Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Wank Away from Home

A question for readers, while we are trading all of this somewhat personal history. When you were just discovering what your body could do and getting used to pleasuring yourself, did you have a favorite place to go pump your little stiffie in private? Besides the obvious such as your own bed or the bathroom at home. Was there a location where you always felt safe enough to let your guard down and pump one out in peace and solitude?

For me it was a restroom on the mezzanine floor of the main public library downtown. Hardy anybody ever went in there. It had never been remodeled and was fitted out with marble partitions and little white octagons of floor tiles. I would take my time on the pot, jiggling up and down on my immature boner and thoroughly enjoying the entire procedure of masturbation. That was at age 13 and 14 when wanking was a completely private thing for me. 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Showing The Class Project

Did anybody ever show you their boner in a class? In one of my classes the teacher was always assigning us into pairs to work on projects. This one guy and me had our desks pushed together facing each other back in a corner of the room. He says, "Promise you won't tell." So I said okay, but not knowing what he was going to do. He lifted his sweater and there was his hard dick sticking out of his zipper. I wouldn't get mine out but let him feel where it was in my pants after it got hard. 

Okay I'll lead off-
A couple of guys Gary and Bobby, used  to hang out together all the time. Actually they were kinda bullies. But I heard they used to make guys pull down their pants all the way in the bathroom.  I was in the head one time when they were showing their dicks to everybody. Which they had some decent stuff to show for 6th graders. Some time later,  I saw one of them pull out his boner sitting in the back of the class room.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Repost from Early OOTS "My Darkest Secret"

Author’s Note
This is something in my life, which I have only told one other person about. Please bear with me; I'm not sure if it will draw great interest, but it's important for me to share with others. This forum provides the anonymity that makes me feel comfortable to share it.

I'm now in my 50's, but for a long time now, I've realized that in some way, I was emotionally and sexually abused by my mother. I'll share the effects
(or what I think were the effects) after I tell you my story.

Out of the Shadows: “Maybe My Darkest Secret”

When I was 4 years old my mom caught me and my “same-age” cousin in a downstairs closet. We both hand our pants down and we were touching each other's private parts. She immediately made us come out and sent my cousin home. As soon as he left my mom got out 'the belt' and chased me upstairs as I was screaming and crying and crawled under my bed. All the time she was yelling at me telling me what a terrible little boy I was. She then grabbed me by the foot, pulled me out from under my bed, and gave me a whipping I will never forget. She then left me there, shaking, trembling, crying, and terrified. I crawled back under my bed and stayed there for the rest of the day and all night long. The next morning she demanded I tell her how sorry I was for what I had done and promise her that I would NEVER do that again.

Now, fast-forward to age 7.
Me and the girl from across the street (age 6) were playing 'house'. Actually, it was her idea that our 'house' had a bathroom and asked me if I needed to pee. I told her I did but I did not want her to watch, so she didn't. Then she peed, and I didn't watch either. Later, she must have told her mother what we did, and her mom told my mom. This time I remember my mom yelling at me and telling me I was a “SICK LITTLE BOY”, and she could never trust me, and that she wasn't sure if she could even love me anymore. I was seven years old and I have never been so terrified as I was at that moment. Then my mom totally did not even speak to me for three days! I couldn't eat without throwing up I was so upset. My own Mommie didn't love me anymore, and it was my fault because I apparently did a very terrible thing!

But then she even made it worse. I was 7, and a little Catholic boy. This was just about a week before my First Communion and my first confession. My mom told me I had to confess it to the priest! "Pleeeeeeze Mommie!!!  Nooooooo!!!!!! Pleeeeeze!!!!!! Don't make me do that!!!!!!" I still remember, after not speaking to me for three days, what I now had to do to make it up to her. Somehow, I negotiated it down to being able to tell the priest, in my very first confession, that I had "done something bad and that I was never going to do it again."

Now let's jump to puberty, my teenage years, and girls.
 I was an absolute total wreck around girls. Always. I was absolutely petrified to touch them (as in holding hands, hugging, anything). This was a thousand times worse that what I think most boys go through at this age with girls. And my mom would always give me warnings about "the kind of boy" I was. So, as a 13 year old filled with hormones, I masturbated several times a day and was disgusted by the dirty thoughts I was having about girls because of the kind of "person" I was.

