Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Choir Boy Remains

This will be very short but it is something that happened in my early days of just beginning to fire my fully loaded peter.

A high school boys choir from one of the Scandinavian countries came to our school. I guess I was in the 8th grade. Before the assembly, I had to take a leak. Walking into the restroom, there was one of the choir boys just walking away from a urinal. All those boys were wearing long sleeve white sweatshirts with a fancy gold emblem on the front. This boy also had fluffy blonde hair like I never saw on a boy before.

Standing at the same urinal he used, I started to piss. But what I saw! There was cum running down the back of the urinal and cum on the front edge of it! It made me stare. That boy had just jacked off right there where I was standing, a boy all the way from who knows where, maybe Sweden.

Pumping my own boner which got hard all of a sudden, then I went to the assembly and saw a whole lot of blonde boys in the choir. Finally one of them had to be it and I watched him the whole time.

For a long time after that, the boy from the choir was in my mind every time I jerked. I pretended in my mind that we jerked together and that he let me help him. I did not know what fantasy was at that time, but he was my first fantasy.

Fun with Action Figures

I guess I had a fetish when my dick was first starting to get hard, at about 11 or 12 years old. I almost forgot about it until I read some of these stories.

 What it was, I let my action figures play with my dick. Starting,  way before ever finding out about jacking off. I laid on my bed with my young hard dick pointing up out of my shorts. I had lots of action men, GI Joes, some Batman in different clothes, a muscle guy I think from Masters of the Universe, also others I don't remember. Oh yeah, Ninja Turtles and a Luke Skywalker with a light saber. I talked to them too, real soft like we were all having a conversation. I Let them see my dick and play with it.  I would pretend to be talking for them and they would ask if they could touch it.

One little rubber guy, his arms could make a circle and I hung him on my dickhead and wiggled my dick in a circle and he would fall off and I would tell him he better try it again and hold on better. 

When I had sleep-overs with friends, I put them away and didn't do it.  Because of not wanting anybody to know how I played with my dick.

I don't even know how I started jacking off, but it was about 13. When I would jack off, it was after school and nobody was there. I laid buck naked on my bed and put the action figures on my stomach, or leaning on my sides or between my legs to watch me do it. I still talked to them, I would tell them they could watch but don't get in the way. I would get them to touch my balls or tickle me. Sometimes I made my cum squirt on one of them. Then I said I told you not to get in the way. Sometimes I got one in my hand and let him help me jack. Luke Skywalker I could take his clothes off and he had white underwear or maybe a bathing suit that was a permanent part of him and wouldn't come off. I let him play with my dick and then told him it was his turn and I rubbed him real good on his front which helped me get ready for jacking off, (kind of a way to get harder).

It was kind of cool, like they were all watching me jack off and me telling them when I was going to cum. I didn't want any real people to know what I!
 did to my dick but the action figures were like a crowd that watched me. I don't even know when I quit playing with them like that.
Author Anonymous

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Unexpected Present

In my teens, I had a friendship, well actually a full on sexy relationship with a friend named Logan. We had met through some common friends and were like instant buddies.  In short we were also neighbors. I was a couple of years older, he was 14, but the age difference was not an issue for us. Besides being friends, we shared quite a few intimate encounters together. It seemed we always knew when it was time for satisfying our urges. We found the time to work those urges into a long languishing temptation, and loads of fun doing so. He was very well built at mid teens. Not so much a bulky guy, but toned well. He had firm muscles almost everywhere I ever touched him, his muscles were defined, but his skin was refined and smooth. We usually managed, to cum together at least 2 or 3 times per week.

It had become the Holidays around Christmas, and both of us were jammed up with family events, and attending to the usual distractions of the season. We had been deprived of opportunities to get off together. Each of us had to be at home with family for Christmas eve, and we had no chance to see each other several days prior to Christmas.

That Christmas eve, it was cold and lonely in my bed, I am sure I managed a wank alone, thinking about Logan and wanting his body pressed up next to mine.

