Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Watch Closely

My first exposure to the concept of a guy "playing" with his penis occurred when I was twelve. There was an older boy up the street that had been babysitting me for a couple years. My parents thought they were being real cool about it because they did not use that word. Instead they said, Steven will be your friend tonight. Trying to make it sound more like he was not a babysitter. By now Steven (I called him Steve-O) was sixteen and recently got his driver's license.

To make a long story short, Steve-O stayed with me one night when my parents went to see about somebody that was sick. He was on a spare mattress on the floor by my bed. After we quit horsing around and were going to sleep, he began jacking off under his covers. I had no clue what was going on but knew I had to find out. I thought of a funny idea.

I jumped up with a yell and threw his covers back and yelled Peek A Boo! Well, there was his hand around his big hard dick and it was substantially embarrassing to me, and I'm sure to him also.

But he told me it was okay, and wanted to know if I'd ever seen anybody do this. He said it was something that big boys had to do every night and I could either cover him back up or watch if I wanted to

So he continued jacking off, telling me things while he masturbated. He said it made him feel good to know I wanted to watch him. He let me touch his dick and feel how hard it was. But he refused to touch me, saying it wouldn't be nice because he was older and taking care of me.

He told me that what he was doing made a guy really feel good and that it felt better and better while you did it. He had some paper towels, and in a minute he put them in front of his dick and told me to watch real good because this was the best part.

He told me several times that it was almost coming. I didn't know "what" was coming, but I was watching closely. And then he said “NOW!” and I saw some funny wet stuff shoot into the paper towels and Steve was also saying that it felt very good.

After that he said for me to go on to sleep and to forget about this until I was older.

That was the beginning of sex education and self exploration for me. I tried to jack off a lot of times before I was ready but finally got cum when I was a late thirteen. But I never told Steve-O about it because he never again hinted about what happened that night.

Maybe Steven and I might have been JO buddies if I had been closer to his age. As it was, I had a couple of JO buddies that would sleep over and we would have a simultaneous jack off together and my secret joke was when I would tell them it was coming, I was thinking about Steven telling that to me.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking notice of another Boy

Author’s Note
Here is my first experience of getting hard from another guy, then up and going in the bathroom for a wank, all due to the other boy. It was in a pretty strange place for anybody to get sexy. This is what happened.

When I was old enough to drive, it was my chore to go to the laundromat on Saturdays and do all the family washing. All kinds of people were there. This one time there was this boy who was with some people. He was maybe only 12 or so, maybe a little more, which is all I noticed, but too young for me to hang with.

So I was 16, and been jacking my dick since seventh grade. Real private and always alone. I never thought about somebody else's dick. Now after while I see that this boy at the laundromat has got something going in his pants. He is standing at some tables where people fold their clothes. He is mashing the front of his pants hard onto the edge of a table. It went on quite a while, mashing and rubbing, doing different things like that to his dick and peeking around to make sure people were not looking. This was very amazing to me, but being a little embarrassed. I got a magazine to look at, but I was still watching him in secret. One time he grabbed his dick and squeezed real tight. Another time he sat in a chair and hitting his dick with his fist. Whoa!!

The little dude made me hard, I had a need to jack off bad. But did not go in the bathroom right away because he was still messing with his dick….. I had to keep watching, like being hypnotized, plus afraid to miss something. He did other stuff, like his Mother told him to carry a laundry basket and this kid, he held it with the edge right against his dick, and stuff like that. Like clock-work he would go back to the table and rub his dick on it or push real hard against the table. Finally they left and I go real quick to the bathroom to take care of my boner.

All the time while jacking off, I'm thinking about the boy and him having a hard dick and he probally did not know how to jack, or maybe even, he would have done it in the bathroom already?
I’m thinking all kinds of stuff I never really thought about before. Also thinking how big was his dick, when hard.
Wow !! ..I got a cum-shot real fast, a big orgasm, something you remember a long time. It was the start of me noticing dicks outside of my own private jacking, and doing it with other guys and liking to jack off with somebody. But it was crazy to happen where it did, at that Laundromat.

I left all of this authors spelling and grammar as written. I think his point is well conveyed.

A Boys Study Habits

Can you guys stand to read another confession about how a very surprised twelve-year-old boy produced his first cumshot?

I reached puberty without even knowing there was such a thing as puberty. Of course my cock was getting hard a lot but as to how it worked, I hadn't a clue.

I was doing homework at the table in our bedroom (my older brother and I shared a room). Up swelled my cock, very stiff and touchy in my lap. My brother was not there. I took off my pants to enjoy my boner easier. Still had on my tighty whities and my hard cock was making a point sticking out in the front of them. I kept on with my homework but constantly feeling and rubbing and diddling my erect cock with my left hand.

 It went on a little while like that and I got an impulse to change to my right hand (I am right handed). I was still staring at my homework but my mind was now fully on my cock which I had moved to a vertical position in my underwear, next to my stomach instead of sticking straight out. I was rubbing my cock vigorously because it felt quite good.

Very predictably, my body responded to this attention by preparing for an ejaculation. But I knew nothing of such things. I was rubbing my hand up and down on the bulge in my tighty whities thinking, what is happening to me!

At the moment that the sexual sensations hit their peak I stopped rubbing and wrapped my hand tightly around my cock (still inside my underwear). I am sure that I squeezed it. My intent was to somehow stop the frightening feeling that had been triggered by rubbing it. At any rate, I climaxed with a terrible sense that I had done something awful to myself. This was confirmed when I realized my underwear were full of gross stuff that I had never seen before.

It was very likely the most frightening experience I had endured in my young life. And yet several days later, again while doing homework, I had the urge to do "that" again. I did not have a name for what I'd done, but I had to try it out again.

