Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Choosing the Right Dorm Roomie

 Higher Academics require rest, relaxation and often a daily wank, choosing the right roommate in a dorm room is vital. Here is another nice story of Roomies dealing with the urge as in the previous College Dorm Guys Story.

I did exactly the same thing my first semester, trying as hard as I could to jerk in bed without making the slightest motion or noise. I thought I was getting away with it, too, thought I was fooling my roommate. But after a few weeks he asked me, "Planning on pounding your drum again tonight?" I cringed. He was a macho hell-raiser with a loud mouth and I was a studious (and religious) introvert.

I never jacked off in the room again. The showers did not have private stalls, so that was out. I finished the rest of that first semester by jacking between classes in the restrooms of academic buildings. Before Christmas a large, socially inept guy (think Baby Huey) that I knew from a couple of classes asked me if I'd like to room with him in the Spring. Although I never considered him a friend, I felt like we would be a better match than what I currently had.

After our first few days my new roomie did something that I totally was not expecting --- quietly lifted a mound in his covers one night in order to masturbate. He did it slowly and carefully, making no noise, but fully obvious because of laying on his back and holding up his covers over his dick. I thought it would be polite to let him think I didn't know, so I didn't join him, but lay in bed with a mega-hard from watching him bump around. I felt sorry for him and didn't want to embarrass him like my other roommate had embarrassed me.

But then the new guy did it again the very next night and got me so horny that I couldn't stand it and rolled into position on my back to did it along with him. From that moment on, we masturbated simultaneously every single night just as soon as the light was out. I was certainly aware he was jacking off and he had to be aware I was doing it because I didn't try to hide, and anyway he could see me taking a washcloth to bed

We never did anything but jack individually under our own covers at the same time. We never mentioned it, never showed our dicks, never got closer than pumping ourselves in our separate beds for an entire semester. I always knew the exact moment that he climaxed because he exhaled a high-pitched soft little groan, just a single brief noise like "Eeh!." To this day I have never figured out his orientation. And --- funny thing --- he was so modest that in the entire time we roomed together I never saw him naked.


Desperate at Disney

Okay. You can add me to the "I Wanked at Disney" list too. I was 13 and my brother was 10. Even though I had privacy at home because we had separate bedrooms, on vacation he and I had to share a bed, right next to mom and dad. It had become my 'ritual' that I always masturbated every night when I got into bed, but now I couldn't, and my throbbing erection in bed next to my brother definitely let me know it missed its nightly exercise. Mom even made me and my brother shower together to "save time". (That was a thrill. My brother had never seen me naked since my puberty started, and he was shocked how "big and hairy" I had gotten.)

By the 3rd day at Disney I could hardly stand it anymore. My brother wanted to go in a store I didn't want to go in, so I convinced my parents to let me to go the restroom while they were with him. I was rock hard by the time I got to the restroom, went up to a urinal and started jerking it like crazy. Two other older boys came in, maybe 14 or 15, but I didn't care. I'd never see them again. I must have been shaking pretty bad because one of them said to me, "Looks like you're having a good time there, dude!" I remember I was so close to cumming that I just said, "Yup", and then the glorious explosion happened. I put it away, still hard, flushed, and left. As fun as Disney was, that day, my restroom trip was definitely the highlight of my day.


The College Dorm and Our Design

My first two years of college I lived in the dorms and had a roommate. Most days, I jerked off privately in the shower but some days I was either too rushed or too tired, and then there were the days when "just once in a day" was not enough to satisfy my 18 year old dick. 

That's when, lying in bed with a throbbing boner and unable to sleep, I'd lie on my side and wiggle myself, ever so carefully, so my roommate would never realize what I was doing. Having to do it so slowly and quietly sometimes made it take excruciatingly long (like a half hour) for me to reach climax. But then it seemed those would be the most intense, once it did spill over into a tremendous cum. But every time I did it, right after I'd be so worried that my roommate may have heard me or even seen me. I wished to badly that I was NOT that horny all the time, but that's the way teenage male bodies were designed I suppose. 


