Monday, April 29, 2013

See, Touch, Feel, WANK

The first time I experienced seeing another boy’s cock was when I was really young, maybe 7 or 8. Me and my friend who was a year or two older than me used to play a game which basically involved us showing each other our cocks and bums. We would play this game when alone in his room or when we used to go into the woods to play and build camps and such. This is before anything sexually motivated, purely just kids being silly and inquisitive.

Later on, at maybe 11 years old a new girl called Sarah moved in near us. She was the same age as my friend I think, definitely at least a year older than I was. We used to show her our cocks and in return she used to lay on her bed and show us her fanny (in the UK fanny means vagina). She used to let us touch it and vice versa. Again, this is all before I hit puberty so there was never any sexual element to it.

Moving on, when I was about 15 I had another friend who was a year or so younger than me. I had a major secret crush on my friend, but this is way before I knew I was properly gay or had even admitted to myself that I was gay, I just knew that I liked him. One day we sneaked into the local park. It was a huge park and they used to have concerts there. This concert was Spandau Ballet, we were sat under a walkway on some benches, we were both drinking cider which we had somehow obtained and were both drunk. I cannot remember how it happened but somehow we ended up with our cocks out and wanking. I remember touching his cock and thinking it was small compared to mine, not that I was big, just that he wasn’t as developed as I expected him to be at 13 or 14.

Over the next couple of years we wanked a couple of times together but it was never pre- planned, each time we were drunk and it was always a little awkward. The last time was when I was 17 and had just bought my first car (but couldn’t drive it yet).

He's now married with kids but we haven’t seen each other for many years.

Author Anonymous 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Danny's Challenge

Danny and I had dared each other to go cold turkey -- to go four or five days without jacking off to see how good it would feel when we finally did it again.  Now the time was up, and we were hair-trigger horny, ready to make up for lost time.  Where should we go to find maximum privacy while assisting each other in resuming our favorite past time?  Danny had a crazy idea.

A church gym -- anywhere at a church -- was the last place I would have thought of when you need to jack off.  Danny insisted.  We walked several blocks to get to his church after school, talking about how many days we had gone without shooting our wads.  Danny said he nearly came in the middle of the night while we were "saving" our cum because he made the mistake of squeezing his balls while he was hard, and had to force himself to get his hand away from his touchy crotch.  I told him about a dream I had where I was giving him a hand job, and at the point where I dreamed my strokes made him ejaculate, I woke up with my dick so hard that it was actually hurting.  We kept talking about how bad we needed to jerk.  I was good and stiff by the time we reached the church, and pulled my shirt out so it hid the front of my pants. 

There were kids in the gym and in some of the other rooms doing after-school stuff.  Danny took me upstairs to a dark hallway where all the doors were closed and no lights were on except the Exit signs.  He guided me on tiptoe to a small single-toilet restroom, and when the door closed behind us I heard the click of Danny turning the lock.  Danny whispered that he wasn't gonna turn the light on because if anybody came down that hall they might see light shining under the door.  We were in absolute pitch black darkness. 

All of a sudden I felt him touch me.  Danny's fingers felt their way down to my crotch, and electricity zapped through my body.  He began groping my dick through my pants, repeatedly squeezing, tickling and lightly touching my hard peter.  I returned the favor, locating the size and shape of his erection purely by feel.  His dick was astonishingly thick and long inside his clothes. I wrapped my hand around his bulge, gave it a good squeeze, and started running my fingertips back and forth along it   Soon I began unfastening his belt.  He did the same for me.  Within seconds we stood in the dark little bathroom with our pants down around our ankles and our shirts bunched up around our chests.  Our previous experiences had been limited to pretty standard stuff -- pumping our dicks and tickling our balls.  Now, with not a glimmer of a light to see by, we expanded our appreciation to include each other's entire body, caressing everything we could touch, lightly stroking each other throughout the pelvic area, tickling each other's balls, and playing with each other's intensely hard boners.

We had voluntarily deprived ourselves of masturbation for days, allowing our production of sperm and our unspent erectile energy to mount up dramatically so we could perform this experiment.  The moment of release had finally arrived.  We were fully engaged in sharing the magnitude of our nakedness and our mounting arousal, but had not yet begun to jack off.

"Are you ready?" Danny whispered after we had taken turns rubbing our dicks against each other.  In answer I wrapped my hand around his dramatically expanded peter and slowly slid my grip up and down. 

We took turns back and forth, masturbating the other guy for a while and then ourselves.  In the pitch black, we stood facing each other, reaching first for the other guy's dick and then back for our own.  At some point an odd thing happened.  Our dicks touched head-to-head.  We continued our mutual wank, but tried to stroke our dicks in tandem as a single unit.  I put my right hand around the spot where the two dickheads touched each other, kind of forming a coupling between them.  We began leaning back and forth, my dick pushing his dick backward through my cylindrical grip, and then his dick pushing mine back  His uncircumcised foreskin seemed to enfold my dickhead as we continued. 

