Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Would you answer?

TC Comments in response to Our Carefully Hidden Secrets

The question has been in my mind all day, "Would I accept my old buddy's invitation or not?" Here's where my reasoning has taken me.
In a real situation of that kind there would be things such as "feelings" to consider plus the matter of possibly "hurting" a pal from long ago who has reached out to me in friendship. Those sort of touchy-feeling complications would really compound the question, making a classic Hobson's Choice out of what should be an easy decision.
So let's assume that I could eliminate the emotional aspects and give an unqualified yes or no.
Here's my answer: No.
Of course I would make up some kind of reason that would sugar-coat the truth. But the genuine reality is that I want to remember each friend as he was back then - and myself also. I don't want to modify the past by having to acknowledge the present at the same time. Let's say one of the absolute best periods of my life involved myself and a certain friend when we were both a happy-go-lucky fourteen. When I think of the two of us and our escapades, I somehow become fourteen again for a few minutes. I want to preserve that memory; take it out and enjoy it whenever the mood strikes me. Having an adult sexual encounter with that friend would destroy something beautiful that flourished in great part for the simple reason that we were fourteen.
Call it messing with the time-space continuum if you want to - I just wouldn't want to do it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Unforgettable Call

A response to Our Carefully Hidden Secrets

There was this one person who was a great jerk-off buddy of mine when we were kids. We hung out a lot during summers, swimming, and camping, so always our sleep-overs were fun. He's now married with kids of his own. I was surprised when he called me about a year ago when he was in a nearby town on a business trip. He was hinting about meeting for a beer, and even asked me bout stopping by his hotel room, and perhaps "we could maybe have a little fun like we used to."
 It shocked me when he said that, because I thought for sure those "Gay" feelings for him were just a boyhood thing long since outgrown. Time and other commitments made us meeting an impossibility, but I was at least thinking about actually meeting with him, as weird as it might have been, now almost 20 years after the last time we did anything like that together. So, like other writers and readers here, maybe it's HIS carefully hidden secret??


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Carefully Hidden Secrets

When I was a pre-teen and young teen, one of my very best friends was my same-age cousin who lived right next-door to me. He was the youngest of four kids, all boys. He and I were the same age and grade, but he was actually 10 months younger than me. So in that critical puberty time, I was a little ahead of him. Indeed, I was the one who showed him how to masturbate, and he had his very first orgasm and ejaculation with the skilled attention of my right hand. We became secret jerk-off buddies and that lasted until right before his 16th birthday when we did it together for the very last time.

But back to the summer after we first started, when we were doing it together almost every day, one day at his house after we both had our climaxes he told me there was something secret he wanted to show me. We went into one of his brother's bedrooms, a brother who was five years older than him, so he was probably 17. He carefully pulled out the bottom drawer of a desk cabinet, and hidden inside that cabinet, underneath the bottom drawer, was a big apparently secret stack of...muscle magazines.

Huh?? These were those magazines of guys flexing their shiny muscles, with their arms twice as big as their waists, and wearing nothing but a tiny black Speedo and perhaps big leather boots. I wasn't sure what to say or think. "This was the big secret you wanted to show me?" His brother was not a weight lifter; indeed he was average. So I was confused both as to why he had this collection of muscle magazines, and why did he keep them so carefully hidden?

My older cousin, his brother, ended up leading an odd life. He never married nor had kids of his own, but he's lived with a woman with kids, now for decades. So the more I've thought of it, I'm thinking as a 17-year old those male muscle magazines might have been sexually arousing to him. So that's possibly one "latent homosexual" from my childhood.

Years after we finished high school, I discovered that my very best friend of childhood, and someone who I was never successful in
getting to play, "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours", I find out he's living with a guy. He's gay!

I had another same-age cousin, this one on my father's side of the family, we had a sleepover when we were 14, and I was so horny and brazen that night that I was successful in getting him to let me touch his cock (it was rock hard), and I convinced him to touch mine (also rock hard, which he did touch for maybe a whole 10 seconds). And then I even jerked myself off while we were both in that same bed hoping he'd still join me. No such luck.  Many years later, my dad showed me a photo of him, now living on the west coast, with his "roommate". Looking at the two of them, the "gaydar" started blaring. Yup. That cousin of mine was also gay!