Monday, September 29, 2014

La Cage au Fous

(The Fools Cage)

Probably all of us have performed a risky wank because we could not bear being soooooo horny any longer. Sexual arousal can be intense enough that it trumps logic and common sense. While we are secretly masturbating, that's the only thing in our minds. Our supreme goal, particularly as aroused teen boys, is to rapidly reach a climax and end the terrible desire and often the visible erection. But the instant we complete the job we generally feel like terrible fools for what we've done. 

One time at a dance rehearsal in eighth grade, my cock got super-hard in my tights. As soon as I was off-stage I went way back into the dark auditorium and stood with my boner against the back edge of one of the audience seats. I rubbed my erect cock back and forth against the seat, up and down, every way you can think of. 

Finally I ejaculated into my dance belt, which is a very tight and confining kind of underwear for male dancers. When it was over I had to rush to the dressing room and change tights and belts because the stuff was oozing out of the dance belt and right through my tights. I was horribly ashamed, thinking everybody in the building must know what I had been doing. 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Pleasureable Day at the Park

My first time happened o July 13, 1979 in the shower at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, at about 8:10am. I remember it exactly.

I was almost 14 years old, and we lived in an old house and our bathroom only had a bathtub. So, except for in gym class, I never had the opportunity to take showers. So, in this fancy hotel room, I was taking a shower, and I quickly realized that if the stream of water hit my penis, it felt really nice. And it pretty quickly gave me a huge erection. I realized that adjusting myself so it hit certain parts of my penis, especially the head and the underside, felt extremely nice. And the more I aimed it that way, the better it felt. Then, all of a sudden “THAT THING” happened! My whole body started to shake and I could feel my dick throbbing! But, since I was in the shower, I never saw anything come out of me, nor did I realize I was ejaculating. I knew of nothing other than piss that ever came out of me down there before.

Then, when I was drying myself off, all of a sudden a long, gooey, string of…something…oozed out of my penis. It hung down maybe 12 inches or more. OMG, what is this?? I wiped it up with my hand, and then I felt in my hand that it was slippery and gooey, and it smelled like something I have never smelled before!
I had to leave the bathroom keeping it totally to myself what in God’s name just happened to me!! I was preoccupied that whole day at Disney World, to the point I could hardly wait until I had the opportunity to shower again the next morning.

On that morning, I already had a good erection going, and immediately aimed the water at it. And, for some reason I decided to “wash it” with a soapy hand too. Wow, did that feel good. And then, THAT THING happened again, but this time I saw that stuff spurting out of myself. I began to feel this was an okay thing, and that I had not harmed myself. So that’s how my first time shockingly happened to me.

Anyone else wanna tell about their first?

The Subway Splooge

Ever feel compelled to pump one out in some risky situation meaning likely to get caught? Not doing it because you like the danger. No, doing it because of being so damn horny it "had" to happen in spite of people all around.

For me, two like that. Both resulting in gross loads cumming in my pants. Just telling one today. At 14. On the subway after school. Bookbag on my legs and a boner in my lap which would not go down and got to the throbbing feeling, the cummy "jack me now" phase. Moved the bookbag to rest against my stomach and on my thighs. Enough room under/behind it for my hand. Got to get to my dick. Just want to squeeze and mash. But soon rubbing my lump with my knuckles. People all around. Dick feels humongous. Hard as hell. Feels so cummy. Hiding my jerky hand with the bookbag and making my dick more horny every second because of rubbing it! Telling myself to stop, stop, stop! But keep on rubbing, knuckles going faster and faster. Thinking this is insane. Got to cum! Got to cum before my station. Felt like the whole car was watching. Got to cum! Got to get there! Almost! Faster, knuckles going 60 miles an hour! Rub, rub, rub! Feels close but won't cum. Bookbag shaking like mad, people must know! Faster, faster! Will it cum this time? Feels like it! Yes! Now! GOOSH! SPURT! SPLOOGE! on my skin, in my underwear, my pubes! Nasty. Dick shrinking in the nasty mess. Feel so stupid. Oh god, what if it soaks through my pants. Wondering, are you crazy or what?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Managing - THAT THING

“THAT THING” Is Going To Happen!

I had a love-hate relationship with masturbation when I first got into it.

