Sunday, June 30, 2013

Joining the Nakey Swimmers

  Preface -
I was about 9 years old at the time. I had no real idea about anything sexual at that age, but I very well knew that for some reason it was completely unacceptable to let anybody except your mom and dad see those parts of your body that were normally covered by swim trunks. But even as a little boy of that age, I remember really enjoying being naked. I remember in third grade I always took a bath on Sunday night, and after my bath I would put out just my bathrobe, with nothing on underneath, and I go back downstairs and be able to watch television for about another hour, sitting there with virtually no clothes on. So even as a young boy I admit to having great feelings of freedom and complete relaxation whenever I was completely nude.

So, here goes-
 I went to Catholic grade school as a boy, during the 1960s. As such, I had little opportunity for physical education classes and I didn’t know many of the other kids in our town, who all went to public school. When I was either 8 or 9 years old my parents enrolled me in swimming classes at the local YMCA. The parents of another boy in my class enrolled him too, so at least I knew somebody. But neither of us knew any other boy in our swim class. At that time, at the YMCA, wearing swim trunks in the pool was still optional. I was told that many years earlier, it was actually prohibited to wear swim trunks in the YMCA pool, having something to do with the filter system. But, the YMCA was exclusively for boys and men back then, so there would never be a girl anywhere near the pool.

  We probably had about 20 boys in our beginner swim class, all our same age. As I remember, about 8 or 9 bigger kids always swam naked. Maybe they had been swimming like that for ages and just felt okay about it, so the rest of us swam in our swim trunks. Both of our moms told us that we had to always wear our swim trunks, but after three or four lessons my friend suggested we try it, one time, and not wear our swim trunks! I remember at first I was totally against it, because I was a kid who always obeyed his parents. And I also felt that, somehow, my mom and dad would find out. And, I na├»vely told him, my mom would figure it out when I came home and my swim trunks were still dry. He told me all we needed to do was get them wet in the shower before we left, and our moms would never know. So, this one day, we both left our swim trunks in our lockers and walked to the pool completely naked! I remember feeling wicked, excited, and scared to death, all at the same time!

 The swimming lesson went well, and none of the other kids either noticed or said anything that the two of us didn’t have swim trunks on. And, I remember even at that young age it felt really nice swimming completely naked! So, my friend and I swore each other to complete secrecy and in our dereliction, we completed all the rest of our swim lessons swimming in the nude.

 Since then, other than about three or four exciting opportunities to go skinny dipping in junior high and high school, I’ve never again have the opportunity to swim naked or to go to a nude beach where I could be publicly naked with many other people. (My wife of many years is totally opposed to the idea.) But that YMCA experience, at a very young age, help me to realize that it was completely normal, natural, and acceptable to swim in the presence of others completely naked. After that first swim lesson when we agreed to leave our swim trunks in our lockers, I never even felt the least bit self-conscious swimming nude with all those other boys.


Friday, June 28, 2013

A New First Here (Boy Jokes)

From Draco:
(Do you want a little joke to print?)

Sure why not!!

A catholic priest took a shortcut through an alley on his way home one evening. Just as he came around the corner of a building, a boy was jacking off in the shadows of the alley. At the very moment the priest saw him, the boy's penis fired and his cum squirted across the ground.

"My son," the priest said, looking sorrowfully at the stream of sperm in the dirt. "You really shouldn't do that. Your seed is holy and precious. Save it until you get married."

"Yes, father," the embarrassed boy said.

Twelve or fifteen years later the priest received a visitor.  "You don't remember me," the young man said. "But I'm the boy that you saw doing something embarrassing in an alley. I've followed your advice. I'm about to marry a wonderful girl, and I've saved it until getting married as you told me."

"I'm proud of you, son. Thank you for coming to tell me. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, now that you mention it, I need your advice again."

"Go ahead, my son."

"I've saved it until getting married, father, just like you told me, and I've got a 55-gallon drum of it in the back of the pickup. What do I do with it now?"

Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Stripped at Camp

I am really glad you guys are kicking summer into high gear with some fantastic and fun stories. This is an outdoor FRESH one, and I hope you guys like it as much as I did.
Good Job Thunder Cloud, his very first post.

Asking about summer experiences, plus the comments about swimming in the nude, reminded me of a camp I went to every summer starting at 9 years old until about 16. It was a camp that was free for boys like me that came from poor (called "underprivileged") families.

