Saturday, November 29, 2014

5 Laps for a Fap

Maybe I've missed them, but I haven't read any True Confessions about people getting caught jacking off. 

For me, it happened in a room of a lodge at a rehab retreat (that's as much as I'm going to say about that). I shared the room with a Juvenile worker who ran some of the 12-step meetings. He was in his 20's, probably just out of college. It seemed like ages since I'd got my nuts off (I was 15). I waited until I was certain the other guy was asleep and then began jerking under the covers for all I was worth in hopes of getting it over with as fast as possible. 

All of a sudden his voice rang out, "That'll be five laps up the mountain trail tomorrow, buddy."

I was boiling over with anger and also couldn't look him in the eye the rest of my sentence.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do You Want That Tickled Too?

My friend Dylan had bunk beds which gave us a chance to do some questionable things when we had over-nighters. I had a double bed which didn't lend itself to the trick we developed to have privacy at Dylan's. See, we draped blankets and bedspreads over his top bunk so they hung down around the bottom bed. We called it a cave. Inside the cave it was quiet and darkly secret. Too dark to see our comic books, so we rigged a night-light on an extension cord and hung it inside the cave.

Our favorite private game in the cave was to tickle each other. Now, before you get the wrong idea, we were innocent little boys that were still on the threshold of puberty. We didn't even know sex existed. But looking back on it, we were pushing our limits.

Both of us took off our pajama tops. Then one of us sat up against the headboard with his legs spread. The other guy lay down with his head in the first guy's lap. Then the one sitting up began tickling the torso of the one laying down. I enjoyed tickling Dylan because he got lots of goosebumps. We took turns tickling each other, lightly stroking the other guy's chest and sides. Our little nipples were nothing but tiny bumps, but we tickled those also. Sometimes we tickled down around the belt-line, but neither one of us ever put a finger remotely near the other guy's crotch. (That would change within months, but this was a time of simple pleasures.)

Now, what made me think of Dylan and the cave was the discussion on this site about the angles of erect dicks. Whenever Dylan tickled me I got a stiffie. I could feel it rising and standing straight up in my pajamas as I laid on my back. I knew it was the result of him tickling me, and therefore the tickling was "not nice." So I made sure my dick remained hidden in order not to spoil the fun. If Dylan left the cave for a minute, or if we decided to change places, I would use the moment of privacy to give my hard dick a little wiggle or squeeze. I tried to mash it down and get it to behave so that it would lay down against my skin. But once it got hard, it remained stiff.

We tickled each other over quite a period of time, perhaps two years. While I was taking my turn tickling Dylan one night I could feel his head laying on my little boner. It was a very strange situation. I liked the way it felt but knew it was wrong. So I told him I was ready to trade places. As he tickled my sides I felt a tingling in my balls, which grew more and more eerie. It frightened me because I'd never had that feeling before. I suspect that was the beginning of my puberty.

Without thinking, I reached down to squeeze my balls. My erect little boner popped out of the fly of my pajama bottoms. I could feel Dylan catch his breath. Then very hesitantly he asked, "Do you want that tickled too?"

I was tucking it back inside my pj's, utterly embarrassed. Hunting for something to say, I told Dylan "Not this time."

"It was sticking up!" he said, as if I was not aware of the condition of my own penis. "Does it always stick up like that?"

A few minutes of tense silence went by. Then Dylan said, "I won't tell anybody I saw it. Do you want to see mine?" We agreed I would get to see his. It was sort of repayment for him accidentally seeing mine. He pulled down his pajama trousers and let me see his erection. It was bigger than mine. It laid along his groin and pointed along the axis of his body like I tried to get mine to do.

Dylan and I continued to be best pals once we discovered masturbation. But the moment that I remember most is him kind of gasping at the unexpected sight of my hard dick and saying "It was sticking up!"


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Bent Banana

My best boyhood pal and I saw each other erect several times. My penis stuck straight up along my belly; his stuck out at about 45 degrees above horizontal, but it had a pronounced upward curve, so that the head pointed back at him. We both figured that there was something wrong with his "banana dick", and ascribed it to the obvious difference between us: he was circumcised.

