Sunday, April 26, 2015

Long Distance Pissing

Around the time that I was in fifth and sixth grade I was very preoccupied with my weenie. I couldn't have been into puberty yet. However I was fascinated with my private little water faucet. I inserted it into things just for the hell of it. I pissed in funny locations (funny to me, anyway). I played with it a lot while sitting on the toilet, swinging it around or waving it back and forth or bundling it down inside the remains of my circumcised sheath and watching it pop back out. I liked to be alone in public restrooms so I could step back from the toilet or urinal and aim my stream through the air and into the target.

One of my favorite places to play was the garage at my maternal grandmother's house. My grandfather had died years earlier, leaving a garage full of tools, auto parts and mechanical junk. There was always something that I could use while playing with my peter. I peed into a muffler, through the center hole of an old steering wheel, into a piece of pipe, down a coil of copper tubing. I stuck a light socket (no wires, no power) onto my dick and pretended I was a super hero getting a recharge via my weenie. I tried various sizes of socket wrenches on my dick. If I had a load of pee available, I pissed through their square holes. Otherwise I just tried them on for size. I spent hours in the garage with my pants pulled down around my thighs while I mated  my peter to various pieces of junk.

What I enjoyed best was peeing into hoses. The first one I tried was the drain hose from a washing machine. It was big enough to easily cram my entire dickie into. It had a big curve at one end where it was supposed to fit into a drain pipe. I rested one end of the hose on the ground and tried my peter in the other end. Instant delight! A good fit. I began playing with the washer hose more than anything else. I often took it to the clump of bushes where the garage met the back fence. Hiding in the bushes (and able to see if anybody came out of the house) I dropped my pants and peed into the thick black hose , then tilted it and watched the piss run out on the ground.

There were several different types of hoses to try. My favorite was a long garden hose. The house and garage were at the top of a gentle slope several feet higher than the sidewalk and street. After several attempts, I succeeded in what I thought of as Long-Distance peeing. I would unroll the hose, leaving one end in the garage and stretching the rest of it along the driveway and down to the public sidewalk. Then, with all kinks and bends straightened out, I stood hidden in the garage and popped out my dick. Fitting my dickhead into the coupling on the end of the hose, I let loose with as much piss as I had been able to accumulate.

When my bladder was empty I ran down to the sidewalk to scope the puddle of Long-Distance Pee spreading from the end of the hose. Sometimes I had to wiggle the hose to encourage the flow, but eventually my own personal piss drained through the hose to end up on the concrete sidewalk in full view of everybody. Anybody passing by, of course, thought it was just water.

There was a kid in that neighborhood that I kind of knew. Not exactly a friend because he was a little older and sometimes made fun of me, but we played together from time to time despite him being fairly annoying. One day I was standing on the sidewalk watching my Long-Distance Pee run out of the hose  when Ryan showed up. He wanted to know what I was doing. I said "Trying out the hose."

He kept pestering me to know more than I wanted to tell. I told him that water would run down the hose all by itself because of one end of the hose being higher than the other. "Well, duh!" was Ryan's answer, which was what I deserved for being so sarcastic to him.

After a lot of back-and-forth he asked "So, you poured water in it up there?"

I thought maybe I could get rid of him by telling him something gross. So I told him the truth. I lowered my voice: "No, I peed through it. That's pee."

I expected Ryan to tell me off by saying something like "You're nasty. I'll never play with you again." Which was sort of what I wanted so I could get rid of him and play my peter games in private.

Instead he looked at me real strange and then lowered his voice. "Can I pee in it too?" he asked.

That put an entirely different twist on the thing. I started to say "Fat chance," but almost instantly changed my mind. "You really want to try?" I asked.

"Show me."

We went into the garage and looked at the end of the hose. I picked it up and held it as high as my crotch. But I didn't do anything else.

"Go ahead, do it," Ryan said.

"I already used up all the pee I had. You do it."

"But," he protested, "I'd have to get my Dingie out."

It was my turn to say "Well duh."

"You go down there and wait," he told me. "I'll do it and come down in a minute."

I was not about to leave Ryan in the garage alone. Why? Because I wanted to watch him get his "Dingie" out. It was a new feeling, a new wish. If anybody was going to get their Dingie out in that garage while playing a game I had invented, I wanted to see it. I'd never even considered the idea before; now that it was about to happen I was seized with a strange feeling of anticipation.