Authors Closing Notes
I spent those years feeling ashamed, guilty, perverted, and consequently, I missed a lot of great years where I could have developed some nice teenage relationships with girls.

You're probably thinking that I turned out to be a rapist, child molester, or whatever. Thankfully, I did not. I've been happily married for 32 years to the girl I lost my virginity to. My “One-and-only”. (She lost hers to me too).

 Until this moment, my wife was the only other person who knows what I went through.  She helped me a lot, even though I don't think my mom ever accepted her. (My mom died when I was 26, so she's been gone a long time, and I've healed for the most part. But the scars will always be there.)

 It wasn't until just a few years ago that I've come to look on this as having been abused. And even though she didn't do anything physical to me, I do believe it prevented me from developing sexually with girls in a normal healthy way in my early to mid teens. So I believe that she did sexually abuse me. To this day I'm still extremely uncomfortable giving a friendly hug or a kiss to any female other than my wife. In fact, when my wife and I were dating she wondered at first what was wrong with me because I did not want to kiss her. It was hard enough for me to just sit next to her and hug her. Finally, after about a month, she insisted that I kiss her. That's how bad it was for me.

Anoymous Author

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dustin and the Funky Pocket Grab Brats

 I grew up as an Air Force brat. One thing about us military kids---we were quick to make friends with each other because of constantly moving from base to base. It was like having dozens of ready-made buddies when you got to a new place because all of you had the same background and knew what being an Air Force dependent was like.

  Just for reference, two or three years earlier I'd had some minor physical experiences with a really good friend. We did private "boy things" like examining each other and exploring our bodies together. I remembered him as my best friend ever. But our families got transferred to different places and I lost touch with him. 

 Thanks to that friendship, I was not completely naive when the experience I'm telling about now blossomed. It began one evening after supper. A squadron of us military brats were playing as the sun started to go down at the school playground, just us kids having a fine time, as 11-12 year old boys can always do. There was a guy with us named Dustin that I had secretly pee'd with a few times. He was the closest thing to "that kind" of friend I had at the time.

  While everybody was running and yelling, Dustin came over to me and told me to pretend I was wrestling with him, and to pin him down on the ground---he wanted to show me something funny.
 As soon as I got him down he said, "Put your hand in my pocket." I reached for the wrong pocket and he corrected me. Upon sticking my hand into his pocket, I immediately knew I was groping his stiff dick, skin on skin, fingers on an erection. It felt enormous and I quickly pulled my hand out. He was laughing and told me it was okay, to go ahead and feel. After I'd felt of his boner for a few seconds, he told me to get a certain other boy to come pin him down and see whether he would do it.

 The word spread among a few of us. Within minutes four or five boys had taken turns pinning Dustin down and reaching into his pocket.  His boner was sticking through a hole in the bottom of the pocket, a hard-on that was big enough to be easily accessible to an inquiring hand. Some of the boys didn't like the idea, so we kind of weeded them out of the game.

 The rest of us kept pinning Dustin down and putting our hands in his pocket, all getting a sneaky feel of his erection. It was enormously funny to us, not just touching his hard dick, but the fact of doing it pretty much out in the open. Anybody who was watching from one of the houses, or driving by in a car, just saw half a dozen boys having a good-natured chase and scuffle in the schoolyard. What was really happening, is that Dustin was happily making his stiff erection available to all of us and WE were taking full opportunity to play with it.

 Everybody was yelling stuff like "Pin him!" and "Get him down!" and "Grab that thing!" Right in the middle of the fun a boy jerked his hand out of Dustin's pocket and wiped it on the grass, saying "Ewww! He pee'd in his pocket!"

 Of course it's obvious years later that Dustin had not pee'd, he had ejaculated. The sheer pleasure of having half a dozen friends continuously play with his aroused dick for ten or fifteen minutes had brought him to a climax, perhaps with a little help from his own hand. But we accepted the gross diagnosis that he had pee'd in his pocket.