Christmas day was boring for me as a teen. Most of the stores and restaurants were all closed, and all of my friends had left town to visit family. It seemed, there was no possibility of fun to muster up.

Late in the afternoon. I got a phone call from Logan’s Mom. She said that Logan and his Dad had been not getting along and she wanted Logan to get away from the house before it became a fight. I read between the lines, and knew that his Dad had gotten drunk and was probably about to punch Logan in the face or something awful. She asked if he could come spend the night with me.

I was totally surprised that SHE had called, but it also made the event seem important for me to help with my sweetest friend. I said sure, I was confident my folks would not mind, since most of our festivities had ended and we had no more house guests. I drove to Logan’s house (which was only 3 blocks away). He bopped outside with not even so much as an overnight bag. It seemed that he was eager to leave. He jumped in the car and mumbled a few obscenities about his Dad being a Drunken idiot and some things. I figured his Mom wanted him out of the house just in case Dad took a swing at Logan? I never heard of his Dad getting violent before , but I used to watch a lot of TV and it seemed like crap like that happened to teens a lot. Whatever the case he would be safe with us.
 Mom fed us each some leftover Ham, and a whole plateful of food. Afterwards we ended up in my room and both laid on the bed to watch TV, which was mostly specials or sappy movies.
 He didn't feel like playing video games, so it was pretty soon we were ready for bed. Logan stood, dropped his pants and tugged off his shirt. He was a perfect statue standing there in only his white undies,  I could count the ripples of the bounty while the muscles presented proud male sculpting  in his abs and pecs. He had nice biceps that discreetly  bumped up too. I reached over and kind of fingered the waistband, and said you think you are gonna need these too?? He smiled and said Naah, lets get rid of em’. I slid them down and his boy pride sprung upwards after the release of it’s fabric captor. He began removing my clothes, I quickened the task and we sought warmth under the covers of my sheets and blankets. My room was the coldest in our house. So our shared body warmth was critical, helpful and compelling.

He complained about my icy cold feet. Devilishly,  I used them to stroke up and down his leg as a joke, He really complained then. We often had fun annoying each other like that for fun and games. I let my hands examine his torso. The muscles of his body under smooth skin felt delicious as he poised a leg deep against my crotch. I reached down to cup his dick. It was still a bit soft but gaining in rigidity. We wrapped legs, then arms enveloped to press bodies closer. We took in a few kisses. His breath was hot moist and succulent as the dinner vapor escaping from his inviting lips. I pulled him closer to me, pressing my palms against his shoulders. We clutched and pulsed our hips into the friction of each other, building intrepid steamy pressure. I felt he was firmly hard. His balls were semi-tight against his body, perhaps from the cold. But likely from our sexual union en-masse.

  I couldn't resist any longer. I wanted to taste him. I ducked myself under the sheets to take a lick of his delicious pre-cum. I delighted as it slowly trickling down the pink head. I lapped up that amount and worked on his shaft to draw up more. His cock was rock hard and pronounced with a girth to completely fill my mouth. I masterfully took him in slowly and tongued the head rapidly to encourage more flow. He began a rotating motion upward and back with his hips. I allowed him to do the driving as he maintained my head steady while he pumped. I worked the tip as it plunged. In a few seconds both balls were tight against his body, losing their separate definition and bound tightly against his perineum. He quickened in emphasized motion for just a bit and then stopped all movement suddenly. The warm cream from inside him spilled while he clutched firmly on me pushing himself upward as I accepted the full length.

I was somewhat fatigued from the excitement and oral workout, but he took charge with a return favor and brought me to ecstasy in record time, I soon pulsed my juice on his hand.
We were warm and depleted from our climax,  perhaps also exhausted  from the drama of the day. We slept comfortably and peacefully!
 I had received the greatest Surprise Christmas present ever that evening. It has never been equaled to this day.