The place where our two dicks came together started getting wet.  "Did you cum?" I whispered to Danny.  "No!  Did you?"  "Not yet, but when I do..." I tried to imagine the kind of ejaculation I was working up to. 

Danny was kind of whimpering, making funny little noises while we prolonged the feeling of "almost there" that you wish would last forever.

Suddenly Danny pulled away.  "I gotta do it," he said, almost like he was about to cry.  "Can't wait!  I gotta do it!"

While Danny gave himself the final strokes that would push him over the edge, I stood with my stiff naked dick pressed against his thigh.  My hand cupped his balls and rolled them around while he jacked and whimpered. 

The first time that Danny and I had cautiously jacked off side-by-side in a school restroom, pretending it wasn't really happening, he'd unintentionally released a series of quiet breaths that alerted me he was about to climax.  This time he gave me a running commentary:  "It's gonna be good 'cause we waited.  It's good!  Better than my first time.  'Cause we waited.  Cumming.  Cumming now.  I'm---  Now.  OH, GOD!

At the instant that his body trembled and shook, my own system climaxed and shot squirt after squirt of thick sperm right onto Danny's bare thigh.

He kept shaking.  "It's still cumming," he said.  "Lots of it."  And mine was still cumming, too, my dick still producing a series of spasms, each one projecting another thick knot of ejaculate.  We held each other's balls until it was over.  And then we kept standing there, still cradling each other's scrotums and wishing it hadn't ended.

We had to turn on the light to clean up.  When it first came on we stood there staring at each other and breathing rapidly.  Finally Danny spoke.  "It was major," he whispered, looking at the substantial mess of cum on the floor and on us.  "It was major-major.  Was yours major?"

"Totally major, man.  Totally major."

"I can't go that long every time."

"No way."

By the time we went downstairs we'd filled up the bathroom trash can with the paper towels it took to clean up the floor and our slimy skin.

The Kidd

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Feature Attraction Action

Okay, this is a little about movies. I never jacked to any certain movie or actor. But it was at the movies is where I did most of my jerking when I was about 14 to 15. I had two brothers and a sister and a lot of shit going on with my mother at home all the time. It was impossible to get some jacking time at our house.

One of the older brothers had an after-school job working the ticket booth at the Movie house, he let me in free all the time. Only he didn't know exactly what for. I would go to the movies on the way home after school. It was the most private-est place for me. Nice and cool, very private in the dark.

I went up to the back corner of the balcony. Nobody could ever get up there without me seeing them coming, if so I’d quit jerking quickly. I went first to the bathroom and took a big wad of toilet paper stuffed in my pocket for spill control later on.

Meanwhile... up in the balcony, I learned how to pace myself and make my dick stay real tense, jerk a while and then play with it, like squeezing, or slow massage stuff to keep it hard.

Most of the time, I just opened my zipper but sometime if I was totally hard and feeling very hot, I pulled my pants down and tickled my balls too. Sometimes I denied my orgasm by not jerking in the last minute, I played with my balls when it was totally ready to cum. Then the full energy released, flowing from deep inside me, bursting to the darkened mezzanine, collected in a wad of paper..

If I had not seen the movie already, maybe I would stay after jerking off? Or, if I was tired of the movie, I left to go home right away. It was my best and only place to fully develop the art of cumming.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Why is the Door Locked?

Author’s Note:
My own first experience with masturbation and orgasm came as a total (and somewhat scary) surprise. Because of that, when my own son was late-12 and I could see when he left the shower that he was starting to really develop (and my own first masturbation took place shortly after my 13th birthday), I made it a point to TELL my son about masturbation, ejaculation, and orgasms.

A Gift Inherited:

His response to me, after a slightly awkward but honest explanation was,
"Dad, I already know. It happened three months ago!"

My son was one of the youngest kids in his class, and apparently there had been some discussion about 'jacking off' among his friends. So he tried it according to how his friends had explained it and pretty much instructed him. He then told me with some detail. It was a little embarrassing, but also interesting to hear my own 12 year-old son tell me about HIS first time:

"You lie on your bed when nobody else is home. Make sure you don't have a shirt on because it could get messy. Then you get a hard-on if you aren't already stiff and you start rubbing it up and down. And oh yeah, make sure you got tissues or an old towel handy to clean up after!"

“So, did you like it?”

“Wow! It was great!” he said with a huge grin!

Then he said, “Remember that day back in January when you asked me why my hair was wet and I told you I just took a shower, and you asked me why I decided to take a shower before dinner, and I told you that I just felt like I needed to take a shower?”

“Yes, I remember that.”

“My first time, some of my stuff shot real far and landed in my hair! I freaked! I had this strange wet spot and when I tried to dry it, it stuck up really weird. It smelled awful too. So I decided I better jump in the shower and wash my hair!"

After that, my son and I had this “secret code phrase” for masturbating.

“Son, did you need to shower today?”

