Friday, June 5, 2015

"What are you doing??"

This story sounds kind of familiar.

I grew up with a brother two years younger than me and we shared a bedroom, and I also had 2 sisters. We had 1 bathroom for the 6 of us, and my mom didn't work so she was home just about all the time. We had a ranch style one-floor house, so my bedroom was pretty much near everything else in the house.

Most of my jacking off took place in bed after I felt my brother had fallen asleep. I'd be so horny and so erect that I could hardly stand it. Then, one night when he was 12 I heard him say in the dark room,  "What are you doing??" (I felt he was almost old enough, so I showed him.)

Anonymous Big Bro

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sorry I Interrupted You Guys' Fun.

I knew a guy in seventh grade that was my jack buddy. We were going at it in the boys room at the urinals, banging out a friendly wank and standing together right side by side.

A teacher walked in and went in a stall to piss. We of course stopped jerking the second the door opened. I shoved my dick into my pants and went to wash my hands. The teacher came out and washed his hands. When he was leaving he said sorry I interrupted you guys' fun.

 I thought, my god, he knows. We are royally screwed for the rest of our lives! We talked about it and were sure we would get called to the office and have to bring our parents for a conference.

But nothing ever happened. We were scared shitless of that teacher from then on because he knew our secret and could get us in trouble at any minute.
 Now I see it different, that he was letting us know that what we were doing was normal but that we were maybe a little too obvious.


My First in 30 Seconds

First time for me was when I was 13. I stayed at a buddy's (14) house and he asked me if I had ever had an orgasm. I said no (I was naive and sheltered). He said it felt great and told me to take off my clothes.
 I figured why not and stripped stark naked. He took hold of me and started stroking. I soon had my first ) in less than 30 seconds. lol. That, of course, opened a whole new world for me. 
He then showed me how to do it to him and we had a lot of fun the next two years.

The Great times at Camp

I loved summer camp growing up (11-15) so much I became a counselor (16-18). This was back in the 70s when attitudes (for the most part) were more liberal and open.

The guys would go skinny dipping in pools and lakes and the counselors (teen and even adult) would join us. We'd all share the communal showers later.

 I saw more naked campers and adults (and vice versa) those summers and no one acted as if it were weird or forbidden. When it was hot some nights, we' all lay around the cabin stark naked talking and laughing. They were great times. ;-)


Monday, June 1, 2015

A Miracle Happened - I Was Home Alone

One of my memories, is a frustrating one: being in the middle of a good jack, when I would have to stop all of a sudden without finishing the job.

I was the second kid in a family of four children. After I started beating off, my biggest headache was almost never being home alone to limber up my boner. I would have to ride along with the others to go somewhere, or somebody else would stay home with me. And if a miracle happened and I was home alone, there might not be enough time to do a jack job properly.

I would be in the middle of jacking off, sitting on the edge of a certain chair in the living room so I could see the sidewalk and driveway. Rag in one hand, other hand moving up and down at just the right speed to enjoy what I was doing and prolong that unexplainable "almost there" moment.

I would be feeling the itchy-tingly sensations at the base of my dick but not quite the wonderful last few seconds of anticipation that would happen when my body zapped with sexual electricity just before the shot. The climax was not there yet but would soon be on the way with just a few more seconds of pumping, just a few more seconds.

And just at that moment one of the cars would pull into the driveway. Crap!!!

Quick! Stash the rag! Hurry! Pull up your pants! Zip! Button! Buckle! No time to waste! Breathe normally! Have something ready to say! Pray that your erection is not visible through your pants!

Then maybe I'd have to go out and unload groceries from the car, or do some other chore. While walking back and forth with my 95% jacked stiffie still needing to fire, it would happen. A wet, warm puddle of goo would ooze into my underwear. Downer. No good feelings. No climax. No pleasure. Instead, a gross wet load seeping around in my pants.

I knew it could be days and days before conditions were exactly right to try a slow, pleasurable masturbation again.

And people wonder why adolescent boys seem angry!