Christmas With my Cousin

Author’s Note
When I was a kid, in our family we had Christmas Day dinner at our house. We had Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving at my cousin's house every year. They lived right next-door. This was the cousin that I messed around with from the time I was 13 until almost 17.

It must have been Christmas when I was 14 or 15, but before dinner was ready, he and I snuck off upstairs to my bedroom for a quickie. Looking back, this was really risky because our house was full of family, including all three of his older brothers. I remember us looking at each other and passing some silent signals to the tune of "let's go upstairs". I remember as soon as we got into my room and shut the door he reached over and felt my crotch, and of course I had a full erection going on. I did the same to him, and found the same thing. We quickly undid our belts and pants and slid them down just enough to expose our stiff cocks and our nuts, then we started feeling each other and fairly quickly started jacking each other off. I don't remember who came first, but I had Kleenex ready to catch our sperm. (I remember jacking him with my right hand and having a big wad of tissues about 2 inches in front of his penis waiting for his jizz to start squirting out, as he's telling e he's getting real close. Then almost whispering, "Here it comes!...") Then we cleaned up, buckled up, and went back downstairs. The whole thing probably took us less than 10 minutes. I don't think anyone even realized we were gone. As I said, our house as packed with people at the time. We knew that my stairs creaked whenever anyone walked on them, so that would have been our warning to "pull up and zip up" real fast. and as I said, we didn't even got on my bed. We just stood there facing each other, two young horny boys just standing there with their trousers pulled down just far enough to expose our cocks and our butt cheeks, madly jacking each other's cock as fast as we could. We both needed that jack-off real bad that day.

I felt so much more relaxed that day after that, and I remember later being at the dinner table thinking, "if everyone knew what we did upstairs about 20 minutes ago...".

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Curiosity and the Results

 During the Summer time in our neighborhood there was not much for pre-teens to do. We played Basketball or crappy video games at home. My attention span often strayed from TV and loads of re-runs. Since It was too hot and too far to ride bikes to the Ball field. I stayed within about a one block radius of home base.

On a lonely afternoon, I was laying on the living room floor watching boring re-runs on TV, I dropped one of the Sofa Cushions to the tile floor, and laid on that. Somehow the pillow under me felt nice as I pressed my crotch to it and I developed a little stiffy. This was a new experience, it felt really nice, but I really did not know what else could happen. I just rolled side to side as the tension maintained my new found erection. I stayed fully clothed and never even touched my hard-on.

 Fast forward a couple of days into my boring summer. One of the Kids down the street Brad, was out riding his bike, I jumped on mine and joined him. It helped avoid loneliness and boredom by riding with Brad. My usual buddy Clay was away at his grand parents Lake-House for two whole weeks.  I was restricted to only circle our block for safety, Brad apparently had no boundaries like that. He easily tempted me to ride up to the convenience store 4 blocks away for Bubble gum. I was supposed to be supervised by my teenage brother, but he had gone to play Big Guys Basketball at the park. We took our leave, and pedaled fast to return quickly. When Brad and I nervously returned from our secret escape. I slipped off my sneakers and crept into my house to see if my brother had come home. Gladly he had not, I was safe from his wrath. Brad, and I settled on the floor for some TV. I tossed him a Sofa pillow, and grabbed one for myself. Eventually, I showed him how the pillows give a funny feeling, we both were bumping our middle sections up and down on them. Somehow Brad and I ended up in my room. We were down to our underwear and all jumbled onto my bed. Our tighty whities slipped off … we were completely nude. Brad was 1 year younger but he was oddly comfortable in his nude state. He had a confidence that made him seem older than me. He was also shorter, which made it even more lousy for me to allow him to assume the role of leader in this event. Yet somehow he was in charge. He said we were taking turns keeping each other warm, by laying face down on the other boys backside. Our little 3 inchers were searching out someplace to fit, but neither of us were aware how to perform anything like that. After taking turns 3 or 4 times each, we both were starting to feel some aching in our dicks, perhaps due to the constant bumping, and of course it was all dry.
Probably it all started to be really weird. We got dressed facing away from each other. Brad rode his bike home. We did not talk for almost a month.