The older boys who had already been to the camp before had a way of initiating the little boys that were there for the first time. On the very first day, during the afternoon rest hour, the bigger boys walked through the cabin looking at the young guys and asking "Who is our first streaker today."

They grabbed a first-time boy, held him down, and began stripping his clothes off of him. They got down to his underwear and he was kicking like crazy and hanging onto his shorts. The whole cabin was yelling and laughing except for the boy that they were stripping. As soon as they had him buck naked they picked him up and carried him to the door and put him outside and shut the door. He had to run to the flagpole and back and then they let him come in. They gave him high fives and slapped him on the butt and let him put his clothes back on. Occasionally somebody would say "Nice peter, dude."

Depending on how many new boys were in a cabin, this could happen several times every afternoon and there would be naked boys streaking from every cabin to the flagpole, as well as boys lining the windows in the cabins to watch. The counselors were high school boys and all they asked was that nobody got hurt.

My time came and went on the second or third day. I tried to hang onto my whitie tighties but of course once they picked me and chased me down there was nothing I could do about it. To tell the truth, I was looking forward to the attention once I saw how it worked.

As I got older I became one of the big boys that stripped the little guys. That taught me an interesting thing. Some of the boys were truly upset about being stripped and might start crying when they were picked and might still be crying when they got back from their naked run. But others thought it was a hoot and would easily give up their underwear and actually display their junk to us.

It also showed all of us the many different types of penises. When some of the boys ran to the flagpole, their little weenies flopped round like crazy. Other boys, you could hardly see if they had a dick. Some were uncircumcised. And a few would run with their hands covering their crotch. One time we stripped a kid and he got a stiffie while we were getting him bare, which everybody else had to comment on.

I entered puberty at 13 and kept going to the camp. I found that would get erections while we stripped boys and I would have to go to the outhouse and jack off after each boy was stripped. Then in later years I controlled myself and didn't masturbate until going to bed. I would wait until getting in my bunk, would get humongous boners, and would secretly jack off in my sleeping bag and shoot into a sock. In the dark I sometimes saw other boys masturbating in bed (including one year a counselor that did it every night), and that really ramped up the wanking experience for me as I watched their sleeping bags bump around while they stroked themselves. However, I was shy about banging my drum and never made contact with another jacker even though they made me harder and hornier than ever.

Especially after puberty, that camp was the highlight of every year for me, one week out of fifty-two when I looked forward to seeing dicks, getting good hard-ons, and secretly masturbating after lights-out in the presence of a roomful of other aroused boys.

Story By

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tom - The Bare Boy of Legend

Authors Note -
I just like to read these stories. But I got a kind of different thing for you guys to think about.
 Did you sometime think about things in a kind of dirty way before you ever got into puberty, maybe about something you read in a book? And then keep thinking that way?

Tom - The Bare Boy of Legend
 In the fourth grade my teacher let me pick books to read because I got through with math and other things early. One I got was Tom Sawyer which I think was the very first book that made me really see all the things that was going on in the story. Remember when the boys were playing pirate on an island? Or maybe cowboys and Indians, or something else. Anyway they took off all their clothes while they ran around. So all the boys (don't remember all of them) were playing together in the nude.
That was very big for me. All of a sudden while reading that, it made me think something totally new for me. Which was, that these boys could see each other's pricks!! I tried to think of how that would be, to play with my friends naked. Also, they went swimming in the nude too with each other. At the age that I was when reading it I know would of died if I got in a situation of taking off my clothes in front of a friend. But I could see pricks in my mind and went back to read that part again and again a few more times.

It was years before I was making my cum. After that started, I would sometimes be jerking and ask myself… Did Tom and the boys do this when they got naked. Or maybe did their pricks get hard and touch them!

Today if Tom Sawyer comes up or maybe I just think of it…… it is the boys playing naked that I always think of the most. And I was only 9 or 10 then.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Scarlet Knob

 When I was twelve I got a slight infection under my foreskin that made my knob look red. I told my mom and she took me down to the doctors who told her to wash my knob with salty water and then to rub on some antiseptic cream.

I don’t think she liked the idea of touching my penis and I heard her telling the lad next door about it. He said that he had had the same and could do it. I had played with him as he came around to do our garden sometimes and must have been about fifteen.

