Friday, March 29, 2013

Evan - A Boy in Doubt

 Evan and I awoke the next day after our first shared sexual experience. I was not actually reciprocated. I felt that I needed nothing more of him, until he was ready or acted on the impulse. Maybe I trusted that it was a union of our souls. Well no actually, it was Sex, and gratifying for both of us. Neither of us had any disgust, we were now more than just friends, we trusted each other without the least amount of doubt. It felt great and we needed each other.

   Each day, we were together, if not, we talked on the phone. Thankfully, both families supported our friendship. We were often invited to the other's family events and birthdays. For all practical purposes we were actually a couple…. hiding, but in plain sight. It was our assumption that nobody knew our secret. We treaded in dangerous territory. Our hands wandered toward each other under tables, while riding in the backs of cars, certainly at Movie theatres, or at home while watching TV together. We were constantly touching each other. I think once, Alan saw Evan's mouth movements as his lips made a silent "I Love You" towards me. I knew it was a risky thing to do, so I pretended that nothing had happened at all. In fact, who can be sure, did anyone ever see us holding hands?

  On school nights after studying together, I stayed as late as allowed, or until his parents announced "Time for bed". I would sweetly tuck him in at night. We quietly shut the bedroom door with the lights out. I'd lean to kiss him, and slide my hand under the covers to his undies.

He might pipe a little"Ohhh....Nooo...."

 The feeling was warm and inviting to us both. We both wanted more, yet it served a proxy promise of guilty pleasures that we resisted until our next night of privacy or sleepover. We exchanged "I Love you's" and "You're my Cuties Pie" then I'd leave with a piss hard. Longing for his body.

 Our vernacular remained juvenile; little was dignified about our banter. We were almost two cartoon characters doing childish play. The physical interaction of course was far accelerating towards steamy adult stuff. We sometimes coordinated our undies selections to color match. It was a certain thrill when we disrobed at sleepovers, followed by our love games in matching undies.

 One Friday sleepover at my house we filled the early evening playing video games. My parents were out of town for the night. I don’t think we ever actually discussed a sleepover with them? Ooops!  We had played most of the two player games for hours, I was a little tired. I got a throw blanket to conceal us wrapping each other's nude legs. Even though we were all alone, it made sense as a precaution. I was incredibly paranoid I guess.  Evan was on single player games, I slipped a hand to fondle him a little, it made him fuck up in his game Therefore it made sense that we needed to be doing something else besides gaming. I was a bit of a domineering host.
I whispered to him '" Wanna Love?"

The dimple grin began to draw on his face, then giggling as he kept playing.

 His zipper was all the way down, and his cock was pointing to his belly. Yes by now it was a cock in true form, he had hit puberty nature added about an inch in only about 2 or 3 months. He fought to keep his concentration starting on a new game, but it was no use. He cursed me "Damn-it I wanted to beat your score!"

I teased  "It was not possible, he had to be my minion!'

Oh, so what does the Master wish?" he asked.

"You must come to my chamber, and I will show you." I chanted

He reached under zipped quickly, and sprang to his feet.
"Lead me Master....."

I took his hot little hand, and he followed me up towards my “Chamber"

"First" I instructed, you must was off your bodily spoils."

“To the bathroom!” I pointed.

I followed him in. He stripped solemnly, and then snickered as I tickled his rump.

I told him, to assure he was completely clean, I would have to join in. He was commanded to disrobe me. He did carefully, and for his amusement then tickling me in return.

We stepped into the steaming shower, I said he was to soap us both up, and he complied. In fact he over applied body gel on my penis, and started to build the lather. It was already poking straight out. I applied a little gel in my hand and stroked his firm 5 incher. I wanted him, but I determined we should wait for my bed. We actually took turns washing each other below the waist.

 We role played more servitude when we got out. I toweled him off to inspect that he had cleaned up well. As I knelt on the floor in front of him. I licked his loose balls, and up to his dangling pride. He now had a billowy cloud of light brown hair presented above his penis.
I said, " Everything seems to be in order" "Now your turn!"

He toweled me off from head to toe, stopping to tickle under my sac.

I said he was not commanded to do that yet, he must wait until told.

 He meekly rested his clasped hands to the side of his face, and said "Please"
 I told him " That it will be determined in the Chamber."
"Go there now and await instruction."

 Upon entering my room we shucked off the towels and the whole Master game was forgotten. We plowed into my bed, grappling and stroking each other. In seconds we were both dripping at the tips. Our lips were barely touching as we gasped breaths, with arms and hands piloting to pleasure points. His erect penis dipped beneath my balls, I lifted up until his moist tip began to enter a little. I slid a pillow under me to help his angle. He pressed in as I relaxed knowing I was giving him a great sensation. He rocked slowly, and gently advancing more each time. I draped my arms under his pits and rested my hands on his shoulder blades. I almost did not know he was fully in, I was allowing him to command this moment and he was intent in his work until he arched his back, his head fell weak as the pleasure from his body was spent inside of me.

