to be a rather consistent and significant dip in the percentage of kids passing these tests at the middle school level. This got me thinking, because many years ago my own grades dipped in 8th and 9th grade, and I knew exactly why they did, and it wasn't because the material got more difficult. So this made me wonder if the reason many of these middle school kids performance was suffering was for the same reason why my academic performance suffered.
I am certain, without a doubt, that my academic performance in middle school suffered because of puberty. And more specifically because I had discovered masturbation. I found myself no longer able to concentrate on my homework. I'd try to do my reading and studying, but my body seemed to constantly be distracted by the desire, or the need, to go masturbate. Typically, I'd finally give in and I'd get up from my desk, go lay on my bed, drop my pants and take care of myself. And then, I'd experience such a nice relaxed and relieved feeling that I'd get sleepy or now have no desire at all to go back to my studying. For the first time in my life I was frequently showing up for school unprepared because I had not finished my homework. And not because it was too hard, but because of this new distraction in my life.

This viscous cycle was very frustrating to me because I wanted to study and get good grades, but it seemed my body would no longer let me. I couldn't stay focused for very long most days before that desire to wank got so strong that my studying efficiency became horrible. A chapter for homework that I used to easily be able to read and understand, now became a chapter that I didn't or couldn't finish, and then not even remember much from the few pages that I did read. It was very frustrating for me, and I remember wishing I could still concentrate on my homework like I was so easily able to in 6th and 7th grade. But now, I was convinced the reason was because of this terrible masturbation "habit" that I just couldn't seem to break. The villain was puberty.

Friday, November 13, 2015

I Have to Keep Doing This!

My virgin shot occurred one day after school. I had a major erection and felt like I had to do something about it. I got the idea that I should rub my dick back and forth against something to make it feel better. With my clothes on, of course.

I mashed my stiffie against the dresser. I rubbed it against the post of the bunk beds. With each bump or rub I felt a strange sensation, like my dick telling me “Yes! That felt good! Do it some more!” It was a feeling that had never happened to me before. It puzzled me because having my dick get stiff was something I had to hide, and yet the way I just now felt when I bumped it against the furniture was scary and yet good, both at the same time.

Then I noticed that the closet door was open. I stood with one foot in the closet and the other in the room, bumping and rubbing my little erection on the door frame. That was the best thing I’d tried. I quickly closed and locked the door to my room.

Hurrying to stand with my stiffie against the closet door frame again, I resumed rubbing the doorjamb and getting the strange feelings. Every time I stopped, my hard little weenie wanted more. Sometimes I stood still and pressed my fly hard against the woodwork. But mostly I kept rubbing it back and forth, constantly scraping my stiffie and constantly feeling weird sensations.

I have no idea how long I rubbed the doorframe. When I would stop for a moment, I would have a feeling of “incompleteness,” meaning that I felt I was not finished with what I was doing. Therefore I would rub some more. The strange nice feelings became crazy, forcing me to continue rubbing. Then they got extreme and made me scared that something was happening to me.

As I scraped my pants back and forth, everything around me disappeared. All I could think was “I have to do this, I have to keep doing this!”

Eventually (and completely unexpected) my system produced an orgasm. With a huge explosion of sensations I climaxed for the first time in my life. I had been rubbing the doorframe with such intensity that I couldn’t keep my balance when I ejaculated. I fell backwards. At the same time, a warm, liquid-type sensation invaded my briefs and spread throughout my crotch. I thought I had pee’d in my pants, which was totally humiliating.

For months I ejaculated only inside my clothes and only by scraping my erection back and forth against objects. I lived for the feeling of my climaxes, sometimes making myself cum three times a day. I never thought of putting my naked fingers around my naked penis and jacking up and down. That would have been nasty. However, I finally realized the normal method of masturbation when a big boy in PE made a joke while holding up an open fist and moving it up and down on his middle finger.

The pumping method was easier and faster than the rubbing method, but I felt that touching my bare penis - especially doing THAT to my bare penis - was wicked. So my default method of masturbation was rubbing. I rationalized: if my penis squirted its stuff without me touching it, that was its fault and not mine. So I still used the rubbing technique most of the time so I could tell myself that I had not touched myself. Day after day I stood up against the closet door frame or some other convenient object and rubbed myself to a messy but gratifying climax.

I continued cumming inside my clothes until one day when I made an astounding discovery that is best explained in the logic of a 13-year-old: if two boys were really, Really, R-e-a-l-l-y good friends, and if they pulled their waistbands open and let each other look at what was in there, their peters might get hard at the same time and they might feel of each other and their stuff might accidentally squirt while checking each other out. For that you needed a buddy and hands-on touching, not solitary rubbing against the door frame.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Let Me Get This Over-with Before we Shower

I had an "educational" experience (you know what I mean) the summer before sixth grade. One of my cousins was around 14 or maybe 15. I was spending the weekend with him. It was his job to do the yard work so I helped. It was a very hot, sunny, humid day. We mowed, edged, trimmed, etc. Drinking Gatorade all the time and completely drenched with sweat by the time we finished.

