Saturday, October 24, 2015

Clean-up Pal

(This might end up a possibly inappropriate to post, but I figured I’d let the moderators decide.)

Okay, what the heck - E

I started masturbating in the middle of 7th grade. It quickly became a daily after-school activity for me. I was an only-child, and not more than a couple of months after I had begun masturbating, my parents sat me down and told me that they realized I was getting older, and they told me they respected my privacy. They told me any time I was in my room with my door closed they would not come in without knocking first. (I don’t know if they had heard me masturbating, or they could just tell that I was going through puberty, and my dad probably knew what I would be doing soon.)

So my daily routine became coming home from school, going upstairs to my room, closing my door, getting on my bed and pulling my pants down, and having a good time with my new fun activity until I'd get that great new feeling and it “squirted”. Then, often I’d drift off to sleep for a nice brief nap, often still with my pants down and my juices still on my stomach.

Then, one day, I was shockingly awaken to the feeling that my dog had jumped on the bed and was licking all my stuff off of me! Shortly after that, I began to notice my dog could tell when I was masturbating, and would patiently sit on the floor and stare at me, waiting for her “special task”. It became part of my routine, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it, because she’d lick all of me down there, if you know what I mean. Balls, my dick, inside my belly button, everything. It made my daily clean-up real easy, too.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sword Fight Sleep-over

You asked about sword fights. I can remember having one with a good friend. We did some crazy stuff one night on a sleep-over,  but nothing else ever happened with that boy.

 I was probably 8 or 9. A bud and me did it in my bedroom while getting ready for bed. We kept our underwear on, but pulled our dicks out. I do remember the other guy's dick sticking straight out without him holding it. He kept his hands behind his back and thrusted with his hips trying to touch mine with his. I had to hold mine with my fingers and it flopped around. His didn't flop.

When we went to bed nothing else ever happened.

I have no idea what made us think of pulling our dicks out in front of each other. Just Boys being boys......


Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Personal Voyeur

On my father's second assignment to Mexico I returned to the school for English-speaking kids that I'd previously attended. I was in ninth grade by then. I became aware of a younger boy that I kept running into in a school restroom. His necktie was red which meant he was a seventh grader, a dark-skinned, black-haired small guy from India. In a way he reminded me of the Jungle Boy Mowgli, only in School Uniform and not in a Loin Cloth. Also it turns out this boy was very shy. It sounds corny to say he had got a crush on me, but I don't know how else to describe it........ Here is what happened.

The first time I noticed that something was going on, I was in the restroom near the cafeteria, pissing in a urinal. The little dude (immature looking in every way) stood three urinals apart from me, not moving a muscle. The odd thing was, I felt like he was there to check out my dick instead of to piss. Although he was standing at a urinal, he never unzipped his pants, just stood absolutely still.

I always pissed once during the school day, right after lunch. The little Indian dude began showing up almost every day while I stood at the urinal. It was like he kept an eye on me during lunch and followed me when I went to the restroom. He had several methods of watching me. Like the first time, he might stand at a distant urinal pretending that he wasn't looking. Or he would go to one of the lavatories which were in line with the urinals, and wash his hands. Sometimes he got a handful of toilet paper and stood in my peripheral vision to blow his nose.

Whenever somebody else came into the restroom the kid would quickly leave. But if I waited for a few minutes, he'd be right back.

At first I was freaked by the boy. But as time went on I felt sort of complimented that he had chosen me to peek at. I would get boners when he was watching - but kept them hidden. Sometimes while masturbating at night in the shower I would fantasize that he was right there with me. I began to watch for him. If he didn't show up on any given day, I was disappointed.

After pissing one day, I felt myself getting a really stiff boner from knowing he wanted to see me. I decided to impress him with a glimpse of my erection and see what would happen. I wiggled it around a little, stepping slightly back from the urinal and showing it off. It cooperated by sticking up real good for him. That got his attention, all right. He kind of gasped and reached down to squeeze his crotch (his zipper remained closed).

After that I always got an erection for him and he always looked, although he tried to pretend that he wasn't staring. He did little busy things while I displayed my boner - combed his hair, tied his shoes, picked up paper towels that had missed the trash can. And of course he sometimes stood at a urinal. Not once did he unzip his pants, just stood squeezing himself.

Finally my boners got the best of me and I "accidentally" began to jack off one day while he was observing me. He stood rooted to the spot while I masturbated. I was nearly at my climax when he tiptoed away from his urinal and locked himself into a stall. He was still standing in the stall when I left, presumably treating himself to a wank of his own.

Almost every day after that we did the same thing. I would piss, get hard while I urinated, display my erection for him, and then give myself a pump job. He watched intently as I masturbated, no longer pretending to do something else. His eyes were firmly fixed on what I was doing. Then he hurried to a stall before I was through. He never opened his fly in my presence, although he constantly squeezed and rearranged his dick.

Occasionally (if there was no traffic in and out of the restroom) I hung around until he was finished in his stall. If I was still in the room when he left, he headed quickly for the door without looking at me. Then I would examine the stall he had stood in. The evidence was clear because he didn't flush after masturbating. He always raised the seat and shot his cum right into the toilet, usually making a bulll's-eye in the water but sometimes leaving a bit of decoration on the porcelain rim. If I had enough time, I stood watching his threads and drops of cum gradually sink through the water.

I had previously done most of my jacking in the shower at home, but while this strange relationship lasted, all my sexual energy was concentrated on our brief lunchtime sessions. I reached a point where I was masturbating as much for him as for myself. Once when he turned to head for a stall as I was just about to reach a climax, I surprised myself by whispering "Wait, it's coming!" He came back and stood at the urinal immediately next to me, the only time he ever got that close, eyes glued to my stiff dick and my stroking hand. He frantically squeezed the front of his pants with both hands. He was so close that I could feel him breathing as he watched me finish jacking. At the moment I ejaculated he let out a soft, high-pitched noise, and literally ran to a stall while unzipping his pants on the way. Undoubtedly he began whamming back and forth on himself as soon as he was safe from my eyes.

After that he watched me each time with a single urinal between us, constantly rubbing and squeezing himself while I stroked my boner for him. My climax and squirt then sent him hurrying into a stall.

We were never "friends." If we saw each other in the halls, he would turn and go another direction to avoid me. In one way it seemed all one-sided because he wanted to see me but didn't want me to see him. Despite that, having him watch me jack off made me crazy horny and improved my climaxes. We had something going and I enjoyed a lot of excellent ejaculations due to his interest in what I was doing.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Secret Indulgence

 I first saw porn when I was 14. A guy at school showed a magazine to me. I immediately realized that I wasn't interested in the women, but seeing the dicks all exposed and erect gave me a boner. I wanted to leaf through it and look at every dick, but the guy wouldn't let go of it, cramming it into his backpack.

We had relatives in another city and often went to visit them. Driving into their town a few weeks after I'd seen the porno magazine, we passed a run-down shopping center. One of the shops had a big X on its sign and the words "Books - Magazines - Videos - Toys." It didn't take me but a second to realize that I needed to visit that place.

I usually enjoyed these trips, but this time I was anxious to get shut of everybody else and do what I'd determined I was going to do. Finally I told some of the kids that I was going for a walk. They wanted to come along but I got loose. It was a hell of a walk, probably three miles each way. As soon as I stepped into the store I could feel the clerk staring at me. I tried to pretend that I knew what I was doing. There were racks and racks of magazines, VHS tapes and strange gadgets. I leafed through a few of the periodicals. My heart pounded at what I was doing, just being in that kind of store, much less looking for dicks in the magazines. The clerk came over and asked "Are you looking for something in particular?"

I told him no, grabbed a magazine at random, and went to the counter. He put his hand on the book and gave me a stern look, saying "I should ask for your ID, you know."