He panted a few breaths, dropped limp onto my chest. Our bodies sticky with sweat, made a “smack” suction together

 He cleaned up with a tissue, and returned to my side. Caressing me and down to my unspent rod.
He said, "You did not cum?"

"No, it's okay" I whispered.

He gently fondled my frustration.

He made slow movements up, then a long down stroke squeezing his hand slightly.

The frustration was replaced by a thrill. We kissed, as he built the pace gradually, I finally burst, clutching his neck, and burying our tongues together.

 We slept fulfilled, and content. The erotic nature of the night woke me later. I wrapped around his frame as he slept on his side. His smell, and the warmth of his body brought my penis to life, facing the crevice of his smooth round cheeks. I had never entered him, nor had I ever tried. I was rubbing his hips, and plied myself closer. I was directly pulsing at his glory hole. My pre- cum poured like mad, it served to lube him. I pressed in gently, he stirred his head a bit, he was partly awake. He moved one hand resting on mine that positioned his hip. I was amazed how easily I entered him. I was exploding at the generous pleasure his body provided. As I reached full entry, his body conceded a pleasant firmness enveloping my unit. I shuddered, as I blew a tumultuous load into him. I laid on my back, gasping for more air. He too turned on to his back, then I felt a light kiss on my shoulder.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

True Experience: In A Classroom

 Author's note-
You might ask for a series of experiences from people that had a spontaneous emission in their clothes due to accidentally noticing other people getting their nuts off. Or those that became so aroused by inadvertently seeing something, that they had to stop everything and go shoot their own wad.

That happened to me once and I was reminded of it because of the pictures you posted. I was in my first year of teaching high school math, still pretty much a kid myself. The teachers took turns monitoring a couple of study halls after school, which were really a detention classes, separate ones for girls and boys.

In one of those detention study halls I was walking around to make sure the boys were really doing their homework. In the row right along the back wall, all by himself, was a 9th grade boy who was stretched out in his seat with his legs way out in front of him. He had a very obvious ridge in his pants, which was impossible for me to miss as I passed. The boy very clearly had an erection. Believe me, this got my attention, and I kept my eyes on him. I walked around a lot more than usual that day, and sometimes stood in a back corner of the room where I could observe the unexpected visual stimulus.

The boy himself was well-aware of his dick's rigidity. From time to time he squeezed or mashed it, sometimes putting both hands on it and pressing hard. He was trying to read a book at the same time, but was clearly preoccupied by his dick. Afraid of my own erection producing a bulge, I took off my sweater, draped it over my left arm, and let it hang in front of my crotch while I walked around.

Soon the horny boy was dealing full-time with his boner, rubbing his hand back and forth on the bulge in his pants while I stood where I could secretly take it in. I forced myself to check on the other boys and to sit at my desk, but was unable to ignore the depth of my own arousal. Soon I called the other boys up to the desk one at a time, told them to complete their homework at home, and dismissed each of them. When they were gone, only boner-boy was left. I told him to take as much time as he needed, meaning on the surface to complete his reading assignment, but secretly in my own mind meaning to continue playing with himself as long as he wanted to, because I was absolutely hypnotized by what he was doing.

I thought of asking him whether he needed a restroom break, but if I let him go to the bathroom he would probably jack off while he was gone, and return to the study hall without his delightful boner from which I was receiving so much stimulation. I went back to my desk, pretending to grade papers, but completely unable to focus on them because of constantly glancing at the boy and his erection.

It was while I was sitting at my desk that his sexual arousal pushed him over the brink. The activity in his lap suddenly and dramatically increased, fully evident to me at the other end of the room. There was a roomful of chairs between us, but I could tell that he was really busy with his dick now. I thought for an astounded moment that he had opened his fly and begun to actively masturbate right in my classroom. However, I was only half right. His erection remained inside his pants, and the zipper was properly closed. But he was indeed stimulating himself at the pace of masturbation by rapidly rubbing his knuckles back and forth on the bulge in his lap.

I did not have a good enough view from my desk, so stood up and went to a cabinet in the back of the room where I pretended to look for something. The second I got up, he quit rubbing himself. But when I stayed busy at the cabinet, he began feeling of his hard-on again.

With me standing partially hidden by the cabinet, he tried slowly running his fingertips back and forth on the ridge in his pants. That continued for a short time, with the fingertips picking up speed and moving faster and faster. It seemed to me that the fingertrips were not getting him where he needed to go, and soon he validated my guess by changing tactics. Once more he made a fist and returned to his previous technique of a fast knuckle-rub back and forth on the place where his pants bulged with the obvious ridge of his hard dick.

I was suffering from an agonizing erection of my own, one I could do absolutely nothing about without abandoning the show and hurrying to the teachers' restroom. While I rearranged books and supplies in the cabinet, the boy who had suddenly become my "prize pupil" gradually slid further forward in his chair as he steadily worked on his erect dick. His legs were now fully extended and his knuckles urgently rubbed back and forth on the diagonal bulge. This 14-year-old was now totally preoccupied in masturbating through his clothes.