Now I don't think that circumcision invariably causes penile curvature. I do believe, though, that many if not most of the twists and bends people have been talking about here result from unskillful or incompetent practitioners hacking away at boys' parts. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Scientific Friend

My best friend from birth through high school (I'll call him Willie) was thinking about going into pre-med from a young age and he always knew more about anatomy and how our bodies work than any other kid. One day we were waiting in his dad's car while the man was in a store. I suppose we were 14 or 15. Willie and I were jack-off pals as well as wonderful friends. We were talking about erections and how we could feel our penises becoming hard.

Kind of joking I told him that when our dicks got hard, it was because a valve opened and the blood rushed in and pumped our dicks full of blood. I had forgotten that Willie knew all about the human body. He told me

"You're almost right,"

 and went on to explain about the "sacs" in a penis that always have a certain amount of blood in them even when limp, but really do inflate with serious pressure from in-rushing blood to cause an erection. (I'm kind of paraphrasing his long description.)

So I read this post about curved dicks and remembered Willie's lecture from all those years ago. What I think, for some boys and men the "sacs" (or whatever they are supposed to be called) may be smaller on one side of the dick than the other. In that case the sacs would not respond equally to the normal amount of blood pressure (thus the dick being curved when soft) or to the highly increased pressure during arousal (thus being curved when hard).

If this is true, indulging in masturbation is completely unrelated to curvature of the organ.


First Time Service

I remember during a sleepover when I was 13, with a friend that was becoming a jerk-off buddy.

I suppose it's because we had masturbated together about 4 times before this happened. We were talking a bunch of stupid stuff about whose dick was bigger or fatter. We were just slowly fondling our dicks as they were getting harder. This was what usually led into our wanks. Then we giggled about other kids in gym who had little ones or big hairy balls. We both agreed that Joey Loomis had the smallest wrinkle dick, and Ken Peterson had the biggest schlong in the 7th grade. Then out of nowhere, he sat up on the bed leaned over me, and then put my erect penis in his mouth! This was long before internet, and as a 7th grader I never dreamed you'd ever put someone's penis in your mouth!

But I remember it immediately felt fantastic. So warm, wet and smooth. A guy pretty well only knows how his hand feels on his erect penis at that point. So that moist hot mouth surrounding my penis was incredible. I dunno if it was lips, tongue or any one part, but it was full tilt boogie and I didn't want it to stop.

 He took pauses and asked if it was good...... but I just said yeah, then shoved him back onto me. I can't remember if it was 2 minutes or 10, but it drove me to launch a big explosive one and he didn't seem to mind.
  He then wanted me to do it to him, and I remember not wanting to, and then gagging when I tried. But I did get at least the head of his penis in my mouth. I remember exactly how "cock" tasted that first time.


Carnal Instinct

I had very few sexual encounters as a boy, mostly because of the fear of being caught by adults or found out by other kids.  Even though I'm sure all the other kids were doing stuff too, if the information became public knowledge, you were subject to much scorn by the rest of the kids.  Therefore, I savored each one and burned all the details into my memory.

One of them happened on the spur of the moment.  Me and a friend (I was ten, he was eight) were playing in the basement of my house.  My mom was home but busy upstairs.  We got a bit bored and I suddenly felt very horny.  (I had been having orgasms since age four and I frequently had strong sexual desires long before puberty.)  I cupped my hands over my mouth and whispered in his ear, "You want to do it?  You can do it to me and then I could do it to you..."  There was, of course, no need to whisper--my mom couldn't have heard anything we said anyway, but you can't be too careful!  The two of us had never done anything sexual before, nor even brought up anything close to the subject.  My question was out of the blue and came completely from my sudden lust.  He whispered back in my ear, "Okay."  Somehow, without explaining anything, he knew exactly what I wanted and he wanted it too.  Instinct.

