Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lil Guy fond of old Trucks

This is not a big story (and it is a second hand one, not my own) but, maybe, it will make somebody laugh:

A friend of mine, he said he learned how to jack off while sitting in the driver's seat of a real old rusty junk truck on his grandma and grandpa's farm. All the glass was broke out and the seat was nothing but rusty springs. He use to pee into the gas tank all the time when he was a little boy. Then when he was bigger he got in the truck and played with his dick alone. Well his dick, it was hard, and doing this play for a while made him jizz for the very first time.

He found out his dick was just big enough to stick it in the place for the cigar lighter. Ever time he wanted to cum he jerked and put his dick in the hole and shot his stuff in the lighter hole and when he came back next summer there was his dried up old cum still in the lighter hole plus his dry stuff that run down the dashboard and dripped on the floor. He made a joke that he was the only dude that ever had sex with a pickup truck.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Asked for it (Part 1)

Author's Note -
This is about growing up with a fair amount of freedom of expression. 

(The beginning)
When I was pretty young, before grade school my parents split up and I ended up living with my Mom, and my older Brother Ian who played in a band. Saturday was Band Practice. Everyone came to our house, it was almost like a weekly party since Mom was at work. She worked as a waitress and made her best tips on the week-ends.

So the guys, they sometimes snuck in beer and we usually had Pizza or burgers. One guy was Trent, he played drums and was cool. He lived near our house about a block away.  Sometimes he stayed some nights to sleep-over. He was cool, he always made some time to hang out with me. I felt that we were buddies and like to play vid games or just talk.

(One Incher)
  I once showed Trent my wiener, when we were both peeing outside. I tried to peek and see his, because I was a little funny about the size of mine. He was turned so I couldn't see, so I turned around and started talking to see if he might turn towards me. I told him I called it my "One Incher". He took a look over his shoulder and agreed, but that it was a silly name name. He said I should chill because it will all change one day. He often said nice things, not rude like Ian always did. I decided that I wanted Trent to sleep in my room. I even asked Mum to allow it. Which she said we could all sleep in the basement. I made sure to put my sleeping bag right next to his. It was a great night, he told some great ghost stories and I think I fell asleep while he was still talking. In the morning I woke and he was the first person I saw, sleeping next to me, his arm was laid out near me, so I kinda cuddled on top of it, and put my arm across his back for a few minutes. Nobody noticed since they were sleeping.

(Best of friends) 
Fast  forward a couple of years. Now Trent and I were like best buds, maybe even better friends than he was with Ian. When we watched movies at home, I'd sit on the couch right next to Trent, In fact, I was almost in his lap. He would rest his arm across my chest and we were warm and kind of cozy like that. I think it was like cuddling but sitting upright on the couch. He never put his hands anywhere they did not belong. But I noticed sometimes when I hugged him good night before I went to bed, he really hugged me close, and I liked the feeling of my crotch against his leg, it was always right there?
(Starting Puberty)
One day I was feeling naughty or something. Ian went to go get Pizza, Mom was out in the yard  Sun Tanning. Me and Trent were as usual on the couch. I decided to show him my progress. I jumped up off the couch and proudly said,
"Look at this!" as I held down the front of my shorts. I only pushed them to the base of my dick, but I exposed a crop of dark brown hairs forming a rainbow above my dick. I was really proud. In fact I no longer had a one-incher, but I wasn’t too sure, he might freak out over me showing all my junk!
Trent said
"Oh nice, Little Man!"
I let the elastic snap the shorts back up. He said,
"Wait!, Lemme get a better look?"
I first checked out the back yard to see Mom was still napping in the sun. The came back and stood directly in front of Trent and did the exact same thing again, he said,

"Yeah Dude, you are getting your lil manhood on all right!"

Nothing else happened, except me feeling a little more pride, now growing up to be more like my buddy. We went back to watching TV but I noticed his hand stayed even closer to my belly, and he sometimes rubbed my shoulders some. Which, he had never done that before.

End of Part 1

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Feel the Hairs

Author's Comment-
Reminds me of a boy that would spent the night with me when we were growing up.

 We were laying in bed the night that something happened. All of a sudden he told me he had some hair. Then a little later he told me I could feel his hair if I wanted to. He was coming on to me, but I was ignorant about people playing with each other's private stuff. I knew how to jack off but didn’t have a name for it, I was just thinking of it as a rub-down of my dick. Also I never messed with another boy before.

We were both under a quilt in a double bed. He lifted the elastic of his underwear and said to just put my hand in and check his hair out. I accidentally touched his dick which I felt ashamed about, so I pulled my hand back in a hurry. He told me no problem, no problem, go ahead and check it out. I tried again, trying to feel hair without touching his dick. He was stiff, his boner on top of the place where I was trying to feel the hair. He told me to just move it out of the way if I needed to. There was no way to keep from touching his dick as I tried to feel his hair. He told me it felt good, but I pulled my hand out pretty soon even though touching him made me feel like we were best-best-best friends. He put his own hand in his underwear and said I got him way hard. Then he asked if I had hair. I said no, and he wanted to know if he could check for himself. So I lifted my elastic and let him slip his fingers in.

Right away he said that he could tell I had a good little stiffie. He wanted to know if I ever made my stiffie get excited. I didn't understand what he was talking about so I didn't say anything. He kept checking me out, feeling my little boner and running his fingers up and down on it.

As he touched me I became harder and harder and started feeling the way I did when I would give my dick the kind of rub-down that made stuff come out of it.

I felt like I needed to stop him before my dick could squirt but at the same time he was making me feel so good and I didn't want it to stop. He was no longer just feeling me with his fingers but was constantly moving them up and down on my stiff erection, giving me a very nice masturbation and asking if it felt good and if he could keep doing it. He asked if my dick was getting excited. This time I understood what he meant and gave him a kind of breathless yes.

Within seconds of him first putting his fingers inside my underwear I was so ready to cum that I couldn't stand it. I think I tried to tell him I was going to squirt, but I'm not sure. I crested and stuff shot out all over his hand and inside my shorts.

Did you cum already he wanted to know. He told me I was fast. Then he quickly pulled down his shorts, took hold of his own dick and started pumping it at about 100 miles an hour. He shot onto his belly and then lay still, catching his breath.

This was the beginning of a masturbation relationship that we enjoyed every time we spent the night together.

Submitted Anonymous

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scout Showers - Part II

Scout Showers Continued (Part II)
The next day at lunch, Jason sat as usual with his patrol and I sat with mine. But after we all finished lunch and everyone was leaving for various afternoon activities, he came over to me and asked me if I wanted to go for a hike. I said sure! For a while we walked on one of the camp trails, but then he suggested we do some exploring on our own. So we left the trail and started heading down a hill. Eventually we got to a small stream, but we were in some pretty thick undergrowth and far from the trail. We both sat on a couple of rocks and started talking. That’s when he told me that he found this spot the previous summer, and he comes to this spot a lot when he needs to jerk off.

Neither of us said anything for a bit, but I now realized why he took me there. I also felt my penis starting to get hard. Then, still without saying anything, I stood up and moved right in front of him. I then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my Scout shorts, and pulled them down along with my underpants. My half-erect penis very quickly became rock-hard.  Jason took his left had and started feeling my balls, and with his right hand he started slowly massaging my erect penis. Then he grabbed my penis with his thumb and forefinger right down by its base and then he put my erection into his mouth! It felt so amazingly warm and wet, and I could feel my nuts instantly tightening up. I remember all I could say was, “Wow, that feels nice!” He asked me if anyone had ever done that to me before and I told him no. He then sucked on my cock for maybe about a minute, and then he stopped. He stood up, started undoing his shorts, and said, “Okay, now it’s your turn.”