He always, of course, did it in private, but I shared with him that it was perfectly natural, that his body would sometimes really “need it”, and that was to be expected, and that I felt God gave us this ability on purpose and expected us to take advantage of it and enjoy it. My son was remarkably open with me and he’d sometimes tell me about “real good ones” that he had had. I admit I enjoyed his brief stories.

He had always gone to bed with his door partly open. I started noticing that now, many nights, he'd have his door totally closed. One night after I knew he was asleep I gently tried the doorknob and it was locked. Knowing I had a device that could unlock the door from the outside in an emergency, I never mentioned it or told him not to lock his door.  But one night my wife wanted to bring some clothes into his room after he had gone to bed and she found the door locked. So she frikkin' starts pounding on it. "WHY IS THIS DOOR LOCKED! OPEN IT UP!" He woke up, came to the door and my wife is yelling at him, asking him why he had his door locked and that he was not supposed to be locking his door! So he's standing there going

 "I dunno! I dunno! I dunno how the door got locked!"

I jumped up and came to my son's rescue. I told my wife that I had noticed that door handle was a little loose and I had it accidentally lock all by itself on me once before too. I said that's what probably happened. That made sense to her, but she told me to change the doorknob for a new one and I gladly agreed.

When we got back in bed I told my wife the truth. "Hon, he probably did lock the door. He probably does that for privacy when he wants to jerk off'"


I calmed her down, told her yes, and that I knew he had already begun masturbating.

I later privately told my son that I knew why the door was locked and that he could continue to lock his door whenever he "needed to", And not to worry. His mom would never question it again. (wink wink)

"Thanks, dad!"

Not too much later we did have some serious talks about sex, girls, intercourse, etc. I wanted to make sure he realized that his young ejaculate contained loads of his own sperm. (He had little interest in girls at that age, but I could tell that the girls already had a lot of interest in him! He was admittedly a cute little kid back then.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Bigger Boy Knows

There was a bigger boy in the neighborhood that showed me his dick when I was about 13. We were playing in his yard and went in a shed where they kept the lawn mower. We never were sexy before. But this one day he just said to me that he had a hard-on and would I like to see. He was rubbing his pants. So I got to see an older boy's boner. I felt real happy about getting to see it.
Later now, I know he did it because of making his own self more horny by letting me look. I guess it was a big deal for both of us. He asked me if I ever got hard and would I mind letting him see. I remember that I was not big enough to cum yet but it made me real happy to let him look. He got me to drop my pants down so he could feel me all over and tickle my balls. Then he showed me jacking off, I was amazed at his size and by him letting me watch this awesome event. When his juice shot he told me it was wonderful.
We played like that a lot of times. He never made me touch his dick, only he touched me and tickled me and let me watch him wank and cum. I got hard every time, finally one day he started wanking me and made my first shot. After that he wanked me a lot of times until I cummed. I laid on the ground with my pants shoved way down and he would give me a tickle all over that lasted a huge long time while my dick got super hard and finally tickling my balls and dick until I was hard and horny like crazy. Then he jacked me off. After he finished me he always wanked his own self off.

 He was maybe 3 years older but I never felt bad about anything and remember he was very gentle and nice to me.


A Bigger Boy

There was a bigger boy in the neighborhood that showed me his dick when I was about 13. We were playing in his yard and went in a shed where they kept the lawn mower. We never were sexy before. But this one day he just said to me that he had a hard-on and would I like to see. He was rubbing his pants. So I got to see an older boy's boner. I felt real happy about getting to see it.
Later now, I know he did it because of making his own self more horny by letting me look. I guess it was a big deal for both of us. He asked me if I ever got hard and would I mind letting him see. I remember that I was not big enough to cum yet but it made me real happy to let him look. He got me to drop my pants down so he could feel me all over and tickle my balls. Then he showed me jacking off, I was amazed at his size and by him letting me watch this awesome event. When his juice shot he told me it was wonderful.

We played like that a lot of times. He never made me touch his dick, only he touched me and tickled me and let me watch him wank and cum. I got hard every time, finally one day he started wanking me and made my first shot. After that he wanked me a lot of times until I cummed. I laid on the ground with my pants shoved way down and he would give me a tickle all over that lasted a huge long time while my dick got super hard and finally tickling my balls and dick until I was hard and horny like crazy. Then he jacked me off. After he finished me he always wanked his own self off.

 He was maybe 3 years older but I never felt bad about anything and remember he was very gentle and nice to me.

Author Anonymous

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rubbery Legs

It's not a big long story, but it was the first time I climaxed. 