It had never dawned on me that there must be age restrictions on this stuff. I went cold all over.
"I can pay for it."
"I'm sure you can. That's not the problem. I'll tell you what. Let me put that magazine in a bag and just lay it here. Now, I'm going into the back room for a minute. When I come out, I expect you to be gone. Understand?"
"And don't come back into my store until you're 18."

I forget what the price of the magazine was, but I left $5.00 on the counter. Walking back, I buttoned the flat bag into my shirt to smuggle it in the house. Then I borrowed my mother's keys and hid my treasure under the floormat in the trunk of the car.

When we were home I managed to get the magazine into the bathroom and have an incredible masturbation while staring at all the aroused dicks. But I couldn't think of a safe place to keep it at home. I ended up taking it to school and hid it in one of the boys' restrooms by standing on the toilet seat and lifting a ceiling panel. From time to time I would visit the restroom and study my prize for a few minutes before putting it back, becoming profoundly erect and needy.

The magazine never failed to get me hard. But I didn't jack off right then because there was too much chance of getting caught while doing it in a school bathroom. So I just let the magazine get me extremely horny toward the end of the school day. Then I put it back. Afterwards I sat in class or went to my locker or walked through the halls in a serious condition of sexual arousal and urgent anticipation. As soon as school was out I rode the bus home and went straight to the bathroom where I wrapped my hand around my hot, stiff boner. Those wank session were always excellent even though two or three hours had passed since looking at the erections in my magazines.

One day my treasure was gone. Custodian, maintenance guy, plumber - who knows? Somebody found an unexpected surprise.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Me Taunting Straight Boys with Porn

I was a resourceful boy and knew my way around a computer so I was downloading pictures of naked guys as early as age 11. I didn't dare leave the photos on the family computer so I would quickly print a few out on our black and white laser printer to keep in the space behind my bookshelf. I knew about straight porn but I never bothered with it because the guys were rarely attractive and even if they were, the focus was never on their face.

I got my real introduction to straight porn when I was 13 and in the company of four friends. One of them, Austin, revealed that he had bought a game from an older boy. It was a sex simulation game and all of us were invited to his house after school to test it out. These kids weren't my closest friends. I was only good friends with one of them, Carlos. I don't think Austin would have invited me except that I was sitting with them that lunch and it would have been too awkward to ask me to leave.

In any case that afternoon the five of us took the bus to his house. The computer was in the living room, but his mother wasn't due to return for an hour at least. Austin produced a CD with a big X written on it. The other boys jockeyed for position around the computer. I was excited too, but only because I was feeding off of the other boys' horniness.

Once the game was loaded Austin started showing off all the different options. It seemed pretty lame to me, even if I had been straight. It showed a woman who you could insert various objects in to her mouth and vagina as well as rub them on her breasts. She was very realistically drawn but the flip side being, that the range of movement was very limited. Still it was the only interactive porn any of us had seen so we took turns telling Austin what objects to use. There was a cucumber, a vibrator and a disembodied cock among other things.

When I wasn't feigning interest in the screen I was focused entirely on sneaking glimpses of my friends' bulges. We didn't shower for gym so I'd not seen any of these boys entirely naked. Austin clutched his crotch over and over but showed next to nothing. Carlos also didn't show anything obvious though he seemed more nervous than excited. The other two boys were very eager and their jeans showed the evidence clearly. One of them casually, maybe even unconsciously ran his hand over the bulge down the leg of his pants. I did my best not to stare but watching their excitement gave me a boner as well. Normally I would have done my best to cover it up with the perfect excuse showing right there on the screen I didn't bother.

After about half an hour, given the game's limitations, we all got a bit tired of it. Also, I suspect, everyone wanted to get home to jerk off. These boys were all, as far as I could tell, 100% straight and weren't going to masturbate in each other's company.  Carlos and another boy, Antonio and I took a streetcar home. Carlos teased us about having seen our boners and Antonio teased him for not having gotten one. He claimed that porn “creeped him out”. I was just relieved to know I wasn't the only one who had been looking.

The next year we were in high school. Austin moved away and I never saw him again. I more or less stopped hanging out with the other boys as I found less and less in common with them Carlos and Antonio are both married. With other boys that game would have just been the start to a fun night of playing with each other, but I still have fond memories of my one awkward afternoon with some totally straight boys and their porn.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wash it Some More

I agree, even well before puberty we discover that this curious thing that we pee with, is quite an interesting piece of our body.

Similar to these other dudes first accounts.  My first time started out innocently washing it in the bathtub, and then it got stiff. Using some soap helped and things felt really nice. I finished my bath, dried myself off, and it curiously stayed stiff the whole time. That's when I decided to go over to the sink, taking a pause to appreciate the size, how it protruded straight outward but slightly up, also. I went back to my friendly bar of soap, making loads of lather on my hands, then dutifully focused on what it needed, which was to "wash" it some more. (And that's how it happened to me, my very first time.)


Late Bloomer's Surprise

Author’s Note -

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! Seriously, do you need stories to get things moving again? Here is how I had my first orgasm. I was 14, and at the time was early in my freshman year of high school.

Sorry it’s kind of gross for a while, but this is how things went. While in the bathroom at home, I sat dropping turds into the crapper my dick did a complete change right in front of my eyes. It was hanging down between my legs, normal and soft. It started getting longer. It poked further down into the pot, then lifted up, rising more and more very gradually until it was above the seat and sticking straight out. I kept looking at it, it was so weird. And it kept getting bigger and bigger until it was completely hard and sticking way up real solid. I was almost like hypnotized from watching it.

I finished dumping my load and went to the sink to wash my hands. Without thinking about it I bumped my hard dick against the sink. I was used to having boners in school but this one was harder and felt very unusual.

I dropped my pants and went back to sit on the pot again and see about my dick. I wiggled it around, really freaked at how hard it was. What made me start pumping it with my hand? I don't know. Right away I started getting the crazy feelings. I told myself, "This is not good, man. You got to stop doing it." But went right on pumping and got to the main sensation before you cum and thinking "Holy shit, what is happening!" About that time I got my first climax ever and the shots of cum went flying out of my dick and I'm like “OH MY GOD I BROKE MY DICK!”

 I went sneaking out of the bathroom and into the room me and my brother had together. Laid on the bed and he wanted to know what was wrong. I just said I didn't feel good. But the truth was, I was about to cry, I was so afraid. Well a few days later I had a bad boner and couldn't think of anything else to do for it except try pumping it again, and the rest is history.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Soldier in the Tent

I had a lot of little plastic soldiers as a kid. My friends would come over and we played war games with the soldiers. With this one guy named Glen, one night it took a sexual turn not long after I discovered how to
pump one out. Glen was the only guy that I remember playing with in nothing but our underwear. We would peel out of our clothes before bedtime and have one more game with the army men, wearing nothing but our whitie-tighties.

 The giggly-dirty stuff started like this. One night we were laying on our sides on the floor, kind of propped up on our elbows, playing with the soldiers. He picked up a soldier who was in a kneeling position holding a rifle. Glen rolled onto his back and poked the guy into the fly of his underwear. The plastic soldier made his fly stay partway open as the soldier knelt there. Glen said
"This dude is firing from his tent."

From there it kind of grew. We moved soldiers in and out of our underwear and did crazy things like driving jeeps and trucks into each other's flies, but not quite touching anything we shouldn't.

I don't think we intentionally planned on arousing our dicks, but of course that's what happened because we were at the age where we easily got horny. As we moved the little soldiers in and out of our "tents" our dicks
sprouted definite boners that raised obvious bumps in our undies.

The barriers came down after we turned out the lights and got in bed. I was solidly erect and messing with my boner. All I could think of was that I desperately needed to pump myself and make a shot so my dick
would get soft. That "need" got all tied up with questions and speculations about Glen. Should I go to the bathroom to keep him from knowing? Or just do it under the covers and let him think whatever he wanted to? Should I warn him I was going to do something private? And how would he react? Would
it offend him?