What it required was for me to get mine out first and show Ryan how I did it. This was another brand-new thing. Nobody'd ever looked at my dick before, yet I discovered I was willing to give up some of my privacy in exchange for another guy doing the same.

After what seemed like hours of talking about it, Ryan finally pulled his zipper down and gave me a piece of information that I didn't know what to do with: "I can't pee right now. My Dingie's hard."

I knew a thing or two about hard peters because they pestered me from time to time at school. But remember that I was still on the unchanged side of puberty.

"Can I see?" I asked him.

"You won't get mad or tell anybody?"

"Naw. You already saw mine. Are you gonna tell?"

"Well duh!"

"Me neither."

He spread his fly and pulled out a stiffie that poked out of his pants at a nearly upright angle.
"See?" he asked. "Can't piss when it's hard."

He invited me to touch him to see how hard it was, meanwhile feeling of me. This was a first for me but probably not for Ryan.

"I know what I'll do," he told me. "Did your Dingie ever make a white load?"

"A white load?"

"You know, when you..." He displayed a hollow fist and moved it up and down. "When you squirt one?"



He took hold of his erection and wiggled it around a few times. Then he began stroking back and forth on what he called his Dingie. After a few minutes he said "Hold the hose up. No, hold it up in the air and let the end of it come down to my Dingie." He kept pumping himself for another moment and then told me, "I'm gonna shoot it in the hose."

He inserted he head of his dick into the hose coupling while the two of us held the hose above his dick. "You gotta learn to do this," he told me. "We could help each other do it."

He made a noise that sounded like a moan to me. Was he in pain from what he'd been doing to his Dingie? Had he done something he shouldn't have?

His body shook all over. He quit pumping large strokes and moved his fingers slowly, just jiggling himself. After a moment he sucked in a loud breath and said something I couldn't understand. Then he pulled the hose away from his dick. A strange string of something wet hung briefly between them. He said "It came. It came. It feels good when it comes."

We played the Long-Distance Pee game together nearly every time I went to my grandmother's after that. My friend always pumped his Dingie until he made a white load. He let me help all I wanted.

It was a couple of years until I discovered what my own dickie would do. When I began shooting we quit messing with the hose so much, although from time to time we did shoot loads into various things. We found a dark corner in the garage where we could stand facing together with our pants down and spend our time concentrating on bringing each other's Dingies to happy conclusions.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Playing Gotcha

I don't have any idea when I hit puberty. It was probably when I was late twelve or early thirteen, 'cause I remember my dad suddenly commenting on seeing hair under my arms while we were mowing the yard that summer. However, it wasn't until I was fourteen that I banged out a load for the first time. That meant I dealt with about a year and a half of completely baffling nocturnal emissions, as well as sheer all-around horniness and aggravating boners. Very likely all my friends and classmates were happily jacking away on a regular basis. But not me.

My introduction to sexuality eventually took place about six months after my fourteenth birthday. Chad, a neighbor boy stayed over one night. Like many of my favorite friends, Chad  was a couple of years younger than me. We shared my double bed. As we lay close to each other I could feel my prick getting big. Uh-oh. I was embarrassed (what if Chad found out?) and angry (how could my penis pick this very minute to have one of its dumb growth spurts?). It kept getting hard despite me focusing my will power on it to shrivel up.

 One thing led to another and in the midst of us wiggling around and trying to push each other out of the bed, Chad somehow squeezed my hard-on.

"Oooh," he said.

Now, what did he mean by that? I didn't know whether he was sympathizing with my problem or telling me that he was grossed out by what he had felt. I had to say something, so I gave Chad a stupid reply:
"Sometimes it puffs up."

We kept horsing around, him getting close to my boner again and again as we thrashed in the bed. I stoically protected myself against any further accidental touches. After all, that wasn't nice.

But a crazy conflict was going on inside me. At the very same time that I was fending him off, I was also wishing for Chad to touch my swollen dick again. I wanted him to touch it, clearly wanted it, and yet was working as hard as I could to keep it from happening.

I gave up and relaxed my guard. Instantly his hand was there, grabbing me, making me get harder and more anxious for him to keep touching my dick -- which by now I thought had grown to gigantic proportions.