It all started when I was around 14 years old. While brushing away on my teeth one morning my penis happened to have one of its spontaneous erections that seemed to be occurring with much more frequency lately. Thankfully it decided to happen when I was locked in the bathroom this time. Having an erection while brushing my teeth was not a problem, but my penis kept bumping into the hard sink base and it was mighty uncomfortable. I proceeded to lift it up onto the counter and continued brushing. The act of brushing with my arm movement caused my erection to wiggle and move around on the counter top. To be honest…. it felt very good, so much so that I started moving it in earnest. I continued moving it with more gusto until the most wonderful feeling built up and I came right into the sink. Thankfully the sink counter was there because I had to hold myself steady. My legs went kind of rubbery at the point of climax. 
How long I stood there is anybody’s guess? But it was a while until I composed myself. Of course I had to check out the mysterious fluid that came rapidly shooting out of me.
We all hear how great sex is, but nothing can prepare you for such an earth shattering experience!!!
I sure hated to go to school that day and just wanted to play with myself all day and repeat that spectacular feeling again. Needless to say when I got home that afternoon there was a repeat performance. My only regret was not doing this sooner, but I think I have made up for it since then. :-)

Smiling Anon Author

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Evan - Five Times!!

You will only find this Original story on OOTS. It will serve as the finale to the series on Evan we recently posted. Hope you like it.

Evan and I had a long running relationship as teens. It was more than just satisfying hormonal urges. We had a deep bond, and committed ourselves in declarations of love. This is the episode of one fiery summer night.

 It was a Friday night. We started the weekend like all others. A quick BJ at my house, before my Mom got home was the initial plan.
By the weekend and like most teen guys we were usually horny and today it seemed like crunch time. The two of us in my car, I reach over to his crotch daringly to get the button opened, and some of the zipper teeth loose. He says,
"Ooooh no-oo". In a coy falsetto.
  Undeterred, my response to him "I want that!".
 We couldn’t do much in the car, so forced to wait until we arrived at my house. But I guess it was like our essential foreplay?
We started to strip as soon as we got into my room.. I put on music just as masking noise in case Mom came home. I picked Metallica for this make out. We sometimes did a “Low and Slow” session, but not this night. We wanted to get a nut as soon as possible! Starting with a tumble landing on my bed then frantic kissing and some tickle cuddling as our humor was always like that.
In seconds, he was hard then softly he tells me,
"Get that"
Our hurried cravings did not allow too much delay, we were horny. I tugged off his undies, and took his dick into my mouth.
It was my playground and loved every second of the thrills. I worked the tip but soon he would be full length. I wanted all of him, he pushed his hips slowly upward within a half dozen slow lunges, I received that as approval and kept working on him clutching above his thighs at the alternating soft to firmness of his cheeks. In a frozen stillness he paused then soon pumping his pleasures into me.

We finished the fast one in my room. Then headed out to get some. dinner. We did a lot of fast food. Burgers Tacos, Pizza. I had a lawn mowing job so I had money for eating out. We also wanted to get some drinks. I had a friend I could call up to get me Alcohol whenever I wanted any. In a bizarre manner of thinking…..instead of Whiskey he bought us Southern Comfort. Now if you have never had this stuff?? It is a weak Whiskey and loads of sugar mixed in, which goes down smoother? Since we could not stay at either house for drinking, we took a drive to hide on a country lane somewhere and got our drink on. From a corner store we chose Big Red, and Mountain Dew, both of these are extremely sweet soda's.
We sought out a lonely highway in the night and pulled into a clump of trees hidden from the road. It was early spring, the nights came soon and the evening air was cool.
 The Chevy was parked and crackling exhaust indicated the hood would be warm. We walked to nearby pond and sat on the bank to sip on our first mixers  This wind was still and the moon just a crescent. The first drink went quickly we returned to the car for mixer # 2. Then relaxed on the hood under the stars. with the stereo blurring AC/DC, Back in Black on CD. They were one of our favorites!
We laid there, Getting hammered and chatting, under the moonlight holding hands. He was taking bug gulps and got tipsy fast. I advanced my hand towards his pants button and released it's task. He started some of his Oooh no, but that was just teasing talk anyway. I kept after his zipper and then his undies. He was wearing light blue ones that were low rise. They had a thin matching waste band same color as the undies. I pulled his pants down and set his bare butt on the waxed metal hood. I gathered myself and palms near his soft face for a kiss. He returned the kiss and wrapped an arm around my neck pulling me closer to his pursed lips. We kissed open mouthed and alternated to closed. I reached to touch his dick, it was raising towards the calling moon. He pulled his head away, and mumbled with a fat breathy low voice,
" Get that"
I played coy and said "Get what?". He moved his hand on my head and pushed it down some toward his chest,
"You know…….. get that!!"
 I complied and lowered my head to his erection. mouthing the tip and snaked my tongue down the underside of his shaft. I rolled his free-ball pair softly as his mostly empty scrotum shown a pale smooth glow to the night and my lust.
I wanted them emptied, and that night would be unlike any other. I would commit to milking them until they were exhausted. His patience waned as he plied my head toward the business stick. I regained the efforts. Starting a roll of the tongue on his soft pink head. 4 or 5 times around then down the shaft I took a mighty lunge. Pressed his fine hairs into my upper lip. Tongue working slowly side to side and luring the pressure from the bottom to the tip. He kept his hand calmly on my head, as I worked the pleasure invaded his body. He released all control other than his gentle guiding hand. My throat felt bits of his clear drips a decidedly luscious taste was his boy juice on my palate. His erection was tense. The head was firm and dominate above the shaft. I hurried the pace. His abdomen was pulling in and out. The testes were up tight against his body. In a flash he leaned his body forward, the abs tightened. His cock grew momentarily solid as stone. As he pumped his load heaved and pushed. His collected both hands on my head. He moaned little noises as his pleasures careened into my mouth.
As he was spent, he took the role to attend to me. He moved lower on the hood, and lipped his hand inside my jeans. He massaged only a bit and my anxious cum poured out into my undies and on his hand.
As the last twinges shook out with a gentle “Mmmm-Mmm” sigh, we laid back spent and fallow.
He thanked me sweetly, and said it was great. I helped him pull his pants back up and patted his little package after it was put away. He was always remarkably polite to thank me for servicing him, which make it more worthwhile of course. To get a thanks for a job well done. He heh….