This time I pulled my very stiff little cock out through the fly of my underwear, working on it out in the open where I could keep an eye on what was happening. I should have prepared to deal with the ejaculation but was once again caught by surprise. At the supreme moment my proud little cock launched a spray of cum that soiled everything in a three-foot range.

The third time I tried "that," I was again sitting at the same table, happily wanking away on my cock, but armed with a washcloth that captured the product of my new skill.

For quite some time I masturbated only in my chair at the homework table, necessarily picking times when my brother was not at home. My first "away" wank was at school when I became so intensely erect that I could not stand it. I sat in a toilet cubicle and allowed my ejaculation to stream across the floor in front of me.

All of that was in the seventh grade. I have been entertaining my cock in that delightful way for many years now.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding Mr. Happy

I clearly remember the first time I climaxed. It put me into pure panic. It scared me so bad that I was shaking. Getting the good feelings for the first time made me feel kind of high. But when the cum unexpectedly shot out, I believed something terrible had happened to me.

It happened in the boy’s bathroom in the gym at school. I was at a basketball game, sitting in the bleachers. My dick got hard and stayed that way a long time. Finally I went to the bathroom and first stood at a urinal trying to pee while waiting for my dick to go down. But it remained hard. In a minute I went into a stall and sat on the crapper.

I touched and manipulated my erection in various ways while waiting for it to get soft. I guess it was instinct that made me put my hand around it and pump up and down. I never did that before but it seemed like a good way to soothe my intense hardness.

Anyway, the freaky feelings were very interesting and I thought, this is something I should try again because it gives me a rush. But when I started climaxing I was totally scared, thinking it had got out of control. The instant of orgasm and ejaculation was absolutely frightening. That moment was the most scared I have ever been.

My cum squirted out in a several thin sprays that shot up into the air and then landed on my pants and legs.

The game was still going on and I could hear the kids cheering and yelling while I stared at the mess. I wrapped both hands around my dick, shaking all over and knowing that I was crying! I felt that this was the worst thing I had ever done.

Probably like many who will read my experience, I swore while sitting in the bathroom stall that I would never do that to my dick again.

Back in the bleachers, I could not concentrate on the game or what my friends said, because of thinking about having ruined my penis!

Exactly two weeks later I was in the stands again for another game. My dick had gotten stiff many times since that terrible episode in the gym bathroom, but I had left it alone.

Perhaps it was the memory of the good feelings, or maybe a subconscious sense of needing to have a sexual release. Whatever it was, my dick was incredibly hard again. I went to the bathroom knowing full well that I was going to play with my penis, and cursing myself for being weak.

The second masturbation was not as frightening as I expected. As the orgasm approached, I stood up and leaned forward so that the spray of semen spattered on the floor instead of on me.

I went back to the game, much relieved. I had managed to "control" the experience this time.

After the game I went into the restroom for a weird reason: I wanted to look at the stuff that I had sprayed on the floor. Two older boys were standing with the stall door open, looking at the floor and laughing. "Some doofus jacked off in here," one of them said. I left in a hurry.

That was in the ninth grade, age 14. After another week or so during which I forced myself not to masturbate, I surrendered to my third climax in a strange way. We were on the way to eat lunch after church and I was sitting in the back seat by myself. Once again my dick had one of those terrible erections.

Without really intending to go all the way, I put my hand in my pocket and rubbed my dick lightly with the tips of my fingers. Within seconds I was fully committed to what I had begun. The finger tips did not do as satisfactory a job as I had previously done with my whole hand. Meanwhile I was staring at my parents' heads in the front seat, praying that they would not look back at me.

Toward the end of this awkward session my fingers were frantically jiggling at my dick until the moment of orgasm finally hit and the stuff squirted. And it squirted you-know-where, right inside my underwear and good pants. That was a lesson well-learned; I have never again jacked off inside my clothes.

Those three experiences began a powerful relationship with my dick that has given me tremendous satisfaction and pleasure.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Presenting a Pointer

This story needs no lead-in or explanation. It stands simply on it's own merits. I say judge not, since the boys were fairly close in age. I estimate them as being from the South? Perhaps, "Y'all" will appreciate the terminology used?

Story Submission: Presenting a Pointer

I found out about masturbation, and had my first sexual contact, in a very unusual situation:
a trip to a funeral. My great-great grandmother died and everybody went to the town where she lived. On that trip I met a boy that was some kind of relative? Possibly a distant cousin (I don't really know). He was a little older than me and real "nice" if you know what I mean, always helping everybody and being unusually polite for a teenager. We first met at the Motel but really didn't get together until the day of the funeral. For the funeral he was dressed in black pants and a black shirt and even a tie. I guess he was fourteen. I was twelve.

We kind of hung out together at the church, aside from my sisters we were the only kids and almost everybody else was real old. After the church funeral they had a big lunch and after that somebody said maybe the other boy and I could fold up the extra chairs from the church and bring them to the room where we ate. It was a lot of chairs and we were busy a while working together. We got along real good and I remember trying to carry as many chairs as he did on every trip.

After while we were through and the adults were still sitting around and talking. He said he had to
go to the bathroom and I just thought 'Okay". Then he said I needed to come along to watch the
door for him. We went in the bathroom at the back of the empty church. He went to the urinal
and said to peek out the door and tell him if anybody was coming.

While I was standing with the door slightly open, ever so often he would say something which
I clearly recognize as sexual information now, but then I thought he was just talking to himself.
Saying such as "Man, it's hard!" and one time, "Keep watching, I've got to do it." After several
comments like that. He said it would be okay if I wanted to look. By now I was very curious and
went over close to him. He whispered that his "pointer" was as hard as a board, and said he would have to give it a "wiggle waggle" because it was so hard and he "Hadn't done it yesterday."

