Monday, May 27, 2013

Trusting Ray

Okay guys, lets give this a go…I will write everything from the start and see where it goes. First-off, a little bit of background to start the story. We used to live on a farm in the outback country of Victoria, just Mom and Dad and myself. I used to spend my days riding tractors, picking up cow poo and all the fun stuff you would do as a country boy,  and I just loved my ants and crawly bugs.

 We would often have lots of family come stay  with us on weekends and school holidays. There were loads of cousins of all ages who would stay. Both my parents are from families of 11 and 13 so that accounts for 24 Uncles and Aunties, multiply the group by adding in their kids as well. We had a very large family.

 So having my teen-aged uncle come and stay, wouldn't seem unusual. He was great guy everybody in the family loved him, even I did. We always did lots of things together! He would even lie for me, if did something wrong.  He was my sort of hero. I loved him and trusted him (big mistake?)

 At this time, I'm 9 and Ray was 16. One evening, my Father asked me to tell Ray, who was in the shower that dinner would be ready in 10 minutes. I knocked at the door, no answer, I knocked louder. Ray said “Who is IT?”

 I said it was me, and dad said dinners ready. Next thing I heard, Ray said come in, the door was unlocked. I went in (next big mistake!). Ray was still nude in the shower.  I had never seen another penis before, just my own. As he exited to dry off, I saw all of him. Compared to my boy sized equipment, he was large and hairy.

  I couldn’t keep my eyes off it! Ray noticed and said to me "You can touch it if you want". So I did, (another mistake!) It was large but soft. I could feel Ray’s penis slowly getting hard in my hand. Then he showed me how to move my hand up and down the shaft. I found that I liked touching his penis. I did this for about 5 minutes. It could have been only 2 minutes, or maybe several. I was just doing what my hero had told me. He never looked down at what I was doing he looked up to the ceiling and had his mouth gaping wide. I wasn't sure why he needed to breathe so heavy, but soon his stomach was tight, and his chest swelled up. Then his penis stood straight and firm. I felt and saw his body shake all over, then all this white stuff went everywhere!  Ray hurried to cleaned up the gooey mess. He then offered to do the same to me. I asked him what it feels like? He said is the best thing you will ever feel!!

 I said okay. I trusted him, (next mistake) he grabbed my little penis and started rubbing between his thumb and forefinger. This feeling was fantastic, never have I had a feeling like this! I could feel my little penis getting hard. For the next 10 minutes, I think he masturbated me about 6 times until my penis really hurt. He said that was normal for you first time and you will be ok in the morning, I was but something was different, my little penis was all red and very sore. My whole body was just shaking. All that I knew is that I like what I was feeling, and I wanted more! He also told me that no one else should do it to me, just him. I should not tell anyone!

 This is the first time, I had ever told anyone about my early first time. And it was with Ray.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kitchie Koo

I was delightfully smiling as I read this one. It captures a pure essence of youth,  then toss in the joys of sharing  and finding out what a changing body can do. This is a a fun and entertaining story, I suggest you grab your Tablet or Laptop and kick back in a comfy chair to savor this read.

By the time I was twelve I thought I knew all about sex. My grandmother and grandfather raised me as well one of my cousins. Granddad explained screwing to me, only he used nice words. I knew about the man sticking his dick into a woman and depositing his stuff. However there was a lot that I didn't know. For example I didn't know that the erections that I got were part of the procedure, didn't know about the man humping his penis back and forth inside the woman to get himself to cum, and above all didn't know that strange feelings took place while having an ejaculation. The whole thing sounded nasty to me and was no more than a mechanical procedure in my mind.

I became further educated thanks to my cousin who was two or three years older. One day we were sitting on the couch and Ben said, "Your little dickie is looking at me." My shorts and boxers had pulled up somehow and allowed the head of my penis to become visible. We were naked around each other all the time, so we just laughed. Ben reached over with one finger and tickled my dickhead, saying "Kitchie-koo" several times and we kept laughing.

