Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mr. Goodguys Secrets at the Mouse House

Urinal stories?
Here's mine: My family went to Disneyland when I was little. As I got older you would think I would "outgrow" Disneyland, but it stayed in my thoughts as a very special place, maybe just a link to my childhood. I often thought of us going back for another Disneyland family vacation, but we never did. However, the fates were with me. The summer after I graduated from high school, the lodge that my grandfather was a member of, funded a Disneyland trip for some little low-income kids that made good grades that year. He offered to pay for me to go as a sponsor and of course the chance to go back was irresistible. I had a great time, seeing everything in a much different way due to being a lot older than before. The trip lasted a week, during which I had vowed not to jack off because of not wanting to take any chances with the kids around all the time.

Which brings me to the urinal story. I very innocently needed to piss (no hidden agenda at all) and went into a restroom near a cafe in Frontier-land. There was one stall, two urinals, and a couple of lavatories. The guy standing at one of the urinals was somewhat younger than me. He was such a stereotype that I can still picture him: Plaid shorts, brown loafers, Izod shirt, and glasses. Topped off with a conservative haircut. He could easily have been Mr. Preppy of the USA, maybe president of his National Honor Society. When I entered he stood with his whole body crammed between the porcelain sides of the urinal (no privacy partitions). He stood completely still, staring at the wall above the urinal. As I took the spot next to him and got ready to piss, the door opened and a small boy yelled "Kevin! Hurry up!" Mr. NHS called back "I'm almost through," and the little guy left. The Preppy leaned even tighter into the urinal, his body now shaking with motion that I easily identified. It was the vibration of a very rapid and full-blown masturbation which he was trying valiantly to hide from me. I pissed, although it became increasingly difficult because my dick rose to attention in response to the jacking in the next stall. When as much piss had been released as possible, there was no escaping the fact that my erect dick was so profoundly hard, and my system so badly horny, that I HAD TO jack my own boner right alongside Mr. Goodguy. Since I had no idea how this guy felt about mutual masturbation, I had to keep my own strokes secret.

 So we stood side-by-side pumping our dicks into urinals in the middle of Disneyland! My unknown friend pounded himself as fast as he could, still hiding for all he was worth between the sides of the urinal, still staring at nothing but the wall. But at some point his eyes flitted my direction and he did an almost comical double-take. From that instant, he couldn't keep his eyes off my wiggling arm, searching for a glimpse of what I was doing within the porcelain sides of my own urinal. For those who are expecting a steamy encounter, I'm sorry to disappoint you. We both continued masturbating inside the safety of the urinals. However, we relaxed enough to acknowledge what was going on, exchanging non-verbal clues that all was OK, watching each other's shaking bodies and occasionally scanning each other's face. He notified me that he was about to ejaculate by releasing a rush of air and the single shaky whisper "Oh!" I gave him a similar message, and although everything remained hidden, it was clear that we climaxed almost simultaneously, sharing the moment and yet retaining our privacy. In the second of stillness after our busy stroking ceased, he took a couple of breaths and then spoke: "I needed that." Then he zipped up his plaid shorts and hauled his preppy bod out the door of Disneyland's restroom

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movie Magic Man

I could tell plenty of urinal experiences over the years, but one really stands out. Probably because I was young and it was my first time.  Also I was being cruised by a bigger dude….. although I didn't realize it until I got older.

It was a long time ago, at the old movie theater in the neighborhood where I lived. I was maybe 13, at the most 14.

The men's restroom was located close to the snack bar. One day I went in the restroom and caught a boner. Maybe I had one when I went in, and planned on jacking off. Maybe it just happened. Too long ago to remember. One thing for sure, there was nobody else in there, so I got busy taking care of things at the urinal.

Wham! the door opened and the high school boy who runs the snack bar comes in. He opened a closet and got a spray can. He goes to the first urinal and sprays the stuff up and down and then flushes it. Then the next one. Spray, spray, spray, flush. And then he is standing right behind me. Remember I was in the middle of jacking off. He says “Excuse me” puts a hand on my side, urging me to slide over a little,  while hiding my dick. He sticks the can in front of me and shoots the spray up and down in the urinal, reaches past me and flushes.

He puts the spray back in the closet and then went to the urinal next to me. He says “Don't let me bother you, just keep on with what you are doing.”

They had dividers between the urinals so you can't see. But right away he is going jack, jack, jack standing there, and I know it, which amazes me to realize what he is doing. I start thinking, this is bitchin’, it’s never happened before, he don't know that I can tell he is jacking off.

But he DID know, because he did it on purpose and I was just a dumb kid. But it sure made me really need to finish up what I was doing.

In a minute he said he had to get some toilet paper, and he walks away from the urinal toward the stall. What do you think I saw? - his dick sticking out of his pants and poking up in the air as he walks to the stall. Of course he did that on purpose too but I am still thinking, this is so bitchin’ and he is so dumb.

Coming back from the stall, he shows me a wad of paper and says “I got you some too, let me know when you need it.”

That made it different. But he was perfectly nice and I didn't feel scared. I started thinking, this is the nicest guy I ever knew. He figured out what I am doing but he is not making it into a big deal.

Before long he says “Are you gonna cum yet?” and then, right away, “Let me help you”. He stuck the wad of paper between me and the urinal and says “I'll catch your cum.”

What happens is, we both go to jacking in front of each other and just when I am ready to cum he takes hold of my dick and jacks me to my cumshot. Then shoots his own cum in his urinal.

How did he know what I was doing in the restroom? I think either he had a secret peep hole where he could look in the restroom from the snack bar, or else he could tell that I was taking a little too long to piss. He probably cruised a lot of boys and somehow I passed his test.
He was always soooo cool about spraying the urinals and making it seem like it just happened by accident, us meeting in there all random-like.