My body was in agony, with my animal instincts telling me to unzip my pants and shoot my wad into the supply cabinet or devise some way to accompany the boy to the restroom and participate in his project. I was on the verge of sexual insanity.

Fortunately I retained enough self-control to keep from doing anything stupid, hiding my crotch as best I could with the cabinet door. Meanwhile my horny entertainer, fully involved in the urgency of the moment and completely unaware that I knew what he was doing, now rubbed his dick intensely at what looked like the speed of light.

We climaxed at nearly the same moment. He came first while rubbing himself furiously, his mouth slightly open, his ankles crossed, his head resting against the wall. His entire body shook at the moment of ejaculation, seeming to make him rise six inches out of his desk and then sag back down. My own incredibly stiff erection reached the verge of orgasm when I saw him cum, and froze briefly into an agonizing "almost there" stage that quickly released when I mashed my dick against the edge of a shelf. The shelf put me over the top. I kept mashing my dick against it. Great spasms of cum gushed into my shorts while I thought, "I can't believe this is happening."

While still hidden by the cabinet, I watched the guy slowly pull his legs back and look around the room as if he had been unaware of his surroundings during the ultimate moments of his masturbation.

I told him he could leave. When he stood up and got his books together, a wet, dark stain on the front of his jeans between his fly and his left pocket was perfect evidence that he'd indeed arrived at his goal.

I was more fortunate than he was; my boxers contained my cum and kept it hidden. But it was a nasty and uncomfortable drive back to my apartment that afternoon. Once I got home, I indulged in a proper controlled masturbation in honor of the experience. It was the first time since high school that I'd emptied my nuts twice in a single day.
Author Anon

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's in a Kiss?

I have never told this story or mentioned this person. I had a brief relationship with a guy Tommy when we were in our earlier teens. It was just getting some release of sexual urges. I did him a few times, and no real commitment.
We kind of went our separate ways and lost contact until we saw each other at a Metal Concert about 3 years later. I invited Tommy to join my group of friends as we had pitchers of beer. Yes it was a venue that sold pitchers! So we were all having a great time. The touring band was incredibly loud because the place was small and the band used their huge stacks of arena speakers. We moshed and earned our next day neck aches form head banging.
Following  the show, it was more beers with friends, then Tommy and I got dropped off at my parents house. We two were pretty well blasted but we managed to stealthily make it in my room with out waking up my parents. Tommy flopped on my bed, and threw his arm over his head. He said he wanted to party some more. I told him he was done. I reached across him to turn on the lamp on my nightstand. He took an unexpected opportunity..He flopped one arm over my neck and in a single motion pulled me to his mouth and a sudden kiss. In seconds he had his tongue jammed in my mouth and he was pulling me closer. In the past we had done some sexy stuff but we had never kissed before now. He held me locked upon his lips and his on mine. When he came up for air, I told him wait a second. I turned off the light then unbuttoned his pants. He lifted his but to allow the clearance of the fabric freeing his body.. Despite the beer consumption,  he erected immediately. I suppose he remember our past and it signaled arousal.
A tumble out of his pants as they flew and slapped upon the floor. I wanted to lounge and enjoy his profile in his black undies forming definition of something I was ever so tempted by.
I teased him a bit working the tip as it was peeking out the wasteband slightly. He pressed down on my saying. That is not how You used to suck me. Take all of me! I played coy and said. We have plenty of time, we could just wait until the morning. I moved back to his lips for another tongue taste. Which he obliged with even more passion than previously. He stopped and whispered. You want me to leave? Suck ME now…..
I moved straight to his boy pride,  Tommy had a masculine smell like no other. It was not from cologne or body soap. He had a natural musky smell that made me mad with desire to taste him, all of him! Prompted by the tongue work earlier, I licked him under his cock then all over his balls as they were tightening to the body. He became impatient for service. He reminded me,
“ I need YOU to suck me now!”
I went to work the tip was smooth and creamy. He was built tall and lean, his dick was the same. Pencil thin bit a nice long length. I saddled my hands to his legs and varied the plunge tempo as he used only one hand to maintain his control. I knew he was getting close as he guided me faster, He needed loads of friction before he would unload! The faster pace did produce a fusion of pulsing hips, gripped fingers and light moans. He had never been like this before, the pleasure he exerted, spawned my self stroking, I jacked a mighty load maybe 15 seconds after his.
We slid under the sheets to fall asleep as we were, sweaty, beery, musky, and nude.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Science and Study of a Scar