My dick did something unexpected. It responded by getting hard. I pulled down the leg of my pants to hide the boner, which remained stiff for quite a while. It seemed to be a different kind of hard-on than usual, a nice-feeling hard-on. This was the first hint that anything sexual could be pleasurable. Some time later (probably only a couple of days) I did a crazy thing, setting things up like before and telling Ben, "Dickie's looking at you again." Ben just kind of laughed. I had to go a little further and say "No kitchie-koo for Dickie?" Then he got the idea and tickled my dickhead again. The odd thing about this second encounter is that my dick had started getting hard while I was thinking about doing it! When Ben touched it he said "Whoa! You've got a boner there. How long have you been getting them?" I told him I didn't know. Then he said "We all get hard sometimes," and kept tickling my little stiffie a little longer, still saying "Kitchie-koo."

It became a ritual with us. We no longer played Kitchie-Koo on the living room couch, but did it in the privacy of our bedroom, often just before going to bed. I would reveal my stiffie and Ben would run a finger lightly back and forth on it, repeating the stupid kitchie-koo thing while he touched me. Then he would say it was his turn and I would touch the large ridge that his own dick made in his underwear.

Once we got into our separate beds and turned off the light Ben nearly always did a mysterious thing that seemed to involve his hands moving around rapidly under the covers right where his dick was. I was totally dumb about what he was doing.

One morning I found some wet stuff in my boxers. It was freaky but I tried to make it funny when I told Ben that I thought Dickie had up-chucked. He said "No shit?" and then told me "Congratulations, you're ready to make babies."

We gradually got to the place where we were tickling each other's tense organs every night. Ben always kept his inside his boxers, but I liked for mine to stick out of my fly to enjoy the feeling of being hard and of his finger touching my dick. He would ask me to tickle him in certain ways and we both said "Kitchie-koo" to each other's dicks while we played around.

Months went by. While he was lightly running his finger back and forth on my erection I had my first sexual feelings. My dick became harder and my entire body felt strange. Ben asked if I was okay. I said that I didn't know. Then he wanted to know, "Are you cumming?" I didn't have an answer for that because I didn't know what it meant. He kept slowly tickling my dick and talking to it: "Dickie's going to cum, right? Little Dickie's going to cum. Don't be scared, Dickie! Kitchie-koo! Cummy-wummy!"

And I did cum. Scared the ever-loving shit out of me. My dick was sticking up at an angle above my stomach while Ben tickled it. A spray of stuff came out of it and landed in little drops on my stomach, chest, face, and pillow. I was scared by the cum but also freaking from the feelings that happened at the same time. As soon as I spermed, Ben got into his bed and started jacking off under the covers. I still didn't know what he was doing, but while his fist bumped up and down under the covers he kept telling me "You came! You came!"

The next night Ben asked me if I wanted to play Kitchie-koo again. Of course I did. The feelings had been scary, but I wanted to experience them again. Ben had a new idea that night. While I was tickling his boner, he asked me to slide my hand back and forth on the bump it made in his boxers. He told me it felt wonderful. Before long he said he was cumming and to keep doing it. He jizzed inside the boxers and made a big wet spot through the cloth, saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Then he continued tickling me. Just as I was feeling the freaky sensations again he stopped tickling and began sliding his thumb and a finger back and forth on my crazed hard-on. It made all the feelings even stronger and I instantly ejaculated.

We settled into a routine of taking towels to bed with us and masturbating each other to climaxes every night, trying to time our cumshots so that we spermed simultaneously.
Kitchy-Koo, Ben!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

His Show Comes to Fantasy

 Author's Note:
If you’re looking for brief accounts, maybe you can use this.

I was riding a city bus while still in high school, maybe 16. A young dude in full soccer gear got on and sat across the aisle. He made frequent adjustments to the front of his shorts, apparently trying to get his dick in a comfortable position. Before long I knew why he was adjusting his dick, he had a stiffie going! Right away he was treating me to a nice little show. His soccer shorts made a large wrinkle from side to side across his lap. He repositioned everything several times and ended with his boner unmistakably sticking up inside the lateral wrinkle.