"Gotcha again!" he said with delight. "Now you've gotta get me."

So I "got" him, and discovered to my great happiness that Chad's little pinker, although much smaller than mine, was just as stiff.

Now the race was on -- each of us grabbing the other over and over again and whispering "Gotcha!"

After a large number of "gotchas" for both of us, we finally lay still, trying to go to sleep. I had been erect for hours and was now ready for my dick to shrink so I could quit thinking about it and fall asleep. But it remained hard, keeping me awake. I couldn't think of anything but my big stiffie and the "gotchas" we had traded.

"This is not good," I thought to myself as my incredibly hard dick throbbed. "There'll be one of those underwear messes tomorrow morning."

I was right; when we woke up I was soaked with wet stuff down there. Chad wanted us to trade a few more Gotchas, rolling toward me so I could grab him first. I did and noted that he was definitely stiff. But he was also dry, while I was slimy-wet. Not good. I told him I had to go shower.

Over a period of about two weeks I thought about Chad and "gotcha" every night while trying to go to sleep. Each night I grew a huge throbbing boner while reliving the fun with Chad. And several mornings I had an underwear mess -- more of them than I'd ever had before.

Without having a clue as to what I was doing, I began rubbing my boner every night while laying in bed. One night the rubbing turned into stroking. The stroking sent me into a strange Wonderland of unknown feelings. And then the feelings suddenly threatened to kill me! I was going to die! The feelings were going to strangle me! I had to stop pumping my penis or I would have a stroke! Stop, stop!

I couldn't stop. I didn't die. And seconds later I finally knew what it was all about.


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making Magic Potions

A these based story submitted by an anonymous author

Someone I know Spoke of Harry Potter, It reminded me of a friend I had for a while, and the mischief we used to do.  We studied the books and every detail in them. We pretended my room was the bedroom at Hogwarts. It was a requirement that all boys from the story had to jack off (only that part it is not written in the books). So we pretend all five boys who we imagined were laid in the bedroom, Harry, Dean, Ron, Nevelle, and Seamus. They all have got to jack off some time! So we acted something like them when we role-played their parts.

We liked to play like our dicks were our magic wands. We had these sleepovers a lot, every time we practiced these magic spells that required us to wave our dick-wands at each other. We quickly got boners, then spell making required a need to check them to see they were sufficiently hard. You know..... to make the best magic and powerful control over them other pretend witches from the story. 

Since the Witchcraft improves by studying with others, we both learned how to jack off together. Then we decided it was from our mysterious powers, then said it was a magic spell that we conjured up.

 Even more, our special made cum was a magic potion for sacramental purpose. We got the goo and put it in a special pot to use for incantations. We sometimes mixed both our sperms, then it was like so much of a thrill to do that. We often got all hard again, then wanked a second cum, and even tried to make it land on the other guys dick wand.

Many mystical events played out to awesome results on those Boy Witching nights.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Secret Pee Party Attack

Talking about sleepovers, one of my friends had a teenage sister. She brought her brother to a boy's sleepover. She talked to all of us and told us she wanted us to do something secret for her.

I think the secrecy made it very funny to us (about 10 years old) and so we did it. At midnight we snuck out of the window completely naked. She was in the alley and we got in her car. She took us to the house of a girl she was mad at. We piled out of the car and ran up the sidewalk and all of us, naked as jaybirds, pissed on their front porch, then turned around and mooned the house. We ran back to the car and she took us back. She said it was a pee party.

It was probably the most exciting thing we ever did at that age. Plus five of us squeezed into her back seat without a stitch of clothes and jammed together. We tried to protect our dicks with our hands but also grab each others dicks and saying in a real exaggerated way, "Oh, ex-CUUUSE me!" It was the first time for me to mess with dicks and was a total hoot for all of us.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Boy Crush Cider for Courage

When I eleven and in my final year of primary school I had a best friend called Sam. Sam didn’t live that close to me so the only time I could play with him was either at school or when we had pre-arranged to go to his house. Sam and me were very different, his parents were educated, had very good jobs, spoke with posh accents and he lived in a nice house. I lived in a block of flats, my mum worked as a school dinner lady, my dad was a borderline alcoholic with no time for me and my older brother of three years was (and still is) a bit of an ass.