 As far as I know, Dustin was the only kid in my immediate group of friends who knew anything about cumming at that age. We played the pocket game again ever so often, depending on whether Dustin was wearing his pants with the hole in the pocket. We warned him that he better not pee when anybody had their hand in his pocket---or else. Then we got busy wrestling him to the ground so he could let us feel of his stiffie.

 I'm pretty sure Dustin continued to ejaculate whenever we played with his boner. He would sometimes announce suddenly that the game was over because he'd had enough, undoubtedly meaning that he had privately enjoyed a climax and delivered a load into his pocket---right in the schoolyard and surrounded by people.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Priest explains Circumcision

I remember as a boy of about 11 or 12 that our priest referred to circumcision several times in a homily. I had no clue what the word meant, but it sounded like one of those mysterious "Bible words." So on the way out of the church as he was standing at the door and shaking hands with everybody, I asked him "What is circumcision?" I suppose everybody standing nearby heard me, although I don't remember that part. What I do remember, he asked me to wait for him and come to his office. When we got there he told me "Circumcision is cutting off the foreskin of the penis."

I was stunned and embarrassed, could not imagine a priest saying the word "penis." But now I had an entirely new mystery because I had never heard "foreskin" before and did not know have a clue what that word meant. I did not dare ask the old father because of my embarrassment. I felt like I was responsible for making him say the word "penis," and I got out of his office as fast as possible.

By the way, I am circumcised and it certainly did not deter me from discovering and enjoying masturbation. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Introduction to Boxers

Maybe this boxers vs. briefs thing should be a topic by itself. I know it reminds me of something. I was still wearing whitie-tighties when my cousin and his family came to see us. He shared my room. I felt very cool for having him in my room because he was a little older than me. 
The first time we changed clothes I found out he wore boxers. He told me I should try them because boys quit wearing briefs when they got a certain age. He handed me the ones he just took off. I immediately got ready to put them on, so we were both naked as jaybirds in front of each other. I pretended it was no big deal, but it really was a huge thing for me to see him bare and to know that he was seeing me. I put on his boxers and the feel of them going up my legs and over my hips and around my junk gave me a hard-on. He gave me the boxers to keep. For a long time I did not let my parents know I had them. I put them on only to jack off and then hid them back in my dresser

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pride in the Changing Hut

My "first one" came at age 13 as a result of playing with some boy I met at the beach one day. We played a while and he said to me kind of secretly that his "dong" hurt and he needed to make it feel better. I never heard it called a dong before but I knew he meant his dick.

He got me to come in a changing hut with him. Then he pulled down his speedo and told me it was okay if I looked. His dick was real stiff and pointed almost straight up. It was larger than any I had seen before. He also had a little hair. He ask did I ever do this, curling his fingers and doing his hand up and down. I said no. He told me that if I would watch I would learn something.

He got busy jacking himself and telling me it felt good and made his dong better. He got me to drop my suit to check me out. He told me I should do it because of me being hard like him. I did not do it because mine was real little compared with his, too little to put my whole hand around like he was doing.

All of a sudden he whispers to me, "The juice is coming! Watch!" He jacked a little more and says real proud, "Out comes the juice!" Just as he said that he shot a bunch of loads of thick white cum onto the wall.

It was a few days until I tried it. I was at the beach again and had a good hard dick in my suit. I remembered him saying he needed to make his "dong" feel good and told myself that's exactly what I needed. Because of my small size I was able to use only my thumb and a couple of fingers but otherwise I did exactly what the other boy had done. I was not expecting the strange feelings, and I thought of stopping when I started feeling crazy, but kept going like he did. When I was sperming and saw my cum shooting out I thought, "Out comes the juice!"


Logan's Back Rub and More Delight - Part II

Back Rub Delight (Continued)  

Doing a back rub on Logan had him incredibly boned up. The end of his bulbous cut cock was peeking atop the band of his tighty whiteys. Logan let me wrestle them down along with his shorts. Then as reward for my venture..... seeing the definition of his abs and musculature where his legs met his body were tempting enough already let alone the pristine vision of his wide girth cock. He kinda disrupted the sharp upward  angle by pointing it towards me, as an invite to work on it. I thought of trying a handy, but since this was the chance to make good time. I went down on it. I found that sharp angle a little difficult to overcome, it really wanted to point upwards with no compromise. He was so hard, I had to angle myself downward with my cheek parallel to his belly, so I could keep it in my mouth.