I learned to jack off at 12 completely by myself and totally shocked at the result. I never thought about whether other boys did or didn’t do it. It was just a bizarre and frightening bodily function that I stumbled onto. It was so strange that I thought of it in vague terms without knowing a name for it. I might decide, “I guess I’ll do that thing tonight.”

The phrase “that thing” had two meanings for me. It meant the simple motion of moving my fingers back and forth on my hard little dick. That was something I could control. Up to a certain point I could stop wiggling my dick anytime I wanted to. Sometimes I did stop, choosing not to go to completion. But generally if I started that thing, I kept going.

As the process continued, I reached an unnerving condition where the decision to stop was taken away from me and stopping became impossible. The phrase “that thing” then morphed into what you might think of as an upper-case version with a more specific meaning. After passing the moment where I could no longer stop, THAT THING meant not the jacking action but the unnerving and unstoppable second of electric climax and fluid ejaculation.

My beginning experiences with cumming in sixth grade were frightening. The act of ejaculating scared me bad enough to keep me from doing it very often. I expected blood to spurt out of my penis at any minute. And yet after days of resisting I always reached a point where I had to do it despite my efforts to be good. Because I put it off for a couple of weeks at a time the need would get very demanding. I would reach a point where it was impossible to resist any longer.

Finally I would give up trying to be a good boy and take a big handful of toilet paper to bed with me. Then I waited until I was sure my little brother was asleep. Sometimes I would lay in bed thinking he would never nod off. All that time I would be touching and wiggling my little boner. At last he would get still. Then I very cautiously slid my covers down and popped my hard-on out through the slot in my briefs.

Right away I got busy doing “that thing” to my tense little stiffie, meaning the simple pumping part where I slid my fingers back and forth constantly on my rigid little stiffie. I knew I was weak for doing it, but at the same time I liked the way it made me feel - up to a point. So I lay in bed zipping my thumb and a couple of fingers back and forth on a very needy little peter. Then suddenly I knew that I’d gone beyond stopping and now THAT THING (this time in all caps) was going to happen. That was the part that frightened me.

I got my toilet paper ready, dreading and yet desiring what was going to happen. I could feel it
building and getting closer while my mind thought again and again: “THAT THING is going to happen, THAT THING is going to happen!” Then, an empty pause that I couldn’t stand, followed by a feeling that made me shake all over. And then ZOT! Kind of an explosion went off inside me and THAT THING gripped me. I’d cross my ankles and tense my legs. The stuff would shoot out, I’d roll it up in the paper, and it would be over. I lay still, catching my breath. My brother was still asleep. I was still alive. I’d survived that thing.

Afterwards I forced myself to be good again for as long as I could stand it. And then I would decide one day, “I think I'll do that thing tonight.”


Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're no Different

There used to be a charity camp in Oklahoma, off the Interstate on old highway 66. They ran buses into the poor neighborhoods of the cities and got parents to sign up their boys for a week or two. The first time I went my counselor was a black college guy. We boys were white, black, native American, Hispanic, you name it.

Before doing anything else he said he was going to prove we were all the same regardless of what we might think. He told us to strip down to nothing and line up. Then he said, you been trying to look at each other while getting undressed, now go on and do it. Is there anything the other guy has got that you don't have? Look close and tell me. Be proud of your body. Let them look at you while you look at them.

After a little more pep talk he finished off by saying, if anybody gets to acting too troublesome you'll be walking around naked in front of the whole camp to prove you're no different than anybody else.

It was a peculiar way to make his point, but it worked. It also had a side effect. Among those of us that were into jacking, it broke down some racial barriers to buddy-wanking that would probably have existed otherwise. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Church Camp Forbidden Bodies

 Let's hear it for church camp! 

At about 10 years old it was my first exposure to nakedness. Not gym classes which other people talk about, but church camp! I went home with my head full of mental snapshots of forbidden body parts. If the counselor was not looking we tried to pull people's shorts off. The other boys were already used to doing it. It was the first time for me to stay anywhere overnight without my parents.
Believe me, it was a landmark in my little life. 
Every year I was ready to go again! 