Sam was into Fighting Fantasy & Dungeons and Dragons. I never really understood it but was happy to go along with the games he played with his older brother. Sam was slim and wore glasses. He had short mousy blond/light brown hair with a patch missing, I cannot remember why the missing hair though. I don’t have any photos of him but I can to this day picture him in my head. I got along great with Sam, far better than my other friends and I always remember being really excited going to his house and spending time with him away from school and all his other friends. I liked being with him, being around him and thought about him all the time. However I do not remember the thoughts being sexual as I was a couple years away from the first obviously visual signs of starting puberty.

When it was time for us to join secondary school and go our separate ways Sam went to a posh school in central London and I went to a local school. I was really sad, it hit me really hard. I mean, I’d left a lot of friends behind at school but none made me sad like the sadness I felt losing Sam as a friend. I tried to meet up with Sam once we’d changed schools but he’d moved on as kids do and had made new friends. Although I could not understand my feelings at the time, it took me several more years to understand that I was gay, I realised later that Sam was my first ever boy crush and the strong feelings that I had towards him were because I were in love. That was my first experience with loving another boy.

Later on into my teenage years I came to have several more boy-crushes. I knew that I was different however it still took me until I was around 15 to realise I was gay. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I had my first ever sexual experience with another boy. I am happy to tell if people want to hear?

So after Sam I went through the first couple of years of secondary school ages 12 and 13 realising that I liked boys but still not understanding that I was gay. I had several small crushes at school, including a major crush on a boy a year younger than me that used to walk part of the same route. I timed my walks to coincide with him leaving his house and practically stalked him, but never had the courage to speak to him. Outside of school I had two friends both called Lee. They were both around a year or so younger than me and I had major crushes on both boys as they were both exceptionally handsome.

At the weekend I used to sometimes hang out at the local park with one of the Lee’s. We would buy Cider from the local shop (it was easy to buy alcohol underage in the UK back in the early 1990’s) and then go to a dark spot in the park where there were old ruins to drink. One particular night, although I cannot remember what was said or how it happened we ended up getting our dicks out. I remember it being really dark and not being able to see much but I remember us laying there with our dicks out in the open. I don’t actually remember if we touched each other or even remember if Lee was hard, but I remember it happened and I was very happy.
 I think I must have been 16 when that happened and Lee was either late 14 or early 15 years old. A short time after that I bought my first car, a clapped out old Ford Escort. I couldn’t actually drive it yet as I hadn’t passed my test but I kept it in a lock-up garage underground. I was definitely 16 nearly 17 years old by this point. One night me and Lee got our 2 litre cider bottle and decided to sit in my car in the underground lock up. We pulled the garage door down so nobody could see us. We were alone in the dark with our seats reclined and only the light from the interior car light. I don’t remember how long we were there but it must have been a while as I remember us both being drunk.

One thing led to another and somehow we decided to get our dicks out, this time we were both hard. I remember Lee being smaller and less developed than I imagined he would be for his age. I remember getting carried away and I started to wank, encouraging Lee to do the same. He started doing it also and we both pretended to mind our own business whilst taking the occasional look at one another, two horny teen boys alone in the dark. I cannot remember how far in we were but temptation got the better of me and I reached out and grabbed his dick. I wanked him off for a really short time before he realised what he was doing and freaked. He stopped wanking and said he didn’t want to carry on any more. By this time I was too far gone to stop and I continued to wank. For such a shy teenager like me this was quite something and I enjoyed the fact that Lee watched whilst I pumped my dick even though I could tell that for Lee things had gone too far. I remember then coming shooting a few squirts onto my belly. As the intense orgasm subsided suddenly I was feeling dirty and bad for my friend who by this point clearly looked very uncomfortable. At no point did Lee attempt to touch my dick and I am sure that had I not touched him he would have continued to climax. Maybe we would have become regular wank buddies but I ruined it with one Impulsive grope.

After that night things were never the same between me and Lee. We never spoke of what happened that night again. My life changed dramatically over the next few months and I saw less and less of Lee until we lost contact completely.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Joey's Demonstration - A most excellent Sleep-over

Several of us little idiots were having a sleepover. One of the boys, Joey, was a couple years older than the rest of us. The only reason he was there was because he was the big brother of the kid hosting the sleepover. He was an eighth-grader while the rest of us were in sixth grade. So of course he was irritated by having to put up with a bunch of immature little guys in the room that he and his brother shared.