 I guess the shared tender warmth was a thrill for us both. I had barely laid my free hand on  the side of his bum-cheek until he froze a couple of seconds, suddenly a few pumps deliberately faster, and then he spent his ecstasy,  grabbing and pushing me in for the whole load.

This churned up a whole new chapter for Logan and I. So many fun times, and discovery together in the following months. I will work up a few more of these in time.


Back Rub Delight - Continued

Back Rub Delight (Continued)  

 Doing a back rub on Logan had him incredibly boned up. The end of his bulbous cut cock was peeking atop the band of his tighty whiteys. Logan let me wrestle them down along with his shorts. Then as reward for my venture..... seeing the definition of his abs and musculature where his legs met his body were tempting enough already let alone the pristine vision of his wide girth cock. He kinda disrupted the sharp upward  angle by pointing it towards me, as an invite to work on it. I thought of trying a handy, but since this was the chance to make good time. I went down on it. I found that sharp angle a little difficult to overcome, it really wanted to point upwards with no compromise. He was so hard, I had to angle myself downward with my cheek parallel to his belly, so I could keep it in my mouth.

 I guess the shared tender warmth was a thrill for us both. I had barely laid my free hand on  the side of his bum-cheek until he froze a couple of seconds, suddenly a few pumps deliberately faster, and then he spent his ecstasy,  grabbing and pushing me in for the whole load.

 This churned up a whole new chapter for Logan and I. So many fun times, and discovery together in the following months. I will work up a few more of these in time.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Logan's Back-rub and Delight

  I had a friend Logan,  we used to hang at his house a lot building model cars in his room. Sometimes when we were bored or waiting for paint and glue to dry, we might mess around some like wrestle or play-fights.

 One day he told me his back was hurting from P.E., I offered to rub him some on his back. I said he should take off his shirt, he did then laid on his bed. I didn’t really know what I was doing but just did what I remembered my Grandma does when she used to rub my back. In a few minutes, I noticed he reached to his crotch and did an adjustment. I didn’t think much of it since back rubs never affected me any certain way other than relaxing. He did it a gain a little later and this time he unbuttoned his pants too. I kept working on him and did more of his lower back in case that was making some nice pressure for him on his crotch.

 I started creeping my hands towards his sides more and eventually some towards his belly. He finally kinda turned onto his side. This was a mixed moment. Either he was just bored with he places I was rubbing him, or he truly wanted me to caress other areas. I decided it was the thing any teen boy would want, personal attention, so I just unzipped his pants. I t was obvious his 14-er boner was primed and needing that attention. I rubbed it some on the outside of his white undies, and he just stayed quiet and his eyes were closed.

I was really surprised that he got such a nice hard boner from back-rubs.


I could go on with this story but it might end up too long. I also thought about calling the story, “Backrubs and Boners”, but that seemed kinda cheesey.  Anybody wanna hear more?

See the continuation here.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Bugle-Boy's Boner

I attended a funeral yesterday for an old veteran who was a neighbor of ours. At the cemetery his great-grandson played Taps on the trumpet. The boy looked to be around 15. He wore khaki slacks and a dress shirt. When he stood up and turned around to play, his khakis displayed one of the most obvious ridges that you can imagine, a full-blown teenage erection. His dick was not quite vertical, pointing slightly off of center.
 After first seeing his boner I tried to look away out of respect for the occasion as well as pity for the poor boy, but kept darting my eyes back to see if his swelling had deflated any. Sadly for the young man, his manhood remained in full bloom throughout the brief song. Sitting there in the outdoors, I kept thinking of a quotation: "It's Spring and the  sap is rising.

(By the way, I am not making fun of death and a funeral, however this boy's predicament at the cemetery does have its humorous side.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"I'm Gonna Piss!!"