I can recall how close he was to almost fitting it in, but it did not happen. There was no fondness or attraction felt between us. We let this one time event slip away into the deepest corners of our minds.
I never played with Brad again. I used to see him at School sometimes we said "Hi". As adults, if we saw each other around town. We spoke, and were respectful, but our friendship was poisoned by that one errant summer afternoon.

 Within a few days my other buddy Clay returned from the Lake. I know later that summer, we showed our stiffies to each other, when looking at his Dad's stash of Playboy Mags, but I never played the body warm-up game again. I think the memory of blue balls convinced me not to. This was a period when friends were trusted, and secrets were kept without ever discussing, or any need to.

I was never attracted to Brad or Clay, eventually there were boys at my Middle School, that I
started to be curious what their body might look like in the nude. More satisfaction came from watching guys in my Gym class that looked pretty Hot, walking around nude in the locker room.

I am sure many of you remember these times, the era when it all started. Good Times!

First Guy that Cruised Me

I was picture editor, also photographer, for the school yearbook. And I was just 16 while all the other yearbook staff was seniors, meaning 18 and going to graduate.

 A boy that was one of the editors, randomly got sexy with me. One day there was a lot of pictures laid out on a table and him and me talking about the pictures. I leaned back with my elbow over the back of my chair. He was standing up. I felt him bump my elbow, then do it again. Then he is rubbing my elbow and I looked, he was rubbing the front of his pants on my elbow, manipulating his dick. He stopped for just a little bit. Then came back to do it again, two more times, stopping between but confident to keep after me. I could see he had a hard-on, which was wierdly cool, mostly because he was a senior. But also I loked seeing the large bulge pressing out of his pants. He said, he had to go to the bathroom and asked me to please come and make sure nobody walked in on him because he needed to take care of something.

 When we got there he straight-up said he didn't like to do it alone.  If I wanted to do it with him, he was okay with me. I was not a little goody-goody, because I had jerked a lot with a couple friends. But not with a bigger guy that cruised me like this. He started jerking at the pisser and said, he hoped I would do it to keep him company. I charged right up to the Pisser next to him and pulled my semi-erect 4- incher out and into the show. We wre kinda quiet with a few grunting noises,  he made sure to let me see him jerking and showed me his dick and invited me to help some. I had wanked my friends cocks before if the mood was right. But this guy was mostly a stranger to me. I guess that was what made it more exciting. I stroked him and watched for his face to show any kind of pleasure. In a few minutes he grabbed mine and away we went. Whacking each other off, side by side.

  I remember I got a very good climax while he looked at me the jerking pumping more and more stuff out. His cum load shot into the urinal and dripped a long line then almost unseen into the porcelain bowl.  He said it was very nice of me to do it with him and he appreciated it, and he hoped I would do it again..... if I didn't care that he was a senior. 
I said "Yeah man, we can anytime".
He replied "A guy has to let off some pressure, ya never know when there will be a need to".  
I think I smiled

 One time after working after school on the Year-book he asked if I wanted to go get a burger, so he took me on a ride in his car. After we ate, he was driving me home. He up and asked if I ever got a blow job. Then he parked in some trees and leaned over and gave me my first actual Blow Job sitting there in his car. He sucked me all the way to cumming in his mouth. He was the first guy that I ever messed with, without them already being a friend. Later I wondered if he knew I jerked with friends. But Probably not, he just figured me out on his own.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Something I still remember

This will be very short but it is something that happened in my early days of just beginning to fire my fully loaded peter.

A high school boys choir from one of the Scandinavian countries came to our school. I guess I was in the 8th grade. Before the assembly, I had to take a leak. Walking into the restroom, there was one of the choir boys just walking away from a urinal. All those boys were wearing long sleeve white sweatshirts with a fancy gold emblem on the front. This boy also had fluffy blonde hair like I never saw on a boy before.