Now that he had that job taken care of… from time to time he put his hand on the middle of the wrinkle. Sometimes it was just a casual touch, or maybe a squeeze. Occasionally with both hands. Sometimes he left his hand in place on his hidden dick for a little while. His soccer shorts were light blue with a satiny sheen that caught the light as he wrestled with his hard-on. As he continued to deal with his erection, his boner continued to lift the middle of the wrinkle until there was a noticeable bump in the fabric. He kept squeezing and mashing himself, sometimes bringing his knees together or twisting his ankles around each other. He was not masturbating, simply cursed with a major hard-on in a public place. And his predicament has stayed with me ever since.

I got off the bus while the kid continued to fight his stiffie. Never saw him again. But he has visited me in the fantasy world a hundred times.

 I have imagined that he turned to me and invited me to feel the ridge in his shorts. Or he asked me to be his lookout while he wanked. Or he requested that I do the wanking for him. Sometimes he is the subject of my dreams. I have dreamed that we got off the bus together and he revealed that he didn’t know how to masturbate, asking if I could teach him. In another dream, I found him sitting in a restroom stall with his stiffie pointing solidly up in the air while he appealed to me to take care of things for him. In the fantasy world he has ejaculated numerous times in various situations for me. I even dream sometimes that we are laying
next to each other in bed, and the hand that fondles my hard dick is his instead of mine.

It’s been twelve years since I saw the boy in the soccer shorts for a brief  ten or fifteen minutes, but the lil dude is still very much with me.

Author Submitted Anonymous @ 5-21-13

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Try by the Sword

My First Time was a Sword fight.....

My first orgasm that I can remember was when I was about 12 or so.  My next door neighbor and I would hide in the bushes and show each other our dicks.  When they would get hard we would play around with them.  One day we were doing this and decided to use them as swords and have a sword fight with them.  We sort of stabbed at each other for a while and mine started to feel quite strange.  I kept doing it, stabbing at him until suddenly mine started to go into hyper-spasm mode, and squirted a thin stream of nearly clear liquid onto his leg.  It shocked both of us, and I quickly wiped it up with his underwear.  And as I suddenly didn't want to be doing anything remotely sexy anymore, we both zipped up and got out of there.

I didn't understand until much later (a year?) that what I had done was normal, and was part of growing up.  Just like my voice cracking (all my relatives thought it was SOOO cute!), and growing a little bit of hair under my arms (and other places— which I shaved off through ignorance and embarrassment).
The funny thing is I can never in my whole life remember actually having a
"Wet dream".  I guess I always masturbated enough (probably still do...).  I sometimes wonder what I've missed.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Cam Tale

A few years ago when I was 12, my parents got me my own computer to use for school, and it got a built-in webcam. My friend Alan and me used our camera’s to talk from our houses when we could not come over and hang out.  This was brand new to me and him, but we had a lot of fun with it. But we were a couple of horny little kids and we had someone on line one day who wanted to do webcam with us when we were together. The kid said he was a couple years older than us and was pretty developed for 15 because he was in sports at school. After a couple of times, it seemed to be getting sorta boring though, and then this other kid dared us to drop our pants and show him our dicks on webcam. It sounded like fun showing them what we had already been doing together already, so we did it. I was getting turned on thinking about doing it, and it gave me an erection boner hard. When Alan pulled down his pants he had a full boner going on too. We also had been dicking around with each other since about 6 months before when Alan was the first one to learn to fap. He showed me one night how to do it, and we started doing it together all the time.)

So this Mystery Kid messaged us that we had like big and hairy cocks for only being 13, and that made us feel real good. He messaged us that someday we would begin doing something called "jacking off", and we messaged him back that we already were doing that. We all agreed how great it felt to jack off and squirt cumloads.

So after we did a few quick shows of our dicks (and he did too, but his looked a lot older than we both were, he did say he was really developed though). He then dared us to suck each other off. Alan and I never did that before, but we lightly tried it. It was so weird feeling! Both having Alan's hard dick in my mouth, and the good warm feeling when he put mine into his mouth! Then the kid dared us to get totally naked and jack off on webcam. Alan said no way, but I was so horny on that I said okay and I stripped off all my clothes. Then he said he wanted to see if the way we jacked off was different than how he jacked off. That seemed to be a good show and tell. So here I am, totally naked and jacking my dick with the webcam running. Alan kept yelling ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!! It did taken me a while to cum, and I blasted a load of white cum onto my hand!