He slid down his shorts and underpants, and not only was his dick rock-hard but it looked a little wet on the tip. I knew what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to put his cock into my mouth like he had done to mine. But I was scared to, and I told him it looked like he had pissed a little. He told me that wasn’t piss, it was called “pre-cum” and he touched his finger to it and showed me how it was a lot thicker than if it was piss. He told me that he starts making pre-cum when he has to jerk off real bad. It was new to me because I had never seen myself have any pre-cum yet.

So I put him in my mouth, and it felt HUGE. I could barely get just the tip of it in my mouth and a very little bit of his shaft. I was holding onto his erection with my hand, too, and I could feel his pulse in his penis! He told me it felt really great but I asked him if I could stop doing that and he said okay. Then we both took our cocks in our hands and started jacking off together. He pointed to the rock he was sitting on and told me he had shot his cum onto that rock many times before. It didn’t take too lone before he told me he was gonna cum, and he shot 4 or 5 nice strips of his thick white cum all over the rock. That really got me excited, and it wasn’t very long after that when I felt myself getting close to cumming. I aimed my penis onto the same rock and added three nice trails of my own cum right next to his!

We both noticed that his cum was a lot whiter than mine. Mine was still a lot clearer and not nearly as whitish. I said, “My cum looks a lot different than yours.” Then he told me that it took a while before a boy’s cum turned thick and white, and that I wasn’t yet old enough to make thick white cum. But probably in a few months it would look just like his.

Jason and I became jack-off buddies in the afternoon for every remaining day of Scout camp. My own tent mate I knew was not interested in doing anything like this at all, so I was real happy to find someone who wanted to jerk off together with me.

Jason and I stayed good friends in Scouts, and we started tenting together at many weekend campouts for the next year or so. And YES my cum finally did turn as white as his! We had a lot of great times in our tent together! We successfully kept our little relationship totally secret. I don’t think any of our fellow Scouts ever thought that we were jacking off together almost every night whenever we were on camping trips together.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scout Showers (Part I)

The Shower House at Boy Scout Camp

Many years ago when I was a Boy Scout, there was a shower house at camp and our Scout leaders made it mandatory that we all shower. Our troop had assigned days and times to use the shower house. We were a big troop at summer camp, about 60 Scouts, most all between the ages of 11 and 15. Our adult leaders would shower with us too. No matter how disgustingly big, fat, and hairy they were, they’d be in there with all us young boys too.

There were only three hot/cold controls, and each one controlled the water to four showerheads. The showerheads came straight down from the ceiling, were spaced a few feet apart, and each one had a chain attached to it that had a big metal ring on the end. Water would only come out if you were pulling on the ring. This (to my definite advantage) made it very difficult to shower alone. So, two or three boys would shower together under one showerhead. One would hold the shower ring to keep the water running while the other boy or boys showered. Of course we’d all be facing each other when we’d be showering this way.

The younger boys (11 and 12) usually became the “slaves” of the older Scouts (13 and 14 year olds) and were required to hold the shower rings for the big guys while they all showered first, before the younger Scouts. Since the hot water had a tendency not to last real long. I readily volunteered to hold the ring, and I’d try to do that for as many boys as I could without looking suspicious. But I had a great curiosity to look at the older boys’ cocks! There were many examples of every stage of puberty in our troop, all on display in that shower house. I saw many stages of hair development as well as varied sizes, especially lengths of these developing young penises. I also realized that boys of the same age often had dramatically different degrees of development; especially among the 13 year old guys. There were some in the age group with tiny almost hairless dicks, and others with huge fat penises covered by an impressive dark bush of pubic hair.

Holding the ring, there was nothing else to do but stare at their cocks! And unlike showerheads mounted on the wall, we’d all be facing each other as we showered. Then when one of them would hold ring for me, I could stare at his dick while I showered myself.

This fantastic year I was 13 and my first year at summer camp after I had discovered  masturbating. I hadn’t jacked off since Saturday morning, the day before we left for camp. Our first shower day was Tuesday, and I had not had the opportunity or the privacy to jack off since I had done it at home on Saturday. I was incredibly horny and needed it bad. It is amazing that I did not pop a boner in the shower house, but I didn’t.  I did end up showering with this 14-year-old who had an amazingly beautiful cock. It was well developed, had a big smooth head on it, his balls hung down nicely, and he had a nice patch of pubes on him. (BTW, I think every one of us was circumcised back then.) It was just me and him at a shower. I guess he noticed me staring. He asked me “You lookin’ at something??” I was so embarrassed being “caught”. I told him that I was sorry, but then he said that was okay and that he didn’t mind. That made me feel much better. I actually then went back to looking. I felt comfortable to quietly tell him that I hoped when I got older, I would develop as good as his did.

We ended up toweling off together and walking back to our campsite together. Most of the other boys were off to swimming or merit badge classes, and the campsite was pretty deserted except for us. He then invited me into his tent, and I said okay. So we are sitting on the sleeping bags in his tent and we start talking. And he said to me, “So you liked looking at my dick, huh?” I smiled and said yes. Then he asked me if I knew what jerking off was. I told him I did, and then he asked me if I did it. I told him that I did, and I also told him that it had been a few days since I did it because I didn’t have any privacy, and it was pretty much driving me crazy.

Then he said to me, “Why don’t you just do it here in my tent. I won’t mind.
I won’t tell anybody.” I thanked him, but told him no, that was okay. But he said he knew how bad it felt whenever he needed it. So then he reached over and started pulling down my pants! I let him, and I quickly felt myself getting a boner. He then had my lie down, and he then lowered my underpants, now exposing my already stiff penis. Of course he knew what I looked like naked because we had just showered together. But I didn’t have an erection at that time.

He said to me that I wasn’t all that bad off myself already. I thanked him. Then I was just lying there, not touching myself, and he said, “So, you gonna do it or you just gonna lie there? I told him I felt kinda funny doing it in his tent. Then he reached over and with his hand started giving my boner some strokes. It felt amazing! At that time only one other boy had touched my cock, and that was my 12 year old cousin, and he wasn’t nearly as good at stroking me as this kid was.

We were both totally silent and I let him keep stroking me. He was experienced and it made this all more exciting for me, I closed my eyes and allowed him to service me in his mastery. After a while he started doing it faster and harder, and I started to feel I was getting close to ejaculating. So I told him I was getting close. So he told me to pull my shirt up so I didn’t make a mess. He then kept going, and I felt the start of my orgasm swelling up in my penis. Then I released a huge amount of cum all over myself! It felt tremendous as he pumped my squirting boy joy !

He then gave me a towel to clean myself up, and then asked me if I minded if he took care of himself too. I told him that was fine with me. It was his tent. So he pulled down his pants and his cock was now showing a huge boner. He started doing himself and then asked me if I wanted to help him. I said sure, so I reached over and put my hand around his cock. I had never felt someone else’s erect penis before that was anywhere near as big as his! Not that he was huge, but he was 14. Maybe even close to 15. My penis was not yet big enough for me to grab my entire hand around it, all four fingers, and move the loose skin up and down on my shaft. But his cock was a big handful for me. He instructed me how and where to grab him, and how to move the loose skin over the ridge on his penis-head.