My wife has two brothers. Yup. One of them is gay. He's had a stable partner for many years and we all openly know about him.

So, even though when I was going up, I wasn't sure if being "gay" actually existed because I never thought I knew anyone who was gay. But looking back, it seems like there was a lot of it going on, but mostly in the shadows...


Thursday, July 24, 2014

A better use for the News

My brother (three years older than me) used to jack off while looking at pictures in Playboy. He showed me pictures of women that made him get really hard. I would look at the pictures and wonder what was the big deal? One time I told him the pictures were stupid. He said I would figure it out when I got older. When I started doing it myself he would look through the magazine and try to help me by showing me certain pictures he thought I would like. He was completely wrong. Instead, of Playboy I got hard staring at guys underwear advertisements in the newspaper. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Brotherhood Betrayal at Camp

All right, here goes a response to the wedding post. I apologize if it’s too long. 

The summer between my junior and senior years I worked at a camp that I’d attended several times while growing up. We were not counselors, just a young teenage work pool. We did things like take care of the grounds, collect trash and work in the cafeteria.

I was 17, one of the oldest boys. I was old enough and had heard enough to know that sex was the key to creating babies, that the husband had to insert his hard penis into his wife and work it back and forth until he delivered his sperm, a variation of what I did when masturbating. I’d been enjoying masturbation since 13 but never had sex, and in fact had no urge to do so. Sex was purely an academic thing, something I just knew about without ever experiencing it.
Despite not being attracted to intercourse, I did expect to get married and have children, figuring that I was simply not ready yet and I would be able to do it when the time came that I had to father kids.

There were around two dozen guys working at the camp plus an equal number of girls. The boys lived together in a bunkhouse, our beds all in one big open room and a communal shower in the bathroom. No privacy, but hey, we were guys and this was no different from gym at school. We were all naked in front of each other constantly, every dick available for observation by every boy.

I knew that some of the guys privately jacked off in their bunks at night. I watched them bumping around and always got real stiff as I imagined the progress of their masturbations and watched for the moment that they ejaculated. However I never did it in bed myself. I disciplined myself never to jerk when/where the others could possibly catch me.
Although not directly related to what I’m telling, I did have a masturbation partner among the crew, a boy that had noticed me in the same way that I had noticed him. The two of us jacked together nearly every day, giving each other hands-on attention and also talking about the jackers we saw in bed. We were very careful to keep our activity private and didn’t hang with each other in the bunkhouse or elsewhere.

Several weeks into the summer a few of us were riding to a job on the back of a flat-bed truck when somebody mentioned that one of the boys (call him Jim) had been "sent home" that day, meaning he’d been fired and was not welcome to return. So had one of the girls. I had no clue what had happened, but the others seemed to know bits and pieces of the story.
One of the boys said, "Well if Jim and Mindy wanted to screw each other, why is it anybody else’s business?"

The others had various opinions, but I was no longer listening. I was astounded at what I had just heard. Jim, who was a year younger than me, must have had sex with Mindy! I had seen Jim naked many times. I knew the size and shape of his penis, the way his balls drooped on one side, the way his pubes grew in tight curls above his dick. Now I imagined him with an erection, his pants down, his 16-year-old boner being inserted into Mindy’s body. It was beyond understanding. How could he DO such a thing? How could he WANT to do such a thing? How could she LET him do it?

That night I lay awake wrestling with the idea of one of my acquaintances having had sex. A penis that I had seen many times in the presence of other boys had been used for sex with a girl! My mind was overwhelmed. Jim was one of the guys who sometimes beat off at bedtime. I told myself that he could jack off if he wanted to cum. He could masturbate with one of us other guys (me, for instance) if he needed companionship. Why mess with screwing Mindy?
You can see that jacking off was normal in my mind, while intercourse was highly abnormal, at least until you got married and were forced to do it if and when you wanted babies. And yet Jim and Mindy had apparently WANTED to do it, and (to judge from the other boys’ conversation) had been doing it quite a bit during the previous weeks.