I guess he made up those words himself, because I've never heard anybody else call their dick a
pointer, or jacking-off as wiggle waggle. I don't know if he made them up just for me because I was younger than him, or maybe that's what he called it all the time?

Having been in Scouts I'd seen other penises through the years, mostly at camp. But this was
something different, an incredible feeling of a bond to this older boy. The fact that he was offering
me a glimpse of his dick was a wonderful act of friendship and, I don't know, maybe equality?
It was a wonderful feeling!

He turned away from the urinal a little bit so I could see his erection. It was the first hard dick
I ever saw, except for my own, and seemed to be enormous, sticking out of his black slacks
and pointing partially upwards. Also the tie hanging above it which he threw over his shoulder.
Then he told me I'd better go back to the door because he had to wiggle waggle real bad and
didn't want anybody to come in. Maybe a minute went by and he whispered that he was doing it.
Then pretty quick he asked if I wanted to look again. This happened several times.... me going to
the door to make sure nobody was coming, and then back to watch him jacking off. Then he said,
" I'd better get feel of this big pointer, because it had never been that hard before."

When I put my fingers on his dick he was kind of shaking all over and told me real urgently,
"Wiggle it, wiggle it, it's gonna spray!"
And sure enough, although I was not expecting it, and had no idea what was happening?
As I tried to imitate the pumping motion he had been using, he climaxed and produced a multi-shot ejaculation that squirted on both of us.

 He gave me a big thank you and complimented me highly, saying only a very good friend would do that! He told me we had to clean up before leaving the restroom, so we used wet paper towels to scrub the cum off of our clothes. And still he was telling me thanks and how he would help me if I needed it?I had never shot my wad and didn't accept or understand his hints.

That was my absolute first experience with masturbation.

The second and third experiences took place the very next day with  the same cousin. He let me help him wiggle waggle again at the church while the older people visited the cemetery, and then that night in the restroom of a restaurant. The restaurant had two urinals and he said this was a chance for him to examine my pointer for me. I pumped him to another climax while he played with my little stiffie this time - which I considered........ extremely thoughtful of him.

When we went home, I was sad and lonely, feeling a deep longing to help my cousin wiggle waggle on his dick some more. We never saw each other again.

However, I hung around a school restroom in the secondary wing a lot in hopes of finding a "Nice" boy about my cousin's age who might  like to wiggle waggle, (meaning masturbate). I now know that I could have been beaten to a pulp for stupidly cruising at the urinals. I did succeed in making contact with a couple of high school boys (several years older than me) who picked up on what I was hanging around for. They enjoyed me jacking them off more or less regularly.

Once I got my own nuts, the wiggle waggle experience and its accompanying need to masturbate older boys receded into the background. I transferred my sexual fulfillment to private masturbation by myself, and sometimes shared masturbation with interested friends my own age.

Today, It would be easy to condemn my cousin for "dicking around" with a younger boy, but I now accept my own passage into sexuality, and masturbation followed by meaningful relationships was easier and actually more fulfilling, because I'd been initiated in advance by a nice guy who liked to..... "wiggle waggle."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Oriental Way

I started masturbating when I was 14. It was mainly a private thing, although I had a couple of friends that you might call jack-off buddies. However, we never touched each other, we just masturbated simultaneously.

The first time another guy stroked me, we were at a marching band competition. I was first chair trombone, but due to the drum major being sick and me having the best grades of anybody in band, I was the emergency substitute.

On the night before the competition I shared a motel room with a guy I knew only slightly. He was Asian (possibly Korean) and a member of the drum line.

I was so nervous about being drum major that I was nearly sick. I tried to watch TV, tried to play Gameboy (yes, this was a while ago) and was very edgy. All of a sudden the other dude sat up in bed and said "You are too stressed," or something like that. He said he could relax me if I would just lay still on my bed in my underwear and let him sweep all my tension away.

He started by gently massaging my arms and legs and telling me "This is the Oriental way." Next he lightly ran the tips of his fingers back and forth along my sides, and from there moved to my feet. I have to say this; it was definitely relaxing.

He avoided my privates during all of this. But in a little while he was tickling my thighs and I knew, Aww shit, my dick is getting hard!

He continued the stroking and tickling routine, coming close to my dick but never touching anything he shouldn't. So there I was, laying on a motel bed with a mammoth boner in my boxers and a guy giving me goosebumps with his fingertips.

He kept this up, getting closer and closer to my balls and dick but not quite touching me there.

But the time came when he said something like "It is good to release every tension. May I continue?"

I was too hard to think straight. He got me to lift my butt and pulled my boxers off. Then he resumed his light stroking and touching. But now he was getting closer and closer to my essential organs.

Before I really knew what had happened, he was sliding the tips of his fingers along my dick and lightly tickling my balls. I was so fired up that it took only seconds for him to complete his job. From tickling and touching he began a slow up-and-down massage of my stiff hard-on.

"It will be soon," he said as he worked away. And it was soon. In less time than it usually took me to do a fast jerk myself, he brought me to a tantalizing moment of readiness, saying "It will be good, it will be good."

Sure enough, it was good. The build-up was intense, and the ejaculation enormous. I spermed all over my chest and onto the pillow and headboard. The little Asian guy told me "Good job. Now you will sleep."

We got good marks for our show the next day, and I have a suspicion that a lot of it is due to the little kid in the drumline who told me I was too tense.

One thing: I have no idea whether it was a sexual experience for him, or just as he said, "The Oriental Way." If he jacked himself off after manipulating me to orgasm, I never knew about it.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Camp-outs

Author’s Intro

I shared my summer camp experiences with you regarding the shower house and my new friend. Where I live we now have snow on the ground and it reminded me of one of my winter camp-out experiences in Scouts.