The kid wanted Alan to do it too, but he said no. I then felt totally weird about what we were doing and we stopped our cam session.

Ever since then I started thinking that the person probably wasn't actually a kid our age like we were. His stuff was real dark. As I said, his dick was a lot bigger than ours and it seemed like he had a lot more hair around it than either of us did.  But ever since then I have been so worried about what we did, and I definitely hope that the guy did not somehow record it and keep our webcam session?

I definitely hope that it never shows up on the internet someplace. That would be totally embarrassing."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why does he hate me

When I was 13, a boy at school kept touching my butt cheeks. He would run a finger lightly up one cheek making it tingle and it actually felt really nice. Mum let me have a sleepover one night and he stayed with three other boys. I made sure I slept next to him and when everything was quiet, I secretly put my hand on his cock. I felt it get hard and wanted to wank him but was too scared so I just went to sleep holding it.

He never said anything and was still friendly to me at school and he still kept touching my butt. So the first chance I got, I invited him to another sleepover with me, but this time on his own. I couldn't wait until bedtime that night.
Getting ready for bed I stripped down to my underpants and got into bed, but he said 'lets sleep in the buff' and quickly took his pants off. He was not even trying to hide his boner. I slipped my underpants off under the covers and dropped them beside the bed, and he got in beside me. Seeing his boner made me stiff straight away.
 I really thought he would do something more naughty, because I would never have let him see me like that if we hadn't done anything. I waited for ages but he didn't do anything and I thought he had gone to sleep so I rested my hand on his cock like last time.

In a flash, he sprang to life and knelt astride my chest putting his cock up against my lips. I'd never done anything before and was horrified he wanted to put it in my mouth. I kept my mouth shut tight as he rubbed it in my face. Then frustrated he put and thumb and finger either side of my mouth and squeezed until it hurt and I opened my mouth. I stopped resisting and let him fuck my mouth but my teeth caught his cock which hurt him and he pulled out and slapped me hard across my face calling me names.
He turned me over and pushed my legs wide apart. It really hurt when he shoved it inside me but it was only for a minute then he got off and turned over to go to sleep. I went to the toilet and wanked before getting back in bed and going to sleep.
In the morning I woke up and he was gone so I phoned him but he wouldn't answer, then I saw the note he scribbled and left next to the bed,
 "Don't bother calling for me again cunt" was all he wrote and now he won't talk to me and I don't know what I did wrong.

Submitted Anonymous

I was a bit confused on the timeline of this story. I did get a follow-up detail shown below. -E-

 It happened three years ago and he hates me because I am gay but I don't understand why. He touched me first and wanted to sleep in the buff and let me see he had a boner. I know it is my fault because he only touched my butt cheek and I touched his cock but why did he let me see it hard if he didn't want to do anything. He has hit me twice since but not recently and I keep away now but I would let him do it again and I would be more careful now I didn't mean to hurt him.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Humor in the Mix

1) I got my first cum when another dude was feeling me, not by doing it to myself like most people. We compared dongs a lot before that and each would made the other guy get little boners, what we called giving massages, meaning to play with his junk and tickle and feel, and to laugh about how hard they got. But not knowing about cum! While he's messing with me all at once I got this crazy feeling and was gonna tell him to stop, only at the same time I didn't want it to stop, if you know what I mean. I was laying on my back behind some bushes for him to massage me. The stuff sprayed up in the air and on my friend! We didn't know what it was but it felt so freakin good to me that every time we played like that I told him to keep doing it so I could feel funky and shoot. I was so dumb that the only way I knew to get horny and make a cumshot was for my friend to play with my hard little dong. It was weeks or maybe months before I jacked myself off alone.
2) I had another friend later on, he jerked himself in a strange way. First time I saw it, he was sitting on the pot in the school bathroom and showing his big hard dong off to me. Then he started this funny thing. He used his thumb and two fingers all in one place, not sliding up and down but jiggling all in one spot right below his dickhead like his hand was a vibrator. You could see his hand shaking real fast but his fingers stayed all in that one place. I went to the pisser to jack myelf and in a minute he's saying to look, and he stands up and shoots his load while just wiggling his fingers. He did it like that every time we watched each other
Anonymous Author
(Submittted via Comments)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Evan - A Boy finds Love

The following is a mid series story that was lost until recently. I have recommendation to print it as a prequel. I hope you like it.