When I was in 8th grade, a buddy of mine had to have an operation which left him with a scar around his pubic region. One day after school he asks me if I wanted to have a look at his scar. I eagerly said “Yes!”
 So he unbuttoned his pants and let them down a bit so I could see, he still had his underwear on; he wore the tight white briefs where you can easily see what’s underneath. I was taking a close look at his scar when he asked if I wanted to touch it, I slid my hand over it a few times to feel the bump. As I was doing this I could see that he was starting to get a boner from me rubbing my hand across his leg and tummy. Seeing his erection and rubbing him.... made my dick as solid as a rock also. Not long after I noticed him getting hard he pulled his pants back up and that was it. As soon as I got home that day after all this, I was busting to jack off and I blew my load thinking about me sliding my hand over his body and seeing his big erection barely masked by his undies.
A few days later I was still thinking about what happened, I decided to ask him if I could feel his scar again, he said “Sure!” He let his pants down again and I slid my hand into them to feel his scar, I noticed after a short time he was hard again! I slid my hand over a bit and felt his boner a little, I said “Hey is everything ok in there?”
He said “Hey man you were tickling me!”
I replied "Yeah but not your dick!”
We had a bit of a laugh and he zipped up once again.
 I so wanted to explore with my friend a bit further. So I invited him over to my house one Friday night after school for a sleep over. That night when we were ready for bed I asked to feel his scar again. He said “You wanna see it, you find it!”
He was laying on his back on my bed so I sat over his legs and began to unbutton his pants and I pulled them off, I tickled him a bit on his lump in his tighties, we both giggled a bit then he said
“Hey don’t stop that feels good”.
I replied “well I’ll keep doing it if you do it to me too”
He started to tickle me too then he slid off my pants, we were both rock hard. We were laying next to each other just in our undies then he says
“Hang on, these are in the way” and pulls his tighties all the way off and for the first time I saw his hard, uncovered dick, I knew I was dripping and I could see pre-cum on the top of his dick too. He then slides his hands down the side of my undies and says
“Yours are in the way too” he then slid them all the way off.

We resumed our little tickling game play which then led to rubbing each other’s cocks together. That then led to using our hands, he started to jack me slowly up and down, I slid my hand over to his dick and did the same. It wasn’t long until he whispers to me quietly
“Im gonna cum soon”.
 It wasn’t long until he pumped his load into my hand.... which seeing that tipped me over the edge and I emptied into his.

We became regular jack off buddies all the way through high school becoming more and more adventurous as we went on. We always enjoyed making each other feel good to the point of releasing our loads together.
I will remember him forever…

Author Anonymous

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Evan - A Boy Appreciated (Part II)

I felt the original version of this chapter ran too long to express the events. Here now is the short but important conclusion to that presentation.

Evan - A Boy Appreciated (Part II)

My Mom knocked at the door, announcing breakfast as a signal Saturday had abruptly began. Evan sprang up immediately, plucking his clothes from the floor and putting them on quickly.
I knew there would be no morning caresses, or playtime.

He said.”I gotta Pee”

I pointed to the Bathroom down the hall. I listened until I heard…… he shut the door.

That morning after we ate, I let him win all of the games we played. Around noon, his Dad called and said they were gonna have to go early to go visit Gramma out of town, Evan explained she was pretty old, and sometimes they had to go check on her. I could have lounged on the couch with him for hours, we were denied of the fun this time, but it made us even more determined for another Sleep-over.

 The next few days were crappy weather, but we kept in contact everyday by phone. It seemed that Wednesday's and Fridays were to be our best nights to spend together. When we were alone in his room, or at mine, we quietly played our kissing games. We didn't undress like before in my room, but we laughed like little kids, lost in the fun of fishy kisses, porcupine kisses, and the standby Eskimo kisses. At this point, it was pretty well innocent fun. On one of those episodes, I picked him up, and held him up, facing me to carry him around the room. I felt that he actually had a stiffie poking into my stomach.Obviously the kissing aroused me, but it had never occurred to me that it caused him to get hard? I was impressed his body was responding to the tension. Mysteriously, we graduated to laying on top of each other, entwined as the passion invaded. We softly ground our crotches together as we alternated silly and wet kisses.

 We had never touched each other’s privates, as well we didn't discuss it. Right now it was pleasant having each other’s warmth and closeness. We began to proclaim our dedication more. We carried on with the “Cutie Pie" name calling. Acronyms were developed as code to express our secret affection over the phone in case some family member might be listening in, or nearby......

Y-S-M-Q-P, meant ‘You’re such my cutie pie”.

 We were falling in love, but neither of us had experienced it, we were unaware of our growing silent commitment. We were simply confident that we were happy together.

On the next sleepover night at my house, after our kissing games had exhausted us. It was late, he was in a deep slumber, I dangerously slipped my hand into his briefs. His soft penis quickly sprang to erection. Mine was already projecting and hard. I lightly explored, he was still smooth and hairless. In my sly invasion, I gently stroked his 4 incher. In seconds. the head was pronounced and getting firm, the base pulsed a few times, and relaxed slowly to softness. Nothing came to the tip, but it was apparently somewhat of a wet dream. I knew his body was preparing for puberty. In my dizzied surprise, I spilled a quick cum in my shorts in no time flat. 
I slept in total adoration, with his head on my arm most of the night. I awoke often, just to hear him softly breath in his sleep, or to smell his flaxen hair.

The next morning I was sad that we had not shared the sensual event together, and maybe I was being selfish? However, I was not ready to tell Evan of my secret inspection, of his exquisite body.