A bit later Mom told me to go up to the bathroom and take my pants off and Nick would come up in a minute. So I was stood there in the nude and in he came. He could sense that I was a bit embarrassed and told me that he had had the same as a child and it was nothing to worry about and that it was better for him to do it than my mom. He got a tumbler of warm water and mixed some salt into it. Then he reached over to my penis and slid the foreskin back then brought the tumbler towards my penis and dipped my cock into it. It stung a little bit but felt good too in the warm water.

After that he told me to sit on the table next to the washbasin and got a blob of the antiseptic cream on his finger. He started to rub the cream all over the end of my long foreskin then he slipped the skin back and started on my knob. I started to get an erection and soon my penis was pointing up to my navel.

I had not reached puberty and still had small genitals and no pubic hair. I did not know about masturbation but had started to get frequent erections and knew that touching my penis felt good.

Nick now started fingering my tight ball sac and he told me that I had a cute penis and scrotum. He pulled my foreskin back over the knob and started massaging my knob through the foreskin and said he had to make sure the cream was rubbed in properly. After a minute of this he told me to jump up and put my pants back on.

He said he would come round every other day and I could not wait until the next time. The same thing happened each time but now I would have an erection even before I got my pants off which gave Nick some difficulty in holding my knob in the glass of salty water and we both ended up laughing. During one of our sessions he started telling me about erections and sperm and sex.

One day as my penis was in the salt water he said he had to wee and he pulled his trousers and underpants down and I watched him piss. He saw me looking and asked if I wanted a proper look. I nodded. So he walked over to me with his pants around his ankles. I was amazed it was so big and he had a patch of curly hair. As he took hold of my willy again and started to put the cream on I could see his penis starting to erect and by the time he was rubbing the cream in through my foreskin his penis was sticking straight up.

The next time he was around I asked if he would take his pants off again and he did. I liked to see his cock get stiff. He said that my foreskin was a bit tight and that I needed to stretch it a bit so that I did not have to be circumcised. He put a finger and thumb around my foreskin and started pulling it up and down a bit further each time until my knob was popping in and out. My penis would get really tingly when he did this but I think he sensed when I was getting too excited and he would stop. He never finished me off.

After a couple of weeks my penis was completely better and he stopped coming round and a few months later he moved further away. But we did meet up a year later and our fun continued…

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nocturnal Emission (the Roddy Factor)

We get a variety of stories about guys innocent sexual discovery.  Then also, sometimes there are tales of more intense lusty desires.  The random events that guys experience together can reward an exciting uncalculated fulfillment later-on. That pay-off may be beyond compare.

The following involves a short tale of some boy's discovery, which apparently results in a superb lasting memory.


Has anybody else ever been awake to feel what happened when their dick had an involuntary ejaculation, meaning a wet dream?

For me this took place when I was around fifteen or sixteen.  We had a bunch of company for Christmas and I had to give up my bed and sleep on the couch in front of the fireplace.  I was in the habit of jacking off every few days while sitting on the toilet, but everything was in an uproar with a lot of relatives in the house, and I had not shot my wad for some time.

Not too long before this, a friend of mine gave me my first blow job.  We were jack off buddies and had experimented with putting our mouths around each other's dick several times, but had never performed actual oral sex.  But my buddy said he wanted to see if it was possible to jack somebody off with your mouth.  He continuously moved his head in and out, sliding his lips and his saliva mouth back and forth on my boner at the speed of a slow masturbation.  It was exceptionally freaky-feeling, but also highly arousing as my dick became intensely hard and proceeded quickly toward total arousal and heading straight for a climax.  I warned him that I was going to cum, and to my surprise he continued blowing me until I ejaculated in his mouth.  He spit my cum on the ground and jacked out his own load.

  On this night during the Holiday Season, I laid on the couch with the heat of the fireplace facing me, my dick became hard.  My entire body was in that sexy condition where you almost think you have fever.  I'd waited too long without jerking, and my body wanted, no…. “Needed” a climax.  However, I refused to touch myself.  First denied by precaution, anybody might get up and walk into the living room and find me banging away on my dick.  And second, how would I explain it if I got cum on my mother's couch or the blanket?