His balls were nice and loose in his scrotum too. It was summertime and we had just showered, so they were hanging relaxed quite nicely. I began noticing that when I’d be stroking him fairly fast his balls would both pull up tight next to the base of his penis. Then when I’d stop of slow down a lot, his balls would relax and fall back into his loose scrotum again! So I began changing my speed a lot because I was enjoying how his big nuts were responding.

Then he told me he was getting close and to keep doing it fast. His balls got really tight and almost disappeared inside of him. Then he arched his back, told me he was about to cum, he shot an amazing amount of thick white cum all over himself! It made my earlier cumload look fairly unimpressive by comparison. 

End of Part I

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A beginning with Mark

This is the story of my first love, in a sense. It ended up turning into something weird, but this part will stick to the beginning, a time that was exhilarating and unbelievable for me. What would happen later would leave me with some strange baggage and fears, but the beginning, for me, will always be one of the biggest moments in my life.

Mark was a year younger than me in school. He was fourteen, and I was fifteen, and in my school it was pretty much unheard of to associate with anyone younger than you. And so, I admired Mark from a distance. He was a late bloomer for his age, even though he had started puberty, he had much more of a boy's body than a man's. Brown hair, brown eyes, short and skinny, there was just something about him that made my heart race. I certainly fantasized about him, he lived near me and I would see him around the neighborhood as well. At school, I once saw him in the locker room changing for gym class, and made a note of when it was and just about every time his gym class came around, I found a reason to be in the locker room. I was my class's student council representative, and so I would always make sure to be putting up signs or notices, when really I was studying his body. First his shirt would come off, and I would notice his small but well defined muscles, his ribbed stomach, the cute little tufts of hair underneath his arms, his tiny, almost burgundy nipples (the same color as his lips), the way his back had these two little dimples right before his butt... Then his shorts would come off (only shorts, no kids took their underwear off in my school), and I would take in his bulge and curves as quickly as I could before I left out of fear that my erection and I would be discovered.

This remained pretty much the norm until one Friday I was at my friend Henry's party and I noticed Mark and another younger kid there. I asked my friend Adam (who was close to Henry) why they were there, he said they were on the basketball team with them. Apparently I had been missing a whole other opportunity to see Mark in shorts... More importantly, Adam said he was actually getting a lift from Brett (the younger kid with Mark) at the end of the night, and that he was taking Mark home too, and that seeing as Mark lived near me, I could probably get in on that as well. I jumped at the opportunity. Flash forward to the car ride home, we've all be sneaking drinks the entire night and are therefore a little bit tipsy. Thankfully, Brett's brother was picking us up, and he didn't mind that we were all a little drunk. His brother's girlfriend was there as well though, so we had to fit four people in the back. Mark said that he was small and that he would just sit on someone's lap. Next thing I know, he's on my lap in the backseat and we're off. I was desperately trying not to get hard, the last thing I wanted was for Mark to feel my hard dick and call me out in front of everyone. I tried not to think about it, to think about anything else, I though about baseball but all I could think about was how hot Mark's butt would look in baseball pants... The normal jostling of the car didn't help matters either. Soon I was rock hard, with Mark's little butt right on top of my dick. My only hope was that he didn't notice. I thought he didn't, as he kept moving around, turning to talk to Brett and stuff. But soon he reached his hand down and gave my dick a quick squeeze! I couldn't believe it. Then he started moving even more, kind of secretly grinding against my dick. I couldn't contain myself, one second longer and I would have cum right there. Fortunately, Brett's brother arrived at Mark's house. I couldn't sit there with my erection, I made some excuse about just walking the block or so to my house and I got out as well. I started walking away and the car drove off, Mark caught up with me "You're not really walking home are you?" He asked.
"I don't know, I was probably going to..." I mumbled.
"Come with me." He took my hand and led me behind his house to a door that only led down to his basement, where he lived.

He led me over to his bed, and kissed me slowly. His mouth was warm and tasted a little sour. I still couldn't believe what was happening. He took his shirt off, and though I already knew what every inch of his chest looked like, I couldn't help but explore it with my hands and tongue. I tentatively undid his pants. He stopped me. My mind was screaming at me, I thought I had ruined everything.
"Take off your clothes first." He said.
Who was I to argue? Though a little nervous, I was a little chubby as a kid, and he was a perfect specimen, I complied and took off all my clothing, revealing my very hard cock to the boy I was usually thinking about when I stroked it.
"Get on your knees." He said, and I did.
He undid his jeans, and stepped out of them. Then he stood right in front of me, and pressed my face into his boxers. I could feel his dick beneath the cotton.
"You're going to do whatever I say, aren't you?"
"Yes." I said sheepishly.
"Good, take off my boxers."
Excitedly, I reached up to pull them down, and reveal what I had long imagined.
"No," he stopped me, "not with your hands, with your mouth."
I lowered my hands down to his very lightly haired legs, and I bit onto some loose fabric near his crotch. I slowly pulled them down with my mouth, revealing first his perfect pelvic area, then his adorable little black pubic patch. At this point, his dick is making a tent in what's still covering him. I let go, and bite again where his dick would have been when the boxers were fully on, smelling deep for his scent. Finally, I pull down his boxers, revealing his glorious cut cock and tight balls. His dick wasn't huge, about the same size as mine, probably about six inches, but it was beautiful. I dropped the boxers.
"Keep using your mouth..." He ordered!

I ran my face up his legs, until my nose was in his balls. I moved up, licking his wrinkled sack, up his stiff shaft, before finally taking his dick all the way into my mouth. I had never sucked a dick before, but I had thought about it a lot, and knew exactly what to do. He moaned in pleasure. I ran my hands up his legs, and grabbed handfuls of his amazing butt. He sat down on the bed. I moved down and took his balls into my mouth, before he leaned back more, revealing his tight little pink hole. I couldn't believe I was doing it myself, but I moved my tongue down and traced the outer rim, before sliding my tongue inside of him. It was weird, warm, and intense. But I liked it. After awhile, he pulled my head up just in time to shoot his load onto my face, some getting into my mouth, but most on my nose and cheeks. He reached down, picked up his boxers, and wiped his cum from my face.
"Thanks. I'll see you Monday." He said before walking into the bathroom.
I was confused, I didn't totally know what had just happened. I put my clothes on and walked up the stairs to his back door. It was probably about 2 in the morning now, and I knew no one was around. Outside, I stopped on the side of his house, undid my pants, and took out my aching dick. I probably came in ten seconds, leaving my sperm in his grass. Then I walked home, quietly snuck into my room, and jerked off again before going to sleep. I didn't wash my face until the morning.

All weekend I was nervous about what it would be like when I saw Mark again. I didn't go out of the house that whole weekend because I was afraid of seeing him somewhere. Then came Monday, I knew I would see him again at school, and I did. But that's the start of another story...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Boys at the Lakehouse (Part I)

Continuing in our Summer Fun Series, I hope you guys will like this one. 

Boys at the Lakehouse (Part I)

 Logan was a boy who lived a couple of blocks away from me, we met really in an odd way when I was 16. His older brother sent him to my house because they wanted to see my car. I had just bought a car that was like a Muscle car. By today's standards it was a full-on Mean machine.