On The Construction-site Erection post I think at that age, "piss" was our only frame of reference for the liquid that came out of our dicks. My very first jerk-off buddy, when we were 13, whenever he was about to cum, whether it was him or me stroking him, he's urgently whisper, "I'm gonna piss!" And then his spurts of semen would start coming out. He knew it wasn't urine, but the word was more attached to the "action" and not the substance. (I guess "piss" can be used both as a noun and a verb.)

Probably Not Old Enough Yet

One of us Looked Normal Reminds me of a really horny encounter for me as a boy just into the age of jacking. A friend of mine was uncircumcised. We were playing a tickle game with our clothes off. He was laying on my bed. While I tickled him his dick actually got hard while I watched. I was not tickling his crotch, just his legs and stomach. I saw his dick get longer and then it stood up above his body. While it got hard the skin at the end began to open up as his dick got longer and bigger. When it was through growing I could see his pee slit and part of his head through the skin. Watching all of this happen, I could not take my eyes off of it and got a hard-on myself that I covered with the sheet. He did not act like he wanted to jack off so he was probably not old enough yet.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

One of us Looked Normal (Naturally)

One of the most profound things that happened to me while I was a kid was being required to take seventh-grade physical education. I tend more toward academics than sports and was not looking forward to it. I stewed about PE all summer after finding out I would have to take it. Even more awful than worrying about playing organized ball games was knowing that boys took their clothes off and showered together. They got naked in front of each other, something I could not picture ever doing. 

 However, when the class actually got underway, the nakedness of my peers actually made PE worthwhile. I was a secret looker, keeping my head down but missing nothing. Overnight I became a penis watcher, noticing length, thickness, shape of head, size of balls, tightness of underwear, method of soaping, etc. Looking at penises became the biggest thing in my life and was an early indicator of which way my interests would evolve.

 One of the boys in the class really caught my attention. He was a small Hispanic kid and he seemed perpetually ill-at-ease in the locker room. And no wonder. His penis was different from everybody else's. It was completely wrapped in skin, kind of like a sausage. Nobody else had a penis like that. The skin seemed too long. Extra skin stuck out past the business-end of his little dick, hiding what was inside and bunching tightly into a narrow termination.

 I did not know then that the free end of a penis was called a head. Nor did I know that the little kid was uncircumcised and was actually the only person in the class with a truly normal penis. I was so ignorant that I thought the rest of us were the normal ones. Therefore I felt bad for him. As time went on and I kept looking at everybody's penis, including his, I wanted to help him in some way.

 In my egotistical stupidity I thought that all he needed to do was pull that extra skin back and it would stay where it belonged and the big end of his penis would be visible like every body else's. Obviously he needed somebody to talk frankly with him and explain what to do. But how was I going to have that kind of talk with a boy who was a total stranger except for being in my PE class?

 I thought about following him to a restroom and striking up a conversation while we pissed. I considered following him to see if he walked home. Or perhaps I could invite him to my house after school. I thought of ways to bring up the intimate subject, like getting up the guts to show him my penis with its skin properly pulled back, or asking him if I could tell him something personal. I suspect now that I was becoming sexually infatuated with the boy. But nothing seemed to work out.

 Fortunately I kept my mouth shut or I would have really made an ass of myself. One day in the showers I saw him pull his foreskin partway back and wash his penis. The hidden part of his tool came into view for a second! Then he let go of the skin and it slowly returned to its usual position, covering his dickhead and closing into its narrow termination.

 I still didn't know about uncircumcised versus circumcised dicks, but I realized that his "problem" was beyond my simple solution.

 After I found some pictures of penises and a description of circumcision in a library book, I was incredibly glad that I had kept my big mouth shut.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Construction Site Erection

I wonder how old some of you others were when you first saw an erect peter, and whether it was an accidental thing or somebody showed you on purpose?

I was ten. There was some utility construction taking place on one of the streets in our neighborhood. After the workmen left each afternoon, bulldozers and front-end loaders and other equipment were parked in the area, plus a stack of long blue pipes about 6" in diameter. It was a fine playground for us, and there were so many machines and piles of dirt that we were pretty well hidden from sight. One of the things we did was for a boy to piss into a pipe and see if the piss would run out the other end. The pipes were not perfectly level and usually it would run down through the pipe and drip onto the ground. We enjoyed doing the piss thing and all of us would act as lookouts while a boy got his little dick out and stood up against the pipes.