Evan (A Boy finds Love)

It was springtime and the weather was great for some outdoor activity. Evan was my special friend. I had plenty of other friends from school that I hung out with, but had found this unique friendship with him mostly by chance, but a little idea was to keep him from hitting the streets looking for trouble.

His home life was pretty well crap because his parents stayed busy and his brother treated him like he wished that Evan had never been born. Many days Evan came home from school and made his dinner of Hot Dogs and a box Mac-N-Cheese. I was surprised that he was so self sufficient but it looked pretty lonely, especially considering that my family always ate dinner together. At my house for dinner, TV was not on and we talked about our day at school and about life. I hated that Evan didn’t have that in his life. I got invited to Sunday dinners sometimes for a sit down meal. I came to know his folks were nice people, but there was something odd about his Dad. He seemed a little…. okay a lot effeminate. I never once caught him checking me out, so I just thought maybe it was from working in an office and using his version of professional speaking. Of course for a High School kid, all parents sounded professional. Anyway,  I really liked the kindness that Evan’s Dad showed him. It was so different from his Mom orders, or Brother Alan’s barking rage.

Evan integrated into my circle of friends real well. He was usually quiet and let the older guys talk and stuff. Many knew him already because he was Alan’s brother and a lot of us guys used to meet at their house since the parents were hardly ever home. Some of the guys would come there on weekends so they could smoke, and almost all of us drank if we could get anybody legal age to buy for us. Evan was not allowed, that was uncool since he was a kid and well he could never buy either. I often would sneak one in my jacket and hide it until I could go out behind the house with him so he could chug it. I guess it was bad of me anyway to be drinking, much less give it to an early teen.

There were times Alan would be rude and shitty to Evan, and it made me sad, because he would go in the house and kind of pout. I was embarrassed by the way Alan would shout at him ugly insults and calling him an Idiot. Maybe the other guys thought so too. Maybe that was the reason they were fine with me being friends with this younger dude?

Sometimes Evan came to my house, so we could both just enjoy relaxing watching TV or playing Video games. Our closeness meant all things that two people who are together frequently acquire, Trust, friendship, camaraderie and eventually casual comfort.  In the privacy of my room, we found a secret pleasure and appreciation of each other, strangely we played kissing games. ( Read the Evan Series, links to the right for more on that) Eventually this became a weekly event and we actually had a schedule.  Dinner together Wednesday, Friday he stayed at my house. Saturday I stayed at his house. His Dad insisted that Evan must go to Church Sunday Morning with him. I went a couple of times, but usually I just went home on Sunday mornings. But this point our relationship had come into the curious but nice routine where we talked on the phone daily. In addition there was a longing to be together. I know it was not me that first said it. But just before he hung up the phone one night he spoke the words,
 “I love you”
 I know I did not say anything for a bit and he said,
“Did you hear me?”
I did not think any further, I just repeated it back!
“I love you too”
I waited a few seconds and the line went dead. I thought to my self for a few minutes. Did that just happen? Maybe he was just fooling around with me?
We did not see each other the next day but as our hour long conversation ended. I awaited the supposed blunder to remedy with a casual good night. I held the phone close to my ear and the words came different this time, and in a bit of a falsetto,
“Your such my cutie, I love you so much!”
I was only prepared for repeating last nights words, but managed my version of
No, you are such MY cutie pie, Love YOU so much! In a higher timbre voice.

We shortened all of this into acronyms in case any one would be near by listening in.
“YSMQP” and  “LYSM” fit in to the trailing end of our evening calls

We asked him to pick us up at My house That particular Saturday was full of splendor for Evan and I, Friday night was one of our magical nights of rolling on my bed being silly hugging. Well actually grinding our crotches together, and doing our kissing games. Up to this point it was still pretty innocent.

