Friday, May 30, 2014

Explaining the Obvious....Gay Phase

Almost all boys go through a temporary gay phase at the time they discover their nuts. This does not mean they are gay boys, only that they participate in certain gay activities for a limited time. Why? Because girls are frightening at that age and boys are still in the "best friend" mode of their childhood. As a boy's confidence grows, he moves on into the role that he was programmed for. Sad for gay boys to lose their jacking friends, but about 97% of the population is straight so it's perfectly natural and bound to happen.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where's Luke Today?

Eric, here's a question that's been in my mind since reading the Infatuation story. Maybe you can post it, or maybe not since it doesn't really tell a story. Whatever!
 Did Luke turn out straight or gay? I guess we will never know. The reason for asking is this: My best masturbation buddy from the ages of about 14, 15 and 16 is a married man today. Of all the boys I had a physical relationship with, he was my best jacking pal. He was very active - it seemed like he was constantly ready to slip into a restroom or behind a bush and jack off with anybody who had a stiff dick. He was always thinking of different ways to enjoy masturbation and liked to get his hands on other guys' junk. I wouldn't be surprised if he blew some of them as well. He was always ready to spend the night. While we jacked he would sometimes tell me things he'd done with other friends. He liked to prolong the action and would tell me to ease up and let the feelings last. From the moment he discovered masturbation he was constantly jacking with anybody he could find.

Like the story said about Luke, he was about as innocent as a two-bit whore. Based on what he was like back then, I would have voted him the most likely person to be gay. And yet he suddenly went straight in our junior year.

Great question TC, I suggest readers follow this post for Arnold's reply. Also let's keep this post open ended for other related stories from our readers.
Thanks kindly,

That Talk

When I was a young teen I usually masturbated on my bed but I also loved masturbating in the shower. We had a hand-held shower massager and there was one "pulsating" setting that if I held it and aimed it just right caused an almost instant erection.

One Sunday morning we were running late for church, and in the car my mom was blaming me. She was angry as she could be, and one of the things she yelled at me was, "And why is it talking you so long to shower??? You used to take quick showers, and this morning you were in there almost 20 minutes!!" Luckily, my dad who was driving came to my quick rescue. "Leave him alone. He's getting older and maybe he just wants to be cleaner now."

Not known to my mom, a few months earlier my dad walked into my room (I had the door half-open) and I had dozed off on my bed. Proven told me that he used to like doing it in the shower too. I smiled and sort of acknowledged that I'd already figured that out too by just smiling and saying, "I know".

I guess my mom had not figured it out, and I think my dad might have had a talk with her after that because my mom never again complained about me taking long showers. Also, if my door was shut, my mom started knocking and asking if it was okay to come in.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Here is a warm and luxurious read, which I think many readers will relate to on some or in my case, MANY levels. Enjoy!

It was interesting to see one of your writers use the word "infatuation." Many boys do get a genuine crush on another guy during the early years of puberty. Often they sanitize the relationship by calling each other "best friends." Friends, yes, but they are also romantic partners closely bound up in each other's sensual lives. In many cases a boy who has discovered his sexuality only a year or two previously is attracted to one who is just on the verge of making the same discovery. The older boy considers himself a protector or guide, or perhaps a big brother, but sexuality (sometimes hidden or repressed sexuality) underlies the relationship.

I did a good part of my growing up in Mexico where my father's job took us. The school I went to was an American boys' academy attended by kids of many English-speaking nationalities: US, Canadian, Indian, British, etc. Since the school followed an American curriculum it included typical US physical education classes.

My first year of PE was in seventh grade beginning when I was 12. The locker room and showers presented startling revelations to a little nerd like me, but that's not the story I'm telling here. The following summer, at age 13 and with a year of locker-room experience behind me, I crashed the pubertal barrier and much to my surprise found a previously unknown way of delighting my body. By the time eighth grade came around and the second year of PE started, I had about two months of jacking experience and was masturbating at a sedate twice a week. I was also occasionally wondering about other boys.

That's the background for my first crush or "infatuation" was with a guy named Luke.

Luke was a year younger, a seventh-grader in the same PE period with me. He was a red-headed Irish kid, a small boy looking a little lost for the first few days. Because of his Irish nationality and his red hair the Brit boys teased him and called him "Ginger."

What initially attracted my attention to Luke was his pubes. He had just a little bit of sparse hair visible above his dick. The hair on his scalp was kind of darkish red but his thin growth of crotch hair was a very light orange. The thinness of his pubic hair plus the delicacy of its light color grabbed me in a way that I can't explain. That pale orange growth made him seem very alone and vulnerable and innocent, causing me in turn to feel sorry for him. Also, I resented the British boys riding him so hard. My subconscious decided that he needed me. My brain self-appointed myself to keep an eye on him, and incidentally on his privates.