We drank our drinks and talked awhile. We sang along to AC/DC on the stereo.“You.. Shook me all night Long…..”. We were getting more tipsy now. I coddled his head on my arm and played with his long blonde hair. I leaned in for a few kisses on his cheek in adoration. I had pleased him, but my mission was not complete.
I kept a hand a leg or any part I needed to use pressed on to him. Our closeness was unlike ever before this night.

Our next spot was in the backseat as the ever cooling night air forced us to the warmth inside the car. His penis was still glowing a bit red from the previous session, it hardened quickly. My fingers smelled the same as his cock. I used my finger to intensify the pressure. He stretched his legs across the seat pushing his crotch up towards me a bit, he rested his palm on the back of my head. I worked finger and tongue to exact his tension.. I coaxed the juice again when I clasped his soft white waist pulling him fully in my mouth. The tip rested firmly on the roof of my mouth I felt it swell and discharge his warm cum, oozing proudly as the 3rd orgasm.

We were extremely relaxed from the constant sex, but too from the liquor.
We chose to go on home for the night. We had to stay at his house because of plans for a garage sale the next morning. He was expected to help. We slipped into his room as it was about 5 or 10 minutes past the hour he was told to be in. He and I both undressed quietly in the dark room. I could see his blue undies and reached over to his crotch to give it a little bump of acknowledgement. He held my hand there as he laid down on his bed. My hand led my body and of course the eventual lips sought out those blue undies. I did a bit of a cock tease rolling my nose lips and teeth across the blues holding his rising temptation. He did not wait any longer for me to remove, them, he said quietly, “Get that”, rolling down the waistband. His dick poking straight up towards me. I worked it to full erection, and final stage of ejaculation number 4!
I kissed him on the lips and crawled up to the top bunk.

With the evening closing our excitement of this night was not to be curtailed.  We listened to low music from his radio. After a few minutes the longing for him was eminently returning. I reached my hand down to touch his reaching
fingers, as we chatted a little while about how much fun we had that might. The hands proved to be not enough…..
 He lifted his body until my hand could reach his bulge. I played with it a little and….you guessed it.        I crawled down from the top bunk. I leaned across his bed to find he had slipped the blue undies off and was growing harder. His musky sex smell was permeating the air in his room. I nosed around the fine hairs like earlier, but this time I also, slid my finger under his balls. The smooth tight skin then leading to his glory hole. I rolled circles around the tight opening. It seemed to calm his fears, as I lightly pressed near the center. In the same timing I let his penis rest onto my tongue. He felt pleasure from both sources. The probing finger slid slowly up as his penis was introduced into my mouth. He was wiggling a little and legs were uneasy. One lifted to allow me more access to his ether region. His hips were now swaying up into me, as my finger sought just to the second knuckle. I applied a gentle insertion and removal as his penis was pressing harder onto me. In a flash, ejaculation number 5 BURSTS out. His body slowly tensed and pulsed the final releases of that magical day.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Horny Boys

I guess I was 14 when I went to a leadership camp for a couple of days. I was in a room of a cabin in the woods with two other boys a little younger than me. It got very chilly that night and as a result my balls tightened up and became real sensitive. We were talking and making jokes while waiting to go to sleep. Part of the time I held my hand around my balls to warm them up and part of the time I tickled them because it felt so freakin’ good. Of course I soon had a boner. While I was feeling of myself and enjoying my aroused condition one of the young boys said “What are you doing?” We had all been naked in front of each other earlier while changing clothes, so that had already broken the ice. I said “Warming up my balls. They got cold.”

 The other boys kind of laughed and nobody said anything for a little while. Then the one that had already asked me what I was doing said “My balls are cold too. You want to warm them up?” We all laughed again. I decided not to reply to his offer because he was probably just joking. I had a pretty good erection by then and after several more minutes I got to the point of trying to figure out whether I could get away with jacking off. For a 14-year-old boy who needs to masturbate, the answer is always YES. I raised the covers a little bit and started jerking very lightly so that nobody would notice. Pretty soon the talkative boy said “Are you still warming up your balls?”