Anyway, he was the first person that I jacked off together with. We jacked off together a few more times and I remember how boss I felt when he let me touch his dick and jack him. One time he invited me to the balcony and gave me my first blow job and it was like heaven, he was very good at it. He was always soooo cool about spraying the urinals and making it seem like it just happened by accident, us meeting in there all random-like.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Euraka I've found my orgasm!!

  December 24 1986. I was twelve, for a week or so I had been aware of the nagging urgency in my groin, especially at night. In preparation I had collected several wide mouth glass bottles to attempt to stick my penis into one, yoo-hoo was my best bet.
 I had no knowledge of sex or masturbation. It felt good to take my PJ. Bottoms off and lay nude under the blankets. I tried my bottles to no avail, never paid any attention to my penis before and didn’t gauge the width properly and there was no stuffing it into a yoo-hoo bottle. 
After a while of pre-masturbatory sexual frustration I moved a pillow to the center of the bed and laid on top of it. I felt SO good shoving my erection against it then for whatever reason I reached down and cupped my hand around my implement. EUREKA! In ten seconds I suddenly understood those odd motions in film sex scenes and why guys would bother doing that at all. Laying face down, on a pillow, on Christmas-eve, I managed to screw-up my first orgasm. I was climbing fast, but had no idea how intense this could get, fearing unconsciousness and my mother finding me this way. I abruptly stopped! At what I now am certain was the cusp of my orgasm. 
I jerked off face down for several years until I felt comfortable in different positions.

Thanks.(Anon Author)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get over here ya Goof!

My first time was in a bathroom don't know if that count's as a featured  post? But here goes…

I was dodging school. My best mate Joel’s brother John who was 17 years old at the time saw me and invited me in to his home (also my mates home). He worked in the local meat market he got kinda gross looking from working with that stuff all day. He bathed thoroughly every day after his job. I did not so often, maybe a couple of times a week. I was only 14 and did not smell so much.
So at their house that day, he shouted for me to come upstairs. After a few uncomfortable minutes, I made my way up the steps. The bathroom door was open and there was  a cloud of steam wafting out. I peeked in the door and he said,
 “What took so long? I needs ya to wash my back!”

I stammered,
Umm, So…uh, while you is in the bath.?

Boldly he said!
“Well it sure would be best NOW instead of when I am finished and dressed. Get over here, ya goof!”

 John was known as a hard man in our area, so I done what I was told.
I began to wash his back. He was hairy, and masculine but to be honest! I felt weirdly privileged that he wanted ME, to see him naked!!. I let the water flow out of the sponge slowly, it was warm to my hands , so I know it felt good on his skin. I slowly stroked, cause I wanted to see more of his muscular body. I felt aroused by this moment of someone so frightfully imposing and me a little 14 year old doing a service for him. I began to feel a building erection. He rested his head back so I rubbed the sponge down his chest. I could see the defined shape of his manly pecs. He must have noticed my little erection in my pants. John started to play with my cock through my clothes. I got even harder, and saw he was hard too. He told me to strip and get in the bath with him. In my disbelief, he washed me. It felt impressive that this fine specimen of manhood would be doting on me? He dried me off carefully and fully. He led me into his bedroom. In that same bed he and Joel shared.

He taught me many things. How to wank another boys cock, and how to  suck a cock. This would not be the only time! These events continued for over a year. I missed school at least twice a week. I stood at his car waiting for him to finish work and take me home for a bath. Most days it was us, but sometimes he brought guys older than me, maybe 16 - 17 years old home with him and I got ignored.
I later sucked off Joel many times I found out John was not only sucking him off but also fucking him. I am now 23 years old. John is married with two children and every now and again he makes use of my hand and mouth.
Me and Joel have shared a flat for four years we are not a couple but we have sex most nights.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Evan - A mishandled Boy

 In the early spring of my High School freshman year I often walked home with a sophomore named Alan- It always helps to have a few older buddies when you’re a freshman. Our school was not so much known for hazing, but I assumed it could happen at any time, especially since I was a scrawny kid. Alan, and I had a shop class in the first term, and we discovered one day that we walked a similar route to our homes. Alan was a bit if a geek, he read Science Fiction, which is not an immediate qualifier for geek-dom, but he carried a paperback everyday to read at spare time or during lunch break, this strongly suggested geek nerd.
 Alan didn’t join me everyday, maybe at times he chose to walk alone, since he rarely talked much, anyway I knew he was a loner. On one particular afternoon, he seemed to be in a hurry. When I asked why the fast walking shit. He just said he was going to apply for a job, and wanted to get there as soon as he could get home, change clothes, then go.

  When we hurriedly arrived at his house there was this blonde kid out in Alan’s yard playing with a Frisbee. He was tossing it all wobbly, then chase to go do it again. Alan didn’t acknowledge this kid or even look his direction. Alan made his quickstep pace to the front door, then quickly inside. He also never offered a See’ya to me. Which was about his typical social aptitude anyway.

 About then, the Frisbee landed at my feet. I looked up smiled, and responded by sailing it to the mystery boy, he grabbed it as it glided to him gently.
 He replied “Hey that was sweet, can you show me how to do that.”

 I said “Okay, but what is your name?”

 He replied  “Oh, I’m Evan and I live here.”

 I said “Well I never knew Alan had a brother, but it is good to meet you.”

He tossed back the disk, and said he was in Middle school, and made straight A’s. I walked closer to him to offer some instruction how to aim better, and to use his wrist to throw. He said,
  “Can I get you a cola or anything, if you’re thirsty?”