Special Cream and Starbucks Delivered

See I got this friend Jake, we’ve known each other since like Middle school. So were shower buddies and he let me look and I let him see mine too. I’ve probably seen his dick more than anybody else and almost as much as mine. I really love to see his dick. We did homework a lot together and got bored, so kinda started accidently touching the other guys balls until it got to be like a game and we just decided to get boners doing that and so we showed them to see who had what. That was all like in Middle school end… like 8thgrade.

He sleeps over sometimes after that and we didn’t do the grab at all, but that one night  when we went in bed, we kinda cuddled some and it was so nice. I didn’t feel awkward about him no more or about anybody touching the other person. He looked at me with his eyes and says, “I Love you Nicky”
Whoa man that’s Mind-Blowing, I impulse imagined to just maybe…. let him do me all!!!  And right then. But I always wanted to save myself. I like being a virgin, and I like sayin that too!! But Jake has known me I since felt like a troll in Mid School, I’m surprised he still talks to me now.

So yeah next, He says I’m cute, and then kissed me on my lips. I think we cuddled more and grinded them boners together. He says he needs to jack now, and I said me too caus we’re both so hard. So pull down our boxers and we start doing our own way, but  looking at the other boner getting stroked up hard. I know he wanted to touch mine like I did too. So, I didn’t even asked, I just take his cock in my hand and like clockwork he done that to me too. I never felt like this before someone doing that on me, it was so nice jacking him plus seeing him so sporty and nice with me alone. He was pumping me so good,  I couldn’t stop……I shooted on his hand all dripping like a cinnabon. I guess he thinks that it was icing too cause he licks some up on his tongue tip. I starts to clean the spunk up with a shirt, but he stop me and grabbed my cock again smearing that icing around my balls still so tight. He's ripping his fast, then blinked his eyes shut and quick-like finishes his wank with long stringy shots up to his pecs. He scoops some with his finger and put it close to my lips. My eyes got like huge, but I smiled and taste it. We laughed and I wiped him with the same shirt.

That was our first time, and now we sleep together in my bed, and do rub buddy handies and on good days some head. I love seeing his dick and think about it all the times. He is so sweet, he fly’s me to Jupiter and Back! I sometimes forget how cute he is because his personality is all Waay cuter.

Then next week later, he texts me says he will bring a surprise over. I don’t even know what, but he shows up with my best Starbucks drink and I’m so freaked, I just jump up on him in a hug. He holds my butt and kiss me. Then he puts me flat on my bed. I am limber and just get on top and do a split across his crotch doing a grinder on him. We smiling and laughing so much. He gets my Starbucks and puts the cream on his lips so I can lick it off. I say yeah I wanna lick it off some better place. He grins and in like 3 seconds he rips off his pants and stuffs his dick in my mouth. I stop him and say “Wait Dude,  gotta give me my cream”. He say you gotta work for it, then laughs as he puts a spoonful on his dick head for me. I licked it up slowly and its yummy, then he pushes it back in for me to suck good on him. It was great getting to suck Jake, and I did get my Starbucks with special cream


Monday, September 8, 2014

Holiday Parade Peeking

This was a phase of my early adolescence that lasted for less than a year, yet I remember it in great detail.

Growing up, I loved to visit my grandparents for holidays. They lived in a small town that organized old-fashioned hometown parties on every holiday. Several blocks of the main streets would be closed. Everybody brought food to share and chairs to sit in and watch the parade. there would be a bounce house for the kids, face-painting, fire trucks, fireworks, a band or two, as well as booths and contests and pick-up games of all kinds in the park.

Plus: four or five temporary toilets on street corners, often bright blue.

The portable toilets first had a strange appeal for me when I was little, from perhaps five years old up into elementary school. I would wander along the blocks from toilet to toilet and go into each temporary restroom.  I tried to piss in all of them. If I didn't have any piss left I still went and stood in each toilet with the head of my little dickie poking out of my fly.

I outgrew that early port-a-pot phase. But when I was thirteen the temporary outhouses took on renewed significance for me.  At the Fourth of July party that summer I went into one of the toilets again.

I had learned how to masturbate just weeks before. I didn't really understand what was going on when I stimulated my stiff penis with my moving hand, but I loved doing it because it gave me funky feelings and made my whole body sort of explode. I think I was addicted to the instant of ejaculation. I would breathlessly crave the moment I was waiting for, the split second when I kind of cramped all over and sticky stuff sprayed triumphantly out of my stiffie like a jet stream.