 I said “Yeah.” Then he said “Do you need any help?” So I go, “If you want to.” He came over by my cot and knelt on the floor, putting his hand inside my covers and feeling around. Meanwhile he leaned close to my ear and whispered “Can I watch you do it?” He sure didn’t mean he wanted to watch me warm my balls, so he had figured out what I was doing. Once again I gave him a noncommittal answer: “If you want to.” “I’m gonna get my flashlight,” he whispered, heading back to his own bed for a minute. Then he was back, raising my covers enough to get the light under my blanket and give himself a good view of my boner. “Okay,” he whispered. On

 I was enormously hard by then and resumed jacking off while he stared at my hard dick and my pumping hand. “My brother does it,” he told me. “But he won’t let me look.” Then, after another brief silence, “You can feel mine if you want to.” I quit masturbating long enough to reach out of bed and check the dude’s dick which was protruding out of his tightie-whiteys. It was little but inflexibly stiff. And his balls were pulled up as tight as could be. I resumed jacking, wondering what the third boy thought about our little party. I soon found out. “Hey Seth,” he whispered to my buddy. “Come over here a minute.” So Seth went to the other guy’s cot and right away I could faintly see that they were feeling of each other and showing off their little hard-ons while I jerked. That made me even hornier, increasing the stiffness of my erection and getting me deeper into my pre-climax sensations

 At that point I was so horny and so deep into my masturbation that I folded the covers back and lay on the cot jacking in full view of the other two. I made a long drawn-out “U-h-h-h” sound to get their attention. I was not cumming yet but hoped they would come to my cot and witness my approaching climax. The boy who had remained in his own bed was now busy jacking himself. Seth stared at him, then beckoned him to follow as he came back to watch me. The other boy soon followed, staying a polite distance away until gradually coming closer and then kneeling opposite Seth. I now had two horny dudes watching me jack off, one of them pumping his own peter but keeping it out of sight under the edge of my cot. “Let’s see,” I whispered to him

  He gave me a look, showing off a dick that was larger than Seth’s little pinker but not as large as mine. Soon we were all three feeling of each other. Two of us continued to masturbate, but not Seth, the guy who had got it all started by offering to “help” me. “Aren’t you going to do it?” I asked Seth, who was squeezing and wiggling his stiffie but not jacking it. “I did it this morning,” he said, almost crying. “Once a day is enough.” “Says who?” “My brother. He thinks I’m too little to do it anyway.” “Is he here?” I asked. “No.” “Are any of us going to tell him?”

 “Are any of us going to tell him?” He kind of laughed. “I guess not. “Then do what you need to, man.” The third boy, the quiet one, was the first to climax. He had been crouching next to my cot but as he approached his shot he stood up and held his hand in front of his dick to catch the cum. He made some funny noises and shot several squirts into his hand. His ejaculation pushed me over the top. I had been hovering close to a climax for minutes, barely touching my dick, slightly jiggling it with my fingertips but postponing the crest as long as I could. As soon as the kid spunked I reached an unstoppable feeling of orgasm and produced a fountain of sperm that shot past my shoulder in several magnificent bursts

 “Cool!” Seth told me. “Way cool!” And at the instant that he was appreciating my ejaculation he reached his own peak. The approach of his climax sent him into a burst of speed as his thumb and two fingers rushed faster than ever up and down his stiff erection. “Coming!” he whispered to us with kind of a catch in his voice. “I’m coming!” And then after a moment of frantic jacking he made a final noise that I can’t even spell, something like “OWFFH!” as he turned away from the bed and shot a spray of ejaculate onto the floor. On the second night it was the quiet boy who got things started at the earliest possible moment

Submitted Anon via Comment

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Andre Averts the Pressure

Author's Note-
I don’t know how to write any kind of story like I read on here, but I got this stuff in my head and it keeps coming to my mind every time I read a story here. So here goes, call me Chris, but being true my real age is 18. I don’t know if I am close to the age of most of the guys who read this blog, but maybe we all got some stories to tell, if nobody we know would learn about the shit we done. Whew….umm here goes. Please give it a good title, I can’t think of one.

Andre Averts the Pressure

 Okay, so when I was 14, there was a night when I started something I had always wanted to do but never thought any other guys would too. I won’t say I was a freak or jacked up in the head, but I always was thinking about… if guys liked to wank and how it felt for them when they did it.
On this summer night, our whole neighborhood had a block party, it's like a smaller kind of town.. All the adults were drinking beer and going to all the neighbors yards to play nice-nice and lie about how they had the coolest jobs and stuff. I know this because I followed along for several yards until we ended up at the house directly behind us. This is where things start to build up to an event that I wanna talk about.
 The reason is, there was a kid Andre who lived there with his family. He was actually about 2  years younger than me, but anyway I always used to hear him in their yard playing or working for his asshole Step-Dad in their yard while the guy wus yelling that he was fucking shit up and he needs to do it right. I looked over the fence a couple of times to see this crap happening and gladly I saw the kid flip the bastard a bird once… he had turned his back. I guess I kinda wanted to know this kid. He was bigger in his pride than that man knew of.