So I finally went to sleep.  But I woke up sometime later in a state of even more intense sexual arousal.  My erection was enormous, feeling very heavy and thick in addition to long and hard.  The horny sensations in my body were so tense that it was like I'd been jacking off for hours and was at the very instant of cumming.  And then my dick began feeling the memory of Roddy's mouth going back and forth. I think I was shaking all over.

I could not think of anything else.  I was still not touching my dick, and yet it was pulsing to the rhythm of masturbation and of Roddy blowing me.  My balls were tingling and feeling strange.  My dick fantasized every stroke of Roddy's mouth.  I knew I was going to cum right into my clothes.  And that word superimposed itself on all the repeated rhythms:  "Cum... cum... cum..."  I felt like I was thrusting my stiff dick forward again and again, feeling the intense sexual pattern of "Cum... cum... cum..." although I know I was not moving.

And then it happened.  I did cum!  Strangely, it was an anticlimactic ejaculation that did not produce the pleasure of a person pumping himself to a climax.  Instead, everything just kind of came to a peak and hung there for a long second, and then the stuff oozed out of my dick and all over my skin and underwear, and kept oozing, but without letting me have a real orgasm.

It was the most cum of any wet dream I ever had.  Usually I just got a gooey spot in my pants if I didn't jack off for a while, but this strange experience produced an entire ejaculation.

Laying there with cum all over myself, I was pretty mad about not getting up and going to the bathroom and jacking myself for real.  It was like that load of cum was wasted because I didn't get the maxxed out intense squirt-feeling that you have when your ejaculation shoots.

I have tried to obey the needs of my body ever since then, and never waste the chance to enjoy a climax.

Submitted Anonymous

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Addicted to Playing

I have elevated a readers comments here to a post. Under my own ideal to promote discussion through comments on this blog. You guys are welcome to add-to this comment, or others. We're somewhat of a user group.... With no secret handshake or qualifiers to join. Read-on.     -e-

I grew up in a religion that taught it was sinful to masturbate. It was pounded into us before we even knew what masturbation was : Don't touch your penis. If your penis gets hard, you must have done something sinful to make it happen. If anything comes out of it other than urine, you have been thinking bad thoughts.
All of this penis stuff had no meaning for me until I was about twelve. I suddenly noticed that I had erections at various times, and of course felt very guilty about it. I almost always got an erection while dumping a load. As the turds slid out of my rear end my little prick would rise up and get hard. Not only that, but often I could feel my balls tingling after a good shit. This was highly stressful because it made me think about the forbidden parts of my body, which was bad. It went on for a couple of years. The time came when occasionally there would be stuff in my pajamas in the morning and I would really feel ashamed. Sometimes I would get hard at school and it would be impossible to think of anything else. I felt really evil.
One day when I was fourteen I was sitting on the toilet at home. My dick became humongously erect while I crapped. My balls pulled up tight and tingled so much that it felt like they were buzzing. I couldn't stand it! I decided I would have to teach my dick a lesson, punish my penis for getting hard and making me feel wicked.
Despite everything I'd been taught, I put my hands on my hard penis. I was going to force it to get little and soft and quit bothering me. With one hand on each side of my awful boner, I began rotating my stiff penis by rapidly sliding my hands back and forth in opposite directions.
Within seconds I realized that I was doing something terrible. Far from ending the crisis, I was making it worse. My whole body felt like it was buzzing now. My penis was the hardest that it had ever been. I stopped rubbing it with my hands and sat there feeling like I was bringing disaster on the whole family. My penis felt so strange (hell, my whole body felt strange) that I couldn't keep from trying once more to punish it. I resumed the sliding-hands routine on each side of my rigid stiffie. Several times I stopped stimulating my penis, but always went back to work on it.
When the climax hit I was so scared and so guilt-riddled that I literally slid off the seat of the toilet and ended kneeling with my head on the rim of the bathtub. I thought I was going to pass out because of the way I felt. Not only that, but while the terrible feelings were happening, a spray of evil stuff had shot out of my dick with an unbearable sensation. I knew I was going to hell. However, in one way the sinful activity had been a success, because my dick became soft afterwards.
When I found out I was still alive, I promised myself that I would never, never, never do that kind of thing again. As you might guess, my resolve lasted less than a month. Every time I got an erection I remembered the sinful thing I had done to myself. But I also remembered that doing it had caused me to lose my erection.
I lived with terrible guilt until I was in college, because I had became a regular masturbator. I was ashamed because I felt like I was addicted - addicted to playing with my hard penis. At first I allowed myself to milk my dick only once every two weeks. I did it on Saturdays because of going to church the next day.
I lived with that secret until I got educated enough to know what a mess of shit my religion had brainwashed me with. If you want a laugh, imagine a very goody-goody teenage boy following all the rules the leaders of the cult required, pretending to be pure as snow... but living for only one thing: my next blessed masturbation and the wonderful feeling of the ejaculate spraying out of my forbidden penis!