 Winter Camp-outs:

In winter camp-outs our whole troop would be in one cabin. So there were probably about 20 of us in this cabin. My friend Jason and I picked upper bunks next to each other. My bunk was against a wall, then there was a space between bunks, and then there was his set of bunks. It was already getting dark when our troop arrived at the cabin on Friday night, so we had to hurry to get things unpacked and get wood for the fireplace and the wood-stove. It was still damn cold in the cabin too, because these were the only sources of heat. Finally, around 9pm it was getting more tolerable inside the cabin. We all made hot chocolate and opened a snack, did some activity, and then it was 10:30pm and time for bed.

Just about all of us were on long-john thermal underwear, so I just took off my pants and slept in my long johns. Jason did the same thing, but we had a plan! After lights out and we were in our sleeping bags on our upper bunks, we’d make a noise like a cough or clearing our throats when we were “ready” for our show. In my sleeping bag I pulled down my long johns, excited for what we had planned, I was already rock hard. We each put our flashlights turned on deep inside our sleeping bags, then, on our sides facing each other we slightly opened our sleeping backs so we could see each other’s cock!  The little bit of very dim light from the hidden flashlights made our cocks visible but not so much that the light would be noticeable. It was extremely exciting exposing and showing our erect cocks to each other in secret in this cabin full of all our fellow Scouts.

I was almost 14 by then, and I realized I was oozing huge amounts of pre-cum because I was so turned on! So, mixing it with a little spit, I started trying to quietly masturbate. It felt amazingly nice, and I knew Jason was watching me too. But I had to do it with such little motion so I wouldn’t make any noise that it took me quite a few minutes. But then I began to feel myself getting real close. So I “cleared my throat” to make sure Jason was watching, and I fired a huge load out of my penis and into my waiting hand. I then cleaned it up with some tissues I had. On Saturday night, we did it again but this time it was Jason’s turn to shoot his cum first.

When I got home from camp, I brought all of my camping gear back into the basement like I was supposed to. My mom would always hang my sleeping bag on a basement clothesline usually for a day after I came back in order to “air it out” before I'd pack it away with my other gear. I remember she was down in the basement and I was upstairs and she yelled up to me, “What did you spill all over the inside of your sleeping bag?” I went downstairs, and, OH SHIT! The inside of my sleeping bag, which was a solid dark blue flannel material, had random white stains all over it in the middle! It definitely looked like something liquid had gotten all over it and then dried making all these very noticeable stains!

I immediately realized what it was. So here I was, standing in the basement and my mom and I are both looking at what was MY DRIED CUM on the inside of my sleeping bag! Apparently I had either continued to more ooze cum after I ejaculated, or I wasn’t nearly as successful as catching my squirting cum as I thought I was. It didn’t really matter. I had to quickly come up with a lie as to what I spilled all over the inside of my sleeping bag. (I wonder what she would have done if I was just honest. "Aw, I guess I wasn't as careful catching my ejaculated semen, when I was masturbating in my sleeping bag this weekend..... Sorry about that, Mom!")

Anon Author

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tighty Whities, PJ's, or Nothing

I remember when I was 11 beginning to notice that occasionally my weiner would become erect and that it felt very nice when it was this way and when things rubbed against it. One night while in bed, I got an erection and decided to pull down my PJ’s and underpants to “give it more room”. It felt SO NICE lying on my back as the sensitive underside of my circumcised erect little penis gently rubbed against the sheet covering me.

I also used to commonly lie on my side and hug my pillow at night, sometimes perhaps throwing a leg over it too. So my pillow was against my chest, stomach, and my crotch area too. It was natural on one of those nights exciting my little exposed erection, by turning on my side and hug deep into my pillow. Wow, that felt good too! Then I figured out that I could insert my little erection inside the pillowcase, so that my pillow was pushed between my stomach and the top-side of my penis all the way down to its base. The pillowcase would rub against the bottom side of my penis, just like the sheet would. Wow!! So here I was, a pre-pubertal 11 year old discovering the “motion-in-the-ocean” moving my hips to thrust my sensitive little erection in and out of the pillowcase! It was my first discovery of how nice it felt to insert my erection into something and move it around, it got stimulated all around. Wow!

I was still way too young to have or know about orgasms, but I guess this was my first discovery of an exciting form of masturbation. Occasionally I’d fall asleep like that and wake up during the night to find my PJ’s and underpants still slung around my knees. Confused, I’d pull them up and go back to sleep.

Now let’s move to probably when I was late-13 or age 14. I was still wearing my tighty-whitey underpants under PJ’s to bed, and those things were not at all comfortable whenever I’d get one of those spontaneous erections. Especially since my cock was now a lot bigger. So I decided I was no longer going to wear underpants under my pajama bottoms. Wow did that feel nice! But it was so sensual that I had trouble getting and staying asleep because of how different it felt down there!
There were numerous sleep intermissions…..

Then, probably at age 14, I decided to try sleeping with no PJ bottoms on at all. Just a pajama top and then otherwise buck-naked. My only fear was if I threw the covers off while asleep and my mom might walk in and see me still asleep, possibly even in all my hairy erect glory! (I don’t think it ever happened, but it did worry me.)

Ever since then I have slept with just a shirt of some sort on and nothing else. Except for my college years when, on many nights, I’d slip out of the loose shorts I’d wear to bed and then begrudgingly slip back into them when I’d get up. Many mornings it was difficult to get them back on because of distinct morning wood! Out of respect for my roommate, I never pranced around with a waving boner. Most days it was obvious I had a bone going on inside my shorts. We both knew it was normal and natural, and neither of us ever made mention of it. Out of courtesy, I’d slip out of my shorts and into underwear with my back facing him so he didn’t have to see my naked cock, but it was obvious as I walked to my drawers to get my underwear that I had morning wood going on

Warnings from the Locker Room

The following is a submitted comment on Poor Little Hopkins The anon author and I agreed to form as a  short story, so that it gets suitable exposure for our guests to read.