 The next weekend he returned to my house. At bedtime we tossed around and played our kissing games until I could feel we were both hard. I slipped a hand inside the seat of his undies, and said "I got your Booty!"
He smiled, and said "Rub it, it will reward you with a wish! I had anticipated handling that round butt and adoring it for so long. It was soft yet firm, apparently he was becoming  a little bit athletic from his P.E. class, resulting in some nicely firm glutes.I told him it was cute, I liked it. He suddenly bounced up and Mooned me, wiggling his hips to emphasize the misdeed.I laughed a little, and said “I’m Blinded my that giant Moon!.”
“I want another wish!”

He pulled his undies back up, and relaxed laying  face to face on my chest.
“Okay, whaddya want?”
I decided it was time to ask him if he wanted to share our love.
I started with a slight touch on his belly, in a circular rubbing motion, and asked him.
“Do you want to show our stuff?”
He said ‘Howdya mean?”
I touched him a little lower near the wasteband.”I can get that.”

He just let out a coy “Ohhh, Noooo…”

I told him “It is okay we can stop at any time.” As I slid my hand just inside his undies

He said “Okay, let’s try for 5 minutes.”

I gingerly sought his semi-alert Penis, he was blinking, while breathing slow and deep.
As I touched the head he rolled his eyes a little, then said.
“Oh it feels good there”

“I said, shall I stop?”

“No….. it’s all right, just do some more.”

I began to stroke as he hardened fully.
I asked if he wanted me to take off his undies?

He started pulling them off, and I flipped them off and tossed them on the bed.
I could see his full erection directly below were the high and tight balls in the shadowed moonlight.
Without asking, I took the head in my mouth, and licked it to moisten it.
Then followed with a down stroke to allow my tongue to reach the base, near his ball sac.
I could smell a slight manly aroma, and then noticed he actually had a few light hairs that were not turned dark yet. I lifted back up to the tip, to inspect again. I noticed that his dick had a slight downward bend just near the head. I wanted to know him fully, I dropped down to his balls, flowering was a lightly acrid aroma. In an act of defiance for my exploration. He took command, guiding my head back up to his business stick. I worked for him cautiously so as not to allow any teeth on him, but continued to tongue, and mouth the length.
 I had one hand cupped under his balls, and one moved tight up against his butt.
His girth swelled slightly, and then released with a mighty heave. His shoulders lunged forward as his head ducked up from the pillow, his abs tightened, and he pumped his hips slowly about 3 times. His locomotion was intense, but there was barely a drop released. It must have been his first orgasm, still  too soon for the pump to be primed, there was no cum.

A sweet cuddle followed, then soon a deep sleep by two content and happy guys.

The world was completely different now for us both.


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Tony Touch

Teen Boys discover at an early age how it is often easy to score with girls at weddings. I was at a wedding with a friend Tony, he had an almost Hispanic look to him. His attractive dark features helped lure a pair of girls to us after the ceremony. We struggled at conversation, but there were loads of drinks, which helped bring us to the next rite of passage.

We ended up walking them back to the house where the girls were staying. All we got for are pains was a snog and a good grope. To add insult to injury a couple of minutes after we said goodbye I found myself in a torrential downpour, with an angry looking Tony.
― Fucking prick teasers!
― Yeah, I've got a raging hard-on.

Tony didn't say anything; he just pressed the material of his trousers either sides of the impressive bulge. We had started walking and had a fair way to go considering the weather. I asked where Tony lived and it turned out he also lived with his parents a lot further away.
― You can stay at mine tonight if you like; we can get dried off, have a beer and a fucking good wank.
― Sounds good, got any good porn?
― Not really, but if you get stuck, I'll give you a hand.

Tony looked at me curiously and we went silent for a while. Perhaps I had said too much too quickly. After all, Tony was trying his hardest to have sex with Tina. I had sensed a question forming on Tony's lips but he seemed to be struggling with how or what to ask. He asked finally:
― Have you wanked a boy then?
― Of course, haven't most boys?
― No, not wanked 'with' a boy; I meant have you actually wanked one off?
― I know what you meant, and yes, loads.
― Me too… although not that many times.

Now it was my turn to give a funny look. Jeez was there anybody out there 100% straight? We exchanged stories on the way back but although I didn't doubt what Tony described was true he was far less experienced than me. It appeared mutual masturbation was all he had done – up until 14 years old anyway – and I was just getting to what I used to do with a boy at school when we came to my parents' door.

I took Tony straight to my bedroom. My parents were already gone to bed and we were whispering. Seeing just the one bed, Tony asked:
— Where do I sleep?
— You can have the bed, I'll sleep downstairs.
I went to get some beer. When I came back Tony was stripped to just briefs, having taken off his wet clothes. He sat a little awkwardly on the edge of my bed shivering.
— Get under the covers if you're cold, Tony.
— Do you mind if I take these off?
He was indicating his damp boxers.
— Of course not.
I secretly hoped I would see his butt. I didn't even see his penis. Tony was quite covert in removing his boxers, I didn't want to be seen to stare. I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the bed.
— Get in, it's your house there's no need to go downstairs.
I went to get in bed but Tony told me to take my boxers off.
— I won't slip you a length.
As we lay side by side, we carried on with our tales. The only gay experiences Tony had been involved in were mutual masturbation. As I told him about me performing fellatio on a boy at school, I thought I had said too much once again. Tony was in disbelief.
— You sucked him off?
— Yeah, but he did me as well.
I was somehow trying to justify it.