Just about then Alan came storming out the door, He was wearing his same school jeans but a wrinkled blue button down long-sleeve, he had combed his hair and wet it.
Evan said,
  “Alan, you shouldn’t wear your Sunday shirt except to Church.”

Alan glared at Evan then built a crescendo to a scream.

 “Evan, this is your week to get the garbage can into the garage and besides, I don’t go to CHURCH any more, I’m Six-TEEN I can wear whatever I want….

 I think you could have heard that yell three streets over at my house. I wanted to go hide behind a bush. I was so embarrassed for my new little Frisbee friend. Evan’s face went blank, he looked at the garbage can, then again at his brother as he marched down the street, softly Evan mumbled, 
  “Last week was my week”.

 Evan seemed accustomed to this aggression. I for one could not relate. I had an older brother too. I had long known I was not his favorite person in the world, but he just avoided me, and we were both fine with that. We did not yell at each other in my family.

 This event that just occurred in front of me was almost frightening. Partly due to the fact that it was my friend who had been so mean, and secondly to this kid who had not provoked anything so inflamed in anger.
Evan said meekly,
  “So you want a drink now?

His cheeks were flushed red, and his brow was drawn to a wrinkle.I said to Evan,
 ”I better get going, I have homework.”

Evan said “Okay, umm thanks for showing me stuff on Frisbees.”

I said “No problem, Hey…anytime.”

 As I walked home, I kept thinking about how that nice kid, who had been completely friendly, could be mishandled by his own brother. In fact, I guess I probably anguished over this into the next day. I wished I had looked back at him as I left their house. Was he still tossing that Frisbee, was he sad and sulked into the house to go plop on his bed in shame. I wished I could have saved him from his Brother’s anger and obvious rejection. I slept poorly that night.

 On the next afternoon, I did not even look for Alan as I crossed the Schoolyard heading for home, but I was certainly going to pass by their house to see if Evan might be there. I don’t think I was afraid anything ugly would happen. I just wanted to see that happy kid outside romping in the yard. Replete and joyfully refreshed as if the new day had swept away the bitterness from the previous day. I repeated the quickstep pace alone this time. I was anxious to find Evan jubilant and free. As well, interested to see a friendly face.

 I got my wish, Evan was out in the front yard sure enough, but this time with a football tossing it on the roof of the house and letting it fall randomly to his grasp below.
I shouted to him,
  “Hey kid, so now you want me to show you how to throw a Football?”

He looked over to me, smiled wide, and said,
“Naah, I don’t even like Football, I’m just bored”

I asked half hearted if Alan was home yet.

He replied “Alan got the job at the Pizza place, he goes there right after school.”
I said, that’s cool, or something mostly uncaring.
Evan asked,
  “Can you stay a while, I need help with Math homework?”

   “Okay sure, I don’t have any of my own.”
  Which was a lie, but it seemed I could give up some time for this lonely kid.
I told him I needed to call home to tell my Mom.
He led me in the house, and to his room. The brothers had separate rooms at one end of the house. Evan went in Alan’s room to grab the cordless phone for me. I could see Alan’s messy room with his Star Trek posters, and some of his clothes strewn on the floor.

 Evan’s room was tidy, and orderly. He sat at a small wooden desk that was near a high window. His chest of drawers, and twin bunk beds were stylish and matched with the same wood finish. He had no artwork or posters on the walls. The only thing that showed any personal touch was the sheets and pillow-cases had a Smiling Monkeyshine print pattern. He directed me to sit on the bottom bunk bed, as he handed me his work to review. I had no trouble in math, so checking his work was easy. He actually had it all correct, but I mentioned a couple of ideas to make his teacher give extra credit.

 His serious face was curiously alert and attentive to my suggestions. At this time I noticed more details about his face. He had these bright blue eyes that were really more like sparkly diamonds. His hair was golden, with slightly darker streaks near the tips. His cheeks were smooth, and a little pronounced near his eyes, he was probably not in puberty yet, since his skin seemed lush and thick with a remainder of light baby fat.. His lips were full, his nose was rounded on the tip, but his nostrils flared slightly. He wore slim Khaki pants, and a Boys Polo shirt, so he was a little preppy. I guessed that his school had a dress code? All of his clothes fit him well. which was not a compliment ever bestowed upon Alan, whose attire resembled that of a scarecrow. I heard someone coming in the hallway from the garage. It was a man’s voice,

  “Evan, I’m home Buddy BEAR!“

  “I’m here Dad”, said Evan as he turned back to the desk.

The man peeked his head in, then walked on in as he saw me,

  “Who is this fine young gentleman Evan?”

Evan introduced me as his new mentor, and friend.

  “Well then, are you staying for Supper, Mis-ter Men-tor Friend?”

 Evan immediately said “Yes, Trey, and I need more time with homework Dad.”

Dad said “Okay Dinner for four coming up at 6:00….. Trey.”

 Evan’s Dad was incredibly nice and friendly as well. He seemed not very masculine and maybe almost the other way, but I had just met him and he was the boy’s Dad, so who was I to judge. It was a little entertaining how he would stress words as if he were teaching phonics. Speaking slowly and enunciating syllables. The speeding up to normal speech pattern.

 In a few minutes I heard a woman’s voice, she did not come in, but I could determine from
Across the house that she was a stern and rigid person. Her voice was shrill and cutting. She did not ask questions she only made statements. When is dinner, is Alan coming home before dark, Evan, are you done with your homework? All of this litmus test strung together in 10 seconds or less.

 We were called to the table precisely at 6:00 o’clock. It was a stewed chicken dish that I’d never seen before, but it was very good, and there was plenty. In an effort of conversation and to please the parents, I asked when does Alan get home. They were a little blank faced. I knew I had to explain to the parents how I knew Alan from school.