At first I just admired Luke in the locker room, sneaking frequent secret looks at his groin and it's little fluff of hair. Soon I managed to leave PE each day at the same time he did and get a little conversation going as we walked. Before long we were eating lunch together and making fun of the Brits who considered themselves superior to everybody else. Luke was in choir which met after school. I began hanging around and doing my homework in the library. Then I would be in the hall waiting for Luke so we could walk together through the school to the front door where a Mexican taxi waited for him every day. The taxi whisked him off to wherever he lived, leaving a void in my life until the next school day.

I would go home and fantasize about Luke. Was he sexually mature yet? Did he get erections? What about wet dreams? Did he need any help with his dick? Was his crotch ticklish?

While entertaining all these thoughts I refused to accept the possibility that little Luke masturbated. In my mind he was childishly "pure," perhaps experiencing nocturnal emissions, but never touching himself.

Each day in PE I got a new look at the beautiful little wisp of thin orange hair decorating his pristine dick and balls. Then we would walk together down the hall, talking about some asinine topic while I wondered whether he ever thought about me like I thought about him.

During this time I began masturbating more often. I don't think I noticed the increased frequency at first, but one day while enjoying a nice wank I found my cum towel still damp from the previous time and it dawned on me that I was pumping and ejaculating nearly every day. And most of you know what went through my mind while I let the happy feelings wash over me: More thoughts of Luke. Luke's pubes. Luke's beautifully symmetrical fat little scrotum. Luke's nice smooth chest (would he like to be tickled?). Luke's medium-sized dick (not as fat as the older boys; not as little as the unchanged boys; just skinny and innocent). And the thoughts continued: Luke's dick getting longer. Luke's dick rising up. Luke's dick thickening. Luke's dick becoming fully hard. Luke asking me to help him manage his inflexible boner.

We arranged for an over-nighter at my house. I was as jittery as a virgin bride on her wedding night. Luke's father delivered him and introduced himself to my parents. Finally, after an eternity of waiting, it was bedtime. I'd looked forward to this moment for days, but now what? Should I proceed to jack off under my covers so he would see how big boys handled that activity? Should I grope myself and see if he showed interest? Should I offer to tickle him, or (the thought actually occurred to me) comb his dick hair? Maybe I should take off my underwear and lie there with my erection so stiff that it actually hurt, hoping that he would somehow notice it.

In all those thoughts, I assumed that Luke was terminally inexperienced. If anything was going to happen, it would be up to me.

Therefore I was dumbfounded when little "innocent" Luke said from under the covers, "Good Lord, me peter is stiff. A fiver says you can't match it."

Luke was about as innocent as a two-bit whore. He'd been jacking off longer than me, had several regular buddies, and earned pocket money from certain guys who would pay for a blow job. I think he planned on shaking me down for money too.

He was not what I thought he was, but as the night continued I appreciated him even more than I might have appreciated a first-timer. With almost no preface, we set to work examining each other's dicks, mutually masturbating to partial readiness, and then stopping to postpone our ejaculations for some tickling and fooling around. When he was ready to cum he invited me to perform the final strokes for him. Then, despite having already ejaculated, he brought me to a fantastic climax. Before the night was over we had a second encounter and began planning our next "date."

His father was recalled to Ireland before the school year ended. From time to time as I got into the upper grades and learned which guys liked to share jerking, I discovered that many of them could tell stories about Luke. Despite all that, I have great memories of how my infatuation with an "innocent" boy turned into a few months of satisfying wanks with a younger yet far more experienced partner.


I enjoy Arnold's descriptors on his infatuation, then the boys subtle introduction, and of course, how a long awaited event blossoms so fine between the two. The story brings a multitude of options to my mind, for which direction these two guys might have gone had things been slightly different at their beginning, or at the end. Either way I believe it was a very fundamental passage in their lives.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Showers with Big Bro

I was the youngest of two boys and a girl, almost three years younger than my brother. As a very little kid he and I had to take baths together and it was his job to wash me. We started taking showers instead of baths when I was about four and kept it up for many years. Showering together was a way of saving time in the bathroom and also keeping the water bill down. 

As we got bigger we would shove each other around, trying to get under the shower. Finally he told our parents that it was time for me to start taking my own shower. I saw him several times with stiffies in the shower and sometimes he would tell me to get out so he could have room to finish showering. 

Looking back, I'm sure he wanted privacy to jack off, and the shower was the only private time he could have. When I started gym class in the seventh grade it was no big deal to strip and shower with other boys because my brother and I had showered together for so long. 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Who is Like Me?

Inspired by What Stuff Coach?, I thought you guys might also like this tale.