Submitted Anonymous

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Turned-on By the Lookers

A Story related to "Crowd Pleaser"

I did not ever have boys play with my junk, but I swear I think I went through a period when I was an exhibitionist. It turned me on for a boy to try and look at my boner. I would play a game like pretending I didn't know anybody was around, like in the dressing rooms at the swimming pool. The changing stalls had plastic shower curtains. I would leave the curtain open a little. If the right kind of boy came in I would let my dick stick up and play with it some and see if he looked. A lot of times a boy would walk back and forth or go to a sink, trying to get a good look. I always played like I thought I was alone. It made my dick iron hard when a boy got where he could watch and get a good look. Also at the library people could look from the pissers and see into one toilet stall at the end of the row. I could tell which guys to show myself to and which ones not to.

This went on when I was around 16-17-18. When I first realized how hard it made me, I would right away jack off, as soon as the kid was through watching. Then later I did not jerk because I wanted more guys to look so my dick would stay hard and I would be unbelievably horny. Some of the boys that looked at me jerked their own load out because they thought I wasn't looking. When that happened my dick wanted a jerk so bad that my heart was pounding, but I would stop playing with it to prevent it from cumming. Then maybe another boy or two would come in and peek at me and I would get harder and harder and explosively horny. Some of the boys would come back on other days after discovering they could see what I was doing. One little dude was a regular "voyeur" almost every time I went to the library. I gave them a good show but still pretended I thought I was playing with my boner in private.

I went home and stayed real horny until bedtime. On the days that I was lucky and got looked at, my dick stayed aroused for hours, although not always erect. It would feel very heavy and thick after I had showed myself the way I did. Also very sensitive, like it was constantly about to cum. I would be horny like that while watching TV or eating supper or doing homework.

I would then go to bed and jerk so slow that it was killing me, stopping several times before cumming, barely touching my boner, then finally giving up and settling into a genuine pump job, letting the orgasm explode inside me and the cum shoot wad after wad into a handful of tissues. Loads and loads of cum, incredible loads, after the dudes looked at me.

Submitted Anonymous

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Crowd Pleaser

Hey Mr. Host. Here is something I remember. By the time I started making cum I knew all about it because of a boy that lived nearby.

 He liked for a lot of other boys to play with his dick and tickle him and stuff like that. He was a ninth grader when we started with him and the rest of us was in grade school. We thought he was real big. He liked to lay on the floor in his garage where he would lock the door. We unfastened his pants for him and got him bare. His dick would be stiff already.

 Thinking back, he never touched us boys. All he wanted was us to play with his dick and balls ever way we can think of. When it was ready to cum, if there was more than one boy, he picked which boy it would be that would make his dick cum. Sometimes there would be three or four of us working on him at the same time, waxing his dick feeling his balls and tickling him. When he got ready to cum he told us to go fast or slow or whatever. He had a rag hid in the garage to always shoot the cum in.

Author Anonymous

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Horny Jerk

The best horny jerk I can remember, I was on a vacation to Washington DC, and I was about 16. I went in a restroom at the Smithsonian which is a big museum, and sat down to dump a load. There was some body in the other stall and jerking like crazy. His pants shaking a lot and also his shadow. I think it was the first time I ever seen any body jerking in a stall. A little dude because of the size of his shoes and also his legs was skinny. I guess he did not care I was in the stall by him or maybe he didn't know, he was showing his jerk.

 At first I was only sitting up but then leaned over to see better. He still jerked real fast. Until he stood up all of a sudden and cummed on the floor in front of him. And then he took off. I was stiff as a board, very hard because of the jerking boy and also because I didn't jerk for a few days myself while on vacation with my old man and step sister all in the same room. Guess what, I had to jerk my big boner and it got better and better until it was the most excellent feeling I ever got and shot cum on the door and also on the floor. I shot “A lot of cum” and my best jerk off feeling ever.