I drove to their house and showed them my car. We all kinda became friends, like a lot of young guys do bout cars. But there was more connection between Logan and me it seemed. Often he and I would joke around and do some play wrestling in the yard. We teased each other every time I went over there and soon we’d be rolling in the grass. He was pretty muscular for 14, and sometimes he could manage a pretty good hold on me.
I always got curious why his pants button was un-fastened. Until one day he reached in his pants and pulled out a can of tobacco. I figured he hid it there so parents would not know. I didn’t mind that, but I was a sure distracted wrestling when his pants were starting to open. You can imagine.

He had a lean but defined frame, and was impressively fit for his age. He was medium tanned, from lots of outside activities and sports in school. In summer he worked with his Dad doing a delivery service. He was accustomed to using his strength moving boxes and stuff.. We both were blondes, but his hair was streaked with darker blonde stripes.
So we became pals right away, and soon we found reasons to go places together. I had been driving about 6 months, and he still did not have his learner's permit. On one of our trips to the Dairy Queen, he said that he kinda wanted to get away from his brother, and sometimes away from chores assigned by the parents. The brother picked on him and the parents, they both drank a lot of Beer, and did not mind, or notice if he was gone sometimes.
The parents would have friends over for Poker nights, with plenty of Beer.
I heard occasional verbal abuse blasted to Logan, and that was embarrassing. I thought he was better off away from that crap. Most of the time, I pitied him for the trashy ways of his parents.   

 Advance a little to early Summer, he and I'd fooled around for a few times already. We were probably BF's, only we did not call it that, but we were definitely not seeing any girls, and things were getting taken care of on a regular basis, mostly on the week-end. We had sleep-overs and  things were pretty hot. All of this was discreet, and it needed no conversation. On weekends we were anxious to get together. Because "Doing stuff" was always part of our plans.

 Since School was out,  his parents had a get away planned to the Grandparents lake house. I was invited to go along for the weekend. I didn’t want to miss out on this trip, since Logan was going to stay there for a 2 week visit, and we would surely miss each other terrible bad.

We worked it out so he and I would drive up in my car. It was over an hours drive,
I made sure we had provisions. Two large fountain Cokes, and a pint of Jack Daniels Whiskey, which an older friend scored for me.

 We hit the road, and swigged down a few gulps of the Cokes, so as to make room for the Bourbon Spike. Our anxiousness and our semi-private road trip was already wearing off the agony of any school stresses for me, Logan was relaxing with his mixer. We cranked up the car stereo, and randomly sang along as we travelled in the dark. Around the time we pulled off the main highway, turning on the winding road to the cabin. I had my right hand down inside his pants, his cock was getting stiff. A drip of boy juice peaked at his tip. I delayed for a minute to get a finger sniff of his daylong aroma from that private stash. Fingers were all smelling pretty nice. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth. Weaving a bit we managed a couple of kisses on the straight road parts. I continued to stroke his biggy. Logan laid his head back on the seat, closing his eyes in ecstasy. I knew that he was within range of a missile shot, I edged him off, because this was to be my prize in good time. 
Soon, we pulled up to the Cabin, both raging hard. We held our overnight bags in front to hide our obvious pocket rockets. We did all the hand shaking and greeting the folks as everyone settled in lawn chairs enjoying the night-time air. Old folks can talk all night and never get to anything interesting for us teens, so pretty soon,  we faked some yawns and said it was getting a little late, we should get to bed. Mostly we were a little boozy, and needed to blow our loads and crash.

 The house had only 2 bedrooms, we were to sleep on the floor in the one. Logan's parents would have the bed in the same room. Arrrgh... disaster for young horny dudes!

 Since we were first off to bed, and the parents were still visiting. We had made sure to offer a full round of beers to them, to allow a chance for at least one milking.

 We shut the door offering only temporary privacy, then hurriedly tossed out the 2 Sleeping bags on the carpeted floor. Shoes kicked into the corner, and tugged off our shirts in a jiffy. Since we were sleeping camp out style with family, we kept our shorts on, and crawled into our nylon bedrolls.

 I immediately went at grappling Logan's warm body, pulling him close to feel his firm Pecs against me. I stroked the narrow of his back, and pulled down his shorts then dipped my hand into his waistband then over his Glutes. He was a track athlete,
so he had well defined thighs, and ass. The very touch of his ass made me hard. We kissed a bit as it forced the passion and excitement higher until we were locked. Our bodies entwined and pulsing. He tugged my shorts down, and cupped my cock, tensed to his attention. I gently rolled my hand inside his tidy whities to find it was peeking out at the band. I slipped them down, and tucked my head under his sleeping bag, to seek his proud boyhood. He was well equipped for his age, about a 7. I had to work slow to get it all in. I liked to get the tip all the way into my throat, gulping more in with each down stroke until it was all in there. This required straightening my neck a bit to make the turn to my throat, I held his cheeks with one hand and the other cupping his balls, they were rising higher as his mass swelled.
Just before he unloaded, I could feel the sudden hardness followed by a mighty heave from his abdomen as he slowly rocked his pelvis pressing his might deeper into my mouth. He made a slight noise as the energy released. Muted like a child's moan,
yet his body gyrated the power and tension of a Mans labido. 
Logan reached for mine, and pulled gently maybe 3 times, I burst a mighty load in my Jockeys.

 We hugged and nuzzled for maybe 5 minutes, then remembered, the parents might be coming in soon. We took turns to the rest room to clean up. Then crawled back in our bedrolls, leaving the bed zippers down, this slight reckless act allowed us to reach each other's dick in the night. Should the temptation overwhelm.

I so enjoyed pleasuring him.

There is more on this weekend........


Monday, July 8, 2013

Restroom at the Mall

Tex here, Mr. E-G, I wrote this thing some time ago but never released it to potential readers. Perhaps it will meet your criteria even though the action occurs as fantasy within the narrator's mind.

PS: Comments welcome. Everybody likes to know that people are reading their stuff.

= = = = = = = = = =

What I Discovered in a Restroom at the Mall

by Tex

Last summer I was wandering around in the mall near our house. I went into the restroom. All the urinals were busy, so I headed for a stall, the last one down at the end of the line. The minute I got in that stall I saw some little puddles on the floor up near the door, and a trail of smaller puddles and drops going back to the toilet. I was pretty sure what those puddles were at first glance. I was just gonna take a quick piss and go do something else, but those little puddles changed my mind. I locked the door and sat down, having a little difficulty getting my underwear down. My essential parts, which I hadn't even been thinking about, had reacted. In the split second it took me to identify those oozy drops on the floor, my balls had tightened up and gone through a tickle-cycle and my relaxed dick had started expanding its share of the limited space in my Fruit-of-the-Looms.

The first thing was to go ahead and piss. You know how hard that was, with a 50% to 75% erection underway already. I forced myself to think about nothing but releasing the bladder sphincter, even though the piss was going to have an up-hill climb to get out. I bent my semi-hard shaft into the pot and closed my eyes until I was as empty as I could get under those circumstances.

I stared at the dribbles. There was no question at all, but just to convince myself, I tore off a square of toilet paper, rolled it up, and wet the end of it in one of the little puddles. It was definitely thicker than water or pee. I brought the test strip up close to my nose and sniffed. Right. Just what I thought. Cum. FRESH cum, very fresh. Even though the edges of the smallest drops were starting to dry, it couldn't be more than a few minutes old. Somebody had just jacked off here, not more than five minutes ago. Then I remembered that the seat was warm when I sat down; probably just a minute or two. I had missed it by seconds.

My mind started thinking about somebody sitting on this very pot, pumping a hard shaft. I wondered who it was. Somebody I know? Hopefully a nice guy that really enjoyed every stroke. Maybe it was one of the guys I'd just seen in the mall, probably somebody I'd passed on the way down the hall to the restroom.