I lay on my back with a dick so hard I couldn't stand it, feeling and wiggling my hard-on. Finally I reached over and pulled a couple of tissues out of the box and took them under the covers. As gently as possible I raised up the covers to give my hand room enough for pumping. I began dealing with my boner. Two fingers and the thumb. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Very gently, very slowly so Glen won't know. I'm jacking! I'm jacking! right next to Glen! I'm going to get the good feelings and have a wonderful cumshot.

Maybe thirty seconds of masturbating elapsed when Glen whispered: "What are you doing?" I stopped dead still, not moving a finger.

Damn. I tried to make it sound funny: "My soldier is standing at attention, I'm giving him a rub-down."


I forced myself to keep my fingers from moving. But strangely I could feel motion right next to me. What was Glen up to? The bed was vibrating, Glen seemed to shake constantly as we lay close. Was he doing what I liked to do? The thought led my mind down a whole new track of speculation.

"Is your soldier at attention too?"

A moment's pause. Then an answer: "Uh, yeah, I was just kinda rubbing him."

"Your soldier's really at attention?"


I started jacking again, full of amazing new thoughts and unable to keep my fingers from stroking my erection.

"Do you need some Kleenex?" I asked him.

"Yeah, that would be good."

"Take these. I'll get some more."

My hand was still under the covers as I extended the tissues toward Glen.
"Here they are," I said. I felt a hand feeling around for the tissues.
However, his hand passed my hand, spanned the distance between our bodies, and lightly brushed my unbendable erection.

"Oops! I'm sorry!" Glen said.

"No problem," I answered.

"Your soldier really is at attention."

"Yeah. I was rubbing him to make him feel better."

"I'm rubbing mine too."

"What if..." I didn't finish the sentence. A few seconds of mutual jacking went by.

"Yeah," Glen said, answering the question that I never completed. He
paused a moment and then added:

"Only if you want to."

Our hands found each other's erect little pissers and explored everything within reach. We pulled our skivvies down to allow easier access, then exchanged strokes, felt of each other's balls, tickled and squeezed our erections, really upping the overall horniness of the encounter.

"I'm gonna shoot some stuff," Glen warned me in a whisper.

"Me too! I'm cumming!"

"Right away?"

"Now, now!"

We came side by side, each shooting into his own wad of kleenex.

"Is your soldier better?" Glen asked, kind of laughing.

"Yeah. Yours too?"


"I didn't know you liked to do this."

"You okay with it?"

"If you are. No prob here."

Thanks to the little army men, we became best jacking buds and had many wonderful sessions together.

Thunder Cloud

Sorry, You Can not Touch it

I am not very good at writing about my experiences. I never finished school, I had to stay home and operate the family farm. We had two houses on the farm. I stayed in one of the houses by myself. I liked the privacy and it was not too far from the barns and fields. Which meant not as much walking back and forth for me.

 Toby and I were really close friends. When he had to pee he would always let me know so I could watch him pee. He would always get a boner on. Then he would just play with his peter for a little while after he was all done peeing. I would try to reach over and touch his boner. But he always said,
"No you can not touch it." and he would put his peter back into his jeans.

One time, I asked Toby if he would like to come up and spend the weekend with me. It was really nothing new for him to get off the bus here at the farm and help me out on the farm after school. He replied that he could get probably permission and stay the whole weekend. Which he did.

We were in the barn and he had to pee. He asked me if I would like to watch him pee. Before I could say anything he already had his peter out and was starting to wizz. When he was all done peeing he played with his peter like he always did.
"You like watching me pee and playing with my peter?"
"Yes! I do I'd like to touch it if you will let me."
"Sorry you can not touch it." He put his peter back into his jeans.

It was hot that night. We both went to bed wearing only our white briefs. We were laying on our backs talking. He reached down and started to rub his peter through his underwear. He looked at me and smiled, like he knew a big ass secret.. I asked what he was smiling so big about. He wouldn't tell me. So I climbed on top of him and had him pinned to the bed. I mashed his head into the pillow and asked in a demanding way what his secret was. He tried to fight but we were both kind of laughing. He tried to wiggle loose, but since I was stronger. I was sprawled across his tummy and he had no more fight. I reckon he decided it was no use to try to pretend. Just for good measure, I even used a stern voice like one of the meaner teachers at school, telling him to say it. He finally said okay. 

"I was talking to some of the other boys today. They told me you like to put there peters into your mouth. Is that true?"

By now I could feel his peter getting stiff below me.

He had me, I snickered and said,
"Yes it is true I like to put them peters into my mouth.
"Why do you ask?
 He continued, " I dunno,  I was just wondering.", "Hey so, they even told me that you like to eat their cum. Is that true also?"
" Yep that's true also."
"Would you like to do that to me?" he asked me.

By this time I could feel he was boned up pretty good as it was poking at my bum through my undies. I kinda waited a minute thinking how crazy hard he was and damn, it made me super hard too. So the obvious answer, 
" I sure would if you want me to."
It didn't take him long to get out of his underwear. I took off my underwear. we both were just laying there with our peters sticking straight up in the air.
I reached over and took a hold of his boner for the very first time.
"Are you sure you want me to take your peter into my mouth?
"Oh Yes I am sure.",  "Can I cum in your mouth also?"
" Yes you can."
I got myself between his legs and started to suck on his peter. His peter was getting a little harder as I sucked on it. I felt his legs starting to tremble and he was breathing harder. His peter got real hard. just then He started to fill my mouth full of his sweet warm cum. Like a task, I swallowed every last drop of his  cum. I pulled off his peter and laid beside him, He reached over and grab my hard peter. He started to play with it. He worked my peter until I shot my cum all over us. He looked at me and just smiled.

Farm Boy

Are You Spencer?

Somebody did tell my name and I never found out who. At our school, the middle school and high school were in separate wings of the same building. I was in eighth grade then and had learned that I could increase my pleasure (as well as the pleasure of my friends) by giving blow jobs to certain very special close buds. Not all my pals, just a select few. I kept it a secret and believed that the recipients of my efforts also maintained secrecy.

One day at lunch a high school guy pulled out a chair and sat down next to me.

"Are you 'Spencer' he asked?" This was not a good omen. I told him yeah, that was me.

"Meet me at the bike rack behind the cafeteria right after school, okay?"

"What's up?" I asked.

"You'll find out. Nothing bad. But you be there, you hear?"

The guy couldn't have been more than a year or two older than me, but to an eighth grader this was a frightening invitation from the bigger and tougher element of the school.

After school the guy was hanging around the bike rack waiting for me. He was kind of nervous, constantly looking around.

"Relax," he said. Nobody's going to hurt you. But I want to check something out."


"I hear you do something nice for your friends."

The distinct feeling of "Oh, shit" flowed over my entire body. Somebody had ratted on me.

"Say what?"

"How about a sample for me?" He grabbed my hand and put it on his zipper.

I pretended that I didn't have a clue what he meant. But within a few minutes we were walking toward his house, me thinking that the whole school would soon know and that I would be better off dead.

However, it ended up okay. He began the action by rubbing my crotch and asking to see my junk. As soon as I exposed myself he complimented me on my boner and worked his hand back and forth nice and gentle, telling me he'd like to be my friend and wanted to help me make my dick feel good. Before long he slid his pants down and said "There it is, if you want to mess with it."

When I first felt of him he was only partially hard, sort of a squashy semi-erect stage. But he rapidly got completely stiff while I played with him. "You're nice," he told me. "Don't be scared. You want to do me now?"

So I blew him. He was actually very gentle about it, rubbing my hair and sometimes moving my head back and forth in a slow rhythm and saying "Oh" a lot. He was quite a mouthful compared to my other buds, but he never forced more of himself on me than I could handle.

When it was over he thanked me and said I better hurry home.