Then my thoughts turned to my own body. I thought of becoming erect, of getting horny and needing to have a climax. I thought of hovering over a naked girl with my stiff dick ready... and at that point my erection collapsed. I tried to think it through again, envisioning the girl with her legs spread awaiting the entrance of my hard penis... and my mind shut down. I knew I could not do it, would never be able to do it. There was not one chance in a million that I could bring myself to thrust my penis into the awaiting girl. My dick would shrivel up in protest. The closer my mind brought me to penetrating a girl, the more horrendous I felt. I knew I couldn’t do it.

Jim was the first guy I knew personally who had sex. The knowledge that he WANTED to do it and that WANTING to do it was somehow what was truly normal, brought me face to face with the realization that I absolutely DIDN’T want to do it and would therefore forever be "different."

Releasing the Prisoner

One night a couple of my friends and I had a sleep-over at my house. We had a bad azz night, Mom got us Pizza and let us play our games on the main TV with the big speakers. But we had to move to my room when it got late. Joey was gaming, marathon-style. He said we should play all night. He was laying on a sleeping bag at the end of my bed. Trent and I had laid up on the bed and fell asleep after an hour I think.

At some time, maybe 2 hours later I woke and found Joey asleep but left the game and TV on. I turned all that off, but when I was climbing back into bed, I noticed Trent was unbuttoned and a boner lifting his shorts. I glanced, and began thinking how it was pressing up at a sharp angle in his shorts and briefs. I slid under the sheets and turned my back towards him. Even though he seemed completely asleep, I felt like I should pretend I never saw it. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot he suddenly was looking. I was getting boned with thinking of him. In seconds mine was ready for jacking. I started to work it, my mind kept wandering back to Trent, right next to me. I turned back flat, and I guess I am ashamed to say, but I managed to quietly and softly unzip his shorts to release the captive prisoner, but I also felt I might then touch the outside of his over the fabric of his undies.         

His seemed much harder than mine. I let my palm just rest there, curious what he might be dreaming about that caused this random boner. Was he thinking of any action with guys or doing horny stuff with one? In seconds, my other hand received my warm pleasure freely flowing and guiltless onto my belly. Afterwards, the sudden awareness, sent both of my hands into a cover-up mode.
I think I even wanted to zip Trent up. Instead I slid outta bed and into the bathroom for a clean-up. I stayed there a few minutes trying to convince myself that Trent was really sound asleep, and hoping he knew nothing bout my wandering hand or how I had just become satisfied with a hands-on inspection of his mighty unit.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teens and the Drama of Weddings

I was at a wedding recently. It had three attractive 13 y.o. boys in attendance. On the down side for them, there was just one teenage girl at the reception, other than these four there were no other teenagers in attendance at all.

I understood the boys are all starting 9th grade in a few weeks. One boy (I'll call him "Whispy-boy" because I was betting that's all he yet had down in his pants) appeared to be the late-bloomer of the group. Same age but the only one whose voice hadn't changed much yet. So, where I'm sure the other two were already quite well developed, with changed voices and one with quite a bit of acne, this other boy would be the one too embarrassed to take showers in 9th grade with his classmates.

I really identified with this one boy who was wearing glasses ("Specs"). The evening reception started out with the three boys hanging around together. Laughing, joking, even all going to the restroom together. But by maybe 9 o'clock it became apparent that the third boy (I'll called him "Pizza Face", for obvious complexion issues) was now distancing himself from the other two and was now actively seeking the attention of the girl. He spent the rest of the night first talking with, then hanging around with, and finally dancing with the girl. Lots and lots of dancing, touching, and a little hand-holding too.

My curiosity was wondering if Specs and Pizza-boy have been, uh, "special friends" who have enjoyed exciting sleepovers and the same kind of boy-boy discover activities that I enjoyed when I was their age. But, now about to enter 9th grade, (remembering sadly, for myself at his age) Specs is realizing that his special buddy is now  becoming much more attracted to girls........ oh sigh......

That was the time for me, approaching 9th grade, that I began to realize most boys REALLY WERE becoming sexually attracted to girls. But I felt absolutely nothing sexually toward girls. It honestly freaked me. In my mind I went back and forth thinking that they must just be pretending to be sexually interested in girls, or then back to feeling they were really becoming sexually interested in girls. And, "why oh why was I not"???

After talking, dancing, and touching this girl for a couple hours, I bet Pizza-boy couldn't wait to get home, secure in the secrecy of his bedroom, and just wank wildly. 