Ah, tales from the school locker room!-
 The first time I heard any kind of "sexual" talk was thanks to my seventh grade Phys Ed coach. He had everybody sit fully clothed in the locker room on the first day of P.E., while he instructed us in the etiquette of locker rooms and showers.
 Most of it was just common sense: Keep a towel around your crotch while you go back and forth to the showers, and don't stare at things that are none of your business. Then he went on and talked about restroom etiquette, saying the school restrooms were not the appropriate place to play with yourself. Some of the guys laughed and looked around the room in a funny way.

 Not me. He might as well have been speaking Swahili. I had never heard of playing with yourself and did not even realize that he was referring to a certain part of the body. But then he went on and said one thing more that somewhat cleared it up:

"If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it."

 Dumb as I was, I still understood that he must only refer to Pissing. I had no idea how anybody would play with themselves.

 Because of what he warned, whenever I pissed at School, I was always careful not to shake my dick more than twice.

 Later on (sometime in 8th grade) I finally learned how to wank. But even then it took me a while to realize that wanking was what coach meant when he told us not to shake it more than twice or we are playing with ourselves.

Anonymous author

Friday, January 18, 2013

Roddy's Nocturnal Revenge

We get a variety of stories about innocently seeking discovery, then also some tales of more advanced lusty desires.  We observe there are many levels of  personal growth. Random events reward the daring recklessness of each individual. Our own restraint may be a boon or bane? The magical moments occur when pairs of persons are willing to forgo confinement and encounter a bit of freedom. The pay-off may be beyond compare.
The following involves a short tale of discovery, and results from a lasting memory.

Has anybody else ever been awake to feel what happened when their dick had an involuntary ejaculation, meaning a wet dream?

For me this took place when I was around fifteen or sixteen.  We had a bunch of company for Christmas and I had to give up my bed and sleep on the couch in front of the fireplace.  I was in the habit of jacking off every few days while sitting on the toilet, but everything was in an uproar with a lot of relatives in the house, and I had not shot my wad for some time.

Not too long before this, a friend of mine gave me my first blow job.  We were jack off buddies and had experimented with putting our mouths around each other's dick several times, but had never performed actual oral sex.  But my buddy said he wanted to see if it was possible to jack somebody off with your mouth.  He continuously moved his head in and out, sliding his lips and his saliva mouth back and forth on my boner at the speed of a slow masturbation.  It was exceptionally freaky-feeling, but also highly arousing as my dick became intensely hard and proceeded quickly toward total arousal and heading  straight for a climax.  I warned him that I was going to cum, and to my surprise he continued blowing me until I ejaculated in his mouth.  He spit my cum on the ground and jacked out his own load.

On this night during the Holiday Season, I laid on the couch with the heat of the fireplace facing me, my dick became hard.  My entire body was in that sexy condition where you almost think you have fever.  I'd waited too long without jerking, and my body wanted, no…. “Needed” a climax.  However, I refused to touch myself.  First denied by precaution, anybody might get up and walk into the living room and find me banging away on my dick.  And second, how would I explain it if I got cum on my mother's couch or the blanket?

So I finally went to sleep.  But I woke up sometime later in a state of even more intense sexual arousal.  My erection was enormous, feeling very heavy and thick in addition to long and hard.  The horny sensations in my body were so tense that it was like I'd been jacking off for hours and was at the very instant of cumming.  And then my dick began feeling the memory of Roddy's mouth going back and forth.  I think I was shaking all over.

I could not think of anything else.  I was still not touching my dick, and yet it was pulsing to the rhythm of masturbation and of Roddy blowing me.  My balls were tingling and feeling strange.  My dick fantasized every stroke of Roddy's mouth.  I knew I was going to cum right into my clothes.  And that word superimposed itself on all the repeated rhythms:  "Cum... cum... cum..."  I felt like I was thrusting my stiff dick forward again and again, feeling the intense sexual pattern of "Cum... cum... cum..." although I know I was not moving.

And then it happened.  I did cum!  Strangely, it was an anticlimactic ejaculation that did not produce the pleasure of a person pumping himself to a climax.  Instead, everything just kind of came to a peak and hung there for a long second, and then the stuff oozed out of my dick and all over my skin and underwear, and kept oozing, but without letting me have a real orgasm.

It was the most cum of any wet dream I ever had.  Usually I just got a gooey spot in my pants if I didn't jack off for a while, but this strange experience produced an entire ejaculation.

Laying there with cum all over myself, I was pretty mad about not getting up and going to the bathroom and jacking myself for real.  It was like that load of cum was wasted because I didn't get the maxxed out intense squirt-feeling that you have when your ejaculation shoots.

I have tried to obey the needs of my body ever since then, and never waste the chance to enjoy a climax.

Submitted Anonymous

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

8TH Grade J O Buddy

 When I was in 8th grade, a buddy of mine had to have an operation which left him with a scar around his pubic region. One day after school he asks me if I wanted to have a look at his scar. 

 I eagerly said “Yes!” 

So he unbuttoned his pants and let them down a bit so I could see, he still had his underwear on; he wore the tight white briefs where you can easily see what’s underneath. I was taking a close look at his scar when he asked if I wanted to touch it, I slid my hand over it a few times to feel the bump, as I was doing this I could see that he was starting to get a boner from me rubbing my hand across his leg and tummy. Seeing his erection and rubbing him made my dick as solid as a rock also. Not long after I noticed him getting hard he pulled his pants back up and that was it.