I never found out who put the finger on me, but the high school dude and I developed a fairly pleasant friendship after that first time. He used a thoughtful, sensitive touch when manipulating me and made sure that I always climaxed even if he had to keep working on me after I blew him all the way to his cumshot. He would often tell me that he had avoided jacking off for several days so that he could enjoy my talented mouth even more. I gradually outgrew my own buds and concentrated almost exclusively on the appreciative bigger guy

"I know what you do with Bobby"

A bud cruised me while we were playing at my house. I could tell he was dropping sexual hints but I was very hesitant because I didn't know him well yet and was afraid of being labeled a queer. After a little while he asked if it would be okay if we closed the door, saying that he needed to straighten out his underwear. He had a stiffie going which was making a very noticeable bulge in his briefs. He kept putting his hand in his underwear and adjusting everything, then taking his hand out and squeezing his bulge. After I ignored him for a few minutes he said, "What's the matter? I know what you do with Bobby."

The two of us went on to have a good time together and to become regular buddies. But I never did anything with Bobby again.


Pairing up, outs Trevor

It's been very interesting following all the posts and comments loosely grouped around the topic of "Pick-up Lines" over the last week or so.

There is one aspect of this that no one has mentioned. One of the most frequent things I remember saying and/or hearing was, "Do you do this with anybody else?" Or a variation on the same theme, "Do you know anybody else that likes to do this?"

Sometimes the answer to that question resulted in a threesome. But some guys kept the information a secret. They might admit that they had other partners without giving up the names.

I remember being in the middle of a very intense and intimate session during an overnighter. To me, knowing the names of other guys that my buddy had shared his boner with would enhance my arousal. But he gave me the name of a boy that I will call Trevor. Trevor and I did not like each other. I won't call us enemies, but there had always been serious friction between us. Instead of giving me an extra boost, Trevor's name cooled everything off.

That was a case of learning something I didn't want to know, discovering that a kid I disliked did some of the same things I did.

But there were two or three others that I carefully (and successfully) approached after learning their names from jacking buds. I was smart enough not to get them off in a corner and say, "Dude, Kevin told me you like to jack off together." It required some careful planning to see what would happen.

But about the Trevor thing, from then on, every time I looked at him I thought "I know what you do but you don't know what I do!"

The Back-and Forth Touching Began

When I was a kid, it seemed like saying

 "Hey, you wanna sleep over at my house tonight?" was a code phrase for,

"Wanna spend the night so we can play with our cocks together in the dark?"

 By that pre-teen age, it seemed nobody ever wore pajamas anymore. For a sleepover we all went to bed wearing a t-shirt and stripping down to our underpants. In most of my experiences, most touching happened under the covers and with the lights off. Just deciding to slip out of our underpants for me seemed extremely erotic and would make me rock hard. Then, the back-and forth touching began. By 7th grade the desire for this to lead to masturbating together became the usual path.

Can I see?

In one of these posts a writer said it seemed odd that a certain boy was willing to enjoy mutual masturbation but was not willing to be touched. I'm not sure that's really odd. I remember that my friends were different in what they liked. They had different interests and different limits, so to speak.

This was particularly true when any of the boys who were already my "buddies" would share my bed during a sleepover. Most of the activity took place underneath the covers, "safe" from each other's eyes. One of those friends liked us to lay on our sides, snuggle up close to each other and enjoy a naked hug with our dicks and hands all mashed together and rubbing each other's boners. When he was ready to pump himself he rolled onto his back and the two of us masturbated simultaneously but with no more touching.

Another friend preferred for us to get right to the main event and masturbate each other without any foreplay. There was one guy who was so horny (maybe he didn't do it often enough) that he almost always ejaculated while I was still just feeling him up. Then he was finished for the night and I had to do my own job alone.

I could go on, but the one friend I remember best liked us to lay side-by-side after a lot of feeling and playing around, then slowly jack and tickle each other while trying to coordinate twin ejaculations at the same moment. That was cool. He was a friend that I really felt like I clicked with.

Oh, yeah - one more He was a guy who wanted us to pull down our underwear as soon as we got into bed. He would start messing with himself right away. After a few minutes he would ask me "Have you got a boner?" I would say yes and he would say "Can I see?" He would give me some quick touches and then start a very rapid pump job on my dick. After I came he was ready for me to do him. He always did me first, so I had to jack him right after my own shot.

Everybody's different.


Is Your Thing Behaving Today?

I definitely remember how a friend of mine got things started in the spring of eighth grade. We would sometimes stop at a park restroom to pee while walking home from school. I remember peeking at his dick while we stood at the trough-urinal, but I was very careful about it. Then one day his dick was sticking out after pissing. He gave it several little slaps with his hand and told it, "You behave!"

I've had many decades to analyze his method. He obliquely called attention to his erection but gave the clear impression that having a boner was an inconvenience.

Nothing happened that day. The next time we pee'd I watched carefully and noticed that he was hard again. I wanted him to call attention to his erection again, but he was remaining quiet. So I said, "Is your thing behaving today?" He began moving his boner around and said "No, it's not." After we stood there a while he asked, "Do you ever have this problem?" From there we proceeded to masturbate, each of us doing only ourselves. Within days we were doing each other. Jacking off became the main reason for stopping at the park restroom.


You Want to See Something?

Well, this is taking a curious direction. Speaking about fear that the other guy would call you "queer" or "sick," I can immediately name five boys that I had ongoing wank experiences with during my 13-14-15 years. Four of those are definitely straight. The other one is probably bi.

The kid that I now think is bi, was the "initiator" in our relationship, saying to me in a restroom, "You want to see something?" and opening his stall door to show me his boner. We jacked together several times over the course of about a year. Each of us always did his own jerking. One day I reached toward him for a feel and that was the end of everything. He told his mother that I tried to touch him. She confronted me and said she wasn't going to tell my parents, but that I'd better not try anything with her son again. And he was the one that started it!

There was never a negative word or reaction from the boys who turned out straight. In their early or mid-teens they enjoyed mutual touching and feeling in addition to jacking. Also very chummy sleepovers. Not a one of them ever squealed on me or hinted that I was different. I happened to run into two of them at a reunion several years back and had very positive conversations.

The most typical "pick up" lines I remember always happened in restrooms: (1) "Guard the door for me, would you?" and (2) "Give me a minute, I've got to take care of something else while we're here."


Bums and Willys

I can't remember if I've already told this before but when I were little, maybe 6 to 10 years I had a friend who lived a few doors away who was a year older. We used to play a game which we called 'bum bums and willys'. I can't remember how this came about but basically the jist of the game was we both take it in turns to examine each others bums and willys.

This was pre-sexual and was purely just kids exploring each others bodies.

Skip forward a few years I am with another boy I'd known from when we were little, I must have been 11 or 12 I guess, prepubescent still. I foolishly told him about the game I used to play with the other boy and he started saying I was 'queer' and laughing. Thankfully he never told anyone else but needless to say that was the last I ever mentioned of that game to anyone until now.


"Pick-Up Lines"

I've been thinking about the comments concerning Chad's way of starting things with the author of the story. The odd thing is, is that I clearly remember several boyish hook-ups, but I don't remember what method either one of us used to break the ice. I can picture the intimate experiences but not what led up to them. Does that make sense? Here are a few of those early memories.

#1, I remember at the age of about 7, letting another boy feel my penis in a church restroom. The restroom was on the second floor of an old house that was used for church offices and Sunday school. I remember the room, the placement of the fixtures, the smell of disinfectant, and an open window. But I don't have a clue what led up the intimacy.

#2, I remember at about 9 pissing behind a bush in the alley with my friend that lived two houses away. After we pissed we pulled down our pants and spent quite a while looking and touching. I remember being more interested in his balls than his dick. One of us must have said or done something that led to an agreement to piss in the alley and then to bare everything. But I have no memory of that.

#3, Same boy as #2, still about 9, I remember us dropping our pants and playing with each other's junk in his garage. But what led up to that? One of us must have asked leading questions or outright suggested doing it, but I don't have a clue.