Tony pulled the covers back revealing his penis. It wasn't erect but it was showing signs of growth. He looked down at it almost sorrowfully.
— I've never had a blow job.
— If you wank me off, I'll give you one.
I meant every word of it.

Tony was on my penis like lightning. Even though Tony hadn't done much gay stuff, he was an expert at masturbation. As one hand tended to me, he licked the fingers on the other and moistened the tip of my penis. Tony also seemed to notice when my excitement was building because he moved his hand faster instinctively.

When I ejaculated onto my stomach… Tony did an odd thing. He rubbed my semen into my body and back over my penis until it was no longer visible as the white droplets just a sticky film.
I turned Tony onto his back. He was fully erect but his foreskin still covered a bit of the head. I drew it back and licked.

Tony had never had oral sex before and he was an appreciative being. The reactions I had off Tony when I took him in my mouth were far greater than with anyone before or since. He was very sensual and this form of stimulus he'd never experienced. When he ejaculated I had to put my hand over his mouth to keep him quiet in case he woke my parents.

To be fair, in the morning he tried to give me oral sex but he didn't have a clue so I ended up masturbating while he held the tip of my penis in his mouth. With my balls being emptied just a few hours before I don't think he even realized when I ejaculated. I gave him oral sex again with a similar reaction. It was a real turn on how worked up he would get, then his explosive orgasm. It was a new experience for him and he made the most of it but we never did any of that again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Evan - A Boy Appreciated

The story of Evan A Boy Appreciated, a follow up to the First Evan Story

 I awoke feeling like a song, I had shared a fun evening with Evan, especially when he revealed  curious appreciation in the random Kiss. I judged for the time being that it was a display of wholesome affection, like one of those family kind of kisses. Maybe I was fashioned into a brother that Evan did not find in Alan? It was certain that he desired more attention from someone who did not return harsh judgment, and overpowering scorn. I was confident that I felt some affection for him, born of the initial pity from Alan's rage so recklessly thrown at Evan.
The parents, though they were nice and provided a comfortable home, blithered, and rushed in their daily lives. Evan never seemed to fit in to their schedule, sparing only requisite mealtime banter.  I could see that Evan's Dad took a gentle approach whenever he addressed Evan. I liked him, he was a gentle man, who worked in an office, where he wore a suit jacket and slacks. He talked clear and annunciated, except when he chose his phoney pretend voice. He used speech patterns to make light of topics, or just being jovial. It was a funny mix of staccato German accent and sprinkling of Spanish, where he took a pause between each word. I dunno why, but he was fun, and so very kind to Evan. It was easier to forgive that he spent so little time at home. I guessed that his work made him stress, and he needed unwind time, because he went to the Gym almost every night. I did not fully understand the whole gym commitment, because he was not athletic at all, in fact he had a little bit of a pot belly. A year or so later we discovered he was never at the Gym at all, but I will come on to that in another chapter

 Anyways as the day went on, I found myself increasingly anxious about Evan, and whether he had awoke in time to go to school? I wished that I could have called their house that morning, but I didn’t have their phone number anyway. I took my time when I passed the hallway where Alan’s locker was, hoping I might see him, to ask if Evan was okay. I knew that would be an awkward conversation. But was willing to risk it, yet I didn’t see Alan anywhere.
 When school was out, I was mostly running and occasionally jogging, I planned to pass by Evan's house to see if he had gone to school. If he hadn’t, then surely he would be in trouble over the beers we had drunk. Which of course would have spelled mondo trouble for me too. 

 He was not outside their house, so I rang the bell. He answered the door shirtless, but thankfully he was wearing those Uniform Khaki pants.
Surprised, and with no other words chosen, I said "Hey Dude how's it going?"

 He was munching on a PBJ sandwich, and muffled out "Mgood, Imb doin hombwurk now, C'mon in."

He led me to his room, sat at his desk, and started right to his work… almost as if I was not even there. I asked if he needed a drink or anything, I was a little parched from the tension of the day.

 He said "Tsure", after another bite of the gooey sandwich.

I made myself at home, and poured us both a glass of iced tea from the Fridge, and returned to my spot on his bunk-bed. He stopped writing, and smiled, as he took it. This moment displayed the little dimples just beyond the corners of his mouth. The only time they appeared was upon the event of his enveloping smile. As he worked I could finally relax from my worries. All was fine, and our dangerous evening seemed to have passed with no angered parents.
 I luxuriated in a logical yet artistic appreciation, a chance to study him, the curvature of his spine, how his shoulders were just starting to broaden, the structure of his chest and ribs bumping gentle lines drawn through his softly padded skin. There was a light spray of hairs that started on the mid-part of his neck and then lost presence to the mass of his thick crop of blonde hair.

Without looking up, he said something I was little prepared for.

"Are we best friends?"

