Thursday, June 26, 2014

Working the Gym Lockers

The time which was my sweetest year of boners and beating off  as a young
stud was in eighth grade. The gym teacher said I could work for him on my free period.
He gave me a job to run the basket room for grade six gym class.

The job was simple.The boys come and got their basket from me with their gym stuff. Then bring em back to me with their street cloths. After gym they got back their basket again and go take a shower.

Standing in the basket cage at the window. It was easy to watch the little studs. Most of the
grade six dudes, did not have pubes yet. It was all these little dicks, grape sized balls and bare little butts, right in front of my eyes. And me, I'm thinking about them maybe having a hard-on and did any of them beat off yet. Every day I got a real good look. and everyday, It got my dick hard, watching them change clothes..... and the whole time thinking that horny stuff.

When finally everybody went out to the field or in the gym for maybe 30 minutes or more. With just me waiting in the basket cage all alone, having a good boner, busting really hard in my pants. So I know, behind the basket racks nobody can see me. It’s a good place to play with my hard dick. Wiggling it a lot or shaking it, or groping myself. It was just tingling so hard I had to do it.

While beating off, its easy to make believe some of those boys maybe watched me beating my dick (which was just in my head, and  never really happening). I get the trash can to carry behind the racks for shooting my stuff into it. When I first starting working the racks I beat off all the way till cumming. Later I did it different...I'd wank for a little while, then go and stand at the basket window and watch the clock maybe 5 min before going back to beat some more and wiggle my dick. It got so hard and feeling good just before about to cum, but I stopped again and go looking at the empty locker room, Finally beating really good and feeling more and more very hard I'd be thinking..... what if I was feeling some little dudes dick or tickling his balls?

 It keeps getting better and better feeling when I get ready to come and knowing not to stop this
time. I know it is coming. It would shoot real good in the trash can,  cumming splash after splash, better than any other time.
Then I go back in the cage, and wait for the boys to come in from gym and take everything off, getting undressed... again where I can see all their junk. I'm thinking, you little dudes don’t know what I just did right in here while you were gone.!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What are These??

Here is a brief incident that you might be able to post while things are slow. Maybe it will stir up some comments.

When I was about seven my mother found me standing in front of a mirror in my parents' bedroom. I was naked, right out of the bathtub. I stood looking at my privates in the mirror and moving my little dickie and balls around to get a better look.

"What are you doing!" she wanted to know. There was a definite tone of panic in her voice.

"What are these?" I asked her, taking hold of my testicles.

She stood staring at me as if she couldn't believe I had asked such a question. Finally she gave me an answer:

"They're called balls," she said, sounding like I'd asked her to say a curse word. Then she added "That's enough of that." She trotted me to my own room to get dressed, giving me a final order: "Don't touch yourself down there except to go to the bathroom."

The topic of my male organs was obviously off limits, and I was careful never to mention it again. The subject of sex came up years later, however, when my dad and I were having a conference about some trouble I'd gotten into at school. He was trying to be professional about it, talking to me like he would talk to one of his young Airmen.

He told me I was getting to be a man (I was 15) and then added, "I'm sure you understand the law for the propagation of the species by now."

I thought "What the hell?" and then it dawned on me he was using fancy words because he was embarrassed to ask me if I knew about sex! If he was embarrassed, I was mortified.  I just stared at him, wanting to jump up and run out of the house. Neither one of us ever mentioned that subject again.

So that was my sexual education at home: disapproval from my mother and eight years later, complete embarrassment from my dad.

Anybody get better information from your parents?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Playin Chase at Scout Camp

Those of us that went to scout camp got an advance introduction to "nature" (meaning the nature of our bodies) compared to guys who report that they first saw dicks years later in gym showers. One of the watershed events of my life was my first year at camp when I was 9. Our cabins were very primitive wooden shacks with a line of individual metal shower stalls along the back wall of the bathroom. Each stall had a curtain, but the curtain only hid us while in the shower. Coming and going and waiting, most of us were completely naked in front of everybody else, although some boys did hold their towel in front of themselves or wrap it around their hips. 

The scoutmaster sometimes tried to hurry us up by sending two of the small boys into a shower together. Of course he never did that to the big boys. At first I was shy about getting bare, but it turned into fun and I started looking forward every day to "shower call" when the pants and underwear came off.

 See, after we stripped, naked guys would chase each other through the cabin while their weenies flopped around. That was a part of camp that I never told my parents about. My very first forbidden contact occurred during that first camp when an older boy told me he was trying to win a bet and would pay me a dollar if I would let him check my balls to see if they were wrinkled or smooth. I don't remember what he discovered about my nuts, but I remember how my crotch tingled as he lifted my little dick out of the way and checked my ballsack. 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Which one is Normal?

Young Scout Initiation has received a nice comment which I want to post and share with all.

I remember that medical form! It was mostly two lists, one of diseases and conditions with little boxes marked "Yes" and "No" for the doctor to check, and one of body parts and systems, with boxes marked "Normal" and "Abnormal".