We went into the house and he immediately started pulling off his sweaty clothes and throwing them on the floor. Shoes, shirt, shorts. And finally his jock. Naked as the day he was born, he flopped down in a beanbag on the floor. Right in front of my amazed eyeballs, was a complete view of his personal property! He was talking and scratching. After a few minutes he started wiggling his dick, saying that he was getting a hard-on.

I took my clothes off too, as if I was used to laying around in the nude in front of other guys. But it was blowing my mind to see that he had a man's dick, a man's balls, and a man's bush. Much like my dad had, only he was an adult and a lot older than my cousin! Up until that moment I never thought about boys getting hair and big balls and dicks while they were still boys. I guess I thought they got the hair and everything else when they got married.

My cousin said "Let me get this over with before we shower." By then his dick had obviously gotten real stiff. He pulled a sock over his boner and masturbated right there in the beanbag with me watching, telling me that this wouldn't take but a minute. Soon he made a happy satisfied sound. Then got up and pulled the sock off. His dick stuck straight out in front of him as he asked if I would mind for him to take first shower.

We never did anything together. What I remember most about that single incident was the fact that his junk was so grown-up although he was still a boy. It was also the very first time I saw anybody jack off, but the masturbation did not make as much of an impression on me as the fact that he was already a man in that part of his body.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Get Tool Out (GTO)

You guys bring me memories of my own early days. Something I thought of today, and wonder if anybody else did this: 

Playing stick-shift with your woody? Often when sitting on the crapper I shifted through all the gears again and again. Also making vroom-vroom noise. My brother had an old GTO with a stick on the floor and that is the pattern I shifted my flagpole through. 

Anybody discover other unique self-play back then?


Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Alpha Bits Showers

I remember having a friend who spent the night from time to time when I was right at the age of discovery. We both took showers before bedtime and we would be in the bathroom together at the same time. However, we "kept it clean" by being careful not to expose ourselves in front of each other. For instance, we kept our underwear on until closing the shower curtain, and would ask for a towel after turning the water off. I think there was a degree of repressed sexuality in just sharing the bathroom, but we were careful about minding our own business.

My sister was about two years old back then. She had a lot of bath toys that my friend and I would impatiently scoop out of the tub and dump on the floor before showering. Among those toys was a set of foam rubber alphabet letters.

I was sitting on the pot one time while my pal showered. All of a sudden he started laughing. I asked him what was going on.

He said he had something real funny to show me, but I had to promise not to get mad. I said okay. Then he told me I might think it was dirty. Two or three times he made me say I wouldn't get mad.

Then he told me to pull the shower curtain aside if I wanted to. Of course I did. He was standing under the running shower, completely naked, but with his dick poking through a brightly colored foam letter "Q." He had a stiffie going, probably from threading his dick into the hole in the middle of the letter. His boner pointed up beyond horizontal, just the head sticking out of the foam rubber letter.

It was the first time for us to have even the slightest sexual contact. While I was looking at him, he took hold of each side of the letter and slid it back and forth on his dick, saying that was a good way to wash his thing.

Then it was my turn in the shower. My friend had apparently taken "Q" with him when he got out. So I asked him to hand me a letter with a hole in it. I think it was a "B." As soon as I got my dick positioned through the letter I told him he could see how I was wearing that letter if he wanted to. So he looked at me. I was incredibly hard, but didn't realize at that age that the stiffness of my erection was directly due to the sexual excitement of a shared experience.

I already knew how to masturbate. What should have happened that night was for us to bond as a result of our funny little game, and have a mutual wank while in the bathroom or maybe right after getting into bed. Sadly I was not yet ready for that intimacy, and got up during the night to jack off on the toilet by myself. Several days later I actually masturbated by sliding one of those letters back and forth on my stiffie until I climaxed.

 The next time my friend stayed over, we  helped each other try on various letters. Soon we were both in the shower at the same time, holding letters while the other guy penetrated them. We entertained ourselves so well with the letters that both of us ejaculated in the shower together. We were jack buddies until one or the other of our fathers was transferred away.

Thunder Cloud

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In Your Dreams, Man!

This is not much of a story but maybe it will get things going again.

My partner and I went on a cruise at the end of the summer. Every place we docked was well known in ancient history. At one location the passengers had been separated into smaller tour groups. In our group were the usual bunch of American vacationers - married couples, old people, families, etc. One family had two teenage boys along, clearly brothers and around 14 and 16 years old.

We were in a museum that displayed objects from archaeological digs. In one well-lighted display case was a fertility figure, a terra-cotta creation of a man about 18" high. This clay guy was equipped with an unmistakable erection. His stiff penis stuck up nearly to his chin and he had both hands clasped around its mid-point.

Some of the tourists immediately looked away. Others stared. My partner and I looked at each other and exchanged a wink. The two teenage boys were right at the front of the tour group, staring at the immense organ. Suddenly the older boy bent over and whispered in his brother's ear.

The younger boy punched his brother in the bicep and said, loud enough for everybody in the room to hear,
 "In your dreams, man!"

The parents steered their laughing boys quickly out of that room.