I remember one year taking three showers a day during basketball season. One in the morning when I got up, one after PE class, and a third one after practice. And if we had a game, depending on the schedule it might mean a fourth shower.

 I was at the height of my enjoyment of masturbation at that time and tried to decide which of the other boys I saw naked every day might be doing it as much as I did.


And I'm thinking all those extra PE showers kept the interest at a high state of awareness!!

What Stuff Coach?

Did anybody try to get out of taking showers at home, using the excuse that you had to shower in Phys Ed class and therefore you didn't need another shower? Or on the other hand, try to escape showering at PE because you cleaned up at home? That was the background of a little talk our middle school PE coach gave us. 
He said a thoughtful man kept himself clean at all times to avoid offending other people, and there was No limit to how many times active boys ought to shower. He said anything that got us sweaty or dirty should be followed by a shower and clean clothes. Then he went on to say,

 "Those of you that play with yourself, you get both sweaty and dirty down there. Don't let that stuff stay on your skin or in your clothes. It will make you smell like a hog wallow." 

One of my friends asked me later what the coach was talking about. Neither of us knew, but after talking about it we guessed it meant losing control and peeing in your clothes. We were in the sixth grade and dumb beyond belief, even though we shared the locker room with fully developed older boys. 


Lost a Nut

The following post does relate to similar observations discussed here lately, so it's not necessarily off topic. 

This is one I did on purpose at work a few years ago. A piece of equipment was discovered to be missing a nut, and it was causing it not to work properly. There was a matching nut on the other end still in place, so I took that one off and took it to the maintenance shop.

I walked in and said, "I appear to have lost one of my nuts and I'm hoping you guys can help me find a replacement? I can show you what my other nut looks like if that will help you find one the same size, so I'll be back to having a matched pair?"

(BTW, I am not gay acting nor "out", so nobody would suspect "the gay guy" was making a pass at the guys in the maintenance shop.) 


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Teachers Helper - (Needs More Balls)

This has nothing to do with jacking contests as in "Who's Quicker?", but I was reminded of it while reading the posts here.

It is how I embarrassed the hell out of myself as a kid, and both me and another guy got detention because of it.

At Christmas in the 7th grade one of the teachers let us decorate the tree in her classroom. I was standing on a table while hanging ornaments at the top of the tree. There were people down below to hand ornaments up to me, but they were not paying attention. So without thinking I yelled down at them, "Hey, I need some more balls up here!"

I knew while still saying the words that it was the WRONG thing to say and I was screwed. The girls started screaming and ran around hiding their faces. The boys laughed their asses off. The whole class fell into bedlam with the teacher right in the room. Then a guy said real loud, "Yeah, and while you're at it, hand him some tits too."

Both of us got detention, but that wasn't the end of it. Whenever I walked down the hall boys would grab their crotches and say "Hey, Buckner, you need anything?


Who's Quicker?

A fun story inspired by Boys Pissing in a Bottle.

So I guess I wasn't the only one! 
When I was 13, me and my buddy also used to have contests like this. We had rules too. To make the race fair, we both had to agree that our dicks were 100% stiff, and then we'd stand there and not touch our cocks for a full 30 seconds. (That was because of accusations of "cheating". Accusing the other of giving his a few "illegal" quick touches, strokes or squeezes before the race actually started.) 

Then...Mark! Get set! GO!! And we'd jerk-off ourselves as hard and fast as we could to see who would be first to squirt cum onto the paper towel we'd lay out. We were absolutely best friends. And this combined friendship with classic boyish sports-like competition, and of course, the influence of our raging puberty hormones. (I remember hormonal torment, sometimes lying in bed at night with a boner and horny as ever, but not wanting to jerk off because it might "ruin" me for the next day's anticipated "race!") 


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boys Pissing in a Bottle

My pee buddy and I were a couple of naïve little third or fourth graders when we learned a lesson about physics and fluids and air pressure.

When we played in the dirt we sometimes used our urine as the liquid to make mud. We knew it wasn't nice to play with your pee, but I guess the forbidden aspect just made it more attractive. We would sometimes stand up and aim a forceful spray of piss right into whatever project we were working on.

One day we were digging in his yard in a spot where people could see us. Naturally we weren't going to whip out our little dickies under those conditions - but we needed our liquid resources. My friend came up with a perfect idea. His father liked beer (that was already a daring concept for me, since my family believed alcohol was sinful). The man in question apparently preferred bottled beer instead of the canned variety. At any rate, there were boxes and cases of empty beer bottles in the garage. We made a plan in advance: We would carefully sneak into the garage. Each of us would pee into a beer bottle while the other guy stood lookout, after which we would carry the stuff out to our digging site. Nobody would know that we were transporting our own warm bodily fluid instead of water from the faucet.