We went over to a couch and moved it away from the wall so that we could "do it" in hiding and to reduce the chances of us getting caught.  (I know now that any parent would see right through this subterfuge if we both suddenly appeared from behind a couch, faces blushing, pants not quite on correctly, but you know how a child's logic goes.)  I made sure he went first because I wanted to make the experience last as long as I could before I got my orgasm.

Without saying anything, we also both knew what "doing it" meant--one boy would hump the other.  In fact, we never exchanged another word the whole time.  I dropped to my knees, pushed my pants down and lay down, face first on the carpet.  The weird unspoken logic was that showing us each others "things" was wrong, but it was okay to see each others' butts.  My penis was already rock hard and pressing into the floor--I couldn't wait for my turn!  He stood behind me and I listened to him unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly and push down his pants and underwear, every sound heightening my anticipation.  I felt him kneel behind me and I pulled open my butt for him.  Again, everything was instinctual.

He put his boner in between my cheeks and lay down flat against my back.  (There was no actual penetration because our dicks weren't long enough to get all the way to our anuses.)  I let go of my butt and moved my hands forward to either side of my head.  I felt his breath against my neck as he proceeded to push against me, his penis wiggling in my crack, delighting me to no end.  It was understood (again, instinct) that the boy on the bottom was supposed to add extra pleasure for the boy on top by squeezing his butt.  I did my job with glee, loving the feeling of his hard shaft in my cleft.  He built up a wonderful, steady rhythm, not fast and not slow, with occasional grunts and gasps as he humped, his sometimes ragged breath still hitting my neck.  I couldn't see his face but I can imagine now that his eyes were closed and his face grimacing every time the intensity built.  Finally, after a few minutes, I felt him tense up.  He pushed himself hard against me, his chest lifting up off my back and spasmed a few times, then came down gently on my back and lay there, panting.  I let him stay there as long as he liked because I knew that I liked to do the same thing when recovering from my orgasms.

He finally got up and moved to the side, facing away from me.  Again, we aren't allowed to see each other's things!  I got up and watched him move in front of me and lay down.  His round butt looked perfect to me and now it was mine!  I got down behind him and he did as I did--opening his butt to my dick.  I had some difficulty finding just the right angle to keep my slightly larger penis in between his cheeks--it kept wanting to pop out for some reason.  Eventually I found the right position and went to it.  For me, my dick has always been ultra-sensitive and so I have to go really slow whenever thrusting into anything.  Unlike some who look like jack rabbits when fucking, I take my time--pulling almost all the way out and then going back in, slowly savoring each millimeter as much as possible.  He had his head turned to the left and I put my chin down on his right shoulder as I worked my way towards orgasm.  I knew I couldn't take forever--he'd get bored and my mom might get suspicious that we had been quiet for so long.  I kept at it for a few more minutes, my eyes staring off into the distance.  In fact, I don't remember seeing anything for the last minute or so.  Finally, I decided to finish.  I moved my arms and hands to his sides and squeezed into him as I pushed my dick as far into his cleft as I could.  My orgasm was more intense than any I had experienced to that point in my young life, I think in large part because it was one of the few times I had been able to do it with someone else.

After resting a bit, I got up and pulled up my pants.  He did the same.  We moved the couch back and then started playing a board game.  We never talked about what we had done together, then or ever.  We also never got another chance to try anything.  But for that brief time, our instincts were completely in sync.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

What is Normal

I had a similar discovery as a lotta stories here. 

When I was 12. My same-age cousin was sleeping over at my house, and in bed, one thing led to another and we began touching each other, under the covers but outside of our underpants. We realized both of us had boners going on, and we decided to pull down the covers and then also pull down our underpants to show each other our boners. His hairless erection popped straight out and mine popped straight up. 

This was the very first time I had ever seen another boy with an erection, and even when we were standing up, mine pointed almost straight up and his pointed no better than straight out. I thought he wasn't fully hard, but he was. Our shafts were both equally as stiff under the skin. 

I secretly thought his was "deformed", and he probably thought the same of mine. It wasn't until a few years later (by age 14 seeing several more boys' erections) that I realized both of us were within what would be called normal. 


Friday, November 21, 2014

"How did you get yours to be so big?"