#4, about 11 now, I went home after church with another family. I knew their son but he was not a particular friend. He was a year or two older than me. We were supposed to take a nap after lunch. While we were laying in his bed, he took off all his clothes and did sort of a gymnastic trick. He lay with his rear end on the pillow, his head on the bed and his legs stretched up against the wall. His dick was hard, probably the first erection I ever saw. I remember taking hold of it and being surprised at the way it felt. Then we traded places and I let him feel me. How did we get to the point that he was comfortable stripping and showing me his boner? Did he invite me to feel it, or did I just do it on my own? Did he ask me to reciprocate and show my dick, or did I just automatically do it to follow his lead? I absolutely don't know.

#5, seventh grade, probably 12. I was standing in a school restroom, watching a boy (acquaintance but not a friend) who was sitting in a stall (no doors on the stalls). He was moving his up and down on his hard dick and letting me watch. I watched for several minutes but left before he ejaculated (if he did ejaculate). I had not been exposed to masturbation until this moment, so this is a very major memory. Did he invite me to watch? Did he beckon me closer? Did I just edge toward his stall without an invitation? Did he use a cute "line" on me? No idea at all. Just the memory of him showing me what he was doing.

#6, the first time I jacked off with another boy. We were in his room watching TV. All of a sudden we had our stiffies out. Then we were jacking. Did one of us suggest it? Did we make hints to see what might happen? Was there any advance conversation at all? Absolutely no recall.

My Friend the Freak

You asked about back-to-school surprises. I guess the most dramatic surprise for me was a certain guy in sixth grade gym class. We figured he was a freak.

That gym class was my first brush with wholesale nudity. It turned me into a peter-peeker. My routine when changing was to open my locker door and then face into the locker to better hide myself while naked. But as soon as I got my own vitals covered, I'd back away from the locker and casually turn toward the room while I put on the rest of my clothes. That was so I could secretly survey the confusion of a hundred boys changing clothes ~ and get glimpses of all the little pricks and balls.

I had seen a few of my friends' dicks before, during outdoor pee sessions. Now I had this wonderful, unexpected opportunity to observe mass peer nakedness without anybody suspecting me. Most of us at that age were very similar regardless of race. Every boy in the class was circumcised. Some had bashful dicks that seemed to retreat into the kid's body to keep from being seen. Others hung forward two or three inches, but none of them were particularly different from the rest. Black, brown, white ~ we were all pretty much alike.

All except Monty, that is.

Monty was no taller or broader than the rest of us, except in one repect ~ his penis. I sighted him the first day of gym and did a double-take. His dick was massive in a room full of eleven-year-olds ~ huge compared to everybody else. It was thick and long, bigger in all dimensions. It was also darker than the rest of his body. Its outer sheath covered most of its head, leaving a circular opening exposed around his pee slit. It hung forward across his balls and flopped around when he walked. Not only was it substantially bigger than anybody else's, but Monty apparently didn't give a damn whether people saw it. He walked to the showers and back without covering up, allowing his big pecker to swing back and forth.

And ~ incredible to us ~ Monty had hair above his dick. Hair was for grown men, not boys our age. Monty was not normal.

We were all whispering about Monty after the first day of gym. None of us had a clue about circumcision versus non-circumcision. We believed our dicks were normal. Monty's was definitely not normal, neither in appearance nor size. The general opinion was that his huge penis made him a freak, so we avoided him or made cutting jokes about him. We wondered whether his large penis was a physical handicap, perhaps a birth defect. Some thought the size of his dick meant that he was going to have a lot of children. One boy joked that the doctor had pulled Monty out of the womb by his penis. Another theory was that his dick had grown so big because he was already having sex with girls. Or maybe he played with himself too much, one guy speculated, making me wonder how you would "play" with a penis.

Several of us who lived in the same neighborhood walked together before and after school. A couple of buddies and me liked to split off from the others and go into a grove of trees most afternoons so we could piss into the creek. That was the extent of sex and intimacy for us, pissing together while standing side-by-side with our dicks exposed for each other to see. Occasionally we wiggled each other's peters to shake the last drops of pee off.

Monty's big dick was a frequent topic of conversation while we pissed. One of the guys asked the rest of us, "How'd you like to have to hold THAT in your hand while you piss?" We snickered, glad we were not freaks.

Monty walked the same direction we did after school, but we kept to ourselves and made sure he knew he was not welcome among us normal boys. However, one of my pals came up with the idea of asking Monty to join us when we went down to the creek one afternoon. We thought that would be an excellent joke. We would all unzip our pants and get out our normal dicks. We would quickly piss like normal boys did. If Monty wanted to piss with us, he would have to deal with his oversize penis and probably embarrass himself.

So we asked him if he wanted to come with us. He followed along. It was the first time we had actually said anything to the poor guy.

When we got to the creek my friend told Monty we were going to piss ~ and he could do it too if he wanted to. I expected Monty to hang back. We would probably be through pissing before he would have time to get his abnormal penis out of his fly.

However, Monty surprised us. He pulled his big prick out with no difficulty and urinated alongside us, producing a brief but forceful stream that splattered heavily into the creek. His flow ended while the rest of us were still emptying ourselves. He stood watching us finish pissing, looking at our dicks. As he watched, he moved his exposed penis back and forth with one hand. To our amazement, it became even longer than before. When he removed his hand, his peter seemed to defy gravity ~ now sticking straight out from his fly instead of hanging down. He gave it a few little wiggles and crammed it back into his pants.

We had started something we didn't know how to control. Monty now joined us at the creek every day. We were no longer just three friends pissing. It was now three friends plus a freak with an abnormal dick.

Monty apparently enjoyed getting his dick out in our presence and aiming it into the creek. He always finished pissing before we did. Then he stood watching us while adjusting and lifting his bare penis. We stared at him ~ he stared at us ~ his penis got larger while we all looked at each other.

We continued to see Monty in gym classes where his dick hung down like always. But when I peeked at him in the locker room I couldn't help but think of how his freaky organ grew and levitated and stuck straight out every afternoon at the creek.

One day Monty kept wiggling his dick longer than he usually did. To me his peter seemed more rigid than ever. Monty moved it around. It sprung back to its horizontal position, insistently pointing straight out. Plus a strange thing ~ the circular opening around his pee slit had become wider. It revealed much more of his dickhead as his prick poked out further and further.

Monty wiggled himself again and again. Each time, his dick raised a little higher, now projecting forward at a definite upward angle. It had become huge and almost all of its head was visible.

Monty, who generally didn't say anything during our pee adventures, quietly asked a question: "You want to see what I can do?"

I don't know if we answered or not. Maybe our exposed penises were all the permission Monty needed. He said "Watch." Then he wrapped his fingers around his big hard-on and slid his hand back and forth. Sometimes he went fast. Sometimes he slowed down, or stopped altogether and flipped his peter around. Once he stood on tip-toes and wiggled his dick very rapidly. Always he resumed pumping his enormous boner at a constant speed.

Monty didn't say another word for several minutes, fully preocupied with his enlarged penis. It seemed to continue getting bigger and bigger with every stroke.

The he emitted sort of a gasp: "Hhhh!" I thought he was getting sick, but he kept pumping his penis. "I'm coming!" he whispered, which meant nothing to me and I'm sure nothing to the others.

He pushed his pelvis forward and pumped faster. "Uhh! Uhh!" he sort of squeaked in a whispery, breathy voice. "Now!"

While we eleven-year-olds watched in fascination and Monty's hand kept pumping, his supercharged penis shot three high arcs of unidentified fluid through the air and into the creek. Pee? Pus? Snot? I was absolutely baffled.

Monty shook his dick off and stood breathing. The three of us stared at him and then noticed each other. Our little standard-issue penises were poking out as far as they could. I took hold of mine ~ it was absolutely stiff. In our own way our peters were trying to match Monty's big boner.