Maybe he was about in ninth grade. A genuinely well-adjusted guy, not some kind of jerk. Around 5'8" or 5'9", slightly athletic, possibly a jock, but not an arrogant one. Friendly, doesn't get in trouble

Maybe he laid awake in bed all last night with a hard on. He couldn't quit thinking about it and knew he needed to do something about it. He couldn't jack off in bed because his brother shared the room with him. He got up and went in the bathroom and sat there bending his stiff handful, but that wasn't a good place. His dad got up a lot in the night to go to the bathroom, and got real mad if the guy was in there with the door locked. There just was not a good way to handle it, so he went back to bed and lay there with this incredibly hard erection making a tent out of his underwear. Ever so often he would mash it or squeeze it, but that was dangerous; it felt like it might cum unexpectedly, and he couldn't risk a mess that his mother would eventually notice in his underwear or sheets. So he lay awake all night wishing that school had started so he could head for a certain restroom where he'd taken care of this problem a few times last year.

When morning finally came, maybe he struggled out of bed feeling like he'd had the flu-aches all night. He put on a baggy pair of sweat shorts that he hoped would hide his swelling. It finally went away during breakfast, but he had a feeling it would be back again. To take his mind off all of this, he talked his mom into letting him go to the mall, and he just messed around for a while, kind of forgetting about last night.

After a while, though, he had to crap. He found the restroom and got settled on the pot and went on with his business. All he was thinking about was finishing up and getting back out in the mall, but the slight breeze from the air-conditioning was stirring the hair around his balls. He looked down between his legs and saw his balls tightening up a little bit and kind of slowly rotating inside as they pulled up. The skin around them felt thick. This fascinated him and he kept looking at them.

Within seconds of seeing his balls doing their rotation number, he saw his shaft start to lengthen, slowly poking further down into the pot. It felt heavy. It had never been completely soft since last night, not in terms of a dick getting cold and limp. So it had been hanging a little fatter than usual while he was crapping. But now it was definitely getting longer. Maybe he felt another tickle, this time from INSIDE his balls. Slowly, very slowly, the dick was getting steadily longer. He was really watching now, his complete attention focused on what was happening. As the dick lengthened it also began to lift, and he watched with his eyes glued to it as it rose every tiny fraction of a millimeter.

The growing shaft was sticking straight out parallel with his legs when he remembered to wipe his rear end. He took care of that and started thinking about what comes next. He was still watching the rise and felt the little tightening that comes when a dick gets close to its limit. Now if he went back out in the mall his hard-on would show through his jeans. Not good. The tightening gradually increased and the cool balls did their itching routine again. He reached down and cupped his hand around them and very gently squeezed. All of a sudden he knew that this was the time and the place, though he wondered if it had ever been done in a mall restroom before.

Maybe he squeezed again and his dick jumped that last quarter inch into full attention. He sat back and looked at it, appreciating the special relationship a guy has with his dick. He took his right hand off his balls. With both hands he pulled his shirt up a little and ran his fingertips lightly along his sides. Goosebumps. He made a circle with his thumb and forefinger and slipped the fingers around the straight pole in his lap. The circle did a couple of experimental fast strokes on his aroused erection. He became aware of the "feeling" shooting throughout his body and stopped to tickle his sides and legs again

His stall at the far end of the restroom was very private. While he tickled a little higher up on his chest, he saw a glistening drop of clear thick liquid appear on the end of his swollen dick. He got a piece of toilet paper and wiped the drop off, feeling another little tickle as he dropped the paper past his balls and into the pot. Now he wrapped his whole hand around the shaft. Before starting to pump, he gave a gentle squeeze. Another burst of "feeling" shot throughout his entire body. Suddenly he was afraid that his dick was going to get ahead of him and shoot all by itself, maybe just ooze out from sheer hardness and urgency. He started pumping.

As he began the rhythmic strokes, an itching sensation started inside the dick itself. He slowed down a little and found that he was increasing his pleasure by moving slowly. His grip relaxed and he moved his hand up and down ever so lightly, his fingers and palm just barely touching the hot vertical flesh. He took very long, very slow strokes with the lightest of touches, finding that he was tantalizing himself almost beyond endurance. His stiff, extended hard-on was pulsing inside his grip now, and he knew he had reached the point of no return. The intense feeling covered his entire body, promising an outstanding ejaculation. Even if he stopped pumping, the squirt was going to take place anyway.

He paused for an unbearable second, removed his hand, and looked at the throbbing dick. It was flexing all by itself, begging him to continue. Instead of grabbing the hot, hard shaft right away, though, he reached underneath and wobbled his balls. That helped the "feeling" too, and he put the other hand down. His balls were very tight and cool. He took one ball in each hand and kind of rubbed them together against each other. That delivered another big jolt of fantastic almost-there feeling through his nervous system.

All of a sudden he knew this was going to be one of the very good ones, possibly his personal best. With his fingers still underneath, he rolled the tight balls up against the base of his tense dick. The feeling was intense now, going throughout his whole body. His awareness of himself was heightened and he imagined that he could even feel the blood flowing through the tiniest little capillaries down in his toes.

He bent over to drop his jeans and underwear all the way, then leaned back against the plumbing and moved his hand back to the hot, throbbing flagpole. This time he put his thumb behind it and three fingers on the front. Instead of pumping he moved his hand slowly in a kind of circular pattern, letting each of the three fingers pass over the swollen tube. This was good, too. As a matter of fact, it even seemed to make his dick get harder and longer, if that was possible. He lined up the three fingers on the tube and did a little tap dance with them, like playing the trumpet. His dick liked it, but it wanted a good squeeze and some real pumping. He wrapped his hand around and flexed. A big drop of liquid appeared on the tip of his hard peter, oozed out, and flowed slowly down his dickhead. This time he did not stop to wipe it off.

He extended his feet and spread his knees. He went back to a very slow pump, so slow his hand was barely moving, but his dick knew. He took a few fast strokes but desperately wanted the feeling to last as long as possible. Back to slow speed.

The feeling was incredible, like never before. His left hand reached in to squeeze his balls again and he knew that time was running out. His right hand moved steadily and gently up-down, up-down, and his dick was becoming tenser and tenser, almost to the point of hurting. His left hand massaged his balls in rhythm to the strokes of his right hand. He was trying very hard to keep the strokes light and slow, but they kept getting jerky from the intensity of the feelings. He forced himself to keep it slow. His left hand was rolling his balls around really good now, and his right hand was doing a gentle but rapid little squeezing pattern on his dick during the slow strokes. Oh, Man, he thought. This is the best one ever.

He pulled his feet back now and spread his knees all the way to avoid the mess. His hand was still moving slow-- so slow it was killing him, but he wanted the incredible feeling to last forever.

All of a sudden his hand made an involuntary switch to fast strokes. He forced himself to slow down again. Don't rush it. Don't rush it. Up, down. Nothing but up, down.

It was time, now. Slow, slow... Even slower when the stuff starts up from inside. Slow, dammit, keep it slow -- this is excellent, excellent, can't stand it but want to feel like this forever, excellent, and it's gonna cum, gonna....!

D-o-w-n... U-p... Keep doing it slow, slow, slow, even slower if you can... D...o...w...n... He could feel the cum moving through its pipeline... U...p... I never did it this slow, so horny, horny, horny... D....o....w....n....