Standing at the same urinal he used, I started to piss. But what I saw! There was cum running down the back of the urinal and cum on the front edge of it! It made me stare. That boy had just jacked off right there where I was standing, a boy all the way from who knows where, maybe Sweden.

Pumping my own boner which got hard all of a sudden, then I went to the assembly and saw a whole lot of blonde boys in the choir. Finally one of them had to be it and I watched him the whole time.

For a long time after that, the boy from the choir was in my mind every time I jerked. I pretended in my mind that we jerked together and that he let me help him. I did not know what fantasy was at that time, but he was my first fantasy.

The Randy Show

 I grew up in peacefully rural are, in a state, which was mostly rural anyways. Myself, being home-schooled from 5th grade on, left me without the advantage of a social education you get from gym class, locker rooms, and showering in groups. I completely missed a type of thing that satisfies (or in many cases agitates) boy’s natural curiosity about other boy’s physicality.
By the time I was sixteen, around summer of 1990. My curiosity had peaked. That very summer. It so happened that a friend of the family, a guy my age, was going to stay with us 3 days and nights. This was great; we did lots of fun stuff outdoors and activities together. I hadn’t even thought of anything carnal until the third morning. I woke two hours early that morning. He ALWAYS showered before starting his day. This morning, only he and I were at my home. Out of the blue, I was struck with the crazy idea, to grab my parent’s video camera, (the large type which holds a full VHS tape), The plan was to set it on long run underneath the bathroom sink.. I hid it with some miscellaneous. stuff, hit the record button. I left it to do my naughty deed. I went to my room and waited. I thought at best I’d get footage of Randy naked …. (Grin)

I anxiously retrieved the machine and tape for my voyeuristic inauguration.
Nervously I shoved the tape into my VHS machine in my room. I made sure my door was shut while Randy was munching on breakfast cereal downstairs.

Upon playback:
For a second or two while he jumped in and out of the shower, (By then, I was thinking that’s all I needed. I already got more than I’d bargained for). So, he is in the bathroom, strips to his boxers. A big erection tenting them, he proceeds to dance with his boner bouncing in front of a full-length mirror hung from the door. Then he pulls the boxers off, revealing it all! WOW!!
 Then he squats and reaches right for the camera, Oh shit!...
BUT he pulls out a bottle of lotion that was under the sink area, whew!
 He steps near to the sink, so all I can see is his right shin. A little bit of 16-year-old hair.
Wait, why is he up on his tip-toes?
Whoa-yea, I could see in his shadow, he’s jerking off, his ankle all contorted! What killed it, was he was looking in that mirror again.. Then I’m satisfied!
 He stops, starts the shower, and lays spread-eagle on the floor to continue! He was not circumcised. I thought it was curious, but interesting. He seemed to like to jerk really fast, which I do not. His Penis was about as big as mine when cranked up. He worked feverishly at his cock at a rodents pace. In a few minutes he must have had about 2,000 strokes on it, he splashed his cum all over his belly and groin area. Then he rose, stepped into the shower, and left the bathroom with no more temptation for me..

IN my minds eye I effectively saw him with no clothes, masturbating on the bathroom floor for the rest of the weekend.
I kept that video for a few months in my room, figured I’d better get rid of it.
I definitely got my education on "Other Boys" and them-some on that weekend.
THANKS Stephen

Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Boy Fascination

 Trent was a freshman when I was a Sophomore in High School. He was a totally Femme acting kid. He hung out with lots of girls, but it was obvious he was not dating any of them. I figured because they trusted him as one of their own.

He would never make a move on any of them, so they let him in their estrogen society. We were together in an elective class, where you never have homework or even to study. I had noticed him and his prissy ways, I never really talked him directly, cuz it would me social suicide to hang out with an obviously gay kid. I dunno why, but he drew my attention all the same. He was in fact becoming a little attractive. His hair was white blonde, parted in the middle. He had really soft features, Blue eyes and milky smooth skin. He was lean and carried himself a little odd. He seemed to lean his upper torso forward and his Butt was almost trailing behind as his long legs strutted himself through the halls. He was outgoing and friendly. But he loudly gushed and seemed to be proud to be girlie. It was fully annoying!