The phrase "getting hard in my pants" reminds me of an experience of my own. A friend and I were letting each other have a look at our boners, the first time for me. This was in the spring of ninth grade, so I was late 14 or early 15. My hard peter stuck way up, almost vertical, but his pointed straight out. For some reason I thought his was normal and mine was not. I felt that having lots of erections in my pants had altered the dynamics of my peter, training it to stick abnormally "up" instead of "out."

 Since I had never played with other boys' boners before, the angle thing made me insecure, thinking my dick had been damaged by getting hard too often inside the restraint of my pants. Just when I was envying his horizontal erection, he asked me "How did you get yours to be so big?" 

That changed everything. Apparently he liked mine. Maybe I had a pretty nice dick after all. I was very relieved. We kept looking and feeling until I got bold and asked "Do you ever do this?" He said "Yeah, I just didn't know if you did it." So of course we both did it together. It was my first jerk with another guy. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hurt Somehow?

I took PE in the sixth grade when most of us were still undeveloped. I saw lots of bare dicks in the locker-room, but none of them that left an impression on me. 

That was my only exposure to boyhood nakedness until a friend spent the night with me when we were about 13. We decided to do something wicked and sleep together nude. Of course we started feeling around. After a few minutes we were stiffly erect. 

We threw the covers back to look at our dicks. My boner was straight as an arrow, which is how I thought all dicks should be. His was curved. His head pointed sideways at a definite angle. 

I felt bad for him, thinking his dick had gotten hurt somehow to keep it from being straight. But the curve did not prevent him from jerking exactly like I did. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weighing in with Coach

When I was in high school, a number of years ago, I was on the basketball team. It's a winter sport, just like wrestling, so we shared the locker room. Every day at the beginning of their practice, all the wrestling boys had to line up NAKED to be weigh in.

 I purposely selected a locker where I could daily watch that line-up! (I remember one poor freshman boy, he was the only one in the whole line still with an almost totally bald cock.) I thought it was odd that the coach who would weigh them also stood completely naked. Maybe to make them feel more comfortable standing around naked themselves?


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Billy Elliot the Musical (Live)

 I want to take a moment to introduce my readers to Billy Elliott the Musical. Which is a long running Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. Originally premiering in Spring of 2005. Many Billy’s have played the role of a young fellow who gave up his Boxing gloves for Ballet slippers. However currently a top notch young fellow Elliott Hanna is one of the finest Billy’s to grace the stage in his enthusiastic portrayal of the talented boy from a desperate striking Mining town, in Northeast Britain.

Maybe many of you have seen the film, and have not looked back..... however the stage adaptation is well worth your time to enjoy.

Don't worry guys, I am not turning commercial sell-out here at OOTS4U. I also recognize some of you would not take a trip to go see a musical in another country, but there is good news the Musical has been adapted to a Cinematic performance with showings in many US local Cinemas. I viewed it today, and I really want to share my experience with my readers with a full 2 thumbs up. The Cinematic production of the Billy Elliot Live Musical is well  produced, including a welcoming introduction by the director, then pushes into a charming backstage tour by 11 year old Elliott Hanna (Billy) and full on into a rich and tastefully filmed screen portrayal of the Live performance with limited cuts or editing apparent. There are a few wide angle shots allowing you to imagine being in the Victoria and partaking in the excitement of a real action Musical.

The children’s acting is natural and convincing, however their talents shine with splendid vocals and nicely choreographed dance changed with energy. Anyone whose visited theatre knows what to expect from the adult actors, but you will easily commend the performances by these kids in this production.
 There is one remaining November date on the 15th, so check out the links below and locate a Cinema near yourself and go enjoy this fine Musical.

Fathom Events (For Cinema tickets)
Fandango (Cinema Tickets)
Victoria Palace Theatre(Live Performance Venue)
Wikipedia (General info)
Elliott Hanna(Billy)
Youtube Videofeaturing  comments by Elliott Hanna


Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Freshman Wrestler

When I was a freshman in HS, toward the end of the football season one of the coaches wanted me to go out for wrestling. Several of us young dudes practiced with the older boys after the coach gave us the basics. Right away he wanted us to go visit a tournament and watch the wrestlers from the big schools.