When I went to Scout camp we had to get a full physical from our regular doctors at home before going to camp. Your doctor would fill out the form. When we got to camp we went for a quick checkup which consisted of the camp doctor reading and collecting our forms and checking our hearts and breathing, noses and throats to make sure that no boy was actively sick.

As at Scott's camp, the wait for the camp doctor was long and boring. We amused ourselves in line by reading our health forms. Since our troop was drawn entirely from our neighborhood, almost all of us went to the same doctor at home, and our forms were uniform columns of checks in the "No" and "Normal" columns. Except mine: somebody noticed that on my form, next to "Genitalia", the doctor hadn't checked "Normal". This was strange, but it was even stranger that he hadn't checked "Abnormal", either. After a few minutes someone else noticed that my pal Willie also hadn't received a check in the "Normal" box for his "Genitalia".

The camp doctor didn't look at our privates and said nothing to Willie or to me about the fact that our doctor didn't seem to think them worthy of a "Normal" designation. Soon however camp was in full swing and we didn't have too much time to think about it, but Willie and I did feel a nagging worry.

At the end of the first week in camp, the day before our parents were to visit, the counselors made us all take a shower in the big open shower barn. As we were returning to our tents, Willie ran up to me and said that he'd figured out why we weren't "Normal" - we were the only two boys in the troop who weren't circumcised! As soon as he said it I realized it was true. Willie and I were relieved and at the same time a little angered, because even at age 11 we understood that whatever out stupid doctor might think, we were the ones who were truly normal.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Young Scout Initiation

My parents signed me up in a Boy Scout troop shortly after I turned 11. Just a few months later I was preparing for my first Boy Scout summer camp. We were all told that at our next troop meeting one of the adult leaders who was a doctor was going to come and give all of us our physicals for camp. (You had to have a physical, filled out on the official Boy Scout camp physical form, and signed by a doctor, otherwise you couldn’t go to camp.) I remember when this was announced, several of the older Scouts started laughing and giggling and a couple of them even grabbed their crotches. This was all kind of confusing to me, as a little 11-year-old boy, because I had never had a physical with a group of boys before.

The night of the physical. We had a big troop and there was about 30 of us, ranging in age from 11 to probably 16. We were all told to take our shirts off. I remember some of the older boys laughing and giggling, and one yelled out, “Wouldn’t it be easier if we took our pants off now”? The Scoutmaster looked at him and scolded him for saying that, then looked at several of us younger boys and told us to pay no attention to him.

We passed through the line several times. One time the doctor listened to our heart and lungs with his stethoscope, another time we had to “say ah” and he looked down our throat with his flashlight and a tongue suppressor. Then came the “final time” through the line, that apparently so many of the older boys were laughing and anxious about. The Scoutmaster explained that to speed things up. Just before seeing the Doc,  groups of 4 would remove our pants, and when it was our turn we were to take our thumbs and put them INSIDE OUR UNDERPANTS and pull our underpants open and slightly down.

Several of us younger boys looked at each other, rather shocked, and then a couple of the older boys looked at us and said, “Look at your form. You see that line that says ‘genitalia’? That’s your dick and your nuts. The doctor has to make sure you got nuts, otherwise you can’t go to camp!” With that, all the older boys laughed hysterically and all of us younger boys again looked at each other in shock wondering if that was true or not. As we got closer to the front of the line we could see that the older boys in front of us were in their underpants  and opening the front with their thumbs, apparently so that the doctor could indeed look inside to make sure they had nuts!

Some of the boys would make comments or noises when the doctor looked inside, and for reasons we also did not understand, we were told to turn our heads and cough at that same time. (The older boys gladly explained to us younger boys the reason for that was to distract us because the doctor not only was going to look at our nuts but he was going to touch them, squeeze them, and pull on them, and we were to cough because that was to distract us while he played with our nuts! One of the older boys even told us that last year the doctor started “jerking his dick” and he had to tell him to stop before “something happened”. The older boys again laughed, and none of us younger boys understood that either.)

I was very nervous as it was my turn to stand in front of the doctor and pull open my underpants, but I dutifully did what I was told. I turned my head to the left and before I could cough, sure enough, it felt like the doctor was groping all around my young little nut sack! I had never been touched like that before, and it tickled and all my stomach muscles tensed up. But apparently the doctor was satisfied that I did indeed have a cock and balls. He checked off the form and my first group physical was over.
Secret Scout

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brothers Bonded by.........

I grew up having to share a bedroom with a brother almost 3 years younger than me. We 
oved it until I started puberty changes, and then I didn't want him to see me naked anymore. And, the whole lack of privacy whenever I wanted to, or needed to, masturbate became an issue for me too. 

One day when I was 14 and he was 11 he finally caught me and walked in on me. He had no idea what I was doing, he laughed, and he rather excitedly told our mom that I was "playing with my boner" on my bed with my pants pulled down! But when he was 12 and I was 15 he proudly showed me that he was starting to grow hairs down there. 