 Evan proclaimed that it was just today that I had started mentoring him. I did not reveal the little lie that Evan had created. His Mom commented that it was odd for Evan to need tutoring when he usually had very good grades. I offered quickly that I had a teacher that assigned us to find a younger pupil to gear up for college prep. Parents will buy anything if you tell them it is for College. They both smiled at me, and then towards Evan. He was sitting next to me, I felt him slightly nudge my foot, as we both were trying to avoid a snicker.  I was an accomplice to an unneeded deception. Perhaps Evan knew there would be more inquisition. After the meal, Evan asked me back to his room for my extra credit work. As he slyly winked at me.

 In Evan’s room,  he turned on the TV,  I was comfortable sitting on Evan’s bed, but starting to question in my mind…. why I was here in this room, with this younger kid. I thought maybe his parents might come in and discover that we weren’t doing any work at all? I told Evan I should get home by 7:00 o’clock. Mostly because I did have homework, but too I felt a slight betrayal, since Evan and I were already so very truthful with each other.
He said all right, but can you come back over on Wednesday night. He will have money to go to the Pizza place. I asked if his parents were coming. He explained that was a church supper night, he usually did not go, and his Dad would always order a Pizza delivered, so what would be the difference if we just went there to eat, and we could see Alan working?
 “Okay sounds like a plan then.”

Evan walked me to the front door, as the parents offered Good Night.
Evan followed me out, he suggested to walk me home.

I said, ”Well, then how are you gonna get home ..…alone….. little guy?

He replied, “Well okay, come over Wednesday by 5:00, you don’t need ANY money.”

Woefully Evan stood at the door watching my departure, until I was past his neighbor’s house.

 I walked home even more confused than I was in Evan’s room. What was I doing? I had my OWN money to get pizza if I wanted. I saved allowance money for any chance of a date. Which would be almost a miracle, I was not real popular with girls, because of my bad complexion. Gladly, I had plenty of friends at school…… some were girls. I had trouble working up the nerve to ask any girls out. I knew the look of attractive girls, but none made me feel like wasting my time or my money.

 Somehow, this kid seemed more deficient than me. He did not mention any friends of his own, and maybe……. I could gain one more friend anyways? I decided we would split the check for the Pizza. From that moment on, I found that I was looking forward to Wednesday. I’m not sure why, maybe it was the exuberance this kid had.  Maybe I wanted to be around someone I could help? I had a my quickstep, as I walked to Evan’s house that Wednesday. I rang the doorbell, and he was there in milliseconds it seemed. He showed me his wallet, and said he was ready. Evan was dressed much more casual, he was in a Greyish top with blue stitching, and jeans that fit a bit snug. His hair had been combed, but it was an unfashionable look, similar to a Moms handiwork on a 9 year old son. He announced his departure to someone distantly in the house. I guessed his Mom.

 As we walked we talked about video games, and stuff that we both liked to do. We determined that was essential to have a game session soon. Tonight we were just going to get away from his stressful household and relax.

 At the restaurant, we finally got to see Alan at work. It was a little sad, he was not working the cash register, or making Pizzas in the kitchen, He was cleaning tables and running the motor-less vacuum cleaner. Sometimes when he was not out front, I think he was in the back washing pans or something not very fun. I had rehearsed what to say to Alan about me being his brother’s dinner companion. I was going to talk about helping with homework, and the free meal or some lame ass crap. We carried on a teen’s table conversation. Surprisingly Evan was very sharp on some of the games I had long played, and he knew many of the same cheats. We managed to order, eat, and relax without gawking at Alan. In fact he only came by our table once, and joked to us not to make a big mess. He seemed cool about us being there, and said he was glad we came in. Even if he did not get tips, he could tell the boss his influence on bringing in extra business.
We smiled and Evan pulled out a crisp 5 dollar bill, and said it was a tip.

Alan stuck it quickly in his shirt pocket, and said, "Well, I’d better get to work.”

 I insisted on paying my half, and Evan said he would return the change to his Dad.
Somehow, I knew he would, he was an honest person, plus I could tell he respected his Dad, and liked him too.
After we were outside Evan said that his Dad had instructed him to be sure to give that money to Alan. I did not say a thing about it. Being that it was family business. I was still secretly upset at Alan for being mean to Evan.

 It was now dusk with fading daylight, but we needed something else to do since it was so early. We talked about walking to the movie theater to play the video games in the arcade, but it was pretty far, and Evan did not want to spend the money he had committed to return. I said, we could pass by the new subdivision and look at the new houses being built. Evan agreed, since we had to go by there heading home anyway. I had a drafting class, and sometimes thought about becoming an architect.
 New houses are almost never locked since there was nothing valuable in them, and the construction people had to come and go all the time. The first house we came to was mostly complete We found the a forgotten stash to our delight, workers had made a makeshift beer cooler in the kitchen sink. By dumping ice over the beers. They must have been drinking all afternoon? They forgot about 4 cans of beer there. We each grabbed 2, and decided we should go to another house to drink them, in case the construction guys remember, and come back.

 We walked a fwe houses down the street and found one that had all the outside walls so nobody would see us.
We sat on the floor of what was going to be the living room. We each drank the first one pretty quick. I said it was strange seeing Alan at work, it seemed not like a great job. Evan said he liked it, and wanted to go again. I changed the subject to ask about his school. He said his teachers were jerks, and stupid. I asked if he had Mr. Pine, he said yes, and he joked and said the whole class is “Board”  of Pine. I laughed even though it was a juvenile joke.