 One Saturday a friend from Alan’s garage invited me and Evan to go play Disk Golf with him. I could do Frisbee, but had not done disc golf. Evan was barely capable to throw a disc more than 30 feet, but he sure wanted to come along.
Brody was one of those guys that believed if getting there early was good, then getting there before daylight was surely better. He picked us at like 6:30 AM. Neither of us had a chance to shower, but it was a guy’s day, and we did not care.
I had only gone a couple of times and had no equipment of my own. Brody said it was cool he had an extra back pack filled with his beginner equipment. Evan and I could share that one. Brody went first telling us how to play proper. He was amazing with a Tomahawk shot on his first drive. Evan and I took 3 or 4 additional shots each just to get any where near the baskets. Mostly his drives just bounced off of the many trees. This allowed Brody to get somewhat ahead of us. We lingered back near the tee box digging in the bag for the right disk. Brody had walked ahead, so we dared a kiss. Right there in a public place with people maybe somewhere around. It was crazy but we were feeling a tingling lust in the cool morning air. Shot after shot Brody sauntered ahead talking about how he knows this course like the back of his hand. He knows just which disc to use. We just let him talk as we snuck our hands together.  We secretly held ands whenever Brody made a shot.

We were 2 guys almost flaunting our feelings in this public park. It was something we had never done, but at the time we could not resist. His hand constantly reaching towards mine. It just made my heart race and well…. I was getting some juice flowing at the tip of my dick too. When we finished the game, of course we were the losers, so we had to treat Brody to lunch.

We all rode up front in Brody’s Dad’s big ass sedan. Evan and I both crossed our arms as we rode. We were no longer chilled, but we could manage to hide that we were holding hands in the crossed arm method. I think Brody must have seen us somewhat, at one point he jammed on the brakes throwing us all crazy. Unsetting our hand holding as Brody exclaimed.
 Did you guys see that cat?? It ran right in front of the car. I think I missed it though?

I had not seen anything myself and Evan agreed. We played it cool from that point forward. I had enough money for all of us to have a meal, but Evan wanted a Strawberry Shake. I agreed but I had no money for my drink. Evan and I both shared his sweet Strawberry Shake. Brody never made a comment…..or acted like it was gay. To me and Evan it was the next beginning of our afternoon sweetness.

We got dropped off at my house, and gladly nobody was home. The excitement from  our wandering hands and so much denial made us really hungry for some action. We piled on my bed shucking shoes, shirts and strange for us unbuttoning our pants. Both of our pants part way down with tighty whities were tight pressed up and against hardening crotch pairs. Our passion was at an all time high, grinding, tugging, pressing, and yes kissing. He was on top of me, our stomachs still sweaty and made suction noises as we moved, interrupted by, mixed kissing sounds or hard breathing. His lips hard pressed to mine, as he wiggled his body on top of me. I couldn’t stop the dam bursting, with him pressing his 4 incher against my cloth covered cock… the dam burst as I cummed right in my undies. I said nothing of the mess, just made. I said I need to go to the restroom and slipped away to clean up.

Our sex together was not yet explored, but the pressures towards the moment were prompted by this day.


Friday, May 3, 2013

The Boys of Art - Drawing What I Saw

This story needs not glorious lead-in. It is a captivating read, I am sure you will agree. I have even preserved the Author's chosen font, to assure the integrity of his message to you all.  Read and Enjoy !!

As far back as I can remember I knew I was an artist. While growing up I developed an unusual habit (maybe it could be called a fetish), secretly drawing male genitalia. This interest in male bodies began before puberty and gradually grew over a period of years until drawing boys' penises became a preface to getting off.

My first thoughts of penises came in late elementary school. In the fifth grade a few of us who were known to be good at art worked on a large mural in the school library. While sketching and then painting the crotches of boys in the scene, it was very clear to me that in real life there would have been a penis and scrotum inside each pair of pants that I depicted. Although I had seen very few dicks in real life, I experienced thoughts of secretly sketching bare crotches on the wall to show exposed penises, then painting underwear (whitie-tighties because that's what I wore) over the nude peters, and finally adding outer clothing.