It's coming... U...p... it's coming... D...o...w...n... it's COMING... UpUpUp... IT'S COMING... DownDownDownDown... IT'S COM... HOLD IT ALL THE WAY DOWN AND JUST SHAKE THE DICK... IT'S COM... CO... C... Uh... uh...


The internal delivery system flexed five or six times in rapid fire. The first huge wads shot through the air and across the stall, splattering on the door and running down to drip on the floor. The range got shorter and shorter as the later wads got smaller.

There was still some itching inside his dick. He put his fingers down at the bottom and pushed some remaining drops through the tube. Then he was just sitting there, sorry that it was already over. A little more cum oozed out the tip of his deflating dick. He got some paper and wiped it off. It had been so good this time, so excellent, he wished he could do it again immediately. But he cleaned his dick, flexed the aching muscles in his legs (he didn't realize they'd been so tense) and started getting his underwear and jeans up.

Maybe he stood for a minute with his zipper still open and his belt still unbuckled, just holding onto his balls through his underwear. Maybe he pulled down the elastic and wrapped a length of paper around his dick because it felt oozy. Then he finally zipped up, unlocked the stall, and stepped away from all his little puddles.

And then, just seconds later………… I walked in.

Maybe….Just maybe that's the way it actually happened. Maybe???? Then I was just seconds later. Seconds too late.


Excuse me now. I've got an appointment with a moving hand.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mike and Me

This story was sent via email some time ago. The author and I conversed quite a bit on many of the bullet items included in this story,  primarily; judgement and constructive influence by a responsible adult and on to lasting impressions. At one point I was prepared to not print it at all. I dislike censorship, and ultimately found my place in calm acceptance of this story. I am presenting it to the readers. You may post your comments or just enjoy the read..


I was having a relationship with a woman, let's say Nancy, some years ago who had born a son when she was 19. We met when we were 23 - I was about a month older than her - and I didn't have kids. Mike and I quickly became friends, and for a  long while we were all like a real family. Both me and Nancy came from families that were comfortable with nudity and where we could ask and speak freely, so naturally she wanted our little family to have the same openness now that she had met someone equally comfortable with body issues. Me and Nancy slept naked, and so did Mike… We would sometimes take showers together, either all 3 of us  if we all needed one, or Mike with either me or his Mom because he liked the company. Nothing lewd or out of order ever happened, nor have I ever had any intentions of doing anything of that nature.

Nancy, and myself just wanted to give him the same care-free upbringing that we had had, and she continued raising him in the same way after we broke up.  We all stayed friends after the breakup but I didn't have much contact with Mike other than when he happened to be there when I went to visit his mom. I had grown really fond of Mike and it was like he was my own son so I felt sad about it but didn't really feel I could say anything since I was not his father.

Mike and his mother argued a lot as he entered his teen years, and about a year and a half ago Nancy called me practically in tears, telling me that he simply couldn't be at home during summer vacation, because they would end up killing each other if he was.

"I know he likes you and he talks a lot about you, can you help me?" she asked. I had to work during the summer, but I have a job where nobody would mind if I brought a kid along, and where we spend A lot of time driving from one customer to another, so of course I said Yes! He could stay with me until he had to go to school again, and whenever she felt she couldn't handle him again he was always welcome at my place because I missed him. Mike was 14 at the time, and during the first week we got “up to date” on what was happening in each other’s lives. Now, he was extremely popular with the girls, and among other things he told me several stories about his conquests, even sharing some of the steamy details. I know he wasn't just telling tall tales, because Nancy had mentioned more than once that he was often surrounded by girls, and this year at summer vacation while he was here he received a huge pile of offers on his phone from different girls wanting to be his girlfriend - or downright offering him sex! he showed several of the text-messages to me, laughing and saying they were stupid because they all knew he already had a girlfriend and that he didn't want to cheat on her.

One of the first days while we were driving, he was telling me about a one-night stand he had had once and I asked him if he remembered to use condoms, considering how many girls he was nailing when he wasn't seeing anybody steady. "Hah, the damn things are too small!" he said.
"Dude, You don't wanna have kids or catch herpes or something worse! They come in
different sizes, maybe you should try a bigger one?"
"They do?"
"Yes, you should try Magnum brand, they have from small to x-large so you should
be able to find one that fits"
"how do you know, do you need another size too?"
"Ehh well yes, I do"
"Which size?"

At this time I was a bit stunned, but I sent him a quick look and it didn't seem like he was trying to make fun of me, so I answered: "Well, large.. Regulars feel too tight and slide off during sex"
"Ok, how long is your dick?"

I was even more stunned, and I didn't really want to share this information with
him, so I said:
"Shit dude, I don't know, I never measured it!"
"Mine's 23cm when hard.. Tell me your length, all guys measure it. You can tell me, it's ok"
At this point I was still stunned, so I said no. It seemed a bit weird to be having this particular conversation with him even though we were friends. He kept bugging me about it for a while and I finally told him my length. He raised his arms triumphantly and shouted:
"HAH! Beat you by 3 cm! You should use small, they would fit better, haha!"

He continued in this way for a little while and for the rest of the day he came up with jokes about our dick sizes from time to time. He actually still comments on it almost every time he is here.

I live in a one-room apartment, so the sleeping arrangements when Mike is here consists of me in my bed and him on a mattress on the floor. Normally I prefer to sleep naked, but in the first days of Mike's first visit I chose not to. I had become shy as it had been years since the last time either of us had seen the other one naked and we were still in the process of getting to know each other all over again. After a few days I decided that I needed to figure out if I could sleep naked without him knowing about it, because he was going to be here for a whole month and I would go nuts if I had to be trapped in underwear the whole time
- and every time he was here! Then I found out I could send him out to brush his teeth and then undress and get under the covers before he returned. In the mornings I would get dressed before I woke him up, and I really thought it worked well. After doing this for about a week, he was suddenly awake before me one
morning and I kept trying to come up with a reason to send him to the bathroom so I could get my underwear on without him noticing. I was still in bed after 15 minutes and he said:

"Dude, we're gonna be late. I know you are naked under there, you don't need to hide it"
"How the hell did you know?"
"One night I woke up and had to go to the bathroom you turned in your sleep and
I caught a glimpse of your bum"
"Shit, I'm sorry!"
"That's ok, it doesn't matter. We need to go soon, are you coming?"
I put my underwear on under the covers and then I got out of bed and got dressed, thinking that it would be the last I would hear about him noticing me sleeping naked. I should have known I was wrong! When I returned to the car from buying our breakfast I handed him his bag that had two buns in it. He looked into the bag and said, "Dude, that looks just like you sleeping!"
And later, while we were out on the road and talking about girls and sex again
he suddenly said,
"You really don't need to be so careful with me, mom and her new boyfriend sleep naked too - so does my dad and his girlfriend. I've seen naked adults plenty of times before, it's not the end of the world"
I thought about this and said, "Ok I’ll keep that in mind. If you feel like it, you can sleep naked too"

He has never chosen to do so though, I guess he is naturally shy about his body because of his age. Or maybe he doesn't want to be seen with a morning boner. He is not hysterical though, and we actually ended up wrestling nude once.