 I countered with a story of a time I was in Pine’s class and one guys was getting wood.
Evan flushed red in his cheeks and then looked down snickering. I laughed hard to make it seem like natural guy stuff  

 We toasted our beers to “Getting wood”
We stopped talking a while and finished our first beers in a hurry.
After numerous burps, we opted for the second beer.
Evan said we should do a proper toast, he said,
“To Great NEW Friends!”
We clanged the cans together, and took a big slug together. Followed by another.

Evan said, “I am feeling a little tired”

 He dumped his head onto my shoulder, within 10 seconds time, his head slid down and he laid himself at my lap. He stretched his body and his legs as he layed on his side, resting his head on my leg. I looked down at him, at this moment, his comfort seemed paramount. He was resting and  peaceful. We were both quiet, and nothing needed to be said. I studied his profile, and the frailness of his neck. His hair had draped covering his forehead and slighted one eye, I wanted to see if his eyes were still closed. I brushed his golden locks up with my palm. Then my hand just stayed there on his head as I stroked my fingers through his hair. I don’t know why I did it, but I was undeniably drawn to touch him at that moment. Was it like petting a cute puppy or something, or maybe not even that. I looked down at him again. This was the magical event that I knew…..I was enraptured by this boy. The warmth that was created by him laying on me was a dangerous thrill I had never known. There was something uncommonly mysterious, yet alarmingly fine about him. He was in many ways an average kid. But here now, as the pale golden sunset glinted across his face I was curiously lost there…. helpless in this 
moment. Any measure of resistance was stripped from me. I was falling victim to something I could not control. The attraction to another person, a person who liked me, and evidently needed me.  None of it made sense, there was no need for questions. I slowly stroked his hair to the tip of the strands, then began again at the scalp.

The peaceful quiet was broken when he dryly asked,
  “ Are you Gay?”

I blinked in a shudder of sudden alertness.
  “Umm, well of course not!” I quickly replied. I abruptly removed my hand from his head.

(I had never been gay, or done gay stuff. I had even fooled around with girls some, but never really touched their privates. So that was my honest answer.)

 He then rested his hand on mine a moment, then he presented my palm back to his hair, and said.
  “ That feels great do it some more.”

 I was completely out of sorts, and uneasy, since he thought I was making a pass at him.
I guess it was comforting to know he did not mind at all?
The wonder of this moment was shattered by three lines of conversation. I continued, but with calculated hands replacing the flowing motion of endearment.

 After a few minutes, I said we should get him home. We rose, but he had trouble walking, now I was feeling even more guilty for allowing him to drink. We made it to his home. He handed me his front door key, then I walked him to his room. Luckily the parents were not home, since he had banged into a living room end table with his stagger. I think Alan was in his room, the door was shut but there was light coming under the door, some music from a radio played softly. Maybe he had not heard us come in?

 I didn’t turn on the light to Evan’s room, but I made sure Evan was on his bunk bed and took off his shoes. As I faced towards the door to leave his room.

He said,
I heard a zipper sound, he said,
  “Help me get these off.”

 I returned and obliged tugging off his jeans. As the moonlight shown though the window, I could see he had on white briefs. I think they were a Department store brand, with some strange gold stripe in the waist band. He started tugging at his shirt, so I helped pull that off. His skin was pale and smooth in the moonlight. His ribs formed curved lines under his skin. I then helped him get under the monkeyshine sheets. He dropped his head on the pillow, but popped right back up.  “I gotta Pee”

 He thrust off the bedding and paraded right to the bathroom across the hall. He pulled down the front of his briefs and pissed, without shutting the door. I could see the rear of his briefs actually were constructed with a  double-seat, kinda like little kids wore. Maybe he was refusing to give up on them from younger years? They were a little tight, so I easily noticed his rounded rump. It seemed nicely odd for a boy to have a rear-end so well shaped. He shook the drops, and turned towards me and back to bed. I did not mean to, but as he passed I saw the shape of his bulge. It was not so much as mine, but it was a pronounced lump. 
He ducked under the top bunk. As I reached in and re-applied the covers over him. One more surprise of the night arrived. I felt his hand at the back of my neck as he pulled me close and kissed me right on the lips. I didn’t resist, he even tilted his head to miss bumping noses, it only lasted a couple of seconds. Then he released me, and said,

 “Thanks, you are a nice person to me.” His head dropped back on the pillow, and I assume he was asleep within moments. 

In this blissful pandemonium, it seemed I needed to flee from this uncontrolled event. In reactionary mode,  I exited his room, noticed the light had gone out from Alan’s door. I crept out the front door as quietly as I could manage.

 My heart was pounding as I walked home. My adrenaline charged me straight to my room and piled into bed hurriedly.  Although I was very tired, I did not drop off to sleep so easily that night. I thought about that kiss, his soft lips, the taste of his breath was a little beery, but mostly of the garlic used to flavor our meal that night. I guess that seems gross, but it accentuated the time we had spent together that night. His mouth and mine shared something in common more than once that night. I knew from that very day, my life was to change. I had no fears of the future. In fact, I started to imagine what experiences may be next?


Monday, February 18, 2013


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My Junior High Memories

Author’s Comment:
I hope this is going to a safe place.  I'd hate for it to fly around for a thousand years with my name plastered all over it.  So could you be sure not to mention my name?  Thanks.

Umm, I would lose People’s confidence if I posted their names, or distributed any hurtful shame.

 I’ve already committed to maintaining our anonymous authors’ status.