Of course that never happened because people would have noticed and become upset. But it definitely took place in my mind. What did happen, though - while working on that project, my secret thoughts started me looking at real boys in a different way, paying attention to the front of their pants and how the wrinkles of the fabric looked so I could make the crotches of my painted figures look realistic down there. And as I looked at the boys' pants I also imagined their dicks. All of this was before reaching sexual maturity, you understand.

Skip now to seventh grade. One year of physical education was mandatory. There were probably 50 boys in the class, all required to undress and shower with no privacy.  My early theoretical interest in penises returned in full force. PE developed a definite artistic appreciation of the bare male crotch for me.  Each boy was different, each penis and scrotum was worth observation. Balls were little or big, loose or tight. Dicks were shriveled up and pulled back into the body or they were relaxed enough to hang down. Every day included some secret time drawing the different sizes and shapes of dicks and balls that I saw in gym class.

This was all carefully concealed. I drew each penis from memory. Totally in private. My penis portfolio was a spiral essay notebook which stayed well hidden under a flap of carpet at the back of the closet I shared with my brother. During the course of the school year my penis drawings completely filled the notebook, showing large and small phalluses in different lights and from various artistic angles. If PE class revealed a new perspective to somebody's dick, or if a boy's manhood seemed to have grown or otherwise attracted my attention, I was impatient to get home and sketch it. When the first notebook became full, I hid it in the attic for future reference and began a new one.

After completing the mandatory year of PE, there would be a major void in my life when the next school year began because I would no longer have penises to look at every day. There was only one way to satisfy my interest in my naked peers: go out for a sport, even though organized athletics were of no interest to me.  Basketball was my choice. Football was too barbaric.  Baseball was boring. But guys playing basketball wore shorts while running and jumping, which gave me tantalizing thoughts about what was happening inside their jock straps. And the important thing, everybody changed and showered. Not just my team but sometimes other sports finished practice at the same time and there would be even more penises on display.

Dribbling a basketball was no problem for me and occasionally I did make a lucky goal. But there was never really any purpose to the game. My absolute and only only reason for being on the team was to observe penises in the shower room.

 That was the eighth grade. My body was then in the near-pubertal stage of constant and aggravating erections. None of the guys in the locker room ever got a boner, but my art began to reflect what was happening to my own dick. I observed my own erections in the mirror and drew studies of penises in various stages of enlargement. My previous work had been limited to glimpses of anonymous views from navels down to thighs.  Now the representations were often whole-body views of various teammates. Having begun my obsession using lowly ball-point pens, I branched into charcoal, chalk, colored markers, and - of course - art pencils. My drawings equipped my team members with stiffies that I imagined for them.

One day while playing with my erection I experienced what every boy finally discovers. After that, masturbation became the theme of most of my sketches. Now the portraits attempted to capture the anatomy of a moving hand, the musculature of wrist and forearm, the enlarged head of erect penises while undergoing stimulation. Some views showed the action just prior to ejaculation, with the stomach muscles tensed in anticipation. Some depicted the moment of emission. Others showed a deflating dick with puddles of cum resting on a boy's stomach just as my cum rested on my belly after enjoying a moment of personal fulfillment. More and more spiral notebooks filled with my depictions of erections attached to various boys' bodies. I focused my drawing on fantasizing specific boys in the process of jacking off, their hands pumping the hard penises that my imagination gave them.

Drawing the erect organs and attentive hands stiffened my own dick. I experimented with various hand positions to see what felt best or produced maximum stimulation, and then translated the results onto paper. Whenever I started drawing the lines that would culminate in a boy's boner, my own body responded by springing to stiff attention in anticipation of a rewarding pump session. Sometimes I became intensely horny and aroused before completing a drawing. On those occasions I put my body's need ahead of art, hiding the notebook and its unfinished drawing until a later day and then stroking to a fine climax.