None of us could ejaculate yet. Lord knows we tried, both individually and with help from each other and from Monty. Monty became the object of our sexual attention. He allowed us to masturbate him almost daily. He reciprocated by feeling and rubbing us while he received his pump jobs. He was always ready when we reached the creek ~ an obvious ridge in his pants ~ completely stiff before anybody touched him.

At school I looked forward all day to the moment when we would stand at the creek and it would be my turn to have Monty feel of me while I jacked his stiff erection. I loved getting hard while he touched me ~ loved the feeling of his erection in my hand ~ loved the moment when I felt his whole body spasm as the cum shot out of his big boner.

Needless to say, Monty was no longer a "freak" in our minds.

Chad's Way

With school starting, we're coming to the end of the swimming season. Chad, one of my friends back around seventh and eighth grades, had a real swimming pool at his house. I considered his family to be rich because of the pool and because Chad had a dozen or more Speedo bathing suits. I had exactly one pair of swim trunks and no pool.

Chad's Speedos were each a different bright color. And of course, being swim briefs, they were skin-tight and fairly skimpy.

At first, whenever Chad suggested a swim, I would hurry home and get my trunks and a towel. Later Chad thought of loaning me one of his Speedos. I felt just a little naughty wearing it because it was about the size and shape of a pair of tighty-whities. It was like sporting my underwear in front of everybody at the pool. Not only were they small and tight, but I was well aware that they had previously contained Chad's dick right where mine was now hidden.

"Does it fit okay?" Chad would ask. The truth was that he was about one size thinner than me and all his Speedos felt very constricting, like somebody had tightened a girdle around my middle. But Chad was doing me a favor by letting me wear a cool bright-colored suit, so I'd say "Yeah, fine" after being careful to position my dick very precisely so that it lay at rest and wouldn't call attention to itself. I had to constantly remember not to touch myself inappropriately.

 We hung out together almost all summer after seventh grade. One day when I came out of the bathroom wearing one of his Speedos, Chad seemed to hesitate. Instead of hurrying out to the pool he said, "That one looks tight. I'm going to check. Be still, now." Chad closed the bedroom door. Then he squatted down and put his left hand on my butt to hold me still. "I'm gonna check you in front," he repeated, sounding a little nervous and uneasy. "Just a quick check."

He pressed the palm of his hand right on the front of the Speedo and rubbed around a couple of times. "Don't you think that's too tight?" he asked. He moved his hand and rubbed me again, this time a little lower, right where my dick was. "Too tight," he told me. "Way too tight." He gave my dick a little tweak. "Let's try the green one."

Each of us had always changed alone in a bathroom and then met in his bedroom to grab our towels and anything else. Now we were in the bedroom together. Chad held up a green Speedo, obviously waiting for me to pull the first one off right in front of him. I had a crazy thought: Maybe this is a test to see if we really are good friends. I bent down to slide the bathing suit off and then stood back up, totally naked in front of Chad. He was flitting his eyes innocently from place to place but it seemed to me that he constantly refocused on my exposed junk.

"Here you go," he said, passing the green suit to me and still pretending to look elsewhere. I put it on and we headed for the pool. Nothing else unusual happened that day.

Now that Chad had come up with a gimmick for approaching me (asking how the Speedo fit) he had to check every suit I put on. He would have me try on two or three Speedos before he was through. He rubbed or squeezed my crotch each time I changed, locating my dick. He would pretend that he was not peeking at my private parts when I stepped out of a suit, but I knew what he was doing.

As for me, I began looking forward to Chad rubbing his hand back and forth on the front of whatever Speedo I was wearing. Not only that, but I was well aware of growing a boner for him to rub and look at. Meanwhile he frequently had to fiddle with the front of his own Speedo while examining mine.

One day when I was naked as a jay bird and standing in front of Chad with my hard little peter sticking up, he said "No wonder they're all too tight. Your dickie is all pumped up." He stared at my erection. "Does it get like that a lot?"

"Maybe," I answered, wondering why Chad was doing all the looking and I never got to see anything except a bulge in his suit.

"I'm going to check it out," he told me. "Just a little touch. I won't hurt you. Promise. Okay?" He reached out, pulled my dick down very slightly and released it. It immediately popped back to its erect position.

Chad squeezed his bulge. His pulse and respiration seemed unusually fast. "Once more, okay?"

This time he felt me up pretty thoroughly, his bare hand on my bare peter. "Mine gets like this sometimes," he said.  "You want to check it?" He stood very still, giving me a good view of the elongated ridge in the front of his Speedo. The bulge looked like a handle protruding from the tight suit. I put my fingers around it and gave him a quick squeeze. As I removed my hand he said "You can check it some more if you want to. I don't mind."

We merged close to each other, me squeezing and rubbing his bulge and him feeling every centimeter of my hard dick and ticklish balls.

"Let me try something," Chad told me. "Lay down on the floor." As soon as I was horizontal he began sliding his hand back and forth on my boner. "Does that feel good?" he asked me, still with the rapid breath and a hint of nervousness. He hurriedly added, "I mean, do you want me to get you another suit to try on?"

I didn't say anything; it was very freaky what was happening, but my whole body felt all-over tingly while he played with my dick. After he had rubbed my erection for a moment we traded places and I rubbed the bump in his Speedo again.

"There's a funny thing I sometimes do," Chad said, forming his hand into an empty cylinder and moving it up and down. "You ever do that?"

"Maybe," I said, not sure if I should admit that I had a habit of playing with myself in a way that made stuff squirt out of my dick.

"I could do it for you," he suggested. "Since your thing is already hard, I mean. I don't mind doing it to you if you want me to. I'll be glad to help you out." He spoke a little faster and breathier than normal, rushing the words and sentences together.

Without waiting for an answer Chad jacked back and forth on my stiffie while I lay on the floor. "Sometimes this makes a mess," he told me, apparently concerned that I might not know what was going to happen. "Will you wait until I get a rag?" He stood up, trying to smooth the Speedo over his bulge. "Don't do anything while I'm gone. Wait for me. Don't play with it. Okay? Just leave it alone."

I had an incredible erection by then; Chad had jacked me to the point of no return and then left me erect and ready. My whole body was close to climaxing and I needed badly to ejaculate. I was tempted to grab my weenie and jack the load on out, no matter what Chad said, but I waited for him.

He came running back with a washcloth. "Am I in time?" he asked. "You didn't - - didn't - - DO anything, did you?"

"No, but I need to." I wrapped my hand around my erection. "I can finish it up myself."

"Don't do that. I'll do it for you. Please?"

Chad, who was usually a very confident person, was shaking as he knelt down and took hold of my waiting erection. "I'll do it nice and easy," he promised. "Here goes."

Almost immediately I felt the pressure building up to the squirting point and my body starting to vibrate deep inside. "It's gonna - -" I started to say.

"It is? It is? Now? Am I doing it okay? I've got the rag ready."

"Getting close. It's gonna - -"

"I'm ready for it. See the rag? Faster? Slower?"

"Real slow! Real slow!"

"Slowing down! Ready!"

"Right now! I'm - -"

There was no reason to finish the sentence because my internal delivery system squeezed off several rounds of ammo right into Chad's washcloth.

He released my dick. His mouth was partway open, his eyes wide. The guy was shaking, absolutely trembling. "Was it okay? You're not mad are you?"

Chad laid on his back and began wildly rubbing his hand back and forth on the lump in his Speedo. "I need to - - I've gotta - -" He stroked his bulge about sixty miles an hour. "Get - - washcloth! Get - - Too late!"

Chad lifted the Speedo's waistband about half an inch and folded it down until only the wee tip of his dick peeked out. "Here it comes!" he told me.

He shot a stream onto his stomach and then used the washcloth to wipe himself off, pulling the Speedo back in place. His dick had remained hidden the entire time.