Now, back to poor Specs. Like me at that age, he probably went home and did the same thing in his bed, but not focusing on a girl. Again like me at his age, he might have been focusing on his special jerk-off buddy, although slightly worried he may be losing his jacking partner.

 Boris Boyavich

Monday, July 14, 2014

Boys at the Lakehouse (Part II)

This is a continuation of an Epic story posted here on OOTS4U about a year ago. It is about Logan who was quite excitable I would say. He became aroused by the slightest imaginable touch. We shared some unreal bold experiences in our teens.
See Part 1 here

Boys at the Lakehouse Part II -

Logan and I happily slept on the floor in the same room his parents were to sleep in. I had just fallen off soundly after we had slyly made out only about 20 minutes before, then...

 I had heard them come stumbling in after they finished off what seemed to be maybe 10 gallons of beer. They might have attempted to be quiet,but the clumsy footsteps of Logan's drunken Father plodding just past my head, abruptly woke me. I pretended to remain asleep. I now waited until the folks tucked themselves in. Then slid my hand inside Logan's unzipped sleeping bag. Nestling to my candy….. his warm crotch. Somehow he still had a semi. My dreams that night, I do not recall, but they fell far short of what was to come that weekend.

 In the morning we popped out of bed, dressed quietly, and headed out the door to do some early morning fishing. Logan, knew all the good spots. It was peaceful to be in nature with him. He was younger but worldly in the outdoors. I was a city boy and it showed in my lack of fishing skills. We enjoyed the time alone together none the less.
 Eventually, I had been put to shame by Logan’s fishing prowess, my pride barely saved by our growling stomachs which led us back to his Gramma's house for breakfast. His somber parents were heads down in their coffee, attempting to sober up. They were going back home for a wedding in town. Logan's Gran fed a nice home-style breakfast then chased everyone out of the house, since her regimen of canning and knitting or something incredibly important had to get done.
 We were silently jubilant that the Parents went back to town. This left the guest bedroom and the bed all to us for Saturday night. We still had a day at the lake to burn so  me, and Logan in our swim suits, quickly headed to the water heeding the natural draw to water as the daytime heat pressed on.

 This was a huge lake, I knew it well, since I grew up coming there every summer with another neighbor buddy, he and I never did do horny stuff as little kids.Logan's Grandma's place was on the north side of the lake, which had fine beach sand. The sandy beach lent a gentle slope as the water opened towards the massive reservoir. We waded out to waist-high trading splashes then then piled on pool floats. Occasionally knocking each other off or dunking one another into the warm lake water. It was high summer in Texas, gladly, it was early afternoon, before the ruinous heat baked us red. The romp slowed as we grew a tired of dunk your buddy. We changed to diving under each others legs. In a sudden halt,  Logan thumbed down his trunks to pee. I followed his lead doing the same. With a giggle warning, I reached over and sort of tickled his butt cheek.This obviously disturbed his pee concentration. He mumbled...

 “Will you keep your hand to yourself” or something semi smart ass?

 He had beat me at fishing, but I was determined to best him somehow, I quickly tugged his trunks to his knees. It became a fight to pants each other. lots of splashing, beaky teen voices yelling, occasional soft white skin bared, followed by a bear hug plunge underwater, we both ceded to leave the suits at our knees