During high school another boy and I in an art class made friends, and after a prolonged time of pretending that we didn't know what we had in common, we finally became masturbation pals after I got up the guts to ask if he wanted to see some of my nude studies. First I showed him my early work with soft dicks. Scared of what I was about to do, I then displayed my views of erections - but not of masturbation. As we looked at the drawings of boners I saw him adjust the front of his pants. That was probably the biggest moment of my life, realizing that my friend got hard like I did.

He flipped back and forth through my notebook, the only other person who had ever seen what I'd been doing. And then he asked me, very quietly, almost like he had become very shy all of a sudden, "Would you like to draw me?"

I got out my pencils but discovered that I was shaking too bad to draw a straight line. We ended up displaying our erections for each other's artistic appreciation. Not touching each other that first time, but inevitably jacking off in each other's presence and then awkwardly apologizing after our mutual ejaculations.

We were each other's first and only buddies for a long time. We spent the rest of high school satisfying each other and translating our raging adolescent sexuality into art. He was into sculpture and represented my dick and balls several times in various media (including trying to take a plaster cast of my boner, which ended hilariously with me cumming into the wet plaster). I painted a portrait of him in oils, standing in a classic pose like an 18th century gentleman, but equipped with dropped pants and a magnificent erection.

I no longer drew random boys' imaginary penises because my partner had a real one that begged for attention. Call us lovers if you wish; our affair was monogamous and thoughtful. We considered ourselves blessed to have found each other. Couple years after we reluctantly went to separate universities he sent me one more casting titled Fond Memories.

Today I'm a middle-age artsy fairy with some old spiral notebooks stuck in my bookcase, an enlarged photo of an elementary school mural hung on the wall, and a set of youthful genitals cast in brass resting on my coffee table. I am what I am, the sum of all experiences that have gone before, just as each of you are what you are.

But God, it was fun to be a horny little artist back then.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Lasting Temptation of Lee

 Author's Note-
This story is from when I was about 17 or 18, I cannot pin point the year exactly but it must have been from around that time.

 I had a friend named Lee, again who I had a major major secret crush on. Lee was a year younger than me and used to smoke loads of weed but I hated the stuff. I on the other hand had tried ecstasy several times and at that stage in my life I very much enjoyed it. We had a mutual friend who used to sell ecstasy tablets and Lee wanted to try it with someone he trusted, so one night we hatched a plan that I would stay at his flat. Lee lived with his mum and older sister so we would have to be very careful. I had never stayed at his flat before and I remember his mum and sister saying it was strange as I only lived down the road..... I think it was quite late, we were in his room and had a tablet of ecstasy. We broke it in half and both swallowed half each. Back then ecstasy was ecstasy, pure MDMA, none of this stuff they call ecstasy nowadays but isn’t at all. The high was intense but very short lived. We came up, I remember Lee really liking it, and I can remember us talking quietly into the early hours.

When it was time for bed we both shared his bed, I think it was a double, but we lay top to toe. I couldn't sleep and opened my eyes, we had left the lights on softly so I could still see clearly. Where Lee's crotch was I could see the cover moving up and down, not regularly like someone wanking, but like the occasional twitch of a boner. However he must have had a monster boner to make the duvet rise like it did or his hand was on his cock. I cannot remember if his hands were above the cover? Back then I wasn't out and believe it or not I was very shy and slow to catch on when it came to anything sexual. I watched him for a little while, every now and again the cover twitched again. This went on for a while but nothing more, it never got faster and he didn’t wank himself furiously to a huge messy climax (much to my annoyance).
 I simply cannot express how much I wanted to reach out under the cover and touch his cock but my awkward shyness held me back and I did nothing (remember I was a closeted young gay boy with little sexual experience of other boys).

To this day when I sometimes think back to that night I am so angry with myself for not making a move. Lee was clearly sending a very obvious signal to me but I was too shy and too scared to act upon it. Nothing ever happened between us after that. I sometimes wonder what he would have done if I had reached out and taken hold of his cock under the cover, would he have carried on pretending to be asleep with his eyes closed, would he have jumped up, called me a queer and thrown me out of his house, would he have reciprocated and done the same to me? I will never know and the non- events of that night will haunt me forever….

Author Anonymous