I thought briefly, I felt my forehead wrinkling in the process, then answered confidently

"Yes, I am sure of it."

He replied "Good, we have a secret to keep!"

I was a little afraid of what it might be? then said,

 "Umm sure…. just between us."

Looking down, he softly said,

 "I'd like to try it again, if you do?"

 I knew he was talking about the kiss. My heart started to race in the panic. I too wanted his lips on mine, but I was wrecked with nervous excitement. I felt my penis straightening down the leg of my boxer briefs. I grabbed one of his schoolbooks, and pretended to peruse, and hide the increasing bulge.
I needed to change topics quickly, and said.

"So hey, Did you get up in time for school?"

"Yep, only slept 5 minutes extra, but made the bus on time."

"Good, I was a little worried today." I said.

He went back to the previous discussion.

"Ummm, Can I stay over at your house Friday night? We can play your video games, or watch movies and “then…..”?"
 The dimple smile crept over his face implying his intent.

My boner leaped, "IT" caused me to reply,

"Well sure, do you think you can get permission?"

He said "Oh heck yeah, my parents think you are the greatest!"

I held my hands tight to keep from trembling, and said,

 "Good bring an extra, umm c-controller, I only have Umm ….one."

The Iced tea did not calm my nerves, but it helped my dry throat.

Evan whistling a short tune, took a quick bite of the sandwich, and turned back to his books.

 I needed to escape and collect my thoughts. I wanted to stay, but I was no good for conversation after that bombshell. Since he was looking away from me. I stood and oriented my lumped jeans towards the door, and said, 

"Okay, I'll talk to ya soon then."

 He said,

 " Wait, let me give you’re my phone number, you can just call me." He scrawled it down on a piece of blue lined paper, as I carefully turned one with one arm to get it.
I mustered a nervous smile, and said

“All righty then I’ll call you, umm See ya!”

 He turned and watched me leave his room, his did not smile, but I could see his head was up high, and bobbing side to side as he started his whistling again.

 The air outside refreshed me as I started to breathe at a normal rate. I carefully folded the precious paper and put it in my wallet. I didn’t care about my woodie, it soon relaxed as I walked home. I was feeling about a foot taller relieved from my previous worries, and now a Friday sleepover renewed me inside.

 I fettered the rest of the night draped in the agony of our wait until Friday, I became more anxious. I found reason that night to call for the plans, and just to hear his voice.

 He answered on about the 3rd ring, he said he was about to go to bed. So he could only talk for 5 minutes. I imagined him standing in their living room in only his underwear, chatting on the phone casually. I had a younger sister, so we were more pious in our nighttime attire at my house. I guess that’s why it seemed more daring, him being semi-nude so freely around his house?

 I told him our street address, he said his Dad was to drop him off, and he’d bring an overnight bag. The thought of an overnight bag, mystified me, would he bring PJ's, or a sleeping bag? Or, maybe just a change of clothes, and a toothbrush?

 It was awkward for a minute as I forgot why I had called. Then I blurted out for him to bring an extra game controller. He said he already had that in the bag, and he was all set.
I acknowledged something, and we said goodnight.

 As a teen, I had friends over often enough to require little or no notification to my parents. They said fine, be sure he knows to arrive before dinner, we are having Spaghetti and Meatballs. Evan was just one of the guys, in their eyes. I was small for my age, so they did not seem to care if I had a friend a couple of years younger. At least he would not be making fun of me being a shrimp.

 Friday finally arrived, and so did they, his Dad’s Buick drove up slowly and parked. I peeked out my window catching my breath, as his Dad walked him to the door to greet my folks, but he did not come in. I let my folks have a quick convo with Evan’s Dad until I arrived at the doorway, then heard him say that he needed to be off to the gym.
 Evan himself had a gym bag, I guessed his Dad had given him. The logo lettering was getting crappy and worn on the sides. It was small, so I knew there was no sleeping bag in there. We made eye contact instantly, then we both looked away. I led him to my room where we dumped his stuff, grabbing only his controller, we headed to the family room to play games. I did not have a TV in my room, but we had the big one ALL to ourselves. In a short time Mom brought dinner on trays to us, so we could munch and continue playing. It was just grand, he was good at every game, that I liked. Only I was a little better usually. Sometimes I let him win, since he was my guest. As it became later, I know we were both getting tired. I did not want to commit us to the next step until he was ready, but I stretched my arms over my head a few times like grownups do when they are sleepy.

Finally he yawned, and said "Lets get to bed."

 We put away the game stuff, and I led him upstairs.
He looked around my room a little and said "Guess we will have to share the bed?"

I asked "Is that okay?"

“Cool with me.” As he yawned again.

 He peeled down to his briefs dropping clothing around him on the floor. Then laid on my bed.
It was astonishing he had on the exact same blue Boxer Briefs that I was wearing, I dropped my pants, and begin to snicker. He joined in with a growing smile to a laugh when he discovered the reason of my amusement.
I lunged toward him and tickled his exposed ribs, and asked.

"What's so funny?"