Whenever Mike is here we watch movies, play games, hang out and talk, wrestle and stuff like that. He attended contact sports for years until shortly before he turned 14, so he is a formidable opponent in improvised wrestling matches. On the weekends and also sometimes during weekdays, he starts a wrestling match, usually to stall our bedtime. One evening some 8 months ago we were wrestling, this time only wearing our boxers. The pair I was wearing was an old pair. The fabric was becoming brittle and at one point during the match he accidentally tore the fabric from the waistband of them, producing a 6-7 cm tear at the side. We laughed about it and continued the match for a while. Then we needed a break to catch our breath. Well, mostly me actually... He is in damn good shape! During the break I went to pee and when I returned Mike looked at the tear in my boxers and said:
"Dude, are you gonna throw those away when you take them off?"
"I guess so... Why?"
"I just thought it would be fun to tear them apart"
At this point we had become more comfortable with being around each other while
undressing etc, so I said,
"If you do that, I’ll destroy yours as well!"
"No! They're new and I like them. It’s the only ones I have in this style"
"Ok, then leave mine alone"
We continued our wrestling match, and after a few minutes he made a dedicated attempt at tearing my boxers even more.
I said: "I'm serious dude, if you tear my boxers up I’ll take yours off and throw them where you can't reach them!"
"HAH! You and what army?" (Simpson’s are popular here too...)
Mike jumped me again and held me in a grip with his legs, and then calmly  proceeded with tearing my boxers apart and pulling off the remains until I was naked. I was a bit surprised that he actually did it but I managed to get out of his grip and for several minutes I tried to remove his boxers while he fought me
off. Finally I succeeded, surprisingly fast once I got hold of him the right way. I threw his boxers over my shoulder and they landed on a table a couple of meters away. He followed them with his eyes but didn't make any moves to get to them. We laughed about this battle for a while just sitting opposite each other on his mattress on the floor where we wrestled, and then he suddenly decided to continue our match by attacking me while I was unprepared. I tilted back and hit the mattress partly on my back, and before I could do anything he placed his legs around my neck and held me in a firm grip while using his arms to prevent me
from breaking free or getting to my feet. He had used this hold on me several times before during wrestling matches, but never while being even remotely undressed. I immediately realized why, because my face was very close to his balls and his dick was hanging to its side just a bit further away.
I thought....."if he turns to the other side I’ll get hit by his dick right in the face!"

Just as I was about to point this out to him he decided to turn over, taking me with him. His dick brushed across my face, he immediately let go laughing his head off and between the giggles afterwards saying:
"Dude, I just hit you in the face with my dick!"
"I know! Maybe we should both put on underwear if you wanna keep wrestling?"
"No that's ok, I’ll be more careful"
So we kept wrestling nude for about a half hour or so. Mike used his neck-hold several times more, though he was holding me a bit further away from his crotch this time around. He did drag me very close a couple of times, but it was only briefly and his dick didn't hit me again. Just after our match he said he needed
to take a dump and went to the bathroom. He stayed in there for about half an hour being very quiet so I kind of figured out what he was doing. Some time after he had returned I needed to pee again and went to the bathroom, and as I was standing there about to pee I noticed some of his cum floating around in the toilet. I have never mentioned it to him though, he is my “Son” so it doesn't matter to me. And I know he would be extremely embarrassed if I ever told him that I knew he was masturbating right after our nude match.

I am single and have been so for quite a while, so naturally I masturbate on a regular basis. This was another issue in the beginning of Mike’s visits, and at first I solved it by doing it in the shower. After a couple of weeks of his first visit he suddenly started interrupting me at least once in every shower I took with some question, like "Do we have any soda?" or "Can I watch a movie? TV sucks right now" so I stopped doing it in the shower knowing he had figured that one out and just waited until he was sleeping. It would also be more comfortable because I would be able to just lie down in bed instead of standing up over the
toilet. I always figured I would hear it if he woke up. The first couple of times I masturbated in bed I got up and went to the bathroom when I needed to cum. This was making a bit of noise and I was afraid he would wake up one night and see me stumbling to the bathroom with a hard-on, so I started bringing a small towel to bed with me hoping he wouldn't notice if I hid it under the covers until I needed it. When I did, I would quietly remove the covers, sit up and finish off into the towel. Then I would stick the towel between the sheets until I could deal with it discreetly. He didn't seem to notice anything, so I masturbated this way two or
three times a week for the rest of his visit. And continued to do so whenever he was here for more than just a weekend.

About a Year ago mike was here for a weekend stay, at this point he had been here for a couple of weekend visits and also 2-one-week visits. This time we spent Friday evening playing cards and talking. He was telling me about school and a cute new Girlfriend he had met. The subject slowly turned sexual as he was talking about her, and at some point we were discussing masturbation. He kept claiming that he never did it, and I kept telling him general facts about boys his age and jerking off. I knew that he did on a very regular basis, but I didn't want to embarrass him so I was politely pretending not to know for sure if he did. At a few occasions both before and after our nude wrestling match I had seen a bit of cum in the toilet that flushing had not removed, and some times when we were ready to sleep and watching TV I would notice his right arm slowly moving back and forth under the covers while he was on his side on the mattress with his back
turned towards me. So at one point in this debate I said:
"Well if you say you don't dude, then I guess you don't"
"No I don't need to, I can get relief from my girlfriend when I need it"
"She's not always around, then what do you do?"
"I wait. I can do that, not like you who need to do it regularly, haha!"
"Shit you knew? Crap.. I need to find another way to do it then.."
"I only woke up and heard it a few times, it's all right. You don't have a
girlfriend, so I know you need to"
"But still, you don't need to hear that.."
"Dude I’m not a kid anymore, do it whenever you need to. My luck is giving me easy
access to willing girls, otherwise I would probably need to jerk off regularly
The Conversation continued for a bit and mike assured me a couple of times more that he was ok with me masturbating and that if he would wake up while I was going at it he would turn his back to me so I would have a bit of privacy. Before our little talk I had sometimes masturbated while the TV was on if he had fallen
asleep, but from then on I always did it in total darkness - just in case he would wake up one night and see me in the light from the TV. I was wondering if that had happened Before, but he didn't tell me and whether it had or not there wasn't really anything I could do about it then.

One late night during Mike’s stay here for the summer I was masturbating in the darkness while he was sleeping. I had my eyes Closed and my mind was fantasizing. My face was turned away from him and I was listening to him breathing in his sleep. At One point during my session I opened my eyes for some reason, and I could see an eerie white light illuminating the wall Beside me. Almost immediately I realized it was the light from Mike’s phone, and I immediately stopped what I was doing and turned to look at him. I caught a glimpse of him lying on his side facing me, holding his phone with the display turned on in my direction with one hand while the other was moving quietly back and down over his crotch underneath the covers. the light disappeared in an instant, leaving us in total darkness. Neither of us said anything, so I just decided to wait for a long time, certain that he would doze off if he could hear that nothing was happening. After a while it sounded like he was sleeping again, but I kept waiting a bit longer just in case he was only pretending. Soon after I was going at it and fantasizing again, though this time I opened my eyes to see if he was awake from time to time. One time I opened my eyes I could see the light from Mike’s phone again, but this time I didn't stop what I was doing because I was kind of curious to know if he was watching me or if it was just coincidence. After about a minute and a half the light went off and stayed off for a few minutes. Then it was turned on again and stayed on for 5-6 minutes. Then it was turned off again. He continued to switch the lights on and off this way until I started to move about and remove the covers. I know that Mike can write a long text-message in about ten seconds flat, and when his phone was new he told me that the games on there were really boring, so it didn't take long before I was very certain that he was watching me. I finished off in darkness knowing that he was listening and with him knowing that I knew. I decided not to say anything about what had happened unless he did though, not to embarrass any of us.