The older boy got into bed before the rest of us. He pulled his covers up to his chin and lay still, apparently waiting for everybody else to quit horsing around and call it a night. His brother looked at him and asked a strange question, one that I didn't understand: "You're making yourself hard, aren't you? Think you can get away with pumping it while all these guys are here?"

 "Shut up," Joey told him.
"You're already hard, aren't you? That's why you're hiding under the covers."
"I said to shut the f*** up!"
"Don't go ballistic. I bet these guys don't know about doing it. You could let us watch."

The younger brother turned to us. "His dick gets real big when he gets a boner," he told us with brotherly pride. "Real big."
Shut your f***ing mouth!" Joey whispered, but he was obviously flattered by his little brother's pride. He looked us over while his hands moved around under the covers.
"Do you want to see my thing?" he finally asked us.
Of course we did. We stood close around his bed to see whether he would really show us his dick.
"You can look but not touch, okay? Hands off, you little scumbags, okay?"
"Sure," his brother said. We all nodded.
Joey threw back his covers and put his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear. "You're sure you want to see it?" he asked.

He slid his boxers down. We stared at what we saw. To me his dick looked strangely enlarged, abnormal in its erect condition. It was swollen and appeared uncomfortably extended. It lay on his lower belly pointing stiffly along the axis of his body. Joey gave it a little bump with his finger. It immediately swung back into position as if propelled by springs.
"Gaw!" one of the guys said."
You've got HAIR there!" another one added.
I didn't say anything, but I was thinking "This is most excellent."
The more we looked and commented, the more Joey relaxed, enjoying the attention while dragging his fingertips along his boner. He showed it off in various ways such as  lifting it and letting it thump back against his skin. He put the thumbs and two fingers of both hands on each side of it, raised it to about a 45-degree angle, and slowly slid his fingers back and forth. The outside layer of his dick's skin moved with his fingers.
"Go ahead and do it," his brother requested.

"Shut up," Joey answered. "Somebody'll tell."

"No we won't. Scout's honor. Show them what happens when you do it."
Joey rubbed and squeezed his erection. He began talking to us as if he was a teacher: "When you're older and your thing gets real hard, this is how you make it feel better."

He wrapped his fingers around the stiff peter and moved his hand backwards and forwards along its length. "You only do this when you get old enough. Don't try it yet, okay? You guys are not old enough yet. I've been doing it a while. A guy at school  showed me how."

After a few moments of stroking, Joey told us "It's getting harder and bigger because of pumping it up. In a minute it'll get totally hard and after while all of a sudden you get an awesome feeling and the stuff will blow out. That's the best part."

"It makes Joey feel real good," his brother said. "It's the way he gets his thing to go down when it gets hard. He does it all the time. He has to do it a lot 'cause his thing is so big."

"Shut up," Joey commanded. But he continued masturbating, pausing long enough to get his legs out from under the covers and to slide his underwear completely off. He was now absolutely naked, moving his hand back and forth smoothly on his erect dick. Four of us stood by his bed watching every stroke.
"I guess you can feel it if you want to," he said, reversing his earlier order.
His brother declined to touch him, but the rest of us took turns feeling Joey's boner. It was not only stiff, but also hot.

"That feels good," he told us. "Do it again if you want to. That's it. Pump it a little for me. Yeah, nice. Feels good. Get yours out too if you want to. You're seeing mine, let me see yours."

Soon all of us had our weenies sticking out of our underwear at various angles of young erection. Joey gave each of us except his brother a feel with one hand while his other hand pistoned back and forth on himself.
Although I'd played around quite a bit with a certain buddy a couple of years earlier, I was unfamiliar with what Joey was doing to himself. I couldn't take my eyes off his moving hand, his stiff boner, his baggy balls. I watched the head of his dick disappear and reappear from the stroking hand. The experience was an exceptionally big deal to me.

He jacked himself continuously now, his hand constantly going back and forth. He made odd noises and wiggled around on the bed while pumping his peter. He crossed and uncrossed his ankles several times.
"I did it after school today," he told us. "Jeff and me together. That's why it's taking longer. Anybody want to
feel it again?"