We looked at each other. I don't think either one of us knew what to say. Finally Chad spoke, his voice very subdued.

"You're not mad, are you?"

"No. Are you?"

"It's the first time I ever - - I only ever did myself before - - I never did anybody else - - You didn't mind?"

That's the way we became jack-off buddies. For the longest time he would not show me his dick. No matter whether he was rubbing himself or letting me do it for him, he kept his peter covered by his Speedo and only exposed the very tip of his dickhead at the moment of ejaculation.

It turned out that his dick was smaller than mine and as soon as he had seen mine he became afraid I would consider him too much of a little boy to play with in the way he wanted us to.


Zach Supplied Something More

I had (have) a cousin two years older than me who started screwing girls at an early age (9th grade) and has never been able to keep his dick under control. My house was closer to school than his house. Also my parents were both at work. Zachary started bringing girls to my house after school and screwing them in my room. I was supposed to stay in the front room and keep a lookout in case anybody came home. He controlled me by threatening to tell my mother that I had started jacking off.

I would sneak upstairs into the hall while Zach and a girl screwed, listening to them through the closed door. Some girls made a little scream when he entered them. Some continued making noise while he fucked them, moaning or squealing with every thrust. Also some cried. I could tell when they were almost finished because my cousin called out OH GOD a bunch of times when he was ready to cum.

The whole thing repulsed me. But I got some good use out of it. My jack buddy would sneak into the house and we would both listen while Zach screwed whatever girl he was working on at the moment. It got us hard and we would feel of each other. After Zach was through and the couple had left, we would be quite horny from imagining Zach's dick being hard and him feeling his climax and squirting cum. I know it sounds crazy, but we would have a very nice jack session together thanks to Zach and his supply of girls.


Pull your pants back up

Physicals, we had them regularly in my school. The school nurse was assisting the doc. I remember one time, probably 9th grade, one of the boys ahead of me pulled his pants down so that his entire butt was exposed. The nurse, who knew him by name, yelled,

 "Robbie! Pull your pants back up"!

 We all laughed like crazy. (When he pulled his pants back up he sort of turned around away from her first, giving her a great big moon straight-on. At the same time he looked at all of us with a great big grin. The nurse was young and cute. Apparently he was planning on flashing his ass at her all along. It was hilarious.)


My school district must have been lax. I don't remember having a physical exam until I went to college. As a child, my mother took me to the doctor only if I was sick, so I wasn't familiar with the concept of routine exams.

The college exam was for a freshman physical education class. All the students who were the least bit athletic had been filtered out and sent to various sports classes. The Athletic Department obviously thought the rest of us were the dregs. Many were overweight and some announced that they hated physical activity. We would rather have been doing anything else instead of taking PE.

The doctor rushed us through the exam. We stood in a locker room, having been instructed to strip to our underwear. The coach (some sort of athletic assistant) bossed us like we were in a POW camp: "As you approach the doctor, hand him your card and DROP 'EM!" The doc checked my vitals and barely examined my scrotum without telling me why. Then he slapped me on the butt and yelled "NEXT!" I was found fit for the class and was assigned a weight-lifting regimen that resulted in a hernia before the first semester was over.

The whole thing was sort of demeaning and I would be surprised if any of us got aroused by the experience. Really wish I'd had the doc who wrote about his experience with the school kids.


The Milestone Wank

Does this qualify for one of your stories? It's something I remember from way back. The person that said winter was his best wanking time, I disagree. It was different for me. The major wank that I remember as perhaps my very best masturbation was on a hot summer day. It was at Disneyland.

There was a guy, complete stranger, that I kept running into on rides or waiting on line. He had a black Motley Crue shirt and a lot of frizzy, bushy brown hair. I immediately hated him because I was not allowed to wear that kind of shirts. After I noticed him a few times a weird thing happened. I saw him turn away from his family, briefly grab his crotch, and use both hands to move his junk around. After that I kept watching for him. He apparently had a boner that wouldn't go away. He was always rearranging his pants. One time we were waiting for a ride and he stood with one hand in one of his pockets messing with himself. At a food court he leaned his fly on the edge of a table. Even if he was not doing anything to his crotch, I could see the bulge in his pants. On the Pirates of the Caribbean ride he was one seat ahead of me, ever so often squeezing and rubbing himself and grabbing his package with both hands.

Writing it down today, it does not seem all that horny. But watching him and his boner that day had a serious effect on me -got me stiff, real stiff. I would see him again and again, always hard.

I was 15 that summer, when jacking was one of the most important things in my life. Finally I had to hide out in a restroom stall and let nature take its course. To my surprise (I was still kind of naive) I got some of the best feelings I ever had while stroking myself and thinking about that kid dealing with his hard-on. It all felt so damn good that I kept stopping to squeeze my dick or tickle my balls and then I would start jacking again. Finally I hit the point of no return and felt the stuff cumming like never before. I blew a humongous load. It was without question the best load I'd ever had, one huge squirt after another plus amazing sensations every time.

It was a milestone -I realized that in some way there was a link between watching the other guy and then having a landmark cumshot. We ran into each other several more times and he was still moving his boner around and adjusting it. I wondered why he didn't go jack off like I had done. Maybe he couldn't risk it with his family nearby, or maybe he had more self control than I did.


Different Strokes

Speaking of summer, I used to go stay with my grandparents a few times every summer. The summer I was 13 I had just learned how to stroke myself and fire my shot. Masturbation was the major focus of my life at the moment. As soon as I got to their house I knew there was going to be a problem. They had a small house where I never got much privacy. Only one bathroom, plus I slept on the sofa-bed in the living room.

My solution was to take their dog for a walk. That made everybody happy - grandparents, dog, and especially me. Me and the dog went to a nearby park. I played around and kept my eye on the restroom until things looked safe. Then I tied the dog to a tree and went into the little concrete building and had my daily wank. If somebody started toward the restrooms while I was inside, I could hear their feet on the gravel path. I would zip up and try again later. But that was rare. Mostly it was just me and my happy stiffy standing at a urinal.

That summer I learned a variety of new strokes. As a beginner, I had always just banged away on my dick until it squirted. Now I discovered the slow stroke. I discovered pausing for a while and letting my thing get harder. I discovered prolonging my climax. I discovered tickling my sides and chest while I was erect. I discovered relaxing my body and allowing my ejaculation to fire without the slightest tension.

Thanks to the dog and the park I found out things about myself and my dick that I would never have learned if I had tried to hide a secret wank under my covers every night at bedtime.


An Early Education at Camp

 I remember only one thing about my first camp. I was six or seven, too young to be there, but my uncle was going to be one of the counselors. He talked my parents into letting me go with him, promising to keep an eye on me.

It was not the sight of naked bodies that made an impression on me. It was something I heard from one of the other boys. A single word, heard for the very first time: "prick."

The meaning of "prick" was instantly clear to me. And the way it sounded had an almost evil tone. I could tell that the other boys already knew what it meant. So I pretended to be cool about it. I somehow knew (maybe by intuition) that the word was to be used only in very narrow circumstances. Around other boys who met certain unspoken qualifications, for example, but never in the presence of counselors or parents or friends that you weren't sure about. It was the very first word that I kept to myself.

As my first forbidden word, "prick" kept coming up in my mind after I got home from camp. Whenever I pee'd, I would think "I'm getting my PRICK out. Pee is coming out of my PRICK. I'm putting my PRICK away. Likewise I thought about my naughty word while washing my penis in the shower and while pulling my underwear over it.

A very minor introduction to sexual things, but the beginning of secrecy. A memorable experience for a highly sheltered boy.


Down at the Swimming Hole

This all took place at the swimming hole I had on the farm. I was thirteen at the time and Toby and Timmy were also thirteen. We already knew all about what our peter was made for. we also knew that our peter was used for more than peeing. Being on the farm you learn all about that sort of thing at a very young age.
I was just finishing doing the milk dishes when Toby and Timmy walked into the milk house. I was just about ready to call you two to see if you wanted to go swimming with me. That's is why we came up to see if you wanted to go swimming. Off to the swimming hole we went.