I will tell you straight up, it was the most erotic experience I have ever had.

Not long into the afternoon, I was just watching the matches and without me thinking about it, something grabbed my attention. One of the wrestlers had just stood up and was walking away from his opponent. Suddenly I'm thinking "OMG, he's got a fully-grown boner inside his singlet!" Then I thought, nah, couldn't be, you're mistaken. But it was true. I probably stared at him. The kid was hard in front of everybody, walking across the gym with his swollen dick fully visible. The boy was absolutely, completely erect and I was seeing it.

A singlet is a one-piece garment worn by wrestlers. It is made of stretchy material (Lycra or similar) and shows everything. Belly button, ribs, pecs, and yes, dick/balls.

I spent the rest of the tournament dick-spotting. Many of the wrestlers got boners. Not all, but enough to make it very interesting for me. Some of them tried to secretly adjust their dicks but it was always totally obvious. Some did it with their hands on the outside of the singlet. Some slipped their fingers in alongside their legs to get to their dicks. And others tried to pretend nothing was wrong. They would walk around with their bulge clearly visible.

The wrestlers might as well have been bare-assed. The shape of their balls was visible. The angle or curve of their dick was on display. You could easily tell whether they were circumcised. If they were, the shape of their dickheads was quickly seen.

I was stiffer than I'd ever been and thinking "I can't stand this any longer." After several matches I went to the restroom. While jacking my hard dick, the horny feelings got stronger and stronger. As I got close to a climax my dick became so hard that it actually hurt. When the cum was triggered, it felt like tons of it were bubbling up somewhere down inside of me. When it shot out, it just kept coming. To this day I think that's the most intense masturbation I ever had.

I went back and "enjoyed" the rest of the tournament. Then I made two decisions. Number one, I would attend every wrestling tournament I could. And number two, I would immediately resign from wrestling so that nobody would ever see me with a boner in a skin-tight singlet.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Lasting Memory

At a family reunion when I was a young jerker of about 13 I was stuck with a guy I didn't know as a roommate in somebody's farm house. Supposed to be a cousin several degrees removed, but a complete stranger. Only one bathroom for a horde of people. After talking about needing to piss, we took turns each peeing through the window screen and into the bushes because we had to go so bad. 

On the first night we did it out of necessity. On the second night we did it again and got boners which led to whacking off together. Never saw that guy again but thought of him a million times.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Maintaining the Garden

Growing up we lived in a sort of old house. I had a small room to myself. It used to be a porch but was enclosed to make an extra room. Right next to my bed was a window. When I was little I didn't want to get up and go to the bathroom at night, so I had an idea. If it was summer or spring, the window was already open. In winter I raised it a couple of inches. And then, you guessed it. I scooted over and got my dick in position. The outside part of the window sill slanted down. My pee ran across the slanted sill and beneath the wooden frame of the window screen and down the outside of the house into a flower bed. One day I saw stains on the outside siding under my window, so I washed them away with the garden hose. As I got a little bigger I quit peeing out the window because it seemed childish.

A few years went by and I needed a way to dispose of the evidence when I jacked off at night. I remembered my old trick and started shooting my wad through the partially-open window. I jacked until I was almost ready to cum and rolled over to take my final strokes with my hard dick aimed out the window. When I shot, I didn't have to worry how much there was or how to catch it. Some of it ran down the outside like the pee did years before. A lot of it dried on the slanted part of the window sill between the window and the screen. I would go out the next day and water the flowers, meaning that I washed away any dribbles that could be seen on the outside of the house.

When we moved away from that house I had been shooting my stuff for about three and a half years. There was a lot of dried cum in the space between the window and the screen. I wonder if the people that bought the house ever noticed and figured out what it was. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Grabbing for Points Game

On a trip to a state park with a bunch of scouts, they didn't have enough men to have an adult in every cabin. What I remember about that trip, a slightly older boy named Dalton was assigned as the counselor in the cabin I was in. I never learned the names of the different stages in scouting, so to me he was nothing more than a bigger boy than the rest of us. He was supposed to make us younger boys behave.