We accepted his invitation, touching and squeezing the erect organ. And then we continued watching the mysterious process. Joey sped up and became tense, his hand banging rapidly on the stiff dick. "Rag!" he whispered to his brother.

"Already got it," the younger one said, handing Joey a washcloth. Joey held it close to the action that was the center of our attention.

"Now!" he told us. "Now! Almost, almost! Cumming, cumming!"
His hand flew back and forth on his dick at sixty miles an hour, but nothing else seemed to be happening. Until suddenly:

"Now! Now!!" he exhaled in a throaty whisper. "NOW!"

He shook all over. His back rose up off the bed for an instant. At the same time, a large spurt of thick pearly liquid unexpectedly shot out of his dick and hit the rag. Then another and another. Joey kept whispering as he wallowed around on the bed, still giving his dick tiny little wiggles. "Oh-- oh-- oh--"
Then he closed his eyes and lay still, his hand no longer moving but still wrapped around his shrinking peter. His chest heaved while he caught his breath.

"That's all," Joey's brother told us quietly................ "Leave him alone now. When he has to go that fast to do it, it takes him a while to get over it."

After we turned the lights off all of us little sixth graders (including Joey's brother) found it necessary to compare peters, to invite each other to feel our little stiffies, and to wonder when we would be old enough.

It was a most excellent sleepover!!

Thunder Cloud

Sunday, April 5, 2015

F&ck What They Think

My partner and I are friends socially with a Lesbian couple. They have a pair of teen boys and occasionally ask us advice on raising them. They said they want to get a guys view on different life challenges as they come around.  Mostly it is all normal guy stuff that we have to answer about the boys. The older boy is Hunter who is 14. The younger one is Nelson, he just turned 12. We see the family at Bar B Ques, and occasionally attend Sports events for the young guys. Since the boys are now in their teens, these questions from the two Moms seem to come more often, which is kind of what this post is about.

The latest issue brought to us, is about Hunter had had told one of the Mom’s he was worried because seeing other boys in the gym showers he was not as developed as they were. The Mom was concerned for his obvious distress, and arranged a Doctor’s appointment. This was more to help calm Hunter’s worries than any true concern over his physical development. The Doctor, ensured Hunter kindly said he was a late bloomer, and that he will be the same as any boy in time.

They also told us about this, in case we ever needed to re-assure him, as the boys often hang out with us on weekends, when we go Camping, Mountain Biking or to the beach. The guys kind of look up to us as uncles and it works well for all of us. The Mom’s have commented they can’t teach the boys some of the burly guy stuff, and it gives us a reason to get out of the house more for activities. Everyone has a great time together.

So we were prepared for any conversation on the topic, apparently Hunter remained undaunted, and resilient to whatever conditions his body presented. Even though he is a beguiled mid-teen, he now seems to have an air of assurance, that eventually he would arrive in puberty, and we hope that maybe he is content his length will approximately equal other guys penises one day.

The conversation Hunter finally did bring up was not what we had expected. We were on a camp-out and Nelson was already in his tent, it was just about bedtime. Hunter hinted quietly about liking someone he knew in school. He was a bit aloof for a few minutes and did not completely say it, but it was apparent that it was probably another boy that he liked.

We did not want to press him to anything committing, but I asked ask if the other boy liked him back. His eyes really blossomed open and you could see he was relieved that he did not have to blurt it out himself. He was a little timid still, but then responded with questions how he could make the boy like him more, or to how find out if he did in return. He went on to explain that he was pretty sure his Mom’s might already suspect because.

In mainstream families, some kids might feel gay topics are taboo, so it remains silenced  to their parents, however these boys were accustomed to fewer hushed conversations, and although Hunter could have easily told one of his Mom’s this news. We felt it was his purpose to tell us first, quite a compliment.

Our message was basically this, Hunter if you find that you are very interested in another guy, there is a good chance it means you might be gay. The heart knows no gender. You should love who you want to love. His courageous statement is soundly supported by a loving home with two great Moms. We left it up to him to try to talk to the friend in his own words.

We heard from the Mom that Hunter spoke to them…. Hunter mentioned a guy he likes at school and can he stay over one night soon.

Earlier this week he posted a bold notice on his Social Media Page -
"Fuck what they think, I'm Gay"