When we arrive at the swimming hole it did not take us long to get out of our clothes. We stood there naked and looking at each other's peter to see who will get a bonier first. It was a game we always played with each other.

 We laid down on the grass and started to play with each other's peter. Toby was playing with my peter and Timmy was playing with my balls. Toby asked me if I was going to make that white gooey stuff come out of my peter like I have before. If you keep on playing like you two are it will happen real soon. I could feel my peter getting hardier. My peter was rock hard and I was shacking all over. Toby started to jack my peter faster and faster. I couldn't hold it back much longer, just then i shot my white gooey stuff all over my chest. Toby kept on jacking my peter until every last drop of gooey stuff was out of my peter. Timmy looked at me that was a good one this time.

 I sat up and looked at both of them, I think it is time for both of you to make this white gooey stuff come out of your peter. Toby said, I have never done that before. I always wanted to try it after watching you do it to your peter. Timmy looked at me and asked me if I could make his peter make white gooey stuff. Yes I can make both of your peter make white gooey stuff.
Timmy wanted to be first. He laid down on the grass his peter sticking straight up in the air. I started to suck on his hard peter. It didn't take much before his peter was getting hardier. He started to tense up. I kept on sucking. I could feel the white stuff starting to climb up his peter. It would not be long and he would feel my mouth full of his white gooey stuff. He started to shut his white stuff. I swallowed every last drop of his white gooey stuff. When I had the very last drop I pulled my mouth off his peter. I looked at him and told him, your white gooey stuff sure did taste good. Toby looked at me. You ate his white stuff. I sure did, and I am going to do the same to you.

 Toby laid back on the ground and his peter was sticking straight up in the air. I started to suck on his peter. Before I could even get all of his hard peter into my mouth, he was already trembling. I gave his peter a few more real hard sucks. On the last deep suck he started to fill my mouth full of his white gooey stuff. I swallowed as fast as I could and took every last drop of his white stuff. I pulled off his peter. I looked at him and told him that his white gooey stuff tasted just as good as Timmy's white stuff.


Two Young Farm Boys

 In the year that I was thirteen, my dad asked me to take over the family farm so he could go out and work on road construction. From that day on my whole life changed. With all the duties of caring for the farm, there would be no more time for me to have special fun with my buddies. We would sneak off to the boys bathroom or in the woods behind the school, to get our young spunk out. Depending on who I was with, it would maybe be sucking or for some special friends us guys might do some corn-holing.
  With all my daily chores now the boys would have to come to the farm so we could do our private boy spunk maintenance. 
 Yes! at thirteen I was already a pro at sucking and corn-holing boys. You learn all about this on the farm. I reckon there were at least 5 boys that I had been doing stuff with for about a year or longer, and Jeez this was like the best thing I had ever done.
 One day, I had just sat down to eat my breakfast when the phone rang. It was Toby wanting to meet up. Toby was also a farm boy, but he was a year older. We had been playing with each other Peters, and I had been corn-holing him for a very long time. He has always wanted to bust my rear, but I won't let him do me. He would rub my ass and play around with my hole, which felt so good when he would rub it. Every once in a while he would try to stick his finger inside my hole. I would reach around and pull his finger away from my butt. He would just say some day I will get inside you. I always said “Yes..... some day you will.”

  He asked me what I was going to do today. It is really hot outside. I was thinking about going swimming in the creek. You want to join me? It will be a lot of fun I promise you.

Sure I want to join you. I will be right there.

  I was in the kitchen doing dishes when Toby arrived. He walked up behind me and started to pat my rear end. Well! Are you going to let me into your back door today.
I reached behind me and felt his hard peter. You sure would like that now wouldn't you?

I sure would….. I have been waiting to get into your back door for a very long time.

Well maybe today will be your lucky day.

You said that before and it never happened.

 I looked at him and just smiled. I then turned around and asked him if I was going to get into his back door? He reached over and felt my peter.

It feels like it is ready to go there.

 Yes, well it is…. but we have to wait for awhile.

 He gave my rear end a fast rub and smiled maybe today he mumbled.

I just smiled. Then said “Let's get to the creek now, whatcha say?”

If you’re waiting on me, you’re backing up!!

 Once we arrived at the swimming hole, we took off all of our clothes just like we always do. It’s so much more fun swimming naked.

There is more to this story which I will tell more real soon.

Seeing each other naked, had our hard peters sticking straight out in front of us.

 We both jump into the water at the same time. We were swimming around grabbing each other's hard peter. Every once in a while we would take turns going under water and taking a quick suck on each other's peter.
 I stood up to take a break from swimming. Toby came up from behind me and stood up behind me. I felt his peter rubbing against my rear. Then I felt his peter next to my hole.
He asked me if I would open up my back door and let him in.

 I turn around and reached down and grab his hard peter.

“You really want to enter my back door don't you?”

 “I sure do. I want you to feel how good it feels to get corn-holed. You always see how good it makes me feel when you corn-hole me.”

“Yeah I know how it makes you feel good. With you all moaning and bout to cum any second”

“ Then why don't you let me in that sweet honey hole?”

“I really do want you to do me…. Maybe real soon I’ll let you. “
“You know I won’t hurt you. I’ll go really slow…. and if it hurts too much, just say so… I promise I’ll stop and take it out.”

 “Well…… Okay, maybe I’ll let you in later today.” He patted my rear end and just smiled.
    We swam for a little while longer. We both were laying on our backs next to each other. We were slowly playing with each others peter.

I looked at him. “I’m ready for you to do me now.”
“Are you sure you want me to?”

“ Yes I am really sure. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. Seems I always have dreams about you on top of me.” I snickered,  “I even brought some Vaseline today.”
 Toby got behind me and lifted my legs up to my chest. He got a big dab of Vaseline and started to rub it all around my hole. He looked at me with his eyes really wide.
“I’m going to stick my finger inside of you. That way I can put some Vaseline inside your hole. You ready?”
“Yep I’m ready.”

  I felt his finger starting cresting my hole. I was resisting automatically.

 “Try to relax… like I do when you do this to me, you’ll do just fine.”

 I felt his finger pushing further inside me. I way his finger was moving around inside me, it started to feel so good.
Toby looked at me, “You like this?” I nodded yes.
 “Wait till you feel my peter inside you. You’ll  really like that.”

  He pulled his finger out of me. I watched him putting Vaseline on his peter.
“You sure you're ready you?”

“Yes I am sure. Please Toby go ahead and punch my hole.”

  I felt the tip of his peter pressing against my hole. I was resisting his peter to enter me.

 Then all at once I felt the head of his peter break through my hole. As soon as the head was inside me, he stopped. I felt a sharp pain going up inside me. I asked him to pull out of me. He looked at me.

“Just wait a little longer and the pain will go away. Then you will like it.”

 I felt him moving the head just a little inside me. Just like he said the pain started to go away. I relaxed a little more. I felt him push in a little further and stop. Just like before it hurt a little but not much. After a little while he pushed in more then stopped one last time. But then this time he pushed his peter in all the way and he just held it there for awhile. I was getting more used to him corn-holing me.
  He started pumping  me very slow at first. Then he started to go faster. My peter had never ever been as hard as it that moment he was plunging my hole.

  He yelled out, “I ‘m gonna fill your ass full of my spunk.”

 I yelled out, “I‘m going to shoot mine right now.” I never shot so much spunk before.

When he pulled out of me, I could feel some of his warm cum leaking out my hole, and down my crack.
He smiled and licked some of the spunk off my chest. Then he looked at me,

“You taste good.”

  I asked him if I did ok.

“You sure did. Now you know how I feel when you Bust my back door.”

We hugged and kissed each other for the first time.