Logan had a bravado about him that had curiously coaxed me to join his reckless abandon. We both resulted in bare buns with our trunks trapped by one toe at the bottom of the lake. We stood together in this state of nudity with only a shroud of greenish aqua serving as a natural modesty diffuser. It was the first time I had ever been exposed like this in a public place. I tell ya,  here we were....easily in view from the Lakehouse. It was tempting a fate of ill-discovery, by adults! I sustained with this confidence, the water mask was up to our chests. [Perhaps they could not see our condition. In this flirtation with fateful indulgence, our dicks floated freely in the gentle movement of the water. Slightly bouyant boy parts, I found his, and he reached to mine.
 It was a completely novel stimulation for us, gentle parts enveloped in  warm water combined with caresses by wrinkly palms presented quick erections for both of our cocks. I secured my suit in one hand, and dove under the water. I held myself under at his waist, then slowly fish mouthed his dick. It was difficult to stay under holding my breath while mouthing his enlarged size. However this was hornier than anything I'd ever done, all this was so incredibly brazen shielded by illusions of dancing green water . As I came up for air, Logan heaved a breath then dove under to do a fishy suck on mine. During his amusing splashdown, I saw a bit of his white butt break top water. The musculature apparent by glinting rays across the sheen of white pale skin. I held up one of the floats in a vertical shield from any suspecting eyes. The house was 50 yards away and we had no idea where Granny might be? Sure it caused some nervousness, but this unstoppable exploit was too great to think about a sad detour.
 We finally reclaimed our trunks and settled into some more sedate games. We traded turns, one boy towing the other like a tug boat by one hand in the shallows. As I pulled him along face-down his dick bumped sand ripples, which kept him hard from light friction. We moved to the beach sand, I buried his feet, legs and torso. Saving the crotch until the last bit to get sand burial. I formed a monument by the shape of his semi, tempting us both to an impossible wait. We both relished his King Tut status and I believe now,  he was indeed the Boy king. Of course,  the uncovering procedure, took me ages to completely wipe the sand from those trunks and that welcoming  bump. Not much more could be managed her and now, so we gave into the hunger wrought from high activity, it was time to return to the back patio for a nice lunch, served up by the apparently unsuspecting Granny

 After a hearty lunch, Gran said we should stay inside the rest of the afternoon, judging by our nearing sunburn, we complied. She announced that towels were in the bathroom as we should wash off the lake water and relax indoors. I wished that we could have showered together, but we figured that would be too daring, two guys being in the bathroom together. After showering, Logan come parading nude from the bathroom, towards our newly claimed bedroom. He had no modesty about his naked body around family. This furthered all the temptation I had, incredibly this would last until our bedtime.

 We played video games, and watched TV to fill the long afternoon That evening that guest room was  all to ourselves. We slipped off our clothes with a measure of coy intent. Grinning across the room to one another as we slid each leg of our shorts off, and as his tee came over his head his smile was bigger thant the glistening moon.

 Just before flipping off the light, Logan found an unusual surprise sat on the night table. Wide eyed we knew Logan's Granny had likely placed the jar of Vaseline there for us.There was no denying, she estimated something about us. Maybe she had seen us that day? We were puzzled and feeling cautious, but the days activity had surmounted a gallons of endorphins and testosterone that had to be spent. We were not deterred.

 That night we adamantly avoided the brand new tub of lubricant. We always used natures own lubricant. On that night we elected not to give the old girl validation. I was no stranger of methods to satisfy Logan silently, a little gentle massage some focused attention to his hard cock orally, then we fell asleep arms draped around each other replete and content.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Sweet Relief from the Pool

After reading some of your stories, here is my experience with realizing my body was changing.

I was about 12 at the time. I was not completely uninformed; I knew that babies came out of women's bodies and that there was something secret the man had to do to get her pregnant. I had no clue how all of it worked, however.

On the day that I became aware of something strange happening to my penis, I was sitting in my mother's car in the driveway at one of her friends house. She ran inside for some reason, and of course stayed longer than planned. Meanwhile the private parts of my body felt very uncomfortable while I waited.

I squeezed and rubbed and re positioned my pants, but there seemed to be a problem with my penis. Keeping watch on the front door so I wouldn't be caught doing something I knew was nasty, I unzipped my fly right there in the car and pulled my dick out through my briefs so I could examine it. I was frightened by what I found. My penis was stiff, long, and abnormally solid-feeling. It stuck solidly up into the air from my zipper. This was not the way it was supposed to be. It should be sort of floppy, easy to use when I needed to pee.

As I inspected my boner, something else caught my attention. There were a couple of hairs sticking through the slot of my underwear along with my stiff penis. I thought perhaps they had fallen from my head, so I grabbed them. I instantly knew they were attached to my body!

This caused me to pull my zipper and underwear wide open and take a look. There was indeed hair sprouting around my penis!

I felt more comfortable with my penis exposed than when it was confined inside my pants, so I let it remain out in the open where I could touch it until I saw the door open and my mother step out onto the porch. Then I crammed my afflicted dick back into its prison.

As we drove home I wondered what to tell my mother. Maybe, "Mom, I'm worried about my penis." No. No way. "Or, "Do people's penises get paralyzed?" No again. How about, "I think I need to go to the doctor." Uh-uh. She would want to know why.