 We both joined a geeky "Liberal Arts Club" Nobody was stupid enough to be the president and have to do parliamentary procedures, except Trent. I attended every meeting, which was held early before regular classes once a week. I sat in the back row attempting to be cool, but I studied every movement and hand gesture that he made, while confidently leading the group. You'd think a guy bestowed with such authority might manage to act straight and lose his girlie-ass talk, but not Trent, he held fast to his saucy attitude.

 The school year ended and the sponsor of the club said we should hold an end of year party. We ended up choosing to have a thing on Saturday at a nearby Lake. We all met at the school and used personal cars to go there. I had these 2 geeky brothers riding with me. They talked about Space and science fiction like the world was gonna end if they didn’t solve light pollution of RF brain saturation from Cell phones.

 At the lake, it was fun playing on the sand, we had beach Volleyball and I even joined Trent to build some Sand Castles. Mostly I found it kind of nice to be near him and his attraction held me there. As we were knelt down I noticed his white shorts gaped a little. I had to look a couple of times to finally decide, he was wearing a Jock Strap.His modest privates were not gonna pop outta there, but it was deffo a mesh fabric pouch. I was feeling something that I never had before. It was not any sort of weirdness like love, but whatever it was, I was mesmerized.

The adults were getting set up for Hotdogs or some cheap meal, when it started raining, Most everybody got soaked trying to throw food and stuff in cars. We all had to change outta our swim suits, then go back to town to finish the party at the sponsor’s home.

In the park restroom, I was almost done changing, then in walks TRENT !! Suddenly it was imperative, that I stay in there long enough to see him strip. I guess I fiddled with about every possible slowdown I could manage. All just for a chance to see Trent naked. I succeeded by talking about the sand castle and how we could have made it like several feet tall. He didn't seem concerned about that, but he said he was ready for some Hot Dogs or Burgers. That sent me spiraled  into another state of amusement, Thin king of him eating a Hot Dog.

  I might assume since he was a younger guy, stripping naked in front of an upper class-man might make him feel odd. But he apparently had no concerns at all. He downed those short shorts , the Jock strap and stood there, chatting more about Lunch and being hungry. As he talked his dick waved side to side a bit. It was thin but had a nice length for younger kid at 14.

 Maybe it was just too anti-climactic for me. His body was not developed all that much, his chest was inverted and boney, his pelvic bones even showed clearly at his hips. He had just a slight layer of baby fat that tardy teenage hormones had not yet exhausted the youthful task of puberty. Even with those detracting features. I thought he was beautiful, and delicate.

 His eyes were trained to the wall or darted to the left a lot! But, I was confident he understood why I was standing there. I was tuned to his body radiating a spectacular charm. The rain started pounding the tin roof of the cabana. I felt the rise in my Levi’s was gonna bust the zipper. A branch or twig fell upon the roof with a thud sound. It startled us both. I decided it was a sudden urgency to rush to my car, there I found the geek twins waiting, but also arguing on who was gonna ride up front. I had to settle it diplomatically. It should be the other kid who sat in the back seat on the ride there.

 I had escaped from divulging my honest verbal opinion about Trent, but I also had a mental confirmation that I wanted him. I did not know what I wanted, or how I could be with him. But his soft face and gentle smile was now displaced by the possibilities of his body. The countless questions and confused meanings dulled the rain and storms.

 I was a total wreck, which it is a wonder I managed to drive me and the nerd herd back to town avoiding any auto wrecks. I assume following others, alerted me to the road, and the course of our destination.