Out of he Shadows: My Junior High Memories

I grew up in a family where sex information was totally not going to happen.  The only naked guy I ever saw was when I was about seven or eight and my next door neighbor asked me to sleep over.  We stayed up most of the night playing various games.  Mostly games where we would wrestle and try to take each others underwear off.  The winner would get to turn on the light and see the loser's  dick. My friend's name was Wilson and he was quite a bit bigger and stronger than me, though we were the same age.  Over and over again he'd get my regulation (in the early 60's, anyway) "tighty-whiteys" off and jump to the light switch to bathe my naked boyhood in glaring white light.  I remember getting pretty annoyed that he kept getting to see me naked and I never got to see him.

I tell you this to explain that I never saw another boy naked until 7th grade gym class.  I had started to develop pubic hair early in my 6th grade year and was terrified that I was abnormal.  As  I said, I had no one at home to ask questions to.  And it wasn't the thing that I felt I could ask my few school friends.  I was sure it was something that was peculiar to me, and it marked me as different than all other boys in the world.  Terrifying.  So I did the only thing that I could think of.  Every night in the bathtub I would very carefully shave all my pubic area clean, or at least whenever I could feel any "stubble".  And although my dick was slowly getting larger, at least it didn't have any tell-tale hair around it to let everyone know how different I was.

Fast forward to junior high.  I was a very slight 7th grader.  I was actually a year younger than most of my classmates because my parents enrolled me in school a year early (to get me out of the house?).  So here I was, a very small boy in 7th grade gym class.  The problem is that in that particular year a new high school was due to be opened in our area that had not been finished in time for the start of school.  So all the high school students were put into our junior high to give them one more year to finish the new high school.  We didn't have too much to do with them, except for gym class.  Some person had the brilliant idea that they could lump all those boys together and everything would be just fine.

So there I am on my first day of gym class finding out about how we all would have to dress out and take showers  every day.  I look about 10 years old with no hair around my dick at all (I had shaved it the night before so no one would know) and we've got all grades in the locker room getting naked, including seniors!  Practically grown men, for God's sake!  They lost no time at all in enslaving particular sevys to "work" for them.  Two in particular made me get their gym baskets out each day ready for them to dress out.  And they needed to have me dress out near them so they could make fun of me and tease me as I came out of the shower.

The one bright thing in my day was getting to see Norman Autry change clothes and shower.  He was a seventh grader like me and I had a fantastic crush on him.  He was absolutely beautiful.  Plus he had the smallest dick I had ever seen (not that I had seen that many).  He was circumcised, as all of us were back then, and the tiny reddish head of his dick just barely poked out of his abdomen with a ring of loose skin around it.  It sort of reminded me of a Big Chief pencil eraser sticking out there.  I never got close enough to get much of a look at his balls, but I know they were also pretty small, just sort of a rougher patch of skin underneath the penis.  Of course, I could never tell him that I liked him, or even talk to him.  I tried to engage him in conversation once about baseball.  I had seen him playing in the same league as me, just on another team.  He looked at me like I was from some other world.  Barely even human.  It didn't really matter as he moved away over the summer and I never saw him again.

Maybe in another post I'll go into detail about the tortures of gym class.  The "wipe-out" or "war-ball" games on Fridays.  We few seventh graders who could barely throw the stupid balls playing against the high school boys who could "palm" the things and throw them so hard that they would flatten out on the wall.  You learned to get put out quick with a minimum of pain, without being seen to try and get put out.

Anyway, I learned very quickly that having hair around your dick was completely normal.  What to do?  I couldn't just let it grow in normally.  That would look different that all the hairy dicks I could compare myself to.  So I continued to shave my pubes throughout that year.  During the summer I stopped shaving (during scout camp first). 

The only unfortunate thing is that the next school year when I was in the eighth grade and the ninth through twelfth graders were now up in the new high school, all my friends noticed how much I had "matured" over the summer.  Sure, a lot of the boys had started growing a bit of pubic hair.  Buy all could remember how I had had absolutely none three months earlier, but now had a full bush of coarse black hair.  Too much change, too quickly.
But there were always a few younger boys for me to crush on.  It's funny that I always assumed that all boys had the same desires as I had about other boys.  It was a terrible shock to realize that almost all other boys had those same feelings, but only for girls.

By the way, another humorous thing about that time is about circumcision.  No one told me that I was circumcised.  I looked just like all the other boys.  I knew that Jewish boys were circumcised but I didn't know any Jewish boys (that I knew about, anyway).  When black students were bused into our schools and came into our gym class their dicks looked totally different than mine.  Is that what circumcision was?  So someone cut the entire head of their dicks off?  Weird!  I was in my twenties before I realized that they were not circumcised and I was.  That was traumatic.

Many thanks, I check in to your blog every few days and am enjoying it very much.

Authors Name with held upon request.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girl Talk - With a Twist

One of my friends in Middle School, he liked to jerk with me. Only thing… he was straight. He talked about girls when he would jerk.
Like, he would say he wished his dick was in a girl. I did not know the difference then, about feeling like “gay” or “straight”, but for real, I did not get off to girls. I just seemed to, when I was with my guy friends. I talked about tits and girls bodies when I was with him. It was all so I could see his dick getting rigid hard, then to watch him jerk. Shit, I got really hard boners myself and I’d shoot big cum loads, because of him jerking his dick right in front of me.

One day he stole some girl's panties. He rubbed his dick with ‘em. He jerked with them kinda wrapped around his boner. Then he put them around his balls while he jerked. I took them from him and wrapped em’ around my dick and jerked some like he did. For me, it was not because of them belonging to some ol’ girl, but because they’d been on his dick. It was almost like pretending to touch his dick. Man, how I wanted to!

Is that crazy or what?

We jacked for a good 20 minutes most days, but this time it was much faster.
 He shot his cum in the panties. Then I took them and shot mine! For that one moment, it was nice shooting into his cum. I’ve never ever done that with any other guy’s cum.