  As soon as I got home that day after school I was busting to jack off and I blew my load thinking about me sliding my hand over his body and seeing his big erection in his undies.
 A few days later I was still thinking about what happened, I decided to ask him if I could feel his scar again, he said 
 He let his pants down again and I slid my hand into them to feel his scar, I noticed after a short time he was hard again! I slid my hand over a bit and felt his boner a little,
 I said  “Hey is everything okay in there?”
 he said “hey man you were tickling me!”
 I replied “yeah but not your dick!” 
We had a bit of a laugh and he zipped up once again.
 I so wanted to explore with my friend a bit further so I invited him over to my house one Friday night after school for a sleep over. That night when we were ready for bed I asked to feel his scar again. 
He said “you wanna see it, you find it!”
 He was laying on his back on my bed so I sat over his legs and began to unbutton his pants and I pulled them off, I tickled him a bit on his lump in his tighties, we both giggled a bit then he said 
“Hey don’t stop that feels good!”
 I replied “well I’ll keep doing it..... if you do it to me too” 
He started to tickle me too then he slid off my pants, we were both rock hard. We were laying next to each other just in our undies then he says 
“Hang on, these are in the way” 
He pulls his tighties all the way off and for the first time I saw his hard, uncovered dick, I knew I was dripping and I could see pre-cum on the top of his dick too. He then slides his hands down the side of my undies and says
 “Yours are in the way too” 
He then slid them all the way off. We resumed our little tickling game play which then led to rubbing each other’s cocks together. That then led to using our hands, he started to jack me slowly up and down, I slid my hand over to his dick and did the same. It wasn’t long until he whispers to me quietly “Im gonna cum soon....”
It wasn’t long until he pumped his load into my hand which seeing that tipped me over the edge and I emptied into his.
We became regular jack off buddies all the way through high school becoming more and more adventurous as we went on. We always enjoyed making each other feel good to the point of releasing our loads together.
I will remember him forever…

Monday, January 14, 2013

Camp Ball Inspector

 I coached boys' baseball (both sides at the same time), ran the crafts program, and was counselor for a cabin of boys. My kids were the ones right at puberty's door -- the 12- and 13-year-olds who would enter seventh and eighth grade the following school year.

Every two weeks a new group of kids arrived, and in one of those groups was a boy I'll call Kevin, who ended up enhancing my knowledge of human nature.  I'll introduce Kevin in a minute.  But first, a little background.
There was an infestation of tiny, irritating insects at the camp that year, primarily in the playing fields and lawns.  The local people called them red bugs.  Their bites itched like crazy and sometimes resulted in a skin rash.  Boys were particularly vulnerable under and around their balls where red bugs were apparently attracted to the sweaty, warm area that young guys often don't wash properly.  Thus the male counselors took on an additional and rather unusual duty.  Because of this odd duty, we privately called ourselves Ball Inspectors.

Each evening after showers and before bedtime the boys lined up in every cabin to have their testicles examined.  Each boy took a turn in front of his counselor. I sat on an old milk crate that was just the right height while the boys from my cabin came to me one at a time.

We counselors tried to do the job as discreetly as possible and preserve everybody's modesty. Standing in front of his counselor, each boy pulled up one leg of his shorts just enough to reveal the edge of his balls.  The counselor shined his flashlight into the shorts, instructed the camper to lift his scrotum, looked for bites, and then used a long swab to apply a liberal dose of antiseptic to all the crevices.  Supposedly the antiseptic would keep the genital area free of bugs.

This was obviously a touchy procedure, so we were absolutely discreet and professional. We wore disposable gloves and touched the boys only with a swab.  But there was no escaping that the procedure was clearly "Ball Inspection."

As you would expect, there was a lot of giggling and joking among the boys during Ball Inspection, even among the most serious of my little dudes.  But I remained as cool and professional as possible.
With my private interest in adolescent male anatomies, however, Ball Inspection gave me rich opportunities for observation.  Each night I peered into the crotches of a dozen or more boys, causing certain responses in my own anatomy.  Among the interesting things I learned from Ball Inspection was that physical appearance was not a good predictor of sexual development. For instance, a kid's hair, face, and muscular structure could look completely juvenile, and yet the flashlight might reveal a mature, baggy scrotum and a full bush of hair. In contrast, a lot of very athletic and competitive guys still had little-boy sexual equipment at age 12 or 13.  A certain number of boys in every two-week session were wankers, and I tried to correlate that activity to the size of their balls. But the truth was that some of the least-developed boys were among those who jacked themselves to sleep every night or left spurts of cum in the bathroom, while some of the big-balled guys never showed any evidence of masturbating.
The antiseptic treatment got the guys' attention with the first touch of a swab.  Try it yourself: take a cotton-tipped swab, dip it in a cool, alcohol-based solution, and drag it slowly around the perimeter of your balls. You'll respond, one way or another.  Some of the guys said it tickled. Those who had bites complained that it stung. Ever so often a set of testicles would tighten up so fast that I wanted to laugh.  A few boys did a little jig of surprise when the cool, wet swab touched their unsuspecting balls. Many guys walked away from the treatment rapidly flapping their shorts up and down to help the antiseptic dry faster.  And it was not unusual for an erection or two to pop up in response to accidentally stimulating a guy's balls.

Sometimes boys inadvertently showed me their dicks as well as their balls, and I might get to see a sudden thickening and lengthening of a penis while the swab traced a line around a boy's scrotum. Thanks to Ball Inspection, I celebrated the pure young masculinity of these dudes by expressing my own masculinity in a burst of ejaculate during my shower every night.
All of that is a preface to introducing Kevin, the boy who would make this camp memorable for me. Kevin arrived with the other new kids one Monday. He was one of those young guys at the borderline of puberty who have that intriguing combination of blond hair but dark eyebrows. He was a skinny kid with a thin face and an excellent batting stance, as well as a natural-born sense of timing when he swung the bat.