Grabbing my waistband with his thumb, then snapped it a little.
He giggled out " You're a copy cat, Naaaah-naah-naah!"

We fell into a jumbled mess of tickling fingers, bumping knees, writhing arms, and silly laughter.

He said in a silly voice, "Those are cute, you're a cutie pie."

 I returned in a falsetto cartoon voice "Noo way -yours are cuter." and pinched his little round rump. We both laughed more, posing wrestling moves until he stopped, looked me in the eye, and laid a long kiss on me.
 I returned it as our noses pressed to the others cheek.

 He suddenly pulled away, and started a new silly game. He proclaimed.
”Porcupine kiss!" He pecked at my lips and followed with "Ow, Oooh, Ow!"

 I did the same, we played these goofy kissing games a few minutes, I was getting really hard. I did not know what he was feeling, but I knew I did not want the embarrassment of my erection showing. I slid the sheets and blanket over me. He quickly followed, laying beside me.
Our tickling continued, as we kissed a few more random times, and finally nested our arms under each others head.

He said in his comic voice " You're such my cuties pie!"

I replied the same, we kissed one last goodnight kiss as we were exhausted from the tickle fights.

 The joy of our embrace, and my persistent boner denied me of sleep for ages it seemed. In the dark I caught the glow of moonlight on his forehead, his eyelids twitching and a cheek raised briefly. He was in deep sleep in no time. He had no cares and no worries. This night was special for us both, but it seemed something was still denied.
As he dozed, I quietly masturbated myself in maybe 20 seconds, I was so charged up, I think it gushed for about 20 seconds more.
 I wanted to slip out of bed to change my gooey underwear, but if I did, Evan might see I had changed in the morning. Instead I left it all as an unrepentant reminder to myself. The careless bliss his presence had brought me.


Monday, March 11, 2013

A Readers Comment / Short Story

This is a new comment that came in on the story "the Tattle-Tell Glider"  I really get Jazzed when readers tell us their stories even if it's a short one. So I thought it would be cool to share as  a post for everyone to enjoy reading. When i first read it, I got lost on the characters involved. I slightly reworded the first paragraph about who is who. The rest are his words. Enjoy Guys

This is not a story just an incident that happened. 

Two buds and me, we camped out in a tent. They were brothers. The older one was my age and a friend but the younger was my best friend, he was about 2 years younger than his brother.

 When finally we got still to go to sleep the one my age starts banging himself real fast under the blanket. I whispered to his brother,
"what is Todd doing?"
 He answered, "doing that nasty thing to his peter"

 Well you can guess, that night I learned about jerking off. I came for my first time.

Later on, my former best friend didn't play with me any more but Todd and me, we were wank buddies all the time. 
When his brother found his own nuts we got back to being friends again. 

Author Anonymous

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Tattle-Tell Glider

The story about the boy at Disneyland masturbating in the restroom reminded me of an experience when I was 14 years old.

Much of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., all went to Maine to celebrate something that I no longer remember with another family member who lived there. Many of us stayed at their house, and sleeping arrangements put us all over the house. It was a big old farmhouse. Some of the “men” got assigned to their large enclosed wrap-around porch. I was one of them, as was my dad, my uncle, and one of my cousins who was 12 at the time. I was assigned to sleep on a “glider”, which was a piece of patio furniture that had cushions and would seat up to three people, like a small couch. But it had tracks, springs, and roller bearings so it moved back-and-forth like a level rocking chair. It “glided”. That’s why it was called a glider.

But the glider also squeaked when it moved. It badly needed oiling.

By the third day I was horny as hell from not being able to have any private time to take care of myself. That night, I was lying on my “glider”, wide-awake with a throbbing boner needing to be taken care of. There was enough privacy where I was that I couldn’t be seen by anyone else, so I pulled down my shorts and underpants and pulled off my sheet, now exposing my rock-hard young penis and giving it some badly needed freedom. I started rubbing it ever so gently using just my index finger and thumb, and it felt really nice. But after several minutes I just couldn’t give it enough stimulation to put myself into an orgasm. It finally got to the point that I just had to make myself cum, so I started jacking it much more intensely, now using my whole fist. Of course, the glider started to squeak. But at that point I did not care who heard it,

my dad, my uncle, whoever, I just had to make myself cum!

Squeeka – squeeka – squeeka – squeeka …….. quiet….

After maybe just 20 to 30 seconds of intense but admittedly noisy jacking I finally had a fantastic – and very messy – orgasm!! I tried to collect as much of my semen off of my stomach and chest with my hand that I could, and then soak it all up off of my hand into my underpants. I was finally relieved and relaxed! I pulled up my now-damp underpants and I rather quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, my 12-year-old cousin asked me if it was me making “all that noise” during the night.


“Yeah. It sounded like you were jumping up and down on your bed. Were you having a dream or something?”

“Huh, I guess I must have…”

My little cousin left it at that, satisfied with what must have been the reason for me making the loud squeaking noise. My dad and my uncle never said anything to me. I always wondered if they slept through it or if they heard it and realized what I was doing, and understood it was a natural “man-thing” that I just needed to do at that time of my life.