So we were talking to these people and the kid (Andre) invites me to swim in their pool.
He said it’s all right if I needed a suit, they had lots of extra suits for when people visit. I was not looking to a whole night of the parents fake pretending, so I took the offer and stayed with Andre. He took me in to his bathroom and he says wait I’ll get you a suit go ahead and get started when he shut the door. I took off my clothes and he just walks in there with me naked and holds out some swim suit. I hurried and put it on.  He was talking about schools and he was at the same mid school that I had gone to. I sort of tugged on that suit and did not even realize this suit was maybe 2 sizes smaller than what I would wear. But it was feeling weird him seeing me nude. I decide this was one of his suits, my junk was lumped out in the front and tight around my cock and balls.. I started to kinda like the idea, maybe to me it was like skinny dipping which I had never done either. I felt a little cool because it was just us guys going swimming like this. All the parents were all busy having drinks and visiting. I figured what the fuck. He never showed any change in his conversation but he stayed right in the same bathroom with me, then I guess it seemed better when he removed his shorts, and he had on a Speedo!! It was red, I still remember that so clear!

We swam and dove in the pool for a while. Andre had done a dive in and his Speedo kind of slipped down some when he was getting out to do it again. I could see some of his light skin that showed below the tan pants line. It was funny to me and said hey them white buns need a some more time in the oven. He turned his head and proud-like all yanked his suit down to Moon me with his full ass. I guess that is when things turned to a whole different kind of night. I did the same to him, he tried to pants me, but they were so tight and would not go down….I wrestled quick to do him instead. While his Speedo was down, he seemed to have a boner. I kind of teased him about being boned up. He stopped and looked at me serious and ask “but why does that happen”. I almost wanted to laugh, was he serious? I said dude your dick gets hard for a reason. He looked even more strange at me. Then I realized this kid had no fucking clue why his dick gets hard. I said
“How much does it happen?”.  He just said “A lot”.
I told him I learned that if I relieve the pressure, then it happens when I want, and it feels good too. By now I was an expert and then more I said. I think it is important to prevent stunted growth of your dick, so you gotta do it often. 
He smiled a little and said.
“Umm so how does the pressure relieve…How can I make it feel good more?
Am I too late to start, I don;t want mine to be shrinking? Can you show me, Like now!!”
 I told him,
“Dude, yeah we can… uh, how bout tonight, wanna have a sleep-over and hang-out?”
He said,
“Yeah, that’s it! Can you stay here tonight?”
“Yea it’s on, I’ll hang here.”

My parents said it was okay since Andre was a neighbor and if I got bored of a younger kid, our house was across the fence.

It was a little late when I got back to his house and parents were still outside talking to neighbors. So Andre did not waste any time once we got into his room. He said he needed to know what was wrong with him, his crazy all the time boners, and how could it be fixed?
 Since I was older and knew a few things, so I says he needed to relieve the pressure with a wank.  He sat and looked at me like  “What’s a wank?”
There was no use to explain. I looked at him with his dark eyes wide open. I reached in my shorts to get things going. He right away starts doing the same. In seconds we were both tenting our shorts. I unbuttoned and unzipped, so he did too. Then he watched and seemed to copy me. I think we were even going at the same speed. Andre askes how soon does the pressure let out. I said it depends, but I don’t always like it to happen soon.
 He was closing his eyes some and had his mouth open… kind of panting some. He starts wanking faster and faster. I was still not too close but seeing him wank was feeling really nice.
It was almost half the size of mine but it sure looked rigid and it seemed to feel really good to him, until…. He stopped and said it’s not working, that his arm was tired. He acted like I was a liar because nothing had come out yet. I let go of mine and said okay let me show you. I took it in my two fingers and thumb. I had never wanked anyone else, but it was really different that his seemed so firm. His mouth changed more to a smile with those eyes closed again. In a short while, I knew he was about to blow as every muscle in his body got tight, then he relaxed with a full body experience for the first time ever. His head rolled back, I could only see the shape of his face and some eyebrows he was heaving his body forward and back. He shoved his hips up, and a few drops actually sputtered out. His head dropped a hand covered his eyes and he said I done a awesome wank on him. He noticed his clear drops and asked when I was going to have drops come out.
He says was I ready. I said "Well yeah!", I could have finished myself off in a few strokes. He said he wants to try on me. I think since this was his learning experience, "Sure Dude have at it". He was doing circular motions and was a little loose on the grip, which was not my usual,  but I had never felt anybody else holding mine, so Fuck yeah it was good. He was zoned in on watching my cock as it got more red and he knew to speed up somehow. Then when I cummed, it was some little drops then about 3 or more bigger ones that bashed on my belly. He had some white on his hand. He touched my stomach where some of the spray landed. He said “It’s still so warm and makes the skin so silky there. That was cool”

He liked the pressure release and asked when can a guy do it again as he looked down at his soft dick. I said we could in the morning if he wanted?
He just held his chin up some and then nodded.