I blasted good cum-shots all the time with him by faking to like girls. We always talked about big tits, wet vaginas and getting head job's…. but all I was thinking about was hard dicks and getting off to his boner.

 Sometimes when we were about to curl our toes, he’d ask me if I was ready to cum. I think because of him asking me, and me wanting to please him, it was always yes!
I guess we remained friends because of being real horny all the time and from us jerking our dicks together. It was not because of any girls.

Author Anonymous

I believe that 2 persons maintain and stay in a relationship, for their own reasons. This particular arrangement or “friendship”, might not be what some people would call a relationship. But these 2 guys shared something……. and it was mutual. Apparently the friend invited the many wank sessions, and the author complied with a discreet motivation.

 In the story, only one person admits the pleasure derived from wanking with another male. Although both apparently managed to get off in unified pleasure. I say being straight is often just a claim.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Nerd and His Oversize Dick

There was a guy at our school that was just pitiful. He didn't have any social skills and never talked about normal stuff with other kids. Yet he was the biggest brain in the whole school and could give a lecture on any subject. Nobody wanted to hang with him because he was so un-cool. He knew more about everything than the teachers did. Besides that, he also looked funny because his skin was very pale and his hair was real thin. Mind you, he was not mean or anything, just completely abnormal in the environment of a big public school.

In the summer after tenth grade, there was a science camp at a college. Our science teacher made a big deal about it and I signed up. It lasted a week while we lived in a dormitory and took classes and labs every day.

If I had of known one certain thing, I would have cancelled out, but I didn't find it out until we got there and checked in: Joseph, the world's most unbearable dork, was my roommate.

I could have committed suicide! Imagine the other kids talking at supper, asking each other who they got for a roommate, and me keeping my mouth shut until they guessed it and really started riding me. It was pretty bad.

But I found something sort of positive about it in a twisted way once we got into the room. If I was going to be forced to have nerdy Joseph as my roommate, by damn I was going to make the most of it. One of my hobbies since back in elementary school was peeking at other guys in the school restrooms until I found out what their dicks looked like. I could scan a guy and he never knew it. That week I would make a goal of getting a look at Joseph's dick. I expected that a dork would have a little dick. I would get to privately laugh at his little dick and that would make up for him being such a smart kid and for me being forced to be his roommate.

You can guess what happened. That night we were laying on our beds wearing nothing but our underwear, and I got an eye-full. There was not the slightest doubt about the size of his dick. But not like I expected. Instead of a little one, Joseph was equipped with a humongous penis. While I watched TV, he was reading. I kept peeking out of the corner of my eye. He would give his dick a little nudge or reposition it. The bulge it made was just huge. Once when he rearranged it, it made a thick diagonal tunnel all the way to the elastic of his tightie whities. As I was to find out later, when he got seriously erect, the head of his dick stuck out completely beyond the elastic.

In the way that boys will do when they are checking each other out to see if they have a mutual interest in shooting a wad while sharing a room, after the lights were out we made a few little moves to see what the response to some discreet undercover jacking might be. Obviously Joseph knew what to do with his big dick, and after a few minutes we were bumping away in our separate beds. As the nights went by, we got more casual about letting ourselves be seen jacking, until one night we were fully uncovered. We were having a genuine jerking party while remaining in our own beds. The dim outline of Joseph's dick looked like it was a foot long as he took care of his boner.

I spent more time thinking about Joseph's giant dick than anything else that week. Even though I still disliked him for being so different, I was enjoying our simultaneous masturbation.

"Do you need any help?" I finally asked one night while we were jacking off.

"A good idea," was his answer.

So we ended up as full jack-off buddies the last two nights. His dick was the largest I had ever seen or touched. I said something about it, and as usual he had a brainy answer: "Yes, I'm oversexed. It's a curse in my father's family."

I was able to put both hands on his dick, with its head still visible, it was so big. As we pumped and wiggled and squeezed to help each other reach our climaxes, he told me, "I tend to ejaculate quickly when somebody else is involved." Both nights, he shot before I did but continued jacking me until I climaxed.

We were not really friends back at school, but ever so often I would invite him to sleep over. He always accepted, once explaining that he couldn't return the favor because he and his brother shared a room.

We both knew the reason we wanted to get together was so we could have a good slow wank or two. We were already fully stiff by the time we got in bed. We tickled and massaged one another while still getting our underwear off. He always cautioned me as I aroused him, "I don't want to ejaculate too soon tonight." He had a technique of rubbing a sensitive place behind my balls that would make me so stiff that I couldn't believe it.

It was crazy that I didn't really like Joseph as a friend, and yet I had better masturbations with him than with any of my other dick buddies. With them it was often just a quick squirt, but with Joseph it was a planned event during which we maintained a state of arousal as long as possible. Joseph and I had almost nothing in common, little we could talk about, yet we had a bond when it came to jacking off and prolonging our enjoyment. He was very thoughtful with me, and I know he appreciated the intimate attention I gave him. We needed each other. Only for sex, but still we needed each other. After the week at the science camp, whenever people made fun of Joseph the nerd, I always thought to myself, if you assholes only knew, you are dissing the biggest penis in the whole school.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Soccer Campers and Night time Buddies

I went to a two-week soccer camp one summer. I guess I was about 15. It was at a college and we stayed in dorm rooms with a roommate. It was a pretty horny time, and I might have ended up in a room with someone who looked sexy or made me envy his looks, but no,  my roommate had a bad case of acne. Not the type who would bring upon the following story or you might think not.
 We were getting ready for bed the very first night and he was standing in front of the sink, leaning toward the mirror and picking at his zits. Completely out of left field he says to me, 'I am not jerking off enough." You can imagine me thinking, 'What the f...!" As a frequently aroused male adolescent, I was a regular practitioner of the pleasant art of masturbation, and had a couple of similarly horny friends that I shared the joy with from time to time. But I couldn't believe anybody would mention it in front of a roommate he'd just met. I wondered whether he was warning me that he planned to masturbate, and also giving me permission to enjoy myself if I wished. Sure enough, shortly after we turned the lights off, he got right down to business, rapidly jacking off under his covers. My dick responded to what was going on in the other bed, and soon I was banging away under my own covers. 