When it was time for Monday evening's Ball Inspection, I got my first look at the new crop of crotches. Shining the light into his shorts, I observed that Kevin appeared to be unchanged in almost every way.  I painted a liberal dose of antiseptic around his little testicles, which were drawn up tight like a wrinkled ping-pong ball.  Immature or not, he was quite sensitive to the antiseptic treatment.  At the moment that the wet swab touched the crease beneath his scrotum, Kevin twitched all over and did an involuntary little hop. He walked away trying to flatten the front of his shorts, a dead giveaway. I grinned to myself: Kevin's very first night at camp, his first antiseptic treatment, and he'd immediately sprung a boner.

As the first week went on, Kevin demonstrated an unmistakable response every time I treated him: the touch of the swab and the coolness of the antiseptic consistently triggered at least a partial rising of his dick. While other guys might get only one hard-on in two weeks of treatments, Kevin boned-up every night.  And it seemed to me that his erections became more and more pronounced each night.  Because of his erections, Kevin was increasingly agitated about figuring out how to hide his stiffie from me. 

Kevin's constant boners were a development that I fully appreciated from my private perspective, and one that had an effect on me when I released myself in the shower after all the kids were in bed. I allowed the warm water and soap to help my boner reach total readiness, and then took luxuriously slow, gentle strokes, having set a rule that nobody could enter the bathroom while I was showering. My climaxes crested better and my ejaculations were more profound, thanks to Kevin's recurring stiffies. 

During the day Kevin often hung out close to me, standing beside me in the dugout or on the field, horsing with me in the pool, or sitting by me at meals. Given his stiffies, I wondered if the boy perceived an intimacy from Ball Inspection.

On Monday night of the second week, there was a new development. While I examined the boy ahead of Kevin, my peripheral vision caught sight of a pronounced point in Kevin's shorts. The point was absolutely unmistakable, a classic stiffie. Kevin was trying to hide the evidence of his erection by lacing his fingers together across the front of his shorts, but I knew a boner when I saw one. Having a boner before receiving the treatment was a new stage, one I hadn't seen in Kevin nor any of the other boys. Clearly he had gotten aroused ahead of time this evening, becoming stiff not during the inspection as usual, but before the inspection ever began.  His little dick was poking up with anticipation -- his body, knowing what was about to happen, was already looking forward to the stimulating effects that the tickling swab and cool antiseptic would have on his balls.
As I applied the swab that night, Kevin tried valiantly to conceal his rigid dick. With one hand he wrapped the upper fabric of the shorts around his penis while holding his balls up for inspection with the other one. But when he turned around to bare the other side of his testicles, he had to change hands, and his straining erection stood right in front of my eyes as my light shone inside the shorts. He presented a beautiful sight.  Kevin was circumcised and about three inches long when stiff. His dick stuck up at a very tense 45 degrees above horizontal, making a tent in his shorts that was a lot more pronounced now that he stood in front of me than when I first noticed it from a distance. He was so stiff as I applied the antiseptic around his sensitive little scrotum, that the bare shaft where his foreskin had been removed looked like it was stretched as tight as he could bear. His dickhead was small but perfectly formed, and he had the tiniest fringe of curly hair positioned above the base of his dick. 

Meanwhile, Kevin was absolutely mortified, trying desperately to twist the shorts back around his bare erection. I felt bad for him. 

"It's okay," I told him quietly.  "I don't mind.  I've seen 'em before.  Relax."  He gave me a nervous nod of his head and quit trying to corral his hard dick.

I was becoming more horny than usual that night, thanks to Kevin. The astounding sight of his perfect erection triggered a response in me. My aroused balls began a sort of internal vibration, a buzzy feeling inside my scrotum.  It was an odd sensation that I'd had once before when Danny and I made a deal back in the ninth grade not to jack off for most of a week. It was the horny feeling of a male reproductive system in urgent need of release. Realizing I was failing to control myself, I quickly dosed the underside of Kevin's balls. Then I called "Next" while giving Kevin a reassuring little pat on his butt.  As I painted the next set of testicles, I could feel my dick seeping pre-cum into my jock.

That night in the shower my daily wank was enhanced by the memory of poor Kevin wrestling with his insistent boner.

Tuesday afternoon Kevin hit a high fly past second and way into right field with two men on. The fielding was clumsy and the batting was good.  Good for a triple, including Kevin's own home run.  It was outstanding, just perfect, the best thing I'd seen all summer. When he jogged away from home plate I was there and grabbed him and swung him around in circles. "Fantastic," I told him.  "You da man!"

There were still three nights before Kevin's group went home, and while we celebrated on the field, I wondered whether a kid who got stiff so readily was going to present me with an erection every remaining evening.  And that's exactly what he did.  Tuesday night he stood in line trying to hide the evidence from the other boys. There was no doubt about it: he was again completely hard before he ever lifted the leg of his shorts.  But instead of wrapping up his dick like he'd tried to do the night before, when he got to me he kept his eyes averted and pulled his shorts leg a lot higher and wider than necessary, revealing everything, hiding nothing.  Strangely, it seemed that he was now consciously displaying his young boner for my benefit... and mine alone!

Maybe it was a response to me telling him I didn't mind, which he might have taken as a free pass to exhibit himself.  Maybe it was because he could see that his batting and running thrilled me so much, and he wanted to let me in on his most private accomplishment. My conclusion was that, whatever brought it on, this quiet and talented young hitter was deriving forbidden satisfaction from knowing that I sat looking directly at his hard penis. 

On the remaining two nights I took a sort of scientific interest in the state of Kevin's arousal. I spent a little extra time with him and applied his antiseptic lightly and slowly.  It was a selfish move. I wanted to enjoy the stimulation it gave him. Each time the wet swab touched his testicles, the muscle that controlled his penis made the stiff organ jump with an an extra burst of tenseness. Wednesday night he went straight to the bathroom after his treatment, instead of to his bunk.  Even though the kid had only the slightest vestige of pubic hair plus an unchanged voice, I believe that there was an urgent private matter he and his hard dick needed to take care of. It would have been interesting if a tattle-tale had come bustling out to whisper that Kevin was playing with himself in the bathroom, but I'd cured my boys of bringing me that kind of news.