I gotta say that his puberty ultimately brought us close again because I got to teach him all about masturbation and we secretly did it together in our room quite often until I moved out to go to college. That was all back in the early 1990's. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

With Bro Gone, I Stepped it up

This came to my mind because summer is here and the college kids are coming home.

My brother, he's five years older than me. I was just going into eighth grade when he went away for college. It gave me a room all to myself, no longer sharing with him. Before he left I was sneaking around trying to find a safe place and a safe time to jack off. After he was gone the whole room was mine and I fired my peter whenever I wanted to.

So I got used to shutting the door (no lock) and laying on the bed and jacking when ever I wanted to. He came home for some holidays and we always talked about him coming so I knew to play it safe and there was no problem. But he came home at the start of summer without me even thinking about it. Got there after dark with all his shit in the car. He asks, where is Joey (me) to help him unload. Somebody told him I already went to bed. You guessed it, he got the idea to surprise me and all of a sudden turned the doorknob and pushed the door open wide yelling Joey. And I am laying on the bed with the bed light on, banging away on my boner.

Smooth as anything, he says Skuuuuuze me! And shuts the door. You know how awful that was for me. But he got me alone the next day and said its 100% normal to jack but we got to get you a lock. So he took me to the store and bought me a doorknob that would lock and put it on the door. But I didn't jack off in our room while he was home.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lovin' The Super Long Slide

As a kid of about 11 up to maybe 15 my favorite place to go on summer days was a big water park. The part I liked best was a long dark water slide that was very tall. It was a closed tube where you couldn't see anything until getting close to the end. It had lots of twists, sort of like a corkscrew. I don't know if this happened to anybody else, but around the time I was getting into jacking, the slide made me get hard. It was a game with me to go down that slide as many times as possible and rub the front of my swim suit while in the slide. I would be on the stairs climbing up to the slide and think about the other boys, sort of like these guys don't know what I'm going to do in the slide. After several trips down the slide I would be aroused enough to finally shoot my cum inside my suit while rubbing my dick and going through the slide. Sometimes I would put my hands inside my trunks and truly jack myself while swirling round and round in the slide, telling myself please cum before getting to the end of the slide. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Remembering the Past

A long-time reader hits on a sensitive topic, and offers opinion to Explaining the Obvious....Gay Phase"

TBH, it almost opens up a can of worms and we don't really have a lot of wiggle room (pun) in an open forum like this. However with collaboration, I feel his point is issued to the readers very well.

I suppose that would require having to define "straight", and that could be quite variable. I consider myself to be straight. I have no sexual attraction to men whatsoever.
So why do I visit here? When I was a young teen and pre-teen I did some pretty exciting sexually charged things with my same-age male friends back then. Those were exciting times that I'll never get back. So I come here to read about what other guys did when they were that young age as well. 


Crazy Jacking Position

As a young guy just into masturbation, I tried to hide it when I jacked off at places where other boys were nearby, like sleepovers, church camps, fishing trips, etc. I did not have enough self control to keep from playing with my dick and getting my secret pleasure. Instead I tried to make myself cum without anybody knowing it. I needed the "fix" of climaxes and ejaculations, but I was scared of other guys finding out what I was doing.

In order to produce a cumshot without arousing anybody's curiosity, I tried to get myself into a position where I could jack my boner in absolute secrecy. My favorite trick was to lay on my right side with my right arm underneath my body. Laying on my side under the covers or in my sleeping bag, I would curve my legs and torso into sort of a fetal position. Then I used the fingertips of my right hand (remember, that arm was pinned under my hip to prevent any risky vibrations) to slowly wiggle the skin of my dick until I reached readiness.

Then came the tricky part. As I got closer and closer to ejaculating, I would find myself wiggling faster and faster and dangerously close to shaking the bed or the covers. My dick wanted me to take hold of it with my entire hand instead of wiggling my fingertips on it. I would be caught between the urgent need to jack more energetically so I could cum, versus my fear of somebody finding out what I was doing. Sometimes I was in absolute agony while forcing myself to maintain an unbearably slow rhythm and not quite able to climax.

When the stuff did come, I had to prevent myself from gasping out loud. To catch the cum I always had a washcloth or wad of tissues in my left hand, which had to be moved cautiously into position, again without making any jerky moves. I squirted many a load while curled up on my right side, compelled to jack my hard dick to a cumshot, but living in horror that somebody would find me out.

Sometimes I could tell that other boys were jacking off, which made me harder and more horny, as well as speeding up my climax. I tried to get a good view of anybody's action going on around me. If they were shaking their covers or banging their fist up and down in their sleeping bag, I was onto it in a flash. However I was determined that nobody would ever notice me doing it like I noticed them. It was a matter of pride with me that I could jack off in secret but other guys could not.


Monday, June 2, 2014

A Post from MG

I thought of your blog when I first saw this. You could post it with a funny caption. It's not a naughty one at all, just one boy who seems quite pleased he's having a sleepover with his buddy. Almost laying on top of him and well the face says it all!.....

We've all had "THOSE" kind of Sleep-overs