One day a kid was hanging around with us and kind of took charge of our piss game. He was a little bigger but that didn't bother us. He picked which boy would piss first and stood by him giving instructions and counting down from ten, then saying Go! He also wanted to inspect our dicks and would send all the lookouts into positions while he got the pisser ready.

Each of us got a turn, and the big boy examined everybody's dick, having us pull down our pants for the examination instead of just unzipping. When it was my turn he felt of me, making my balls tickle. I remember him saying that I had a nice one.

After everybody had a turn at pissing he told us now he was going to show us how to make some special piss that only guys like him could do. He posted the lookouts again and pulled out his own penis. He worked things so that everybody rotated and got a chance to come in from their lookout jobs and see his dick. That was my first glimpse of a hard-on that I know of. We were all impressed. He encouraged us to feel of it. Besides being stiff, it was thick and hot and long. He wanted some of the boys to come back and feel him again, saying it would help him make the special piss.

Then he picked me and another boy to watch him and sent the others as lookouts. He pumped himself a while and got us to feel his dick again. Then he pumped some more and after a while told us to watch. He stood close to the pipes and we crowded in to look. At the moment of his climax he shot a stream straight into one of the pipes. We ran to the other end to see if it would come out, but it didn't. The ejaculate was too thick to run down the length of the pipe.

That was my first introduction to a bigger boy's erect dick. He played with us from time to time and always took charge of the piss game, ending up by getting everybody to feel of him before he made his special piss for us. Different boys got a chance to watch him masturbate each time.

After the construction job was over he would ask some of us to go to the restroom in the park if we wanted to help him make his special Piss.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bradley - Organ Player and Much More

Speaking of boys "that age" (which is all we speak of, right?), when I was growing up there was a boy Bradley in our church who was learning to play the organ. He was different from the rest of us, hanging out with adults more than with other kids. As I remember him back then, he was definitely "strange," a somewhat fruity and immature guy who spent a lot of time practicing how to play and also sucking up to the middle-age lady who was the organist.

Of course the word "organ" made us boys snicker. We were always on Brad's case, looking for opportunities when no adults were around so we could ask him "Have you played your organ today?" or "How's your organ coming along?" or "Need any help with the organ?" We were just plain mean to him. In our minds he asked for it by being so dramatic and swishy.

The truth was that every one of us boys played with our organ at that age, and also played with each other's organ. When we were in a big group we never let a hint get out, but we all jacked off in pairs from time to time. I even masturbated with the pastor's son who was in the same age group. The only boy I had NOT jacked off with was the organ student, since he kept to himself and didn't associate with us. I never said anything to the other boys, but I was intrigued by the effeminate boy and harbored some curiosity about his "organ" and whether he really did "play" it in the sort of way we laughed about.

As it turned out, he was definitely an expert "coxman", which is what we called boys who liked to masturbate. I found out about his organ and his ability to "play" it at a Bible camp. We happened to be in a restroom at the same time and somehow ended up jacking off side-by-side while standing at urinals and trying hard (trying DAMN hard) to peek over or around or behind the partition and see what the other guy was doing without getting caught.

He immediately became my favorite masturbation buddy. Was he still strange? Absolutely. But we were a perfect match, regularly pumping ourselves and each other to excellent climaxes, having frequent sleepovers and figuring out ways to make each other harder and hornier.

Brad became very good at playing the real organ and sometimes played on Sundays. I often got erections when he played, thinking about what we liked to do. We remained jacking pals all the way through high school, still "playing the organ" together after the other boys moved on to girls.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Young Scientist

When I was in 4th grade I got a toy microscope for Christmas. Even though it was a toy, it worked really well. I used to look at things like fly's wings and ant's legs with it. In 7th grade, in science class at school we got to work with real microscopes, and I learned how to prepare much better slides of things to look at. For one experiment, we took a couple drops of pond water and I was amazed at all the microscopic bacteria and live single-celled bugs there were, floating and swimming around in plain old pond water.