 At the Teacher’s house we were treated to wrinkled cold Hotdogs, chips and Cupcakes.
I remember settling myself directly across from Trent. I had a prime view of his legs barely covered by a fresh pair of limp cotton shorts. I could see his bright white undies and a little form from his nut sack resting inside them. Maybe I was still distracted by the glimpse of his 15 year old dick earlier that day. I know there were other kids talking and a numbing swirl of too many people interacting in a small place. But it was only him that I saw. I was frozen in that moment a couple of hours ago.

 Eventually the party was ending as it continued to rain. People were leaving and getting rides from parents. I stammered fro words, but offered to take Trent home. He cautioned that he lived out past the city limits. I still stuck to my offer, saying that I did not mind one bit. I happily drove him home. He sat in the passenger side with his skinny legs proudly displayed beyond the short shorts. I remember getting hard, masked by the low light of dusk as we drove.

 Arriving at his home was a thing I was unprepared for. I had so enjoyed the car ride together. It had not occurred to me that this magic would end. He invited me in, to watch TV or play Video games. The choice of being in his room excited me even more. It could happen, I could spend an hour or so with him... alone!

 I was dripping precum…likely spotting my shorts. It was a frantic decision, but I was worried bout my hard on and a spotted crotch. Even if he did not notice, I expected his parents might think I was a freak for coming in their house with their son and me all boned up. In a moment that I will eternally regret. I said I had better go home.

 He got out of the car as I watched him walk into the dark and reappear as a silhouette under the porch light. He turned and waved. I re-examined my decision one more time. Then put the car in gear and drove home.

 It was the end of the school year,  I never saw him that summer. I was too chicken to ask him any personal questions  in my car that evening. I did not get his number, and it was not until September when I saw him again.

 I wanked to the memory of him many times though. He represented something I identified with, but was waaay too scared to admit..I know I missed an opportunity to know Trent and perhaps we would have even done more.


** PS, Trent is now out, we're in contact through social media.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Bath Boys

My first time was in a bathroom don't know if that count's as a featured  post? But here goes…

I was dodging school. My best mate Joel’s brother John who was 18 years old at the time saw me and invited me in to his home (also my mates home). He worked in the local meat market he cleaned out animal carcasses. He bathed thoroughly every day after his job. I did not so often, maybe a couple of times a week. I was only 14 and did not smell so much.
So at their house that day, he shouted for me to come upstairs. After a few uncomfortable minutes, I made my way up the steps. The bathroom door was open and there was  a cloud of steam wafting out. I peeked in the door and he said,
 “What took so long? I needs ya to wash my back!”

I stammered,
Umm, So…uh, while you is in the bath.?

Boldly he said!
“Well it sure would be best NOW instead of when I am finished and dressed. Get over here, ya goof!”

 John was known as a hard man in our area, so I done what I was told.
I began to wash his back. He was hairy, and masculine but to be honest! I felt weirdly privileged that he wanted ME, to see him naked!!. I let the water flow out of the sponge slowly, it was warm to my hands , so I know it felt good on his skin. I slowly stroked, cause I wanted to see more of his muscular body. I felt aroused by this moment of someone so frightfully imposing and me a little 14 year old doing a service for him. I began to feel a building erection. He rested his head back so I rubbed the sponge down his chest. I could see the defined shape of his manly pecs. He must have noticed my little erection in my pants. John started to play with my cock through my clothes. I got even harder, and saw he was hard too. He told me to strip and get in the bath with him. In my disbelief, he washed me. It felt impressive that this fine specimen of manhood would be doting on me? He dried me off carefully and fully. He led me into his bedroom. In that same bed he and Joel shared.

He taught me many things. How to wank another boys cock, and how to  suck a cock. This would not be the only time! These events continued for over a year. I missed school at least twice a week. I stood at his car waiting for him to finish work and take me home for a bath. Most days it was us, but sometimes he brought guys older than me, maybe 16 - 17 years old home with him and I got ignored.
I later sucked off Joel many times I found out John was not only sucking him off but also fucking him. I am now 23 years old. John is married with two children and every now and again he makes use of my hand and mouth. Me and Joel have shared a flat for four years we are not a couple but we have sex most nights.