I guess you will see how this story works for your blog, if you guys like I can tell more bout me and Andre.

  Author Anonymous 

Monday, April 8, 2013

First time Horror

Did anybody else ever think their penis exploded the first time they jacked off?

It happened to me in the bathroom of a motel while on family vacation. I had a tremendous boner that I kept playing with. Nobody ever told me about masturbation but somehow I ended up doing the up and down strokes on my stiffie……..

All of a sudden I thought I would pass out because of how I felt. And then the cum shot out!
 I nearly had a heart attack because of it scaring me so bad.

All I could think, my dick has exploded and I am in serious shit for playing with it.

Author Anonymous-

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Special Sock

Another Story submitted related to the Madd Magazine post.

I was 16 and working at a fast food restaurant after school and during summers. There were loads of kids from school who stopped in to buy food, but also a few kids working there who I knew from my classes. This one guy I’ll call him Jose, worked there, I knew him from a Math class. He was kind of nice to me and sometimes we could take our breaks together. We talked about school or sometimes work.. I noticed he always laughed at my jokes and acted like we were good friends. We talked at work but never really hung around each other at school.
One day at break, he was talking about jerking off, and asked what I used? I was confused on that one,? So I asked what he meant. I think everybody just uses their hand? He said no to catch it. He said he used a sock. Okay by this point it was not such a normal conversation. I don’t remember but I am pretty sure I said what-ever man! And walked away? I later noticed he smiled and kept his eyes on me at weird times. I think he had a little bit of a crush on me.
 I guess maybe he had a special sock that he used when he thought about me? I was not interested in Jose, and I never went over to his house, even though he asked me a few times.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Madd Magazine Cover-up

The blog is cool. You got good stories. Maybe some guys would write about crazy ways they hid their cum when it shot off.

 I went to camp one summer when I was just first jacking off.
 The first night, I got hard and had to jack in bed and was going really good, and it hits me too late….. where to squirt  the cum!! There was no tissues in the room.. I had been reading a Madd Magazine which was under my pillow. So I open it up and roll over on my side and shot my juice between pages right into the magazine.

Because there was other boys around, I did not want them to know I was jacking. I did anyway every night and always shot while using the magazine to hide my dick.

By the end of camp, the Madd Magazine was all stuck together like it was full of glue!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kenny in the Wood

 Hi guys, my first guy experience happened only happened only 8 days 7 hours and 36 minutes ago and believe me….. I still have a hard-on.
I have fancied guys for ages but have never had the chance to do anything about it.  Last Tuesday I was out for a walk with my dog in a field close to my home.

Anyway I was playing about, throwing sticks for the dog. Out the side of my eye I saw a guy about the same age as me (16) in the trees I just got the feeling he was watching me. So when Gabe, my dog brought the stick back I threw it in the direction of the guy. And pretended I was racing the dog for it as we got close to the trees the guy walked away deeper into the trees, a bit baffled with this, I followed to see what he was up to.

 I lost sight of him but kept looking eventually I saw him sitting on a fallen tree.
Gabe, being a big pet went straight over to him and just as Gabes had wanted… he started to pet him. He said that he had had a dog the same as Gabe but that it had died and when he had saw us in the field it reminded him of his dog. The kid was sort of sad and looked as he was about to cry. He told me his name was Kenny and that he stayed about two miles from my home. Kenny produced a Joint and asked if I smoked?
 I do says I, and he offered me a share of his joint. As we talked, I took an instant liking to him I suppose maybe I fancied him (why not I fancied every guy who even smiled around me) Kenny got up from the tree saying he needed to piss he moved about six feet away and was pissing on a tree next to me.
I could not keep my eyes off him, even though his hand was covering his cock. He saw I was looking at him and turned towards me……shaking his cock dry.
 I could see it was getting hard. He then said you have saw mine…….so you should show me yours. My cock was solid so I pulled it out and we stood about six feet apart showing each other our cocks, just out in nature. It was mental, I’ve never done a thing like this ever.
Gabes came back from a wander and trotted over to smell my cock, in quick reaction, I threw another stick and off he went.

Kenny then said.
“Do you want to have a wank?”

My mouth dry and eyes locked on him, I just nodded. We both started to jack ourselves. As I wanked, I walked towards him. We got standing close. I asked Kenny if I could feel his cock and as soon as I put my hand on his cock he pulled me close to him and I don’t know why, but we started kissing. It was brilliant!!

Kenny then got down on his knees and started licking and sucking on my cock and then he asked me to do the same on him.
For My very first time, I did sucking on him. It seemed like for ages! There were parts of that which made me gag, but I did not want to stop. I winced and pulled back for a sec then he jammed it back to my throat. I kept at this more but, we had not cum. I was about to cream, he took his cock in his hand stroking briskly. So we ended up wanking ourselves until we both came. It was absolutely brilliant!!

Kenny had said he goes down the field a lot. I have been looking for him, I have even been up to the area where he lives looking for him but have not found him. Frustrated!! I want more! I WANT A BOY LIKE ME!