Not only had I passed the jacking milestone, but of course I'd become taller. So when I went into one of the portable toilets that summer I learned that I could see out through the air vents and watch what people were doing. However, the people I was watching couldn't see inside to know what I was doing. Specifically, they couldn't see my bare dick which I was flopping around while taking a secret look at everything. That was exciting in a strange way, resulting in my dick developing a hard-on while I stood in one of the toilets and peeked out through the vents.

Standing there with a fully erect stiffie in my hand, from inside me came the question: "What if I do that rockin' thing to my peter right here? Right now? Right in this blue bathroom?"

Naturally I went for it. I jiggled my hand back and forth on my stiff boner and looked through the vents while doing it. My happy young erection became more and more "ready" with each stroke and before long the growing sensations told me that the cool squirt was about to happen. The payoff that I loved hit with a deep climax that made my whole body shake. My load of cum sprayed into the urinal mounted on the side wall while I watched bicycle contests and kids lined up at the bounce house. Some of the guys were boys that I knew, and I thought how funny it was that I was jacking off while staring right at those dudes - and wondering if they knew how to do it.

Later the same afternoon I visited another port-a-pot and jacked my boner once more. Again I watched people and activities through the vents while I sublimely masturbated to a secret cumshot. With every stroke of my hand I thought, "They don't know what I'm doing in here and that is cool, so cool."

When the celebration was over and we went back to our own bland big-city neighborhood, I did something that I'd never done before.  I began to "plan ahead" for the next holiday masturbation. I was constantly wishing for a date to arrive that was weeks or months off, looking forward to climaxing once again in the temporary bathrooms. Every time I pumped myself I thought about the port-a-pots and about watching guys while I jacked.  I kept after my parents to promise me we'd make the trip for the Labor Day party.

Labor Day is approximately two months after the Fourth of July. I felt like the first weekend in September would never come. During those two months I fantasized during every masturbation that I was secretly jacking off in a portable toilet and looking at guys standing around outside.

Over the course of the next few months we attended several more holiday parties in my grandparents' town and I enjoyed awesome masturbations in the portable toilets, often three times in a single day. The whole set-up aroused me. I would get hard in the car while we were still miles away. Once we were there my erection was absolutely rigid before ever reaching a toilet. I walked through the crowds and knowing that my dick was already rock hard. It would be a seriously sensitive boner, accompanied by the "feelings" that tell you when you try to reposition it that your entire body is on a hair trigger.

After I was inside the potty I would force myself to pump slowly and not reach my climax too fast. Then when the ejaculation was inevitable I would aim it right into the urinal (I never bothered with the seat) and hear the muted splat when my load hit the thin plastic. And all of that would take place while looking at other people through the vents.

For months my entire sex life revolved around those portable toilets - either masturbating in them or impatiently waiting for the next holiday.

But things change.

By the next Fourth of July I was fourteen and "wiser" (if you can say that about a 14-year-old boy). At church camp earlier that summer I had experienced a major sexual advance: I discovered the incredible fulfillment of mutual masturbation with another guy who got stiff and had to pump one out just like I did. Shared jacking was far better than doing it alone. After camp I was constantly evaluating other dudes as potential jacking partners and looking for situations where I might learn something about another boy.

Since two guys would be very obvious if they were seen entering a portable toilet together, the temp potties no longer held the same significance for me that they previously had. I jacked in them from time to time, but they ceased to be so exciting because I now wanted companionship when jacking and could not invite a partner into a portable. As a result I quit hanging out in the porties and hunted venues where two boys could scout each other in relative safety. My port-a-potty phase was over after a single year.

Although that was many years ago, portable toilets (all of them blue in my memory) still hold an awesome place in my mind.


Secret Game

I used to play a secret game with a friend when i was little (I forget exactly how old but pre-pubescent), it was called bum bums and willies and consisted of us taking it in turn to examine each others private parts. This continued for some time although nothing sexual ever took place.

 I remember as I got a bit older, I was out walking one day with another friend. Randomly I suggested we might play this game, he just laughed at me .........I was so embarrassed I never again mentioned it...