Up into the evening he started a game which he said we would like. He led into it in a real serious way, telling us that this was something only boys could play, and absolutely not if there were any girls or adults around. His game was supposedly a big secret. It went like this. Everybody stripped to their underwear. Then you had to protect yourself. Everybody tried to touch a part of everybody else's body. It started out with one point for a finger or toe but then went up the scale. If you touched somebody's butt you got ten points. If you got through their defenses and squeezed their balls, it was fifteen points. And touching a guy's prick was worth twenty-five. All of this was done with our underwear on, which made it seem like Dalton's game wasn't really too raunchy.

As soon as it started it was a free-for-all. Everybody wrestled with everybody else, trying to make points. Guys would holler out how many points they had, but nobody could keep track or verify any of it. Dalton (not more than 15 and probably not that old) had a strategy. He got other guys to hold a kid down while he touched the guy and got his points. Then to repay the boys that helped him, he would allow himself to be touched.

Well, this went on for a while with everybody making hundreds of points off of everybody else and guys zeroing in on Dalton because he sort of let them touch him whenever they tried. I found it real easy to make points off of him because he didn't put up much defense. Grabbing his dick was a simple matter because it was hard like a few of the others. His boner made an obvious thick ridge in his underwear. I could dart my hand forward, squeeze his bulge, and get away without him blocking me. We were all in one big knot, kicking, yelling, shielding our crotches, meanwhile grabbing everything we could.

All of a sudden one of the kids yelled out, "Dalton spermed!"

The kid pointed to Dalton's underwear. Everybody looked at him. His ridge still made a vertical bulge in his skivvies. And at the top of that ridge there was now an unmistakable two-inch wet spot.

"I did not!" Dalton protested.

At the same time he grabbed a pair of warm-up shorts and quickly put them on.

Did Dalton ejaculate as a result of the game he so innocently started? I'm not sure. It might have been only a drop or two of pre-cum and not the real thing. Assuming that he didn't actually climax during the game, he was clearly in need of finishing the job as soon as possible.

I'll say this for him: he had a definite idea of how to break the ice for all of us and get himself charged up too.


The Early Stages and Something "Wicked"

I think that as young guys, we all occasionally got erections but never thought anything about them or wondered why that happened. It just did, and we naturally accepted it as normal. I remember when my son was 3 years old, I was drying him off after a bath and he happened to have an erection. He excitedly looked at me and said, "Daddy! Look!" and he began "twanging" his little erection (pushing it down and watching it pop back up). For him, it was just a curious novelty.

For myself, the first erection I remember was when I was 7 years old. Me and my friend were doing something "wicked". We were peeing outside! But then he started coming near me and I tried to stuff it quickly back in my pants so he wouldn't see it, and I was having a terrible time trying to get it back in because it was stiff. That's the first time I actually remember realizing I had an erection. (And I remember it not because it had gotten stiff, but because its hardness made it difficult for me to get it quickly back inside my pants).

So, I think for all of us, there comes a day or an event where we first notice and become curious as to why that little thing sometimes gets stiff like it does.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Taking Notice

I was reading some of the stories in the archives, and read about guys trying to remember how old they were when they realized they were getting boners.

My friend across the street from me had a little brother that was not exactly still a baby, but little enough to be barely walking. My friend sometimes brought little brother along when he came over to play. One time he said that his brother needed his diaper changed. So he grabbed up the little guy and the two of us ran across the street to their house. Their dad took the baby and we followed into a bedroom. He put a towel on the bed, laid the kid on the towel, and changed his diaper with us right there. My friend was probably used to that but it was new to me.

What got my attention, when the old diaper came off, the baby's peter was sticking straight up, obviously stiff. I thought it should be laying loose. But it was standing up.

That started me thinking about my own dick. I started noticing my boners. I was in about sixth grade. From then on I knew my dick was getting hard when it would feel strange. Sometimes I would ask to go the restroom so I could look at it while it was hard.