Since then I have noticed that this happens almost every time I masturbate. We have been talking or joking about jerking off in general a couple of times more where he has been teasing me with knowing what I do every couple of days late at night, but neither of us have ever mentioned what happened that particular night and he maintains that he only wakes up once in a while and hear me doing it. He also still maintains that he doesn't masturbate! I remember very well what it was like to be his age so I am not going to tell him that I know he does it too and I have silently accepted him watching me, figuring it is an outbreak of curiosity that will eventually end.

I love Mike very much and wish he was my own son. He is coming here for a one-week visit in a couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing him again We have plans to visit a paintball-court, it's going to be a blast! I really look forward to his visits here, we always talk and have so much fun. And he is a great help when he is with me at work. Never ever would I do anything to jeopardize our friendship!

Author’s name withheld by request.

In closing I want to add that I am completely confident that the Author has a remarkable and loving friendship with Mike, which continued long after this writing

Friday, July 5, 2013

Peep-Hole Pissers

Okay, this doesn't really seem very naughty today, but at the age of young campers it was pretty daring. The cabin we had was just basically a shack, a wood hut with outside walls made out of vertical planks nailed to a 2x4 frame. No inside walls at all, just the open framing and the the outside planks.

Somebody found a good size knothole in one of the boards, probably 1-1/2" or 2" wide. We made up a rule that if a boy wanted to urinate, he had to stick his dick through the hole and pee onto the ground outside. We would go out and watch the pee spraying out of a guy's dick and talk about how high the stream rose and how far it went. Not really dirty, but for most of us it was the first time we pushed our boundaries in that way.

The game was so much fun that some of the boys made a sign and tacked it to the wall outside. It said "Caution, piss hole." The word "piss" embarrassed me at the time. I thought it should have said "pee" instead.

Then a guy came up with the idea of sneaking over to the hole from the outside and grabbing a boy's dick while he pissed. The first time that happened, the guy that was urinating jumped back away from the hole and peed all over himself as well as everything else inside. We laughed like hell. I think it was the very first sexual (or dirty) laugh I ever had. After that anybody who peed had better be prepared for somebody to grab his dick.

Another thing we would do was send one boy outside and have another one stick his dick through the hole. The boy outside was supposed to guess whose dick he saw.

There were older boys in other cabins and they called us "little homos" and "little queers." I had no idea what those words meant, and thought they were just insults, or maybe profanity.

Remembering it now, there was one very interesting element. Nobody hesitated to stick their bare dick out of that hole. But when we were all in the cabin together, we stayed shy, not even taking off our underwear in the presence of anybody else. The hole made us kind of anonymous. It seems to me that we had kind of an inborn limitation that prevented us from letting our dicks and our faces be seen at the same time.

Author Anonymous

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sightings in the Lockers

There are stories printed about teens swimming naked in competition and such. I never did swim  naked (nor ever wanted to ) however I liked getting a fix of peters in the locker room.

 I hung around for one excuse or another while boys came in  and out. The boys which did not try so hard to hide were the bigger boys.  For my first time, of seeing a boy that was uncircumcised, and his dick
looked all wrapped up in skin that was just too long...  (is what I was thinking) and it made a funny shaped a nozzle  at the end of it. I kept looking to see it some more.

About in 8th grade or maybe 7th, once it was while looking so much  at that boys dick until I got hard. I was  thinking " oh no a boner, gotta  hide and cover up with a towel." Then went and jacked off.

 Little un cut peters and little balls, would make it get so hard, always  after that, having to jack off,
Somehow just wanting to feel them but not any cut dicks. And not  any getting older. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Letting the Good Feeling Last

While we are talking about swimming........ What is it about stripping off a wet bathing suit that tends to make a young dude horny? Is it the way his bag tightens up and becomes super-sensitive? Then that is frequently followed by an unusually stiff erection. I can't count the number of times that I masturbated shortly after swimming.

The after-swim session that I remember best involved another boy, my best friend at the time, who has gone on to be a straight man. We went swimming at a public pool and rode our bikes to his house afterward, wearing our wet bathing suits. His family was not home. We stripped off our wet suits and jocks, put on our dry underwear, shorts and T-shirts, and lay on his bed watching TV, kind of sitting up and leaning back against the pillows and headboard.

My balls were so tight it was like they had disappeared. And sensitive, as well. We were both kind of half-secretly feeling of our own dicks and/or balls. Right away I had a boner.

I would love to know exactly what we said or did that led us to first put our hands on each other's crotches for a quick feel, but I can't remember that stage. What I do remember is that after briefly touching each other's hard dicks through our pants, we slid our clothes down so that our erections were totally visible. For a few minutes we wiggled and mashed our own dicks and squeezed or tickled our balls - while pretending to concentrate on the TV. Then, by unspoken consent, we reached over, traded dicks, and began playing with the other guy's hard-on.

Like I said, this is a huge memory for me. I had jacked off with other friends before, but only a quick wank, and never this best buddy. He and I lay side-by-side constantly groping and feeling of each other. I became more and more stiff and horny. I realized I was going to have to masturbate soon. Despite what we were doing with each other, I had the idea of going to the bathroom and jacking off in private.

However, we seemed to be on the same wavelength, so to speak, and we began cautiously sliding our hands back and forth on the other guy's dick. I got so horny that I took over from my friend and began jacking myself while laying right next to him. He reached over and stopped my hand and told me to let the good feeling last.

We kept each other erect and on the verge of ejaculation for what seems now like a very long time, possibly 15 or 20 minutes, tickling each other, lightly touching our shriveled testicles and inflexible erections, and doing everything we could to preserve the intense moment just prior to ejaculation.

Finally he told me he couldn't stand it any more. We got one of the swimming towels and put it on the bed, kneeling over it to jack each other as slow as possible.

Imagine the most intense ejaculation you have ever had, and multiply it by a million. That's the humongous feeling that shot through my body as we stroked each other and climaxed above the towel as the culmination of our swimming-erections. I've never had another orgasm quite like it.

Author Anonymous

Swimming without a Suit

Reader's response to the poll about swimming naked:

 I grew up in a college town and took "bare" swimming lessons from college boys at the campus indoor pool. The big guys wore bathing suits but we boys swam nude, possibly to discourage us from pissing in the pool.

I was very modest as a child and hated swimming naked because I didn't want my equipment to be seen. I hated it so bad that I remember staying in the changing room until the very last minute, sitting on the bench in my underwear while everybody else stripped and ran hurriedly out to the pool.

However it was a trade-off for me because the naked lessons gave me a chance to see other bare boys. I was not aroused because of being so young, but I couldn't help staring again and again at each penis. So I tolerated the shame of revealing my own nakedness in exchange for the fascination of seeing the other boys nude.


I grew up when suits were worn by all swimmers young and old. I am aware there were YMCA Pools where guys swam nude as in this short story... a lot has changed.

A Jerk in the Woods

Here's another funny story:

A father while out in the woods notices his 

20-year-old son masturbating behind tree. 
He told him, 
"Son, you're getting older now 
and you need to be finding yourself a wife 
so you won't have to do that anymore.

His son agreed that was good advice.
By the next year his son had indeed gotten 
married, but his dad again saw him masturbating 
in the woods. So he said to him, 
"Son! You are married now. You shouldn't have 
to do that anymore!" 
But the son responded, "Yes, paw, I know. 
But her little arm just gets so tired…"