The final night, Thursday, I applied the antiseptic to the crevice around his scrotum for the last time, while Kevin held the leg of his shorts open as wide as he could, looking at the floor the whole time but again showing me (and only me) an unimpeded view of his straining erection. His dick projected tensely up into the shorts like a flagpole on the side of a building. Kevin quivered all over each time the swab brushed his balls. When I was finished painting him with antiseptic, he remained in front of me for a few seconds, still holding the leg of his shorts up, perhaps waiting for another dab from the swab, or perhaps taking energy from showing his beautiful stiffie to a person who had quietly said "I don't mind."

"That's all, Kevin," I told him.  He went quickly to the bathroom.

As I showered that night, I mentally said farewell to Kevin and performed the wonderful self-gratification technique on my alert erection that I had discovered while playing with it under a bridge as a kid myself. While I meditated on Kevin's generous displays of his hard dick, and the sheer stiffness of his little erection, my body rewarded me with an intense burst of pleasure by reaching one of my best and most prolonged climaxes. In a way, that night's exceptional orgasm symbolically squirted Kevin out of my system. As I expelled shot after shot of ejaculate, I gave thanks for having met Kevin.  Now, with the horny kid leaving camp the next day, I would be able to get myself under control.

But here's the clincher: I wasn't quite through with him yet.  As the boys packed up their gear after Friday's lunch, Kevin came to shake my hand and give me a shy hug. He put his arms around me and said "Thank you." And as he walked away, he was squeezing a boner.

I have wondered over the years whether he might have been thanking me for appreciating his magnificently erect little dick.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Condom Capers for a Young Guy

This story I believe has been repeated many more times than expected. I too had a similar experience alone, although my BF at the time did not care for if we did bareback.

 When I was in jr. high and high school, condoms were something I remember we heard about (they were called rubbers back then) but none of us ever actually saw one or knew anyone who had ever seen one, so it had an aura of mythology associated with it. Do these things really exist? If they did actually exist, the only place you could get them was in a drugstore and you had to ASK the pharmacist for them. Not only that, but it was rumored you had to know and use some code words or signs to get them, and since none of us knew the code words it was going to be pretty impossible to find out if indeed they really existed.

By late high school I did have some better knowledge, and had actually seen ads for Trojans in a dirty magazine one of my friends had.  So now that I knew these really did exist, I was also in a very secret relationship with another boy and we were contemplating losing our virginity to each other, but neither of us wanted to stick our bare cocks up there, nor were we all that fond of having the other guy's cum left inside up if we actually went that far. So I rode my bike to the next town to a drugstore in a neighborhood where I felt nobody could possibly know me. I went inside. The druggist was busy working, and he was never coming out to the counter. this elderly woman was at the counter all the time, and I kept waiting and waiting, but she never left and the pharmacist never came out. So, finally when nobody else was in the store shopping,  I went up to the old lady at the counter and I said, "I'd like a 3-pack of Trojan-Enz Lubricated please."

 Oh shit, she gave me this look like, "Does your MOTHER know you're getting these???" She then took a brown bag off the counter, slipped it under the counter, I could tell she was putting something in the bag, then she brought the bag back to the top of the counter. "A dollar forty-eight", was all that she said, giving me this cold "You're gong to hell" stare the entire time. I paid, thanked her, and walked out of these as quickly as I could. It was a fairly cool day but I was sweating and my armpits were soaked. I did not even look in the bag until I had rode my bike several blocks away to a park. I then stopped at a picnic table, sat down, made sure nobody was around, and I opened the bag.

OMG, it looked just like the package in the ad! I opened the box and inside were indeed three wrapped condoms! the rings seemed big in real life than I had imagined they would be. I felt and moved the condom inside its wrapper with my fingers. Then I saw there as an instruction sheet in the box. I took it out and read it. It even had drawing how to put the things on! I carefully read how it urged me to put the condom on as soon as I got an erection. And while reading it, I got an erection. It also explained that I needed "withdraw" right after "climaxing", and to hold onto the end because I could immediately begin losing my erection. (I remember wondering why the rubber would possibly make me immediately begin losing my erection? As a young boy, I was still used to my erection staying rock-hard for at least a minute or two after I came. I had no idea that age would eventually deteriorate my cock's ability to remain so stiff for so long.)

When I got home I couldn't wait to try one on. Luckily, nobody was home. I went to my room, pulled down my pants to expose my throbbing erection, and I tore open my first rubber. Back then, the lubrication was like a jelly. It made the condom so slippery it was hard to handle. Along with the instructions, I figured out there was a right way and a wrong way to roll these things onto my penis. I placed the rolled-up condom onto the tip of my penis, and it looked like a little beige "hat". I then unrolled it over my erect penis that was already oozing quite a bit of pre-cum.

At that moment I discovered two things about my anatomy.  When I had it totally unrolled onto my penis and into my pubes, I saw that I had a lot of unrolled condom still left. so I discovered these things were designed to accommodate erect penises a lot longer than what I had.  I also quickly discovered that the thing was so tight that it actually hurt a little bit, and it made a vein running up the side of my shaft really bulge out. (Some years later I'd discover "Trojan Maxxum" condoms. While I did not need the extra length, the extra girth made the fit MUCH more comfortable!)

There was enough lubrication already on the condom for me to jack off, and it did not take me too long to fill that first condom with my young sperm and watch the little tip pop up now fully filled with white stuff.

So that's how I discovered that condoms really do exist, and how to use them and how they felt. Again, back then these things were extremely secretive if you were a young boy who possibly needed them.