I was first. I got my weenie ready and stuck its conical head tightly against the mouth of the beer bottle. Then I released my sphincter and waited for the piss to start. But nothing happened. I felt like my dick was stopped-up or something. After several attempts I accidentally found that I could easily piss into the bottle if I pulled my dick slightly away from it.

My friend came to see what was taking so long. I explained what I'd discovered and he told me I was crazy. He grabbed the bottle, bared his dick, and crammed its head against the mouth to show me. After several seconds nothing happened and he gave me a look of disbelief. He had to admit that something strange was going on. (I had a fleeting feeling that an angel or devil was messing with me for handling a beer bottle.)

Over a period of several days we tried again and again to piss into various narrow-mouthed bottles. We could only do it if we allowed a little air space between our dicks and the rim of the bottle.

This was the beginning of a new phase in our friendship. While working on the pissing problem, we "helped" each other by holding one another's peters against the bottle mouths and instructing each other when to pee.

Probably every one of you discovered the same thing we did - the principle that a stream of piss cannot overcome the air pressure in a bottle "sealed" using the penis as a stopper. In our case, our discovery led us to be even more familiar with each other's bodies than we already were.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Naive Valet

I had a neighbor boy a year or so older than me that I knew pretty well, however he was not one of my real friends. He used to invite me into his room while he changed clothes, for instance to go swimming or to put on his baseball uniform. He always stripped completely. Sometimes he would put on a pair of underwear and then say no, he needed to put on his jock instead, so off came the underwear. I was pretty naïve at the time and it didn't register with me until later when I started playing with my own dick that he had been getting erections while showing off for me.

 He would stand around wiggling his stiffie while it poked up in the air or work to adjust it when putting on his underwear. He was giving me a show.


A Special Moment

I was 12, I was at a new friend's house and their neighbor had a back yard pool and they invited us to come over and swim. I told my friend I didn't have trunks, and he told me I could use a pair of his, and I excitedly agreed. What I didn't expect was when we went to his room, he took out trunks for the both of us, then he started taking all his clothes off while I was still in his room. So even though I felt very awkward, I stripped totally naked right there with him to put my trunks on too. 

Unexpectedly seeing him naked (and I did stare at his cock a little bit), and him seeing me completely naked, it was apparently a very special, almost intimate moment, burned into my brain. I thought about it many times in the months and years after that. (It might have been because I noticed he, like me, was sprouting quite a few little hairs above his cock, and I think that was the first time I realized other boys, just like me, were beginning to develop down there like that.) 


Monday, May 12, 2014

A Couple of Soggy Ones

The first time I felt awkward of my body in front of someone else. It's very vivid in my mind, how another boy and me happened to get naked together. He was a friend of mine that I was spending the day with. His mother took us to a movie. 

When the movie was over it was pouring down a hurricane. We ran to the car and got soaking wet. Then ran to the house. We could not have been more drenched if we'd stood in the shower fully dressed. She told us to go change and for him to get me some of his clothes to put on. We stripped off our soggy clothes in his room and when we got to our underwear we kept going and ended up naked in front of each other. We must have been about 9 or 10. I felt like uh-oh, my bad, I should have done this in the bathroom. But we just stood still and looked at each other's little peters and balls and bare butts before getting dressed, kind of an unspoken fair-play agreement that it's okay for you to look at me if you let me look at you. 


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Troubling Headline in UK News

My sweet MG told me about this and we wanted to share with the OOTS4U readers.

Some of you may have read this in another column. It is re-posted from an original article by Daily Mail regarding a pair of 10 year olds and an event that happened in the toilets at their School. The article outlining a court case of rape by a minor over another minor Male. The article states that both boys had been watching online Porn. In another occasion the defendant had pretended to be Gay, kissing with another boy, including self exposure by both, all done in the presence of the accuser. I am simply offering the LINK for you guys to ponder. You may comment if you like.

I have temporarily suspended my comment moderation, your comments will post immediately.

Eric & MG

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tickling and Rotating....Does the Job

I rather enjoyed this story, which was a comment on A Wank-away from Home.

Maybe you guys will like it too.

Yes, I had a favorite place but it was not private in the sense you guys are describing of being completely alone. It was my best friend's room which was in the attic of their house and off-limits to his sisters. We met on the first day of 8th grade, being in the same home-room. By the end of the day we were total friends. We quickly discovered a shared hobby of stroking our weenies and experimenting with ways to enhance the experience. 
He had very small balls that must have been super-sensitive. They would draw up tightly when I touched them. When he was really horny he would lay on the bed without touching his dick and I could make him climax by softly tickling and rotating his little balls with my fingertips. After a few minutes of that, he would start squirming around and then sudenly climax onto his belly. When I think of the joy of boyhood and young masturbation, I think of two of us sharing our daily production of cum in an off-limits attic room.