Also in 7th grade, I had not only started masturbating but I had my first  jerk-off buddy who sometimes came over my house after school and we'd do it together, and sometimes we'd do each other. Then one day, while stroking his cock I got a crazy idea. Right after he came, I scooped up as much of his cum as I could with my hand and then I went to the bathroom to "wash my hands". But instead, I scraped as much of his cum as I could into a small glass. After my friend left, I took out my microscope and prepared a slide using a couple of drops of his cum! I put it under my microscope, and at first I didn't see anything. But I kept moving the slide around and then, OMG! There were sperm!! Loads of them, swimming wildly all around! I'm staring at all of this in amazement, and I suppose I was a little shocked to actually see and realize that my 7th grade friend, 13 years old, was squirting loads and loads of real live sperm in his cum already! I knew about sex, but I didn't actually think that at our age, we were actually making sperms yet! I have to say that even though I was not messing around with girls at all in middle school, it made the thought of that all the more intriguing, since I now realized us boys were already shooting "live ammo".

So this became sort of a very weird fascination of mine whenever I'd be  lucky enough to get to jerk off with one of my friends at my house. I think there were three more boys like that, and even if we just jerked off ourselves together, I'd reach over and clean up their fresh cum with my fingers, just to "help them clean up their mess". Then I'd carefully save it for later viewing!

Doctor P.

Walking to School & Urges

I thought I'd share with everyone what I saw the other morning on my way driving to work.

 A young boy 13 or 14 years old in school uniform walking to school. He had his bag draped over his shoulder with the main part of the bag covering his groin. There were not many people around and after having a quick look around he proceeded to place his hand into the waist band of his school trousers behind his bag........... and then I saw the unmistakable up and down motion. I watched as he walked along from the other side of the street and when someone approached him his withdrew his hand, only to put it back down as soon as they had past him and carry on with his cheeky masturbation session. 

As much as the temptation was to continue watching I had to get to work, however I wonder whether if as he got closer and the urge got stronger whether the speed and motions of his hand increased, and if he did climax whilst walking along what would he have done with all the sticky splooge that would have undoubtedly covered his fingers!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Follow up on Pop-Culture

So, I see there was a fair number of our readers who are up on trends lately. I am not promoting pop stars or social media on here, and no is not a new twist for us. I just wanted to insert something different, and I thank you for taking the time to tell us how you feel. 

Honestly we were just lightly touching a couple of  our current Pop icons found on the Web. Personally I believe that the web is taking over many of the historic outlets for people to emerge into Pop stardom. Radio , TV and albums are no longer the principle exposure methods for fledgling audience seekers. J-Bieb's fame was primarily launched through his followers on the web. The young Popsters that I mentioned could head in the same direction or they may not reach the "Blow Up Big" stage. Though it seems they do have some measure of Pop appeal. Cuteness and likeability are always factors. Please save your comments about star quality and talent to yourselves. I will never quote that Pop stars are well equipped or qualified for fame. Some just happen to make it based on how they are sold to the masses. I just happen to like the personalities of Benja and MattyB, plus they have looks that the camera is very kind to.

On the social media outlets, I have some knowledge of the varieties out there, and have a certain degree of disgust for each of them. Not so much toward people on there. But somewhat to blatant obnoxiousness or individuals who peer out of their cowardice masked by a ruse of anonymity intending to be a bully, or grandstander. Refer to Facey and g +, nevermind the absence of actual privacy on both!
Then taking a daring look at the relaxed conditions of IG and Kik,  MG  commented to me about some kids who use IG like an IM to message their buddies, just to say when they are home and such. It It allows people to meet-up and connect locally or far across the globe. I believe they discover how much alike people are, anywhere in the world. Indeed raging homones take over and the social aspect escalates to near dating sometimes. I see incredible tendency for social suicide and virtual promiscuity amongst an age group not prepared for the consequences or repercussions of their blithe openness.However IG is hugely popular among young people and if they do things right, they can have a lot of fun there. If I were a parent of a teen, I would have the log-in credential of my child's account for sure! And perform daily monitoring!
So sorry bout the big brother rant, since today is April's fools, I reckon I can pretty well say whatever I like today. By the way this will be the final post!!!
Been Fun, Eric