When we got home I went in the bathroom and sat on the commode. My penis was still stiff and I was seriously frightened. Something terrible was wrong with it. And the hair - how had I missed that before? It must have been there for a while without me noticing it.

I became sort of accustomed to having erections. Once I noticed them, they seemed to happen every day. There was no escaping them. I spent a great deal of my time with a stiff dick in my pants.

Finally I discovered what to do to relieve my erections. I was at the swimming pool and felt an unrelenting stiffness in my groin. My dick was so hard that it was unbearable, almost painful. I went into the restroom and sat on the pot. I was feeling kind of crazy about my stiffies and thought, "This can't keep happening. I've got to do something about it."

I began rapidly swinging my hard dick back and forth, thinking that might cause it to relax. But as I swung it, the weirdness of sexual sensations overtook me. I kept playing with my stiff penis, telling myself to stop but not able to quit. All of a sudden I felt like darkness closed in on me for a minute, and a totally unfamiliar feeling shot through every cell of my body! And at that instant a spray of gooey looking stuff blasted out of my little boner.

Well THAT was strange, I told myself once I got my breath.

From then on I had a fool-proof technique for dealing with the curse of a stiff dick. I came to love the mounting sensations as I stroked my boner, the thrill of "almost there" when the cum began to make its journey through my system, and the unbelievable ecstasy of an orgasm.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Poison Ivy Mistake

I was at a family reunion picnic at a big campground. Me and one of my cousins went through the bushes and vines to get down by the creek to piss. While we were there we kind of played with each other which we started doing when we were little. Now we were big enough to have a quick wank together. When we climbed back up through the bushes my dad was looking for us and told me "I hope you didn't get into that poison ivy."

Guess what. I did get into it. You want to guess where the poison ivy got me? My dick and balls! My balls swelled up and got real thick and tight like a big solid rubber ball and my dick was all red, puffy and swollen. Also my hands. And everything itched, itched,and itched! My mother put lotion on my hands but I didn't dare tell her about 
the other place. 

Did you ever try to piss with a case of poison ivy? It is something you won't forget, standing at the pisser and waiting to get it going. It took days to get over the poison ivy. Instead of showering I took tub baths to try to make my junk feel better.

A year passed until the next reunion. When we went to the picnic and I saw my cousin we kind of looked at each other and he said "Whatever you do, don't go down by the creek to piss!"


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boys and Blades of Grass

A boy in my grandparents’ neighborhood introduced me to bare penises in a novel way. One of the
families in the block grew a big vegetable garden in a vacant lot next to their house. The man was a
grouchy old fart who yelled at kids not to mess with his garden, not to step on his grass, not to
let our toys roll into his yard, etc. etc.

There was a certain boy about my age that I played with whenever I visited my grandparents. One day he told me he had figured out how to get back at the old man.

We went down the alley until we came to the tall board fence behind the garden. My friend put his
finger on his lips and pointed to a knothole in one of the boards. Then he opened his fly and poked
his dick through the hole and pissed into the garden!

This was amazing in two ways. First, getting revenge by pissing. And second, baring his private thing right in front of me. It was the first time I ever saw another guy’s penis and I was fascinated.

When he was through he pointed to my crotch and then to the hole. If he could do it, I could do it.
So I stuck my little pisser into the hole while the other boy watched. It was probably the most wicked thing I had ever done.

Every time we played together we made a trip down the alley to piss through the hole in the fence, sometimes two or three trips in one day. We began not just pulling our zippers down, but dropping our pants around our ankles to piss, increasing our exposure for each other. Sometimes we stood and looked at each other’s little peters, wiggling them around and working hard to control our snickering. As we got bigger we would sneak behind some bushes to touch and play with each other.

We were too young to ,but just the same, we enjoyed playing with our dicks together. I do know that we got stiffies because we would move the other guy’s little boner around and watch it
spring back to its original position. That made us giggle like mad.

My favorite thing, we would take turns lying on the ground with everything exposed while the other
one found a nice long blade of grass for tickling his buddy’s naked peter, balls, and crotch. I absolutely loved to get tickled like that and was always wondering when I could go to see my grandparents again so my friend and I could do our secret things together. It was very daring and
also very exciting to be that kind of friends.