 It was not a moment when I expected any conversation, but as we both masturbated, my roommate spoke: 'Is this why you don't have any zits?' It took a day or two for me to fully understand what was going on in his head. He believed blemishes contained cum! In his mind, if you didn't masturbate enough, your cum erupted in zits because of an excess of cum in a person's body. He thought regular masturbation should drain enough cum so that the zits would dry up, and he was convinced he needed to shoot more cum to cure his pimples.

 By the third night I knew that he jerked his poor dick constantly. He shot his wad at least three times that I knew of in the first twenty-four hours. First while going to sleep, again before he got out of bed in the morning, and another time when I heard the toilet constantly clanking while he was sitting in a restroom stall at the locker room during a break. That second night he was looking in the mirror again and asked me, 'Do you think they look any better?' I took a towel to bed with me because I knew he would jack off again. He began giving his dick its workout as soon as we had the lights off, telling me 'You don't have to do it if you don't want to. It's just for my zits.' But I knew I'd never be able to ignore that sort of thing in the bed right next to me. After several nights we didn't bother with the covers, instead... laying on top of our beds in the semi darkness and jacking off in plain view of each other. 

 We had been masturbating simultaneously for several nights when he said softly from the other bed, 'You know what?' 'What?' 'Do you need any help? Just to get more stuff out?' So we ended up helping each other 'get more stuff out.' I began looking forward to our nightly sessions in which we aroused each other to happy conclusions. My roommate had an interesting technique that he liked to use on me. He manipulated me until I was good and hard, and then refused to touch my dick again, preferring to concentrate on gently massaging and rolling my balls. As I approached my climax, he lightly shook and jiggled my scrotum, giving me a profound sense of orgasm at the moment of ejaculation. He himself liked to enjoy his ejaculation while I held his rigid erection and rapidly squeezed rather than pumped.

 Did we make any improvement in his zits? Of course not. But did we delight and amaze each other? You bet!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ski Trip Strangers

When I was a junior in high school I had an incident with a younger teen.
It happened mostly innocent enough, as far as I could have predicted anyways.

A lot of kids from several churches in our town got together and went on a ski trip. Due to sharing a room with three other boys plus not much privacy at any time, I waited  several days without masturbating even once. This was when regular masturbation was a key part of my daily existence.

On the way home we were driving at night. I was in the middle seat of one of the vans, with this younger guy next to me. I woke up from trying to sleep, with a serious erection. Under normal circumstances I would have forced myself to ignore it, but this was one of those cases where a person is in urgent need of sexual relief and decides to take the chance.

I laid a coat over my lap and slowly opened my zipper and freed my erection. I was very much aware of the kid next to me, and of the other people sleeping in the van. However,
I was sure that I could reach a climax without anybody realizing what I was doing. Rather than taking full-fist strokes on my dick, I began gently moving my fingers up and down the shaft, not letting my arm move, and holding the coat up just enough to give my hand room to operate. Surely nobody would know.

I had not been soft jacking very long when the younger boy shifted around and put a hand on his crotch. Of course I stopped immediately. But he did nothing else. My pulsing erection was in agony. I resumed jacking off as slowly as humanly possible, keeping an eye on the other kid for any danger signs.

The next signs were immediate and unmistakable. Now that I was jacking again, he rubbed and mashed himself.. “Maybe it was just coincidence?” I thought to myself….
With all my skillful precautions, he couldn't possibly know that I was jacking off.
So I continued stroking my dick under the coat, anxious to reach my climax and produce a much-needed ejaculation.

But now something happened that couldn't be ignored. The other boy covered “HIS” lap with a coat and began fumbling around under the coat. Within seconds a low mound under his coat began constantly bumping up and down, the motion of his arm jiggling right next to me indicated I had started a trend.?

Should I have stopped?    Maybe…… COULD I stop??  Well, No!!
We were linked in a shared hormonal need!!  I shifted from the light finger stroke to a genuine pump grip.

A few seconds of mutual jerking passed, and then he leaned toward me. Whispering so softly that I almost couldn't hear him, he asked,
"Do you need some help?"
Without my confirmation, his hand slid under my coat and found my hard dick!.
He felt my cock up and down, and then began pumping it. I was thinking whether I needed to do the same for him, and decided that it would only be fair for me to give
 him a “hand”. So I located his dick and found that it was only about three inches long, although very hard. We masturbated each other for a few more brief moments.
With a dry throat, I told him that I was cumming.

My shot was intense and prolonged, one of the best I ever had! We sat there for a few seconds with his hand still holding onto my dick. I caught my breath, and blinked a few times rejoining reality. Then he let go of me and returned to his own erection, pumping himself rapidly until stopping and sitting very still with his hands still under his coat. Then he leaned over and whispered
"I came too."

He was probably only thirteen, and I was almost seventeen. We were strangers to each other, excluding  this random event we remained strangers. Who knows what his personal life had included with his friends. It was all his idea to jack me off, and he did a very nice job for me.

The incident has stayed in the back of my mind all this time. Curiously an instance of a younger boy being the instigator of the action. If there was any "fault"…… it was mine for starting to jack off without realizing that he would know what I was doing.